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Full text of "Brooklyn Directory for the year ending May 1883"

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The Brooklyn Directory, 1883 

Published by Lain and Company 

Brooklyn Public Library 
Grand Army Plaza 
Brooklyn, NY 11238 

Contact: Brooklyn Collection 
Phone: 718.230.2762 
Fax: 718.857.2245 


To search for specific names, type keywords into the search bar in your PDF reader. If a 
keyword search doesn't turn up expected results, it is recommended that you also scroll 
down into the alphabetical listings to search for the name, as the text-recognition software is 
not perfect. 

The table of contents below can also give you an idea of where to look within the document 
for other kinds of information listed in the directory, like street guides, government listings, 
and advertisement indices. Note that the PDF page number and the original directory page 
numbers are different, because the color-printed advertisement pages in the directories were 
not numbered. 

Table of Contents: 

Description PDF page number 

Title page 6 

Index to business directory 9-14 

Index to advertisements 1 5 - 20 

Late additions 21 

Brooklyn Business Register 22 — 29 

Residential directory listings 32 - 1346 

Business directory 1348- 1579 

Index to municipal register 1580- 1581 

Municipal Register 1582 - 1600 

Street and Avenue Directory 1602 - 1641 


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Smith Nostrand, 914 Greene Avenue. 
J. & B. Cosgrove, 2 Hurling Slip, New York. 
E. Greenland, 202 Kosciusko Street. 

W. T. Klots& Bro., foot of South 9th St., Williamsburgh. 

n. Bullwinkel, 584 Myrtle Avenue. 

Wm. AV. Sliumway, 7S0 Dc Kalb Avenue. 

John P. Byrnes, 249 Nostrand Avenue. 

Frank Seaman, 257 and 259 First St., Brooklyn, E. D. 

Budelmann liros., cor. Greene and Tompkins Aves., Brooklyn. 



FOR <=5-J 

The Year Ending Mai 1st. 




A Street Guide, Municipal Register, and Map of the City. 




Branch Office, 121 Fulton Street, Xew Tork. 

PRICE $5.50. 

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-two, 

tiy LAIN & CO., 
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. 

Press of Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, 121 Fulton Street, New York. 


I R li^MB, 59 Gnmm New Yei^K. 

ANNERS in Silk and Gold. $5, $7.50, and $10 each. 

[emoiiial MaBtets, Kinflows, J^tc. 





(P. O. Box 4689.) 



acts all other business connected with obtaining LETTERS PATENT 

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307 HOYT ©TBEaST, Cor. Union St., BUOOKX.YT"!'. 


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carefully compounded. Pure Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes. Fine 
Havana Cigars. HOMBURG TEA, the best Blood Purifer in the world, price 25 cts. 
French Globules, Compound Buchu and Iron, Chinese Aromatic 


Herewith we present our twenty-sixth annual volume. 

It is issued from the publisher's new oflBces, No. 10 Boerum Place, removal to 
wl oh was rendered necessary by reason of the large increase in our business demand- 
ing more room and greater facilities than our former offices afforded. The preparation 
of this volume, and of our new " Elite Directory for New York and Brooklyn," which 
was this year issued in advance of our City Directory, requires a large force of assist- 
ants, and considerable space. Tiie "Elite Directory" contains the names of fully 
54',00(j householders of the best class in the two cities. This latter book will be an 
annual, and will, we believe, become in time quite as necessary and useful as the 
City and Business Directories. It is valuable to the tradesman beyond measure as a 
means of reaching buyers with his cards, circulars, etc. It is useful to the ladies in 
ascert! ining the addresses of their friends and others, and it presents to all a com- 
pendioi s and thoroughly reliable guide to the best people of New York and Brooklyn 
in a neat, tasteful, and convenient form. 

The City Directory this year contains 142,371 names, an increase over the num- 
ber last /ear of 7,362 names. 

Each letter of the alphabet is represented in this aggregate as follows : 

U 308 

V 1,858 

W 9,081 

X 3 

y 503 

Z 410 

A 3,081 F 6,239 K 6,513 P 5,145 

B 13,719 G 6,614 L 6,275 Q 557 

C 10,774 H 11,460 M 16,471 R 7,115 

D 7,865 1 419 N 2,349 8 14,257 

E 2,590 J 2,661 0 2,651 T 4,060 

We expected a year ago that some scheme of rapid transit would be fairly toward 
coinpletion in our city at this time, and that, per consequence, our population would 
have so augmented that a very much larger book than this would have been presented. 
We feel that the many advantageous places of residence within our city, as yet not 
availed of, would be eagerly sought for and used, if only the passage to and from them 
was speedy and comfortable. Our city has grown in spite of the primitive and dis- 
agreeable mtmns of conveyance within it. Its increase will be in far greater propor- 
tion, and more lasting, when its facilities for local travel are more convenient. We hope 
soon to see such a system of railway in Brooklyn as will supply this great desideratum 
in a manner beneficial to all, and unjust to none. 

We feel at liberty to ask every citizen of Brooklyn to assist us by sending to us in 
advance, or by leaving directions at home that our canvasser be given, upon his first 
call, the name and business address of the occupant of the house. It often happens 
that our canvasser is told that the lady of the house is engaged, or not at home, and 
to call again. Our time is so limited that great inconvenience and additional expense 
is entailed upon us by such neglect or refusal, and errors in spelling and initials of 
names are thus rendered possible, as the information from servants and ill-informed 
persons is very unreliable. Our ambition is to publish a Directory entirely reliable— to 
do it, we must have the hearty cooperation of the citizens. 

BEOOKLYif, June, 1882. 



Acetic Acids 1277 

Addressing and Delivering Circulars 1277 

Advertising Cards 1277 

Agents 1277 

Advertising 1277 

Coal 1277 

Collecting 1277 

Dramatic 12T7 

General 1877 

House 1277 

Insurance 1277 

Manufacturers 1278 

Mercantile 1278 

Mining 1278 

News 127" 

Passenger 11W8 

Patent 1279 

Eeal Estate 1279 

Shipping 1282 

Tiofcet 1282 

Agricultural Implements 1282 

Air Compressors 1282 

Alcohol and Cologne Spirits 1282 

Alcohol, Wood 1282 

Ale (Ginger) 1282 

Ale and Porter 1288 

Alphabet Hlock Makers 1282 

Amber Workers 1282 

Amusement (Places of) 1282 

Anchors and Chains 128 J 

Ammnciators 1282 

Architects J 1282 

Architectural Iron Works 123:^ 

Art Publishers 1283 

Artificial Eyes 

Artificial Flowers 1283 

Artists 1283 

Artists' Materials 1234 

Asbestos Materials 1284 

Asphalt & Asphalt BoofinK 1284 

Auctioneers 1284 

Awninfj & Sail Makers 1284 

Awning Makers' Supplies & Materials 1284 

Axle Grease 1284 

Axles & Springs 1284 

Badges 12S4 

Badges & Checks 1284 

Bags & Bagging 1284 

Bakers 18«4 

Bakers, Cracker 1288 

Bakers' Fixtures 1289 

Bakera Pie 1289 

Bakers' Oven Castings 1289 

Baking Powder 1289 i 

Band Sawing 1289 I 

Bank Counter Eailing Manufacturers 1889 ; 

Bankers 1289 i 

Banks 1889 

Banks for Savings 1289 

Banners 12S9 

Barbers' Chairs 1289 

Barrel Dealers 1289 

Base Balls 1289 

Basket Makers & Dealers 1289 

Basket Mtrs. & Imprs 1389 

Baths 1889 

Baths, Portable 1289 

Bath Tubs 1289 

Bay Bum, Importers of 1290 

Bed & Mattress Makers 1290 

Bedding Materials 1290 

Bell Hangers & Locksmiths 1290 

Belting (Rubber) Mfrs 1290 

Bill Posters 1290 

Billiard Materials 1290 

Billiard Saloons 1290 

Billiard Table Makers 1290 

Billiard Table Manufacturers 1290 

Bird Dealers 1 

Bird Food, Prepared V. n 

Biscuits and Crackers , V n 

Bitters 1 )i 

Blacking Makers 1 )i 

Blacksmiths : 

Blank Book Manufacturers 92 

Bleachers 92 

Block Awning Pulleys 1292 

Blue Stone 1292 

Bluing Manufacturers 1292 

Boarding Houses 1292 

Boat Builders ]293 

Boiler and Pipe Coverings lajs 

Boiler Feltings igjs 

Boiler Manufacturers 1293 

Boiler Scale Eradicators 1298 

Bolt Manufacturers 1293 

Bolting Cloths ,' 1293 

Bolting Wire Cloth Manufacturers , . . 1293 

Bookbinders 1293 

Bookbinders' Materiids t: , ', 1298 

Book Edge Gilders 1393 

Book Pagers ^ . 1293 

Books 1293 

Booksellers and Stationers I2i}3 

Boot Uppers, etc ]2!)4 

Boot and Shoe Fitters 12!^4 

Boot and Shoe Makers 1294 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers ia!J7 

Bootsand Shoes— Dealers in 1297 

Botanic Medicines 1301 

Bottle Dealers 1301 

Bottle Importers 1.301 

Bottle Stoppers and BotUers' Materials Wti 

Bottlers 13101 

Bottlers' Supplies 1301 

Bottles, Filling, etc 1301 

Box Makers 1301 

Bi'aiding Works igpl 

Braids for Embroidering 1302 

Brass Cocks 1302 

Brass Finishers 1302 

Brass Founders, Furnaces, etc 1392 

Brass Foundries 1302 

Brass Goods Manufacturers 1302 

Brass Manufacturers 1308 

Brass Wire Cloth Manufacturers 1302 

Brewers 1302 

Brewers' Supplies 1303 

Brick Dealers and Makers '. 1303 

Brokers — Exchange and Stock ifittS 

Bronze Powders 1303 

Bronzes ig03 

Brooms 18(B 

Brushes 1308 

Buckle Manufacturers 1803 

Builders , 1303 

Builders' and Masons' Materials 1333 

Bung Makers 1304 

Burglar Alarms '. 1304 

Burglar and Fire Alarms— Electric 1804 

Business Address Lists. 1304 

Butchers 1304 

Butchers' Fixtures 1310 

Buti'hers' Fixtures, Tools, etc 13IO 

Butchers' Supplies 131O 

Butter Dealers .' 1810 

Buttonhole Makers 13IO 

Button Makers. 1811 

Cabinet Hardware 3311 

Cabinet Makers ]311 

Cabinet Makers' Hardware 1811 

Cabinet Woods J311 

Cable Cords 1311 

Cage Makers 1311 

Calcium Lights 1811 

CallBells '. 13'! 




Candle and Soap Manufacturers 1311 

Cane Makers 1311 

Canned Goods 131 1 

Canned Meats 1312 

Canopies, Dancing Cloths, etc 1313 

Cap Makers 1813 

Car Builders 1313 

Card Board Manufacturers 1313 

Card Board, Perforated 1312 

Carmen , ... 1312 

Carpenters and Builders 1312 

Carpet Cleaners imr> 

Carpet Dealers 1316 

Carpet Lining 1316 

Carpet Manufacturers 1316 

Carpet Weavers 1316 

Carriage Makers 1316 

Carriage Painters 1317 

Carriage and Wagon Makers' Supplies 1317 

Carvers 1317 

Caterers 1317 

Cattle Dealers , 1317 

Caulkers 1317 

Caulking Irons 1317 

Cement 1317 

Cemetery RailingManufaeturei-s 1318 

Cemetery Railings and Supplies J 3 18 

Chair Manufacturers 1318 

Chair Seat Manufacturers 1318 

Chalk 3,318 

Champagne Domestic '. 1318 

Charcoal Dealers 13 18 

Chemical Apparatus 3318 

Chemical <!olor Manufacturers 1818 

Chemical Importers 1318 

Chemical Works 1318 

Chemists .' 1318 

Chemists, Analytical.... ; 1318 

Children's Carriages 1318 

Children's Carriages, Valise Top 1318 

China Clay Importers 1318 

China Decorators i818 

China, Glass and Kartlienware 1318 

China, Glaiss and Earthenware Importers 1310 

Oliina and Glass fiei>airing 1319 

China and India Goods 131!) 

Chinese and .lapanese Goods 13IU 

Chiropodists , 1319 

Chromos 1320 

Church Furniture 1320 

Cider Press Manufacturers 13--'0 

Cider and Cider Vinegar 1320 

Cider and Vinegar 1320 

Cigar Box Makers 132O 

Cigar Dealers and Manufacturers 1320 

Circulars Addressed 132.) 

Civil Kiigineers 1325 

Clairvoyant 1325 

Cleaners and Restorers of Paintings . . 13.2.5 

Clergymen 1326 

Cloaks and Suits 1,329 

Clock Case Makers 1.329 

Clock Makers 1339 

Clothing 1329 

Coach Colors and Japans 1330 

Coach Lamps 1330 

Coal and Wood 1,330 

Coal Hods 1333 

Coal Screen Manufacturers 1333 

Coffee Merchants 1333 

Coffee Roasters.,.,. 1333 

Coffee and Spices 1383 

Coffees, Teas, Spices, etc 1833 

CofSn Makers 1833 

Coffin Trimmings 1333 

Collar Makers .-. . . 1333 

Color Manufacturers 1333 

Coloring and Syrup Manufacturers 1313 

Comb Makers 1333 

Commercial Colleges 333 ! 

Commission Merchants 18:53 

Commissioner for all the States 1.333 

Commissioner of Deeds 1334 

Compressed Yeast 3,334 

Condensed Milk 1.334 

Confectioners 13-3.1 


Contractors 1337 

Conveyancers 1337 

Coopers 1397 

Coopers' Materials 3838 

Copper Manufacturers 3338 

Coppersmiths 3838 

Copyists 33,38 

Cord, Fringe and Tassel Manufacturers 1338 

Cork Dealers 1838 

Cork Paper 3338 

Conugated Iron 1838 

Corset Importers 1338 

Corset Makers 3,338 

Costumers 3338 

Cotton Hook Manufacturers 1338 

Cotton Presses 1.338 

Cotton Waste 1338 

Curled Hair Manufacturers 1888 

Cratch Manufacturers 1888 

Curbing and Flagging 3338 

Curled Hair 3338 

Cutlers 3838 

Cutlery Importers and Manufacturers 1838 

Dancing Schools 1838 

Decorations 3338 

Decorators '. ... 1338 

Delivering and Addressing Circulars 1839 

Dentists 3339 

Dentists' Materials 3340 

Designers 3,340 

Desk and Office Furniture 1340 

Detectives 3340 

Diamond Dealers 1340 

Diamond Importers 134Q 

Diamond Jewelery Manufacturers 1340 

Diamonds and Precious Stones 1840 

Diamond and Precious Stone Importera 1340 

Directing and Delivering Circulars 1341 

Di-^infectants 3341 

Distillers and Eectiflers 1341 

Dock liuilders 1341 

Drain Pipes 1H41 

Draughtsmen and Designers 1341 

Dredging 33 J 

Dressmakers 1311 

Dress Trimmings I3t4 

Drug • ' 



Druggists' Boxes...; 

Druggists' Sundries j.34(5 

Drugs, Wholesale 1346 

Drum Manufacturers 1316 

Dry Docks 3346 

Dry Goods 1846 

Dry Goods, Braids 1348 

Dry Goods, Wholesale 1.348 

Dumb Waiters 1348 

Dyers. Bleachers and Scourers 1348 

Dye Stuffs 1349 

Electric Annunciatorsand Call Bells 131!) 

Electric Burglar Alarms, etc 1349 

Electric Gas Lighting 1849 

Electric Instruments 1,349 

Electric Lights 1349 

Electricians '." 3349 

Electrotypers ,', 1349 

Elevators 3350 

Embroideries [ 3350 

Emery Paper and Cloths 1,350 

Emery, etc 3350 

Plmijloyment Bureau 33,'jO 

Engine Builders 3351 

Engineers' Supplies 3381 

Engravers 3351 

Engravers, General '. 3351 

Engravers, Seal 3353 

Engrossers, Ornamental 1,3.51 

Envelope Manufacturers 3353 

Envelopes Addressed 1351 

Essences and Flavors 1351 

Essential Oils 3,353 

Exclrange Offices 13,-ji 

Expresses 3353 

Fancy Goods ' 1352 

Fancy Goods Importers 1356 

Fancy Goods. Wholesale 1360 

Fans, Importers of 1368 




Feather and Feather Duster Manufacturers. . . 1356 

Feathers, Live Geese 1356 

Feed 1356 

Felt Manufacturers 1356 

Fencing Manufacturers 1358 

Fertilizers 1866 

Fidelity Guaranteed 1356 

File Makers 1356 

Fire Brick 1356 

Fire Clay 1856 

Fire Lighter Manufacturers 1856 

Fire Works Manufacturers 1356 

Fish Dealers 1366 

Fish Hook and Needle Works 1357 

Fish Tackle 1337 

Flag Manufacturers 1357 

Flag Poles 1357 

Flags and Banners 1338 

Flint and Sand Paper 1358 

Florists and Seedsmen 1358 

Flour and Feed 1358 

Flour Merchants 1369 

Flour Mills 1869 

Fluting 1369 

Fog Horn Manufacturer 1359 

Folding Beds i:j59 

Forges 1359 

Foundry Facings and Moulding Sand 1359 

Foundry Riddle Manufacturers 1359 

Foundi-y Supplies 1339 

Fountains, Vases, etc 1369 

Frame Makei-s 1359 

Frame Mf rs. Looking Glasses, etc 1360 

Fringes, Cords and Tassels 1360 

Fruit Dealers 1360 

Fur Dealers and Furriers 1360 

Fur Importers and Manufacturers 1360 

Fur ana Fur Trimmings 1860 

Furnaces and Heaters 1361 

Furnaces and Eanges ■ 1361 

Furnitui'e Coverings 1361 

■Furniture DeaJers 1361 

Furniture Manufacturers 1362 

Galloons 3362 

Galvanized Pipemfi-s 1362 

Galvanizing Works 1362 

Garden Wire Work Manufacturers 1362 

Gas Burners 1362 

Gas Companies 1863 

■Gas Fitters 1362 

Gas Fixture Manufacturers 1863 

Gas Heating and Cooking Stoves, etc 1863 

■ Gas Machines 1863 

Gas Stoves 1363 

Gauijcrs 1363 

Gauge Manufacturers 18B3 

Gent's Furnishing Goods 1303 

Gilders 1363 

Ginger Ale 1361 

Glass Benders 136i 

Glass Blowers ■ 1364 

Glass Cutter and Embosser 1364 

Glass Cutters 1304 

Glass, Importers of Plate 1364 

Glass I^etter Manufacturers 1364 

Glass. Looking 1364 

Glass ^lanufacturers 1364 

Glass Mould Manufacturers 1364 

Glass Signs, Labels, etc 1364 

Glass Stainers and Enamelers 1364 

Glass, Window 1.SB4 

Glassuare Jobbers and Manufacturers 1363 

Glaziers 1363 

Globes 1.365 

Glovers 1365 

Glue Makers i 1365 

Glycerine, Importers of 1365 

Gold Beaters 1365 

Gold Pen Makers 1365 

Gold Platers 1365 

Gold Ring Manufacturer ia65 

Gold and Silver Beflners 1365 

Grain 13B5 elevators 13B5 

Grainers 1365 

Grate bars 1365 


Grates and fenders 1365 

Grindei-s and polishers ■. . 1385 

Grindstones ■ . . . 1365 

Grocers, Fancy 1365 

Grocers' Fixtures 1366 

Grocers, retail 1386 

Grocers, wholesale 1882 

Guano and Manure 1388 

Gum 1882 

Gum Dextrine or Substitute 1383 

Guns and Pistols 1388 

Gunsmiths 1382 

Guttapercha Goods 1383 

Gymnasium 1383 

Hair Dealers 1382 

Hair Dressers 1882 

Hair Dye 1386 

Hair Felt 1388 

Hair and Wool Felt 1386 

Hammocks 1386 

Hand Stamps 1386 

Hardware. 1386 

Hardware, Manufacturers of 1887 

Hardware Merchant 1387 

Hardware and Cutlery Manufacturers ■ 1388 

Harness Hardware 1388 

Harness Makers and Saddlers 1388 

Hassocks 1388 

Hat Blanuf acturers 1388 

Hat Pressors 1388 

Hat and Cap Trimmings 1389 

Hats, Caps and Furs 1389 

Hay and Straw..... 1389 

Health Food...: 1390 

Heating Apparatus 1390 

Heating Apparatus Manufacturers 1390 

Hides and Fat 1390 

Hoisting Machinery ; 1390 

Hoisting Machines 1390 

Homceopathic Medicines 1390 

Hominy. Samp, etc ■ 1390 

Honey Makers and Dealers 1390 

Horse Clothing Makers 1390 

Horse Dealers 1.390 

Hon^eslioers 1.390 

Hose (Rubber) Manufacturers 1391 

Hot Air Pumpinc' Kngines 1391 

Hotels 1391 

House Framers 1391 

House Furnishing Goods 1391 

House Movers 1391 

Hydraulic I^jngines 1391 

Hyd) aulic Power Pumps. . . : 1393 

Hydraulic Presses, etc 1333 

Hydraulics 1392 

lee Cream 1392 

Ice Dealers 139 

Importei*s 1393 

Indexes 1398 

India RubberGoods 1393 

Ink Manufacturers 1393 

Ink, Printing 1893 

Ink, Writing 1393 

Inspectors 1393 

Insurance Co., Accident 

Insurance Cos., Fire l^^'**^ 

Insurance Cos., Life 139 

Insurance Cos., Plate Glass ... 13D^ 

Insurance Cos., Steam Boiler I39j 

Intelligence Offices 1395 

Inventors 1395 

Iron Dealers 1395 

Iron Founders , 1395 

Iron Furniture 1396 

Iron Hollow Ware Manufacturers 1396 

Iron M-erchants , 1306 

Iron Pipe Bending 138b 

Iron Pipe Manufacturers 1396 

Iron Railing Manufacturers 1396 

Iron Bailings, Fences, etc 1396 

Iron Shears and Punches 1397 

Iron Stable Fixture Manufacturers 1397 

Iron AVork for Buildings 1397 

Iron Works, Galvanizing 139*^ 

Iron Works, Ornamental 1397 

Iron and Steel Merchants... I39r 



Ivory Dealers and Workers 

Japanese Goods 



Jewelers' Crucibles 

Jewelers' Mailing Boxes 

Jewelry Manufacturers 

Junk Dealers 

Jute Goods 

Kindling Wood 

Knitting Works 

Label Manufacturers 

Labels and Bottlers' Supplies 

Laces and Embroideries 

Ladder Makers 

Ladies' Dress and Cloak Trimmings. . . 

Ladies' Furnishing Goods 

Ladies' Stiff Fur and Napped Hats 

Ladies' Suits 

Lager Beer 

Lager Beer Bottler 

Lamp Manufacturer 

Lamp Posts 

Lamps and Oils 

Lantern Makers 

Lanterns, Chinese and Japanese 

Lard Refiner aftd Dealer 

Last Manufacturers 

Laundries , 

Laundry Machinery 


Lead Pipe Manufacturers 

Leather and Findings 

Leather Belting 

Leather Dressers ; 

Lemon Squeezers 

Letters, Glass. 

Libraries, Circulating 

Licorice Manufacturers 

Life Presei-vers 


Lightning Rods 


Linen Impoi-ters 

Linen Manufacturers 

Linings, Mosquito, etc 

Linseed Oil Manufacturers 


Liquors (Wholesale) 


Livery, Boarding and Sale Stables 

Lock Manufacturers 

Locksmiths and Bell Hangers 

Lodging Houses ■. 

Looicing Glass Manufacturers j 

Looking Glass Plate Importers 

Lubricating Oils 

Lumber Dealers ; 

Macaroni and Vermicelli 


Blachinery Oils 


Machinists' Supplies 

Machinists' Tools, etc 

Magnetic Clothing 

Mahogany and Caibinet Woods 

Malt Kiln Floor Manufacturers 


Manufacturers' Supplies 

Map Publishers 

Marble and Granite Workers 

Marbleized Slate Mantels 

Marine Railway 

Masonic Goods 


Masons' Materials , . . . 

Mat Makers 

Matches ,,,, 

Mathematical, Nautical and Piiilosophical in- 

Matting (Wood) 

Measuring Tapes 

Mechanical Engineers 


Metal Dealers 

Metal Merchants . 


















































l ldl I 

1425 ! 

1425 j 

1426 1 
1420 i 

1427 '■ 




Metal Moulding Cushion Strips 143:3 

Metal Spinners 1433 

Metalworkers 1433 

Meters, Gas and Water 1433 

Military Goods 1433 

Milk, Butter, etc 1433 

Milk (Condensed) 1435 

Mill Supplies 1435 

Milliners and Milliners' Gtoods 1435 

Millinery Goods 1436 

Millwrights 1486 

3Ii!ieral Mills 1436 

Mineral Waters (Natural) 1437 

Jlineral Wool 143'? 

Molasses Dealers 1437 

Morocco and Kid Manufacturers 1437 

3Iorocco Case Manufacturers 1437 

Mouldings 1437 

Moulds 1437 

Mowing Machines 1437 

Music 1437 

Musical Instrument Makers 1437 

3Iusicians 1437 

Jlustai'd Manufacturers 1438 

Nail Makers 14,38 

Naval Stores 1438 

Needle Makers 1438 

Nets 1438 

Newel Makers 1438 

Newspapers and Magazines 1438 

Nickel Platers 1438 

Notaries Public 1438 

Novelties 1439 

Numbering Machines 1439 

Nurses I439 

Oculist and Aurist 1440 

Office Fiirnitui-e 1440 

Office Railing Manufacturers 1440 

Oil and (las Stoves 1440 

Oil Cabinets I440 

Oil CJiotii ^lakersand Dealers 1440 

Oil i\ianufacturers and Dealers 1440 

Oil Clothing 1441 

Oiled Silk Manufacturers 1441 

Optical Goods I441 

0)>ticians I441 

t)rgan Builders 1441 

Organ I\Ianiifacturors (Reed) I441 

Organ I\Ianufactin-er3 and Dealers 1441 

Ornanieiital Iron Works.... 144i 

Ornaments I441 

Oven IMakers ; I441 

Oven Peel Maker 1441 

Oyster Dealers I443 

Packing Box Makers 1443 

Packing;- Houses 1442 

Paint Manufacturers I442 « 

Painters— House, Sign and Decorative 1442 

Paintei's, Carriage 1445 

Painters, Scene , 1445 

Painters' Supplies 1446 

Paints, Oils, etc 1446 

Palm Leaf Fans 1446 

Paper Bag Makers 1446 

Paper Box Makers 1446 

Paper Deaiej-s 1447 

Paper Hangings 1447 

Paper Makers 1447 

Paper Makers' Wire Cloth Manufacturers. . . . 1447 

Paper .Stainers 1447 

Paper Stock 1447 

Paper Tubes for Mailing 1447 

Paper Warehouses 1447 

Paris White and Whiting Manufacturers 1448 

Paste Manufacturers 1443 

Patent Lawyers and Solicitors 1448 

Patent Medicines 1443 

Pattern and Model Makers 1448 

Patterns for Dresses, etc 1448 

Pavement Companies 1448 

Pawnbrokei-s .■ 1443 

Pen IManufacturers 1449 

Pencil Case Makers 1449 

Pencil Makers 1449 

Penmen 1449 

Percussion Caps 1449 




Perfumers 1449 

Philosophical Apparatus 1449 

Photo-Engraving i 1449 

Photo- L-ithographers 1449 

Photographers 1449 

Photographic Materials 1449 

Photographic Materials, Apparatus 1449 

Physicians 1449 

Piano Mailers 1456 

Piano Malcers' Materials 1456 

Piano Stool Makers 1456 

Piano Tuners and Repairers 1456 

Piano-Forte Hardware 14')6 

Pianos 1456 

Pianos and Music 1457 

Pickles, Sauces, etc 1457 

Picture Dealers 1457 

Picture Franjes 1457 

Picture Frames and Show Cards 1457 

Pig Tin 1457 

Pipe Manufacturers 1457 

Pipe and Boiler Coverings 1457 

Pipes. Smoking 1457 

Plaiters and Fluters 1458 

Plaster Figures and Ornaments 1458 

Plasterers ' I45S 

Plate Glass 1458 

Plato Glass Importers I45S 

Plumbers 1458 

Plumbers' Materials 1461 

Plumbers' Specialties 1461 

Pocketbook Manufacturers 1461 

Polish Manufacturers 1461 

Pohshers 1461 

Polishing Powders 1461 

Polishing and Buffing Machinery 1461 

Pop Corn Manufacturers 1461 

Porcelain 1461 

Pot and Pearl Afihes 1461 

Potteries 1461 

Poulterers 1461 

Powder 1461 

Preserved Fruits and Meats 1461 

Press Mainifaoturers 1461 

Presses— Cotton, Hydraulic, etc 1481 

Print Cutters 1461 

Print Works 1461 

Printers 1461 

Printers' Materials. . i ]46"^ 

Printing Press Makers 1463 

Produce 1463 

Proprietary Medicines 1463 

Provision Merchants 146.3 

Provisions 1463 

Publishers 1463 

Pulleys, Shafting, etc 1465 

Pump Manufacturers 1464 

Pump and Block Makere 1464 

Punching Machines 1464 

Rag Dealers 1464 

Railroad Castings 1464 

Railroad OfHces 1464 

Railroad Supplies 1464 

Railroads 1464 

Rattan Dealers 1464 

Razor Strop Makers 1164 

Recording Gauge Manufacturers 1464 

Reflector Manufacturer 1464 

Refrigerators 1464 

Regalia and Badges 1464 

Register and Ventilator Manufacturers 1464 

Renovators 1464 

Restaurants 1464 

Retorts 1466 

Ribbon Manufacturers 1466 

Rice Wire Cloth Manufacturers 1466 

Riding Academies 1466 

Rivet Makers 1466 

Roman Baths 1466 

Roofers and Roofing Materials 1466 

Roofing Materials 1467 

Root Beer J467 

Ropes, Cordage and Twine 1467 

Rubber Cement Manufacturer 1468 

Rubber Goods 1468 

Rubber Hand Stamps 1468 


Russia Sheet Iron Importers 1468 

Saddlery Hardware 1468 

Saddlery and Harness 1468 

Sad Irons 1468 

Safe Deposit Companies 1468 

Safe Manufacturers 1468 

Safes 1468 

Sail Makers 1468 

Sail Makers' Goods 1468 

Salt Dealers 1468 

Salt Fish, Wholesale 1488 

Saltpetre Refiners , 1468 

Sample Books, &c 1468 

Sand and Emery Paper 1468 

Sand Dealers 1468 

Sanitary Goods 1468 

Sash, Blind and Door Makers 1468 

Sash Weight Manufacturers 1469 

Sausage Makers 1469 

Saw Filers and Setters 1469 

Saw and File Makers 1469 

Saw and Planing Mills 1470 

Sawdust 1470 

Scales and Balances 1470 

Scavengers 1471 

School Furniture Manufacturers.. 1471 

Schools 1471 

Scourers , 1474 

Screw Makers 1474 

Scroll Sawing 1474 

Sculptors 1474 

Seal Presses 1474 

Sealing Wax 1474 

Seamless Brass and Copper Tubes 1474 

Searchers 1474 

Seed Mrrchants 1474 

Seedsmen , 1474 

Self Acting Shade Rollers 1474 

Sewer Pipe 1474 

Sewing Machines 1474 

Shaftings, Pulleys, etc 1475 

Shingles 1475 

Shipbuilders 1475 

Shipchandlers. 1475 

Shipchandlers and Patent Rope Makers 1475 

Shipsmiths 1475 

Ship Stores and Chandlers 1475 

Shipwrights 1475 

Shiils and Shirt Front Makers 1475 

Sho(^s and Boots 1476 

Shooting (ialleries 1476 

Show Card Manufacturers 1476 

Show Cards 1476 

Show Cases 1476 

Signs 1476 

Silk Manufacturers 1476 

Silk and Mohair Braid Manufacturers 1476 

Silver Manufacturers 1476 

Silver Plated Ware 1476 

Silver Platers 1476 

Skate Manufacturers 1476 

Skirt Makers 1476 

Skivers 1476 

Skylights 1476 

Slaters 1476 

Smelters 1476 

SnuflE 1476 

Soap and Candle Manufacturers 1476 

Soda and Cream Tartar Manufacturers 1477 

Soda and Mineral Waters — : 1477 

Spar Makers 1478 

Speaking Tubes 1478 

Spectacle Manufacturers 1478 

Spices 1478 

Spike and Galvanizing Works 1478 

Spool Cotton Manufacturers 1478 

Sporting Goods 1478 

Spring Bed Makers 1478 

Spring Makers 1478 

Stable Fixture Manufacturers 1478 

Stained Glass 1478 

Stair Builders 1478 

Stamping for Embroideries and Muslins 1478 

Starch Manufacturers 1478 

Stationers, Retail 1478 

Stationers, Specialties 1478 



StationerK, V'hoJesale Importing 1478 

Stave Dealers 1479 

Steam Engines 1479 

Steam Fitters 1479 

Steam Fitters' Supplies 1479 

Steam Gauge Manufacturers 1479 

Steam Generator Manufacturers 14T9 

Steam Heating Apparatus 1479 

Steam Packing 1479 

Steam Pipes 1479 

Steam Power Works 1479 

Steam Pump Manufacturers 1479 

Steam Pumps 1479 

Steamboat and Steamship Compajjies 14sO 

Steel Importers 1480 

Steel Manufacturers 1480 

Steel Pen Manufacturers 1480 

.Stencil Cutters 14S.0 

Stencil Tools and Materials 14S0 

Stenographers 1480 

Stereoscopes 1480 

Stereotypers 1480 

Stevedores 1481 

Stone Merchants 1481 

Stone Yards 1481 

Stoneware Manufacturers 1481 

Storage 1481 

Stove Platforms 1481 

Stoves, Ranges, Heaters, etc 14S1 

Strap Manufacturers 1482 

Straw Goods Dealers 148d 

Straw Hat Manufacturers 1482 

Straw Hat Pressers 1482 

Sugar Dealers and Eefiners 1482 

Sugar Machinery Wire Cloth JIanufacturers.. 1483 

Sulphur Dealers and Refiners 1483 

Surgeons 1483 

Surgical Instruments and Goods 1483 

Surveyors 1483 

Swan Gin 1488 

Syrup Manufacturers 1483 

Tack Manufacturers HS8 

Tailors 1488 

Tailors' and Cutters' Exchange 14S8 

Tailors' Trimmings 14SS 

Talc, Powdered 1488 

Tar, Pitch, etc 1488 

Tally Ho Sulky Manufaotur rs 14^8 

Tannery 3488 

Tape Measures 1488 

Taxidermists 1488 

Tea Dealers 1488 

Tea Importers 1489 

Teas, Coffees, Spices 1489 

Teas, etc 1489 

Teachers, Bookkeeping 1489 

Teachers, Boxing 1489 

Teachers, Dancing 148'9 

Teachers, Drawing 1489 

Teachers, Elocution 1489 

Teachers, Languages 1489 

Teachers, Music 1489 

Telegraph Companies W.IO 

Telegraph Instrument Manufacturers 1490 

Telegraph Supplies 1490 

Telephone Companies 1490 

Terra Alba 1490 

Theatrical Goods 1490 

Thermometers 1491 

Threads 1491 

Tiles, Encaustic 1491 

Timber Dealers 1491 

Tinder Wood 1491 

Tinfoil 1491 

Tinners' Trimmings 1491 

Tinning Works 1491 

Tinplate Merchants 1491 

Tinsmiths 1491 

Tinware 1492 

Tinware Manufacturers 1492 

Tobacconists 1492 

Tool Makers 1493 

Toy Dealers 1498 


Toy Manufacturers .' 1493 

Translators 1493 

Truck Builders 1493 

Trunk Manufacturers 1493 

Trunks, Satchels, etc 1493 

Truss Makers 1494 

Trust Companies 1494 

Tubes 1494 

Turkish Baths 1494 

Turners 1494 

Twine Manufacturers 1494 

Type Founders 1494 

Type Machines 1494 

Ultramarine Blue 1494 

tjnsbreila and Parasol Makers 1494 

Undertakers 1494 

Undertakers' Supplies 1490 

Upholsterers 1496 

Upholsterers' Materials '. 1490 

Upholstery Goods 1485 

Upholstery and Drapery Trimmings. 149tj 

Valentines 149i^ 

Valves and Cocks 149' 

Vanilla Beans, Importers of 1497 

Varieties 1497 

Varnish Makers 14* 

Varnishers 1498 

Vases 14i« 

Vases, Fountains and Statuary 1498 

Vault Light Manufacturers "98 

Ventilating Apparatus 1498 

Veterinary Surgeons 14S8 

Vinegar 1499 

Vinegar Manufacturers 1499 

Visiting and Address Cards 149!) 

Wagon Makers 1499 

Washing Fluid 1499 

Washing Machines 149 ) 

Watchcase Makers 1499 

Watch Importer 1499 

Watch Makers' and Jewelers' Materials 149:> 

Watch and Clock Makers 1499 

Watches and Jewelry. Retail 1600 

Watchman's Improved Time Detector loOd 

Water Closets 1600 

Water Filters 1600 

Waterproof Goods 1500 

Water Tight Cellars and Floors 1.500 

Weatherstrips 1600 

Weather Vane Manufacturers 1500 

Webbing Makers 1.500 

Weighers ItOO 

Wheelwrights 1600 

Whip Makers and Dealers 1600 

White Crockery, Wash Tubs 150i> 

Wliice Lead Corroders 1501 

White Lead Manufacturers 1501 

Whiting. Chalk, etc 1601 

Wig and Toupee Makers 1501 

Window Glass Importers 1.601 

Window Shades and Fixtures 1601 

Wine and Liquor Importers 1601 

Wines and Liquors, Wholesale 1501 

Wire Cloth Manufacturers 1601 

Wire Fence, Guard and Railing Manufac- 
turers 1601 

Wire Manufacturers 1501 

Wire Manufacturers and Workers 1.502 

Wire Nail Manufacturers 1602 

Wire Rope 1502 

Wire Stands and Fi-ames 1502 

Wire Work Manufacturers 1602 

WoodJlantels 1.'02 

Wood Mattings 1602 

Wood and Willow Ware 1502 

Wood.Tnd Iron Working Machinery 1602 

Wood Working MachineiT * 1603 

Worsted and Merino Goods 1604 

Wringers and Washing Machines 1604 

Yams, Wicks, etc 1504 

Yeast 1604 

Zinc and Iron Founders 1504 


Adams & Doualdson, carpenters. lieg. 2 

Albohn J. H. pie baker Bus. Beg. 5 

Albrecht C. F. & Son, bats.. .car(2 with name 
Aldridge V. passenger agt. 

card with name and bus. 

Aleo Miguel, plateglass opp. name 

Alexauder & Ellis, lumber card icilh bus. 

AUers D. liquors card with name 

Allsop Thomas J. steamiitter front 11 

Alimqvist A. W. patent lawyer.card with bus. 
Andersou Georgo W. transportation, 

card with name 

Anderson Joliu T). mason card with name 

Annin & Co. tube works card with name 

Armstrong James, plumber.. card xoilh name 
Asbiield James & Son, masons, 

card toith name and bus. 
Associated Lines of Southern RailroadTravel, 

front cover 

Backns John, Tluion Mills Bus. lieg. 5 

Bailey James & Co. bi'assmfrs. cardteith bus. 
Balcti, Price & Co. hats, 

card with name and bus. 

Barney John, bluestone card with name 

Barricblo A. windowshades eardwith bus. 

Bartons & Kioe back 1 

Bate & Lund, painters card with name 

Bates & Johnson, heating apparatus, 

eardwith name 

Becker John, showcases .front 'i 

Bedell Hiram, realestate eardwith 6ms. 

Beers J. B. & Co. map publishers, 

leaf op i>. name 

Bell & Pyfe, iron founders card with bus. 

Bertsch Peter, carriage painter. caj'dwitA bus. 
Bi' kett J. W. plumber, 

card with name and bus. 
Booden & Son, varnish, 

ca7-d with name and bus. 

Booth H. A. pianomkr card with name 

Bossert Louis, sashes. card with name and bus. 
Bowie Jolin, bra%s founder, 

card tvith name and bus. 
Bowie & Co. shirtmkrs. 

card with name and bus. 
Boyd Edward A. & Sous, glass-card with bus. 
Bradley & Currier, sashes, 

card with bus. and Bus. Reg. 5 
Bradley & Smith, brushes. ..card ivith name 
Brass Robert, machinist, 

card with name and bus. 

Breen Martin & Son, realestate, 

card with name 

Briggs J. H. cooper Bus. Beg. 2 

Brogau J. P. dentist Bus. Beg. 3 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle leaf opp. name 

Brooklyn Daily Times leaf opp. name 

Brooklyn Employment Bureau, 

card ioith name and bus. 

Brooklyn Freie Press leaf opp. name 

Brooklyn Institute card with name 

Brooklyn Library card in Mmi. Beg. 

Brooklyn Lite Ins. Co. 

front 14 and card with name 

Brooklyn Union-Argus leaf opp. name 

Brouwer Theodore, watches.. card wii^ name 

Brown Bros, realestate card with name 

Brown & Patterson, iron founders, 

card with name 
Browne T. E. business college, 

card with bus. 

Brunswick J. M. & Balke Co, billiard tables, 

card with bus. 

Buchholz L. wire stands ...Bus. Beg. 8 

Buckmann John, liquors, 

card with name and bus. 
Bulkley & Horton, agts. realestate, 

card with bus. 
Burke, Frazer & Connett, patent lawyers, 

card with bus. 

Burt E. D. & Co. shoes card with name 

Byard John W. coal eard with name 

Cardwell George C. carpet cleaner, 

card loith name 

Carpenter O. C. machinist card with bus. 

Carter Alanson, hardware card with name 

Chamberlain Charles H. carpenter, 

card with bus. 

Chase William D. varnish card with name 

Citizens' Steamboat Co card with name 

Glaghoru Charles, school, 

card with bus. and Man. Beg. 
Clayton James, air compressors, Clayton 
Steam Pump Works, 

card with name and bus. 

Cloos George, flutes Bus. Beg. 3 

Cobb P. W. painter card with bits. 

Cocroft's E. Sons, marble, 

back 1 and card with bus. 
Cole Frank J. gent's furng ... card ivith name 
CoUamore Davis & Co. china, 

card toith name 



Collanii^^^ liilman &. Co. cliiDa, 

card with name 

Collender H. W. billiard tables front 1 

Collins Lee, printer.. care? with name and hiis. 

Coltou E. G. dentist card with name 

Colyer Joseph H. coal op p. 8 

Comins & Evans, roofers card with bus. 

Conklin J. B card wiih name and bus. 

Connolly P. plumber i page with bus. 

Cook Ealph L. realestate card with name 

Cornelius James, machinist card with bus. 

Cornell J. B, & J. M. ironworks, 

leaf oi)p. name 

Craft Alanson, machinery card with bus. 

Cragin A. leatherjapanner. 

card with name and bus. 
Creque, Eonalds & Co. copperwork, 

card with name 

Crouch & Fitzgerald, trunks .. cacd ii ith bus. 
Curren Frederick, awniugs.. .card with bu«. 

Daleen August, tailor J)us. Reij. 5 

Dalton Patrick, cooper card wiih bim. 

Damen George, realestate agt. 

card with bus. 

Davenport A. B. realestate . . card iHth name 
Davenport J. & Son, realestate, 

card with name and bus. 
Davis John, roofer. . .card with name and bus. 
Davis W. B. carriagemfr. 

card with name and bus. 
Debeauvais Jules, macbini8t..oa>-rf with bvs. 
Deiamater iron works, steam pumps, 

card with bus. 

Deniarest A. engraver card with bus. 

Deniutb Bros, glassblowers card icith bus. 

Donison C. H. indexes i page bus. 

Deterling John, liquors card with name 

Di<;kiuson C. B. rubbergds. 

card with name and bus. 

Dime Savings Bank card with nnwe 

Dixon Tliomas H. stone card with name 

Dodworth Frank, dancing academy, 

card with name and bus. 

Dolierty J. H. realestate card with bus. 

Domestic S. M. Co. 

front 13 and card with name 

Dressel A. painter card with bus. 

Dubey E. A. painter card with name 

Du Bois Ithamar, gent's fiimg. 

card with name and bus. 
Dudgeon J. M. carpet cleaner, 

card with name and bus. 

Dugau A. sashes card with bus. 

Duiilap & Co. hat mfrs card with bus. 

Duryeli S. photographer cai-d ivith name. 

Dwight Eliha, skivers, 

card with name and bus. 
Eddy George M. & Co. measuring tapes, 

cai'd with name and bus. 
Edwards G. W. provisions. ..cacd %oith name. 
Edwards Joseph & Co. machinery, 

card with bus. 

Eiseman E. J. realestate card with bus. 

Electric Pad Co card with name 

Elford George & Sou, painters, 

card with name and bus. 
Elmore Groorge B. painter, 

card with name and bus. 

Eudemann H. chemist, 

card with name and bus. 

Ensell Sarah, oculist, 

card with " Ensell" and card with " Price" 

Fellows John, screws card tcith name 

Ferry Daniel, realestate card with name 

Fiekett H. E. & Co. moulding mill, 

card with name 

Field John, carriagemkr card with name 

Fishbough M. E. schools card ivith name 

Fisher Mrs. P. H. furniture Bus. Keg. 3 

Fitzgerald John, millwright, 

card wiih name and bus. 

Ford Robert, carpenter card with bus. 

Formaii James, wireworks fronts 

Foster William, steampumps . . card wirt bus. 
Fniiicis &. Loutrel, stationers, 

opp. inside bacle cover 

Franklin Iron Foundry card with name 

Frost Beers, paperboxmkr. 

card with name and bus. 

Fry & Lyle, realestate card with bus. 

I'^uller's Detective Bureau card with bus. 

Gallagher James, tailor card with name 

Garvey & Slialvey, produce - ..turd nifh /ims. 
Garvin E. E. & Co. machinery. . . Bus. lieg. 8 
Geissler R. church furniture. ..oroiZ with bus. 

Gill Philip H. millwright opi). name 

Gillick John, carman, 

card with name and bus. " coal" 

Gilloits Joseph, steel peus back cover 

Gilmour If. M. felt front 10 

Goering Jacob, sewing machines.. Z>«s- JIp'j. i 
Goudge T. H. antique furniture ..Bus Bei;. ?. 

Graef's H. A. Sou, wines card wiih nam - 

Green John J. marble, 

card with name and bus. 
Greuiiig Paul C. real estate .. cwrf with name 

J Greiiise I''n!d'k W. tailor card with name 

Griffith William H. billiard table lufr. 

card with name and bus. 

Grimes Marion, realestate card with name 

Grosch Bros, dentists card with name 

GuntherC. N. jeweler card with name 

Gunthers C. G. Sons, furs front cover 

Guttenberg F. fisU 1443 

HafF Wesley, express card with bus, 

Hagemoyer George, lumber.. -chjtZ with bus. 

Hall S. sashes and blinds Jius. Beg. 5 

Hallett G. G. stoves car*? ivith name 

Hand E. H. trucks card with name 

Handley P. F. florist card with bus. 

Hardick C. B. steam pumps, 

card with name and bus. 
Harris Finishing Co. frames. . . card with bus. 

HaiTison Andrew, lawyer card with name 

Harrison John, grocer card with name 

Harrison W H. grocer card with name 

Hart Bros, jewelers card with name 

Hartshorn's self-acting shade rollers, 

back cover and litis. Meg. 1 
HavemeyerH. D. confectioner. ../iw*. Keg. 2 
Hawkms E. D. hardware, 

card with name and bus. 
Hawkins & Son, cabinetmkrs. card ivith bus. 
Hawley O. F. lumber, card with name and bus. 
Haynes James A. wholesale liquois, 

card with name and bus 



Hegemau Joseph & Co. auctioneers, 

card with name and bus. 
Held Charles W. jr. pianos, 

margin, side and hottoni every eighth 
page, and card with, name 

Henderson J. C. & Son card with name 

Henderson Samuel & Sou, undertakers, 

card with name and bus, 

Herod J. florist card ivlth name 

Herring & Co. safes hacli of map 

Heymau Bros, wines card with bus 

HillD. H. realestate . . c«)-(i tdlh name and bun. 

Hirsch M. cigars card -with name 

Holfiuan William, liquors card with name 

Hollander Frederick, lager heer, 

card tcith bus. 

Hollingswortli B. C. livery, earrf with name 

Holman Pad Co card with name 

Holmes E. burglar alarms, card with name 

Home Journal (The) card with name 

Hommel C. E". stone card with name 

Hooker S. E card with name 

Hooton George B. plumber card with bus. 

Hoppel John K. brushinfr card ivilh bus. 

Horton J. H. paints, card viih name and bus. 
Horton J. M. icecream, bottom edge of leaves. 
Hosch Ferdinand, sloigh robe cutter, 

Bus. Meg. 5. 

Hosford William J. plumber., -lacfc of map. 
Howard & Fuller, brewers.. wfZ with name. 
Howard & Morse, wireworks, leaf opp. name. 
Hubbard Norman, steanipiirups, 

card with name and bus. 

Hudson Thomas D. coal card loith name. 

Huscble William &Son, paperboxes, 

card with name aiid bus. 
Imhauger E. watchman's time detectors, 

card with bus. 

Isaacaeu Adolph card u:ilh name. 

Itjen E. H. coal card ivith name and bus. 

Jacobs, Jamer & Co. plumbers 

card with bus. 

Jackson W. & Son, grates, 

front 3 and back cover. 
Jackson William H. & Co. grates, 

leaf opp. name, bottom margin every. 

eighth page and card with name. 
James .loliii F. realestate .. card with name. 
Janes &KirtIand, ranges . ..card with name. 

Janson & Peterson, marble card with bus. 

Jaques George R. notary card with bus. 

Jaques Samirel, hydraulic engines, 

card loith name and btis. 

Jennings A. G. lace works card with name. 

Jones Charles, glasscuttor Bus. Keg. 4 

Jones Harry O. realestate, 

card toilh name and bus. 
Jordan Thomas, carpet cleaner, 

card with name and bus. 

Kalley J. N. realestate card with name 

Kane P. C. mason ... ear(? loith name and Imfi. 

Kasold Ernest, florist card with name 

Keller Joseph, printer card with name 

Keogh C. B. & Co. sashes, 

card with name and bus. 
Kissiok William A. school, 

leaf opp. name ^ opp. schools in bus, 
Klett John C. cabinetmkr opp. 641 

Klingler & Wekerle, barbers' chairs, 

card loith bus. 

Klueg John, boxes card with name 

Knabe William & Co. pianos, 

back in gilt and page opp. name 
Knickerbocker Ice Co. 

card with name and bus. 

Knight Bros, ironrailiugs card with bus. 

Korber Albert, frames card with bus. 

Kranich & Bacli, pianos front cover 

Kreiseher B. & Son, firebrick, 

left bottom margin every ith page 

Krick Charles, florist card witli name 

Krombach Charles, florist card with city 

Lafayette Fire Ins. Co card with nanie 

Lamb J. & E. church furniture, 

back of iille and card with bus. 
Langridge W. L. jr. mason., .card with name 

Lawrence H. banjos Bus. Beg. 6 

Leavy & Britton Brewing Co. 

card with name 

Lehrenkrauss Julius, agt. 

card with name and bus. 

Leser H. F. stationer card with name 

Lewis Chemical Co. inks card toith bus. 

Lewis Samuel, wood matting, .card with bus. 
Lihou N. picture frames 

card xoith name and bus. 

Lilly Harry, signs back cover 

Lockwood J. school, left side margin every 
eighth page and leaf opp. Schools in Bus. 
Long Island Safe Deposit Co. 

oarrfs in " L" and " S " 

Lothrop W. H. awnings front 8 

Luhrs Christian, awnings cai'd with bus. 

Maine Henry, bookbinder, 

card with name and bus. 

Malcom G. brewer card with name 

Mann Charles, japanner Bus. Reg. 4 

Marrett M. glass-cutter card toith bus. 

Marston & Son, coal, 

page opp. name and card bus. 

Martin James T. dancing card with name 

Martin William, roofer, 

card toith name and bus. 

Massa Samuel B. china card with name 

Mathisini J. & W. paint kegs, 

card toith name 

Matthewman G. moulds card with name 

May Jacob, iron railings card with bus. 

McAleer H. jr. distiller card with bus. 

McCormick S. B. watches card with name 

McDonnell John, cooperage Bus. Meg. 2 

McGill & Cooper, refrigerators, 

card tiith bus. 
McGrayne's John Sons, marble, 

card with name and bus. 
McLean John, marble, 

card with name and bus. and llus. Reg. 3 
McMiirray John, wireworks. . .card toith bus. 
McMurray John G. & Co. brushes, 

front 1 and card with name 

Mechanics' Fire Ins. Co card with name 

Merchants' Fire Ins. Co inside front cover 

Metcalf H. stoves front 8 

Midmer Eeuben, organ builder, 

card with bus. 

Miles E. B. & Co. realestate .. card toith ttame 


Miller B. C & Son, housemovers, 

iack 1 A* yiU and card with name and bus. 
Miller Joseph G. housemover, 

card wiih name and bus. 
Mitchell James, iron founder.. ca?-(ijo!/7! hns. 

Mittnaclits J. A. safemfr card iiuth bus. 

Mollenhaner iienry, music., .card with name 

Moloney James J. liquors card wilk name 

Moneuse E. stoves card with ius. 

Montague P. J. wines card ivith name 

Mooney & Boland, detectives-cacd with name 
Morrison J. & J. housemovers, 

card loith name and bve. 
Moses Charles H. realestate, 

card with name and bus, 

Mosetter F. meat card with name 

Moss John, patternmkr. 

page 892, card with hiis. 
Muhlhausen, boot and shoe mkr.iJMs. Beg. 2 

Muller Daniel, tailor card with name 

Murphy M. C. carpenter card with name 

Murtaugh James, dumbwaiters, 

bach of map and card with bus. 
Murtha W. H. & Son, coal, 

card with name and bus. 
Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. .carrf ivith name 

Nassau Kre Ins. Co card with bus. 

Nelson A. tailor card ^vith name 

Neppert Francis, piano stools.. .]3ua. Reg. 5 
Newlan Wm. H. undertaker, card n-iih name 
N. Y. Belting & Packing Co Anside back cover 
N. y. Condensed Milk Co. 

card with name and bm. 

N. Y. Conservatory of Music pageSAS 

K. Y. Dyeing <fe Printing Estab. 

card in "Stalen " 

N. Y. Oil Cabinet Co.. Bus. Eeg. 5 

N. Y. St.iatz Zeituna leaf opp. name 

N. Y. & Ifosoudale Cement Co. card with bus. 

Nilson Eric, painter card with bus. 

Northridge W. J. painter, 

card with name and bus. 
Norwood Joseph, wireworks, 

bottom margin every 8th page 
O'Brien Maurice, upholsterer.. cart? with bus. 
O'Connor Francis B. jr. bookseller, 

card with name 

Olena, Craig & Co. wines card with bus. 

Ortloff Richard, mnsic teacher. card w<{/i bus. 
Osbom &, Robinson, Jointa Lime Co. 

lieg. 4 

Ostrander W. E. & Co. speaking tubes, 

card with bus. 

Otis Bros. & Co. elevators, bottom margin 
every 8th page and card with name 

O'Toole Patrick, liquors card with name 

Palka Charles, glass letters.;(Z loith bus. 
Palmer H. Conger, corns extracted, 

Bus. Eeg. 2 

Panse F. W. machinist card with bus. 

Papst M. musician. . . card with name and bus. 

Payne Eobert, carpenter card with name 

Peace Harvey W. Co. gawmkrs. 

page opp. name and card with bus. 

Peake M. E. dressinkr card with name 

PearsailAlva, photographer leaf opp. 623 

Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

every 2<2 side margin 

Perry Charles F. gold leaf Bus. Eeg. 4 

Peterson Benjamin, cabiuetmkr../?ws. Reg. 6 

Pfister Louis, trusses Bus. Beg. 6 

Phelps & Son, pianos, 

card with name and bus, 

Pha^iiix Ins. Co card tciih name and bus. 

Pliillips George W. printer... cart? with name 

Photo-Electrotype Engraving Co front 8 

Piel Bernard F. machinist card with bits. 

Plastic Slate Roofing Co. 

card with name and bus. 
Plummer & Butcher, wheelwrights, 

card with name 

Pomeroy Truss Co card tcith bus. 

Poser Charles, cabinetmkr Bus. Beg. 3 

Potts P. A. & Co. coal & wood, 

card with bus. 

Pouch F. E. undertaker, 

ca7-d with name and bug. 

Propper M. frames card with bus. 

Prosser William H. employment agency, 

card with bus. 

Putnam Machine Co card with bus. 

Qiiimby's D. S. Sons, langea.. leaf opp. name 

Quirk 8. G. safes card with bus. 

Kaas Francis back of title 

Saudolph George F. grindstones, 
„ , card with bus. 
Keddiiig & Conklin, liquors, wholesale, 
„ , „, page 734, and card with bus. 

Eoed Charles C. & Co. varnish, 

card with name 

Keedy J. W. elevators card with bus. 

Kelim Jacob, upholsterer card with name 

Eeilly Grate Bar Co .front 10 

Benton F. A. brassfounder... .c«i-d loith bus. 
Kichardson, Boynton & Co. stoves, 

card with name 

Riehle Bros, standard scales .. card wHA 6m». 
Killing & Schock, machine works, 

, „ card tviih bus. 

RinglerF. A. & Co. eleotrotypers, 

inside hade cover and caj-d with 6im. 
Rivers C. H. school.. cord with name and bus. 

Eobidoux & Son, scales card tcith bus. 

Eoebling's The John A. Sons Co. wirerope, 

card with bus. 

Kogers C. a. & Co.woodworkingmaohinery, 
^ ,„ „ card with bus, 

Rollhaus P. )r. stoves, 

front .5 and card witli name 

Romain John, cannedgds card with bus. 

Rome Bros. printers.. card witfe nameandbus. 

Rossberg G card with name 

Rothschild J. millinery card with name 

Royal Ins. Co. (Fire)..<(y) margin, leftside, 
and page opp. name 

Rutan Ihomas, mason card with name 

Euttman Ferd.swan gin card with bus. 

Safe Deposit Co. of N.Y. 

card iDith name and bus. 

Saften H. C. printer card with name 

Saxe & Robertson, organmfrs..carrf with bus. 

Schaler Ernst, furs Bus. Beg. 3 

Schneider Valentiue, files Bus. Beg. 3 

Scholes A. G. coal and wood, 

card tcith name and bus, 
Schroeder George H. stoves.. card ivith name 



Schroeder Gustave, millinery Bus. Beg. 5 

SchulerF. pianos hack cover 

Scbnster Anton, tailor Bns.Beg.6 

Scliweizer John, zinc card with bus. 

Scott Daniel, stoves card withius. 

Scott N. & P. sbow cases, 

inside front cover and card ivithius. 

.3cott & Smith, marble card with name 

Sedelmeyer John, carpenter Bus. Reg. 2 

Seelig M. J. & Co. zinc foniiflry fronf! 

Sefhom G. painter. 

Bus. Keg. 5 and card with name and bus. 

Sellew T. G. office furniture hack of map 

Semonite Bros, oils card with name 

Serrell Lemuel W. patent act. . . back of title 
Shadbolt A. W. & Son, truck builders, 

card Kith name 

Sharkey James, marble, 

card with name and hns. 

Sherk Bros, frames card with name 

Shirer & Van Steenbergh, ranges, etc. 

card with name 

Shute Elisha M. roofer card with bus. 

Silk Thomas, iron works Bus. Beg. 4 

Simonson J. A. S. ins. 

card with name and bus. 
Simpson J. S. & G. F. iron founders, 

page 858 and card witli bus. 
Smith's A. E. Sons Pottery Co.. card with bus. 

Smith A. G. liquors card with bws. 

Smith B. & W. B. showcases front 9 

Smith Isaac, infirmary for lame horses, 

front 4 

Smith Jos. ladders . - card with bus. 

Smith L. H. carman card with name 

Smith Kylance, -wagonrnkr... care? with name 
Spoerry Julius, coppersmith . . card tcith name 
Squires E. H. carpet cleaner... earrf with bn$. 

Staiimi J. M. scbool card with his. 

Starin John H. transj)ortation . card with name 
Staten Island Fancy Dyeing Estab. 

card with name and bus. 
Steck Geo. & Co. pianos... otctet^e back cover 
Steeger Henry & Co. coppersmith.. ./ront 5 

Steele & Lincoln, furniture page opp. 412 

Steinborn John D. braiding works, 

card with name and 6ii«. 

Steinway & Sons, pianos .front cover 

Stellwagen William, furs, 

Bus. Beg. 3 and card with bus. 
Stetson Thomas D. patent agt. card with 'lms. 

Stevenson John, plasterer card with bus. 

Stewart & Co. drain pipes card with bus. 

Stickle W. J. mfr. artificial legs. .Bus Beg. 1 

Stiles Henry L. plumber card with name 

Stock Misses, worsted card with name 

Stretton Thomas S. tiles, encaustic, 

card with bus. 

Strubel John, locksmith Bus. Reg. 5 

Sullivan Daniel, iron railings.cfo't? tviih bus. 

Sullivan P. J. cigars card with name 

Sumner Wm. O. realestate. ..card with name 
Swimm T. W. & Son, realestate, 

card with name and bus. 

Sythoff P. toymfr. 

Bus. Beg. 6 and card with name and bus. 
Taggait Robert, storage, 

front 2 and card with bus. 

Tasker H. & F. H. shoes card ivith name 

Taylor D card with name 

Taylor William & Sons, iron founders, 

1 leaf opp. 988 
Thayer W. Irving, magnetic garments, 

right top margin every itk leaf 

Thimig H. bottler card with name 

Thompson John, realestate.. car(2 wt<7i name 

Thorn A. B. ins card with name 

Thornton W. Charles B. lawyer, 

card with name 

Timmermann «fe Co. hotel. ..card wiih name 

I Tobias F. H. fruit syrups card with bus. 

Tomes Joseph E. painter eai-d with name 

I Toug &, Gamgee, painters card tcith name 

Tupper W. W. & Co. gratebars .front 6 

Tyler William A. liquors bottom mart/in 

every eighth page and card with bus. 

Union Mills Bus. Reg. 5 

Urquhart John S. plumbers' supplies. 

card with bus, 

Valentine, Bergen & Co. wholesale grocers, 
cardxoith name and bus. 

Van Cott, livery front 9 

Vanderbilt & Hopkins, lumber, 

card iHth name and bus. 
Vanderburgh, Wells & Co. printers mtls. 

card with name and bus. 

Verity Elbert, lumber card with bus. 

Vogt Henry & Bros, boilermkrs. 

card with name 

Wacker Adolph, florist Bus. Reg. 3 

Wade John, marble card tvitk bus. 

Walker William, silverplater Bus. Beg. 6 

Walters Alfred, mouldmkr. 

card with name and bus. 
Webb Ernest C. patent lawyer, . 

card with name and bus, 
Weber Adam, fire-brick, 

front with " ton lairs." 

Weber A. pianos front corer 

Weber Louis, liquors card with name 

Weber & Quinn, coal card with name 

Weedon W. J. bookseller, 

card with name and bus. 

Weekes E. H. undertaker Bus. Beg. 6 

Wegemann Conrad, cabinetmkr. 

card with name and bus. 
Wemple Jay C. & Co.;d with bus. 

Went E. awnings card wiihbua. 

Wernig C. W. mnsiciau card with name 

Westberg E. carpenter, 

Bm Beg. 2 and card with bus. 
Whipple R. F. sashes. cord ?oi«ft name and bus. 

White E. D. & Co. firebrick back cover 

White James, builders' hardware, 

card with name and bus. 
White E. Tyson, paperboxes ..card with name 

White & Price, machinists card with bus. 

Whiting E. M. & Co. stationers, 

card with name 

Whitley J. H. stores, etc. 

card with name and bus. 
Whiltock, Slover & Co. shipchandlers, 

card with bus. 
Willcox & Thompson, ironfounders, 

card with bus. 

Williams & Guion S. S. Co opp. 895 



imson James, carpenter.. cord! wift bus. I 'Wollmers A. florist..- card with name 

nia Magnetic Clotliing Co. 

ont edge of leaves, right side margin every 
2d leaf and leaf opp. name 
William & Son, real estate.-B«s Beg. 1 
lan »Sr. Kasemann, undertakers, 

card with name and card with bus. 
emnthAnd.paperljoxes-. cardwiih bus. 
\lfred J, foMingbeds, 

left side margin every 2d leaf 

Wood A. L. baths, 

front 12, and top margin every Hh leaf 
Woods George W. honsemovcr, 

card with name and bus, 

Wooley & Co. wire front 7 

Wynne T.F. paperstock card with bus. 

Zeh Philip, florist cat-d with name 

Zimdars C. I. call bells card with bus. 


T AND Business Directory 

IS 03Xr S'TJJEl 

ill t?ie DtrectoT'y Offi^ces of tTue prtrtctpctl 
'fis of t?ie ZTrttted Stcctes ajuoL CancLcicL. 

m: :o es n. , 







Xeiidenea, 203 Second Avenue, New York. Office, 633 East Fifteenth Street, New Y< 
E9~ATenue C, Dry Dock, 4M Street, and Belt Lines of Cars pass within one block of the v 


Abbott Pavement Co. 16 Court 

Adams William, h 22 7th av 

Ahlemann Ericius M. physician, 1301 Dean 

Allen William H. shipmaster, h 20 Sidney pi 

Anderson John, hairgds. 31 Flatbush av 

Anderson S. B. cigarrakr. h 148 6th E.D. 

Armstrong James, grocer, 583 Grand, h 564 Grand 

ArnoldWm. lawyer, 219 Montague, h 125 Lincoln pi 

Ash & Bobbins, pat. medicines, 360 Fulton 

Bacon Stephen H. 2 Wall N. Y. h 369 Washington av 

Baggstrom Peter, organ bldr. h 283 5th E.D. 

Barker Bros, fire'ins. 38 Court 

Blossom Joseph R. h 20 Sidney pi 

Booth Bros, granite, 363 Fulton 

Bowen Ernest, drugs, 475 Flushing av 

a-osnan Jeremiah (Rev.), h 21 Sidney pi 

Brown Edmund R. pat. att'y. Room 66 Astor House 

N.Y. h 140 Franklin av 
Burgess Robert, traveler, h 601 Lafayette av 
Burke Bryan B. (Rev.), h Lewis av c Willoughby av 
Bumham Henry, jeweler, h 639 Lafayette av 
Butler Robert w. stoves, 92 BeekmanN.Y. h 36 Sid- 
ney pi 

Bys John, medicines, h 213 Washington av 
Cambell Richard C. searcher, 16 Court, h L.I. 
Camman Jacob, grocer, S. 8d c llth E.D. h 71 11th 

Carroll Patrick (Rev.), Lewis av c Willoughby av 
Carson John H. soap, 210 Floyd, h 145 St. James' pi 
Clark Gilbert A. lawyer, 16 Court 
Clowes Norris A. journalist, Union-Argus, h 33 

Cuverful George, grocer, 698 De Kalb av, h 344 


De La Chapelle E. & Co. glass, Delevan n Van Brunt 
Dickinson A. Fred'k, decorator, 200 Joralemon, h 

Locust Valley, L.I. 
Dodge Harry E. banker, 51 Wall N. Y. h 52 Sidney pi 
Dougherty John, h 48 Garden pi 
Driggs, Cushman & Co. warehouses, Furman c 

Tttohtague & 113 Water N.Y. 
Dwyer William A. elk. h 49 Sidney pi 
Egerton Raymond, h 20 Sidney pi 
Eureka Glass Annealing Works, 79 Adams 
Ewers William, tailor, h 341 State 

Fairbairn Alexander H. shipmaster, h 46 
Fallosa Frank, lumberagt. h 22 Kossuth i 
Farrell John, butcher, h 290 N. 6th 
Feitzinger Oliristine, physician, 106 Huro 
Ferris Robert T>. hardware, 99 (jhambers 

Lafayette av 
Fetter August, carpenter, h 250 N. 6th 
Finney William, h 188 High 
Fisher Dederich. drum mkr. 877 B'way 
Fisher Martin, baker, 316 Grand 
Fitzgerald Edmund M. plumber, h 180 St 
Fitzgerald John, bkkpr. h 180 Steuben 
Follen Edgison, butcher, h 135 Douglass 
Fort John H., feed, ft N. 6th 
Foster F. C. drapery, 591 Fulton, h 128 S. 
Fowler George, boatbldr. h 515 Clinton ' 
Gaynor Anna. wid. Thomas E. h 1 Sidne; 
Gaynor Frank N. elk. h 1 Sidney pi 
Graham Sarah J. wid. Henry, h 47 Sidne 
Guertler Frederick, railings, 1006 De Kal 
Halstead Isaac, realestate, h 18 Sidney ■ 
Hammond Stoddard, physician, 635 Laf 
Harris George W. h 18 Sidney pi 
Hendry Margaret F. h 585 Lafayette av 
Hunkele Arthur S. agt. 225Conover 
Hussey Harriet, physician, h 213 Was 
Jaccarino Giovanni, shipceiler, h 66 He 
Jung Andrew N. broker, 66 B'way N 

Portland av 
Kasterdike William E. 265 Hewes 
Kerr Catherine, wid. James, h 513 Clint 
Lang Charles A. filter, h 14 Boerum pi 
Lathrop Charles D. proofreader, h 18.'1 '. 
Layton Albert, mlueralwaters, 10 Orm< 


Moody George W. salesman, h 641 Lafa 
Quantin Edward H. realestate agt. 21 

h 19 Prospect pi 
Quinn John, grocer, 307 Hudson av 
Renson Ferdinand, agt. h 39 Montrose 
Richardson Horace C. ins. .346 B'wa 

Ripley William H. livery, 129 6th av, h ' 
Roche John A. (Rev.), h 125 Willoughl 
Stetson Florence, h 615 Lafayette av 







Real Estate anct Insurance Agents, 

yo. :{r,S nth sr., mar SciH-nth Ar<:, SOUTH liJiOOKLyjV. 

iBstablisbed In 1863- First rne in the BJock). 
Farms, llauiCN, iind KuiltliiiK l.oln conlinuiillr on hniKl, m low nn<l rrnnonnblr 
Irriiis. ■>rap<'rl> Houuhl, Sold, nu<l IC \rlinnii<'il. 

Money Loaned on Mortgages. Rents Collected. Houses, Floors, Rooms, and Bed Rooms to Let 

II. WIHTH, Archltortiiral Wraii;:li|Nmaii. 

W. J. STICK J^S!, 
Manufacrnror «.f 

Artificial Leg-sand Ann.<. 


Succetsor to Dr, DOUGLAS BLY. 

M/IP : wt:4Jl^06KLYN 


Price, IS ctB.; Pocket Edition, Cloth Case, 26 cts 

For suleal Umx's- Dihectorv Oi-kick. 10 lloerum 
Placp. «nd Booknellers 






X. A. I KT ' S 

Contains List of all the Stbketh, Avkntkh, and 

I'LAI KS, KVERY t'oRNKll Nl MBBR, and 

all the Kailkoad R(h:tk.s. 
.fiist ruhllshed. Pocket Kditinii, -JB cts, 

LAIN & CO., Publishers Brooklyn Directory, 

10 Boeriliit I'lare. Hruoklyii. 

11. 1 >. 1 iA\ i ;m i:yp:r. 
vlanufacturcr cf PURE CANDIES, 

XXool Hot. Fx-osli IE3 v o I" y XXoiXX*. 

11 my Candies warranied free from Griuccse. Use Havemeyer's Celebrated Cough Drops. 


!a:?p@iiters & Buildsrs, 

178 & 180 South Portland Avenue. 

•Jear AtUmtic, BROOKLYN, 
.lobbing ProTin)tly Attendee! to. 


Carpenter and Builder, 

55 Fifth St., E.D., near Broadway. 

JolibiriK prcimptly attfnded lo. Oidera by mail 
will rect'ive prompt attention. 


Practical Carpenter & Builder, 

Stores and Oftiees lilttMi up. Fancy Kloora laid. 

No. 273 ATLANTIC AVE., Del. Snillli St. k Boemm Place. 

WIRE SCRKKNS anm I)00R.>^ maiik to i.ilDKIt. 
•lobhiiiF promptly .ittcnded to. 

•OKNS KXTKACTED-i5c. oath. 

Vain. Had Nails, Fesleml *r<n's. lutlaiiifl 
loints. Nerve Bunions, rerspirinp. Tdiiicr Ffci 
*urcd. Also. WartK, MolfS, Tiniples. Moth 
I'atches. and Tan renioveti by 


On/// Office, iiHO FULTON ST., 


Sf^i In l^ii;; Nan's KiiriiitiirL' Sioro 

J. ii. BI^IGGS, 

Cooperage, & Dealer in Barrels 

Norch 11 til SI., bet. 5IIi &. 6tb StH., 


Have ifoiir t'inuhirs AdUreaxeU 
mill Hflirrreil by 

LAI N & CO., 

Directory Publisherg. 

I<) IliDi-iilH J'hirr, UrooMf/ll, 

O <3 O I=» E3 n. -A- C3- E! , 

A.\l) I)E.\LKR l.\ Aid, KINDS OF 

New & Second-hand Oil & Liquor Barrels, 

New and Second-hand Tanks on Hand and Made to Order, 
140 & 141 to 147 MONROE STREET, NEW YORK. 


M Dr. J. R iTjIoGAN, 




^larMl^ll('t iii i t >•! 

Best Hand-Cut Files, 


Hft^VfHIl Si'llitlt'S tllMt N|''Srr.i|f ''I 1 ■ ' T 


O R I S X , 

Myrtle Avp. cor. Hamburg Ave. 
Bouquet* A Flower Baskets Made to Order. 

\ l li.tji'i- S.-lt-.-li.tit >'\' 1 l.tWfiH, I'ljtlltA. '-rr 
"iisl.'iiil l\ on liMii'l U I1C.I....11I.' iiii.l K.'lail 


MiiimfacturLT of 

Flutes, Clarionets, and Fifes, 

:iO MTA«i:«; mtkkkt, 

Nfar LoriliuT St., HKOUKLYN. K 1). 
N.Ii — Rki'aiihno Neati.v Donk. 

A 1 > • !-i 

New York & Brooklyn Elite Directory 

Ladies' Visitinpr and Shoppinsr Guide. 
S4,000 Names of Householders. 
I. VIN tV < <>.. 

121 Fulton St., New York. 10 Bocrum Place, Brooklyn. 

PrlfR, Six UollarH. 

Ml'-.. 1 > . II. 1 ' 1 1 1 1 : 1 c . 

MjniiiliiiMiirtT ol 

J'AltluOR SriTN, >S«FAS, A>l> i.oi:>'€!i:w, 

.Sear IVli Ky. k Sllwl. IIKOOKI.l N, K. U. 


T. H. (iOIJDClK. 
Aiiti<iiie I^in'niliii"*s 

Br(>nzi'>, Sihcrnarc, Itiirr Old DiIiih. hikI 
IhTiimtivc Work?* of Art. 

New itiid Sfi-oiiil liuiid Kurriitntv Hi>iil'Ii1. Solil. 
iiinl K,\«-liaiiK*''l- 

1 'i I -1 1 - 1 I/I o N ST u li i:'r. 

( 11 AHI.IOS i»()si:k, 

IManiifauturur cif 

•nui lowKN vrui':i':T, 

HUiMiKl.YN, K. 1). 


MunuluctnitT of 

1^^ I r\ 10 I'^ IT ■« >i4, 

KIT i.i:ox»iiD vi-iiKi:i'. 


.M.iiiiiriH'tiiu'i i>t 

un SOI III III! sriiKK-i', 

■ III, A 1 III. -■■ - i;i:c II iK 1 S \ K li 

S^POl* <'OC3K, Flit K sill «l 1>0< K UlCJ>JlAM'3?mp 

Caalvauizfd <>u1«'m, llnrM, <'liaiii Thnni'Im, 

\V:iKlif»i'?^ .*iii<l < >rii:in M»ii t .-^ l"«n* C '«'iii*'t<M'y l^n<'l»»Hiir*»H, 

298 & 300 MONROE STRSST, 

Bet. .liickson and C/'orleara Sta.. New York. 




Ornamental Glass Cutter, 

Near Third Avenue, BKOOKI.YN. 


For Vestibiilfs ami I'arlor I)m>rs, Dome Lin'its, 
B<->alH, Cars. I,«tilf*riis, rW. 

Brolra l.lfhla rrpUrrd Rnd wBmiiilr,! In malrh |M>rrr4*ll*. 

Plate Glass Shelves for Banks, Offices, etc., made to order. 
E>9~AI,I, OltllKltS I'UOni'TI.Y ATTK.MtKK TO. 

I^-A^IN & CO. 


Addressing and Delivering 

Circulars, Invitations, etc. 


TIk' lMHK(-roi(v froni IH4(I to (late. 


to Itnt'ruiit I'tftrr, ttroolityn. 

Man ufacTiu r«*r ol 

Grold aiicl ©ilvei* Leaf, 


Bet Willoiigliliy Fiiltoii SI-.. (>r,li r- \<\ I'm.l |.ioiiiptly .-itti-nded to. 


Matiiirai'tuirr of 

Plain and Oriianienial Iron Work 


NearColuiiil>ia St.. s HltDOKl.YN. 

Iron Rallint'H. liniIiit;{H. Wtiidon I iiinrtU. iitiil l.iitlirp 
Work or. \,.r) <li'.srri|>liiiii. Hla»H liluwiTs' louls. 

Jobbing Promptly Attended to. 

Business Directory of Brooklyn. 

TnWN.S i.K KiNfirt NTV and I.OM; Isl.,XM> ClTV. 

('Dlitainin^' lianii's of Bilsiiii-ss lliiiisi s aiiil the 
I'roft'ssioM.s. Chiiisilied iiiukM' apprupriate tit'ail- 
iiiirs I'licf. S-'IO' 

LAIN & CO., Publishers, 

lO itfiffutn i'litr*; Itrintklf/it. 
HHtM M IIFfllK. itl »'l LTIIN STKKKI', NKH Ulllli. 

*liAIIf A3JiI> 0»WA»IE>'TAI:j 

On Sewing .^acHlueo. Fiano Plates, ele. AUo, M|cn and Wagon Painting. 


«8 MONTKUSt: .WE., bet. Lorimer Sl Leoiiiiril Sts.. ItROOk'I.VN, K. U. 

II, S, ()S|1I>I1.N 


I' \V U..|1IN(1,,N 



MftinifactiiriTs of 

m INT S ^ 31. IL, iS 3L.IME3. 

Tills Lime, hy Clii'inU'al Aliah .iis. is sli.i« ii lu In- thi- nmi'st aixl hi'st l.lnn- i'Vit nianiifat'liircd. 
and wlienever used and tested, takes tin' pn'ri n in i' for nil 

OSBORN & R0BIN80N. Agents, 87 Dey Street, New York. 

M 1^ 1ST, 


-Nf-ar Uraliani Ave.. 


Shuttles. Bobliins. Needles. .SpriuKs. Machine Oil. 
il Sjtool Cotton, Trimmings, etc., always on hand. 
Hepairing done at short notice. 





Manufacturer of IRON SAILINGS, 
31 Grand Street, and 02 RIvc-r SIrert. 



OfuItT in 

Fine Fwnch & Amsrlcan MiUlnejy 



TIm* Oldeflt Rstjibliatifd Place on Bixiftdway, 

UNION MILLS, 454 Cherry St., NEW YORK. 

JOHN BAOKUS (Proprietor), Importer, Mannfacturer, and Dealer io Mineral Gooda. 



Marble Duit. KeldSpar. Sllex. PiiUj' Fowder, SonpStono. A«beslos. MiiiiKnjK'se. Kmi-i v, llnck III 
Grit, WhlUiTalc. Fibri' WliUc, Curb. Mine. Croi-iii!. UlufCiril. fSeoU-h Hi.Mf. MniHial White. Iliir.vt-'i, 
riuorSimr, Tripoli. Oinlic Aciil. (iround (llnsM. Tnrra Alba, lllnek U-iid, PlnMii r Paris. Kliiii l^r 
Hand PapiT, Pumice Stone. SelrcttMl I.ntnp. Pnn»iCf.'^l"ne.<ironndaiiil Uultcd. Kotlcn Stone, S.* 
l«cted Lump. Uotteu Stone. Ground and Boltud Hotlon Stone. Burnt. Ground, and lt<>Ite«] 

New York Oil Cabinet Co. 


1; 180, 180J, 182, 184, & 186 CHERRY ST., 



I. Contains List of all the Stkkrt.s, Avkntes. and 
Plai'Kh. Evkhv CoitNKii Nt-MDKK, and 
all (he KAii.itOAi) Rdt'TKs. 
fluMt i^tblUhetl. I'ovket Kditiou, '*r> cts. 

LAIN k CO., Publishers Brooklyn Directory, 

10 Uoeiruin Plnce, ISrooklyti. 

C3r. SIDir"BC>]VI, 

FrescoiiiE, Kalsoiniiiiiig, Tiutiug, 


To DliliEK. 

7S-i rULTO.y STIiKET, 



In all Styles ; also, Music Racks, Stands, etc., 


J. H. ALBOHN, Proprietor, 
378 & 380 North -Jd Street. 


g/fgpEg, IJIiINDg, Etc. 

54 & 56 Dey St,, New York. 

Manufacturer and Dealer in 


Window Frames, lumbkk. 
General Green-house Work, 

Ko. 1700 FULTON ST., 



Sleigh Robe Cutter, 


Near Broadway. HltoOKLVN, E l> 

All kititl<i of Hol>e!t. or any amount, made and in 
paired In the be8t manner, at the8lione«it iiotle« 

AUOIST i).\m:ion, 


14 3 7 rVLTON STRKET, 

Cleaning and Repairing Neatly Done 



TVI«M-<»lisint U"«iloi-, 


Ni'iii- Kweri Stlvi (, lll;< )< iKI.V.N, E. D. 

I*. SY'i'IIO*''!?^ 

M.'iniifnrtiirL'r of 

lUy!), DOJiCh. m. WOOuGU WalG liy mm, 

Kslalilish,..! ISIN. 
Factory, 244 SOUTH Ist ST., E. D. 


Dealer lit all kinds of ' 



Bi^t MoniroHfA Johnxoii AreH , BROOKLYN, E. D. 

Shears. Itazors, Knives, anil Edged Tools 
of hII ilesrripl ions. 


Maiiiifariiiivr of 



CLAPPERS ( all woods) on liand and lade to order. 


Nkak (Ikaham Avkm > 
/'/.•/('/-; /./sT SF\r '>V ii ri.H- M'lifW 

"vie '•.i 

iL. II. A> i<:i<:ivi:s. 

X-A-O: OIjiEn.IVIOM"T A -^T-FilvrTT-in 
l!ii)o/:li/ii, Utufi Ishnitl, amt .\eir Yorh .t'^intif for 

idriicc .\ rt iliciiil St one \';iscs. I h.i'sc lilc >i ks, ct c, (>( «•. 

MKNJA.tllN FI':TKH«0\, 

t' pholiiten'r und Cubiiiet Niiker, 

KiiriiKiin* U.'pairtMl. Viiriiish.-'t, nritl lN>li9)it<(J, 

Op|i. l>oiit;luss St . BROOKLYN. 
Hatr Mull t.*Mi^,-n iiimlc tu unlcr. Olil Msttrf nbi-m made 
(IV.T rquiil t4>linu. (':ir| III tr.l. lull). Kiiil rli-uliril. 
Kurnltiir.- ti.,x..() mill nhtpp.*.). Oiuln .-au.'il uitU 

hi.ltoinril AM ..nlrf.. t.i iti.i ' t-r ^.t^ ..M.; .1.^1 


Piir«. l&ctH.: Vorkfi Kdlllon. Cloth Vw. ta cU, 
For sale at Lain'h 1>ikk<-t<>kv Okkk'E. 10 Hoe 

nun riaiT, ainl hv Hotiksetlers 

Electro, (iol'd, Silver, and Fire IMaler on all 3Ietals, 



Hotel, Restaurant, 
Steamboat & Railroad 
Work a Specialty. 

Watch CaseSi Jewelry, 
and Articles ot every 

description, Gold 
Plated (by weight, if 


Near Nassau Sln-el, 

Dealer In 
Silver Plated Ware 
— on— 
Nickel, Silver, 

Britannia Metals. 

HKKKHKN<'K.S-Sp<'iii-i.r Miiinirui turhlK Co.. l;i .Miiiili n l.iii.i-. N. V ; A. li. .Mvits. S:iiilhii v llp|.iil. ^11 lli'i.klimii St., 

N.y ; II. .Miiili|lliti. I I'l Fiilliili .•'I.. N. Y.; A. M .-iwi i l i .Sum. li Killliiri .SI., N. V.: Killi'l ."in 1H'>'» lli.ti-l. i.t L'liiit- 

Imn, St.. N. Y.: II. .Mailljitil. l-'inii A\<'. Iliilpl. N. \.: A. Huilinil i I'hiiriiiiii v. ISiiuxIn :■> . N. Y.: Dr .Sliriinnl. 
Until-.. <'i>liii,il*i;i lli-ii;hl-<. Hi'imklvii ; Kiiiceiuiiii Itrii!... \V;,ftl)iiit:tiiti stn-i-l ;iii«l <Niiii-v Nluml ; Atii,i-x ll,ili*l. 



Lain s Directory Office, 


F.KtahliKlirtI I«57. BROOK. LVN. 

The following publications are issued from this establishment : 


citizensi Classified Trades and Professions, a Street Directory, and a Municipal Register, 
City and County Government, Churches, Societies, etc., etc. Price, $5.50. 

BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF BROOKLYN, the towns of kings county 

and LONG ISLAND CITY. Containing names of Business Houses and the Professions, 
Classified under appropriate headings. Price, $3.00. 


Householders, Classified by Streets. A valuable aid in sending Circulars, Notices, etc. 
Price, $6.00. 

NEW YORK ELITE DIRECTORY. 33,000 Names of Householders, Classified 
by Streets. A valuable aid in sending Circulars, Notices, etc. Price, $5.00. 

BROOKLYN ELITE DIRECTORY. 21,000 Names of Householders. Classified by 
Streets. A valuable aid in sending Circulars, Notices, etc. Price, $4.50. 

BROOKLYN STREET GUIDE. List of Streess and Avenues, each intersecting 
Street, CORNER NUMBERS, Street Car and Stage Routes, Table of Distances, etc. 
Pocket Edition, 25 cents. 

MAP OF BROOKLYN. Corrected to date. Price, 15 cents. Cloth covers, 
25 cents. 

We utfVr tlieiii to the bii.sincss public* as the most relinltle iiie<liiims 
for Advertisiiis. 

l?^' Advertisements payable on publication. 

LAIN <Si CO.. PubliGhcrc. 

<lKO. T. LAIN, Coiiipilor, 

Branch (tfllt p : 121 FI'LTOIM NTiCKKT, NKW YOKK. 




"Semper Idem" or "Ever Lasting" 


Fancy Brass and Iron Railings, 
Pillars, and Bi-ackets, 

For Ornamenting Show Windows, and Exiiibiting Goods, 

For IM-.v (iouils, Clodiiiii;, (Iciil's Kiiniisliinu; iiikI Fancy 

a Is. Tailois', Shoe, Milliner}', Jcwt'lry, Conrer- 

tion<>ry,l'i!,'ar, Dni;;, and Human HairStorcs, 

146 to 130 CENTRE STREET, 

< Or. >Vji1U«t. 

> I : W VOK K. 

E. E. GAHVm & CO., 

I mmm, 


Hand Lathes. 

Tapping Machines, 
Cutter Grinders, and 
Wood Planers. 



Gear Ciittiiis and Millin£: 

IN ,M.l. ITS I.HANrlll-S ^.^ 

130-14:3 OES3MTri.ES ST., 

cony ELL'S BUILDING, Vi^"' iORK. 




22, 24 & 26 Howard, and 5 Crosby Streets, 



Manufactures des Claces et Produits Chimiques, de 
St. Cobain, Chauny et Cirey. 






Koi- Windows and Store Kronts, 


Egtiiiiutes uiid Price Lists fuiDUIied ou upplicatioii. 














Our Advertising Patrons may be found by referring to the Index. 

We feel justified, after many years' acquaintance, in saying we believe them to be among 
the very best in tlieir vocations in the cities of Brooklyn and New York. 


ttixt. aooounlant ; agl. agricultural ; agt. agent ; aX alley ; axt. artificial ; a,v avenue; asst. 
asHiatant ;; h\Ag, hailcUiuj ; bUlr. B'\\ay Broadwny ; c corner ; c. h, 

custom house; oik. cleric; com. commission ; couir. coynmissioner ; ot. court; dept. 
department; dcpy deimti; ; Ji. east ; t'arng. fiiriiinhinf/ ; ttfooi; i;ds. goods ; h house ; 
hgts. heights; imT^T. importer ; imps, implements ; ina. insurance ; msj>. iiispcetor ; iusts 
instruments; kpr. keeper ; la, lane ; la,h. laborer ; mtt. manufacturer ; mt\s. materials ; 
mei. mereliani ; mkT.makcr; mWt. market ; nnear; K. north; N. Y. iVcio J'orA-; oper. 
operator; opp opposite; pat. patent; pi place; Tpvea't president ; r rear; rd road; S. 
south; seo. secretary ; sc^square; sxipt. stiperintend/^it ; aurgX. surgical ; tel. telegraph ; 
troas'r treasurer; u.s.a. United States Jmi/ ; n.s.n. United States Navy; 'W.tcest; wi 
wharf; wid. widoio. 


Aab George, engineer, li 204 Stockton 
Aaler John, regalia, h 45 Elm 
Aalfiuger Peter, wheelwright, h 103 Moore 
Aalholm Jcsepb, perfumery, 97 William 

N.Y. h 66 Fort Greene pi 
Aalholm Matthais, perfainery, 97 William 

N.Y. h 66 Fort Greene pi 
Aalholm Thomas, perfumery, 97 William 

N.Y. h 06 Fort Greene pi 
Aaron Charles, collector, h 

Aaron Henry, h 231 S. 5th 
Aarons Joseph, tailor, 271 Van Brant 
Aarons Maurice, tailor, h 471 De Kalb av 
Aarous Nicholas, cigannkr. 469 Grand 
Aarons Rudolph, jeweler, h 325 Fulton 
Aaronson George, earriagetrmr h 151 27th 
Abbel George, butcher, h 243 Ellery 
Abberley Klias, painter, 41 Madison N.Y. 

hl58 3dE.D. 


Abberley John, painter, 43 Madison N.Y. h 76 
S. 9th 

Abbortz Samuel, lab. h 216 Varet 
Abbet George, tailor, h 26 Saigel 
Abbett George L. manager, 55 Atlantic av, 

h 259 Gtli av 
Abbey Henry, drygds. 94 Grand N.Y. h 117 

Abbey John C. grocer, 61 Front N.Y. h 279 


Abbey Westminster S. grocer, 61 Front N.Y. 

h 279 Union 
Abbey Westminster S. jr. grocer, 61 Front 

N.Y. h 27!) Union 
Abblcy Thomas, carpenter, h 642 Ijconard 
Abboncrony Francis, lab. h. r 202 Hamilton 


Abbot Chas. R. principal, li 253 Lafayette av 
Abbot Edgar W. faucygds. 19 Bond N.Y. h 
146 Carroll 

Abbot Frank P. china, 49 Barclay N.Y. h 5 
1st pi 


X m 

r— 2 


O Ck go to. 

® a o ^ 

» o S' 

m >• 

, .TO T|' 

^ m 

110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N,Y. 

William Tarr & Co's Sour Eash, Kentucky Dis- 
tilling Go's Beargrass Kye and Bourbon, and 
Carlisle Sour Mash, Megibben, Clackenheimer, 
Sherwood, Honticello, and Westmoreland Bye 


Has the Largest ITet; Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name. 


Abl)ot Frederick M. raer. h 266 Union 
Abbot Tliotijas W. com. mer. 19 B'way N.Y. 

h 146 CaiTolI 
Abbot William H. salesman, li 36 3d av 
Abbott Albert A. lawyer, b 232 Degraw 
Abbott Amos B. elk. h 113 3d E.D. 
Abbott Arthur B. civil engineer, B'wavN.Y. 

h 9 Midilagh 
Abbott Asahel, musician, h 833 Dean 
Abbott Benjamin F. ml'r. h 96 Joraleinon 
Abbott Benj. V. lawyer, N.Y. h 9 MicUlagb 
Abbott Caleb, gatemau, b 83 Summit 
Abbott Caroline, wid. George, h 2U0 Bridge 
Abbott Charles, milk, h 849 l^atHyette av 
Abbott Charles .1. feathers, x64 FultoD, h 

177 McDougal N.Y. 
Abbott Douglas, printer, h 239 Lawrence 
Abbott E. feathers, 164 Fulton, li 177 Mc- 
Dougal N.Y. 
Abbott E. & Sons (Cbarles J.), feathers, 164 

Abbott Francis, cutter, b 16G B'way 
Abbott Frank, physician, li l(i6 Lincoln pi 
Abbott Frank B. elk. h ,55 Jefferson 
Abbott Frank P. physician, li 100 Hanson pi 
Abbott Frederick, shoetitter, h 74 S. 1st 
(Vbbott Geo, B. lawyer, 189 Montague, li 96 

Abbott George F. iron, 21,5 Pearl 
Abbott Geo. F. & Co. (\Vm. Bennett), iron, 

245 Pearl 
Abbott Geo. H. h 1074 Atlantic av 
Abbott Geo. .J. musician, h 83:.! Dean 
Abbott Hadden K. printer, h r 394 S. 1st 
Abbott Haixison B. h 849 Lafayette av 
Abbott Henry, pianomkr. h 179 Nassau 
Abbott Jane, wid. William, h 71 Main 
Abbott Joseph, lab. h 235 Plymouth 
Abbott Leander F. hatter, h 720 Lafayette av 
Abbott Le Grande, machinery, 67 Clymer, h 

63 Jefferson 
Abbott Mary E. h 5 Fair 
Abbott Nathan B. bottler, 1171 Myrtle av, 

h 460* Hart 
Abbott Nathan M. dentist, 11 Greene av 
Abbott Nathaniel, liquors, h 460-^ Hart 
Abbott Nathan B. h 191 Quincy 
Abbott Phillips, lawyer, Fulton c B'way N. 

Y. h ,57 Gates av 
Abbott Richard, blacksmith, Ii 132 Ainslie 
Abbott Samuel J. milk, 372 Atlantic av. h 

175 Livingston 
Abbott Sam'l S. lawyer, h 440 Lexington av 
Abbott Theodore H. police, b 211 Lorimer 
Abbott Thomas, bkkpr. h 20 Duffield ter 
Abbott Thomas, porter, h 11 Fleet pi 
Abbott Timothy, cutter, h 4th av n o9th 
Abbott Warren G. brewerv,162 Bushwick av 
Abbott William A. lawyer, 71 B'way N.Y. h 

213 Schermerhorn 
Abbott William, cigarmkr. h 61 Front 
Abbott William F. porter, h 54 Fleet pi 
Abbott & Co. (Nathan B. Abbott & Charles 
W. Brandenbmg) bottlers, 1171 Myrtle 

Abeel Joseph C. bkkpr. h 801 Lafayette av 
Abegg Henry, impr. 90 Grand N. Y. h 117 


Abel Albert, milk, h 1133 Fulton 
Abel Amelia, milliner, 803 Park av 
Abel Andrew, foreman, h 213 Stagg 
Abel Andrew, tailor, h 207 Marion 
Abel Augusta, wid. August, li r 250 6th E.D. 
Abel Charles, elk. h 1070 Atl.'mtic av 
Abel Christian C. mer. 43 Broad N.Y. h 235 

Abel Coraelius C. painter, h 64 Woodbine 

Abel Edwin L. h 120 2d pi 

Abel Frederick, h 165 15th 

Abel George, lab. h 70 Graham av 

Abel Gustav, tinsmith, h 165 15th 

Abel Henry, baker, h ,521 Atlantic av 

Abel Henry, butclier, h 280 Court 

Abel John, elk. h C<iok c Humboldt 

Abel Joseph, carpenter, h 41 Johnson av 

Abel J. P. elk. h 120 2d pi 

Abe! Louis, sboemkr. h 803 Park av 

Abel Oscar, cooper, h 165 15th 

Abel Peter, cigars, 550 B'way 

Abel Philip, liquors, 250 Hudson av 

Abel Robert, h 29 .Scholes 

Abel Rudolpli, cabinetmUr. 411 B'way 

Abel Rudolph jr. upholsterer, 411 B'wav 

Abel William, stairbldr. h 872 Park av' 

Aboleyn Lena, wid. Fritz, h 59 Ten Eyck 

Abell John, elk. b 36 Ist pi 

Abell Lansing D. elk. li 114 3d pi 

Abendroth A. Howard, mfr. West n Noble. 

& 28 Cliff N.Y. 
Abendroth John, boileruifr. West c Oak 
.Abendroth Otto J, liquors, 212 Graham av 
Abendroth Wm. compositor, h 96 11th E.D. 
Abendroth William A. stoves, h 60 Park ]il 
Abendrotli & Root Mfg. Co. (,)ohu Abend- 
roth, John B. Root, Wm. H. Leitcb) 
West c Oak 
Abendschoeu Geo. shoes, 55.'> Bnshwick av 
Aberci-otnbie Edwd. fireman, h 709 Myrtle a v 
Abercrombie George W. liquors, 735 Myrtle 

av, h 212 Skillman 
Abercrombie John, police, b 242 Franklin av 
Abercrombie Richard, lab. li 745 Myrtle av 
Abercrombie & Gill (George W. Abercrombie 

& Wm. A. Gill) liquors, 735 Myrtle av 
Aherle Albert, tailor, h 715 Flushing av 
Aberle Christian, tailor, h 76 McKibbin 
Aherle Henry, cigarmkr. h 143 Moore 
Aberle John, shoes, 14 Boerum pi 
Aberuethy Albert, bkpr. h 123 St. Felix 
Abernethy Geo. newspapers, h 476 Myrtle av 
Abernethy John, peddler, h 85 Meeker av 
Abernethy ,J. W. b 438 Clason av 
Abernethy Patrick, driver, h 468 Baltic 
Abernethy Kich'd, watchman, li 85 Meekerav 
Abernethy Richard B. iae, h 85 Meeker av 
Abernethy Wm. fireman, h 2ul Manhattan av 
Aberry Samuel J. dyer, h 175 N. 3d 
Aberthny Henr/, agt. h 633 Pacific 
Aberts Charles, painter, h Halsey c Tomp- 
kins av 

Abery Henry E. chairmakr. h 12th o 5th av 
Abery James E. machinist, h 93 Bridge 
Abinger Charles, lab. h 112 N. 7th 
Abker Ernst, baker, h 81 Johnson av 
Able John, cabinetmkr. h 150 Varet 
Able John, marblewkr. h 93 Sumpter 



348 Broadway, NEW YORK. 

See Advt. pag* 12 Jrwiit. 


Also, Mma, Elgctric, anOomaflBatlis. 

A. U WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 


Abmeir Conrad, liquors, h 14 Moore 
Aborne Charle-s, catiinetnikr, li 170 Jaelvson 
Abotaon Bernard, dry gds. 40 Walker, N. Y. 

h 148 Lefferis pi 
Abott Isaiab, elk, h 84 Conselyea 
Abott John, peddler, h 24 Conselyea 
Abott Mary, wid. Thomas, h 144 iotli 
Abott Timothy, stoaeriibbcr, h 144 20th 
Abraham Abraham, drygds. 297 Fulton, h 

lt>2 De Kalb av 
Abraham Elias, cigarmkr. 821 S. 2d 
Abraham Henry, cigars, h 195 6th E. D. 
Abraham Hosea, wheelwright, b Franklin av 

n MallKjne 
Abraham- Jacob, tailor, h 261 Boenim 
AbraJiaisi Jolm, bricklayer, h 13.') :i9tli 
Abraham John, lab. h IVJ Hamilton av 
Abraham John, porter, h 417 Hicks 
Abraham Meyer, jeweler, 543 Fulton, h 169 


Abraham Peter, lab. h 646 Atlantic av 
Abraham Philip, tailor, h 164 4th E, D. 
Abraham Thomas, liquors, 480 Columbia 
Abraham William T. carman, h 226 Navy 
Abi-ahams Cass, peddler, li 8 Tillary 
Abrahams Christian, lab. h 72.5 Hicks 
Abrahams David, photographer, 27:i Fulton 
Abrahams George, cooper, h i- 160 N. 0th 
Abrahams Geo. painter, h 265 Manhattan av 
Abniliams Jacob, speculator, 81 Summit 
Abr.'iiianis Xewlmry, truckman, h 844 Jj'way 
Abrahams Simon, tailor, 26 Grand 
Abrabamson Andrew, ship carpenter, h 112 
N. 6th 

Abrabamson Peter, carpeuter, h 648 4tli av 
Abram Joseph, lab. h ;!18 Hicks 
Abrams Belle, dressmkr. llfiH Fulton 
Abrains Caroline, dressmkr. li 283 Schermer- 

Abrams Charles, mason, b 564 Graham av 
Abrams Cornelius H. shirts, li 57^ Vernon av 
Abrams David, cigarmkr. h 93 Dean 
Abrams Emma, seamstress, h r 12 Fleet 
Abrams Frederick, painter, b. 384 17th 
AbraULS George, tailor, 324 Van Brunt 
Abrams Henry, moulder, h 103^ Eckford 
Abrams Isaac, cooper, Ji r 13a N. 6th 
Abrams James F. agt. realestate, 734i 3<1 

av, h 171 23d 
Abrams .Tames H. driver, h 356 Gold 
Abrams James H. driver, h 59 Moore 
Abrams Jesse, cooper, li r 132 N. 5th 
Abrams John, shoefitter, ]i 12 Maujer 
Abrams Maiy A. wid. William, h 91 Law- 
rence p! 

Abrams Morris, tailor, h 182 Hopkins 
Abrams Oliver, manure, h 33 Fllery 
Abrams Oscar, cigars, 73 3d av, h 171 23d 
Abrams Richard, dockbldr, h 125 N. 6th 
Abrams Seth, watchman, li 176 S. 4th 
Abrams Teresa, wid, Isidor, confectionery, 

71 Meserole 
Abrams Walter, truckman, h 202 N. 8th 
Abrams Whitehead, elk. li 516 De Kalb av 
Abrams William, lab. h r 356 Gold 
Abrams William H. foreman, h 246 High 
Abramson John, lab. h 21 Beach pi 
Abrans David, lab. 193 Sackett 

Abnins Philip, toys, h 560 Atlantic av 
Abron Fied'k, art. liowerrakr. h 233 High 
Abry August, lookingglassmkr, h 3 

Abry Peter, lookingglassmkr. Ij 35 Vine 
Abt Frank, batcher, h 144 Johnson av 
Abt John, lab. b 356 5th E.D. 
Abt John, locksmith. 200 Flatbush av 
Abt Philip, lab. h 2 N. 11th 
Abt Theoliald, mason, li 194 Montrose av 
Abtamloulg Alfred, clothing, 685 Grand 
Academy of Medicine, 44 Court 
Ac'idemy of Music, Mont«gno n Court 
Acaster Albert, engraver, h 154 Devoe 
Acclear.incc Edward, mfr. h 240 S. 4th 
Accles Patri(!k, marble, 1103 De Kalb av 
Ace Alfred G. salesman, h 72 Adelphi 
Acc John, shipmaster, h 72 Adelphi 
Acermann Louise, wid. James, h 197] 

Berkeley pi 
Ach George, collector, h 165 Division av 
Achobacb Jacob, hairdresser, 565 Myrtle av 
Achelis Fritz, rubber combs, 11 Mercer N.Y. 

b 8ii Pierreporit 
Achelis Julia, wid. Thomas, h 122 Pierrepont 
Acher Thomas, cigars, 779 Myrtle av 
Achor Salvetns, confectionery, 108 Court, h 

465 Atlantic av 
Achs Hall, watchman, h 76 Smith 
AclitlKirger Mary, wid. Ferdinand, h 161 


I Aclitberger Peter, cabinetmkr. h r 128 

Achtenath August, h 180 Harrison av 
Achtroaiin Margaret, wid. Michael, h 106 
Grnliam a\' 

Aehtzicgor Michael, ironmoulder, h 153 

Greeupoint av 
Ackbird Charles, elk. h 12 2d 
Ackel William, tailor, h 144 Leonard 
Acker Adam, lusp, h 48 Graham av 
Acker Bcnjamiu, carpenter, h 131 Wythe av 
Acker Caleb W. cutter, h 75 Pineapple 
Acker Charles, tailor, h 61 Meeker av 
Acker Charles W. cutter, h 353 7th 
Acker David, glassblowei-, h 837 Park av 
Ackei Egbert, c. h. h 61 Fleet 
Acker Henry, elk. h 343 Hudson av 
Acker Henry, engineer, h 109 N. 2d 
Acker Itobart G. painter, h 791 Hancock 
Acker James A. cashier, h 118 4tli E.D. 
Acker John, printer, h 343 Hudson av 
Acker Joseph, carpenter, h 148 .Tohnson av 
Acker Joseph, lab, h 258 Ten Eyck 
Acker Joseph, liquors, 194 Boerum 
Acker Joseph, mason, h 131 Wythe av 
Acker Joseph K. sliipjoiner, h 17Patcheuav 
Acker Julius, elk. h 353 7th av 
Aclier Levi J. harnes-smkr. h 184| Bergen 
Acker Margaret, grocer, h 120 Hopkins 
Acker Smith, lineman, h 131 Wythe av 
Acker Ward, carpenter, h 224 Frost 
Acker William, foreman, B'way c Ellery, h 

East N.Y. 

Acker William, liquors, 49 Flatbush av 
Ackerline Adam, tasselmkr. h 196 Huron 
Ackerlv Abram B. weigher, 218 1st E.D. h 
25,5 Grand 


At CHiS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiYingston St., cor. Boerm PL 




Eas the largest Ket Surplus of any Pire Insuranee Co, in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite Qame< 


Aclicrly Albert S. clk. h 114 Iniliii. j Ackenuati Nancy J. wid. Adam, h 425 Flat' 

Ackeily C'baiiotte, wid. li S2 Nonnaii :iv | biisli av 

Aekerly Ernest B. stairs & dumbwaiters, Ackeriuaii Peter, cannan, h 71^ Sumner av 





lsi5 Manhattan av, li 82 Xonnau av 
^Aekerly Edwin E. tarponttsr, h 36 Conselyeo. 
iAekeily Emma M. wid. Lansing, h 146 4tli 
! E.b. 

jAekoiiy George, eurpeiiter, li 251 I?eid a v 
Aekerly Georjje li. cik. h 9 Debevoise pi 
Ackeiiy Margaret, dressmkr. b 591 Fulton 
Aekerly & Gerard, (Ernest B. Aekerly, 
Charles N. G<'rar!l), stairs & dumbwait- 
eis, 1<J5 Miiiiliattau av 
Ackerinaii Adam, cooper, h o^iG B'way 
Ackeriiiuu Andrew, seiiman, h 514 HiclfB 
Ackorman Aaron C. pi-iutcr, li 180 Wasbing- 
toii av 

Aokcrman A. C. cllc. Ij 462 Myrtle av 

Aekeriiian Carl G. ligiit.erman, li 344 Van 

Aekerman Catherine, wid. Wm. b 429 Baltic 
Ackcrnian Chas F. oils, N.Y. ]i54 Livingston 
Aekerman Charles L. butelier, Wasliiugtou 
I mkt. N.Y. h 75() Bedford av 

I j Ackennau Clark H. bookkpr. h 1G3 Madison 
Aekerman Conrad, hotel, li 130 I)c}>Taw 

: :Ael<erman David H. laces, 057 B'way N.Y. h 
j i;J-5 Macon 

lAekerraan Dwiglit P. agt. h '201 S. Oxford 
i\.ekerinau Edwin W. coal, 860 Fulton, b 4GS 

Waverly av 
.\ck<>rinan I'raiik W, bookkpr. 10 

Buorum pi. h 'iil Walworth 
Aekerman Frederick P. carpetcleaner, Ii 

ai8 President 
Aekerman George, driver, li 94 Diamond 
Aclceruian Guntlier K. publisher, 20 N. Wil- 
liam N.Y. h 112 .lobnsoii 
Aekerman Henry, cooper, li r>:!G B'w^ay 
Aekerman Henry, luer. Pearl N.Y. li ;> Mon- 
tague ter 

Aclicmiaii H'y M. cashier, h 8(55 Bcrkeleypl's H. B. Son (Edwin W.), coal, 880 

1 Fulton 

iAckexman Ira, bkkpr. h 142 Pearl 
lAekermaii Jacob IJ. agt. b 280 N. 8fh 
jAckerman Jacob D. ibrwdr. jner 28 N. Eiver 
I N.Y. h 17 Verona pi 
Aekerman James, carpenter, li 140 Pearl 
lAekernian John, clk. h ,')ey Bushwick av 
: Ackerinau John, pipemkr. li 11)5 Hamburg »v 
Aekerman John B. clk. h 6:59 Pacific 
Aekerman Jolm G. T. clk. h 49f) Clinton av 
I Aekerman Jolm H. raer. Pearl N-Y'. h 5 Mon- 
! tague ter 

Aekerman John R. h 236 Warren 
Aekerman .loshua H. metals, 249 Pearl N.Y. 
I h 105 Park pi 

Aekerman J. Frederick, paper, 84 Dnane 

N.Y. h 29 St. John's pi 
Aekerman Lincoln, clk. h 80 Clermont av 
Aekerman Margaret, wid. Stephen, fancy- 

gds. 'o5 Flatbush av 
Aekerman Maria, wid. Moses, h 69 Clermont 

Aekerman Mich'l, hairdresser, 13 Boerum 

I Pl 

Aekerman Mieh'l, liquors, 27(i Atlairtic av 

Aekerman Peter U. truckman, N.Y. h 473 
Kent av 

Aekerman Samuel A. metals, h 17G Madison 
Ackenuan Sarah, wid. Harvey, h 463 Tomp- 
kins av 

Aekerman William, tailor, h 14(5 Maujer 
Ackers John, clk. Ji 262 S. 4tU 
Ackerson Charles P. butcher, h 76 Dnflield 
Ackcvson Edward M. broker, 30 Pine N. Y. 

h 8U6 DcKalb av 
Aekerson Elizabeth M. wid. Jeremiah, Is 

29 (Jumberland 
AckerfiOJi Sauujel, carpenter, h 204 8tli E.D. 
Ackerson Tlicodore, bldr. b 121 Dean 
Aokerson T. B. supt. ft Oak, h lal Dean 
Ackiss L. wid. li 15 Varet 
Aekland Benjamin, stoves, 204 Flatbush av, 

h 141) Flatbush av 
Aekloy Amlrew F. elk. h 373 1 2th 
Aekley Henry, carver, h 179 Duffield 
A(;kley James, bldr. h 554 Marey av 
Aekley James S. sexton, h 187 Tompkins av 
Aekiey Johu, butcher, h 5J8 Mvrtle av 
Aekley .lolni, lab. h 116 John 
Aekley Julius, fancy" gds. 187 Tompkins av 
Aekley Oliver S. lawyer, 111 B'way N. Y. 

b 41 New York av 
Aekley Samuel, bldr. h 554 JIaroy av 
Ackroyd Edmond, mfr. h 177 Luquer 
Aclander J.h 4SU Warren 
Acor Louis, plastei' oi'naments, 372 Tompkins 

av, h 386 (Jlifton pl 
Acorn Jacob, cigar mfr. 463 Union 
Aeosta Kogue, cigars, h 24 Main 
Aeret «»»-or5ire W. trusses, 254 Fulton, 

h 55| Downing 
Acricaller Charles, bkbinder, h 211 Scholes 
Acton John, h73 Henry 
Adair Alexander, h 312 2.3d 
Adair .Tames, b 432 7th 
Adair William, lab. h 144 N. 5tb 
Adam George T. comp, h 188 Jay 
Adam .Jacob, lab. h 44 Grand 
Adam John W. salesman, h 143 Union 
Adam Joscidj, gi'oeei', 118 Carlton av 
Adame John H. tinsmith, h 60 Morrill 
Adami Cliarles, tailor, h 213 Bushwick av 
Adanii John, tailor, 9! Leonard 
Adams A]au8(m W. bldrs. intls. 240 Nevins, 

h 316 President 
Adams Alouzo, rigger, h 371 Lorimcr 
Adam.5 Amlrew II. lawyer, h 434 Herkimer 
Adams Bou.iamin F. printer, h 160 Douglass 
Adams Bcnjamm H. h 95 St. Mark's av 
Adams Beujauiin S. confectionery, h 570 

Atlantic av 
Adams Caroline, shoes, 390 B'way 
Adams Carson W. (Rev.), 148 S.'EIliottpI 
Adams Charles, driver, h 151 6th E.D. 
Adams Charle.s, shipmaster 59 Fleet 
Adams Charles F.clk, h 410 S. 5th 
Adams Charles F. lawyer, h 358 State 
Adams Cliaries H. ins. 390 B'way 
Adams Charles P. clk. h 11 Dodworth 
Adams Cyrus C. journalist, h 204 Halsey 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 








Adams David, lab. b 378 S. 1st 

Adams David, publisher, 98 Beekman N.Y. 

h 686 Madison 
Adams Edward L. elk. li 13 Lefierts pi 
Adams Edwin J. cashier, li 54 Strong pi 
Adaias Edwin W. baker, 804 B'way 
Adams Elizabeth, wicl. Henry, !i 62 S 8ta 
Adams Ernest, pilot, b 155 Franklin 
Adams Express Co, 333 ^VasliiDgton, 136 

Flatbush av, 17 Bergen, 79 4tb E.D. 170 

Montague and 59 B'way N.Y. 
Adams Frances, wid. Edwin, li 119 Quincy 
Adams Frank,liqnors,Montrose av o Leonard 
Adams Frank E. city weigher, h HOI State 
Adams Frank H. x>huter, 93 Duane N.Y. li 

179 S. 3d 

Adams Frank P. salesman, h 710 St. Marie's 

Adams Frederick S. salesman, 59 Fleet 
Adams F. A. elk. 1i 396 Clinton 
Adams Geo. 6,sliliooksamples, b 137 Graliam 
Adams George C. cashier, h 17U Congress 
Adams George E. fislibooka. b 301 Kentav 
Adams George F. confectionery, b '211 Pearl 
Adams George H. pnblisber, 69 Bcekmau 

N.Y. li 514 Wastiingtoji av 
Adams George H. sec. 59 Fleet 
Adaias George W. bricks, Kent av c Boss, li 

Hempstead, L.I. 
Adams Godfried, lab. li 53 Dean 
Adams Harvey H. pnblisber, 59 Beekman 

N.Y. h 514 Washington av 
Adams Henry, broker, 149 Duane N.Y. li 

150 18tfa 

Adams Henry, carpenter, 72 Clymcr, li 219 
S. 3d 

Adams Heiirv, clothing, B'way o Warren 

N.Y. h 298 Do Kali)' a v 
Adams Henry, com. mer. 82 Water N.Y. li 

430 Washington av 
Adam.s Henry, cutter, li 242 S. 5th 
Adams Henry A. portraits, li 158 Clasou av 
Adams Henry B. elk. b 180 Floyd 
Adams Henry C. h 486 Kitb 
Adams Henry C. agt. h 180 Koap 
Adams Hiram, printer, b 177 Union av 
Adams Horatio M. confectionery, 77 Murray 

N. Y. h 314 Washington av 
Adams Jacob, lab. h 256 7tli E. D. 
Adams Jacob A. seaman, b 33:i Iv. 2d 
Adams James, carpenter & bldr. 178 S. 

Portland av, h 85 Marion 
Adams James, elk. h 73 Bond 
Adams James E. h 131 Macon 
Adams James J. oik. h 73 Bond 
Adams James L. h 13 Lefierts pi 
Adams James L. engraver, h 31 Carlton av 
Adams Jane, wid. Eugene, h 111 Prcspeet 
Adams Jane, wid. .John B. h 24 10th E. D, 
Adams Jesse, 81 Ealpb av 
Adams John, baker, h 920 B'way 
Adams John, elk. h 78 Union 
Adams John, cutter, h 593 Manhattan av 
Adams John, drygds. B'way c Leonard, h 14 


Adams John, foreman, b 234 Van Brunt 
Adams John, lab. h 231 Prospect 
Adams John, monlder. li 277 N. 6th 

Adams John, seaman, b 134 Partition 
Adams .Tohn, seaman, b 126 Sullivan 
Adams John D. confectioner, 77 Murray N. 

Y. h 314 Wasbingtou av 
Adams John H. teacher, h 30 St. Felix 
Adams John O. sec. h 710 St. Marks av 
Adams John 1'. lawyer, 194 B'way N. Y. li 

297 Qnincy 
Adams .lolm Q- enshier, h 42 Clinton av 
Adams .John Q. frnit, h 247 Gold 
Adams John Q. jr. bookkpr. h 165 Lafayette 


tVdams's.Tohn Q. Son, stoves, 114 Altantic av 
Adams John W. blaclcsmith, 81 Scbericer- 

Adams .losepli, realestnte, 3d av c 2Cth 

N.Y. h 4^7 Kedford av 
Adams Joseph U. h.irdwarc, 283 Pearl N.Y'. 

h 19 Brevoort pi 
Adams Julia, wid. John, h 1418 Bergen 
Adams Julia, wid. James, h 204 Saufis 
Adams Juliu.s W. civilciigiueer, h 155 Con- 


Adams Jnsti.s, elk. !i 135 23d 
Adams Laura A. wid. Horatio, h 53 Lee av 
Adams Martin, boatman, h 144 N. 4th 
Adams Mary, wid. .Tan)es, b 248 5th E.D. 
Adams Mary, wid. Philip, b 343 Pacific 
Adams Mary, wid. Eobert, h 103 Harrison 
Adams Mavy E. drcssmkr. 457 Grand 
Adams Mayor, ellc. h 89 Wythe ave 
Adams Michael, lab. h 203 Jackson 
Adams M. dressnikr. li 418 B'way 
Adams Norman S. elk. h 493 Grand av 
A<lams Peter, iisb, 185 Coni-t 
Adams Peter, liijuois, 103 Jleeker av 
Adams Eobert, clk. h 18;! Pearl 
Adams Robert, lab. b 8 Hart's al 
Adams Koso, wid. Nelson, h 465 Hudson av 
Adams Eussell W. h 710 Sf. Mark's av 
Adams Ruth, wid. Charles, h 1543 Dean 
Adams Samuel, .dentist, 605 Myrtle av 
Adams Samuel K. mer. 98 Gold N. Y. h 226 

Adams Sanuiel P. paint, 87 Maiden la N. T. 

h 102 S Elliott pi. 
Adams Sidney, 643 Warren 
Adams Simon, musician, h 418 B'way 
Adams Stephen, watchman, h 292 N. 7th 
Adams Stephen D. civilengineer, h 155 


Adams 8nsan, wid. Henry R. b 180 Floyd 

Adams Thomas, elk. b 4 )6 Saekett 

Adams Thomas, coufectioners' supplies, 77 

J.'urray N.Y. h 314 Washington av 
Adams Thomas, manf. h 297 Waverly av 
Ad.ams Thomas, )iainter, h 401 2d E.l). 
Adams Thomas (Rev.), h 143 S. 4th 
Adams Tliomas, sicneentter, h 284 3d av 
Adams Tbonias. truckman, b 102 Dnflield 
Adams Thomas B. broker, 2 Wall N.Y. h 91 


Adams Thomas C. buyer, li 428 Lexington 

Adams Tlsosiias W. honscniover, 198 B'way 

NA". ii 302 Adolpbi 
Adams Tunis C. b 228 Degraw 
Adams Walter, clk. h 187 .lava 







-1 vi" o 

f. ■» 

o '^fi M 
o ^ Cfj 19 

— =« O -I 

» - o S 

a 2 » 

B a — es 

1 r= § H 

T ^ -19 


§ 02. 



- > 


is! m 

WM,H. JA€KSON Ss CO., I prtistlG Orates, Fsntiers 

Union Square. New York City. 

[^£STABI.ISHKU 18^.] 


And Fire-Place NoveitieS: 

[See AdT^t on leaf opposite name. 

ROYAL immmi co. [fire] of liyeipool, mmm, 

Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World, 

See AdTertisement opposite naiae< 











Adams Walter, drugs, William N.Y. h 367 

Bedford av 

Adams Willard S. stoves, 114 Atlantic av, h 

351 President 
Adams William, carman, h 143 N. 8tli 
Adams William, caipets, Fultou nFlatbush 

av, li 155 Moiitaftue 
Adams William, confetitiouer, h 34 Main 
Adams William, cooper, b 103 Harrison 
Adams William, eugineeiy h 22!i8 Fulton 
Adams William, lab. h I'J Harper's ct 
Adams William, oil, li 98 Oakland 
Adams William, publisher, li 515 Gates av 
Adams William B. shoemlvr. li 343 Pacific 
Adams William D. boiler, li 9U Norman av 
Adams William G. broker, 97 Water H.Y. b 

228 Degraw 
Adams William H. pipefitter, h 93 Oakland 
Adams William M. ins. b 4i>5 Waverly av 
Adams William K. lumber, Van Brunt c 

Bowne, h 1327 Pacific 
Adams &. BroY.-n (Henry Adams, John 

Brown), cax'penters, 72 Clymer 
Adams & nonaldson, (James Adams, Thomas 
Donaldson ),carpeute re, 178 S.Portlaiid av 
Adamson John, sulpburmlr. h 189 President 
Adamson John H, glasscutter, h 64 Smith 
Adamsan George, maaon, li 5 Ivy 
Adamson .John li. bkkpr. h 222 S. 2d 
\ DAMSON KOBERT, supervisor 13tb ward, 

h 253 S. 5th 
Vdaniy John, tailor, 147 Maujer 
Addams William Henry, h 2t)'s De Kalb av 
Addie Julia A. wid. Walter M, h 293Quiacy 
Addinsell Frrtderick, agt. 795 B'way N.Y. 

li 438 Clermont av 
Addinsell George W. cloth, b 433 Clermont 

Addis James M. elk. h 349 Pacific 
Addison Kobert J. starter, h 257 Herkimer 
Addoms William H. leather, 97 Gold N.Y. 

li 51 Jefterson 
Addy Henry, trackman, li Park c Washing- 
ton av 

Addy Richard C. bldr. b 594 Willongbby av 
Adee David, elk. b 84 Wilson 
Adce Frank, -woodware, h 84 Wilson 
Adee Frederick, plumber, 52 Cliff N.Y. h 82 


Adell John, lab. li 193 Ewen 
Adelman L. h (j7 Debevoise 
Adelmann Frederick, Tvagonmkr. 102 Seigel, 

h 76 Debevoise 
Adelmanu Weber, bldr. lOU Seigel 
Adelpbi Academy, Lafayette av c St. James' 



Miller, principal, 182 Adelpbi 
Adelstein Louis, liqnois, 54 B'way 
Adema Elmira, wid. John, h 210 Devoe 

Ader Andrew, lab. h 170 Siimpter 

Ader Fmilo F. jeweler, 33i) Court 

Adey Ma)-}>aret, wid. Stopben, b 139 33th 

Adfur Eddy, h 106 6tb av 

Adgar .James, steward, b 30 Chapel 

Adickes Johu, h 3 8th E.D. 

Adicott Jeffrey, mechanic, h 135 2d E.D. 

Adinolfy Alexander, tailor. 93 Hamilton av 

Adisnason Samuel, carpenter, h 109 Congress 
Adlard Robert, tea, h (i'.HJ Myrtle av 
Adler Albert, sboe.s, 189 Fraiil<Iin 
Adler Albi^rt S. paiuts, 170 Tillary, b 116 B. 

60tli N.Y. 
Adler August, tailor, b 25 Division 
Adler Augusta, wid. Albert, dyer, 1699 Ful- 

Adler Emii, ongraver, li 41 ITuion av 

Adler Frederick, blacksmith, h 172 Stagg 

Adler Frederick, bra.shmkr. h 175 Ten Eyek 

.\dler Frederick, ice, h 334 Gold 

Adler Frederick, police, b 87 N. Portland av 

Adler Fredcriclc, sbipcarpcuter, li 49 Degraw 

Adler Henry, ice, b 3:54 Gold 

Adler Uernian, b 158 Eweu 

Adler Herman, bottler, :17 S. 8th 

Adler Jonas, clerk c. b. h 222 Putnam av 

Adler J. Richard, paints, 170 Tillarv, b 116 

E. 60tl! N.Y. 
Adler Louis, li 386 S. 5tb 
Adler Louis, tinsmith, b 32 Scboles 
Adler Louis 11. printer, h 13B N. Elliott pi 
Adler Louise, wid. Louis, li 79 McKibbin 
Adler Millard F. paints, 170 inilary, h 116 

Adler Morris, h 212 Hewes 
Adlor Peter, bnisbmfr. 480 Humboldt 
Adler Solomon, paints, 170 Tillary, h 116 

E. aith N.Y. 
Adler S. &. Sons (Solomon, J. Richard, Al- 
bert S., Millard F.', paints, 170 Tillary 
Adler William, tailor, h 597 5th av 
Adlington Alfred, cooper, h 260 N. 2d 
Adlum Patrick, lab. b78 Navy 
Adlmn Tliomas, liquors, lOyj Atlantic av 
Adnicgber Edward, lii]uors, 715 Atlantic av, 

h 791 Pacific 
Adniegher Thomas, oaqienter, h 791 Pacific 
Adolpb August, lab. b 116 N. 8th 
Adolph John, lab. li 205 .iolmsou av 
Adolpbus iOmmeline, wid. Nathan, h 117 

Adoruo Jacob, tailor, li 137 Montrose av 
Adrat Philip, tailor, h 56 Itergoii 
Adrean Nicliobis, oigarmfr. 166 Franklin 
Adriance Daniel, machinist, h 113 Floyd 
Adriance Mary, wid. George W. h 151 Ross 
Atlvot l^eon, snpt. Ii 983 I'ulton 
Adsit Mary J. b 212 Madison 
Aecliternaulit Henry A. coal, Trinity bldg. 

N. Y. h 5 Jofierson 
Aegen Margaret, wid. Martin, h 147 Degraw 
Aeh Cliristopher, shoes, 165 Division av 
Acmes Frank, bi-oker, N.Y. h 29 Schermer- 


Aenas .John, cigarmkr. h 210 Bridge 
Aereboe Ernest, cigarmkr. h 430 S. 5th 
Aerhardt Philip, tailor, b 83 Bremen 
Aetna Ins. Co. of Hartford, 202 Montague 

and 1 0 B'way N. Y. 
Ail'el Diedricb, grocer, 1031 Fultou 
Alfol Henrv, grocer, 1169 B'way 
Atield Fi-ancis O. tire ins. 62 Cedar N.Y. h 

827 President 
Affeldt August, lab. h 31 Stagg 
AfiHeck George E. elk. h 370 Myrtle av 
Affleck Ida E. b 1375 Atlantic av 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., neat- City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See Advt. page 12 front. 


Also, Russian, Electric, andRomaBBatK 


A. L. 

WOOn. M.n. 

AfBock Jolin A. stationer, Beaver N.Y. li 
92 India 

Affleck John S. enjjineer, h 129 Oak 
Affleck Joseph, inacbiiiist, h S70 Myrtle av 

Affleck T. h 114 Ainslie 

Aft'oo Samlie], caterer, h 185 Sumpt.ep 

Agar Alexander, stationery, Joliu N.Y. h 

149 Willow 
Agar James, anctioneer, C9 Bowerv N.Y. li 

91 Pulaski 

Agar Jas. compositor, h 70 Greenpolnt av 
Agate Ambrose J. elk. li ,510 Dean 
Agbenstreit Jos. watchman, li 1282 Powers < 
Ager John C. (Rev.), h 296 Carlton av I 
Ager Jos(!pli, cigarboxrakr. h yS.') VVither.s ! 
Ager Samuel, yeastrafr. 810 Atlantic av. h 

44.5 Herkimer 
Aggas William H. collector, h 388 6th 
Agne George, butcher, h 750 Monroe 
Agne George, eondnctor, h 660 Gates av 
Aguew Hannah, wid. David, h 31 Stenben 
Agnew James, hatter, !i 154 Skillman 
Agnew John, engineer, h 274 Manhattan av 
Agnew John G. conductor, h I6ii Fulton 
Agnew Mary, wid. Daniel, h 24 Pai'k av 
Agnew Patrick, h 274 av 
Agnew Patrick, cigars, 300i Bedford av 
Agnew Samuel, bookkpr. li 223 Sackett 
Agnew William, liquors, 672 Myrtle av. h 

149 Skillman 
Agnue William, liquors, C72 Myrtle av 
Agres Gaspra, carpenter, h 78 Kapelye 
Agresta John, boatagt. h .57 Cheever pi 
Agricola William, liarkpr. 14 Grand 
Agrillo Joseph, shoomkr. 210 VVarreu, h 361 


Agiiila Mary, laundress, h 1873 Atlantic av 
Aguirre Francis, engineer, h 575 Kosciusko 
Ahaln Ellen, wid. .John, h 93 Harrison av 

Ahance John, produce, Washington mkt. 

N.Y. h 43 Bond 
Ahearn Daniel, tanner, h257 N. Gth 
Ahearn John, acid tester, h 433 Humboldt 
Ahearn John, driver, h 70 Seabriug 
Ahearn John, plumber, h 113 N. 2d 
Ahearn David, lab. h 232 Prospect 
Ahearno Ida E. wid. Edward, li 20 Garden 


-Ahern Frederick W. stationer, 30^ Flatbush 

av, h 492 State 
Alieru Henry, elk. h r 104 Prince 
Ahoru James, chairmkr. h 85 Bushwick av 
Ahern Margaret, h 515 Waverly av 
Ahern Jilichael, lab. h 124 N. 1st 
Ahern Patrick, lab. h 86 N. 3d 
Ahl Christian, lab. h 27 Greenpoint av 
Ahlars George W. lab.h 64 Wythe av 
Ahlart Herman, furrier, h 363 Bedford av 
Ahlborn Ernst A. stationer, 321 Van Brunt 
Ahlborn Henry, cooper, h 139 Freeman 
Ahlefeld Theodore, grocer, 248 Coiirt 
Ahlefeld Victor, grocer, 701 Bedford av. h 

211 Putnam av 
Abler Frank, driver, li 256 Bushwick av 
Ahlers Henry, tailor, 385 Atlantic av 
Ahlers Herman, carpenter, h 1220 B'way 
Ahlers Herman, salesman, h 158 12th 
Ahlers Nicliolas, salesman, h 43 Taylor 

Ahlers Peter, seaman, h 173 Elizabeth 
Ahlert Henry, machinist, h 53 Adams E.D. 
Ahles George, broker, 89 Broad N.Y. h 308 

Carlton av 
Alilgren .lohn, laborer, h 330 Atlantic av 
Alilgrist Charles G. tailor, li 101 Bergen 
Ahlgrist Jolm, tailor, 460 Hudson av 
Ahlstedt Henry, clk. h 99 Dean 
Ahlstraud John, upholsterer, 846 Fulton, h 

998 Atlantic av 
Ahlstrora John, lab. h 601 Vanderbilt av 
Ahlstrora Victor, painter, h 650 Atlantic av 
Ahner August, tailor, h Ten Eyck c Graham 


Alioote Valentino, cigarrakr. 65 Fleet pi 
Ahqvist Justin, painter, h 152 Wyckolf 
Ahr John, mechanic, h 340 Court 
Ahre Daniel, bkkpi-. h 133 10th 
Ahre William, h 133 10th 
Ahren Tliomas, lab. h 354 Hicks 
Ahrend Christopher, shoemkr. h 214 Conover 
Ahrendt William, bricklayer, h 275 3d E.D. 
AJirenholz Henry, grocer, 516 Fulton, h 599 

Ahrens Albert, shoefitter, h 360 Evergreen 

Ahrens August, cigars, 395 Van Brunt 
Ahrens Caspar, grocer, 355 Hamilton av 
Ahrens Diedrich, grocer, .526 Manhattan av 
Ahrens Frederick, engineer, h 38 Cxrand 
Ahrens Gustav, carpenter, h ft Columbia 
Ahrens Heniy, driver, h 378 S. 3d 
Ahrens Henry, lab. h 104 Front 
Ahrens Henry, liquors, 721 Bedford av 
Ahrens .Tacob, lab. h 78 Dograw 
Akrons Jacob H. grocer, 180 Smith 
Ahrens James M. millwright, h 200 Kent 
Ahrens John, clk. h 183 Bergen 
Ahrens John, driver, h 761 Gates av 
Ahrens .Tolin, grocer, h 77 Columbia 
Ahrens John D. lawyer, h 67 Skillman av 
Ahrens John G. agt. h 78 Rosa 
Ahrens .John H. grocer, 274 S. 4th 
Ahrens John W. h 77 Butler 
Ahrens Louis, confectionery, 841 B'way 
Ahrens Max, cigars, 48 Nassau N.Y. h 73 
S. 10th 

Ahrens Nicholas, grocer, 184 Park av 
Ahrens Schad, grocer, 355 Hamilton av 
Ahrens William, cooper, h 222 Union av 
Alirer George, iab. h 332 Maujer 
Ahrind Henry, carpenter, h 54 Leonard 
Ahtstrand John, upholsterer, h 998 Atlant'o 

Aichele Charles, hairdresser, h 79 Van Brunt 
Aichele Jacob, tailor, h 53 Graham av 
Aicher Eugene, machinist, h 82 Johnson av 
Aigro Christiaj], shoemkr. h 331 Prospect av 
Aikeman Hazard, lanterns, N.Y. h 233 Har- 

Aiken Charles E. buyer, h 140 Park pi 
Aiken George (Rev.), h 507 3d av 
Aiken Martin, lab. li 26 Tompkins av 
Aiken Susan, wid. h 574 Herkimer 
Aikenhead Edward, clk. h 416 Pacific 
Aikeuhead Thomas W. mer. li 316 Degraw 
Aikens James, lab. h 440 Smith 
Aikens John, driver, h 721 6th av 

\j Lain's Directory Offices St 


Has the Lai^est Wet Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


SC 111 

« z 









Aikens Joliii H. trucks, Coenties si N.Y. li 

252 22d 

Aikens "William, truckman, h 721 6th av 

Aiker Clinrles E. jr. gent's furug. 198 Chat- 
ham N.Y. h 140 Park pi 

Aikin Margaret, 706 Dean 

Aiknian Amelia E. wid. Samuel M. h 133 

Aikman Augustus H. mfr. 14 Dunham pi & 

261 Peiirl N.Y. h 638 C4ates av 
Aikman Charles, hatblocknifr. 44 Rose N.Y. 

h 64 Morton 
Aikman Frederick A. liatblockmfr. 44 Rose 

N.Y. h 64 Morton 
Aikman Horace, agt. li 193 Carroll 
Aikman Hugh, lanterns, h 233 Harrison 
Aikman James H. b;inker. Wall & William 

N.Y. li 458 Vantlerbilt av 
Aikman .John, h 198 Carroll 
Aikman Robert, printer, 71 B'way N.Y. h 

27()J Qniucy 
Aikman Ivobert S. mfr. li 63ii} Gates av 
Aikman Samuel H. elk. h 63GJ Gates av 
Aikman Walter M. engraver, h 133 Macon 
Aikman Walter M. metals, 25 Cliff N.Y. h 273 


Aikman William (Rev.), h 296 Union 
Aikman William D. elk. h 636i Gates av 
AiniH Teler W. b 337 Scliermerhorn 
Aiuslie Churles, printer, h 20 Ainslie 
Aiuslie James, springbeds, 22 B'way, h 211 

Ainslie J. & R. springbeds, 22 B'way 
Aiuslie Robert, spriugbeds, 22 B'way, h 211 


Airiswortli C!iarl(^s, lab. li 90 Harrison 
Aisaliiiger Robert, tailor, h 31 Scigel 
AistlioT-pe, Charles H. patternmkr. h 216 

Aitcliison James, jeweler, 289 Smith 
Aitchison James H. blockcutter, h 332 17th 
Aitchison John, blockcutter, li 332 17th 
Aitken David C. supt. & notarv public, 116 

John N.Y. h 379 Bergen 
Aitken George, blksmith, h 71 Main 
Aitken James, elk. h 472 Carlton av 
Aitken James R. gaslixtures, N.Y. h 415 


Aitken Jauies T. carpenter, li 577 Fulton 
Aitken Thomas, x)ilot, h 169 J3ergen 
Aitken William, carpenter, h 61 Huron 
Aitken William F. elk h 348 State 
Aitken William J. cook, h 610 Bergen 
Aker Anthony, ropemkv. h r 137 Sleserole 
Akberg Charles W. N. weigher, h 12 2d 
Aken William, h 228 Adams 
Aker Christian, cooper, h 85 Buskwick av 
Akerley Jacob H. shipbldr. h 242 Adeiphi 
Akerly George C. fruit, h 198 S. 9th 
Akerly Hiram A. carpenter, 333 3d E.D. h 
410 N. 2d 

Akert Martin, lab. h 87 Bushwick av 

Akhurst John, taxidermist, 32 Nassau 

Akin Isaac D. h 288 Sacketfc 

Akins Catharine, wid. John, h 108 Steuben 

Akins Charles S. elk. h 144 S. 3d 

Akla John, blacksmith, h 675 B'way 

Akobs Jacob, carpenter, li 30 Hopkins 

Alamillo Marion, trunks, 2 Cortlandt N.Y. 

h 177 3d E. U. 
Alankiewicz John, shoes, 1118 Fulton 
Albacher Edward, painter, b 330 Maujer 
Alband August, grocer, 117 Troy av 
Albaugh Jolm, captain, li 186 Centre 
Albaum Fianz, liquors, 356 5tli E.D. 
Albee Elliott G. sujit. 157 Rutledge 
Albemarle Fertilizer Co. Metropolitan av. ec 

City Line, & 159 Front N.Y. 
Albeck John, tailor, h 18 Bremen 
Albene Jacob, shoemkr. 240 Bridge 
Allier Adolph, lailor, h 176 Montrose av 
Alber Frerleric. lab. li l(i64 Atlantic av 
Albere Cliarlette, h 78 Greene 
Alberc! George W. com. mer. 94 Warren N. 

Y. h 108 Noble 
Albei ga Abraham A. acct. N.Y. h 171 Monroo 
Alberga Alexandei-, acct. h 171 Monroe 
Albers Alfred, mariner, li 429 Court 
Albers Deideiicli, cigarnikr. h 51 Smith 
Albers Henry, e'gars, b 108 Underbill av 
Albers John," cabinotmkr. h 578 6th av 
Albert Andrew, tailor, 84 Starr 
Albert I'^anz, painter, h 199 Johnson av 
Albert Frederick, h 198 7th E.D. 
Albert Frederick, cooper, h 176 Harrison 


Albert Fulton, collector, h 48 Stanhope 
Albert Gertrude, wid. Andreas, h 172 Maujer 
Albert J-acob, butcher, 272 Court 
Albert John, cabinetmkr. h r 144 22d 
Albert Jolm, lab. h 95 N. 1st 
Albert John, tailor, r21 Boerum 
Albert .John, tinsmith, h 29 Meeker av 
Albert Jolm B. h 835 Willoughby av 
Albert Jt>seph, bakery, 51 Meser'olo 
Albert Joseph, cooper, h 94 N. 5th 
Albert .Joseph, tailor, 174 Boerum 
Albert Louis, carver, h 43 Gwinnett 
x\U)ert Louis, shoemkr. h 771 Park av 
Albert Mary, eigarboxmkr. h 57 Union a.v 
Albert Michael, mason, h 88 Ewen 
.41beii Simon, lab. h 658 Fhishiug av 
Albert Valentine, tailor, h 51 Union av 
Alberti Louis, tailor, h 198 Smith 
Albertis Mary, wid. Samuel, h 159^ Hall 
Alberts William, lab. h 318 Atlantic av 
Albertson -Amj', h 172 Adams 
Albertson Jeremiah, truckman, h 246 1st 

Albertson John, clk. li 273 Hicks 
Albertson John, shipcarpe.nter, 274 Tillary 

Albertson John W. pilot, h 140 Jay 
Albertson Robert, bkkpr. h 12 1 S. Ist 
Albertson Sanniel, blacksniitli, h 82 Oak 
Albertz , chemist, h 20 Sumner av 
Albes Charles, lab. h 34 McKibbiu 
Albes Edwin, bkkpr. li 261 Washington 
Albohn Herman, gmcer, 18 Graham av 
Albolra .J. H. pieba]<er, 378 N. 2d 
Albohn Philip, painter, h 260 Ellery 
Albohn Pliili|), signpainter, 101 Meserole 
Albonese Auton, tinsmith, b 202 S. 3d 
Alborn Henry, baker, h 378 N. 2d 
Albrecht Agues, wid. Hermann, 55 Wyckoff 
Albrecht Charles, clk. b 97 Skillman av 
Albrecbt Charles, grocer, 397 Graham av 

mi BM-o«™2". B. mmmi k sous, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 








Albrecht Cliarlee, lab. h 131 N. 4th 
Alhroclit Charles, tailor, h 1872 I'ulton 
Albrecht Christian F. hattci-, 141 Kwpu 


Manufacturei's of 

141 JSwen Street. 

Albrecht Conrad, h r Cook 
Albrecht P^aiik, machinist, h 34 McKibbin 
Albrecht George, elk. h 115 Bergen 
Albrecht H. A. .arooer, 147 Smith 
Albrecht Karl, cigMrmkr. h 35 Stagg 
Albrecht Louis, tailor, h 183 Hopkins 
Albrecht Mimia, wid. John, h 20<J Scholes 
Albrecht Otto, sewingmachines, 316 Bnsh- 
wick av 

Albrecht William H. hatter, 141 Ewen 
Albrecht & Son (Christian F. and William 

H.), hatt«rs, 141 Ewen 
Albreht George, lab. h 51 Atlantic av 
Albietch Godlopp. baker, h 153 Union av 
Albrez Gallus, tailor, h 'il.') Hopkins 
Albrict John, tailor, h (>7 Scholes 
Albright Edmond, hairdresser, h 100 Fulton 
Albright Elizabeth, wid. Philip, drygds. 40 


Albright Elizabeth, wid. Philip, fancygds. 

316 Van Brunt 
Al'oriolil, George, elk. h 20 Canton 
Albright Sanniel, h 1263 Myrtle av 
Albro Charles, conductor, h 602 4th av 
Albro Baton J. phy.sician, 41 Jefferson 
Albury William A. fruit, h 551 Grand av 
Albns Charles, cabinetmtr. h 386 17tli 
Albus Louis C. elk. h 38(3 17th 
Alchiomer George, tailor, h 93 Marion 
Aloock Maskeliue, ladies' underwear, 236 


Aloock William, lab. 258 Pl.Tinouth 
Alcorn George, shoes, 146 5th, h 219 Grand 
Alcott Edward 6. h 144 Sohermerborn 
Alcott George, ahoecutter, 1095 Fulton 
Aid Joseph, butcher, li 25 Monitor 
Aldage James C. lab. h 130 8th 
Aldama Miguel do, sugars, 56 Hamilton av, 

69 Wall N.Y. 
Aldan Henry, lastmfr. Gold N.Y. h 435 Carl- 
ton av 

Aldan Henry, jr. lastrakr. h 435 Carlton av 
Alden John, h 504 Grand av 
Aldeu William J3. machinist, h 159 Calyer 
Aldenheiner Jacob, hatnikr. h 3«S S. 4th 
Alder Benjamin S. elk. h 3)7 Pacific 
Alder William, bkkpr. h 22 Grove 
Alder Willi am, elk. h 106 WasMngton av ■ 
Alder W^illiam D. naut. insts. h 347 Pacific 
Alder William J. elk. h 347 Pacific 
AldorJico John, truckman, h 174 York 
Alderwautel Edw. tailor, li 255 Ten Eyck 
Aldom Edward, novelties, 377 B'way, h 392 
S. 4th 

Aldon Ann, wid. Edgar, h 764 Van Buren 

Aldon Charles, elk. h 674 Jefferson 
Aldrich Alonzo, elk. h 122 Lee av 
Aldrich Annie, wid. John, h 185 State 
Aldrich Charles, elk. h 450 Nostrand av 

Aldrich Charles, lab. h 291 Hudson av 
Aldrich .James C. engineer, h 6() Clark 
Aldrich Walter, engineer, h 36;) Mj^rtle av 
Aldrieii Charles, carpenter, 374 Navy 
Aldridge Darwin K. elk. 217 Prospect pi 
Aldridge Frederick, decorator, 24 Myrtle av 

h 477 Monroe 
Aldridge Frederick T. oik. 217 Prospect pi 
Aldridge George D. painter, li 727 Fulton 
Aldridge John, mason, h 110 Huron 
Aldridge John, mason, h 631 Leonard 
Aldridge Mary, wid. Eobert, h 572 Fulton 
Aldiidge Volney, realestate, 12 Court, h 217 

Prospect ))1 

V. ALr>IlII>OE, 
IS Court St., 

Drafts and Tickets to all parts of Europe. 
Real Estate Broker. 

Aldridge W'illiam H. drugs, Manhattan av, 
0 Aleserole av. h 587 Lorimer 

Aldruder Lewis, Iironzer, h 367 18th 

Aldwortli Henry, coal, h 152 Patchen av 

Aldworth Henry F. elk. h 444 Central av 

Aleno Samuel, h 42 N. Elliott pi 

A LEO MIGUEL, plateglass, 22 Howard N.Y. 

Alexander Albert, fancygds. 165 Grand, 1 

Alexander Alvena M. wid. Allen, h 295 

Alexander Arthur, h 98 1st pi 
Alexander A. tailor, r h 31 Moore 
Alexander Cerf, peddler, h 228 N. 8th 
Alexander Charles H. cigarmkr. h 510 3d av 
Alexander Charles P. shoemkr. h 330 Flush- 
ing av 

Alexander Cornelia, wid. h 278 Navy 
Alexander Felix, butcher, 72 Newell 
Alexander Frederick, butcher, 72 Newell 
Alexander Geo. grain elevators, 47 Fearl N. 

Y. h .50 Morton 
Alexander George, lab. h 34S S. 1st 
Alexander George, plumber, Washington c 

Flushing av, ha74 Vanderbilt av 
Alexander George, staiibldr. Bedford av e 

Parkav. h J209 Dean 
Alexander George F. lawyer, 128 B'way N. 

Y. h 242 Schermerhorn 
Alexander George H. lawyer, 346 B'way N 

Y. h 221 Division av 
Alexander George E. lumber. Flushing av c 

Washington av, h 274 Vanderbilt av 
Alexander George W. bkbinder, 10 Astor pi 

N.Y. h 165 Park pi 
Alexander Herman, lab. h 75 Walton 
Alexander Horace B. 918 Atlantic av 
Alexander James, lab. h 309 6th E.D. 
Alexander James, notions, 60 Fleet pi 
Alexander Jas. publisher, h 5th av c Carroll 
Alexander James, supt. h 98 1st pi 
Alexahder James, truckman, h 116 3d av 
Alexander James K. elk. h 643 Herkimer 
Alexander James K. hats, 35 4th E. D. h 162 

Clason av 
Alexander John, h 143 Calyer 
Alexander John, metals, 20 F;anklh>, n 143 




110 & 112 Broad, cof, Water St„N.Y. 

w SI 

I— B 



H >- H| 

5 2 » 

S 5 g 3 

§8 e !■ 

(V ^ L9 
S 9 Ml 

= M o >^ 

*^ » ^^"^ 

S — o 

- N 

1.- > 


i-<i -i 

Importer of Blussard and 0regoire & Co, Bran- 
dies; Knickerbocker and Crown Gins, from 
ScMedam, Holland ; Polo, and Tliree and Pour 
Grape Sherries; Oporto Port Wines. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name« 


Alexander John, musicteacher, li 156 Monroe 
Alexander Jolin A. shiiyjoiner, h 83 S. 2d 
Alexander Johu B. carpenter, 55 5th E.D. h 
260 Keap 

Alexander Johu W. machinist, 20 Franklin, 

h Guernsey n Calyer 
Alexander Joseph, h 475 Flnshing av 
Alexander Joseph, barkpr. h 93 Gwinnett 
Alexander J. express, li 10 Putnam av 
Alexander Malcolm, engineer, h 119 Sands 
Alexander Mary A. wid. William H. li 91 

Alexander Mary L. wid. James K. h 648 


Alexander Michael, cigars, 257 Columbia 
Alexander Morris, h 67 Taylor 
Alexander Eobert, elk. h "ti Carroll 
Alexander Robert J. li 121 Park av 
Alexander Kobert J. jr. machinist, li 131 
Park av 

Alexander Samuel, cutter, h 146 Devoe 
Alexander Samuel G. lumber, h 176 Adelphi 
Alexander Stephen, plumber, 4s9 Manhat- 
tan ar 

Alexander Thomas, printer, li 134 Dufflold 
Alexander William, h 297 De Kalb av 
Alexander William E. awningmkr. h r 24 

Skillman av 
Alexander William S. bkkpr. h 67 Jed'evson 
Alexander William W. plumber, 310 Adams, 

h 136 Vanderbilt av 
Alexander & Co. (Alexander Gumpert), 

fancygds. IfiS Grand 
Alexander & Ellis (George E. Alexander, 
George I!. Elllis), lumber. Flushing av 
e Washington ay 
Alexandre. Simon, butcher, 599 Myrtle av 
Alexandrcw Mary, wid. h 67 Greene av 
Alferman Fred'k, butcher, li 43 Joralemon 
Alfke Henry, elk. h 293 Putnam av 
Alfonsin Eugene, cigarmkr. h71 Eapelyo 
Alfonsin Joseph, cigars, 39 Carroll 
Alford Aloiizo, cutlery, Chambers N. Y. h 

315 Monroe 
Alford Edwin, bkkpr. h 232 Ainslie 
Alford Henry W. elk. h 142 1,5th 
Alford James K. clothing, h 4ii Van Buren 
Alford Slartha, wid. .Joel, h 141 Huntington 
Alford William, elk. h 422 Van Buren 
Alfred Adelaide, wid. George, 61 Pierrepont 
Alfred Bonloiseau, foatliers, 154 S. 3(1 
Alfred Richard, printer, h 2:i 2(1 E. U. 
Alfretls .Tohn, waiter, h 412 S. 4th 
Alfurs George W. h 48 New York av 
Alger George, ins. 599 4th av, h 164 17th 
Alger & Bergen (George Alger, Tunis C. 

Bergen), ins. 599 4th av 
Albeit Henry, lab. h 297 5th E. D. 
All Joseph, nmsician, h 125 Hall 
Ali Peter, musician, h 220 Dean 
xVllbert J. B. h 835 Willoughby 
Aliehs William, bkbinder, h 90 Partition 
Aliesk^' Charles F. artist, John N.Y. h 243 

Aliesky Charles F. engraver, h 324 Leonard 
Alio Ellen, wid. h 239 Sands 
Alkej .Taeob, shoeinkr. 44 Henry 
Alkus Is'dor, shoes, !S55 B'way 

All Anna, h 187 Huntingtcni 
AUabach Peter, elk. h 464 N. 2d 
Allaben Charles S. physician, h 525 Lafiiy- 
ette av 

Allaben James R. lawyer, 361 Fulton, h 525 

Lafayette av 
Allaben JamesR. jr. elk. h 525 Lafayette 

Allaben William H. lawyer, 361 Fulton, h 

525 Lafayette av. 
Allaire Francis, elk. 149 Eutledge 
Allaire Johu T. porter, h 162 Richardson 
Allaire John T. stereotyper, h 29 Spencer pi 
Allan Andrew, porter, h 37 Sumner av 
Allan David, 148 Jefferson 
Allan David, liquors, 23 Henry 
Allan George, lab. h 12B N. 5tb 
Allan James, elk. li 104 Franklin av 
Allan James, paperhgr. h 210 Manhattan av 
Allan John, plasterer, h 96 Clay 
Allan Peter, shoemkr. 8 Hoyt, h 28 Elm pi 
AUard George E. elk. h 292 8th 
Allard James, lab. b 129 Bn.ltic 
Allason Willinm D. elk. h 735 Marcy av 
AUborg Carl V. tailor, h 17 Beach pi 
AUbeck Agnes, wid. John, h 113 Prince 
AUcorn George W. shoemkr. 146 5th E.D. 

h 219 Grand 
Allcorn Samuel, tel. oper. h 219 Grand 
AUeaune Avnand, carpenter, h 98 Douglass 
.Vllebr.aud Frank, tinsmith, h IBa B'way 
Allee David F. elk. h 402 Vanderbilt av 
Allee Joseph B. h 402 Vanderbilt av 
Allee Joseph B. jr. h 402 Vanderbilt av 
Allee William H. elk. li 402 Vanderbilt av 
Allen Abraham, bldr. 146 Pierifciimit 
Allen Abraham jr. broker, 146 Pearl N. Y. 

h 146 Pierrepont 
Allen Albert G. h 44 Sidney pi 
Allen Alexander, watchman, h 86 Hall 
Allen Almon S. physician, h 40 Lee av 
Allen Ann, fancygds. 315 Smith 
Allen Ann, wid. h 278 Adams 
Allen Arthur, elk. h 135 11th 
Allen Arthur, signs, N.Y. h 150 Penn 
Allen Arthur M. elk. h 359 6th 
Allen Augustus W. bagsewer, h 237 10th 
Allen Benard, cooper, h 23 Little 
Allen Benjamin, paperlianger, h 86 14th 
AUea Benjamin J. painter, h 1169 B'way 
Allen Bridget, wid. Michael, h 23 Little 
Allen Charles, roofer, Leonard c Maujer, h 

365 Graham av 
Allen Charles A. agt. pumps, 93 Liberty N.Y. 

h 262 Madison 
Allen Charles B. iron, 54 Cliff N.Y. h 463 

Clason av 
Allen Charles C. dentist, 252 Henry 
Allen Charles D. elk. h 345 7th 
Allen Charles D. liatter, h 1169 B'way 
Allen Charles M. drygds. 276 B'way N.Y. h 

704 Quincy 
Allen Charles E. elk. h 6 7th av 
Allen Daniel C. carpenter, h 106 Eckford 
Allen Darius, mer. h 11 Willoughby av 
Allen David, liquors, 28 Henry 
Allen David L. sawmill, h 70 Hicks 
Allen David T. packer, h 239 Nassau 


348 Broadway. 3V1?.W YORK. 

See Advt. page lH front. 


Also, Rnssiai, Electric, anfl Homan mihs. 


A. L. 

WOOD, m.D., Prop'r. 


Allen P^liiioiid C. pbysician, h 581 Pacific 
Alien Kdwai-d, elk. li 102 Cambridge pi 
Allen lid ward, furnace, li iiS Hudson av 
Allen Edward T. bkkpr. k 164 Duffleld 
Allen Edwin, machinist, b 91 S. 1st 
Allen Edwin L. com. mer. 104 Warron N.Y. 

h 422 Fi'aukliii av 
Alleu Elias T. painter, li 4C2 Hxidaon av 
Allen Elizabotli, wid. Stephen, li 4i)0 State 
Allen Ewin E. com. mer. 106 Warren N.Y. 

b 422 Franklin av 
Allen Francis V. ins. 235 B'way N.Y. h 541 

Allen Frank, b 92 Keap 
Allen Frank, tobacco, h 16:? .Joralemou 
Allen Frank C. elk. h .'')81 Pacific 
Allen Frank T. silversmith, h lo3 Donglass 
Allen Franklin, sec. 1 City Hall, h 241 


Allen Frederick, elk. h 408 Atlantic av 
Allen Frederick, machinist, h 91 S. Ist 
Allen George, h 65 St. Mark's av 
Allen George, h 182 Sackett 
Allen George, b 21 Tittany pi 
Allen George, livery, 350 Court, b 330 Court 
Allen (Jcorge, cigarmkr. b 483 Union 
Allen (Jeorge, shipwright, h 87 N. Oxford 
Allen (Jeorge D. electrician, 66 Dnane N.Y. 

b St. Mark's pi o 6th av 
Allen George H. painter, li 979 Gates av 
Allen George H. clk. b 102 Cambridge pi 
Allen George 0. millwright, li 40 President 
Allen George T. h '2,29 Ibiffield 
Allen George W. printer, h 288 Leonard 
Allen George W. restaurant, 103 Franklin, 

b 121 India 
Allen George W. trnokman, b 83 Rodney 
Allen Hamilton, driver, h 289B'-way 
Allen Henry, clk. h 1351 Dean 
Allen Henrv, driver, h 100 Wasbingtou 
Allen Henry, leather, N.Y. h 939}i Greene av 
Allen Henry, liquors, 3d av c Wyckoff, h 

246 Dean 
Allen Henry G. clk. b 400 State 
Allen Henry J. clk. 359^ Prospect av 
Alien Herbert, clk. h 11 Willonghby av 
Allen Hewit D. grocer, b 78 High 
Allen Hewlett, h 64 Hooper 
Allen Hewlett G. sexton, h 95 Higb 
Alleu Horatio S. tobacco, b ;!.'> Poplar 
Allen Howard, agt. b 160 High 
Allen Hugh, lab. h 1716 Fulton 
Alleu H. H. clk. b 41 Cambridge pi 
Allen Isaac, lab. b 241 5tb E.D. 
Allen Isaac S. b 144 N. Elliott 
Allen J. mason, h 262 Jay 
Allen James, driver, h 87 Troy av 
Allen James, driver, bl79 16th 
Allen James, lab. b 19 Hamilton av 
Allen James, lab. b 83 Walworth 
Allen .Tames, sec. b 417 Hart 
Alleu James C. clk. b 170 N. 6tb 
Allen James C. drugs, 59 John N.Y. h 220 

Allen James H. carpenter, b 13 N. Elliott pi 
Allen James L. com. mer. 290 Pearl, N.Y. h 

219 Prospect pi 
Allen James M. H. bkkpr. h 112 Park av 

Allen James S. brassfinisher, b 817 Bergen 

Alleu Jane, hoiisekpr. h 1048 Pacific 

Allen John, h 185 Marcy av 

Allen John, li 345 7tb 

Allen John, b 432 Hart 

Allen .John, carpenter, h 115 4th av 

Allen .Tobn, clk.h 376 Bedford av 

Alien John, clk. Magnolia n B'way 

Allen John, clk. h 3 McKibl>in 

Allen John, grocer, h 11C9 B'way 

Allen John, iusp. h 208 Prince 

Allen John, lab. b r 148 Conover 

Allen John, lab. b 173 Eichardson 

Allen John, lab. 259 Hamilton av 

Allen John, lab. h 768 Bergen 

Allen John, machinist, b 79 Carlton av 

Allen John, moulder, h 36C Gold 

Allen John (Rev.), b 67 Irving pi 

Allen ,Tohn, watchman, b 157 Hudson av 

Allen .John, watchman, b 68 N. 2d 

Allen John B. oils, h 479 B'way 

Allen John B. sewingmachines, 738 Myrtlo 

av. h673De Kaib av 
Allen .John F. engineer, h 845 Jefferson 
Alleu John H. Mansion House 
Allen John H. clk. b 121 India 
Allen John H. clk. b 845 Jefferson 
Allen John H. copper, b 222 Concord 
Allen John J. lawyer, 201 Montague, h 139 


Allen John M. porter, h 133 Douglass 
Allen .John Q. pilncipal, b ICll Pacific 
Allen Jolm S b 1169 B'way 
Alleu John S. blacksmith, h 133 India 
Allen John S. blacksmith, h 400 Kosciusko 
Alleu John S. clk. h 423 18th 
Allen John T. printer, b 161 Lee av 
Allen John V. milk, h 101 Waverly 
Allen John W. horses, h 184 Eagle 
Allen Joseph, carpenter, h 141 Franklin 
Allen Joseph, carpenter, h 494 Sackett 
Allen Jftseph N. h 88 5tb E. T). 
Allen Joseph S. porter, b 397 Herkimer 
Allen .Tosiah, porter, h 120 Carlton av 
Allen ,1. Glen, physician. 643 Leonard 
Allen Lovell, l)aker. 713 Fulton 
Allen JIargaret, wid. George C.h r 173 Java 
Allen Margaret E. wid. Henry B. li 230 Dean 
Allen Maria, wid. Samuel, h 87 Clason av 
Allen Maria E. wid. William J. h 51H Bod- 
ford av 

Allen Maria L. dressmkr. 559 Graham av 
Allen Martin, lal>. b 33 Colnmbia 
Allen Martin, lab. h 376 Hicks 
Allen Mary, wid. Jacob, h 148 Frost 
Allen Mary, wid. Thomas, h 18 Rush 
Allen Michael J. clk. h 7 Colnmbia pi 
Allen Michael, driver, h. 176 Channce y 
Allen Morris, furniture, b 252| Stockton 
Allen Morris P. patternmkr. h 397 Oakland 
Allen Nehemiah, shipcarpenter, h 158 

Allen Numa, cigarpacker, h 76 Jackson 
Allen Nathan V. h 67 S. Elliott pi 
Allen Oliver H. clk. 219 Prospect pi 
Allen Patrick, lab. b 224|- 22d 
Allen Patrick, steamfitter, h 53 Eodney 
Allen Patrick, weigher, 85 Columbia. 


At CHAS. f . HELD'S, 114 Liyiiston St., cor. Boeriii PL 

mm isuMiGE co. [fire] of uyerpool, England, 

Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in tlie World. 

See AdTertisement opposite xiamo* 


S g 

1—1 o 

3D UJ 

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^ © 
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O 2 

P< < 



© ^ 

Allen Patrick & Son (Tliomas), weighers, 8.> 


Allen Priscilla W. wid. CUiis. 4.57 Gates av 
Allen Remingtou W. driver, h 05 N. Poit- 

liiiul av 

Allen Kicliard H. Si, Co. ■\vlioelwviglits, Jay 
c Plymouth 

Allen Robert, h 71?^ Moutoc 

Allen Robert, puiutex', h Flushing av c 
Harrison av 

Allen llobert, livery. Do Kalb av c Fort 
Greene pi. h '.Vol Badford av 

Allen liobert C. cotton, N.Y. h 171 Put- 
nam av 

Allen Robert J. elk. h 17 ITcnr\- 

Allen Robert S. eiotliiei', h 429 Clermont av 

tVllen Robert W. Iiatter, h 234 Hewes 

Allen Samiiel, porter, h;!19 K'wav 

Allen aamuol, ligser, h 469 2d E.D. 

Allen Sainuol, ^yi]ipa, 476 Clermont jxv 

All<!n Samuel S. earpenter, h 'Zij'.'i 43d 

Allen Sarah, wid. Geor;;e W. li 108 Clinton 

Allen Sarah, "vvid. John, h 13:! Douglass 

Allen Sarah A. wid. candies, 24 Ralph av 

Allen Sarah B. T^'id. I)avid,h 430 Clermont av 

Allen Sidney, h 70 Hanson pi 

Allen Smith N. salesman, h 342 5th E.D. 

Allen Ste[)hen, fireman, h 638 Leonard 

Allen Stephen, risjger, h 27 Adelphi 

Allen Susan H. wid. I. H. h 813 DeKalb av 

Allen Terry S. co!)])or. ii 331 12th 

Allen Theodore, elk. h 2(i2 Jay 

Allen Theodore, ropemfr. 166 Front N.Y. h 

402 State 
Allen Thomas, Ii 22B Skillman 
Alien Thomas, cigarpaeker, li 76 .Jackson 
Allen Thomas, cnjj;iueer, Ii 1:14 ijin-inier 
Allen Thomas C. h 4-50 Wavcrly av 
Allen Thomas F. weisher, h 85 Columbia 
Allen Thomas T. clk. 219 Prospect pi 
Allen Walter S. barker, 78 Mcutagiio 
Allen AVarren A. fisb, 573 B'way 
Allen Wesley, lab. h 244 Tiilarv 
Allen Willard T. elk. h 194 Monroe 
Allen WilUam. li 108 Henry 
Allen William; h 479 17th 
Allen William, broker, K.Y. h 117 Amity 
Allen William, carpenter, h 33 N. 1st 
Allen William, carpenter, 30 Boerum pi. h 

38 WilloU!;hby 
Allen William, carpets, 1 Woodhull, h 7 

Wood hull 

Allen William, compositor, h 112 8th E.D. 
Allen William, grainer, h 642 Henry 
Allen William, ]ij;hterman, h 66 Degraw 
Allen William, millright, h 632 .id av 
Allen William, police, h 26 Flatbush av 
Allen William, typefounder, 113 Park av 
Allen "Wm. watchcasemkr. h 27 Myrtle av 
Allen WilliamB. ship.joiner, h 559 Graham av 
lAllen William C. cashier, h 432 Hart 
L-Vllen William F. teamster, h 153 N. 4th 
lAllen W^illiam H, bkkpr. h 202 S. 5th 
I Allen William H. tailor, 89U Myrtle av 
[Allen Wm. H.jr. com. mer. N.Y. h 117 Amity 
Allen William ,1. engineer, h 14 Webster pi 
lAllen William J. plumber, 310 Smith, h 408 
I Warren 

Allen William L. jr. com. mer. 104 Warren 

K.Y. h 52 S. Oxford 
Allen William N. gas, h 13 Broome 
Allen William T. dyewood, 161 I'Yont N.Y. 

h 10 Bedford av 
Allendorf .John, tailor, h 876 Park av 
AUendorfer lleurv, furrier, 6b Greene N.Y. 

h 28 Woodhn'il 
AllerS. B. h 313 Raymond 
AUer William P. bkkpr. h 338 Baltic 
AUermann Henry, grocer, 75 3d av 
Allermann John, oik. h 75 3d av 
Allers C. 1). liquors. 57 S. 5th, h 155 2d E.D. 
Allers Deidrich, liquors, 187 B'way, 61 6th 

E. D. & SJ2 Grand, h 187 B'v/ay 

(Established IS51.) 
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in 

Wines, Brandies, Wiiiskies, etc., 

187 BROADWAY, cor. «th Street, 


Allers Frederick, grocer, 345 Court 
Allers Gnstav .J. bkkpr. h 187 B'way 
Allers Henry G. grocer, 29 4th E.D. h 61 S. 9th 
Allers J. Henry, pilot, h 336 Rchernierhorn 
Allerton George W. registrar, li 143 Macon 
AUes Joliii, carpenter, li 102 Ten liyck 
Alios John, lab. h r 349 Kent av 
AUetzhanser Martin, liquors, 113 Grand E.D. 
Alley G<!rtrude, md. Chas. h 19 Fillmore pi 
Alley William L. elk. h 386 8. 2d 
Allgaicr Blasins, shoes, 572 B'way 
Allgcier Daniel, driver, h 229 Stagg 
.411gier Charles, photographer, 269 Ainslie 
Alliger John, watchman, h r 176 Leonard 
Allin Geo. cashier, 142 Water N.Y. h 180 

Allin George A. drygds. h 180 Congress 
Allin John^ peddler, h 259 Hamilton av 
AUindinger Adam, engineer, h 33 Troutman 
Ailing Edgar, restaurant, 488 Fulton 
.'\lling Robert, lawj'er, h 266 Dean 
Ailing Stephen, advertising pub. 35 Warren 

N.Y. h II Brooklyn av 
AUingham James, iab. h 1818 Fulton 
Allison Andrew K. conductor, h 204 Meserole 
Allison Elizabeth, wid. Wm. A. b 216 N. 6th 
Allison George, pattcmmkr. h Eokford c 

Nassau av 
Allison George, salesman, h 163 Madison 
Allison James, butter, 463 Manhattan av. h 

216 N. 6th 
Allison James, elk, h 175 Conselyea 
Allison .James, shipsmith, h 244 Graham av 
Allison James L. grocer, 463 Manhattan av. 

h 216 N. 6th 
Allison .John, lab.h 92 Carroll 
Allison John Ii. realestate, h 277 W^arren 
Allison .John I. hkfinisher, h 212 Prosjiect pi 
Allison John J. boilermkr. 46 Jefferson N.Y. 

h 14 N. Portland av 
Allison Joseph J. boilermkr. 46 Jefferson N. 

Y. h 14 N. Portland av 

BSioi-<?«^™^: B. iimm k SONS, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Siver, Kew York. 


455 rtlLTOK STREET, 









Allison Mary, wid. h 277 Wavren 
Allison Nathaniel, inintor, li 200 Sands 
Allison Robert, police, h s!7jj Hewes 
Allison Thomas, machinist, h 277 Warren 
ALLISON WILLIAM, alderman 15th Ward, 

joiner, b 244 Graham av 
Allison William A. lab. h 35 Hall 
Allison William A. sparmkr. h 216 N. 6tli 
Allison & Lynch, butter, 463 Manhattan av 
Alliss Edward, cooper, h 148 Partition 
Alliwisohes And'w, printer, h 209 Hudson av 
Allmandiiiger William, printer, h 119.Jefier- 

son E.l). 

Allman Ellon, wid. Otto, b 316 20th 
AUmaun Weuzel, slipp6rui)pers, 'M 

trose av 

Allmaras John, b.iker, 419 Humboldt 
Allmond Benjamin F. janitor, h 2 Fair 
Ailmoud Patty, h r 7.5 Canton 
Allmuth Aloise, musician, h 63 Lee av 
AUport John, engraver, h 52 1st 
Allqnest Cathariue, wid. Alexander, h 
5th E. J). 

Allright Andrew, lab, h 156 Wallabout 
AUrogKO Joseph, butcher, 224 Snmpter 
Allsliir<>, Ricluird, currier, h 280 ISth 
Allsliire 'I'ljonias, photoengraver, h 280 IStli 
Allshire Thomas, sampler, h 280 18th 
Allshouse Simeon J. confectionery, 63 4th, 

Allsop Helen, wid. William, dressmkr. li 203 


Allsop Thomas J. steamfittor, 92 Pearl, h 53 

Allspach Christian, carpenter, h 289 Kings- 
land av 

Allstate William, elk. h 169 Ewen 
Allsworth George, diiver, h 2(15 N. 9th 
AUsworth Margaret;, wid. Wm. h 55 Lynch 
Allt Edmund, mechanic, h 69 Poplar 
Allwood James, h 284 Baltic 
Alhvood .John FI. gent's furng, 49 Fulton 

N. Y. b 284 Baltic 
Allwood Thomas H. machinist, b 284 Baltic 
Aiiyen Louisa, wid. Francis T. ^8^- Wythe av 
AUyn Charles B. snpt. Nostrand av n Car- 
roll, h 1203 Dean 
Allyn Francis T. refrigerators, li 93 S. 6th 
Allyn John, realestate, 1258 Fulton, h 1203 

Allyn Sanford, engineer, h 197 B'way 
Almeida Maunel P. cigarmkr. h 231 Nassau 
Alniordinger Michael, lat). h 15 Forrest 

Almgren Alfred, driver, h 95 Carlton av 
Almmaudinger Jacob, lab. h 34 Monteith 
Almon George, blacksmith, h (54 Taylor 
Almond Thomas R. chuckuifr. 84 Pearl, h 

28 E. 22d N.Y. 
Almore Michael, lab. h 17 Bolivar 
Alnistadt William, carpenter, h 114 Spencer 
Almy George W. glassware, 42 Park pi N.Y. 

h 422 Grand av 
Alnwick Joseph, typemkr. h 433 Ist E.D. 
Alnwick Margaret, wid. Joseph, h 163 N. 5th 
Alois Tiemant, tailor, li 72 Seigel 
Alouzo Clara, wid. Michael, h 57 Cbeever pi 
Alonzo Thomas, printer, h 59 Union av 
Aloovy ,Iuan, junk, 241 N. 2d 

[ Alord James, lighterman, h 140 Degraw 
Alpers Martin E. coal, li 50 Lotferts pi 
Atpest Adam, b 52 Union av 
Alpliy Charles, lab. b 120 N. 7th 
Alpis Derric, h 63 Monitor 
Al.sbach Emil, drugs, 114 4th E.D. 
Alsgood Henry P. grocer, G3 Fulton, li 64 

Berkeley pi 
Alsgood Herniau J. elk. h S3 Cnuiberland 
Alsgood John M. grocer, 66 Fulton, h 95 N. 

Alsgood Louis, express, h 141 Carlton av 
Alsgood Peter, grocer, 6o Fulton, h 83 Cum 

Alsgood, Rascli & Co. (Peler Alsgood, John 

W. Rasch, John M. Alsgood, Henry P. 

Alsgood), grocers, 66 Fulton 
Alster Adam, shademkr. li 134 Skillman av 
Alston John I. gilder, 121 Nassau N.Y. h 

212 Prospect pi 
Alston liebeeca,hair,33 4th E.D. h 114 S. 2d 
Al.ston William, baiter, b 185 Chison av 
Alstraud Swan, shoeiiikr. /9 :id av 
Alt Catherine, wid. Adolph, h £0 Wythe 


Alt Charles, furniture, 186 2l8t 
Alt I-I<!iiry E. harness, 684 .Myrtle av 
Alt Joseph, tailor, Koekaway av c Bergen 
Alt Max, satchelmkr. h 93 Gc-ry 
Alt Paul, peddler, h r 1.57 McKibbin 
Alt William, milk, 79 Busliwick av 
Altekamp .lohn, moulder, h 394 N. 2d 
Altenbrand Albert, brewer, 1st c N. 9th, h 
454 Grand 

Altenbrand Edward, hops, 51 Lovimer, 1 

1070 Lafayette av 
Altenbrand Henry, maltster, Gth c N. 7th, h 

88 Hcwcs 

Altenbiand Joseph, carj)entor, h 26 Myrtle 
Altenlieimer Phil. art. llowers, h 459 B'way 
Alter Solomon, paints, 42!i B'way 
AltgeK. Maria, dressuikr. 183 Nassau 
Altliagen John F. printer, b 323 Division 

Althaus Charles H. physician, h 283 Adums 
Althaiis Julius, liquors, 93 Throop av 
Altbaiis Martin, liquors, Throop av n 

Althaus William G. b 939J Lafayette av 
Altheimer Samuel, jew(der, li 211 Ad<dphi 
Althisar George, staivbldr. b 27 Carlton av 
Althi.sar Phoebe, wid. Charles H. nurse, h 17 
Carlt(m av 

Althisar William J. bldr. 25 Carlton av. b 27 

Carlton av 
Althoft'Charles, baker, 129 N. 4th 
Althus Martin, liquors, 1.35 B'way 
Altman William, carpenter, h 67 Douglass 
Altman Martin, carpenter, b 30 McKibbin 
Alton Thomas, broker, 122 Front K.Y. h 125 


Altsbeeler Bernard, hatter, 604 5th av 
Altsheeler Isaao, toys, 602 5th av 
Altschuh George M. tailor, h 142 Marion 
Altscbuh Mary B. varieties, 142 Marion 
Altvat«r Henry, lithographer, h 208 Bergen 
Alvarez "Atanasia, cigarpacker, 209 Pearl 
N.Y. h 364 Oth 






rt > H 
» g » 

ft * M 

ft :^ X 19 


Sf; a) 

T M (!) 

S g2. 



ft — 

i m 

I— ^ 

>-<i H 

WM.H.JAGKSON & CO., il Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

Union Square, New York City. ( S And Fire-Piace NoveltieS. 

FOUNDRIES AND SHOPS^IS^EAST 28th STREET. ) M [See Adr'toa leaf opposite nam^ 


Has the Largest Het Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 




(0 = 

(8 E 

9 § 





09 -i 

« CD 
© 00 

<e <: 
c ^ 


Alvarez Damaso, cigarmkr. h 284 Tompkins 

Alvarez Joseph, cigarmkr. h 65 Cranberry 
Alvarez Martios, watchnum , h 55 Nassau 
Ah arez Matilda, wid. Manuel, h GO S. lOtli 
A'varo Garcio, cigars, h 158 Nassau 
Al\ eiis Eiiiile, artist, h 97 Oakland 
Alveraz Megii, cigars, 209 Pearl N.Y. h 169 

Alverez Joseph, cigars, N.Y. h Jobnson n 

Alvery Charles, elk. 673 Henry 
Alverez Manncl, cigarmkr. 177 Floyd 
Alvoy SamJiel, li(iuors, 61)8 Bedford av 
Alvis Antonio, cigarnil;r. h 5!5 4th E.D. 
.Alvord Charles, grocer, li 336 Hnmboldt 
Alvord E. P. salesman, h '216 17 th 
Alwaise Francis P. notions, li "280 Marcyav 
Alweil John, lab. li 508 President 
.\hvood F. tailor, h 184 Pacific 
Ahvood H. C. h 499 Greene av 
Alvea John, bklr. 125 4th pi. h 18 Douglass 
Aiyea William, bldr. h \l Park pi 
Alyward Edmund, lab. li Ifjl Columbia 
Alzamora F. Clarissa, wid. h 69 Woodbine 
Alzanioi a .Juan, elk. h 441 9tii 
Amadam Charles, elk. h 117 Hudson av 
Amamm Joseph, lab. li 273 Devoe 
Aman Elizabeth, h 234 14th 
Aman Gottlieb, patteramkr. h 98 10th E. D. 
Aman John, carpenter, b 243 Devoo 
Araanii Anton, bldr. y58 Devoe, h 243 Devoo 
Amarr Alexander, bkkpr. h 8 Broome 
Vinarr William, agt. b 8 Broome 
Am bach Michael, tailor, U 57 Moore 
Amber Charles, stonecutter, h 489 Sackett 
Amberman James, carp8nt<jr, h 304 Deau 
Amber .Johii, blacksmith, li 469 Sackett 
.Amber Oliver, stonecutter, h 40S> Sackett 
Amberman John H. janitor, h 139 Van Brunt 
Amberman Elohard, carpenter, h 188 Nos- 
trand av 

Ambler Ellsworth, dentist, h 87 Division av 
.\Tnbler John, electro, h 207 Wyckoff 
Ambler Thomas, stonecutter, U 469 Sackett 
Ambron Christian, marblepolisher, h 271 N. 


Ambros George, painter, h 121 N. 3d 
Ambrose Daniel, physician, h 97 2d pi 
Ambrose Edward, dockbklr. h 22SN. 8th 
Ambrose Jeremiah, conductor, b 450 Hnm- 

Ambrose John M. drugs, 300 Clinton 
Ambrose W. lab. h 155 Front 
Ambruster George, liquors, 388 B'way 
Auibucli Walter, tailor, h 215 Hopkins 
Araljurg John H. stationery, h 280 President 
Ameli Alonzo, elk. h 563 Lorimer 
Ameli John, carman, h 599 Lorimer 
Auieli Peter, driver, h 200 Freeman 
Ameli Akin, lab. h 367 Maujer 
Amoinug Charles, grocer, &i4 Pacific, h 116 

Amelung Henry E. ^ocer, 424 Degravr 
Amelung John A. insp. 15 Degraw, h 865 

Lincoln pi 

Amelnng Theodore, grocer, 649^ Bedford av, 

h 316 Gates av 

Amelunxeji Von Louis, brushmkr. 332 Leon- 

Amend Adolph, drugs, 274 Court 

Amend Jacob, grocer, 3d c Division av. h 71 

Division av 
Amend engor Nicholas, liquors, h 97 Debe- 


Ament John G. elk. h 394 Ewen 
Anient Paul, cooper, h 266 6th E D. 
Ament William, lab. h 200 Boerum 
American Carpet Lining Co. 9 Titl'any pi 
American Cocoa Matting Co. 143 Spencer 
American District Telegraph Co. 191 Mon- 
tague, 698 Fulton, 321 Court, 1076 Ful- 
ton & 30 4th E.D. 
American Express Co. 333 Washington, 170 
Montague, 136 Flatbusli av, 17 Bergen, 
79 4tb E.D. & 65 B'way N.Y. 
American Hotel, 28 Fulton 
American Photo- Lithographic Co. 484 3d av 
American Rapid Telegraph Co. 2 Court 
American Union Express Co. 838 Fulton 
Amcrman John N. storekpr. h 19^ Bond 
Amerman John W. broker, 42 B'way N.Y. h 
126 Macon 

Amerman Mary, wid. John W. h 227 Wash- 
ington ,av 
Amerman Nicholas, h 359 Bedford av 
Amennau Willard, elk. li 9()9 Fulton 
Amermann George P, police, li 428 Marcy 

Amerson Ave, machinist, h 21 2d E.D. 
Am(!s Alma, wid. Fisher, h 70 S. I'ortland 

Ames Annie E. wid. Edw. F. boarding, 128 
I Livingston 

Ames Charles A. musician, h 466 Hart 
Ames Charles W. elk. h 146 Pierrepoiit 
Ames C. Henry, artist, h 466 Hart 
Ames ]>aniel B. lawver, 44 Court, h Flat- 
lands, L.I. 
Arnes Edward, elk. h 60 Joi-alemou 
Ames Eleanor K. wid. Wm. h 60 Joralemou 
Ames George, glasscutter, h 368 S. 1st 
Ames George A. engineer, h 412 Smith 
Ames George W. machinist:, h 110 Diamond 
Ames Henry Q. c. h. h 309 Henry 
Ames John, h 118 Calyer 
Ames John, boilermkr. h 110 Diamond 
Ames John l'\ agt. h 70 S. Portland av 
Ames John H. eugineer, h 29 S. 6th 
Ames John H. machinist, h 466 Hart 
Ames John P. paiuts, 1806 Atlantic av 
AmesLydia, wid. John A. h223 8tli 
Ames Samuel, broker, li 350 Tompkins av 
Ames Thomas, boilermkr. h HO Diamond 
Ames William B. elk. h 83 S 5th 
Ames William T. hemp, 114 Franklin N.Y. 

h 384 Court 
Amesbury William, letterer, h 795 4th av 
Araetrano Emanuel, li 250 Sebermerhorn 
Amies William J. teacher, h 313 Macon 
Amity Waruig, ornaments, h 85 Stanhope 
Amley F. h 855 Lincoln pi 
Amiing Henry, cooper, 308 4tb E.D. 
Amman Christopher, cigarmkr. h 180 Free- 

Ammann John J. (Eev.), h 651 Hicks 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

Sec A&vt. page 12 front, 

AMM— ANl") 

Also, Russian, Electric, and Roman Batis. 

A. L. WOOD, IW.D., Prop'r, 

15 AND 

Amidaiiii Kicbolns, liquors, 698 Flashing av 
Ammann Kicliolas jr. poiter, h 698 Flushing 


Ammeii Clirist'r, slioemkr. li r 207 Hopkins 
Ammeiiwerth Lonis, plumber, 113 Leouard, 

h 49 Boerura 
Ammerbacli John, eigarmkr. h 47 Varet 
Animeibach Lawrence, shoemkr. h 47 Varet 
Aminerman Abram, butcher, h331 Hudson av 
Ammerraaii Albert, sec. 408 Pulton, h loO S. 

Elliott pi 

Ammermai) John, bronzer, h 402 Throop av 
Ammermau John W. h l^G Macon 
Ammernian Ijuther H. sexton, L 665 3d av 
Ammerman William H. insp. li 302 10th 
Attimerniau William H. jr. salosnian, h 302 

AmmermuIIcr Christian, lah. h 51 Ten Eyck 
Aminiu Charles, shoemkr. 466 Warren 
Ammon Frederick C. h 66 Stanhope 
Amou Nicholas, blacksmith, 1\ 20 10th E.D. 
Amend William C. printer, li 178 Sands 
Amends Daniel, moulder, h 9C9 Do Kalb 

Araont Peter, hairdresser, h 278 Atlantic 

Amorse Alpha, h 686 Carroll 
Amos Albert S. (Rev.), 603 Dean 
Amos Michael, brickwkr. h 76 S. 14tli 
Amrein Joseph, boxmkr. h 165 Franklin 
Amrhcin John, tailor, h 284 Maiion 
Amrhein Joseph, baker, h 196 Bnshwick 

Amsberg Henry jevreler, 38 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 85 Downing 
Amsohel John, broker, 8 Wall N.Y. h 284 

Gates av 

Amsden Edward, painter, h 397 Bridge 
Amtho Cliaries J. elk. h 312 Humboldt 
Ancker Peter, lab. h 21 Adams 
Anckner William, truckman, h 477 2d E.D. 
Aucock William, lab. h 139 Walton 
Andem MaryB. wid. William, h 1154 Fulton 
Anderberg Nils, tailor, h 70 Smith 
Anderhub Peter, brewer, h 195 Mesomle 
Anderline- Joseph, boarding, 420 Wallabout 
Andermau John, cooper, h 52 Hopkins 
Andersen August, seaman, h 219 Van Brunt 
Andersen August, seaman, h 154 Wolcott 
Andersen Edward, opcr. h 918 Myrtle av 
Andersen Emil, cigars, 193 Boerum 
Andersen Hans, seaman, h 151 Conovor 
Andersen Hans, seaman, h 94 Williaui 
Andersen liichard, elk. h 587 Warren 
Anderson Abrani, h 146 S. 4th 
Anderson Adam, coachman, h 138 York 
Anderson Alex, brassfinisher, h 106 Pearl 
Anderson Alexander, carpenter, h 72 S. 1st 
Anderson Alexander, engineer, h 188 Greene 
Anderson Alexander, grocer, 199 Tillary 
Anderson Alexander, lab. b 65 Hooper ' 
Anderson Alexander, realestate, 673 Fulton, 

h 212 Eaymond 
Anderson. Alexander, shipcarpenter, li 18 


Anderson Almira L. wid. Ackerman, h 67 

Anderson Anders, coppersmith, h 9 Beach pi 

Anderson Andrew, seaman, li 172 39th 
Anderson Andrew, caulker, h 221 Van Brunt 
Anderson Andrew, driver, h 68 Morrell 
Anderson Andrew, shoes, 236 York 
Anderson Andrew, ujibolsterer, h r 461 

Anderson Andrew J. carman, h 141 Navy 
Anderson Andrew H. stonecutter, li 87 Lewis 

Anderson Andrew P. eigarmkr. 212 Conover 
Anderson Anne, wid. Peter, 531 Warren 
Anderson Anna J. dressmkr. h 37 Devoe 
An<lersou Anton, elk. 134 Degraw 
Anderson Anton E. geufsfurng. 76 Hamil- 
ton av 

Andeison Anton, lighterage, h 445 Hicks 
Anderson Archibald, lab. h 160 Bayard 
Anderson Archibald J. C. N.Y. h 354 6th 
Anderson Arthur, machinist, h 188 9tih 
Anderson August, lab. 2 Hudson i)l 
Anderson Augustus, lab. h 233 tiands 
Anderson August, steamtitter, h 258 Tillary 
Anderson A. J. (Kev.), h 174 S. Elliott pi 
Anderson Benjamin, seaman, h 148 18th 
Anderson Bent A. elk. h 394 Eweu 
Anderson Carman E. baker, liiO Lafayette 

av, h k77 Cumberland 
Anderson Caroline, hairdresser, 855 Pacific 
Anderson Caroline, wid. Jerry, h 894 Atlan- 
tic av 

Anderson Catharine, wid. h 165 York 
Anderson Chas. carpenter, h 205 Hudson av 
Anderson Cliarles, carpenter, h lu9 Walton 
Anderscni Cliiiilcs, conductor, h 1097 Fulton 
Anderson Charles, flour, h 326 Atlantic av 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 14 Flushing av 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 13 Green la 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 14 Green la 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 48 Walton 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 213 Yorlc 
Anderson Charles, lab. h 216 York 
Anderson Chas. unison, h 15 Delmonico pi 
Anderson Chas. shipcarpenter, li 122 Huron 
Anderson Charles, tailor, h 1347 Fulton 
Anderson Charles, tailor, h 140 Wyckoff 
Anderson Charles F. woodengraver, h 457 

Anderson Chas. L. eigarmkr. h 53d n 41 h av 
Anderson Charles P. carpenter, h 498 Smith 
Anderson Charles V. butcher, 765 Latay. 
ette av 

Anderson Charles W. stevedore, 10 South 

N. Y. h 413 1st 
Anderson Charlotte, wid. AVilliam C. mis- 
sionary, h 322 Lorimer 
Anderson Christian, machinist, h 137 Sand; 
Anderson C. E. h 354 6th 
Anderson Daniel B. h 40 Scherraerhorn 
Anderson Daniel D. rubbergds. 93 Duant 

N. Y. h 90 Monroe 
Anderson David, ins. h 5.35 Clason av 
Anderson David S. driver, h 191 High 
Anderson Delia M. wid. John, h 744 Flush- 
ing av 

Anderson Edward, elk. h 103 Grand av 
Anderson Edward, lab. h 540 Court 
Anderson Edward, lab. li 44 S. 5th 
Anderson Edward, moulder, h 36 Walworth 


y- > 


5 S» 



Price $3.00. 10 BoermFlac^ Brooklyn, and 121 Fulton St., £T. 7. I 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name. 














Anderson Edward A. ))Ukpr. h 47 Pnlaski 
Anderson Ellen, wid. Peter, )i S41 Johnson 
Anderson Emma, v.'id. Peter B. h 25 S. El- 
liott pi 

Anderson Emma J. ^Yid. William H. laun- 
dress, h r 12 Fleet 
Anderson Erick, staiibldr. h 479 Warren 
Andei-son Eugene, seaman, h 85^- Summit 
Anderson Eveuus, sliipcarponter, h 295 Van 

Anderson E. V. v;id. li 71 Howard av 
Anderson Francis, farmer, h Malbone c 

Washington av 
Anderson Francis, watchman, h 41 Biidge 
Anderson Francis .1. sparmkr. h 41 Bridge 
Anderson Francis K. shoecntter, h 153 Law- 

Anderson Frank, cooper, h 65 Dupont 
Anderson Frank, cooper, h 67 Dupont 
Anderson Frank, lab. h 340 Wallabout 
Anderson Frank ii. elk. h 3(i^ Grand av 
Anderson Frank P. pianos, 36 Court, h 4GG 

Vanderbilt av 
Anderson Frederick C. lab. li 84 Treraont 
Aiulersou Frederick J. h 42 Oakland 
Aiulerson Frederick li. shoecntter, h 152 


Anderson Fritz, machinist, h 170 Prospect 
Anderson Fritz A. painter, h 9^ }^ Marion 
Anderson Garrit, Jab. h 250 Marion 

Anderson Geor<;e, aj^'ent, h HI Ijawrence 
AuderKon (Jeorge, h '10 Scliernierliorn 
Anderson Geo. bricklayer, li lOOG Atlan- 
tic av 

Anderson George, hats, 211 Myrtle av h 105 

Wayerly av 
Anderson Geoige, janitor, h 183 Montague 
Anderson Geori;e, lab. h 45 Jackson 
Andeison (Jeorge, truckman, b 231 Prospect 
Anderson George, peddler, h 750 Gates av 
Anderson George M. ins. 9 Willonghby, h 

HI Lawrence 
Anderson George W^. forwarding agent, pier 
27 North Eiver N.Y. h 51 Pulaski 

City, River, and Harbor Transportation, 


Pier 27, N.K., loot of Park Place. 

Offices : Piers 36 and 38. North Elver, 

Kesidence : 


51 Pulaski gt. 


Anderson Goodman, hats, 211 Myrtle, h 105 

Waverly av 
Anderson Graham, elk. h 563 Lafayette av 
Anderson Graham R. elk. li 40 Schemierhorn 
Anderson Gustaf, lighterman, h 108 Degraw 
Anderson Gnstav, shocrakr. 390 Court 
Anderson Gustave, shipmaster, h98 Union 
Anderson Gustin, hatter, h 119 Eaymoud 
Anderson G. laundry, :id av c Atlantic av 
Anderson Helena, wid. Andres, h 102 4th av 
Anderson Henry, elk. h 196 Navy 
Anderson Harry, compositor, h 15.") S. 8th 
Anderson Henry, foreman, h 120 Nassau av 

Anderson Henry, groceries, 93 Hall 
Andei-sou Henry, plumber, 236 Do Kalb av. 

h 61 Lafayette 
Anderson Henry B. painter, h 196 Fulton 
Anderson Henry 0. confectionery, 50 4th 

av, h 367 Dean 
Anderson Henry S. elk. h 305 Greene av 
Anderson Hewitt T. bkki)r. h 153 St. Mark's 


Anderson H. lighterman, h r 151 Conover 
Anderson Isabel, h 209 Carlton av 
Anderson Isabella, variety, 54 Nostrand av 
Anderson James, h 310 Monroe 
Anderson James, bkkpr. h 019 5th av 
Anderson Jas. cigarmkr. h 1868 Atlantic av 
Anderson James, tireujan, Ii 66 Franklin av 
Anderson James, furcutter, h 115 Spencer 
Anderson James, horseshoer, 30 Walton, h 

156 Qnincy 
Anderson James, jeweler, h 997| De Kalb av 
Anderson James, lighterman, h 129 Baltic 
Anderson James, machinist, h 339 16th 
Anderson James, tailor, h 339 Hamilton av 
Anderson James B. carpenter, h 25 Diamond 
Anderson James H. elk. 714 B'way N.Y. b 

65 3d E. D. 
Anderson James H. drygds. h 141 Wyckoff 
Anderson James H. salesman, h 275 Hooper 
Anderson Janujs M. (Rev.), h 1,2 Pineapple 
Anderson James P. painter, h 99 Gold 
Anderson James W. elk. h 95 S. 4th 
Anderson Jennie, wid. h 230 Navy 
Anderson Jensen C. elk. h 40 Henry 
Anderson John, h 371 Bridge 
Anderson John, h 103 Walton 
Anderson John, h 138 Warren 
Anderson John, boatman, h r 399 1st E.D. 
Anderson John, cabinetmkr. h 96 Guernsey 
Anderson John, carpenter, li 157 18th 
Anderson John, clk.h 710 Gates av 
Anderson John, coffee, h 334 Atlantic av 
Anderson John, cotton, h 188 Atlantic av 
Anderson John, cutter, li 204 York 
Anderson John, driver, h 108 Grand av 
Anderson ,Tohn, engineer, h 101 Bergen 
Anderson John, harnessmkr. 250 Myrtle av, 

h 81 Washington av 
Anderson John, ice, h 224 Sands 
Anderson John, lab. h 92 N. 6th 
Anderson John, lighterman,Ur 106 Hamilton 


Anderson John, livery, h 417 Warren 
Anderson John, lab. h 44 Bridge 
Anderson John, lab. h 17 Hamilton av 
Anderson John, lab. h 104 Partition 
Anderson John, lab. h 00 Van Brunt 
Anderson John, lab. li 169 Wyckofl' 
Ander.son John, machinist, h 96 3d av 
Anderson John, printer, h 41 Powers 
Anderson John, xmnter, h 85 Union av 
Anderson John, seaman, h 106 Hamilton av 
Anderson John, seaman, h 23 President 
Anderson John, seaman, h 178 Richards 
Anderson John, sliipearpntr. h 368 Myrtle av 
Anderson John, shipmaster, h 371 Bridge 
Anderson John, shoemkr. h 517 Atlantic av 
Anderson John, stevedore, h 304 10th 
Anderson John, tailor, li 616 Atlantic av 


BEST .^\.]VO 

B. MSCIR k Ml 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Kiver, New York. 


455 nriTOH STKEEX, 




Anderson John, tailor, h ()95 5th av 
Antlerson John A. carpenter, h 53d n 4th av 
Anderson John A. liquors, 124 Elizabeth 
Anderson John A, lawyer, 141 B'way, N.Y. 

h 47() Adelphi 
Anderson John A. ir. elk. h 124 Elizabeth 
Anderson John I), 'bldr. h :«0 Wyckoff 
Anderson John D. elk. h 477 Pacific 
Anderson John D. driver, li 298 11th 
Anderson John D. mason, h 225 Eaymond 




Andereon John E. clk. h 1.30 S. 2d 
Anderson John E. trainman, h 192 Eagle 
Anderson John F. h 383 Grand av 
Anderson John F. jr. h 385 Grand av 
Anderson Jolm H. h 45 Cranberry 
Anderson John H. lab. h 485 Adelphi 
Anderson John H. salesman, h 463 Macon 
Anderson John J, author, h 468 Adelphi 
Anderson John R, 408 Kosciusko 
Anderson .lohn E. mason, h 268 8tli 
Anderson Jolui S. carpenter, h 90 Grand 
Anderson John L. machinist, h 140 Wash- 
ington av 

Anderson John T. engineer, h 123 B'way 
Anderson John \V. mason, h 268 8th 
Anderson Jos. carpenter, h 382 Bedford av 
Anderson Joseph, confectionery, 104 Navy 
Anderson Joseph J. h 74 iS. lOtli 
Anderson Julia, wid. John, h 189 Sackett 
Anderson J. W. dressmkr. h 41 Lafayette 
Anderson Lawr'ce H. watchman, h 84 S. 1st 
Anderson Lester W. gasbuiners, White & 

Elm N.y. h 563 Lafayette av 
Anderson Lizzie, wid. h 64 11th E.D. 
Anderson Lizzie, hairdresser, 31 Flatbush av 
Anderson Lucinda, charwoman, h 68 Carl- 
ton av 

Anderson L. porter, li 5 Beach pi 
Anderson Margaret, h 350 Pulaski 
Anderson Margaret, wid. David, h 1006 At- 
lantic av 
Anderson Mary, wid. h 390 B'way 
Anderson Mary, wid. li 202 Freeman 
Anderson Mary, wid. Charles, h 17 Dolmon- 
ico pi 

Anderson Mary, v/id. John, h 626 Clason av 
Anderson Mary, wid. Joseph, h 36Walworth 
Anderson Mary J. h 486 Graliam av 
Anderson Mary L. wid. Wm. h 160 Bayard 
Anderson Matliias C. liquors, h 468 Fulton 
Anderson Matilda, faucygds. 531 Atlantic 

Anderson Michael PI. pilot, li 343 Sackett 
Anderson Moses, janitor, h 132 Sumpter 
Anderson Nelson, bricklayer, h 354 17th 
Anderson Nicholas H. clk. h 388 Dean 
Anderson Olif, shipping, 23 Coenties slip, h 
428 Union 

Anderson Oscar P. W. tailor, b 386 Atlantic 


Anderson Owen, driver, h 108 Grand av 
Anderson Oxel, lab. h r 22 Coles 
Anderson Peter, li 131 Kosciusko 
Anderson Peter, h 324^ Lexington av 
Anderson Peter, boats, 15 Manhassett pi 
Anderson Peter, carpenter, h 65 Columbia pi 
Anderson Peter, confectioner, 411 De Kalb 

Anderson Peter, lab. Ii 84 Partition 
Anderson Peter, peddler, h 447 Flatbush av 
Anderson Peter, printer, h 117 Franklin 
Anderson Pet«r, shoes, 620 6th av 
Anderson Peter O. acct, 197 Greenwich N.Y. 

h 200 Schermerhorn 
Anderson Peter B. boilermkr. h 44 Pegraw 
Anderson Peter 8. machinist, h 25 Cumber- 

Anderson Philip F, butcher, 73 Park av 
Anderson Richard, clk. 587 Warren 
Anderson Richard R. carpenter, h 960 At- 
lantic av 

Anderson Robert, bkkpr. 44 Court, h. 256 


Anderson Kob't, carpenter, h 868 Atlantic av 
Anderson Robert, clk. h 114 Hoyt 
Anderson Robert, engineer, li 237 Front 
Auderson Robert, porter, h 233 High 
Anderson Robert, shoemkr. h 1T3 Titlary 
Anderaon Jiobert P. carpenter, Ii Kil I'lllary 
Anderson Robert G. baker, Clinton c Fulton, 
li 325 .Jay 

Anderson Robert J. pres't, 155 Imlay «fc 21 

Astor House N.Y. h Pittsburg Pa. 
Anderson Hose, wid. Robert, h r 396i Bridge 
Anderson Russell, cigarmkr. h 148 6th K.D. 
Anderson R. (Rev:), h 135 22d 
Anderson Samuel, driver, h 48 Boerum 
Anderson Samuel, tailor, h 550 Atlantic av 
Anderson Samuel C. copyingpads, 95 Duane 

N.Y. h 149 Taylor 
Anderson Solomon, li 105 Waverly av 
Anderson Stephen D. clk. h 113 Quinoy 
Anderson Susan, wid. Michael, h 106 Cam- 
bridge pi 

Anderson Susan, wid. William, h 184 Kent 
Anderson Sven, 339 Hamilton av 
Anderson Sven O. porter, h 780 Fulton 
Auderson Swin, blksmitli, h r 477 Kent iiv 
Anderson S. dockbldr. h 90 Partition 
Anderson Thaddeus, hardware, 83 S. 9th 
Anderson Tliaddeus, printer, h 236 S. 9th 
Anderson Theodore D. mer. Wall N.Y. h 215 

St. John's pi 
Anderson Thomas, h 108 Grand av 
Anderson Thomas, clk. h 462 Lafayette av 
Auderson Thomas, furrier, h 108 Grand av 
Anderson Thomas, lab. h 305 Van Brunt 
Anderson Thomas, lab. h r 525 15th 
Anderson Thomas, liquors, 14 Schenck 
Anderson Thomas, mfr. h 66 Dupont 
Anderson Thomas, mfr. West c X<Veeman, h 

248 Rodney 
Anderson Thomas, seaman, h 148 Conover 
Anderson Thomas, teas, 149 iMyrtle av & 

516 Manhattan av. h 27th KY. 
Anderson Thomas F. h 197 S 5th 




110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N. Y. 

Direct Receiver of PENNSYLVANIA RYE and 

See Biudnesa Directory. Uqnors-^Wholesalet 


Has the largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. ia tlie World. 

Sec AdTOrtisement opposite name. 


Auderson Walter, gasl)uruers. Elm e White 

N.Y. h 463 Lafayette av 
Anderson William, carpenter, h 188 Stuyve- 

sant av 

Anderson William, elk, li246De Kalb av 
Anderson William, driver, h 200 S3d 
Anderson William, driver, h 44 S. 5th 
Auderson William, lab. h 441 Bergeu 
Anderson William, lab. h 71 Columbia 
Anderson William, lab. h 37 Green la 
Anderson William, lab. h 119 Spencer 
Anderson Wni. mechanic, h 709 Myrtle av 
Anderson William, painter, h 113 Harrison 
Anderson William, physician, 173 Union 
Anderson William, police, h 787 Dean 
Anderson Wm. stenographer, h 98 Wilson 
Anderson William, supt. h 125 Java 
Anderson Wm. jr. clothing, h 93 5th, E. I). 
Anderson William A. ins. 166 B'way N. Y. h 
31 Monroe 

Anderson William C. stevedore, 10 South 

N.Y. h 413 1st 
Anderson William D. mason, h23o Raymond 
Anderson William E. lacemfr. 19 Crosby 

N.Y. h 459 Pacific 
Anderson William F. wells, h 527 Clason av 
Anderson Wm. H. carpenter, 130 Livingston 
Anderson William H. oil, 116 Pearl N. Y. h 

183 Hewes 
Anderson William H. pilot, h 386 Dean 
Anderson Wm. J. bookkpr. h 117 Franklin 
Anderson William J. stationer, 17 Fulton 

N.Y. b 343 Clinton 
Anderson William R. manager, h 155 Scber- 


Anderson William 8. printer, h 45 Fort 

Greene pi 

Anderson William W. carpenter, h 148 18tb 
Anderson William W. bookkpr. h 77 Eeid av 
Anderson Wilson G. H. grocer, li 775 Lafay- 
ette av 

Anderson Young, lighterage, h 443 Hicks 
Anderton William, furs, h 52 Underbill av 
Andes Adam, stonecutter, h 695 3d av 
Andie Andrew, bkkpr. h 209 Grand av 
Andes Frank, sailmkr. h 49 Cheever pi 
Andes John, h 19 Cook 
Andes Louis, lab. h 76 Hamilton av 
Andesner John H. printer, h 149 Maujer 
Andfeld William, barnessmkr. h 191 19th 
Andre Elizabeth, wid. Philip, h r 12 Stagg 
Andre Frank, cigarmkr. h 89 Fulton 
Andre Manuel, cigarmkr. h 89 Fulton 
Andrea Joseph, cigarpacker, b 587 Grand 
Andreas George, hairdresser, 244 Myrtle av 
Andreas Harriet F. dressmkr. 79 DeKalb 

Andreas Peter A. drugs, 91 Grand 
Andreas Theodore, carver, h 444 B'way 
Andree Frederick, bkkpr. b 744 Herkimer 
Andree Oscar P. elk. b 744 Herkimer 
Andree William L. elk. h 744 Herkimer 
Andrees Edward, pianos, 145 McKibbin 
Andres Andreas, grocer 587 Busbwict av, h 

28 Troutman 
Andres Caspar, baker, h r 117 McKibbin 
Andres Henry, weaver, h 595 Grand 
Andres Jacob, glasscutter, h 563 Grand 

Andresen John C. cabinetmkr. Devoe- e 

Leonard, h 302 Ewen 
Andreas John, porter, h 95 Tompkins av 
Andrew Hester, h 46 Macomb 
Andrew William, stonecutter, h 370 Bond 
Andrews Alexander, moulder, li 97 N. 6th 
Andrews Alfred, teacher, h 196 Raymond 
Andrews Andrew, liquors, 17:i6 Atlantic av 
Andrews Anthony, liorist, h 283 Graham 
Andrews Archibald, h 144 1 B'way 
Andrews Benjamin, physician, 431 State 
Andrews Benjamin, salesman, h 183 Rodney 
Andrews Charles, h 185 Adams 
Andrews Charles, painter, h 30'2 Madison 
Andrews Chas.N. bkbinder, h 488 Atlantic av 
Andrews Chas. T. h 20th c 10th av 
Andrews Edwin, baker, 175 B'way 
Andrews Edwin, carman, h 83 Hopkins 
Andrews Edwin, elk. h 523 Pacific 
Andrews Eliza, wid. Archibald, li 1441 B'way 
Andrews Francis, basketmkr. h 72 Graham 


Andrews Francis, elk. h 61 Tillary 
Andrews Frank H. drugs, 302 Flatbush av. 

h 100 Prospect pi 
Andrews Frederick C. ins. h IS) Adams 
Andrews Frederick H. slu'es, 1786 Fulton 
Andrews George, lab. h 197 Sachet!, 
Andrews Henry, lighterman, li 1 95 tJonovcr 
Andrews Jacob, caulker, h 221 Van Brunt 
Andrews James 1). supt. Fulton c Gallatin 

pi. h 198 Raymond 
Andrews James H. drygds. 199 Grand, h 313 

8. 5th 

Andrews James H. (Rev.) h 72 Conaelyoa 
Andrews John, agt. b 180 Wythe av 
Andrews Jno. basketmkr. h 685 Flushing av 
Andrews John, elk. h 116 Nassau av 
Andrews John, lawyer, 16 Court, h 89 2d pi 
Andrews John, woodturner, b 493 Court 
Andrews Jno. jr, lawyer 16 Coui't, h 89 2d pi 
Andrews Jos. strawgds. b 404 Clermont av 
Andrews Jos. A. printer, h 488 Atlantic av 
Andrews Joseph R. h 38 4th E. D, 
Andrews Louisa, wid. Robt. W. h 69 2d pi 
Andrews Lyman, necktiemlV. 445 9th 
Andrews Lyman S. bkkpr. h 445 9th 
Andrews Martha, hatmfr. r 405 5th av 
Andrews Norman, executor, 139 Front N.Y. 

h 12 St. James i)l 
Andrews Petei', tailor, h 117 Prospect E, D. 
Avulrews Robert H. card nifr. h 58 3d 
Andrews Robert, carpenter, h 33 Flint 
Andrews Samuel H. elk. room 9 City Hall, h 

283 Graham 
Andrews Sarah L. wid. Thos. 210 Sterling pi 
Andrews Thomas, elk. 256 Vanderbilt av 
Andrews Thomas, driver, h 1558 Myrtle av 
Andrews Thoma:-, lab. h 200 Mescrole 
Andrews Thomas, poi-ter, h 166 Fulton 
Andrews Thomas, truckman, h 99 Graham 
Andrews Thomas M. shoes, 116 Church N.Y". 

b 143 Montague . 
Andrews William, h 246 Macon 
Andrews Wm. butcher, h 880 Atlantic av 
Andrews William, elk. h 185 Willoughby 
Andrews William, drygds. 447 B'way, h 361 





348 Broadway IVEW YOKK. 

See AdTt. page 12 front, 


ilso, Rnssian, Electric, and Roman Baths. 


A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

19 AJSfG— A>JS 

Avidrews Wiliiam K. shoes, 383 Myrtle av. 

h Itri CleriTioiit .'iv 
Andrews Win. 0. salesman, li53 Herkimer 
An<lrew8 X?ivier, willowware, 72 Graliam av 
Audrews & Manney (Frank H. Andrews, 

Chaa. P. Ma.Hney),diug3,302 Fhitbusli av 
Audrewsen John C. cabiiietmlsr. li 302 E wen 
Audrie Charles, 1» r 159 'i'M 
Andrie Jacob, elk. h 157 Butler 
Andrie Mai-garet, wid. Chas. h 46 Woodhnll 
Audrige CUarles R. decorator, h 73 Wil- 


Andrige Rob'fcJ. carpenter, h 73 Willougliby 
Andrige Wm. decorator, h 73WiIloughby 
Androa Daugo, lab. li 195 Water 
Audrovatt Charles, carpenter, h 44 4tli pi 
Audrns Alfred U. elk, li 291 Macon 
Andnis Edward L. storage, N.Y. h 523 Pa- 

Andrus Isabella, b 195 Keap 
Andrns Mary A. wid. Lucius C. h 356 Carl- 
ton av 

Andruss William, li 24() Macon 
Aviers Jacob, grocer, 23 McDougal 
Aneshansol Henry, brewer, li 146 Busli- 
wick av 

Angar Frank, tailor, li 91 Hamilton av 
Angel Cliristiiin, basketmkr. li 98 Snnipter 
Angel Frank W". lawyer, IdS Montague, h 81) 

Angel Max, elk. li 62 Tliroop av 

Angell Albert (!. drygds. 44 Hudson N.Y. li 

(>l S. Elliott pi 
Angell Albert H.joiinial!st,h 372 Washington 
Angell George, student, h 64 S. Elliott pi 
Angell George W. jeweler, 176B'way N.Y. li 

41 Clifton av 
AngoU Harriet, -wid. George, h 649 Fulton 
Angell JauiesF. jeweler, 176 B'way N. Y. h 

400 Adeli)hi 
Angell Job F. h 307 Carlton av 
Angell Jolin, peneilmkr. h 150 Hudson av 
Angell Thos. 39 DeyN.Y. h 187 Putnam av 
Angell William H. express, h 66 Java 
Anger Leopold, j)orter, h 89 Busliwick av 
Auger Paul, porter, h 8 Metropolitan av 
Angerer Edward, shoomkr. li 110 Smith 
Angermaim Ferdinand, shoemkr. b 108 2d 


Angevine David, bldr. h 116 Wytlie av 
Augevine Elijah, driver, h 1623 Fulton 
Angevine Emery, toolmkr, li 21t) Lorimer 
Angevine Frank, examiner, h 184 llalsey 
Angevine George, truckman, h 206 Eckford 
Angevine Lewis, dockbldr. b 63 Hope 
Angevine William, elk. h 164 Clifton pi 
Angevine Wm. 6. carpenter, h 140 Meserole 

Angla Jacob, elk. h 119 Johnson av 
Anglada Joseph, restaurant, 5 Front 
Anglim John, liquors, 339 Hamilton av, h 

343 Hamilton av 
Anglim Michael, feed, 253 Hamilton av 
Anglim Thomas, liquors, h 343 Hamilton av 
Anglin Charles E. .seaman, h 142 Columbia 
Anglin Edmund, driver, h 88 Walworth 
Anglin Jeremiah, grocer, 160 9th 
Anglin Maiy, wid. John, h 63 Atlantic av 

Anglin Patrick, printer, h 174 Clymer 
Angliss Jos. leatiierdresser, h 149 Park av 
Anglo-American Eoofing Co. (Clark D. 

Rhincliart), 298 Manhattan, av 
Aughim James, lab. h 119 N. 3d 
Anglum J.ames jr. cooper, h 119 N. 3d 
Anglum Jerry, lab. h r 46 N. Portland av 
Anglum Patrick, machinist, h 119 N. 3d 
Anglum Thomas, driver, h 119 N. 3d 
Angulo Ramon, cigarmkr. h 395 S. 2d 
Angus John, li 181 Livingston 
Angus John D. bkkpr. h 279 S. 5th 
Angus Thomas R. elk. h 107 W.ishington av 
Angus Thomas W. elk. h 82 7th E.D. 
Anigan John, boitermkr. h 237 St. Mark's av 
Aui3 Robert, painter, h 54 India 
Aakel ClirisfcopheY G. butcher, 473 Wash- 
ington mkt. N.Y. h 390 Grand 
Ankelmanu Henry A. grocer, 62 Carlton av 
Anker Peter, coachman, h 384 Waverly av 
Ankers John H. shipmaster, h 441 Pulaski 
Anketell George, sampler, h 330 De Kalb av 
Ankctell William, insp. h 3 St. James' pi 
Ankner Adam, boilermkr. h r 9 Whipple 
Aiikner Jacob, boilermkr. h r 9 Whipple 
Ann Charles, shoes, 461 Atlantic av 
Annabel Henry, carpenter, h 10 Hall 
Annable Henry D. drags, 338 Tompkins av. 

h 352 Monroe 
Annable Mary, wid. .Joseph, h 151 5th E.D. 
Auiiamillor John H. tailor, h 88 Bergen 
Aimaudale William, bookkpr. h 181 Baltic 
Aiinear James, lab. h 98 Newell 
Annett Kioliard, shoemkr. h 216 Franklin 
Annex Brooklyn, Penn. R.E., N.J., Fall 
River Line, Albany day boats, ft Fulton 
Annex Erie Depot, Hoboken, Jersey City 
Central E. R. of N. J. & Brooklyn, ft 

Annin Edward, grain, 31 Pearl N.Y. h 201 

Washington pk 
Annin Joseph, steamheating, 4 Water, h 13-* 


Annin Phineas F. wood engraver, 300 Canal 

N.Y. h 109 Johnson 
Annin & Co. (George S. Elcock), steamheat- 

ing, 4 Water • 


ANNIN & CO., Proprietors, 

(Successors to Benton's Steam & Gas Pipe Works,) 
Wrought Iron Pipe {Galvanized and Plain), Brass 
Goods and Fittinfi^s for Steam, Water, and Gas ; ' 
Coil Bending: and Steam Heating a Specialty. 
Estimates and Plans furnished for Heating Hotels, 
Factories, and Private Dwellings. 
2 to G Water Street, Brooklyn. 
J. ANNIN. (New York Office i 58 John St.) g, s. elcock. 

Annis Patrick, lab. h 258 Park pi 
Ansado Nicholas R. tobacco, 55 Beaver N.Y. 
h 8 2d pi 

Ausarley George, stevedore, h 86 Union 
Ansbach Samncl, cigars, 1445 Myrtle av 
Ansbacher Adolph B. colors, N. 7th n Union 

av, h N.Y. 
Ansley Eliz.i, wid. Andrew, h 200 Dean 
Anson Edward, tel. oper. h 235 Warren 
Anson George R. painter, h 923 Fulton 

PI AMflQ CMckering, Repaired 

1 I A iM U O, it GHAS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiYlngstOE St., cor. Boerni PL 


Has the lai^est Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, ia tke World. 

See Adveitisenaent opposite name^ 





D Hi 

0 z 











Anson John, blacksmith, 82 Hamilton av 
Ausoji John, hardware, 53 Hamilton av, h 

174 Itegiaw 
Anson Nicholas, lab. h 21 Tiffany pi 
Ansonia Clock Co. (William E. Dodge jr. 

pres't), 7th av & 12th, &, 11 Cliff, N.Y. 
Anspach Mary, ivid. h 249 Stockton 
Anstiitt Jacob, lab. h 152 McKibbin 
Anstett John, grocer, h 90 Debevoise 
Anstett Joseph, fruit, 35 3d pi 
Austey Fred, cabinetmkr, 5S7 Atlantic av 
Aiitenrieth Frederick, elk. h 333 S. lat 
Antes Joseph, coal, 96 Montrose av 
Antfeld Harry C. butter, 680 5tli av 
Antbon William, jeweler, h 117 Jefferson 
Anthony Christian G. butcher, h 390 Grand 
Anthony I). Edgar, lawyer, Tribnne bldg. 

N.Y. h 78 Clinton av 
ADthony Edward J. elk. 846 Greene av 
Anthony Elizabeth, wid. Patrick, h 139 Har- 

Anthony Frank, elk. li 247 S. 3d 
Anthony Frank H. elk. h 318 Livingston 
Anthony George, painter, h 92 Diamond 
Anthony James, seaman, b 2^ Colnmbia 
Anthony Jame» Y. porter, h 452 Decatur 
Anthony John, painter, h 188 Centre 
Anthony Jos<!ph, peddler, h 135 N. 4th 
An( lioiiy Mary E. wid. James, nurse, h 397 

Anthony Michael, cooper, h 167 IT. 9tb 
Anthony Pliilip, liquors, 339 Lewis av 
Antlionv Robert K. drvgds. 168 Church N. 

Y. h 198 Greene av 
Anthony Robert E. jr. h 198 Greene av 
Antiioiiy Samuel, cook, h :i8i S. 5tb 
Anthony Theophilus, h 414 Lafayette av 
Anthor Charles J. bkkpr. h 312 Humboldt 
Anti-Moth Barrel Co. r 37 S. 3d 
Antisell Margaret, musicteacher, 836 Bergen 
Anton Carl, carpenter, h r 103 Meserole 
Anton .John, hairdiessi^r, b 7 Front 
Anton Mary, """id. h 150 Hopkins 
Autoncllia Giacomo, shoemkr. h r 509 Grand 
Antoney Charles, tailor, h 246 Lynch 
Antoni Andrew, machinist, h 199 Meserole 
Autoni Franco, wid. h 13 Conover 
Anton ine Signore, cabinetmkr. h 74 Presi- 

Antonius Louis, carpenter, h 108 Newell 
Antony Jacob, carpenter, h 245 Hopkins 
Antrobus Thomas, painter, 466 5th av 
Antun Cornelius, cabinetmkr. h 257 Powers 

Antwiler .Joseph, cigars, 112 Sands 
Antwine Frederick, driver, b 77G Gates av 
Antz George, butcher, b 135 Hudson av 
Antz John, butcher, h 347 Myrtle av 
Antz Philip, butcher, 347 Myrtle av 
Antz Robert, lab. h r 91 N. 6th 
Anveller Conrad, cooper, h 89 Busliwict av 
Anway George, driver, h 797 Herkimer 
Anzen Henry, jeweler, h 201 Hooper 
Apel Albert F. drugs, 621 5th av 
Apel August, tailor, h 64 Smith 
Apel Charles, bartender, h64 N. Portland av 
Apel Gustave E. housefnmg. 588 5th av. h 
165 15th 

Apel John F. drugs, 5th av c 17th, h 378 17tb 

Apel & Bird (Gastave E. Apel, A. Clinton 
Kird), housefumg. 586 5th av 

Apeler Clement, h 290 Devoe 

Apeler Herman, grocer, 290 Devoe 

Apin John, elk. h 238 Gold 

Apking C. F. grocer,"WilIoiigbby av c Still 

Aple Francis, cigarrokr. h 6 Flushing av 
Aple Joseph, grocer, 45 Hoenim 
Aplin William, editor, h 444 8tate 
Apollo Club, 398 Fulton 
Appel August, fish, 527 B'way 
A))pel Henry, grocer, 1169 B'way 
Appel Henry, liquors, h 101 Moore 
Api)el John, blacksmith, h 30 Fayette 
Appel Jolin, cigajTiikr. h 174 Prospect av 
Appel John, lab. h 328 N. 2d 
Appel Laurence, watchman, h 687 3fl av 
Appel Scba.stian H. cigars, 90 Court 
Appelgate Charles E. liorist, 17 Putnam av 
Appelgate Edward W. b 17 CaTibridge pi 
Appelgate George S. butcher, h 166 Prince 
Appelgate George W. elk. b 678 Gates av 
Appelgate Jeremiah, pilot, h 179 27th 
Appelgate Wm. police, fa 311 Franklin av 
Appelhans Adam, liquors, 224 Stagj 

Appclonia Boronson, wid. Henry, h 19 Ma- 

Appciizeller Frederick, painter, h 155 N. 2d 
Apperons Peter, lab. h 119 Water 
Apple Morris, hatter, h 207 Division av 
Appli William, hairdresser, h 131 43d 
Appleby Frederick, printer, h 54 Bocrnm 
Appleby George H. printer, 505 B'way, h 

7S'A Middlcton 
Appleby John, coachman, li 9 Marcy av 
Ai)pleby John H. driver, h 294 Bergen 
Appleby Maria E. wid. h 448 Wavorly av 
Ai>plel)y Rodney, lab. h 389 Humboldt 
Applcgate Charles, jjrinter, h 305 Hicks 
Applcgate Daniel IS. police, h 85 Fleet pi 
Applegate Edw'd, bricklayer, h 108 Adelphi 
Applcgate Elizabeth, wid. Lewis, h 124 Cum- 

Applegate George, bkkpr. h 551 Bedford av 
Applegate Geo. L. bkkpr. h 504 Lafayette av 
Applegate Joseijli, cofflumfr. 38 S. 9th, h 22 
Bedford av 

Applegate Joseph H. iishmkt. 882 Fnlton, 

h 465 Adelphi 
Applegate N. S. musicteacher, b 293 lltli 
Applcgate William H. bkkpr h 293 llth 
Applcgate & Chapman CJohn 8. Applegate 

& John C. Chapman), truckmen, 163 

Washington av 
Appleton Chas. salesman, h 37 Cumberlimd 
Appletou Chas. sale'imaii, b 42 Cumberland 
Appleton Daniel, publisher, 201 Kent av, h 


Appleton Daniel S. publisher, 201 Kent av, 
h N.Y. 

APPLETON D. & CO. (William H., John 
A., Daniel S., & William W.) publishers, 
201 Kent av. & 1, 3 & 5 Bond, N.Y. 
Appleton Edward, h 258 Lafayette av 
Appleton Frank S. bkkpr. li 216 Ross 
Appleton Isabel, wid. William, h 5 Spring 
ter. Meeker av 


132 ^langiii St., near Houston, East River, New York. 








Appletou Julia, dix'ssmkr, 316 Grand 
Appleton ,1, W. h 13'J Cambridge pi 
Appletoti Ross E. manager, 'MS Fulton, li 

235 Harrison 
Appleton William li, publisher, 201 Kent av 

& 1 Bom!, h N.Y. 
Appletroth Ja<»l), peddler, h Flushing av. 

c Harrison av 
Appleyard Auston, gcnsmitb, U Q'M Myrtle 


Appleyard Thomas, engraver, h r 139 lOtli 
Appleyard. William, gnnsmitli, h rl39 19th 
April Alex, papermkr, h 23 Lafayette 
Apsley George E. lawyer, 21 Beelcman, N.Y. 

h 33M 4tk 
Apsey Henry, tailor, 296 Myrtle av 
Apt Louis, (irygds, l(i7 Eweii 
Apy Charles L. iceman, h 249 Hudson av 
Aral Alexander M. li 405 Grand av 
Arango Catharine F. wid. Manuel, music 

teacher, 674 De Kalb av 
Aranguroii Frederick M. ins. agt. Lewis av 

11 De Kailj av 
Arhel Martha, wid. Peter, h 203 8tU E.D. 
Arben Henry, grocer, b 351 Ue Kail) av 
Arbiter August, lab. h 385 Atlantic 
Arbogast Geoige, baker, 278 Smith 
Arboiia Anthony, eigarmltr. 127 Fulton 
Arbona Lydia, wid. Fraucis, h 123 Carlton av 
Arbt Jacob, tailor, h 142 Johnson av 
Arbuckk-, Andrew, elk. h 85 Cumberland 
Arbuckle Andrew, lab. h 140 York 
Arbuckle John, coffee, John c Adams, h 82 


Arbuckle .John, cooper, h 140 York 
Arbuckle Margaret, wid. Andrew, h 140 York 
Arbuckle Thomas, elk. h 14 Fulton 
Arbuckle Thomas, cooper, h 140 York 
Arbnclde & Kros. coffees, 111 Front N.Y. & 

John e Adauis 
Arch George, florist, h 199 McKibbin 
Areliard Einma, wid. John, h li)0 Wyekoff 
Arehard Miuiiie, dressmUr. h 190 Wyekoff 
Aroiienal Paul, shoemkr. h 62 Scholes 
Archer Abigail E. wid. George li. h 40 Mon- 
roe pi 

Archer Annie, wid. Charles, h 492 Clason av 
Archer Alexander, banker, N.Y. h 180 Madi- 

Archer Alexander H. hardware, 1143 Fulton, 

h 180 Madison 
Archer Charles S. elk. h 492 Clason av 
Archer David, lab. h 627 Atlantic av 
Archer E. F. news, h 290 B'way 
Arclier Frederick G. dyer, h 353 Degraw 
Archer George B. jeweler, h 119 Aiiislie 
Archer George E. li 153 State 
Archer Henry, confectionery, h 78 N. Port- 
land av 

Archer Henry, painter, h 81 Woodhull 
Archer Henry, physician, 11 1 S. Oxford 
Archer Hezekiah S. hkbinder, h 222 Carlton 

Archer Isaac H. oil, 122 Pearl N.Y. h 136 


Archer Marv, wid. John, h 123 Boernm pi 
Archer Jacob W. bkbiuder, N.Y. h 384 Cum- 

Archer James, painter, h 624 Pacific 
Areher Jedediah, bldr. 97 Java 
Archer John, engraver, h 201 Maujer 
Arclier Joseph VV. oils, 44 Flatbush av, h 3i 
Sterling pi 

Archer Julia, wid. William, h 353 Degraw 
Archer Norman L. bkbinder. Park N.Y. h 

5934^ Lafayette av 
Archer Paul G. dyer, h 353 Degraw 
Archer Richard, carpenter, h 98 Franklin 
Archer Richard, elk. h 11 Union 
Archer Kiciiard, compositor, h 199 Sands 
Archer Robinson, painter, 1 S, William N.Y 

h 124 Summit 
Archer Thomas, foreman, h 293 Van Brunt 
Archer Walter, elk. h 212 Greene av 
Archer Warren S. bkkpr. h 231 St. James pi 
Archer William, carpenter, h 278 N. HXi 
Archer William, machinist, h 65 .laokson 
Archer William, shoemkr. h 11 Union 
Archer William, supt. 18th u 4th av N.Y. h 

32 India 

Archer William jr. elk. h 11 Union 
Archer W^illiam E. carpenter, h 97 .Java 
Archer William M. watchman, h 119 Ainslie 
Archibald Andrew, roofer, 4^4 Flushing av 
Archibald Cliarle.s, engraver, li 397 8. 4th . 
Archibald Henry, stairbldr. h 516 Lorimer 
Archie James M. porter, h 26 Quincv 
Aici J. K. iron, 9 n N. 2d, b 91 4th E.D. 
Arcularins B. F. pilot, h 770 Bnsliwiok 
Arcularius Catharine, wid, Peter, h 936 At- 
lantic a V 

Arcularius Frederick, oysters, 6 16 Myrtle av. 

h 1229 DeKalb av 
Arcularius Maria, wid. George, h 1229 De 

Kalb av 

Ardcn Henry, lawyer, Ann & Nassau N.Y. h 

34fl Mcbonough 
Ardizone Enusd, li 111 N. 4th 
Ardizone Ercole, jeweler, h 272 Adams 
Ardrey John, h 4«8 7tfa av 
Ardy Sarah J. wid. Edward, fancygds. 507 

DeKalb a v 

Areckson Lewis, furniture, h 340|Atlantic av 
Arend George, baker, 71 Ralph av 
Arend Henry, h 136 Moore 
Arondt Sophia, wid. August, h r 12 Stagg 
Arens, cigarmfr. 55 Hamilton ;iv 
Arens Hii-sh, shoemkr. b 116 President 
Arents Charles, cooper, h 918 Union av 
Arents Robert H. elk. h 344 Lorimer 
Arents William S. cooper, 74 Withers, h 344 

Arents William S. jr. cooper, 138 8th, E.D. 
Areon George, lab. h 35 S. 3d 
Areson Samuel W. turner, 35 Ainslie, h 288 
N. 6th 

Areson & Harmer (Samuel Areson, George 

W. Harmer), turners, 33 Ainslie 
Ar&nanu Amend, stevedore, h 24 Bergen 
Arfmann John, grocer, Jay & Greenwich 

N.Y. h 21 Newell 
Arfns Henry, shoemkr. h 48 Union .i.v 
Arguilles Icedro, cigarmfr. 29 Maiden li 

N. Y. h B2J Douglass 
Arguimban Daniel impr. 29 So. Willian 
N. Y. h 86 2d pi 

WIOE. JACKSON & CO.,l|Artistie erates, fete, 

Union Square, Now York City. ( | And Fireplace Noveltiea, 

= [See AdT*t on teaf oiqiiosite Bane^]; 


[EaTABUSRKD 1827.!! 


Has the Largest Het Snrplus of any lire lasurance Co. ia the World. 

See AdTeirtisemeut apposite name* 


* o 


• E 










•4— » 



Arguimbau Joseph L. com. mer. 5W Beaver 

N. Y. h 89 Iscpl 
Aigne John, lab. h 23 N. Oxford 
Ai tiens Charles, elk. h 215 Varet 
Arhoiis John C. coopor, h 75 tith E.1). 
Ari;i8 Francis G. oigarmkr. h 17th 
Ariiie Murtin. shipping, li 8.5 Degvaw 
Ariiig Chiistophei, Hqtoi-s, 530 Humboldt 
Ari. ger Andrew, turner, b 747 Flushing av 
Arkell Annie, h 248 Van Brunt 
Arkills Davi<i, shipfautener, h 51.'> Lorimev 
Arkenbnrg James, gardener, h 149 Smith 
Arkhall Jonathan, h 84 India 
Ark Wright Abraham, engineer, h l'2r> Hart 
Arlington John, painter, h r 98 Spencer 
Arlott Ami>ton, cigarmkr. h 121 Partition 
Arlt Cathai-ine, wid. 30 Meserole 
Ar!t Henry, tablemfr. r 11 Judge, h 200 Jack- 

Arm Anna, wid. h 117 Leonard 
Armaud Andrew, lab. h 44 Meeker av 
A-i mand Henri, painter, h i'M liridge 
Armaun Frederick, artist, h 325 Floyd 
Armunu Mary, -wid. Chaiies, milk, !;i73 S. 1st 
Armas Antonio T. h 94 Bntler 
Armatyge .lames, cutter, h 220 Eckford 
Armbrisler Eagliu J., salesman, h 318 Les- 

ingt(m av 
Armbrust Kobert, lab. li r 134 Boorum 
Armbrusta Otto, driver, h 3til Ewen 
Armbruster Charles, shoemfr, b lOS Hopkins 
A rmbruster Charles jr. liquors, 123 Wash- 

Armbruster Cliarles E. litliographer, 322 

William N.Y. h 939 Rutle.lge 
Armbrnster Eniestine, h 148 Varet 
Armbruster Georg-", cabinetmkr. hl47Seigel 
Armbrnster Joseph, h r 117 Walton 
Armbnistor Philip, tailor, h 39 McKibbin 
Arnibnister Sylvester, grocer, h 13.) Sands 
Anulii usliei- William, guiisinitb, 279 Gold 
Arniciit Moses, ticketagt. li 129 Summit 
Anaiield Elizabeth, h llti N. Oxford 
Armficld Joseph, gatemau, h 28 Veroon av 
Armlield William W. realestate, S09 Myrtle 

av, h 106 Sanlbrd 



Armilini Louis, locksmith, h 25 Park av 
Arming Francis M. glassware, 21 Murray 

N.Y. h 195 State 
Armingi on James H. pres. 180 Kemsen, h lOi 

.Armitage Elizabeth, wid. h 382 Warren 
Armitago Isaac I. bootmkr. 146 16th 
Armitage James, shoemkr. 701 Butler 
Armitage John T. sawmkr. h 167 lOfch E.D. 
AEMITAGE THO.\IAS E. Alderman 25th 

ward, sailmkr. 52 South N.Y. h 316 


Armitrage James, hats, 576 Hamilton av 
Armor Mary E. lancygds. 248 Tompkins av 
Armour Ann, h 980 Myrtle av 
Armour Frank De W. elk. h 438 Herkimer 
Armour .John, printer, h 244 Gold 
Armour Samuel, physician, Mansion House 
Armour Samnel L. sailmkr. h 115 Bridge 
Armour Theodore S. elk. N.Y. h 13 Halsey 

Armour William, ii 980 MyrtJc av 
Armroyd Augustus F. artist, h 574 4lh av 
Arms Maiy F. wid. Charles, h 59 Sands 
Armstrong Alphonso, jeweler, h 76 Henry 
Annsfcroiig Andrew, machinist, Ii 354 t)a- 

Armstrong Andrew, stoves, 365 Hudson av, 
h 37 Fleet 

Arm,strong Andrew J. stoves, 365 Hcdson av 

h 12 Fleet pi 
Armstrong August, bkkpr. h 17 Irving pi 
Armstrong Austin S. h 137 2d E.D. 
Armstrong Benjamin, realestate, b 187 

Armstrong Benjamin F. salesman, h 175 

Keid av 

Armstrong Bridget, wid. Bartholomew, h 32 

Armstrong Charles, elk. h 360 Clilton pi 
Araistrong Charles, cooper, li r 36 Ten Eyek 
Armstrong Chas. E. clk. h 482 Lafayette a «' 
ArnLstrong Charles F. h 669 Wan'en 
Armstrong C. h 84 Kaymood 
Armstrong Edward, furrier, 91 Mercer N.Y. 

h 6i)3 De Kalb av 
Armstrong Edward, restaurant, 33 New 

N.Y. h 387 6ili av 
Armstrong Edward, watchman, h 75 Van 

Cott av 

Armstrong Elizabeth, wid. Samuel, h 29 

Armstrong Emily, wid. Wm. li 101 S. 6tli 
Armstrong Frank E. hardware, 41 Hamilton 

av. h 117 Enpelye 
Armstrong George, clk. h 18G Hal! 
Arnistrong George, oysters, h 28 .Meeker av 
Armstrong George, plumber, h 124 N. 5th 
AEMSTKONG GE0K6E J. supervisor 18th 

Ward, turner, h 75 Elm 
Armstrong George S. clk. h 144 Liiriner 
Armstrong George S. clk. b 19(i 3d E.U. 
Armstrong Geo. W. clk. h 48->! Lafayette av 
Armstrong Henry, agt. h 88 Pacific 
Armstrong Hugh", bridgel euder,h 11th c 3d av 
Armstrong James, h 75 Jay 
Armstrong James, h 341 Park av 
Armstrong James, clk, h 562 G<ates av 
Armstrong Jas. fcrryuiastor, h 424 Marcy av 
.Armstrong Jas. lithographer, h 1347 Pacilio 
Armstrong Jsvmes, plumber, 348 Court &, 

409 Myrtle av. h 249 President 




34S (OUirr ST., cor. Union St., > „ , , 

401) JlUtTLE AVK., near Olinion Atc, > RrnOKl7B 
7«» rUl.TO.X ST., ucar St. l-eiix St., ) "'"""'J • 


Armstrong James, roofer, h 66 Eeid av 
Armstrong Jas. stonecutter, h 189 Richards 
Armstrong Jas. A. bookkpr. b 61 Atlantic av 
Armstrong James E. mer. 164 Duaue N.Y. 

h 678 Greene av 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See Advt. page 13 front. 

Also, Hnssian, Electric, ed Roman Batlis. 

WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

A. L. 


Armstrong James H. shipcarpenter, h ICO 


Armstrong John, boilermltr. h 86 Eagle 
ArrastroiiJ; John, elk. h 31 1st 
Armstrong John, compositor, h 138 Jay 
Armstrong John, journalist, h 75 4th pi 
Armstrong John, lab. h 146 N. 8th 
Armstrong John, lab. h ISth c. llth av 
Ai'Uistrong Jolm, painter, h 641 De Kalb av 
Armstrong John, siioemkr. h 11 Columbia 
Armstrong John A. lawyer, 323 S. 3d. 
Armstrong John B. h 482 Lafayette av 
Armstrong John H. com. nier. 40 Front N.Y. 

h 4,82 Lafayette av 
Armstrong Margaret, wid. Jamo.s, 140 Amity 
Armstrong Mary, wid. William, h 256 Van 


Armstrong Mary A. wid. h 170 Willoughby 
Armstrong Mary A. wid. Wm. P. h 18 Butler 
Armstrong Orlando E. salesman, h 76 Henry 
Armstrong Richard, chemist, h 31 1st 
Armstrong Kobert, carpenter, h 84 Douglass 
Armstrong Robert, cllc. h 54i 5th av 
Armstrong Robert, foreman, h .W Graham 
Armstrong Kobert, watchman, h 350 S. 4th 
Armstrong Robert .1. engineer, h 34 llth 
Armstrong Robert W. h 3'J Court 
Armstrong Roland, shipping, 34 Wall N.Y. 

h /O Ureene av 
Armstrong Samuel S. hardware, 41 Hamilton 

av. li 117 Rapelye 
Armstrong Sydney S. ins. 12 Court, h 102 llth 
Armstrong Theodore J. lawyer, 389 Fulton, 

h .laiii;>ic;i, L.I. 
Armstrong Tliomas, elk. h 196 Hull 
Armstrong Thomn,s, lab. h 197 23(1 
Armstrong Thomas, printer, h 101 S. 6th 
Armstrong Wallace A. ferrymaster,h 102 llth 
Armstrong William, h 259 6th K.D. 
Armstrong WilIiam,coaohman,h 341 Park av 
Armstrong William, foreman, h 173 Smith 
Armstrong William, paper, h 951 Gates av 
Armstrong William A. elk. h 75 4th pi 
Armstrong William F. elk. h 185 S. 9th 
Armstrong William H. steward, 87 Penn 
Armstrong William J. drygds. h 106 jJd 
Armstrong William M. elk. h rt4 Raymond 
Armstrong & Stoutenburg (Benjamin Arm- 
strong, George B. Stoutenburg), real- 
estate, 187 MeDonough 
Armyta,ge Frederick N. printer, h 72 2d E.D. 
Arnau Alolardo, cigarmkr. h 138 Faltou 
Arnaiifl Charles, cai-ver, h 192 Sands 
Aruaud Gustav P. h 4 1 Tompkins pi 
Arnaud John J. elk. h 8i Clinton av 
Arnaud Martin, carpets, h 117 Wyckotf 
Arnaud Pliili|), confectionery, 2'50 Fulton 
Arnao Chccaer, cigarmkr. h 210 Bridge 
Arnao Nicholas, cigarmkr. 168 Bridge, h 210 

Arndt Wilhelm, brewer, h 131 Meserole 
Arndts Paul, drugs, 1246 Myrtle av 
Arueberg J. L. tailor, 209 Montague, h 57 

Arneberg Lars, tailor, 209 Montague, h 57 

Arnebcrgr L, & JBro. mer. tailors, 209 


Arneberg Peter J. tailor, 209 Montague h 57 

Amemann Frank, shoemkr. h 310 Bushwick 

Araes Ahrend, lab. h 57 Hudson av 
Arnett Henry, h 50 llth E.D. 
Arnett Margaret A. wid. teacher, h 210 16th 
Arnhaus Mina, wid. John, h 295 Ten Eyck 
Arnican Adam, lab. h 137 Central 
Arnois Charles, chemicals, ft 6th, h 64 St. 
John's pi 

Amois & Laconr, chemicalmfrs. ft 6th 
Arnold Abbie, wid. William M. h 398 Cnm 


Arnold Albert C. (Rev.), h. 90 Milton 
Arnold Albert, h 64 Huron 
Arnold Ann, wid. Samuel, h 35 Hicks 
Arnold Ansel, lawyer, 237 B'way N.Y. h 135 
2d E.D. 

Arnold Anton (Rev.), 21 Thornton 

Arnold Archer J. shoemkr. h 630 Herkimer 

Arnold Arnold W. ins. h 13'<J Rutledge 

Arnold Arthur J. elk. h 382 Halsfj.y 

Arnold Angnstns, masicteacher, 102 Court, li 

267 Warren 
Arnold B. F. teas, 359 Smith, h 45 3d pi 
Arnold Charles, tailor, li 322 Kent av 
Arnold Clinton S. insp. h 405 Lafayette av 
Arnold Conrad, lab. h 318 Devoe 
Arnold Daniel, deputy sheriff, li 84 2d E.D. 
Arnold Daniel S. broker, 219 Montague, b 25 

Monroe pi 
Arnold David, h 15th c 7th av 
Arnold Edwai-d H. silk, 477 Broome N. Y. h 

128 Amity 

Arnold Edward S. staiuer, 430 Fulton, h 128 

Arnold Erwin A. stonecutter, h r 226 John- 
son av 

Arnold Frank, h 25 Monroe pi 
Arnold Fiank, machinist, h 237 Front 
Arnold Frank, shoemkr. 110 llth E. D. 
Arnold Fred, harnessmkr. h 6i Thioop av 
Arnold Frederick, lab. h r 212 Pi ospeot 
Arnold Fred, stonecutter, h 220 Johnson av 
Arnold Gustave, shipping, William N. Y. h 

44 Tompkins jil 
Arnold Gustav, vet. surg. h 383 Ewen 
Arnold G. liquors, h 42 Varet 
Arnold Herman, lab. h 57 Canton 
Arnold HoraceL. draughtsmnn h 934rultou 
Arnold Ira P. com. mer. 85 Leonard If. Y. h 

279 Cumberland 
Arnold .Jacob, jiianomkr. h 563 Grand 
-Arnold Jacob, tailor, h 247 Adelphi 
Arnold James, h 405 Lafayette av 
Arnold James, elk. h 84 Prince 
Arnold .James C. bkkpr. h 2iSS Pacrific 
Arnold John, mnsicpnblisher, h 76 McKibbiu 
Arnold .John K. blacksmith, h 120 S. Ist 
Arnold John W. bkkpr. 138 Rutledge 
Arnold J. H. h 1142 Fulton 
Arnold Leonard, tailor, h 163 Greenpoint av 
Arnold L. H. supt. h 234 Warren 
Arnold Margaretta, wid. Englebardt, h r 72 

Johnson av 
Arnold Mary, peddler, h 618 Hushing av 
Arnold Marv E. wid. h 344 4th E.D. 


L Iain's Directory Offices Uix^lS^S:i^^^4^?^ 


Has the Largest Nat Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name« 


CC 111 











Arnold Eebecca, h 197 Ellery 

Arnold Kebecc<a L. dressnikr. h 375 Degraw 

Arnold Richard, refiner, 78 Broad N.Y. h 234 


Arnold Robert, lab. h 96 Wythe av 
Arnold Samne!, horseshoer, h 333 S. 2d 
Arnold Samuel B. edgetoolmkr. 191 Lewis 

N.Y. h 52 India 
Arnold Sainnel G. elk. h 673 Atlantic av 
Arnold Samuel H. bldr. 15 Butler, h 307 De- 

Arnold Simoa P. salesman, h 247 Adelphi 
Arnold Simon W. inalster, N. 7th c 6th E.D. 
h N.Y. 

Arnold Stephen, porter, h 204 Ellery 
Arnold Tabitha, wid. Ephraini, h 314 Kent 


Arnold Theodore, rubbermfr. h 332 Kent av 
Arnold Thomas E. elk. h 382Halsey 
Arnold Thomas J. blacksmith, 2 Spring ter- 
race &, Meeker av 
Arnold Thomas L. teas, 29 Old Slip N.Y. h 

234 Warren 
Arnold Walter, mason, h 1288 B'way. 
Arnold Willard I. carpenter,h 136 N.Elliott pi 
Arnold William, elk. h 107 Grand 
Arnold William, elk. h 35 Hicks 
Arnold William, varnisher, h 62 Throop av 
Arnold William. A. celluloid gds. h 286 Hicks 
Arnold William E. supt. 1st c N. 4tb, h. 201 
Gates av 

Arnold William W. elk. b. 767 Putnam 

Arnold , wid. h 61 Walton 

Arnold &, Beriiheiraer (Simon W. Arnold, 

Sinuson A. liernheimer), maltsters, 7th c 

(ith E.D. 

Arnold & Morris (Samuel H. Arnold <fc 

Thomas C. Morris), bldrs. 15 Butler 
Arnos Jacob H. mfr. h 428 Carlton av 
Arnot Jame.s, cutter, h l'^5 Stockton 
Arnot Mary, wid. Daniel, h 37 Meeker av 
Arnott IJavid S. granite, 24tb n 5th av. h 

705 4th av 
Amott Stephen jr. painter, h 188 Wyckoff 
Aruonx Edward, elk. h 102 Dean 
Aruonx Edwd V. H. Central National Bank, 

N.Y, h 34 New York av 
Arnoux William, West. Union tel. h 34 New 

York av 
Arnox Simeon, h 445 7th av 
Arnsberg Lipman, tobacconist, 673 & 316 
Fulton & 199 Myrtle av. h 199 Myrtle av 
Arasperger John C. butcher, 999 B'way 
Arnstaedt Wilhemenia H. wid. Louis, h 134 
2d pi 

Arntz .J(din, tailor, h 183 Stuyvesant av 
Arnzen Oliver, jeweler, 107 B'way, h 297 S. 


Aron Henry, butcher, 646 Flushing av 
Arons Samuel J. flour, 12 Front N. Y. h 35 4th 

Aronsen Hanz, seaman, h 135 Partition 
Arozarena Rafael M. mechanicalengineer, 

h 586 Henry 
Arranguren M. Frederick, ins. h 981 De 

Kalb av 
Arrighi Antonia, .566 Monroe 
Arrowsmith Martin, h 233 Degraw 

Arrowsmith Milton, payingteller, 78 Wall 

N.Y.h 236 Degraw 
Arrowsmith S. Y. D. h 155 Gates av 
Art Gnild, 201 Montague 
Artens Jacob, lab. h 183 Centre 
Ai th Edward, cigarpkr, h 332 S. 1st 
Arth George, lab. h 79 Skiliman 
Arth Joseph, ropemkr. h 206 Scholea 
Arthur Alexander, T. pres't, Adams c Water, 

h 405 Bridge 
Arthur Archibald, sec. Adams c Water, h 

405 Bridge 
Arthur C. T. h 52 Prospect pi 
Arthur Ellen, wid. Michael, h 165 Clinton 
Arthur Frank, liquors, h 129 Bnshwick av 
Arthur Frank, waiter, h 48 Myrtle av 
Arthur George S. W. supt. h 381 Degraw 
Arthur John, livery, Myrtle av. h 933 Myrtle 


Arthur Joshua B, ice, 644 Leonard 
Arlhur Theodore, h 174 Patchen av 
Arthur Thomas, li r 102 Clifton pi 
Arthur William, elk. h 48 Myrtle av 
Arthur William G. engineer, Adams c Water, 

li 405 Bridge 
Arthur William &, Co. engines, Adams e 


Articlila Margaretta, wid. b r 197 Johnson 

Artolozago Antonio, cigarmkr. h 227 Hooper 
Arundel lliomas, elk. h 820 Herkimer 
Arundel William, elk. h 395 S. r^th 
Arvino Freeling W. chemist, h 153 Hey ward 
Arvine Freeman W. chemist, h 136 Washing- 
ton av 

Arwander Mary, wid. John, h 335 5th 
Arwe A. H. August, coppersmith, 1348 Do 

Kalb av. h 1316 De Kalb av 
Asbell Andrew J. printer, h 34 Hicks 
Asbell Charles H. tineutter, b 34 Hicks 
AsboU Edwin O. b 101 16th 
Asbro Michael, driver, h 196 Myrtle av 
Asbum Charles, liquors, 357 Pearl N.Y. h 

114 3d av 
Asbury Maria, wid. b 218 Adams 
Asch Martin, butcher, 336 Maojer 
Asch Morres, tailor, b 92 Eweu 
Asch Willian), cabinetmkr. h 96 Guernsey 
Ascbaert Charles, elk. b 428 S. 4tli 
Aschaner Louis C. lab. h 102 Skiliman av 
Aschner Abraham, cigars, 3 Tillary & 234 


Aschner Abraham & Son (Isador) cigars, 3 
Tillary & 234 Fulton 

Aschner Isador, cigars, 3 Tillary & 234 Ful- 

Aschoff Henry L. grocer, h 178 S. 3d 
Aschoff Mary, wid. Henry, h 123 .5th E.D. 
Asehoif Mary, wid. Louis, h 19ii N. 9th 
Aschoff William, clockwbeolmUr. h 282 16th 
Asglund John, lab. 2 Hudson pi 
Ash Esther, wid. William, h .590 Leonard 
Ash Henrv, li 244 Putnam av 
Ash Henry, lawyer, 243 B'way N.Y. h 216 

Ash Henry L. salesman, h 335 S. 5th 

Ash Hugh, lab. h 189 Huron 

Ash .John, machines, h 82 Congress 

E Bra-o"^L.iI^: B. KBEISM & SONS, 

132 Mangia St., near Hoiiston, East River, New York. 







Ash Joseph H. coppersmith, 55 Boerum pi. 

h 324 Hiirt 
Ash Kate, wiil. b 89 4th av 
Ash Margaret, wid. John, confectioner, 339 


Ash Samuel, glassdeoorator, li 199 Court 

A»h Simon jr. mason, h U78 Kosciusko 

Ash William, plumber, 1125 De Kalb av. h 

624 Wiltoughby av 
Asha Charles, porter, h 386 18th 
Ashaucr Caroline, wid. William, milk, 222 

N. 5th 

Ashback Charles, lab. h 190 Hamilton av 
Aslibiiry Frauds B. cigars, h 450 Palaski 
Ashbury George, seaman, h 193 9tli 
Asliby A. H. fish, h 1476 Pacific 
Ashby Charles S. fisb, 1392 Atlantic av. h 

1476 Pacific 
Ashby Ebeuezer, fireman, h 79 Oakland 
Ashby Geo. K. engineer, b 106 Waverly av 
Ashby Joseph, porter, li 37 Johnson av 
Ashby Mary, dressmkr. 382 S. 4th 
Ashoroft Henry, lab. h 372 40th 
Ashcroft John, engineer, 40 John N.Y. h 60 

Hanson pi 

Ashcroft Mary K. wid. Eichard, h 537 Bed- 
ford av 

Ashoroft Robert, lab. h 58 Taylor 
Ashdown George, carriagemkr. h 74 8. 3d 
Ashe Edward, cigarn'.kr. h 23 Prince 
Ashe John, stoamfitttiig, b 23 Prince 
Ashe John, tailor, h 23 Prince 
Ashe Thomas H. vet. surg. 183 Wilson, li 

■ 163 Wilson 
Ashenden Henry, engineer, h 44 Degraw 
Asher Daniel, mason, ii 235 Greene 
Asher Frederick, truckman, h 156 Huron 
Asher George, patternmkr. h 144 Meserole av 
Asher Henry, chemist, h Jacob n Evergreen 

Asher Simon, tailor, h 223 Bridge 
Asher William, elk. h 213 Palmetto 
Asher William S. h r 135 Java 
Asher William T. boilermkr. h r 173 Kent 
Ashfield Anna C. wid. Charles, varieties, 58 
Carlton av 

Ashfield Frederick J. mason, 363 Fulton, h 

123<! Fulton 
Ashfield Henry, mining snpt. h 705 Madison 
Ashfield James, bldr. 3(53 Fulton, h 5244 

Grand av 


General Contracting by Estimate and Percentage. 

James Ashfield, 244 Grand Avenue. 
F. J. Ashfield, 1333 Fulton Street. 
Box 23, Mechanics and Traders' Excliange, 363 Fulton St. 

Ashford Chas. W. carpenter, h 221 Herkimer 
Ashford Harry, peddler, h 203 8th E.D. 
Ashler Jesse A. elk. h 399 Flatbush av 
Ashley Charles C. optician, 3 Vesey N", Y. h 

246 Snmner av 
Ashley Fred'k G. mer. N.Y. h 154 2d E.D. 
Ashley George F. watchman, h 211 20th 

Ashley James F. patternmkr. h 103 Dupont 
Ashley John .T. elk. h 155 Madison 
Ashley John T. engineer, h 154 2d E.D. 
Ashley Joseph, niachinist, h 31 Gwinnett 
Ashley Mary, wid. Tlieodore, h 256 7th E.D. 
Asliley Moses, milk, h 160 5th 
Ashley Thomas, patternmkr. h 373 6th E.D 
Ashman Job, teas, 143 Myrtle av 
Ashman Wolf, tailor, li 142 Smith 
Ashmond Richard D. h 529 Quincy 
Ashtou Charles H. painter, h 309 12th 
Ashton C. L. sewiugmacbines, 293 Wash- 

Ashton Daniel, hatter, h 160 15th 
Ashtou George P. fui-niture, IRl Grand 

Ashton Henry, snpt. h ISO S. Elliott pi 
Ashton .James, lab. h 49 3,5th 
Ashton James, machinist, h 27 Duffield 
Ashton James M. police, h 810 De Kalb av 
Ashton John, cigarmkr, h 206 Decatur 
Ashton K. h 293 Washington 
Ashton Sarah, wid. Joseph, li 206 Decatur 
Ashton William, roofer, h 4 Flushing av 
Ashtou William H. printer, h 464 Hart 
Ashton William J. IJ. banker, h 94 N. Oxford 
Ash well Henry A. hatblockmkr. h 86 Fleet pi 
Ashwick Edwin, painter, h 215 Eckford 
Ashwin Edward H. physician, 95 Kent 
Askew William, tailor, h 525 Clasou av 
Askham Henry, machinist, h 109 Gold 
Askin Charles, printer, b 14 Bainbridge 
Askin .1. printer, h 912 Herkimer 
Askin William, matmkr. h 193 Walworth 
Askins Edward, boxmkr. h 145 Franklin 
Askins Frank, h 193 Eutledge 
Askins Isabella, 193 Eutledge 
Askins John, lab. h 82 Oak 
Askins Joseph, k.alsoraining, h 39 Prince 
Askins Samnei, shipmaster, b 193 Eutledge 
Askins William, lab. h 82 Oak 
Aslagson Albex't, engineer, h 522 Hicks 
Asle liupei-t, cooper, h 131 Jefiersoti E.D. 
Asmus Jacob, cutler, h 59 Delmonico pi 
Asrans John F. fireman, h 442 Manhattan 
Asocksin Andrew, engineer, h 317 Smith 
Aspal Ellon, li 470 Bergen 
Aspenza Leou.Tvd, carpenter, h 249 Conover 
& 72 Maiden la. & 7 Liberty N.Y. Edw. 
Van Orden, pres't. Best European 
Eoadways, Sidewalks & Floors for 
Kinks, Breweries, Stables, etc. 
Aspinall Joseph, lawyer, Montague c Clin- 
ton, h 743 Lafayette av 
Aspinall Walter A. chemist, 1147 Fulton, 

h 11 Jefferson 
Aspinall William, watchman, h 743 La- 
fayette av 
Aspinall Wra. F. elk. h 743 Lafayette av 
Aspra .James, lab. h 178 Hamilton av 
Asquith Delia, wid. Wm. h 404 Clason av 
Assa Peter, packer, h 253 Gold 
Assa Peter jr. baker, 253 Gold 
Assap John, bldr. h 71 Waverly av 
Asseler Antony H. elk. h 231 Bergen 
Asseler Bernard G. broker, h 231 Bergen 
Asseler George B. examiner, h 231 Bergen 
Asseler John P. oik. h 231 Bergen ' 


H m 


110 & 112 Broad, cor, Water St, N.Y. 

William Tarr & Co's Sour Mash, Kentucky Dis- 
tilling Go's Beargrass Bye and Bourbon, and 
Carlisle Sour Hash, Hegibben, Guckenheimer, 
Sherwood, Uontieello, and Westmoreland Bye 




» g (» 

O Ki. -J5 

CI ^ lo 

si>a< o ? 


W w. « 

2 ?< 

1 « — 1» 

S « 5 

— m 

to 2 



>-<! H 

mm isuRAiE ca [fire] of Liverpool, imum, 

Has the Largest ITet Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name. 


Asseler Mary, wid. Caspar, h 2Sl Bergen 
Assip Tboa. bricklayer, h. 38 N. Portland av 
Assip William, masou, 10 Vandcrbilt av 
\ssler Charles, stonecutter, li 18C ^Ttli 
Assler Edward, stonecutter, li 3Sth n 8th av 
Assmus Thomas, basketuikr. li 170 Joffersou 
Assiiann Paul, lab. h 167 Scboles 
Association for Improving Condition of the 

Poor, 108 Livingston 
Asten Bartholomew C. hardware, 27 B'way 

N.Y. h 187 Washington av 
Asten Walter, elk. h 113 Nassau av 
Asten William, h 415 Monroe 
Astgen Matthias, lab. li .276 Devoe 
Astill James, hosiery, h Vio .Jay 
Aston Alfred, cigars, 5 Van Cott av 
Aston Caroline, wid. George, varieties, 218 


Aston Edward, car{jenter, h 143 AiTislie 
Aston Frederick S. mfr. steel, 230 Java, 

h 194 Java 
Aston George, printer, h 245 Bainbridge 
Aston Phosbe, wid. John, h 153 6th E.D. 
Aston Kalph, n.s.n. h 14 Monroe 
Aston Samuel T. printer, h 1807 Atlantic av 
Aston William E. brassworkmfr. 131 Man- 
hattan av. h 224 Eckford 
Astrstock Kongle, bldr. h 219 Marion 
Atchinson Jos. blockmkr. li 749 Atlantic av 
Atchinson Robert, driver, h 322 Plymouth 
Atchison James, h 525 Qiiincy 
Atchison John R. moulder, h 135 15th 
Atchison Robert J. elk. h 593 Koscinsko 
Atchkinson William H. brassfonnder, Front 

c Pearl, h 428 Cumberland 
Aten Henry F. physician, .34 Hanson pi 
Aten & Wamsley (Henry F. Aten, William 
K. Wamsley), physicians, 34 Hanson i>l 
Atharten John, lab. h 399 2d E.D. 
Atherton Benjamin, elk. h 296 Stockton 
Atkerson Thomas, printer, h 39 Jay 
Atkin David, carpenter, h 90 Diamond 
Atkin Francis, carpenter, h 2(iH 19tU 
Atkin John, machinist, h 558 Henry 
Atkin John H. plumber, 422 5th av. h 417 

Atkin Samuel H. shoes, 105 lioerum pi 
Atkins Ann. wid. h 61 Tillary 
Atkins Annie, wid. George, h 216 Jay 
Atkins Charles, sand, 503 3d av 
Atkins Clarence, awningmkr. h 177 Bridge 
Atkins David C. h 349 Bergen 
Atkins Edwin H. broker, 74 B'way N.Y. h 95 
1st pi 

Atkins George, engraver, h 21 Moffat 
Atkins Henry W. elk. h 71 Woodhnll 
Atkins Henry W. shoes, 73 Carroll & 275 

Columbia, h 275 Columbia 
Atkins James, collector, h 168 14th 
Atkins James, tailor, 137 Concord 
Atkins James J. printer, h 1011 De Kalb av 
Atkins James E. gasfixtures, h 415 Monroe 
Atkins John, elk. h 168 14th 
Atkins John, plateprinter, h 172 Stockton 
Atkins Joshua, photographer, 235 Fulton 
Atkins Mary J. confectionery, 503 3(1 av 
Atkins Richard H. shoes, 275 Columbia 
Atkins Thomas, butcher, h 963 B'way 

Atkins Thomas J. hardware, h 631 Wil- 

lougliby av 
Atkins Valentine A. turner, h 356 11th 
Atkins William, collector, h 654 Fulton 
Atkins William E. elk. h 438 Van Buren 
Atkins , h 202 9th 

Atkinson Benjamin, machinist, h 201 Wilson 
Atkinson Edward P. broker, 4 Myrtle av, h 

160 Livingston 
Atkinson Frank, corks, Harrison av c 


Atkinson Frederick E. elk. h 550 Humboldt 
Atkinson George, salesman, h 313 Madison 
Atkinson George H. physician, 98 Pineapple 
Atkinson James, machinist, h 9 Seabring 
Atkinson James, tailor, 137 Concord 
Atkinson Jane, wid. James, confectionery, 
33 Olive 

Atkinson Jerome G. physician, 304 Adelphi 
Atkinson John M. salesman, h 788 Jefferson 
Atkin.son John P. b 304 Adelphi 
Atkinson Joseph, bkbinder, h 278 Bridge 
Atkinson Joseph, tailor, 41 Throop av 
Atkinson Joseph B. carpenter, h 277 Ever- 
green av 
Atkinson Louis P. h 8 S. Oxford 
Atkinson Mary, wid. .JauuM, li 451 Marcy av 
Atkinson Mary, wid. William, li 278 Bridge 
Atkinson Richard, cutter, h 202 Satulford 
Atkinson Robert, bkbinder. h 278 Bridge 
Atkinson Simeon A. editor, h 230J iS|ieucer 
Atkinson Thomas, mer. 24 Stone H.Y. h 202 
Park pi 

Atkinson William, mfr. sticks, 7 Walker 

N.Y. h 818 Hancock 
Atkiss James, machinist, 2 Tompkins av. h 

64R Flushing av 
Atkiss William, machinist, h 267 Floyd 
Atlantic Av R.R. Co. Atlantic av c 3ci av 
Atlantic Dock Co. 1 N. Pier Atlantic Dock 
Atlantic Dredging Co. 361 Fulton 
Atlantic Floiir Mills (Francis E. Smith, 
Robert Hall, Horace E.Smith), 20 Ham- 
ilton av 

Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. 598 5th av, 268 
& 63 Columbia, 205 Court, 253 Warren 
& 322 Grand 

Atlantic State Bank, 49 Fulton 

Atlantic Steam Engine Works, Water o 

Atlantic Sugar House (John Birbeck, Bar- 

• nabas H. Bartol), 38 Hamilton av 
Atlantic Whit« Lead Works, Marshall n 

Atlantic Yacht Club, ft 55th 
Atlekson Catherine, wid. Aaron, h 40 Pros- 

Atlekson Theodore, beltmfr. h 40 Prospect 
Atuo Francis R. elk. h 231 Bergen 
Atno Lewis H. elk. h 221 Bergen 
Atno Richmond S. elk. h 221 Bergen 
Atno Sherwood S., h 221 Bergen 
Atrenjer Nicholas, wagonmkr. h 61 Whip- 

Attanasio Frank, express, 32 Union 
Atter John, trunelimkr. h 183 N. 8th 
Atterbiiry John C. broker, 24 Broad N.Y. h 
5 St. Felix 



348 Broadway. 3VEW YORK. 

See A&vt. page 12 front. 


Also, Rnssian, Electric, and Romaa Batlis. 
i 34 CLINTOH ST., B'KLYJif. 

A. L, WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 



Attorbni'y Robevfc ]!. paperstook, 234 Front 

N.Y.'h -m) Doaii 
Attei-bury Thomas W. bkkpr. h 217 ISergeu 
Atterbury William, h 209 Dean 
Atttield Frank, police, h Sfi Fiatbnsh av 
AtClioUI Snnili A. wid. William, h 391 17th 
Attfielii William, macUiiiiiJt, h 391 17th - 
Attix 'I'liomas F. fun'ier, 340 Fulton, h 130 

Willoujrhby av 
Attix & Co". (Thomas F. Altix, Chas. 

H. Oloy, ,J()shua I. .loucs), mfg. batters 

and furriers, 340 Fulton 
Attlesey Robert H. supt. Ii 479 17th 
Attree Henry, fish, h 502 Marcy av 
Attwood Frederic J. H. bkkpr! h 321 Macon 
Attwood .lolin W. biifctonmkr. h 73 2d 
Atwater Abraham .J. li 129 Clymer 
Atwator E. E. (Rev.), 129 Clymer 
Atwater Henry D. h 184 .Toraiemon 
Atwater Hobart. elk. h 85 4th av 
Atwater .lames B. com. raer. li 41 Leo av 
ATWATER JOHN H. Supervisor 23d Ward, 

h 270 Madison 
Atwater Lyman W. artist, h 49 Fort Greene 


Atwafci- Mary C.h 16.'>A Jefferson 
Atw afer Samuel H. elk. h 85 4th av 
Atwater William, bkkpr. h 41 Lee av 
Atwood Charles, h 102 Berkeley pl 
Atwood diaries, agt. h 152 Lawrence 
Atwood (Jliailes E. drcssmkr. 48-j Fulton 
Atwood Daltou A. physician, 74 Lewis av 
Atwood F. M. clothier, 386 Fulton, h Oliicaiio 
Atwood James G. broker, 95 Wall N.Y. h 111 

Berkeley pl 
Atwood J. Freeman, physician, 307 Cumber- 

Atwood jMecds, driller, h 55 Dupont 
Atwood Qiiincy A. agt. h GO Greene av 
Atwood William, h 185 6th av 
Atwood William, supt. li 120 Kent 
Atwood William, watchman, h (i8 Dnpoiit 
Atzert Jacob, butcher, h i 2z7 Jolnisou av 
Au Von Ernest, confectionery, 83 Fulton, li 
149 Adams 

Aube Reuben, piotiiroframcmkr. h 4G0 S. 5th 
Aube Reuben W. framemkr. h849 Willough- 
by av 

Auhery Albert C. lawyer, 16 Court, h 370 


Aubery Harvey, h 149 Harrison av 
Aubery John F. blikpr. h 149 Harrison av 
Aubery & Wiuslow (Albert C. Aubery, 
Charles H. Winslow), lawyers, 16 Court 
Aubke Theodore, groceries, 122 N. 6th, h 

Morrell o Cook 
Aubke Theodore, groceries, 35 Morrell 
Atibko & Heidrich, groceries, 122 N. 6th 
Aubrey Henry, elk. h 82 Henry 
Auburn Charles W^. upholsterer, h 233 Ray- 

Aubnrns Philip, lab. h r 271 Gold 
Aubyn Wm. drauglitsman, 100 Norman av 
Audemars Frank, jeweler, h 311 State 
Ander Paul, tailor, h 38 Leonard 
Audorff Marv, wid. William, boarding, 1st c 
N. 11th " 

Andres John, furniture, h 30 Leonard 

Auel Charles, glassware, h 89 W^ilson 
Aueuheimor Michael, lab. 23 Bartlett 
Aner Atithony, elk. h 102 Meserole 
Auer Antlionv, wrouglitirongds. 203 N. 5th, 

h 200 N. 5th 
Aner Frederick Ot. machinist, h 44 Newell 
Auer John, irongds. 202 N. 5th, h 187 Ewen 
Aner John, lab. h r 187 Ewen 
Auer John, mason, h 421 S. 5th 
Aner .John J. hairdresser.h 193 Greenpoint av 
Auer Joseph, furrier, 54 Dehnouico pl 
Auer Philip, foreman, b 145 Maujer 
Auer William, mason, h 161 Heyward 
Aner & Co. (John & Antony), iron gds. 202 

N. 5th 

Auerbach Charles B. h 41 Schermerhorn 
Auerbacli Charles 6. civil engineer, Greene 

c Houston N.Y. h 41 Schermerhorn 
Auerbach Frederick J. hairdresser, h 32 

Hudson av 

Auerbach Rudolph, pianomkr. h 184 Duf- 

Auerbacher Elizabeth, h 134 Mcacrole 
Aufilongarteii Fred'k, lab. h 12 Wythe av 
Aufenanger Frederick, com. mer. h 188 
Union av 

Aufenangor John, grocer, S. 4th c 6th E.D. 
Aufenanger William, grocer, S 4th c 6th 

PID. h 202 S. 4th 
Aufenanger William & Bro. (John), grocers, 

S. 4tli c 6th E.D. 
Auffinger Anna, baker, h 200 Bushwiciv av 
Angeii'lhaler (Charles, butcher, h 236 Floyd 
Auger Louis, printer, h 28 Bergen 
Aiigsdoerfer Peter, lab. h 175 Bushwick av 
Angus John, h 99 Waver! y av 
August Henry, leather, 3u0 B'way N.Y. h 65 


August Henry, shoemkr. h 43 Scholes 
Augiistin, baker, 536 B'way 
Augn.stin Henry, lab. h 327 Hudson av 
Augnstin Henry, jr. cartmau, h 327 Hudson 

Augustin John, papermkr. h 548 Bedford av 
Augustine Ad:im, lab. h r 259 Devoe 
Augustine John, mechanic, h 492 Lafay- 
ette av 

Augustine John T. macliinist, h r388 N. SJ 
AUGUSTS JOHN, hair-doot<ir, 7 Clinton 
Aukamp Charles F. oik. h 327 S. 5tli 

Augnstmoister Herman, seaman, h 320 

Aukamp William, grocer, c S. 4th & 2d 
Attld Blakney, bkkpr. li 184 Division av 
Auld Elizabeth M. wid. Jedediah, h 184 

Division av 
Auld William, elk. h 184 Division av 
Aulenbach Charles, cigarmkr. h 146 N. 3d 
Aulenbach Henry, cigarmkr. h 146 N. 3d 
Ault George W. shirtmkr. 767 Fulton 
AuU Henry, cabinetmkr. h 200 Withers 
Aumaun Ferdinand, liquors, 164 B'way 
Aumiller Casper, milkman, h r 96 Hopkins 
Aupfel George, butcher, h 243 EUery 
Aur .Joseph, cutter, h 194 Stockton 
Auracker Francis, tin-stamper, h 20 Gra- 
ham av 

Auracker Frederick, elk. h 20 Graham av 



At CHAS. f . HELD'S, 114 Liyinpton St, cor. Boerni PL 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in tlie World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 


















>— ( 


Aurnlieiiier John, hairdresser, li 37 Sum- 
ner av 

;Vuse!iiaiiu Peter, joiner, h 68 Ten Kyck 
Ansleiig Adolpli, wateliman, b 111) Coiiover 
Austeu Augustus, agt. li 120 Nassau av 
Austen David E. c. h. b Stil Berkeley pi 
Austeu James W. agt. h 348 Wyckoft' 
Austen Robert, coachman, li 7H Stuitli 
Austen William G. shipcarpcuter h 185 

Ansterhos Joseph, painter, h 190 Leonard 

Austin Annie, hairdresser, h 170 Fort Greene 

Austin Charles, engraver, h i'iS Bedford av 
Austin Chiis. lamplighter, h o9 Cumberland 
Austin Charles T. elk. li 587 Paeiiic 
Austin Chauneey T. poultry, Washington 

mkt. N.Y. li 53 Putnam av 
Austin David W. pipefitting, h 80 Prince 
Austin Edmund, printer, h 13()3 Fulton 
Austin Edward K. elk. h 55 Putnam av Esther, ivid. Edmund, li 1303 Fnltou 
Austin Francis, machinist, li 274 IJivision 


Austin George H. salesman, U 152 Wilson 
Austin Hiram, sawing, 195 Rntledge 
Austin Hiram L. ins. Cedar N.Y. h 195 Eut- 


Austin .James, elk. h 269 Pacific 
Austin James, gasmachines, 90 Pearl, h 
135 High 

Austin James C. perfumery, 30 Piatt N.Y. h 
326 Halsey 

Austin Joel, oils, 159 Front N.Y. h 55 Put- 
nam av 
Austin Jolin, h 171 N- 3d 
Austin .John, miller, h 135 High 
Ait.slin John (J. elk. h 1114 Dt'iiu 
Austin John J. neckn'ear, :U 5tli av 
Austin Joseph, engineer, h 23 Beach pl 
Austin Josepli E. lawyer, 46 Cedar N.Y. h 

. 1114 Deau 
Austin Lyilia, wid. Benjamin, li 1.'2 West 
Auotin Mary A. wid. U wight, h lOSli De 
Kalb av 

Austin Mary O. wid. Geo 15. h 302 Clinton 
Austin Minnie, hairdresser, h 170 Fort 
Greene pl 

Austin Myron, carman, h 41 Lawrence 
Austin Owen C. shipiDaster, h 55th n2dav 
Austin Rebecca, wid. Weldon, ii 114 S, 2d 
.\ustin Robert A. musician, h 268 4tli 
Austin Robert F. grocer, 01 Hudson N.Y. h 

435 Clinton av 
Austin Robert M. gilder, h 208 S. 4th 
Austin Rovelle, wid. David, li 114 S. 2d 
Austin Sadie, music teacher, h 770 Fulton 
Austin Sherlock, lumber, Kent av n Clymer, 

h 117 Taylor 
Austin Sophia, wid. Daniel, h 123 Butler 
Austin Stephen, tel.oper. h 180 S. 8th 
Austin Thomas, liquoi-s, 39th n 2d av 
Austin Thomas, shipkpr. h 74 n Elliott pl 
Austin Thomas, shoes, h 69 Stockholm 
Austin Thomas, tuner, 170 Fort Greene pl 
Austin Thos. G. musician, 170 Fort Greene pl 
Austin William, bkkpr. h 111 S. 8th 
Austin William E. collector, h 208 Ryerson 

Austin William H. H. lawyer, Kent av o 

Cross, h 193 Keap 
Austing Edward A. pocktbkmfr. 41 Maiden 

la N.Y. h 303 14th 
Auston Charles, lab. h 29 Hudson av 
Austse Edward, grocer, 133 17th 
Anton Hemau B. teller, 49 Fulton, h 89 


Ant«nricth Gustav, liquors, 303 N. 2d, h 
316 S. 2d 

Antenrieth Jacob, liquors, 352 Grand 
Automatic carpet cleaning (John E. Keeler 

& J. Fosier Keeler), 837 Myrtle av 
Anve August, brassworks, 1344 De Kalb 
Auwell John W. cigars, h 175 Flatbushav 
Auwell Lewis, cigars, 257 Myrtle av 
Auziere Adolph, elk. h 484i 7th av 
Avaiit Frances, wid. Jos. h 134 Flatbush av 
Avars Ellen, vrid. Patrick, h 225 Hoyt 
Avault Conrad, saddler, h 157 Hopkinson av 
Avbaugh Frank, agt. h 34 Marcy av 
Aven Aaron, elk. h 163 Throop av 
Aveuius Henry, gents' fumg. 105 Ewen 
Averoon Michael, lab. h 305 Union av 
Averell Elicott, printer, h 1250 Fulton 
Averson George, machinist, b r 76 N. 8tli 
Averill Frank H. h 89 India 
Averill Horace P. elk. b 228 Flatbush av 
Averill John S. milk, h 89 India 
Averill J. Otis, ins. 51 Wall N.Y. h 155 Willow 
Averill Mary J. teacher, h 228 Flatbush av 
Averill Paint Co. 247 Water 
Averill Schuyler, oil, h 89 India 
Avery Augustus P. ins. B'way c 4th E.D. <fe 

145B'\Yay N.Y. h 152 Hurt 
Avery Charles )■"'. elk. h 4<;7Wavcrly av 
Avery Charles E. elk. h 392 Bergen 
Avery Chai'les R. drugs, h 447 Court 
Averv Edward H. paints, 54 South N.Y. h 116 

3d E.D. 

Avery Edward W. physician, IG Hancock 
Avery Emma, wid. 67 h llG3d E.D. 
Avery Frank M. lawyer, li 93 St. Mark's av 
Avery Harry W. hotel, 149 Hicks 
Avery Horace, mechanic, h 102 Metropoli- 
tan av 

Avery Irving M. h 93 St. Mark's av 
Avery Jacob, moulder, h 145 Wythe av 
Avery ,Taeob, iron moulder, h 364 3d E.D. 
Avery James H. carman, h 39 11th 
Avery John H. shipmaster, 203 Rntledge 
Avery John S.faueygds. h 306 Manhattan av 
Avery Robert, u.s.a. h 98 2d pl 
Avery Theresa A. wid, Alplieus, h 90 Pierre- 

Avery Webster, salesman, h 173 S. 9th 
Avery William, sbipchandler, h 312 13th 
Avery Wiliiiim A. bkkpr. h 113 Division av 
Avery William H. elk. b 306 Manhattan av 
Avery W. A. h 109 Nevins 
Avila John, painter, 145 Fulton, h 38 Bond 
Avila Samuel A. supt. White Lead Co. 182 

Front, b 128 St. Felix 
Avila & Barker (John Avila, William G. 

Barker), painters, 145 Fulton 
Avis William, cutter, h 189 DufEeld 
Avis William A. storage, 91 Front N.Y. h 557 



B. mimi k sous. 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 








Aviss Mary J. wid. James K. 40G Kosciusko 
Aweiig Louis, miliwright, h 153"24tli 
Aweng Margaret, li 170 Hicks 
Awl John, tailor, h 442 Atlantic av 
Axelstroiix Rudolph, harnessmkr. 1615 Ful- 

Axford John, salesman, h 91J Ross 
Axt Louis, (looi-mfr. 87 Quay, li 166 West 
Axtoll Albert 1!. truckman, h i2 nth av 
Axtell Fi eeman, butcher, 613 3(1 av, h 431 

Axtell Stephen, butcher, h 481 3d av 
Axworthy Jane, wid. VViUiain, h 'itJ Frank- 
lin av 

Ayhel John, grocer, h 109 Conselyea 

Ayer Benjamin, teas, 124 Front X.Y. h 

Pierrepont House 
Ayers Abraham, jr. h 1007 De Kalb av 
Ayers Cassy, wid. h 165 Powers 
Ayers David S. painter, h 60 Newell 
Ayemar Deborah, wid. Charles F. h 173 


Ayers George L. realestate, 103 Flatbush av, 

li :17 Greene av 
Ayers James K. mason, h 280 Tompkins av 
Ayers Joseph B. artist, h 3S 4th E.U. 
Ayeis Mary C. h 18 Herkimer 
Ayers Peter, painter, h S78 Graham av 
Ayers Philip, printer, h 55th u 3d av 
Ayers Philip, printer, h 247 11th 
Ayers Reuben, hats. 651 5th av 
Ayers Samuel, boatbldr. h 42 Kycrson 
Ayers W illiaiii, elk. h 1007 De Kalb av 
Ayers William, hostler, h 49 Liberty 
Ayling Fred. W. moulder, h 263 Bedford av 
Ayling Thos. jr. iron, 91 JoImN.Y. h 181 Hart 
Aylnier ,Ioliii, gardener, h 344 22d 
Aylwavd .I(din, watehniai^, h 269 22d 
Ayniar Francis, painter, h 220 Calycr 
A,ymar .Jane, wid. T/Cwis, h 271 14th 
Ay mar Lewis W. elk. h 276i 141 h 
Aylward Mary, wid. Michael, boarding, 

359 Hamilton av 
Aymar Mary, wid. Samuel, h 153 Remsen 
AymerSamuel li.bkkpr. h IW Fort Greene pi 
Ayr Robert, h 969 Do Kalb av 
Ayres Amelia E. wid. Daniel, h 161 Colum- 
bia hgts 
Ayres Andrew, h 235 Dean 
Ayres Benjamin, physician, 193 Putnam av 
Ayres Cylus G. wbipnikr. h 9,")8 Lafayette av 
Ayres Daniel, physician, 198 Montague 
Ayres David, moulder, h SaO Van Brunt 
Ayres Donald F. lawyer, 44 Court 
Ayres Edwin D. printer, h 138 Johnson av 
Ayies Emeliue T. wid. Isaac W. h 481 Dean 
Ayi es George, lab. h Bush c Columbia 
Ayres George H. printer, 416 Grand, h 247 

Ayres Howard, elk. h 481 Dean 
Ayres H. Messenger, physician, 198 Monta- 

Ayres James, elk. h 179 S. 4th 
Ayres James A. bkkpr. h 235 Dean 
Ayres James N. mason, h 429 Lexiug^n av 
Ayres Robert, bkkpr. h 76 State 
Ayi'es Thomas, bkbinder, h 413 Kent av 
Ayres Thomas, brouzer, h 118 Union av 

Ayres &■ Walker (Donald F. Ayres, Samuel 

Walker), lawyers, 44 C(rart 
Azema Arthur, impr. li 150 Washington av 
Azow Louis cabinetmkr. h 15 Scholes 



Union Square, New York City. 


Baal William, barkpr. h 9334 Gates av 
liaar Julius, butcher, 543 Graud,h 525 Grand 
Baard William, h 140 Amity 
Baas Catharine, wid. Samuel, h 137 Henry 
Biias Frederick, cabinetmkr. h 561 Union 
Baasel Charles, shipchandler, 30 Rector N.Y. 

h 50 I'rospect 1)1 
Babbett Albert, engraver, h 369 Cumberland 
Kal)bingto!i Moses, pilot, h 155 Franklin 
Babbitt Fo.s-ter E. machinist,b 190 Wythe av 
Babbitt James L. speculator, h 34 Fl'dert 
Babcock Alfred O. bkkpr. h 136 Quincy 
Babcock Charles L. realestate, 219 Monta- 
gue, h 140 Remsen 
Babcock Chas. R. pressman, h 93 Boerum pi 
Babcock David B. cloaks & suits, 11 
Johnson & 167 Church N.Y. h 108 Mon- 

Babcock David B. & Co. (E. A. Thomj)Bon, 
C. W. Curtis) cloakmfrs. 11 Johnson & 
167 Church N.Y. 
Babcock David S. pres't, 177 West N.Y h 

101 Lefferts pi 
Babcock David S. jr. bkkpr.h 161 Lefferts pi 
Babcock Edm'd G. shipmaster, h 55 N. 3d 
Babcock Frank, elk. h 467 5th av 
Babcock Harry A. teller, h 303i Adelphi 
Babcock James A. silverware, 71 John N.Y. 

h 348 Washington av 
Babcock John, carpenter, h 346 IstE.D. 
J5abcock Julia A. wid. John, h 131 Clason av 
liabcock Lucien C. police, h 407 Decatur 
Babcock Mahlon, carpenter, h 467 5th av 
Babcock Nehmier, h 18 Heyward 
Babcock Samuel, matmkr. h 609 Jefferson 
BABCOCK THEODORE H. supervisor 22d 

Ward, h 666 Carroll 
Babcock William, printer, h 393 State 
Babcock William H. coachman, h 240 Flush- 
ing av 

Babcock William R. elk. h 161 Lefferts pi 
Baber John, lab. h 187 McKibbiu 
Baber Peter, watchman, h 9 Rochester av 
Babin Hosia J. physician, 2i3 Hewes 
Babington Francis, pilot, h 181 3d E.D. 
Babington Francis A. jr. pilot, h 181 3d E.D. 
Babington Henry, bkbinder, h 271 6th E.D 
Babington Joseph, ferryman, h 244 1st E.D. 
Babocic Charles B. drygds. h 91 3d pi 
Babock Parthenia P. wid. Wm. R. h 91 3d pi 
Babson .Arthur C. h 1535 Paoitic 
Bsbson Wm. R. c. h. insp. h 55 St. John's pi 
Babtist Wm. V. oil, 329 S. 4th, h 87 8th E.D. 
Babtistal Michael, butcher, h 248 N. 6th 
Babtiste Jas. H. carpenter, h 156 Hudson av 
Baccaro Frank, agt. h 301 Hamilton av 
Bacchus John G. (Rev.), h 32 Greene av 
Bacer Lewis, h 169 Scholes 
Bach Anthony, shoemkr. h 356 2d E. D. 
Bacli, corapositer, h 109 Nassau 
Bach Charles, lab. h 284 Powers 

I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

I And Fire-Place Novelties, 

S [See Adr't on leaf opposUe name.] 

y. m 

i B 



• s * 

^ « H P 

w- -u ■* U3 

«. 3 O — , 

't^zu o o 

O T 

» !2 « s 

s a © 


£ -ti 'J^ S* 
«< "1 i~i £1 

2 ^ o 

2 OS i-i • 

— « ^ 

o © 

o . 

3 ^ 

^ go 

1— i" • 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Eire Insurance Co. in the World, 

See AdTertisement opposite name. 




01 °^ 



«^ i 

w s 


w » 

© -§ 

to .S 





Bacli CliiU'lf!S, tailor, li r •<!(! Gi-aliii»« av 
Bacli FeixluiaDd, cubinctmkr, h 2'2s Graham 

Bach Ferdinand, lab. b 810 Hicks 

iiach Henry, drygds. 177 Kwen 

liacli Herman, hih. h l:i8 Ewen 

Bacli Jacob, clotliiiiji;, li l;!8 Ewen 

Bacli Jacob, soldorer, h 170 Kagle 

Bacli John, lab. h 53 Bartlett 

Bach Jolin C. sarsapnrilla, :U Furrnan &41 

Fulton N.Y. h iStriittbrd Conn 
Bach Mux, dryg-ds. 177 Eweii 
Bach Kndolph, Dkbindcr, h 62 S. 6th 
Bach Zohanz, lab. h 173a Dean 
Bach & Nostrand (John C. Bach, Elbert B. 

Nostrand), sarsaparilla, 31 Furman & 

41 Fnltou N.Y. 
Bach & Son (Jlax & Henry), drygds. 177 


Bacliarach Herman, liquors, 52 Wythe av. h 
122 i>. 2d 

IJachart Theodore, tailor, h r 10 Seholcs 
ISache Ohi istian, undertaker, SO 7th E.D. 
Huclielor Benjamin, mason, h 831 Park av 
Bachelor William, h 81 Kyeison 
BachonheimerGusman, butcher, li 170 Ellery 
Bacher John, tailor, ai4 Ten Eyck 
Baclier Julie, wid. h r 172 Graliani av 
Baclicr Robert, h 332 Manhattan av 
Bacher Rndoljih C. baker, 4^3 Manhattan av 
IJachert (!o<)ri;e, baker, 110 (jcutral av 
Baohert William, baker, 82 Leonard 
Baohia Mary K. wid. l.'iolianl, li :>04 S. 2d 
Bachmaii Edwin, grocer, 420 C'lason av h 

87 Irving pi 
Baohman Jeddio S. painter, h 670 Lonmor 
Bachmau Joseph, lab. h 193 ficholes 
liaohman Wm. hairdresser, li 249 2d E.D. 
Bachmann Felix, engraver, li 263 Devoe 
IJachmami Henry, brnshml'r. 29 Mcserole 
Bachmann John A. liqiuirs, 426 S. 5th 
Bachmann Eichard, cabii:etuilcr. h 724 

FkLshing av 
Bacliuiann V/ilhelniiiia, wid. John, 15 Flat- 
bush av 

Bachmian Jacob, ropemkr. h 210 Varet 
Bachmeuer John, tailor, h 142 Johnson av 
Bachnieyer Sophie, drcssnikr. 193 Adams 
liachracli Daniel, manager, h 9 Boerum pi 
baclirach Elias, rubhergds. 73 TenEyck 
Bachraeh Henry, butcher, 177 Smith 
Baclirach Joseph, fofr. rubbergds. Ten 

Eyclc c Leoiiaid, li 1G2 Powers 
Bachraeh Bros. (Joseph & Elias), rubbergds. 

73 Ten Eyck 
Back Frederick, liqnors, 487 N. 2d 
Back Frederick, hairdresser, !i 25 3d av 
Back Henry, baker, li 119EvcrgTeeu av 
Back John, gardener, h 67 Magnolia 
Back Joseph, brewer, h 236 Humboldt 
Back Loo, artist, 222 9th 
Back Theodore, painter, h 110 McKibbia 
Back William, navyyard, h 115 Nostrand av 
Backer Ernst, hairdresser, 183 4th E.D. 
Backer Jacob, tailor, 100 Ten Eyck 
Backer John, tailor, 211 Ten Eyck 
Backes John, butcher, 25 Stagg 
Backes John, tailor, h 181 Montrose av 

Backes Paul, tailor, 19,5 Boorum 
Backes Peter, moulder, h 70 Stagg 
Backes William, cigannakr. h 70 Stagg 
BackhausFi-edcrick J. liairdresser, 104 Front 
Backhouse Edward T. prcs't, 87 B'way & 

,59 Liberty N.Y. li 237 Carlton av 
Backhurs Frederick, tailor, 2 State N.Y. h 

369 3d 

Backhus Frederick, peddler, h 437 18th 
Backius George, agl. iiiijis. li iOl iiarcy av 
Buckley Dennis, liquors, h 25(i Front 
Backlnud F. A. carpenter, h 294 Borgon 
Backraau Charles (Eev.), h 79 Fort Greene 

Baekman John, lighterman, h 83 Sackctt 
Backnian Joseph S. painter, h 203 India 
Baekman Lucy, stationery, 1019 Gates av 
Backtuaiiii Charles, porter, h 69oI'ark av 
Baekmann Henry, lab. b 47 Wythe av 
Backroge Herman, crackers, h 194 Division 

Backstrom Jolm, cook, h r 14"> Butler * 
Back.strou John W. jeweler, h 129 Ih'th 
Backus Alfred O. lerryuiau, h IHO Penn 
Backus Foster L. asst. dist. att'y, 3 Court 

House & lawyer, 201 Montague, li 316 


Backus George E. groceries, h 263 Monroe 
Backus Nathan F.clk. h 52 Willow 
Backus Sarah, wid. Alfred, h 646 Clason av 
Backus Thomas, painter, h 10.) Carlton av 
Backus Win. W. realestate, 61 B'way N.Y. h 

1495 Pacific 
Backus & Bussing (Foster L. Backus, iiobert 

S. Bussing, jr.), lawyers, 201 Montague 
Backy Mary, wid. Henry, h r 38 llaujer 
Baco'john, steward, h 335 Oakland 
Bacon A. Elliott, printer, li 192 23d 
Bacon Benjamin D. stationery, 16 Cedar N.Y. 

h 155 iiutledge 
Bacon Charles, lithographer, h 150 14th 
Bacon Earl C. machinery, 85 Liberty N.Y.h 

52 Fort Greene j)! 
Bacon Ellen V. wid. Frank, h 455 Clason av 
Bacon Francis S. patterniuUr. li 169 Munroo 
Bacon Fred. E. clothier, 40,' Fulton, h N.Y. 
Bacon Frocuian. elk. h 750 Van Bureu 
Bacon George B. weigher, c. h. N.Y^. li 276 

Tanderbilt av 
Bacon Ja,s. B. brushmfr. 580 3d av. li 150 14th 
Bacon John F. restaurant, N.Y. h 710 De 

Kalb av 

Bacon Joa. kalsominer, h r 794 Atlantic av 
Bacon Joseph M. coal, De Kalb av. n Boid 

av. h 750 Van Buren 
Bacon Peter, h 233 Fron t 
Bacon Kebecca, wid. h 110 Montague 
Bacon Euuetta D. h 110 Montagno 
Bacon Samuel, seaman, h 177 Eagle 
Bacon Sarah A. wid. Lora B. h 1 13 State 
Bacon William H. elk. h Court House 
Bacon William P. banker, 26 Broad N.Y. h 170 


Bacon Zadoc M. umbrellamfr. 392 B'way 

N.Y. h 51 S. Portland av 
Bacovey .James, lab. h 30 Bogart 
Badden Henry, lab. h 368 Hamilton av 
Bade Frederick, shoemkr. h 54 Leonard 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See Advt. page 12 front. 


Also, Enssian, Electric, and Roman Baths. 

A. U. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

31 BAE— BAH 

Badeau Charles R. inetal sash bars, 209 

Grand N.Y. li 90 Ryerson 
Badeau David B. metai sash bars, 209 Grand 

N.Y. h 90 Ryerson 
Badean Gilbert, lawyer, h 56 Concord 
BadeaTi Harrison N. ii H'.i7 Monroe 
Badeau Harry, elk. h 56 Concord 
Badeau Heury, agt. h 78 Powers 
Badeau Peter C. h 435 Henry 
Badeau William, elk. b 56 Concord 
Badeau Wni. E. stationery, li 14 Lefferts pi 
Badeau William S. h 435 Henry 
Badel Jolm, rubber, h 599 Gth av 
Badel Jacob, sugarrefiner, h 218 Hopkins 
Badell Cbarles H. i)olice, h 1375 Atlantic av 
Baden Anton, junk, h 1640 Bergen 
Baden Charles L. A. cashier, h 68 Poplar 
Baden Herman, iruckman, h 69 Montrose av 
Baden John H. (Rev.), h -223 Adelphi 
Baden Patrick, police, li 124 Harrison 
Badenhoop Henry H. driver, h 13 Dolmon- 

Ico pi 

Badeuhop John, confectionery. 398 Court 
Bader August, elk. h 105 McDougal 
Bader Edward, framer, h 286 Atlantic av 
Bader John, bootmkr. 79 Graham av 
Bader Louisa, wid. h r 834 Park av 
Bader Mai tin, lab. h 104 Wythe av 
Bader Peter, h il2 Van Brunt 
Bader Valentine, glassblower, h 61 Wythe 

Bader William F. cutler, 357 Grand 
J!a,<ler William K. liquors, h 600 Fulton 
Badge Valentine, lab. h 203 Ewen 
Badger Alfred, elk. h 317 8. 1st 
Badger Alfred G. flute mfr. 179 B'wav N.Y. 

n 92 Pulaski 
Badger Ahnira E. h 537 Marcy av 
Badger Daniel D. h 189 Washington 
Badger Dennis, Srcnum, li 301 N. 2d 
Badger Eliza J. wiU. Heury A. b 258 Man- 

, hattan av 
Badger Frank O. jeweler, 104 Dnane N.Y. 

li 104 Clinton av 
Badger George li. elk. h 108 Pro.spect pi 
Badger Horace D. iron, 353 Adams, h 108 

Prospect pi 
Badger H. Eugene, h 108 Prospect pi 
Badger Michael, lab. b 9tb c 3d av 
Badger Walter S. h 149 Hicks 
Badger William J. milk, h 94 42d 
Badger William O. elk. h 77 Henry 
Badler John, clockmkr. b 84 Seigel 
Badum John, pottery, Bush c Smith, h 245 


Baecbt Gustavo, upholsterer, h 79 Flatbush 

Bacder Louis, baker, 569 Grand 

Baeder William A. glue, 67 Beekman N.Y. 

h 194 6th av 
Baehmann Franz, lab. h 320 Powers 
Baehr Henry, wood, b 32 Humboldt 
Baebr Louis, tobacco mer. h 428 Grand 
Baehr Louis W. liquors, 119 Ewen 
Baehr Martin, butcher, 32 Van Cott av 
Baehr William, butcher, 60 Meeker av 
Baebr William, musician, b 119 Ewen 
Baehtler Henry, tailor, h 562 B'way 

Baeklor Rudolph, carriagepainter, h 244 

Bedford av 
Baekofen Walter, salesman, h 461 Henry 
Bael Peter, baker, h 335 Manjer 
Baelyer Jacob, lithographer, h :J91 3d E.D, 
Baender John, h 532 N. 2d 
Baer Charles, lab. h 150 Leonard 
Baer Edward, carver, h 122 Jefferson 
Baer George, liquors, 200 Johnson av 
Baer Martin, factory, h 172 Montrose av 
Baer Rapliael, shocmkr. h 55 Meserole 
Baer Sebastian, chemist, h 113 Graham av 
Baer Samuel, bats, h 3li3 Grand 
Ba<5se Charles, butcher, 179 Franklin 
Eager Nicholas, h 254 Skillman 
Bagget John, batter, b 706 Park av 
Baggott Jo.seph, painter, h 918 Pacific 
Bagjistrom Erick, confectionery, b 698 Ful- 

Baglman Christian, tailor, h 302 Moore 
Bagiman Jacob, lab. li 65 N. Ist 
Baglay William, tailor, h 11 Chapel 
Bagley Annie, wid. Francis, h 88 Hooper 
Bagley Aug. H. peddler, b 81 Starr 
Bagley Cbifrles, bkkpr. h 728 Carroll 
Bagley Geo. H. machiuist, h 155 Wythe av 
Bagley G. Watts, elk. h 743 Herkimer 
Bagley Hank, stonecutter, h r 134 N. Port- 
land av 

Bagley John, fireman, h 186 12th 
Bagley Mary, wid. Peter, h 63 Franklin av 
Bagley Oceola, h 200 Withers 
Bagloy Patrick, lab. h 156 Wallabout 
Bagley Robert C. seaman, h .53d n 5th av 
Bagley Samuel D. h 54 7th E.D. 
Bagley Thomas, engineer, h r 168 Clason av 
Bagley William, hardware, Gold N.Y. h 167 

Bngley W. J. drugs, h 114 3d pi 
Baglin William A. felthats, 301 Park av 
Bagnall Cbarles P. cigars, 153 Division av 
]5agnall Daniel, lab. b 103 Hamilton av 
Bagnall Edward, liquors, 355 Fulton 
Bagnall Joseph, machinist, h 82 Meeker av 
Bagnall Rose,wid. Dan'l, b 103 Hamilton av 
Bagnall Rosa, stationery, b 153 Division av 
Bagnall Wm. boilermkr. h 332 Van Brunt 
Bagnell Jos. shipcarpenter, h 66 Vandyke 
Bagney William, gai'dener, h 89 Graham 
Bugnarello Joseph, iuterpreter, b 615 De 
Kalb av 

Bagot James, coachman, h 7 Columbia pi 
Biigot Thomas, h 119 Sobermerhorn 
Bagot Thomas R. bkkpr. h 119 Scbermerhorn 
Bagot Thomas H. R. police, h 475 Van Buren 
Bagot William, peddler, h 389 Lexington av 
Bagott Edward, dentalinsts. 84 Pearl, h 200 

Bagott John. agt. h 200 8th 
Bagott Joseph, birds, N.Y. b 200 8th 
Bagott Richard H. elk. h 312 12th 
Bagraw Townsend, milk, 178 India, h 204 

Bagshaw Charles, engineer, h 547 4tb av 
Bagwell Georger, tailor, h 443 Humboldt 
Baban Michael, lab. b 597 6th av 
Bahau Michael, salesman, h 142 22d 
Baban Peter, moulder, h 199 N. 6th 


Price $3.oo. 10 Boerom Hace, BnoMyn, and 121 Fulton Si, IT. 7. 






5^ K 







the Largest Uei Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World, 

See AdTerUsement opposite name* 

BAH— BAl 32 BAT 

Ikilian Thomas, lab. h ]99 N. 6tli 
liii'.ian M'illiara J. bkbinder, h 195 15th 
IJulior Frank, caijieuter, h Gl Ewoii 
Baher Johnathaii F. carpenter, h 1039 Gates 

Bahl X.ona, tailor, h 274 Rcid 
liiilil William, lab. h r 113 Johiisoti av 
Baliier Charles T. ehomist, li '205 Harriaoti av 
Jiali's Bernard, tailor, 106 Meserole 
Baiiluter Joseph, trmikfi, h O Truxtou 
Balini Henry, turner, h 34 McKibbin 
BaUmen Erwin, porter, h Sri Grand 
B.ilm Charles, seaman, h lil3 3d pi 
Balir Albert, shoemkr. 114 8ackett 
Balir Andrew, lab. h 13 Spencer 
Bahr Conrad, butcher, 131)5 Fulton 
Bahr Daniel, restaurant, 11 Ewen 
Bahr Ernst, h 308 Adams 
Bahr George, butcher, h 18 St. Andrew's pi 
Bahr Gkwrge, elk. h 1367 Fulton 
Bahr George, lab. h v 165 Graham av 
Bahr Helen, wid. Jacob, h 40 Tompkins av 
Bahr Henry, glass, h 278 Humboldt 
ISahrenbuvg fiutrick, butcher, 191 Gold 
Bahroiiburg Henry, agt. h 240 otft E.IX 
Bahrenbnrg Hennauii D. driver, h 44 Carl- 
ton av 

Bahreiiburg John, grocer, 586 Bedford av 
Uahreuburg John, grocer, h 180 Columbia 
Balireuburg Jolin F. W. grocer, 131 Smith 
Bahreuburg John H. grocer, 131 Smith, h 
85 Deau 

Bahreuburg William, elk. U 583 Bedford av 
Bahrenburg Bros. (John F. W. & John H.), 

£;Tocers, 131 Smith 
liahiciis Charlotte, wid. h 78 14Mi 
ISabi.s Fri'derick, engineer, h 437 Carroll 
Bains Herman, elk. h 175 Richards 
Bahrs Mary, wid. Herman, h 175 Richards 
Bahrs William, cigarmkr. h 175 Kichards 
Baier Jacob, shoemkr. 90 Newell 
Baig John, tinsmith, h 86 Dovoe 
Baile Margaret, wid. h 81 N. Oxford 
Baildon John, bookraarbler, h 212 Nostrand 


Bailey Addison, seaman, h 64 Lorimer 
Bailey Adolphns G. teas, 216 Greenwich 

N.Y. h 74 Hancock 
Bailey Albert W. lawyer, 16 Court, h 67 


Bailey Allred, carpetlayer, h 113 Pntnam av 
Bailey Alfred, cai-pets, 542 Fulton, h 100 

Bailey Alfred J. h 23 Prospect pi 
Bailey Andrew, elk. h 56a Gates av 
Bailey Andrew J. sliipbroker, h 363 Mouioe 
Bailey Anthony, fruit, 27 Grand E.D. 
Bailey Anne L. h 1785 Fulton 
Bailey Benjamin F. h 1070 Fulton 
Bailey Caroline, wid. Adams, h 344a 9th 
Bailey Charles, realestate, 123 Pearl, h 50 

E. 4th N.Y. 
Bailey Charles, liquors, h 282 B'way 
Bailey Chai-les H. judge, h 102 Wilson 
Bniloy Charles M. elk. h 331 Grand av 
Bailey Christina, wid. h 132 Myrtle av 
Bailey Charles W. painter, h 158 Carlton av 
Bailey C. C. watchcasemkr. h 666 Warren 

Bailey Edward, machinist, h 175 Division av 
Bailey Edward T. broker, h 176 Harrison 
Bailey Elislia, b 75 Kalph av 
Bailey Eliza, wid. James, h 204 Sands 
Bailey Elizabeth, wid George, h 176 Powers 
Bailey Elizabeth C. wid. John B. h 559 Carl- 
ton av 

Bailey Ellen, wid. h 348 3d E.D. 
Bailey ICugone E. porter, h 9 College pi 
Bailey Ezra B. salesman, h 125 Dean 
Bailey I'Yanccs, wid. Alfred, h 336 17th 
Bailey Francis S. com, mer. 14 6th E.D. 
Bailey Frodoriok W. (Kev.), h 1.51 S. 5th 
Bailey George, engraver, U 141 Calyer 
Bailey (jcorge D. goldsmith, h 130 N. Port^ 
land av 

Bailey George E. shipsmith, h 410 Degraw 
Bailey George H. broker, h 78 Fleet 
Bailey Geo. H. boilermkr. h r 156 Clason av 
Bailey George W. paiutmfr. Hunter's Point, 

h 118 Milton 
Bailey Halcyon G. salesman, h Manhattan 

av e Greenpoint av 
Bailey Henry D. wheelwright, h 297 13th 
Bailey Henry L. telephone, b 92 Pulaski 
Bailoy Herbert O. bkkpr. h 344 9th 
JJailey Isabel, wid. Geo. A, h 181 Joralemon 
Bailey Isaac P. elk. h 296 Union 
Bailey Jackson, editor, li 279 S. 2d 
Bailey ,James, li 233 Hewes 
Bailey James, registers, N. lOtli c 2d 
Bailey James A. h 1038 Lafayette av 
Bailey James H. sec. 113 Maiden la K.Y. h 

20 Pierrepont 
Bailey James S. mfr. 83 Beekman N.Y. h 176 


Bailey James & Co. (ho Grand Abbott) ma- 
chinists, 67 Clymer 
Bailey Jes.^e, mfr. li 124 Fleet pi 
Bailoy John. elk. h 78 8. 4th 
Bailey John, teas, 106 Fulton N.Y. h 306 

Washington av 
Bailey John, tinsmith, h 102 Newell 
Bailey John A. produce, h 361 8. 3d 
Bailey John F. elk. h 3G4 Bond 
Bailey John F. windowscreons, 730 Fulton, 

h 794 Fulton 
Baiiey John H. elk. li 151 S. 5th 
Bailey John J. elk. h 1127 De Kalb av 
Bailey John T. salesman, h 1094 Pacific 
Bailey John T. jr. elk. h 1094 Pacific 
Bailey John W. sugar, h 78 S. 4th 
liailey Joseph, irontitter, h 21 N. Elliott pi 
Bailey Joseph, lab. h 107 John 
Bailey Joseph K. B. painter, h 66 Division 

Bailey Laura A. fancygds. 253 Fulton, h 


Bailey Marcus L. dentist, 382 Court 
Bailey Melvin J. carpets, 342 B'way N.Y. h 

187 St. John's pi 
Bailey Nathaniel, broier, 192 Water N.Y. h 

70 Jelferson 
Bailey Sydney, porter, h 380 S. 4tli 
Bailey Theodore S. stationer, 51 Liberty 

>f.Y. h 179 De Kalb av 
Bailey Theodore W. earpetdealer, 273 Canal 

N.Y. h 79 1st pi 



B. fflSGHER & SOIS, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 







Bailey Thomas, horsecollarmkr. h 448 Hiim- 


Bailey Towiisend, bkbinder, h 680 Hancock 
]5aile,y Victoria U. laces, 275 Fulton 
Bailey Walter, shoemkr. li 369 3d E.D. 
Bailey Walter 15. elk. li 173 Union 
Bailey Walter E. jji-oduoe, Bleecker N.Y. h 
•361 S. 3d 

Bailcv WatK'in L. gildei', Centre c Canal 

N.Y. li -JOS Leonard 
Bailey Walter S. cr.sliier, li 314 9th 
Bailey WiUiain, farmer, Ii 03 Palmetto 
Bailey William, grocer. Evergreen iiv c 

liftlph uv 

Bailey William, porter, h 19!) Ralph av 
Bailey William, tailoi-, h lOHrf Atlantic av 
Bs^'Iey William E. bkkpr. li 151 S. 5t,h 
Builey William Cr. seaman, h 15 Elm 
Bailey William L. statiouer, 530 Atlantic 

Bailey William M. elk. li 296 Union 
Bailey William K. restaurant, h 249 Dean 

Bailey & Co. (Laura A. Bailey, Harry M. 

Page), fano\gds. ^53 Fiiltoii 
Bailie David .J. 'marble, N.Y., h 193 Riitledgo 
Bailler Charles, tailor, h 19 Sackett 
Bailley Henry, printer, li 387 Gold 
Baillcy .Tolin, rcalcstate, h 387 Gold 
Bailley Joseph, furrier, h 387 Gold 
Baillie Charles E. elk. h 454 3d av 
Baillie Peter R. pilot, h 2'i7 Dean 
Baillot Alfred, h 4t)3 Henry 
Bailly Augustus P. vcalestate, 22 Sands 
Bailly John E. roalestate, 22 Sands, h L.L 
Bailly & Co. (Augnstus P. & John E.), real 

estate, 22 Sauds 
Biily George W. com.mer. 89 Pearl N.Y. h 211 

St. James' p] 
Baily Henry, carpenter, h ,529 Willoughbv av 
Baiiy Henty, elk. h 13u 18th 
Baily Jessie, batblockmkr. 170 Centre N.Y. 

h 124 Fleet pi 
Baily Sarah, wi(l., h 331 Prospect av 
Bailv William, lab. h 119 Columbia 
Bailys Charles F. agt. b 103 Adelphi 
Bain David, lab. h 863 Park av 
Bain David, produce, 246 Washington N.Y. 

h 202 Hewes 
Bain George, coffees, 237 Grand 
Bain George W. nndertakers' supplies, 12 

Boerum pi, h 359 Jay 
Bain Margaret, wid. Jas. h 183 Hudson av 
Bain Martin, cooper, h '^iS State 
Bain Mary Ann, h 079 Bergen 
Bain Michael, lab. h r 198 20th 
Bain Robert, machinist, 37 Vanderbilt av 
Bain & Smith (G. W. Bain, Eiihraim Smith), 

undertakers' supplies, 12 Boerum pi 
Bainard Ruth, employment agt. h 68 Van- 
derbilt av 
Bainbridgo Charles, h 1-56 St. James' pi 
Bainbridge Charles X. stationer, 99 William 

N.Y. h 142 Lefferts pi 
Bainbridge Eliaa, wid. John, faneygds. 361 

Flushing av 
Bainbridge i'rank S. cityweigher, N.Y. h 

165 St. Mark's av 
Bainbridge Henry, elk. b 126 Dean 

Bainbridge Henry, stationer, 101 William 

N.Y. h 76 Lefferts pi 
Bainbridge Langton, nickelplater, li 830 


Bainbridge Leveritt« S. banker, Wall N.Y. h 

105 Greene av 
Bainbridge Richard W. stationer, 33 Beek- 

man N.Y. h 330 Throop av 
Baiue Margaret, wid. .Tas. h 183 Hudson av 
Baineniau Edward, elk. h 297 14th 
Baines James C. elk. h 012 Bushwiok av 
Baiiios .lohn B. h 743 Myrtle av 
Bains Samuel, dookbldr. h 146 N. 9th 
Bains Robert, teas, 461 Grand, h New Jersey 
Bair Andrew, cabiuetmkr. h 700 Flushin 


Bair Abraham, com. mer. b 398 Degraw 
liaird Alexander L. stonesetter, h 66 Hooper 
BAIRD ANDREW D. Alderman 19th ward, 

stoneyard, Wythe av o Keap, h 130 


Baird Charles, sexton, li 313 19th 
Baird Charles R. agt. h 956 Atlantic av 
Baird David C. eouductor, li (!I4 Atlantic av 
Baird Frank, jeweler, 109 Myrtle av. h. 198 

De Kalb av 
Baird James, lab. h 368 S. 1st 
Baird James, tel. oper. b 208 17th 
Baird .James, wheelwright, 649 Grand, b 

114 Bnsbwick 
Baird John, watchman, h 1G6| 22d 
Baird John 1. police, b 374 Wyckoff 
Baird John M. engineer, 151^ Kith 
Baird Marcus H. shipmaster, h 537 Willough- 

by av 

Baird Mary A. -wid. John, li 102 8th 
Baird Robert, painter, h 318 19th 
Baird Robert W. h 225 Greene av 
Baird Thomas, engineer, h 124 8th 
Baird Thomas H. engineer, h 134 42d 
Baird William, jeweler, 109 Myrtle av, h 

Riverhead L.I. 
Baird William, u.s.m. h r 135 Hudson av 
Baird William N. printer, h 276 9th 
Baird William W. mason, h 191 Wythe av 
Baird William & Son (Frank), jewelers, 109 

Myrtle av 

Bairdain William, mfr. whitegds. B'way 

N.Y. h 346 McDonough 
Baimes Annie, geot's furng. 103 York 
Baimson John G. shipmaster, h 148 Consel- 


Baiseley Frank, bookkpr. h 100 Ross 
I'aisluy George, mason, b 144 Willoughby 
Baislay Thomas, mason, h 144 Willoughby 
Baisley Dewitfc C. E. soapstone, h 616 Her- 

Baisley Nehemiah, h 250 Schermerliorn 
Baisly John, carpenter, h 875 Park av 
Baiste George, printer, h 591 Bushwick av 
Baiste Theodore, h 591 Bushwick av 
Baiter Jacob P. bookkpr. h 123 Milton 
Baitinger John, porter, 76 Boerum 
Baiz Abraham, com. mer. 76 Broad N.Y. 

398 Degraw 
Baiz J. T. h 30 2d 

Bakefeld Henry, grocer, 183 Hudson av 
Bakefeld John, grocer, h 183 Hudson av 


Importer of Blossard and Oregoire & Co. Bran- 

and Crotm Oias, from 
Schiedam, Holland ; Polo, and IlirM,a«l four 

110 & ii2 Broad, cor. water Stii Ni Ii Orape sherries; Oporto Fort 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

i- See Advertisement opposite name* 


Bakonbus Bernard, elk. h 359 Washington 

Balicmaii Maria, wid. Stephen, h 973 Pacific 
Baker Adam, butcher, h 257 "Wallabout 
Baker Adam, lab. h 252 Ist B.D. 
Baker Adolph, buttonholeinkr. h 216 Mon- 
trose av 
Baker Adolph, h 122 S. 2d 
Bakci- Albany V. R. elk. h C82 Pacific 
Baker Albert G. h 1108 FuUou 
Baker Albert S. lab. li .'59 Atlantic nv 
Baker Albert W. printer, h 186 18th 
Baker Alexander, bkkpr. h 1557 Dean 
Baker Alpheus H. collector, h Hi Manhassct 

Baker Amelia, h 921 Atlantic av 
Baker Ames S. elk. h 395 Herkimer 
Baker August, h 118 Sackett 
Baker Barbara, buttonholemfr. 370 Hum- 

Baker Benjamin, ship'svrijrlit, h 1)3 Wilson 
Baker Benjamin, iiorter, li 201 Park av 
Baker Benj. lawyer, 16 Conrt, b 122 S. 2d 
Baker Boaz, maaon, h 104 Milton 
Baker Bridget, wid. Thomas, h 171 Front 
Baker Caroline, wid. h 577 Lafayette av 
Baker Catharine, wid. John, li 335 8. 1st 
Baker Catharine, wid. Miles, h 43 Front 
BaUer Charles, cigars, ()7(5 Siyrtle av 
Baker Charles, cooper, li 71b Finsliing av 
linker t'liurles, tobacco, h 247 .lay 
Baker Charles D. editor, 80 Kassau N.Y. h 

234 Qnincy 
Baker Charles F. lab. h 262 Hovt 
Baker Cbarles G. bkkpr. h 4(i5 Union 
Baker Charles 11. elk. b 3:i2 Der,n 
Bal<er Charles J. lawyer, li 391 S. 3d 
Baker Charles .1. watchman, b 181 Skillman 
Baker Charles K.(Rev. ), h 244 Washington av 
Baker Chester, lab. h 151 Calyer 
Baker Daniel D. ins. h 43 Sidney pi 
Baker Daniel Y. pilot, h 721 Pacific 
Baker David, h 460 Lafayette av 
Baker De Witt C. pilot, h 114i 39th 
Baker Daniel I. lawyer, 206 U'way N.Y. h 

327 Union 

Baker Ebenezer T. jeweler, 25 Maiden la 
N.Y. h 160 St. James' pi 

Baker Edmund T. carpenter, Eeid av c 
Quincy, h 1039 Gates av 

Baker Kdmund S. jr. provisions, 148 Eliza- 
beth N.Y. h 423 Henry 

Baker Edward, restaurant, 51 Atlantic av, h 
34 Nevins 

Baker Edward B. nmbrellas, 106 Conrt, h 

80 Schermcrhorn 
Baker Edw'd J. haraessmkr. h 38 Clermont 


Baker Edwin, architect, h 240 Atlantic av 
Baker Edwin H. oils, 295 Pearl N.Y. h 171 

Columbia hgts 
Baker Elisha, painter, h 71 S. 8th 
Baker Eliza, wid. John, b 83 Vauderbilt av 
Baker Elizabeth,wid. Jas. h 185 Huntington 
Baker Ellen, wid. William, h r 14 Kane pi 
Baker Emma, h 281 Jith E.D. 
Baker Enos I. paperhangings, 202 5th E.D. 
Baker E. cigars, h r 28 Debevoise 

Baker E. I. L. decorator. 444 Myrtle av 

Baker Frank, elk. b 371 .")th 

Baker Frank, foreman, h 455 Clason av 

B.aker Frank, publisher, h 43 3d 

Baker Frank C. lab. h 236 Hovt 

Baker Frank N. elk. h 173 S. Oxford 

Baker Frank S. butter, 512 Grand N.Y. h 

2591 Clifton pi 
Baker Frederick, liremaii,h 177 llairisouav 
Baker Frederick, lawyer, liOii B'way N.Y. h 

86 Hicks 

Baker Frederick, salesman, h 367 Myrtle av 

Baker F. J. wool, h 20.i Hutledge 

Baker George, b 59 Moore 

Baker George, b 383 S. 2d 

Baker George, blacksmith, li r Walworth ■ 

Baker George, fertilizer, h 104 Clymer 

Baker George, lab. h 504 Smith 

Baker Ge(nge, sawyer, h 211 Grand 

Baker Gs'orge, shoes, h 130 Palmetto 

Baker George B. notions, 71 & 73 Worth 

N.Y. b ;(r;0 Washington av 
Baker George C. b 11 Wanen pi 
Baker George E. elk. h220 Atlantic av 
Baker George F. h 90 Keap 
Baker George M. carpets, b 24 Main 
Baker George M. millinery, 633 B'way N.Y. 

h 130 Livingston 
Baker (5eorge O. sailmkr. Dover c South 

N.Y. h 73i Cumberland 
Baker G(>orge W. sawyer, h r 144 Navy 
Baker Geo. W. tishermau, h 12:!5 DeKalb av 
Baker George W. pliysiciaii, 48 Bedford av 
Baker Georgina, ^id. John, h 308 S. 3d 
Baker Gotfned, shomkr. h 94 Walton 
Baker Greenville M. drugs, 487 Manhattan 

av, h 121 Milton 
Baker G. Beckwith, salesman, h 3.50 Wash- 
ington av 
Baker Harry, driver, h 351 Court 
Baker Haycln, chemist, li 87 Ross 
Baker Henry, carpenter, h 57 N. 1st 
Baker Henry, elk. h 148 Frott 
Baker Henry, cigarmkr. b 233 Sands 
Baker Henry, eoaehnn<n, h 28 College pi 
Baker Henry, harnessmkr. h 64( Clason av 
Baker Henry, lab. li 406 1st E.D. 
Baker Henry, liquors, N. 7th c 6th E.D. h 
285 tith 

Baker Henry, watchman, h 135 23d 
Baker Heury (Rev.), h Sll Clermont av 
Baker Hi;nry, sboemkr. h 201 Fnltmi 
Baker Henry, shoecntter, b 335 S. 1st 
Baker Henry, jr. oysters, h 647 Clason av 
Baker Henry C. h 1108 Fulton 
Baker Henry J. & Bro. (Conrad Baker jr.. 
William D. Earns), chemicals, c Hui - 
tington & Gowanus Canal, office 215 
Pearl N.Y. 

Baker Howard M. grocer, 29 South N.Y. h 

32 Fort Greene pi 
Baker Isaac D. porter, h 172 Maiion 
Baker Jacob, elk. h 332 S. 2d 
Baker Jacob, elk. 122 Somers 
Baker Jacob, fisbsnioker, li r 402 1st E.D. 
Baker Jiicob, lab. h 1236 B'way 
Baker Jac<.b, lab. h 36 Monteilh 
Baker Jacob, porter, h 797 Willoughby av 



348 Broadway, NEW YORK. 

See Ad.T4. jpa^ 12 front. 


Hso, Iissian, Electric, andEomanBatk 
34 CLDff OH ST., B'SLYH. 

A. J„ WOOD. Ml-D., Prop'r. 



Batef Jacob, roofer, li 841 Park av 
Baker Jacob S. h 130 Amity 
Baker James, cooper, h 209 Sandford 
Baker James, lab. li 307 Devoe E. elk, h 103 Hoyt 
Baker James F, buyer, 205 Eutledge 
Baker James H. com, mer. h 336 lOth 
Baker James W. glass, N.Y. h 198 S. 9th 
Baker Jennie V. H, pbysician, h 
245 S. 1st 

Baker Jesse, boxwood, 61 Ann N.Y. ll 237 

Baker JoJiu, bkkpr. h 80 Biisbwick av 
Balcer John, bkfolder, h 72 Prince 
Baker Jolm, carpenter, h H8 Front 
Baker John, caulker, U 185 Huntington 
Baker John, conductor, h 59 Meserole 
Baker John, c!k. h 98 William 
Baker John, elk. Ii 290 Wasliiiiston 
Baker John, detective, h 887 Quincy 
.Baker John, lab, h 976 Degraw 
Baker John, lab. Ii 192 1st E,D. 
Baker John, mason, h 479 B'way 
Baker John, mason, h 3 McKibiiin 
Baker John, moulder, h 293 Bedford av 
Baker Jolsii, police, 247 Hooper 
Baker John, porter, h 335 S. 1st 
Baker John, shoemkr, h 200 Meeker av 
Baker John, tailor, h 64 Whipple 
Baker John jr. elk. h 976 Degraw 
Baker Joseph, h 957 Pacific 
Baker Joseph, varnisher, h 146 Devo« 
Baker Joseph jr. varnisher, h 146 Devoe 
Baker Joseph F. painter, 70 Fulton N.Y. h 

166 17th 

Baker Joseph H. h 118 Lincoln pi 

Baker Joseph J. moulder, U 90 Clason av 
Baker Kat«, wid. Cliarles, h 53 S. 1st 
Baker Kerhard, lab. b 51 Cedar 
Baker Lewis, cook, }i r 5(i N. 9th 
Baker Louis, lab. h 145 High 
Baker Louis, peddler, h. 126 30th 
Baker Louisa, wid. John, h 351 Court 
Baker Loui,sa, wid. John R. h 61 Bedford av 
Baker Marg.iret, wid. Jolm, h 66 Columbia pi 
Baker Mary, wid. Thomas, h 160^ N. 4th 
Baker Mary, dressmkr. 326 Bergen 
Baker Mary C. h .')85^ Lafayette av 
Baker Mary J. wid. Samuel O. h 90 Keap 
Baker Mary M. wi<i. George, h 375 S. 3d 
Baker Mary M. wid. Michael, h 814 Nassau 
Baker Melville C. bldr, Pulaski n Throop av, 
h 194 Hart 

Baker MIch'l, baskctmkr. h 512 Flnsliiug av 
Baker Milton E. signpaiuter, h 5th av c 2d 
Baker Myna, carpenter, 817 ',k\ av 
Baker Nathaniel U. printer, h 375 S. 3d 
Baker Nelson, ferrj-ainster, h 27 Lawrence 
Baker Nicholas, watchman, h 96 N. 9th 
Baker Nicholas A. sawmkr. h 375 S. 3d 
Baker Oluff T. painter, h 141 Gonselyea 
Baker Oscar F. A, conductor, k 126 Ralph 

Baker Patrick, h 12 Willow pi 
Baker Pemmey, wid. h 43 Prince 
Baker Philip, watchmkr. h 190 Meserole 
Baker Richard, printer, h 297 Navy 
Baker Richard 0. physician, 97 4th E.D. 

Baker Robert J, bellhanger, h 545 St. 
Mark's av 

Baker Sam'!., fringetrimmer,h 379 Graham av 
Baker Samuel, trunkmkr. h 486 Fulton 
Baker Samuel B. csushier, h 141 Gonselyea 
Baker Sarab,wid. liatfraiuemkr.h 81 3d E.D. 
Baker Theodore W. express, bXi 3d av 
Baker Thomas, bldr. h 22 Ryerson 
Baker Thomas, toieman, li 377 Furraan 
Baker Thomas, lab. b 31 Skillman av 
Baker Thoma:! C. a.s.u. h 82 Clermont av 
Baker Thomas E. agt. b 184 Washington 
Baker Thomas F. lab. h 377 Fnvman 
Raker Thomas Gt. elk. h 990 Lafayette av 
Baker Thomas H. musician, Ii 382 State 
l!al<er Thomas H. police, h 186 Calyer 
Baker Thomas W. draughtsma^n, h 125 Di- 
vision av 

Baker iiriah. paintmfr. h 1108 Fulton 
Baker Valentine, h 680 Willoughhy^v 
Baker Walter, carpenter, h 354 Hamilton av 
Baker Walter, lab. h 354 Hamilton av 
Baker Wash'n L. decorator, h 1351 Fulton 
BAKER WELLS, veterinary surgeon, 268 av 
Baker William, h 235 Grand av 
liaker Win.dyer,h Flushing av o Harrisona\ 
Baker William, janitor, h 47 Willow pi 
Baker William, lab, li 127 3d 
Baker William, l.ab. li 84 Gwinnett 
Baker William, lab, h 377 Furman 
Baker William, shipwright, h 854 B'way 
Baker William A. restaurant, 6 Water, h 34 


Baker William D. bookkpr. h 201 17tli 
Baker William C. elk. h 219 Carroll 
Baker William C, elk. h 'S8l Kosciusko 
Baker William D. G. bookkpr. h 201 17th 
Baker William E. elk. h 28 College p! 
Baker William F. artist, h 141 Couselyea 
Baker William F. pilot, h 269^ Cliftoii pi 
Baker William H. pictures, 235 Grand 
Baker William H. h 128 S. ."ith 
Baker William H. bldr. h 29 Channcey 
Baker Wm. H. tel. oper. h 152 Dc Kalb av 
Baker Winfield S. h 570 Washington av 
Bakewell Caroline, wid. h 570 Kosciusko 
Bakewell , wid, M. A. h 183 3d E.D. 
Bakley Mary, wid. Tlieo. h r 72 Johnson av 
Balbiu Beniguo, liquors, 195 Atlantic av 
Balbiu Galniel, liquore, 195 Atlantic av 
Batbiii & Uro. liquors, 195 Atlantic av 
Balch Horace L. hats, 376 Fulton, h 217 

Balch Jas. N. hats, 376 Fulton, h 146 Hicke 
Balch, Price & Co. (James N. Balch, George 

A. Price, Harrison Cowl, William H. 

Slater), hats & furs, 376 Fulton 



Satters and Furriers 

Seal Sacks &. Fur- Lined Cloaks 

376 and 378 FULTON STREET. 



AI CMS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiyiDgston St., eor. Boemi PL 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisemeut opposite name* 



















Balcke Edward, vinegar, 1228 Mvrtle av. b 

877 Park av. 
Balcom Clark, com. mer. 107 Murray 

377 Clinton 
Balcom Melissa M. matron, li 10.3 LaTtrenco 
ISaldappore liatalmatt, '<!87 Hamilton av 
Baldauf John, cabinetmkr. 4 1 Carroll 
Baldeuecker Chas. F. ins. N.Y. li 195 S. 3(1 
Balderson Bcujamni, ropemkr, U 047 Wil- 

lougbby av 
Balderson Horatio, broker, b 847 Willoughby 


Baldraiu Hannibal, iipliolstercr, b 97 Clay 
Baidrick Tliomas H. strawbutmfr. 49 l(5tb, 
h 47 16tli 

Baldnf Barbara, wid. Frederick, grocer, 28 

Baldwick Jacob, trainer, b 223 Hopkins 
Baldwin Abner W. h 545 \\'illougliby av 
Baldwirt Adolpb, ins. b 56:) Hein-y 
Baldwin Albert L. furnitnro, N.Y. b 461 Gold 
Baldwin Alfred, h 271 Adams 
BaUhvin Alpbens S. ma-son, li 170 Leonard 
Baldwin Artbnr, dienikr. b 372 Gold 
Baldwin Bedell, h Ui Myrtle av 
Baldwin Benj. F. milk, h 184 Duffield 
Baldwin Catberine,* wid. William, fancy 

gds. 54 Montrose av. 
Baldwin Charles E. luason, 1014 BVay, b 

925 Haticock 
Baldwin Charles F. elk. b 25 Park pi 
Baldwin Charles H. furniture, 48 4th E.D. li 

34 Bedford av 
Baldwin Cli.nrles H. ioweler, 207 Sands 
Baldwin Cbarlos M. flour, 57 Water N.Y. b 

15s; Herkimer 
Baldwin Cbanncey, trainman, h237 Freeman 
Baldwin David, banker, h 325 Monroe 
Baldwin David M. inusiuian, h 106 Clermont 

Baldwin D. T. wid. Samnel, h 457 Franklin av 
Baldwin Edward, furniture, b 127AStocktou 
Baldwin Edward H. bookkpr. Ii 481 18tb 
Baldwin D. pilot, b 211 Wyckoff 
Baldwin Emma, wid. Henry C. U 75 Fort 
Greene pi 

Baldwin Everett, express, h 160 Madison 
Baldwin Exekiel, hotel, 1 Fulton, h 61 


Baldwin Ezra, realestat*, 1608 Fulton, h 106 


Baldwin ];>ank, com. mer. 36 Sonth N.Y. h 

114 Gates ar 
i^aldwin Frank, mason, h 753i Madison 
Baldwin Frank, pliysieiun, b 6J6 Willough- 
by av 

Baldwin Frederick A. fumiture, Sands c 

Fnlton, b lOli Clermont av 
Baldwin Frederick A. physician, h 545 Will- 

ougiiby av 
Baldwin Garrett, li. 628 Carlton av 
Baldwin George, elk. b 196 Hudson av 
Baldwin George, driver, b 98 Butler 
Baldwin George, kpr. h 677 Fulton 
Baldwin Geo. wheelwright, b 1;'>9 Grand av 
Baldwin Geo. T. weigher, h 430 Bnsbwick av 
Baldwin Henry, broker, N.Y. h 12 McDon- 

Baldwin Henry A. hatter,b 52 JobnsoB 
Baldwin Henry C. casbier, b 353 Decatur 
Baldwin Henry W. bkkpr. h 236 Skillniaii 
Baldwin Irving D. bkkpr. b 88 4tb av 
Baldwin James, carver, li 5()() B'way 
Baldwin James, peddler, b 287 Hudson av 
Baldwin James H. driver, b 409 Hudson av 
Baldwin John, b 181 Floyd 
Baldwin John, machinist, b r 2IG Sebcnck 
Baldwin's John Sons (Wiiliam A. & Johu 

O.), teas, 372 Grand 
Baldwin Jolm A. furniture, 48 4tb E.D, h 

10,-) S. 3d • 
Baldwin John A. (Eev.), h 407 Adclpbi 
Baldwin .lohn C. watchman, 221 Penn 
Baldwin John II. liquors, 1 Fultou, h 295 


Baldwin John O. tea, 292 Grand 

Baldwin Joseph C trcas'r, Greene n West, 

& ICl Front N.Y. b 3:32 W.23d N.Y. 
Baldwin Joseph T. casbier, h 41 Greene av 
Baldwin Joseph E. corkmfr. 45 Fulton N.Y. 

b 6 Middagb 
Baldwin Julia J. wbitegds. h 61 Balpb av 
Baldwin 3. A. & C. H. furniture, 48 4tli 


Baldwin Eester H. pat. medicines, 68 Maiden 

la N.Y. b 8 MoDonougb 
Baldwin Lucius E. corks, 45 Faltou N.Y. li 

204 High 

Baldwin Lucretia, wid. Moses, h 96 Franklin 

Baldwin Lnma.n E. carman, b 202 S. 1st 
Baldwin Alargaret, h 420 Giund 
Baldwin Mary, wid. Chas. B. li 184 Duilfield 
Baldwin Nathaniel E. potter, hllO Eagle 
Baldwin Neilson A, physician, b 407 Adelpbi 
Baldwin Newton, agt. 245 B'way N.Y b 166 

Baldwin Oran 8. clothing, 380 Fulton & 

B'way e Canal N.Y. h 397 Clinton av 
Baldwin Prudence, wid. Conklin, b 20 &. 

Poitland av 
Baldwin Robert, mason, Barrensville, li. I. 

b 45 Cumberland 
Baldwin Roswell B. h 346 Jay 
Baldwin Sears, flour, 32 Front N. Y. b 993 


Baldwin Spencer S. elk. 382 Fulton, b 108 

St. James' pi 
Bablwiu Stephen, coal, 558 Myrtle rtv. b 

Merrick, L. I. 
Baldwin Stephen & Son (William), coal, 

558 Myrtle av 
Baldwin S. Denning, elk. 3iS Fulton, b 397 

Clinton av 

Baldwin Theodore M. com. mer. 36 Soutli 

N-Y. b 114 Gafcea av 
Baldwin Thomas, foreman, h 148 West 
Baldwin Thos. moroccodresser, h 28 Spen- 

Baldwin William, elk. h 691 De Kalb av 
Baldwin William, coal, 558 Myrtle av. b 

Merrick, L. I. 
Baldwin William A. tea, b 292 Grand 
Baldwin William H. ironfounder, h 10- 

Flushing av 
Baldwin William H. lab. h 210 N. 2d 

FIEE Bffl-. 


132 Hangin. St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 









Baldwin William J. realegtate, 696 Bedford 

av. li 17:5 Nostrand av 
Baldwin William M. jeweler, h 207 Sands 
Baldwin Wflliain P. elk. li 160 6th av 
Baldwin WilHani R. lawyer, 2il B'way K.Y. 

li 93 Lewis av 
Bale James, sparmkr. li 311 IS'way 
Baler diaries, liib. h 139 Central av 
Balf Mieiaol, milk, Evergreen av, c Weir- 

Balfaiice John, lab. h 273 3d E.D. 

Balfanz Angnst, grocer, 42 Grand 
Balfe Edward, driver, li 329 Bond 
Balfe George W. liquors, 2:!.3 Van Brunt 
Balfe Rose, wid. .Joba, li 329 Bond 
Balfe Thomas, barkpr. li 393 President 
Balfe Patrick, baker, h 33G Pacific 
Balford Obarles, restaurant, 23 Bridjfc 
Balford .lolin, engineer, h 21 Hicks 
Balford John jr. jewl. mold, h 21 Hieks 
Balford Mathew, liquors, 245j Hoyt, li 255 

Balgin H. A. wid. Thomas, li 349 Degraw 
Balk Henry, confectionery, 1616 Fulton 
Balk John, earpenter, h. Atlantic av 
Balke Edward, vinegar, Suydam o Myrtle 

av, h 877 Pai-k av 
Balke Louis, elk. h 877 Park av 
Balkoff Adrian, bkbinder, b 20 10th E.D. 
Ball Ann, wid. Michael, b 302 Albany av 
Ball Charles, machinist, h 331 Pacific 
Ball Charles, pattennakr. h 152 Calycr 
Ball Charles E. furnaces, li 219 Gold 
Ball Charles H. supt. li 4th E.D. 
Ball Charles W. milk, CIO Atlantic av 
Ball ("yniK, broker, h 464 Bergen 
Biill Daniel, h 126 2d E.D. 
Ball Edward, butcher, 253 Myrtle av. h 87 

Ball Eciward A. com. mer. 50 South N.Y. h 
78 Iloyt 

Ball Frank, printer, h 126 Concord 
Ball George jr. ins. 71 Wall N.Y. h 27 Decatur 
Ball George H. cik. h 391 5t,h 
Ball George M. machinery, 28 Franklin, h 68 

Ball George W. bkkpr. h 101 Patclien av 
Ball George W. gilder, h 55 S. 5tU 
Ball George W. kiralier, b 212 Raymond 
Ball George W. stairbldr. h 441 De Kalb av 
Ball Granvell, hatter, h 52 N. Elliott pi 
Ball Henry, bkkpr. h 128 11th 
Ball Henry, grocer, 400 Van Brunt 
Ball Henry, moulder, h 302 Albany av 
Ball Harriet, wid. Reuben W. h 781 Madison 
Ball Isadore, clothinsr, B'way N.Y. U 150 S. 

Ball James, hairdresser, h 342 Hudson av 
Ball James J. driver, h 617 Clason av 
Ball James M. upholsterer, h 1113 Greene 

Ball .Jameson, agt. h 74 Cranberry 
Ball .Jane, wid. Andrew, h 617 Clason av 
Ball Jolm, furrier, h 017 Clason av 
Ball John, painter, li 567 Myrtle av 
Ball John, physician, 124 S. Oxford 
Ball John, tailor, 185 Montague, h 240 Dnf- 

Ball John C. cashier, li 129 Washington av 
Ball John H, carpenter, h 925 Myrtle av 
Ball John O. lawyer, h 124 S. Oxford 
Ball John li. carpenter, 3 & 5 Greene av 
Ball John T. elk. h 76 S. 2d 
Ball .foseiih, driver, h 187 Park av 
Ball Joaei>b, stairbldr. h 5;i0 Marey av 
Ball Margaret, faiieygds. 464 Bergen 
Ball Martha, wid. Jolin, h 81 Sackett 
Ball Mary, wid. I..awrenco. h 3 Force's pi 
Ball Patrick, liquors, 160 Park av 
Ball Rose, h r 65 N. 7th 
Ball Sarah, h 300 De Kalb av 
Ball Sarah A. wid. h 78 Hoyt 
Ball Susan, wid. John, h U2 S. 1st 
Krtll Thoniiis, machinist, h 992 Pacific 
Ball Thomas F. jeweler, h 334 President 
Ball Thomas P. com. mer. So South N.Y. h 
78 Hoyt 

Ball T. R. mfr. 100 Schermerhorn, h Baby- 
lon, L.I. 

Ball Walter, painter, li 292 Ralph av 

Ball William, cabinetmkr. 338 Degraw 

Ball William, elk. h 301 Smith 

Ball William, cooper, h 183 N. 8th 

Ball William, lab. 86 16th 

Ball Wm. A. inachinist, h 134 Nostrand av 

Ball William H. 73 Hoyt 

Ball William H. elk. n.s.ct N.Y. h 86 16th 

Ball William H. painter, h 80 N. 3d 

Ball William H. painter, h 122 S. 1st 

Ball William J. elk. h 302 Albany av 

Ball Williamson C. bkkpr. h 3(J0'Plyraonth 

Ball & Jewell (George M. Ball, Aaron C. 

.Tewell). macliiuerv, 28 Franklin 
Ballach Anton, lab. h 419 Oakland 
Ballagh Henrietta, wid. James, h 64 Maujer 
Ballagh James, oik. h 2.55 Ewen 
Ballagh Rebecca, wid. William, h 255 Ewen 
Ballagh Thomas D. h 64 Manjer 
Ballaid James, Lib. h 88 Walton 
Ballamy Margaret, wid. Jos. h 77 Johnson 
Ballanee Robert, bldr. 131 Hall, h 112 AVash- 

ington av 

Ballance William A. bldr. 131 Hall, h 112 

Washington av 
Ballance &. Sou (Robert & William A. ) bldrs. 

131 Hall 

Ballantine Sarah, wid. James, h 407 State 
Ballard Armstead, coachman, h 248 Myrtle 

Ballard Charles, bkkpr. h 77 Newell 
Ballard Emily S. fancygds. 1623 Fulton 
Ballard Gaydon, pietureframemkr. 415 Wil- 

loughby av, h 49 Jefferson 
Ballard George, painter, h 116 Franklin 
Ballard Henry, painter, h 232 19th 
Ballard .liimes, painter, h 6S7 6th av 
Ballard John, driver, h 398 5th av 
Ballard John, h. furng. ()38 5th av 
Ballard John, sec. Ann N.Y. h 185 Bedford 


Ballard Nathan, teacher, h 233 Adelphi 
Ballard Richard, foreman, h. 1006 Liifayette 

Ballard Sarah H. wid. Wm. h 26 Clifton pi 
Ballard Stephen, leatherbelting, 26 1st E.D. 
& 79 Chambers N.Y. h 171 Lefl'erts pi 


f~ a 

*— — ft. 




5 ..J. </i 1-1 
A — crj ro 

2 5 2 -» 

*^ a os 

•as 2 

» e a< 
p S " • 


5 §1 

» o g- 


WM,H. JACKSON & CO., If Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

Union Square, New York City, f g And Fire-Place Novelties. 

FOUNDRIES AND SHOPS. 315 EAST 28th STREET. ) S i,.,«„„ „„^„!f« „„™. ^ 
CKsTAi!LisH«D IS27.) AAt'I OH leaf opeosite name.] 


Has the Largest Net Stirplus of any Fire Insurance CJo, in tlie World. 

iSee AdTertisemeitt opposite namca 


Ballarfl Stephen & Co. (Harris N. Dodge), 
leatherbeltingmfrs. ;i6 1st E.D. & 79 
Chambers N.Y. 
Ballard William, b 605 Pacific 
Ballard William, driver, li 756 3tl av 
Ballard William, painter, li adi 4th av 
Ballard William G. elk. li 233 Adelphi 
Ballau Alfred L. "Ijkbindev, li 35 t*. 1st 
Ballay Constant, bkkpr. b 3:J!) S 3d 
Bailay Francis, liquors, h 4 Lewis av 
Ballay Harry C. engraver, h aSS) S. 3d E.D. 
Balldes Manuel, cigamikr. h 40 Liberty 
Balleis Nicholas (Rev.), b '212 Putnam av 
Ballen Jacob, sliirtmkr. 12 Walker N.Y. h 
58i Eusli 

Ballence Mary, wid. Joseph, h 112 Prince 

Bailer John, lab. h 90 Dupont 

Ballerean Jnlins. lookingglassmkr. h 77 

Tompkins av 
Ballerio Joseph, mu.sieian, h 201 Sands 
Balliue Molly B. wid. Henry, h 503 Court 
Ballmaim Knatz, grocer, 414 Van Brunt 
Ballmar Louis, restaurant, 382 Grand 
Ballmeina Joseph, cigars, 100 York 
Balloney Mary J. -wid. Marco, h 283 Bridge 
Ballou Benjamin, lab. h 151 N. 8th 
Ballou Beri.jarain W. lumber, Ist c S. 9tb, h 

58 Ist K.D. 
Ballou Charles, h 131 Penii 
Ballou Ed-ward, carpenter, h 48 Myrtle av 
Ballou Edward, caulker, h 14 Maujer 
Ballou Edward, conductor, h 57 l^rnxton 
Ballou Henry H. milk, 63 Greenpoint av. h 

Leonard u Calycr 
Ballou Uoiiry C. police, Ii 237 Eyerson 
Ballou Jobn," h 90 Newell 
Ballou John, printer, h 799 Bergen 
Ballou Joseph, elk, h 799 Beigen 
Ballou Marv, wid. James, h 799 Bei^en 
Ballou Prosper, bkbindcr, h 291 S. 4th 
Ballon Prosper, printer, h 112 Linden 
Ballou Prosper, shirts, 187 B'way N.Y. h 21 

Putnam av 
Ballou Theodore, caulker, h Troutmau n 

Wyckoff av 
Ballon Walter S. rnbbergds. 80 Keade 'S.Y. 

h S'Jii Clasnn av 
Ballow Jobn, lab. Ill 8th E.D. 
Ballow William A. h 316 Willoughby av 
Balmain Geor ge, stationer, 76 William N.Y. 

h 420 Lewis av 
Baltoanuo Alexander, bkkpr. h 2:S5 17th 
Balmer James, h IS} 7th av 
Balmer Marv J. wid. Jas. h 185 Division av 
Balmer Robert, blacksmith, h 139 N. 2d 
Bahces M. grocer, h 189 Columbia 
Ba lough Cb as. upholsterer, h 562 Grand av 
Balougli Lewis, carriagemkr. h 562 Grand 


Balsam Amander, wid. William, h r40 Van- 

derbilt av 
Balsamo Max, butcher, 32 Union 
Balser Adam, carpenter, b 88 Moore 
Baiser Charles, stationery, 431 5th av 
Balser Frederick, hatter, h 88 Hopkins 
Balser Henry, rope, h 538 B'way 
Balsir George, painter, h 774 B'way 
Balstou James H. piessmfr. 84 Qnay 

Balston James N. presses, So Quay, li 128| 

Balston &. Honseal (Jas. H, Balston, Edward 

E. Honseal), chaimifrs. 85 Quay 
Balslou & Son (James N. Balston, James H. 

Balstou), pressmlVs. 85 Quay 
Baltliausar Arnold, tailor, h 579 Falton 
Baltimore Henry C. waiter, h 81 9th E.D. 
Baltimore Robert, elk. Ii 32<!| Monroe 
Baltimore & Ohio Express Co. 333 Washing- 
ton, 136 Flatbush av, 17 Bergen, 79 4th 
E.D. & 63 B'way N.Y. 
Baltz A. salesman, h 136 Oakland 
Baltz Frederick, milk, 174 Graham av 
Baltz George, butcher, b 185 Park av 
Baltz Katrina, wid. b 174 Graham av 
Baltz Margaret I. lirienuifr. 204 Grand 
Baltz Philip, tailor, h 548 Atlantic av 
Baltz William V. h 116 S. Ist 
Baltzer Grego, b r 137 Eller>' 
Balz Chas. W. lawyer, h 63 Schoncetadyav 
Balz Fredericlv-, ins. li 5!)1 llei kimcr 
lialz Peter, tailor, h 591 Herkimer 
Balz Philip L. tailor, h 170^ Atlantic av 
Balz Philip L. jr. lawyer, h 71 Schenectady 

Balzer Cli.trlcs, butcher, h 326 Atlantic av 
Balzer Jolm, cigars, 199 Graham av 
Balzer John, cutter, h 269 N. 2d 
Baman John, carpenter, li 43 Union av 
Bambach Frank, blacksmith, h 67 Mont- 
rose av 

Bambach Jno. cabinetmkr. h 142 Graham av 
Bambcr Isaac, painter, 127 B'way, h 138 

s. yth 

Bamber Jobn S. b 421 Herkimer 

Bamber Mary, wid. Alexander, h 122 2d pi 

Bamber Bobert, h lOUO Dean 

Bambcr Thomas, com. mer. 88 Warren N.Y', 

h 353a Clinton 
Bamber AVilliam, h 315 Livingston 
Bamber William, produce, 135 Warren N.Y. 

b 33 5tb av 
Bamber & Jansen (Isaac Bamber, Cornelius 

Jansen), painters, lv!7 B'way 
Bamberger Ira L. lawyer, 291 B'way N.Y. h 

30 Bedford av 
Bamberger Jacob, watchman, h 1083 Pacific 
Bamberger .John, brewer, h 147 Montrose iiv 
Bamberger Martin, aprons, 104 Grand N.Y. 

h 91 Nassau 
Bambis Jean, elk. h 201 Fulton 
Bambury James, toolmkr. h 265 Prospect av 
Bamhnsh John V. cabinetmkr. h 93 Herbert 
Bamers Waiter F. h 499 Greene av 
Barnes John. supt. h 623 St. Mark's av 
Bamfurd Richard, tel. oper. b 45 Hoyt 
Bamman Henry, f^mcev, 159 Prospect 
Bamniill Ceppovd, tins, 129 Loiinier 
Bampton Benj. C. engineer, h75 Clermont av 
Banbarc Antoine, baker, h 972 Atlantic av 
l^ancliach Charles, furniture, 23 Whipple 
Bancker Elizabeth, wid. Adrian, h 69 Carl- 
ton av 

Bancker Samuel L. engraver, h 132 Concord 
Bancker William D. sec. h 430 Clinton av 
Bancroft A. com. mer. 82 New Church N.Y. 
h 163 S. Oxford 


•9. NORWOOD, S49 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See Advt. page 12 front. 


Mm, Russian, Electric, and Borne Batlis. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

39 BAN 


Bancroft Edwiii'd P. salesman, li 107 St. 1 
Bancroft George, elk. Ii IS:! S. Oxl'ord 
Bancroft Georjie W. painter, h r KK! Butler 
Bancroft Herbert P. drygds. 24 Thoinus N.Y. 

h ;580a Clinton 
Bancroft L. W. (Rev.), 126 Amity 
Bancroft iiacbaol, wid. Horace, i 374 Flush- 
ing av 

Bandoclia Sarafiiio, supt. 89 Fulton 
BandelJolin, mats, li 200 Kosciusko 
Bandeline Louis, lab. li SO Partition 
Bandford .James, machinist, li 10 Oakland 
Bandle,y Albert, gilder, h (j;! Moutroso av 
Baudoy Otto, musician, li 30 McKibbiii 
Bands Henry, soapboiler, Ii5(i4 3(1 iiv 
Bandtlow Cliaries, architect. Ii 36Graham av 
Jiaudtlow Pa,iil C. druggist, 38 Graham av 
Bandy James, lab. b 104 od 
Bane Lewis, i)ainter, li 144 Consclyea 
Bane Robert, biacksruitli, h 69 Talman 
Banes Thomas, lab. h 143 Meeker av 
Banfield Francis J. tester, li 116 Java 
Banford James, elk. h 242 13th 
Banfordo John, machinist, h 120 Division av 
Bang Henry E. shipcarpenter, 128 10th 
Bang Liidwick, carpenter, h 951 N. ;)th 
Bang William, printer, h 543 B'way 
Bangaards William, confectioner, 574 4th av 
Bangal August, h 155 Centra! av 
Bangartner Isidor, painter, h 298 Ellery 
Bangel Conrad, tailor, h r 65 Walton 
Bangemann Frederick, shoefitter, 317J At- 
lantic av 

Bangert Casper, tailor, h 721 Flushing av 
Bangert Micbael, tailor, 175 Bushwick av 
Banglecl William, carjienter, h 193 Stockton 
Bangs Charles, agt. h 159 27 th 
Bangs Charles W. lawyer, 45 WUliam N.Y. h 

238 Clinton 
Bangs Eiiiil M. cabinotrakr. h 38 Clay 
Bangs Henry, broker, 94 Gold K.Y. h 34 

Tompkins pi 
Bangs James S. physician, 641 Carlton av 
Bangs .fohn, harnessmkr. h 59 Walton 
Bangs Margaret B. wid. Anson, h 305 Carl- 
ton av 

Baniiam Sara'l P. carpenter, h 309 Magnolia 
Bank Charles F. cabiuetrakr. ii 193 Bush- 
wick av 
Bank Obe, h 354 Sackett 
Bankeu Henry, lab. h 681 Henry 
Banker Ann M. wid. Jacob, h 731 Greene av 
Banker George W. inventor, 226 Pearl N.Y. 

h 46 Sterling pi 
Banker Joseph, mason, h 157 Hopkins 
Banker Josiah, ice, h 722 Sackett 
Banks Anderson, oik. h 143 Lawrence 
Banks Augustine, broker, 78 BVay N.Y. h 

87 Keap 
Banks Benjamin, bldr. 227 18th 
Banks Benjamin, carman, h 59 Moore 
Banks Benjamin F. h 679 Van Buren 
Banks Charles M. h 90 Keap 
Banks Charles S. elk. h 145 40th 
Banks David, salesman, h 97 lioss 
Banks George, lab. h 46 Degraw 
Banks George, naiimkr. h 244 7th E.D. 
Banks George W. kalsomining, h 254 Navy 

Bank.s frarrison,longsborenian,li r33Scholes 
Banks Henry 0. printer, 63 Penn 
Banks .lames A. elk. h 483 Henry 
B:i.nK-s _^[argaretta, wid. Thad. h 812 Han- 

Banks Martin, lab. h 30 Grand 
Banks Mary A. wid. Samson, 93 Meserole 
Banks Obediah, h 354 Sackett 
Banks Paul, driver, h 917 Atlantic av 
Banks Sarah T.vvid. John, h l-T/l Atlantic av 
Banks Selira, groceries, 191 Sackett 
Banks Thomas, 430 Troutman 
Banks Thomas, coachman, h 145 Wythe av 
Banks Williiun, lab. h 46 Degraw 
Banks William, machinist, h Schonck n 

Lafayette av 
Banks William E. banker, 78 B'way N.Y. h 

923 Greene av 
Banks William H. broker, b 154 Clinton av 
Banks W'illiam H. driver, h 354 Gold 
Bannagan , wid. h 196 Monroe 
Bannan Edward, lab, h Douglass n Nostrand 


Bannan Hattie, wid. John, h 69 Skill man av 
Bannan Michael, moulder, h 82 Wytlie av 
Bannan Patrick, lab. h 666 Butler 
Bannon Matthew, moulder, h 82 Wythe av 
Banner Peter H. ropemkr. b 10 Eldert 
Banner William, longshoreman, h 83 Irving Francis, metals, 14 Atlantic av. 

h 1565 Bergen 
Bannerman Margaret, wid. William, h 14 

Atlantic av 
Bannerman William J. ship chandler, 14 

Atlantic av 
Banney Alfred H. elk. h 160 Skillman 
Bannigan Peter, printer, h 178 Prospect 
Bannigau Thomas, lab. 311 Hamilton av 
Banning Jane, wid. Alpheus, h 104 Hart 
Banning P.-itrick, lab. h 31 5th 
Bannister .James, engraver, h 416 Bergen 
Bannister Jan^ jr. engraver, h 416 Bergen 
Bannon Ann, wid. Michael, h 108 N. 7th 
Bannon Hugh, janitor, h 431 St. Mark's av 
Bannon .James, carpenter, h 96 Grand 
Bannon James, ferryman, h 358 S. 4th 
Baunou .James, plumber, h 184 Navy 
Bannon John, police, h 272 St. Mark's av 
Bannon John, shoemkr. 119 Pearl N.Y. h 

318 Hicks 
Bannon Joseph, oilinsp. h 108 N. 7th 
Bannon Matthew, lab. h 665 Butler 
Bannon Jlichael, groceries, 2.37 Plymouth 
Bannon Peter, driver, h 230 W^illoughby av 
Bannon Peter, plasterer, b 187 Tillary 
Bannon Simon, grocer, ^th c 10th av 
Bannon Thomas, moroeito, h r 8t Steubon 
Banquo Dennis, shipsmltli, h 39 India 
Bansa Bolivar, lijiirdresser, 133 Meserole 
Bant Matthew, carpenter, h 676 Lorimer 
Bauta Abram, truckman, h 266 Franklin 
Banta Edward, jeweler, li 163 10th E.D. 
Banta Geo. A. refrigeratormkr. h -joO Degraw 
Banta George W. hats, h 780 Greene av 
Banta Harry B. bldr. 27 Bergen, h 315| 

President * 
Banta Nelson H. teller, h 125 Macon 
Banta Peter, carpenter, h 100 9th E.D. 


U Lain's Directory Offices !;iflSS£:«°jSSi. 


Has the Largest Uet Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 



Xil U 

















Banta Tbeo. M. cashier, li 144 St. James' pi 

Banta Walter, bkkjir. li 4U0 Dograw 

Banta William, h 780 Greene av 

Banta William, cooper, li 544 Grand 

Banta WilHaoi, insp. h 602 4th av 

Bauta William S. elk. h 539 AVillongby av 

Bantel John, inatmkr. 75 Nassau N.Y. li 200 

Banting Charles, driver, \\ 429 Kent av 
Bantle Albert, plater, 79 Xassan N.Y. h 63 

Montrose av 
Bantle Christian, cabinetmkr. h 53 Scholes 
Bantles Frederick, li 335 Court 
Bantz Jacob, baker, 290 Cha.nncey 
Banvard Paul L. clockmkr. h 263 Is'th 
Bany Joban, butcher, 117 W^yckofi 
Banyan Benjamin, lab. h 122 Schenectady 


Banyan George, lab. h 122 Schenectady av 
Banyan Georfrc W. cutler, h 917 Atlantic av 

Banyerd Augustus, lab. b r 14i;7 Dean 
Banzett William, sbipjoiner, b 935 Myrtle av 
Banzliof Gotthold, tailor, li 521 Court 
ISapplis Williaui, salesman, h 87 8th E.D. 
Baptist Home, Greene av c Throop av 
Baptist M. N. wid. S. J. h 354 CJjnton 
Baptiste Maria, \vid. John, h 738 Van Bnren 
Barabas Martin, lab. h 203 2d EJJ. 
Baradel .Tobn, optician, h 79 Main 
liaragwonatb Henry, mer. N.Y. h 572 Quincy 
Haralt Patrick, lab.' b ti5 N. 1st 
Baralt Robert, lab. h 65 N. 1st 
Barauiore Stephen H. mason, h 378 Tomp- 
kins av 

Baran Augustus, printer, li 63 Marion 
Baras Joseph, cii>annkr. li 297 Herkimer 
Baratt loiter, bil). h 65 N. 1st 
Bai l) St^bastiaii, lab. b 932 Flusbins av 
Barbaree William, pianotuiier, h 374 Navy 
Barbarino Powell, tailor, li 276 Reid 
Barbarow Samuel M. drugs, 109 Flatbush av 
Barber Alfred, coal, 377 VVftor N.Y. li 414 

Clermont av 
Barber Ambrose M. fish, 635 Fulton, li 18 

Clifton pi 
Barber Arnold, salesman, h 400 2d 
Barber Ann, wid. Samuel, h 18 Kcmsen 
Barber Charles, elk. h 392 Grand 
Barber Edward, carpenter, h 115 S. 3d 
Barber Edward J. elk. b .'>71 Clason av 
Barber Eliza, wid. John T. h 571 Clason av 
Barber E. W. carpenter, h 132 Nostrand av 
Barber Francis, h 85 St. Mark's av 
Barber Isaac H. physician, 36 Lafayette av 
Barber James F. bkkpr. h 745 Van Bnren 
Barber John, grocer, N.Y. h 12 J Huron 
Barber Joseph E. mlr. h 18 Patchen av 
Barber Margaret, wid. James, li 223 Tillary 
Barber Sarah, wid. h,557 Lafayette av 
Barber Thomas jr. broker, N.Y'. h 169 Hicks 
Barber Walter, agt. h 106 Washington av 
Barber Warren C. coal, 65 Bayard N.Y. h 

414 Clermont av 
Barber Wilford W. carpenter, h 241 Bedford 


Barber W^illiam, seaman, li 62 Front 
Barber William C. teller, h95 Keap 
Barber William F. h 174 Jefferson 

Barberie Andrew V. T. pianomkr. h 456 


Barberie John, sliipcbandler, h 297 Clermont 

Barberow George A. elk. h 510 5tli av 
Barberra Attilao, musician, h 37 3SF. Oxford 
Barbery Jacob, cigarmkr. h r 219 Sackett 
Barbier Henry (Eev.), 1579 B'way, h 1575 


Barbier Nathan, tobacco, 169 Water N.Y. li 

12 Douglass 
Barbor James, sign writer, h 223 Hudson av 
Barbor Neiveu, carpenter, h 12 7th E.D. 
Barbour Adin E. minerals, h 9^- Elm 
Harbour James W. ins. h 234 Skillman 
Barbour Thom.-is H. elk. b333 Decatur 
Barbulowits John D. hair, h 312 Adams 
Barchert Frederick, lab. h 108 Maujer 
B.-irckman Frank, lab. h 468 Court 
Barclay Alexander, oils, 145 Huntington, h 

195 Huntington 
Barclay Alfred A. snpt. li 393 (ith 
Barclay Audre%v, engineer, h 230 N. 7th 
Barclay Annie, wid. Wm. h lOB Clermont av 
Barclay David S. oik. li 398 6th 
Barclay Delancy T. actor, h 516 Carlton av 
Bavola V Frank, elk. h 398 6th 
Barclay Fr.anklin, elk. h 321 9th 
Barclay Gaston, b 398 6th 
Barclay George C. h 87 Bedford av 
Barclay George M. elk. h 106 Clermont av 
Barclay George W. machinist. h62 S. 9th 
Barclay Isaac, caulker, h 383 Leonard 
Barclay John, carpenter, li 251| 39th 
Barclay Margaret, wid. Ilngh, h 108 Cler- 
mont av 

Barclay Reginald G. drugs, 44 Stone N.Y. h 

87 Bedford av 
Barclay Robert, machinist, h 23 2d E.D. 
Barclay Robert S. broker, N.Y. h 108 Cler- 
mont av 

Barclay Thomas, confectionery, 74 N 7th 
Barclay William O. drugs, 44 Stone N.Y. h 

87 'Bedford u.v 
Bard Carrie, wid. Saranel C. h 572 Fulton 
Bard Frank L. blacksmith, h 113 Prospect 
Bardan Jobu, leather, h 237 Kent av 
Bardel Josepl), butcher, h 62 Boerum 
Bardell Alfred, iron, 311 Av A N.Y. h 193 

S. 9th 

B.ardell William A. bkkpr. h 55 Ross 
Barden Daniel D. morocoodresser, h 353 

Flushing av 
Barden Edward, stages, h 931 Duffleld 
Barden Mary, wid. Daniel, h 365 Kent av 
Harden Michael, lab. h 284 Hudson av 
Barden Willard F. lithographer, 21 Cliff N.Y. 

h 53 Pulaski 
Bardenhagan Homy, lighterman, h 26 Main 
Banlcnbagen Claus, lab. h 177 Harrison av 
Bardenpohl John, h 222 Clermont av 
Bardenwarper Charles, h 639 Myrtle av 
Bardnwcrper Chas. salesman, h 434 Park av 
Bardou John, undertiiker, 19 Union av 
Bardonuer Bernard, tailor, h r 215Gralii<m av 
Bardson George, carpenter, h 93 Carroll 
Bardwell Fred. C. oils, 8 Depeyster N.Y. h 

175 St. Mark's av 



6. mim k mi 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 








Bardwell Henry L. -wool, N.Y. li 175 St. 

Mark's av 

Barchvell Willis A. librarian, Montague n 

Court, h GO Cambridge pi 
15;ire Heui v, moulder, li 'ISij Van Brunt 
Barefield Edward, fruit, 37 4th E.D. 
Barensbeer George H. provisions, Ii 393 

Clason av 

Barerenger Valentine, lab. h 206 Meserole 
Barett liridgot, wid. Richard, h 64 Colum- 
bia pi 

Barg August C. grocer, 168 Keap 
ISarg Cliarles D. grocer, 168 Keap 
Barg Fred'k, 'longshoreman, b lo McKinney 
Barg Louis, grocer, 683 Bedford av 
Barg William, grocer, 375 Court 
Barg Bros. (August & Charles), grocers, 168 

Bargallo Ventura, agt. li 74 Meeker av 
Barger Edward, teller, h 26(5 17th 
Barget William, drugs, 163 Ewen 
Bargfrede Louis, barkpr, b 2-28 Bedford av 
Barginann Frederic, elk. h 550 3d av 
Barhaes Ignatz, lab. h 296 1st E.D. 
Barbam George, teas, h 638 Myrtle av 
Barh.T,ni Tbomas M. painter, h r 348 State 
Barbam .himes, lamplighter, h 223 N. 7th 
Barhaus L. engineer, b 195 S. 9tli 
Baries Joscpli, tailor, h 200 Meserole 
Baright Edward P. roofing, h 1063 Dean 
Bariuger Louis, h 519 Atlantic av 
Barkeloo Harriet, physician, h 915 3d av 
Barkoloo Henry, truckman, b 189 Nassau 
Barkeloo Lemoua, -wid. T. S. h 915 3d av 
Barker Abijali, pilot, h 59 Kent 
Barker Abruham, ins. h 3?7 3d 
Barker Abrabumj liquors, 61 S. 8tb 
Barker Albion, |)rinter, b 40 Wilson 
Barker Ann, wid. James, b 50 Hudson av 
Barker Baxter, h 204i Bergen 
Barker Biajab, pilot, b 59 Kent 
Barker Caleb, carpenter, b 245 N". 5th 
Barker Charles, printer, b 239 S. 3d 
Barker Charles L. agt. b 379 3d 
Barker Charles P. lawyer, h Sa^ Adelphi 
Barker Charles S. realestate, 23 Putnam av, 

h 166 Clason av 
Barker Daniel, confectioner, 993 Gates av 
Barker Dowitt K. dentist, 389 Dean 
Barker Edgar, engineer, b 114 William 
Barker Edw'd D. publisher, 19 Murray N.Y. 

h 3as Adelphi 
Barker Edwin, lettercarrier, h 159 Eckford 
Barker Elizabeth, wid. Jesse, h 238 Monroe 
Barker Ezra D. publisher, 19 Murray N.Y. 

b 385 Adelphi 
Barker Fannie, confectioner, 459 Myrtle av. 

h 415 Myrtle av 
Barker J'rank J. baker, 327 5th av 
Barker George, florist, h 65 Court 
Barker George, y)orter, b 61 Dupont 
Barker George F. li 88 Waverly av 
Barker George F. agt. b 407 Monroe 
Barker George H. carbldr. h 117 Franklin 
Barker Geo. M. watchman, h 207 Van Brunt 
Barker Gilbert H. jnlot, h 675 Leonard 
Barker Gilbert H. jr. pilot, h 104 Newell 
Barker Hairiet, wid. William, h 40 Wilson 

Jjarker Helen C. wid. Augustine, h 214 

Barker Henry, locksmith, h 5 Beach pi 
Barker Herbert J. gasfixtnres, 168 Centre 

N.Y. h 136 Flatbusb av 
Barker Horsley, cllc. h 122 Lawrence 
Barker Howard D. bkkpr. h 233 Qnincy 
Barker Israel A. drygds. li 457 6th av 
Barker Jacob, brewer, h 243 Seboles 
Barker Jacob, realestate, h ;J71 12th 
Barker Jiimes O. express, 1143 De Kalb av, 

h.580 Kosciusko 
Barker James T. boatswain, h 256 Clason av 
Barker James P. h 580 Kosciusko 
Barker John, h 280 S. 2d 
Barker John, agt. h 415 Myrtle av 
Barker .John, driver, h r 109 Spencer 
Barker John, engraver, h 319 Degraw 
Barker John, hatter, h 150 Suydam 
Barker John, pilot, h 206 Jackson 
Barker John, shipcarpenter, b 125 Meserole 


Barker John, taxidermist, h 425 Atlantic av 
Barker John E. lithographer, h 65 Division 

Barlvcr ,Tolni G. masonic furng.gds. 43 

Bleecker N.Y. h 139 St. I'elix 
Barker John J. oils, 123 Pearl N.Y. h 129 


B.irker Joseph, bkbinder. b 97 Ralph av 
Barker Joseph S. gasfixturcs, 168 Centre 

N.Y. h i36Flatbush av 
Barker Louise, wid. Daniel, h 18 3d 
Barker Mary, wid. George H. h 40 Lynch 
Barker Mary, wid. Titus, h 21 Cheever pi 
Barker Perry, cai'pent(!r, h 682 Dean 
Barker Kebecca, wid. Egelbert, h 123 Fulton 
Barker Robert, engineer, h 117 Franklin 
Barker Robert, lookingglassmkr. h i;i4 York 
Barker Rudol)ih, baker, 377 Manhattan av, 

h 483 Manhattan av 
Barker Simon G. u.s.n. h 754 Bedford av 
Barker Titus F. printer, h 63 Seabring 
Barker Walter B. truckman, li 675 Leonard 
Barker Wesley P. pocketbkmfr. Duane N.Y. 

h 539 Willougbby av 
B.nrker Wilbur F. police, h 377 Wyckoff 
Barker Willard W. elk. b 4.57 6tli av 
Barker William, engineer, h 110 Sackett 
Barker William, oysters, 80 Skillman av, h 

55 Devoe 

Barker William, physician, 122 Adelphi 
Barker William A. tinsmith, h 60 Newell 
Barker Wm. G. painter,145 Fulton, li 217 Hall 
Barker William H. realestate, 23 Putnam av, 

h 79 Downing 
Barker William J. butcher, 164 Myrtle av 
Barker William J. lawyer, b I'M Adelphi 
Barker William J. matmkr. b 238 6tU E.D. 
Barker William P. hardware, h 403 Decatur 
Barkhouse Henry, signs, b 14 Fulton 
Barkhozen Peter, grocer, 80 N. 6th 
Barklev Alex, machinist, b 31 Middagh 
Barkiey C. Hilton, acct. h 204 20th 
Barkley J. M. machinist, h 212 S. otli 
Barklcy Susan M. wid. Chas. A. h 204 20th 
Barkman Albert B. ins. b 61 2d pi 
Barkman Mina, wid. h 63 Bolivar 


Direct Receiver of PENNSYLVANIA RYE and 
no & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N.Y. See Bousiness I>irectoTy. Zlqaors — ^Wbolesale* 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 


Biirkyat Jas. 11. stationery, h 567 Grand av 
Barley .Jonathan W.ins. li 192 Warren 
i5arley Joseph T. tel. oper. b 58 Flatbush av 
Barling Agiistiis C. locksmith, li 446 Man- 
hattan av 
Barling Alfred, elk. li 795 Myrtle av 
Barliii};- Arthur, fireiiaa.u, h 111 Glraham 
Barling Eugene E. cigara, 12 4th E.D. h 170 

Barling John, lia,tfini8her, h 134 Jfostrand av 
Bariing Joseph, liquors, 1079 Myrtle av 
Barlow Alice, teacher, h 1^23 Oak 
Barlow Ann, wid. h 7.52 Monroe 
Barlow Ch.arles, boatbldr. h I'JS Hudson av 
Barlow Charles, engineer, h 159 Meserole av 
Barlow Chs. A. ins. N. Y. h 149 Schermerhoru 
Barlow Cyrus W. pattoi'nmkr. h 153 Newell 
Barlow Edgar, carman, h 66 Greene 
Barlow Ed'd G. snpt. 559 Fulton, h 239 Dean 
Barlow Elizabeth, wid. h 417 N. 2d 
Barlow George, broker, h 405 Clermont av 
Barlow George, crockery, "271 Manhattan av 
Barlow Geo. H. bakingpowder, h 'i79Ainslie 
Barlow Harry, potter, h 147 Ecklbrd 
Barlow Henry, driver, h 323 Prospect pi 
Barlow John H. painter, h r 150 Flushing av 
Barlow .John W. h 178 Rutledge 
Barlow Josei)h, h 418 Grand av 
Itarlow J. K. h 185 Duffield 
Barlow Mich'l, shipsawycr, h 173 Hudson av 
Barlow Raymond H. bkkpr. h 308 I3th 
Barlow William, h 303 Washington av 
Barlow Wm. ll.frarpeuter, h 146 N. Elliott pi 
Barlow Wiltou .1. physician, h 178 Rutledge 
Barltatio Andrew, mosaics, h 211 Van Brunt 
Barly Mary, wid. John, h 481 Hicks 
Barmanctor Joseph, tailor, h r 675 B'way 
Barmingham Peter, coachman, h766 Bei'gen 
Barnaby Eunice, wid. Albert, li 157 Park pi 
Bariiaby J. O. drugs, 700 Fulton 
Barnard Alfred, h 171 Prospect pi 
Barnard Christian, h 20S7th E.I). 
Barnard Daniel P. lawyer, 346 Fulton, hl58 

Barnard Edward, baker, 713 Fulton 
Barnard Edward li. elk. h 145 Lafayette av 
Barnard Edwin G. elk. h 40 Monroe 
Barnard Francis C. butcher, Wash'n mkt. 

N.Y. h 54 Macomb 
Barnard Frank L. lawyer, 346 Fulton, h 68 


Barnard Frederick E. lawyer, li 318 Madison 
Barnard George W. elk. h 171 Prospect pi 
Barnard Isadore, peddler, li 476 B'way 
Barnard John, artist, h 361 Pacific 
liarnarcl John jr. elk. h 361 Pacific 
Barnard John T. lawyer, 346 Fulton, h 158 

BAENAED JOSEPH F. judge supreme ct. 

'■jO Court House, h Ponghlieepsie, N.Y. 
Barnard Pnrcoll, elk. h 803 Myrtle av 
Barnard Robert, agt. h 494 Warren 
Barnard Warren, n.s. n. U 79 Hanson pi 
Barnard Wm. A. jeweler, 131 Chatham N.Y. 

h 171 Prospect pi 
Barnard William F. snpt. h 25 Decatur - 
Barnard & Allen bakers. 713 Fnlton 
Barnemaini William, carman, li 121 10th 

Barnes Aaron B. shipsmitii, :M8 1st, h 54 S. 2d 
B.arncs Albert, lab. h 79 S. 1st 
Barnes Albert C. agt. h 457 Kent av 
Barnes Alexander, driver, li ,575 Park av 
Barnes Alfred, m.'ison, h 788 Mo;)roe 
Barnes Alfred, tinsmith, li 112 S. 2d 
Barnes Alfred C. publisher, Nassau c Liberty 
& 113 William N.Y. h ISi Washington pk 
Barnes Alfred S. pres't, 201 Montague & 
publisher, Nassau o Liberty & 113 Wil- 
liam N.Y. h 5153 Clinton av 
Barnes Almeriu E. driver, h 'M Adelijlii 
Barnes Almond W. soapmUr. h 79 S. 1st 
Barnes Ambrose E. furniture, 438 Pearl N.Y. 

h 142 Clinton av 
Barnes Anne, confectionery, 49 Van Cott av 
Barnes A. cik. h 24 Hanover pi 
Barnes A. S. & Co. (Alfred S., Alfred C, 
Henry B., Edwin M., Charles J. Barnes, 
Henry W. Curtis,) publishers, Nassau c 
Liberty & ill William N.Y. 
Barnes Benjamin B, h 309 Qnincy 
Barnes Bernard, machinist, h Kil Court 
Barnes Catherine, wid. George D. h 159 Hall 
Barnes Charles, cigarboxmfr. 1 Doyer N.Y. 

li 790 Lafayette av 
Barnes Charles, sparmkr. h 130 Warren 
Barnes Charles A. com. mer. h 169 Monroe 
Bai-nes Charles A. stevedore, h 692 Leon.ard 
Barnes Charles E. weigher, 97 Pine N.Y. h 

127 Clymer 
Barnes Charles H. fireman, h 67 Jay 
Barnes Charles .J. pnbli.sher, Nassau c Lib- 
erty &. Ill William N.Y. h Chicago 
Barnes Charles S. teacher, ii 403 Putnam av 
liarnes Charles W. elk. h 209 Keap 
Barnes Charles W. paper, 69 l>uane N.Y. h 

55 Willow 
Barnes Chauncey, h 467 State 
Barnes Daniel, mer. h 24 Schermerhom 
Barnes Daniel P. engineer, h 831 W^illougli- 
by av 

Barnes Demas, banker, 21 Park row N.Y. 

h 88 Isfc pi 
Barnes Edgar F. h 143 Taylor 
Barnes Edward, salesman, b 1234 Fulton 

Barnes I'^dward, tinsmith, h 408 S. 5th 
Barnes Edwin M. publisher, Nassau c Lib- 
erty & 113 William N.Y. h 374 Washing- 
ton av 

Barnes Edwin N. elk. h 328 12th 

Bames Elizabeth, h 111 Penn 

Barnes Eliza E. h 24 Hanover pi 

Barnes Ellen, wid. Raplens, h 512 Myrtle av 

Barnes Erastus H. boxshooksmfr. 16 Court, 

h 222 Cumberland 
Bames Eugene F. treas'r, 643 Myrtle av, h 

87 Monroe 

Barnes George, painter, 417 Carltou av, h 
286 Dean 

Barnes George, shipping, 50 South N.Y. h 

610 Carlton av 
Barnes George E. li 65 Putnam av 
Barnes Henry, h 193 S. 5th 
Barnes Henry, elk. h 834 Dean 
Barnes Henry W. com. mer. 48 South N.Y. h 

239 Harrison av 
Barnes James, cigars, h 504 Bushwick av 



348 Broadway, YORK. 

See Advt. page IS frout. 


Also, Russian, Electile, aM Roman Baths. 

WOOD, IW.D., Prop'r. 

A. L. 



Bunies Jiimes, filer, li 275 N. 2d 
Barnes James, paiuter, 236 Clinton, li 347 

Bnmes J.ames B. agt. li 674 Bedford av 

Barnes James W. mason, h 347 Court 

I5arnes Jane, wid. h 575 Park av 

Barnes John, li 331 Adams 

Barnes John, bldr. 114 Clermont av. li 80 

Barnes John, clk. h 292 Division av 
Barnes John, hatter, h r 765 Bergen 
Barnes John, truckman, h 238 Howard av 
Barnes John B. h 186i Clifton pi 
Barnes John C .publisher, 113 William N.Y. 

h 155 Columbia hgts 
Barnes John E. elk, Ix 56 S. Portland av 
Barnes John E. lawyer, 204 Montague, h 623 

St. Mark's av 
Barnes John V. shipping,N.y. h24 Schermer- 


Barnes Joseph, mer. h 119 Lefferts pi 
Barnes Joshua, inveutor, h 1098 Fulton 
Barnes Lyman, boatman, h 17 Broome 
Barnes L. B. dressmkr. 232 Flatbush av 
Barnes Mary L. wid. Geo. b 610 Carlton av 
Barnes Percy (Rev.), h 239 Harrison av 
Barnes Richard, lab. h. 144 Bayard 
Barnes Richard S. publisher, 111 William 

N.Y. h 457 Clinton av 
Barnes Eobert, tinsuuth, li 311 Bedford av 
Barnes Roberi,.!. h 550 CJuincy 
Barnes Eosiua M. ivid. George, h 292 l>i- 

vision av 
Barnes Sarah, dressmkr. 275 Fulton 
Barnes Sarah, wid. Samuel C. h 457 Kent av 
Barnes Silas Si. blacksmith, h 93 Van Cott 


Barnes Sophia C. wid. William H. h 353 

Barru H Sylvester L. clk. h 150 17th 
Banies 'I'liomas, bkbinder, h 275 Smith 
Barnes Thomas, lab. li 213 Hudson av 
Barnes Thomas R. paper, 69 Daane N.Y. h 

155 Columbia hgts _ 
Barnes Walter F. chairs, N.Y. h Greene av n 

Nostrand av 
Barnes William D. L. publisher, 111 William 

N.Y. h 533 Clinton av 
Barnes William II. clk. h 150 17tli 
Barnes William H. driver, h 49 Van Cott av 
Barnes William H. sailmkr. h G40 Hancock 
Barnes W. Henry (Rev.), h 200 Pcnn 
Barnes Zuinglius, bkkpr. h 189 Franklin av 
Barnes & Barrows (L. B. Barnes, Lena V. 

Barrows), dressmkrs. 232 Flatbusli av 
Barnes & Park (James Barnes, Edw. Park), 

painters, 236 Clinton 
Barnet Abraham, fancygds. 273 Grand 
Barnet George, peddler, h 167 Myrtle 
Barnet Henry, clk. li 319 Hudson, av 
Barnet Julius, li 273 Grand 
Barnett Adolph, clk. h 122 Duffleld 
Barnett Benjamin, paperhanging, 134 Ful- 
ton, h N.Y. 
Barnett Coleman, oigarmkr. li 158 Hoyt 
Barnett David, lawyer, 397 Fnlton, h 406 

Grand av 
Barnett Edward, lab. h 141 Leonard 

Barnett Edward, starchmkr. h 1094 Flush- 
ing av 

Baruett Edwin N. compositor, h 119 Adelphi 
Barnett Eliza, wid. James, h 117 Pcnn 
Barnett Francis, birds, 63 Whipple 
Barnett George, blacksmith, 104 Sandford 
Barnett George W. e ardstook, 2 New Cham- 
bers N.Y. h 2^5 1st 
Barnett Jacob, glazier, h 390 17th 
Barnett James, clk. h 45 Cheover pi 
Barnett James, clic. h 58 West 
Barnett James, colormfr. 135 Pearl N.Y. h 

197 Washington park 
Baraott James P. chemist, 135 Pearl 'N.Y. h 

197 Washington park 
Barnett John, coal, Oakland c Ash 
Barnett John, driver, h 148 Tillary 
Barnett John, starchmfr. li 1094 Flushing av 
Barnett John, watchman, li 4 2d 
Baruett John E. painter, 104 Sandford, h 

Myrtle av n Lewis av 
Barnett John J. starchmkr. h 1094Flushin 

Baruett John L. varieties, 349 B'way 
Barnett John O. h 326 Pearl 
Barnett Joseph, clk. li 446 Degraw 
Baruett Joseph, driver, h Oakland c Ash 
Barnett Joseph, fruits, 207 Washington N.Y. 

h 773 B'way 
liarnett Joseph, tailor, 33 Atl.antic av 
Barnett Lewis, packer, h 192 Onlfield 
Barnett Louis, cigarmkr. li 120 High 
Barnett Margaret, dressmkr. 268 Ewen 
Barnett Mary F. wid. Joseph, h 349 B'way 
Barnett Samuel, inseotpowder, 120 High 
Barnett Sarah, wid. Sanmel, h ]i4Joli(!rson 
ISarnett Thomas, butcher, h 144 Navy 
Barnett Thomas J. cashier, h 546 Wil- 

lougliby iiv 
Barnett Thomas T. stainer, h 484 Adelphi 
Baruott Walter E. cigarmfr. 85 Maiden la 

N.Y. h 29 2d pi 
Barnett William, brushmfr. 104 Duane N.Y. 

h 203Canoll 
Barnett William, engineer, h 45 Cheever pi 
Barnett VVm. {laperstaiuer, h 137 Franklin 
Barneit William, porter, h 89 Cook 
Barnett William, truckman, li r 87 Fort 

Greene pi 

Barnewold Herman, grocer, Rochester av c 

Barney Edward J. dentist, 2 Flatbush av 
Barney Edwin J. broker, 68 & 70 Court, h 

691 President 
Barney James H. suits, 307 Fulton 
Baruey John, stoncyard, 3d av c Union, h 

412 Sackett 




Sills, Lintels, Curb, Gutter, Flagging, etc. 
Particular attention paid to Cemetery Work, 

Yard, corner Union St. & Third Ats., BrosMyn. 

Barney Joseph 6. bkkpr. h 475 De Kalb av 

PI AM HQ Steinway, Weber, and CMckering, Repaired 
I ft IM U O, At CHAS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiYingston St, cor. Boerim PL 


Has the largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTerttsement opposite name* 



P z 




g < 





Barney Wclby, lab. li 95 N. 8th 
Bariibardt; William, h 431 Carroll 
Barnbart .John W. (Kev.), 613 Greene av 
Barnliart; Mellvile W. physician, 13^ Kent 
Banihell Wm. machinist, li 197 Franklin av 
Kaviihill John, carman, h 570 I^edford av 
Bartihill Robert, ropemkr. li r 551 Kent av 
Bariihill Robert jr. eartmaii, )i r 551 Kent av 
IJarnicle James, lab. h 195 S. 3d 
Maruiclo John J. c. h. elk. li B Willow pi 
Barnicle Malachi S. F. teabroker, h 6 Wil^ 
lo'.v pi 

Barnicle Michael, teabroker, h 6 Willow pi 
Barnie Alexander, carpenter, h 12 Bond 
Barnie Alexander, carpenter, li 190 Prince 
iJarnie Alexander jr. carpenter, h 377 Gold 
Barnie William, teacher, h 190 Prince 
Barnier John J. h 3 Willow 
Bariiing Henry, painter, h 352 Myrtle av 
Harning John H. truckman, h 252 Myrtle av 
IJarnitz Louisa, fancygds. 335 5tli av 
Barnitz McClintock I?., salesman, h 3;i55tliav 
Barnow Joseph, h 418 Grand av 
Barns Benjamin, mechanic, h 124 4th pi 
Barns Cliarles A. lighterman, h 15 Broome 
Barns Charles E. stenographer, h 133 Noble 
Barns John, lab. h r 152 5tli 
Barns Lyman, boatman, h 17 Broome 
Barns Simon, driver, li 868 Atlantic av 
Barns Tobias, cuttorcloths, h 215 S. 3d 
Barns William H. sailmkr. h 640 Hancock 
Barnsack John, driver, h 917 Atlantic av 
Barnsdale James K. h 143 fith av 
Barustorp George F. provisions, Washington 

mkt. N.Y. h 207 Carroll 
Barnswell Thomas F. notary, h 321 Bergen 
Barnuni Annie E.dresamkr. 116 Walworth 
Barnnra Charles H. elk. h 151 Pierrepont 
Barnum Charlotte, wid. Daniel, h 255Halsey 
Barnum Kdninnd B. lawyer, 115 Nassau N. 

Y. h 347 Union 
Barnum Edw'd, foreman, h 145 Tompkins av 
liai niim KdwardC. clothing, h 458 Pacific 
Barnmn Isabella, 151 Pierrepont 
Barnum Isaac AV. h 253 Halsey 
Barnum Martha E. wid. Horace W. h 116 

AV a! worth 
Bamum Noah K. h 29 Halsey 
Barnum Thos. W. undertaker, 151 Pierrepont 
Barnum VA'illiam A. printer, 152 Plymouth 

h 447 Gates av 
Bamum William D. elk. h 151 Pierrepont 
Barnwell Mary, wid. Moses, h 313 S. 2d 
Baion Charlog, cigars, 78 William N.Y. h 

137 12th 

Baron Jose, cigars, 78 AVilliam N.Y. h 137 12th 
Baron .Joseph, lamps, 658 Flusliiog av 
Baron Lewis D. metal, h 283 Wyckoff 
Barou Samuel, teacherdancing, 177 Monta- 
gue, h 61 Livingston 
Barpraft' Gottfried, painter, h 135 Boemm 
Barque Jolm, carpenter, h 71 Hamburg 
Barr Alexander, police, h 442 Monroe 
Barr Alexander, shipcarpenter, b 134 Calyer 
Ban- Cath. A. wid. Nicholas, h 50 Green la 
Barr Charles, shoemkr. 99 Scholes 
Barr Charles jr. li 99 Scholes 
Barr Daniel, oik. h 2 Harrison ct 

Barr Daniel, lab. h 72 Main 

Barr Edw'd, tubing, 78 John N.A'. h 109 State 

Barr Frcdrica, wid. Neal, h 54 Carlton av 

Barr George, driver, h 195 St. James' pi 

BaiT George W. ferryman, h 383 State 

Barr Henry C. sparmkr. h 159 Dnpont , 

Barr Hugh, lab. h 16 Garrison 

Barr Hugh, plasterer, h 753 Dean 

I5arr J-anies, h 208 7 th E.D. 

Barr James, flsh, 198 Myrtle av 

Barr James, lab. h 187 Higli 

Barr James, painter, h 708 Flushing av 

Barr John, police, h 383 State 

Barr John, willowware, h 214 Devoe 

Barr John F. carrier, h 383 State 

Barr Josei)h, salesman, h 458 Adelphi 

Barr Margaret, wid. James, h 69 Main 

Barr Margaret, wid. John, h 103 St. Mark's av 

BaiT Mary, wid. James, h 187 High 

Barr Michael, lab. h 98 Hudson av 

Barr Miebael, poi-ter, h 223 York 

Barr Robert, cutter, h 221J Division ar 

Barr Sterrott, weighei-, h 50 Strong pi 

Barr Stewart, plumber, h 335 Halsev 

Barr Thomas T. grocer, 107 Front N.Y. h 40 

S. Oxford 
Barr Thomas M. elk. h 40 S. Oxford 
Barr AVilliam, elk. h 181 Adams 
Barr William, lab. b 250 Front 
Barr William, police, h 195 St. James' pi 
Barr William A. lawyer, h 442 Monroe 
Barr Win. H. elk. h Throop av c Hoplcins 
Barrabas Frederick, lab. h ,59 S. 2d 
Barraclough Benj. elk. h 378 WyckofF 
Barraclough Kdward, toolmkr. h 115 Di- 
vision av 

Barraclougli Samuel, elk. h 300 Graham 
BarradcU James, shirtrakr. h 85 N. 5th 
Barrar Charles, carpenter, Ij r 138. N. Port- 
land av 

Barratt George, mns. insts, 540 B'way 
Barrauch Joseph, glazier, 139 N. 3d 
Barre Abraham, .supt. h 238 Raymond 
Barre Patrick, lab. r 264 Front 
Barre AVilliam, depy register, 6 Court House, 

h Carlton av c Greene av 
Barreda Daniel P. agt. h 543i Hancock 
Barreiter Geo. brooms, h 115 Prospect E.D. 
Barren Augusta, printer, h 61 Marion 
Barren Elizabetli,wid. Augusta, h 61 Marion 
Barronpohl John, h 222 Clermont av 
Barrens Frank, longshoreman, h 318 Furman 
Barret Mary J. wid. James, h 135 Graham 
Barrett Acle, shoemkr, h r 276 N. 8th 
Barrett Albert, printer, h 31 Main 
Barrett Alexander, shoemkr, h 21 Devoe 
Barrett Ann, wid. .James, h 148 Baltic 
Barrett Anthony, contractor, h 220 Johnson 
Barrett Anthouv, lawyer, 16 Court, h 59 S. 

Elliott pi 

Barrett Byron S. drugs, 34 College pi N.Y. h 
119 6th av 

Barrett Calvin R. shoefitter, h 1080 Fulton 
Barrett Cairn A. h 21 Concord 
Barrett Edward, brnshmkr. h 125 N. 6th 
Barrett Edwd. contractor, h 319 Hudson av 
Barrett Edward, mason, h 827 Dean 
Barrett Edward, mechanic, h 23 Columbia 


132 Mangin St., neax Houston, East River, New York. 



455 nn.TOH STKEET, 





Barrett Edward L. h 797 Pacific 
Barrett Elizabeth, h 108^- Diamond 
Barrett Ellen, wid. Thomas, li 245 Conrt 
Barrett Frank J. music, b ti Clifford pi 
Barrett Fred'k F. driver, h 1080 Fulton 
]5arrett George E. dentist, 45 4th E.D. 
Barrett George W. shoenikr. h ill Devoe 
Barrett Henry, elk. li 297 13th 
Barrett Hugh, moroccodresser, h 341 Flush- 
ing av 

Barrett James, elk. h 20aj Saratoga av 
Barrett James, joiner, h 178 Eagle 
Bairett James, junk, h 36 Sackett 
BaiTett James A. soapuifr. 82 Wallabout, h 

25 Lewis av 
Barrett James A. & Co. (Clark T. BronsoD), 

soaprafrs. 82 Wallabout 
Barrett John, h 315 Lafayette av 
Barrett John, h lii7 Willouahby av 
Barrett Jolm, elk. h ^'M Divisiou av 
Barrett John, lab. h 652 Atlantic av 
Barrett John, lab. h 76 Box 
Barrett John, lab. h 37 DiUeman 
Barrett John, lab. h 21 Rush 
Barrett John, supt. N. 12th c 5th E.D. h 72 


Barrett John,Tvatchinan, h 134 Manhattanav 
Barrett Jolm C. elk. h 77 EosS'. 
Barrett John H. carpenter, h 403 Van Buren 
Barrett John H. shoefitter, hlOfeO Fulton 
Barrett John J. speoulatoi', h 128 IStb 
Barrett Margaret J. wid. John, h 72 Scher- 

Barrett Mary, li 136 Atlantic av 
Barrett Michael, lab. h 2U4 Navy 
Barrett Michael, watchmau, h Partition u 


Barrett Patrick, dyer, h 41 Wallabout 

Barrett Patrick, lab. h 53 Hudson av 
Barrett Patrick, lab. b 204 Navy 
Barrett Patrick, lab. h 68 Uuderhill av 
Barrett I^atrick, lab. h 57 S. 2d 
Barrett Patrick, shipwright, h 77 Koss 
Barrett Patrick, speculator, h 128 18th 
Barrett Peter, wheelwright, 127 Navy 
Barrett Phiueas T. crackers, h 355 Wyekofl' 
Barrett Robert, hatter, li 245 No,strand av 
Barrett Robert, lab. h 224 Hamilton av 
Barrett Susan, wid. Johu, h 827 Dean 
Barrett Susan P. wid. h 857 Fulton 
Barrett S. M. cooper, 1st c N. 4tjh, h Cincin- 
nati. O. 

Barrett Theodore A. h 251 Grand av 
Barrett Thomas, h 211 Bergeu 
Barrett Thomas, butcher, h 243 Concord 
Barrett Thomas, elk. h 202i Saratoga av 
Barrett Thomas, lab. h 310 S. 4th 
Barrett Tlios. painter, h r 145 N. Elliott pi 
Barrett Wallace W. printer, 68 Vesev N.Y. h 
119 6th av 

Barrett Walter H. editor, N.Y. h 13 Middagh 
Barrett William, cooper, h 137 Moore 
Barrett William, lab. h 109 N. 7th 
Barrett W^ra. H. shipjoiner, h 1080 Fulton 
Barrett William T. cigars, 43 N. 6th 
Barrett Willi.ini T. shoemkr. h 21 Devoe 
Barrett Winfield S. elk. h 125 High 
Barrett Zechariah T. shoemkr. h 21 Devoe 

Barrett, Nephews & Co. dyers, 279 Pulton 

and 5 & 7 John N.Y. 
Barrett, Waters & Lewis (S. M. Barrett, 
Chaa. H. Waters & A. B. Lewis, jr.). 
coopers, 1st c 4th and Cincinnati Ohio 
Barricklo Andrew, sliademt'r. Hicks c War- 
ren, h Jersey City 
Barricklo John, sliademfr. Hicks c 'W'arren, 

h £0 Cheeverid 
Barrie Samuel S. h 346 Lafayette av 
Barries Frederick, cabinetmkr. h 99 20tli 
Barrigan Thomas, lab. b 84 Atlantic av 
Barringer Albert, cigarmkr. h 86 Clymer 
Barringer Agnstos, cooper, h 571^ Loi imer 
Barringer (iriifiu C. clothier, h 676 Lorimer 
Bai'riuger Henry, elk. h 32 Jefferson E D. 
Barringer Robert R. salesman, li 215 Keap 
Barrington Benjamin, elk. h lfi2 Eagle 
Barriiigton Lettia, h 84 Wyckoff 
Barrington Pat'k, grocer, h 300 Hudson av 
Bariis Louis, cigannfr. 320^ Heniy 
Barrix Moses, lab. h 95 Sackett 
Barron Aarou, lab. h 114 Skilhuan av 
Bari'on Christopher, lab. h 307 23d 
Barron Davis, real eslate, 1602 Fulton 
Barron George, h 37 N.7th 
Barron George, papermkr. h 114 Skillmanav 
Barron Herbert W. elk. b 59 Downing 
Barron John, carpenter, h 351 Atlantic 
Barron Patrick, hatter, h ;J62 Hudson av 
Barron Thomas J. h 59 Downing 
Barron William P. carpenter, h 164 Adams 
ISarrotti Scraphin B. elk. h 49 Johnson 
Barrow (Jeorge, h 37 N. 7'th 
ISanowclift Jane, wid. John, notions, 13( 
N. 4tli 

Barrows Eben, stoves, 8 Peck slip N.Y. h 1 '■■ 

Barrows Henry M. h 265 Macon 
Barrows Lena V. dressnikr. 232 Flatbush av 
Barrnch Soloraan, stoves, 408 Grand 
Barry Ale.iander, drugs N. Y. h 116 Montague 
Barry Andrew, salesman, h 222 20th 
Barry Arthur, livery, h 570 Kent av 
Barry Caroline, wid. Alexander, h 438 
Clinton av 

Barry Charles, shipcarpenter, h 292 Tomp- 
kius av 

Barry Daniel, lab. h 269 Water 

Barry Edward, elk. h 132 20th 

Barry Edward, lab. h 139 Hamilton av 

Barry Ed^yard B. u.s.n. h 274 Gates av 

Barry Edward D. ]diysician, li 60 Sands 

Barry Edw'd E. dockbldr. h28Manhassetp] 

Barry Edward V. fireman, h 328 Baltic 

Bany Edwin, lab. h 188 Centre 

Barry Eugene A. dockbldr. h 28 Manh asset pi 

Barry Henry W. neckwear, 471 B'way N.Y. 

h 558 Willoughby av 
Barry Jas. baker, 62 5th av. h 638 Carroll 
Barry .Tames, cooper, h 82 N. 3d 
Barry Jas. furniture, 713 3d av, h 709 .3d av 
Barry James, junk, h 830 Atlantic av 
Barry James, lab. h 45 Columbia pi 
Barry James, moulder, h 156 Colnmbia 
Barry Jas. tie cutter, h 55S Willoughby av 
Barry James J. u.s.n. h 107 Henry 
Barry James J. wheelwright, h 154 Douglass 


Union Square, New York CKy. 

I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

I And Fire-Place Novelties. 

^ [See AdT't on leaf opposite name.} 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insorance Co. in the World. 

^ See AdTertlsement opjKtsite name* 



ag OS 


I- E 

, t— 

< CQ 

O 8 

Q ^ 

— suo 

(0 S^' 




< <c 


Barry Jeremiah, lab. h 304 Greenpoint av 
Barry John, bkkpr. h 82 N, ;!d 
Barry John, blacksmith, h 10S9 Fulton 
Barry John, driver, h 2(i9 Water 
Barry John, mason, ii 45 Meeker av 
Barry John, piinter, h HOI (Jraham av 
liarry John, tinsmith, h 73S Park av 
Barry John, typefounder, h 191 High 
Barry John F. truckman, h 102 Gold 
Barry Jobn, jr. paperruler, h 2G9 Water 
Barry Joseph, lab. h 34 Sackett 
Barry Joseph, printer, h 184 Devoe 
Barry Louis R. elk. li 198 Leonard. 
Barry Luciiida, wid. h 150 Adams 
Barry Marg't,, wid. John, li 162 Lexington av 
Bariy Martin, lab. h ItS Columbia 
Barry Michael, lab. h 29 5th 
Barry Patrick, carpenter, h 123 N 4th 
Barry Patrick, liquors, h 24ri Front 
Ban-y Patrick, liquors, 163 Bridge 
Barry Patrick, licpiors, 622 Manhattan av 
Ba'. ry Patrick, tobacco, li 159 Colombia 
Barry Peter, painter, h 771 Bergen 
Barry Peter J. police, h 827 Bergen 
Barry Eobert H. navalstores, li 82 N. 3d 
Barry Samuel, baker, 703 Myrtle av, h 82 
4th pi 

Barry Susan, li 101 Freeman 
Barry Teresa, h 216 Adams 
Barry Thomas, brushes, h l.WSth E.D. 
Barry Thomas, lab. h 246 Hamilton av 
Barry Thomas, plasterer, h l.')8 9tli 
Barry Thomas, shoemkr. 319 Hicks 
Barry Thomas F. bkkpr. h 154 Douglass 
Barry Thomas H. printer, h 184 Devoe 
Barry Thomas H. jr. vocalist, li 184 Devoe 
Barry Thomas J. editor, h 24 4th pi 
Barry Timothy, bkbindcr, li 269 Water 
Barry William, actor, h 209 Bergen 
Barry William, painter, li 3S5 S. 4th 
Barry AVni. stovebds. N.Y. h 426 Hudson av 
Barry Wm. ■wheelwright, 483 Baltic, h 154 

Barry Wm. J. painter, 638 Atlantic av. h 

781 Dean 
Barry Wm. J. pilot, h 226 Dean 
Barry William M. h 120 Stuyvesant av 
Barschow Louis, lab. ll 19 Jackson pi 
Baraher George, tailor, h 847 Johnson av 
Barson Barn, carpets, h 433 Hicks 
Barstow Frank Q. oils, 44 B'way N. Y. h 170 

6th av 

Barstow Jacob P. mer. N.Y. h 3 Montague ter 
Barstow Sidney, mer. 71 Broad N. Y h 738 

Lafayette av 
Barstow Samuel, teas, 133 Front N. Y .h 182 

Barstow S. M. artist, h 182 Washington 
Barstow William P. h 1068 Fulton 
Bart Henry, lab. h 39 Lorimer 
Bart Philip, carpenter, h 104 Stagg 
Barfcaby James, shipma.ster, h 348 18th 
Bartaby John, mariner, h 118 1.5th 
Barteck Matthew, engineer, h 162 Nelson 
Bartel Gottlieb, h 32 McKibbin 
Bartel Philip, shoemkr. h 90 S. 2d 
Barteld John F. butcher, 1856 Fulton 
Bartelles Henry, butcher, h 120 Franklin 

Bartels Adolph, h 908 Lafayette av 
Bartels Arthur, carpenter, h 868 Park av 
Bai'tels Hermann, bkbiuder, h 872 Parkav 
Bartels Otto, varnishmkr. h 293 Devoe 
Barten John A. hairdresser, h 630 Fulton 
Barten John A. grocer, 41 Lafayette av 
Barter Alfred T. h64 Fort Greene pi 
Barter Hiram, ropemkr. h 94 Bush wick av 
Bartes Richard, painter, h 272 Atlantic av 
Barth Adam, wheelwright, h 96 Stagg 
Bartli Antone, cabinetmkr. h 337 ITtli 
Bai'th Charles A. hairdresser, 59 Flatbnsh av 
Barth Charles H. hairdresser, 59 Flatbnsh av, 

h 362 Navy 
Barth Conrad, confectioner, h 348 3d E.D. 
Barth D.avid, wheelwright, h 317 Griiham av 
Barth Eligius, carpenter, h 56 Leonard 
Barth Frank, (larpenter, h 226 Boerum 
Barth Frank jr. butcher, 158 Johnson av 
Barth George, butcher, 41 Atlantic av, h 23 

Atlantic av 
Barth George, lab. h 82 Graham av 
Barth Jacob, bal;er, tO Scholes 
Barth Jacob, c)k. h 132 Greene av 
Barth Joseph, bntcher, h r (i8 Scholes , 
Barth Josepli, gardener, h 175 N. 8th 
Barth Josephine, h 14 Ten Eyck 
i3arth Mary H. wid. Jos. h 718 Flushing av 
Barth Robert, liquors, h 90 Moore 
Barth Ulrich, plumber, 67 Walton 
Barthanes Jessie N. h 209 Livingston 
Barthehelemy Mary, wid. Peter, confection- 
ery, 50 Meeker av 
Bartliclme Francis K. hairdresser, 522 3dav 
Barthman Frederick W; jeweler, 43 Maiden 

la N.Y. h 104 Koscfnsko 
Bartliolemew Caroline, wid. William J. h 
372 Dean 

Bartholma John, blacksmith, h 170 Bayard 
Bartholnie Adam J. confectioner, 170 Gra- 
ham av 

Bartholomew Edward T. elk. h 306 Adams 
Bartholomew Henry, N.Y. h567 Lafayette av 
Bartholomew John T. carpenter, h 5th av n 

Bartholomew Josiah C. driver,h 910 Gates av 
Barthorne Chas. peddler, h 101 Skillman av 
Bartick Mary, wid. Mathew, h 162 Nelson 
Barties Alfred, painter, h 22 Union av 
Bartig Panl, drugs, Throop av c Flushing av 
Bartis Peter, peddler, h 288 Eckford 
Bartlenav M. h 41 Debevoise 
Bartlett Augustus G. bkagt. h 258 15th 
Bartlett A. h 241 S. Otii 
Bartlett Charles, coachman, h 87 Tillary 
Bartlett Charles B. painter, h. 92 Franklin 

Bartlett Charles W. driver, h 87 Tillary 
Bartlett Dorcus, wid. William, h Graham c 

Park av 

Bartlett D. W. oils, 17 Cedar N.Y. h 164 
Putnam av 

Bartlett Edward B. storage, Furman n Ful- 
ton & 19 Old si N.Y. pres't, 125 Front 
N.Y. h 256 Gates av. 

Bartlett E. B. & Co. (John K. Bartlett, Al- 
bert C. Woodruff), storage, 168 Furman 
& 19 Old si. N.Y. 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hail, Brooklyn. 

See Advt, pngo 13 front. 


Also, Russian, Electric, and Romaji Baths. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

47 BAR 

BarHett Ethvard 1.. iewoler, 176 B'wayJJ.Y. 

h 22l> C!<;rmoiit av 
Bartlelt Fred'k, driver, h 427 Busliwick av 
Bartlett George, express, h v 215 Calyer 
Bartlott Gooroe F. eoaoliitiaii, h US Hicks 
Bartlett Geo.'W. oils, N.Y. h 1G4 Putnam av 
Bartlett Harry, h 6G2 Nostraud av 
Bartlett Heury A. paper, N.Y. h 241 S. 9tli 
Bartlett Henry T. faucywoods, 200 Lewis 

N.Y. h Ui7 Madison 
Bartlett Henry W. h 99 Cambridge pi 
Bartlett James, sailrakr. li .51)7 Bergen 
Bartlett James T. lumber, li i:i7 Madisoa 
Bartlett Jolni, painter, h 452 Park av 
Bartlett John, -vvagonnikv. h 31ci Atlantic av 
Bartlett John F. awningmkr. h 318 Atlantic 


Bartlett Jolm .1. carpenter, h 680 4tli av 
Bartlett Jolm K. storage, 168 Furman, & 19 

Old slip x\ .Y. h 67 St. James' pi 
Bartlett Joseph H. lawyer, 346 Fulton, U 732 

Park av 

Bartlett Josiah, broker. Wall N. Y. li 110 

Bartlett .luliaii C. elk. h 350 Wyckoff 
Bartlett Lewis L. surveyor, 60 B'way, h 805 


Bartlett Perly, livery, 214 5th E.D. 
Bartlett Robert, gilder, h (J4 Manhattan av 
Bartlott Samuel F. bldr. 35 Franklin, h 209 

Bartlett Surah, wid. John, h 87 Tillary 
Bartlett Tliomys, plumber, 1590 Fulton 
Bartlett VVillard, lawyer, 110 B'way N.Y. h 

145 Willow 
Bartlett William, caulker, h 26 Jackson 
Bartlett William, elk. ha09 Calyer 
Bartlett William, lab. h 19 Church 
Bartl<!y Elias H. physician, :!86 Pacific 
Bartloy JaiiioH, caulker, h 83 Dikeman 
Bartley James, waiter, h 181 Centre 
Bartley James H. salesman, h 44 Uevoe 
Bartley Jolm H. drygds. 1183 Fulton, h 580 


Bartley Michael, lab. h 640 Clason av 
Bartley Patrick, li 18 Broome 
Bartley Tliomas, toys, 74 N. Tth 
Bartley William, boatman, h 13 Wolcott 
Bartley William, carpenter, h 230 Centre 
Bartloy William, lab. h 92 Graham 
Bartley William, tobacco, h 444 Hicks 
Bartling Gesene, grocer, 447 3d av 
Bartling Harry, oik. h 244 Macon 
Barto Chai-les H. tailor, 58 Stagg 
Barto Charles W. collector, h 476 Carlton av 
Barto Henry H. carpenter, h 208 Prince 
Barto Jesse M. watchman, h 413 Herkimer 
Bartol Barnabas H. sugars, 38 Hamilton av. 

h Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bartol Thomas R. elk. h 459 Pacific 
Bartolomeo Cnriole, h 67 Union 
Barton Charles, scrollsawyer, h 287 14th 
Barton Charles A. bkkpr. h 466 Franklin av 
Barton Edward, moulder, h 27 Manhasset pi 
Barton Edwin H. broker, h 25 2d 
Barton Egbert G. plumber, 164 Grand N.Y. 

h 30 Hicks 

Barton Esther, wid. George, h 636 Leonard 

Barton George, carpenter, li 228 Eckford 
Barton George M, mason, h 286 Bridge 
Barton Hamilton W. stationer, h 242^ Clnson 

Barton James C. carpenter, h Eckford c 

Norman av 
Barton Joanna, wid. Wm. h 414 Carlton av 
Barton John, elk. li 422 Grand 
Barton John, liquors, 106 Clay 
Barton .John, painter, h 132 Meserole 
Barton John C. h 404 Gold 
Barton John E. fishhooks, 13 Adams, h 404 


Barton Jnlia, h 99 Franklin av 
Barton Lorenzo M. elk. h 25 2d 

Barton JIargaret E. wid. Coleman, h 108 

Lexington av 
Barton M.-iry E. wid. Thomas E. h 106 Noble 
Barton Rich'd, moulder, h 523 Manhattan av 
Barton Kosin;!, wid. James S. h 464 N. 2d 
Barton Samuel W. brassfinisher, h 32 Uevoe 
Barton Solomon, carpenter, h 293 Henry 
Barton Stacy, carpenter, h 363 8. 4th 
Barton Thomas, brownstone, h 207 Prospect 
Barton Thomas, engineer, h 230 Van Brunt 
Barton Valentine 11. machinist, li 81 Ross 
Barton William, li 130 Hicks 
Barton AVilliam, condnetor, h 829 Gates av 
Barton Wm. driver, h 17 N. Portland av 
Barton Wm. editor, h 157 Washington av 
Barton Wm. glassoutter, b 230 Van Brunt 
Barton William, printer, h 560 Cimrt 
Barton Wm. sugarreliner, h 122 Court 
Barton Wm. A. carpenter, h 422 Carlton av 
Barton Wm. A. jr. printer, h 422 Carlton av 
Barton William E. mason, h 330 18th 
Bartorf Christian, brewer, U 183 Johnson av 
Bartow Augustus, bkkpr. h 116 Madison 
Bartow <;hailes A. mason, h 151 N. Oxford 
Bartow Geoi-ge, lab. h7(iN. Portland av 
Bartow Hasbronek, elk. li 116 Madison 
Bartow John, banker, h 120 Washington av 
Bartow Stephen B. bldr. 124 N. Elliott pi, h 

32 Auburn ])] 
Bartow S. B. 82 Leonard N.Y. h 1531 Pacific 
Bartow Thos. 13. printer, N.Y. h 696 President 
Bartow William, bkkpr. h 6i>l Greene av 
Bartow William A. lawyer, 158 B'way N. Y. 

h 116 Madison 
Bartow W'illiam E. bldr. 124 N. Elliott pi, h 

146 N. Elliott 1)1 
Bartow Wui. H. carman, h .539 Lafayette av 
Bartow William J. elk. h 332 Tompkins av 
Bartrara Charles J. painting, 149 William 

N.Y. h 704 Leonard 
Bartram Charles J. Jr. h 704 Leonard 
Barti'am I'^rederiok W. news, 17 B'way, h 9 

11th E.D. 

Bartram Henry, decorator, h 253 Dcgraw 
Bartram Samuel E. sexton, h 200 Franklin av 
Bartrick Charles, engineer, h 27 Columbia 
Bartruff John, tailor, h 611 B'way 
Bartruff John Jr. tailor, hGll B'way 
Bartseh Charles S. blacksmith, 191 Scholcs, 

h 235 Humboldt 
Bartscli Herman, printer, h 40 N. Portland av 
Bartseh N. W. casemkr. h 55 Sackett 
Bai-tscher Charles, woodturner, h 270 2l8t 


Price $3.00. 10 BoefftuQ Fhce, Brookljm, and 121 Fulton St., N. 7. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire lasurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 



1/2 til 


I— I 












Bartsus Jolin, h loG Meserole 
Bartz August, painter, li 68 N. 8th 
Bartz Michael, h 43 Scholes 
Banith David, g<!nt'si'urug. 144 Vanderbilt 

Bunith D. hats & cai)S, 401 Myrtle av 
Baruth Henry, fiuaig. 3o9 Manhattan av, h 

139 Java 

Baruth Henry, lienors, 118 4th E.D. 
Harwick William, police, h 753 Vau Biiren 
Barwick Wni. G. engraver, h 753VauBuren 
Barwick Win. W. police, h 753 Vau Buruu 
Basch Geoige, grocer, 340 Eeid av 
Base! Amer, butcher, h 257 Johnson av 
ijasel Frank, jeweler, h 95 Hope 
Baselay Samuel, carman, li 65 3d K.D. 
Baseler Louis, liquors, S:^ Court 
Baser Gustav, painter, h 166 Stagg 
Bashboard Kichard, watchman, h 142 At- 
lantic av 
Basiel Gottlieb, h 212 Franldin 
Basil Valentine, wireworker, h 326 Manjer 
Baskorville Alfred, supt. h 9d Greeupoint av 
Basler Leopold, shoenikr. .575 6th av 
Basling Otto, painter, h 208 Greenpoiut av 
Bass Abraham, stoves,.h 123 President 
Bass Albei-t R. mfr. N.Y. h 513 Vanderbilt av 
Bass Alexander, pres't, 149 William, h Cuba 
Bass Cecilia, wid. Bernard, h 29 WycUoff 
Bass Charles H. elk. h 300 Union 
Bass Courud, moulder, h 112 Hopkins 
Bass Edward, porter, h 49 llth E.D. 
Bass .James, blacksmith, h 1351 Myrtle av 
Bass Job G. (Hev. j, h G7 DeKalb av. 
Bass Job 6. jr. jeweler, h 253 Nostrand av 
Bass Joseph, physician, Prospect pi n 

Buffalo av 
Bass Ijaina !'>. nurse, li 409 Hudson av 
Bass Louis, h 347 Court 
Bass Moiitz, com. nier. h 348 7tli 
Bass Raymond, paint, 147 Maiden la N.Y. 

h 513 Vanderbilt av 
Bass William, fancygds. 63 Atlantic av 
Bassalia Dominiek, lab. h 72 Union 
Bassamo Luigi, fruit, h 1 Lawrence 
Basse Detfcmar, bkkpr. h 327 Degravr 
Bassel Joseph, lab. h 162 Dupont 
Bassemeir Peter, varnisher, h 82 Adams E.D. 
Bassemir John, metalspinner, h 12 Cedar 
Bassenden Thomas A. iiilot, h 18 Myrtle 
Bassenhortt Fritz, lab. h 147 Hopkins 
Bassett Alex, shoemkr. h 35 Maspeth av 
Bassett Alfred J. bldr. h 843 Dean 
Bassett Arthur, lawyer, 501 Bushwick av 
Bassett Edward, elk. h 315 Smith 
Bassett Edward P. hats, 598 li'way N.Y. h 

1487 Pacitic 
Bassett Frank, broker, N.Y. h 411 Union 
Bas.sett Frank J. printer, h 62 .Java 
Bassett Frank T. hats, h 720 Lafayette av 
Bassett Frederick B. com. mer. 376 B'way 

N.Y. h 121 Gates av 
Bns.sett George H..elk. h 34 Bergen 
Bassett John, brassCnisher, h 62 Java 
Bassett John, broker, h 356 De Kalb av 
Bassett William, machinist, li 157 Nelson 
Bassett William, printer, li 419 18th 
Bassett William B. h 293 Kingsland av 

Bassett Wvatt M. shoes, 545 Fulton, h 91 


Bassey Anthony, hatter, h 103 Franklin av 
Bassey W'illiam, elk. h 267 Lorinier 
Bassing Joseph F. elk. li 192 Raymond 
Bassini Louis C. bkkpr. h 112 Harrison iiv 
Bassler George, carpenter, h IIH N. 5th 
Bassler .Jacob, jeweler, h 238 Ellery 
Basso Audw. watchcasemkr. h 617 Clason av 
Bast George, h 260 Livingston 
Bastablo Edward, mason, h 152 Baltic 
Bastedel Simon, butter, 107 Bridge, h 624 

De Kalb av 
Bastedo Charles, grocer, h 2S2t Grand 
Bastedo John, butter, 257 Smitli 
Bastedo Simon, butter, 624 De Ivalb av 
Bastedo William, h 575^ Kosciuslio 
Basten Andrew, carpenter, h 218 1st E.D, 
Baster Peter, tailor, h 100 Hopkins 
Bastet Louis, chemist, li 714 Jefferson 
Bastian Andrew, carpenter, h 218 Ist E.D. 
Bataliteky Charles, lab. h 19 Skillman av 
Batliy Joseph, printer, h 280 S. 3d 
Batch George, lab. h 176 Ten Eyck 
Batchellor Henry, bkkpr, h 210 10th 
Batcheller Hiland G. lawyer, 206 B'way N.Y. 

h 18 Garden pi 
Batcheller John, elk. h. .385 8th 
Batcheller Washington A. driver, h 382 12th 
Batcheller William H. h 82 Bond 
Bate James, engineer, li 353 Atlantic av 
Bate John W. moohanic, h 360 Atlantic av 
Bate Joseph C. painter, 833 Atlantic av, h 

106 4th av 
Bate Thomas H. agt. h 415 Myrtle av 
Bate & Lund (Josei)h C. Bate, Neil Lund), 

painters, 833 Atlantic av 




House, Sign, and Ornamental Painters, 

ATLAKTli; ror. YAMtKKItll.T AVE. 

Orders by mail will receive prompt attention. 
i>A.isrccsK.s» STri»apx.iES. 


Bateman John, elk. h 298 Union 
Bateman William, elk. h 96 Orange 
Bateman William H. salesman, h 932 Put- 
nam av 

Baten Frederick, butcher, h 288 Eckford 
Batersby Alfred, elk. h 47 Wyckoti' 
Batersby John, iab. fa 22 Herbert 
Bates Aaron P. lawyer, 132 Nassau N.Y. h 

387 Cumberland 
Bates Abraham A. iish, h 37 Masiiath av 
Bates Allen, lab. h 38 Scholes 
Bates Andrew, elk. h 318 Sackett 
Bates Andrew J. shoes, 122 Church N.Y. h 3 

Spencer pi 
Bates Benjamin, waiter, h 285 3d av 
Bates Benjamin K. oysters, h 306 4th E.D. 
Bates Byron L. corsetmfr. 84 Pearl, h 581 

Carlton av 
Bates Casper, tailor, h 140 Ten Eyck 
Bates Charles L. lockmfr. 75 N. 9th & N.Y. 

h 25 4th av 


BEST ^\TS 1> 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 







Bates DeWitt C. Lawyer, N.Y. b 36 OrmoBd 


Bates Edmund O. (Rev.), I> 387 Cumberland 
Bates Edward G. elk. h 285 8th 
Bates Edward G. supt. 58 Hamilton av, li 
29.> Sth 

Bates Elbert C, watclimkr. h ISiiJ- Bergen 
Bates Elmira IJ. cigars, 341 Henry 
Bates Ernest F. milk, 251 Floyd 
Bates Francis, boats, h ft 37th 
Bates Francis, cigars, h 233 Athmtic av 
Bates Frank, carpenter, b 251 Floyd 
Bates Frank, shipcarpeDtec, h 81 Sackett 
Bates Frisby, carpenter, h 195 Palmetto 
Bates George, editor, 251 Hassan N.Y. h 77 

Bates Georj;e A. en rtman, h 668 Warren 
Bates George E. elk. h 402 Degraw 
Bates George W, printer, h 320 Leonard 
Bates Uarniah M. wid. Jos. D. li 253 Clinton 
Bates Horace A. manager, 34 Court, h 25 

Bates 11. D. shoes, 193 Myrtle av 
Bates Isaac, h 59 Tillary 
Bates Isaac, carman, U 89 4th av 
Bates Isaac V. bkkpr. h 78 4th av 
Bates James, h 3194tli E.D. 
Bates James H. agt. 41 Park row N.Y. h 206 

Batons .Icronie E. shoes, 122 Church N.Y. h 

298 Lafayette av 
Bates John, hardware, h 318 4th E.D. 
Bates Joseph, ins. N.Y. h 18 Tompkins pl 
Bates Levi T. elk. h 54Leffertspl 
Bates Lewis, seaman, h 501 Fulton 
B.-itcs Louis, oik. h25 4th av 
Bates ilargaret, wid. James, h 198 Fulton 
Bates iM.-iry E. wid. Lyman, h 36 Ormond pl 
Bates Michael, lab, h'38 Carlton av 
Bates Bachael K. wid. Ebenezer, h 262 S. 1st 
Bates Eotort, !ab. h 49 Middagh 
Bates Silas E. hotel, 199 Fulton 
Bates Thomas, elk. h 318 Sackctt 
Bates Tliomas, oysters, 198 Union av 
Bates Thos. E, ironmoulder, h,18l Throop av 
Bates Thomas K. grocer, 15 Tiffany pl 
Bates William H. h 709 Pacific 
Bates William, ins. h 33 Park pl 
Bates William, salesman, h 409 Hart 
Bates William E. salesman, h 262 S. 1st 
Bates William G. printer, h 847 Giite.s av 
Bates William H. physician, h 184 Kemsen 


Successoi-s to WYLLYS H. WARNER, 
High and Low Pressure 

Steam Heating Apparatus, 

114 Leonard Street, New York, 

5 doors East of B'way, 

Branch Office— 42 Qourt St Brooklyn. 

Bath Jabez, cigars, h 79 Washington av 
Bath James H. elk. h 100 11th 
Bath Richard, feed, 4th av c 11th 
Bath & Hayward, feed, 4th av c 11th 
Bather George, engraver, 135 Putnam av 

Bather George cS; Son (William T.), engrav- 
ers, 135 Putnam av 
Bather Lucy S. stenographer, U 135 Put- 
nam av 

Bather William T. engraver, 135 h Putnam 

Bathgate James, bkkpr. 435 Herkimer 
Bat lie Pan!, com. mer. h 170 Degraw 
Baton Eliza, wid. h r2l7 Navy 
Bats George E. tel. h 402 Degraw 
Bats George W. carpenter, h 402 Degraw 
Batsford Kichard, engraver, h 305 Inth 
Battalora Felix, grainer, 6(w De Kalb av 
Battalow Charles, engraver, h 21 Bainbridge 
Battcher Diedrich, grocer, 560 Manhat- 
tan av 

Battcher George, salesman, h 556 Manhat- 
tan av 

Battell Richard, salesman, h 387 Willongh- 

by av ' 
Battell William B. truckman, h 387 Wil- 

loughby av 
Batelle Frederick, sulphur, 152 Kent av & 

163 Front N.Y. 
Battelle John G. machinery, 213 West, U 

129 E. 23d N.Y. 
Battelle & Ken wick (Frederick Battelle, 

Renwick), sulphur, 152 Kent av & 

163Fron N.Y. 
Batten Charles, mer. 35 John N.Y. h 40 Han- 

s()n [)1 

Batten Mary A. wid. William, dressmkr. h 

25 4th E*.D. 
Batten Snsan, wid. Stephen, h 119 Van Dyke 
Batten William, locksmith, h 163 S. 4th 
Battenberg Hermann, tinsmith, h 201 Court 
Batteiifelds Ernst, liquors, 99 Johnson av 
Batterfeld John, baker, 8U Bushwick av 
Batterly Ellen, wid. h 38 N. Sth 
Battermau Jaiie, wid. George, h r 127 S. 


Battermann Henry, drygds. B'way c Graham 
av. h 111 Keid av 

Battermann Henry,mineral water, 488 Flush- 
ing av 

Battermann Henry jr. mineral waters, h 488 

Flushing av 
Battermann John F. h 585 B'way 

Battermann Kate, grocer, 360 18th 
Battermann William, furniture, 583 B'way 
Battersbv Alfred L. police, h 68J Newell 
Battershall Sanford W. teas, 161 Pearl N.Y. 

h 95 S. Oxford 
Batterson Francis J. printer, h 159 19th 
Batterson John, sawyer, h 141 4th E.D. 
Batterson Lincoln S. photographer, 19th c 

5th av, li 158 IBtb 
Batt-erson Sophia D. wid. Thomas, h 14 Gal- 
latin pl 

Battey Arthur H. compositor, h 574 Atlan- 
tic av 

Battey William J. salesman, h 208 Madison 
Battice Charles, waiter, li r 354 Gold 
Battle Martin, foreman, h 148 Columbia 
Battles James, lab. h 304 Flushing av 
Battner Charles, elk. h 377 S. 3d 
Batty George, ropemkr. h 525 Flushing av 
Batty James, shoemkr. h 525 Flushing av 

" I 3 




si 2 =• 

» s. Cfi W 
ft.* ~* « 

» B O _„ 

.9 ? = E. 

i g 

S S o- 



_ w 

s o 





William Tarr St Go's Sour Hash, Kentucky Bis* 
tilUne Co's Seargrass Bye and Bonrboa, and 
Carlisle Sour Hash, Megibben, SnekenlieiiBer, 
Shenrood, Uontieello, md Westmoreland Bye 


Has the Largest 'Set Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co, in the World. , 

* See AdTcrtisement opposite name* 


Batty James C. hatter, h 933 Myrtle »v 
Batty John, lab. h 943 St. Mark's av 
Batty Sarah, wid. Jacob, h 525 Flushing av 
Baty James, watchman, h 7.i N. 4th 
Baty John L. cook, li 9 Stiyker ct 
Batz Micliael, upholsterer, 328 -Hicks, li 68 

Batzel George, butcher, h 105 10th 
Bail Andrew, junk, li 87 Seij^el 
Ban Henry, baker, 41 Van Cott av 
Baubel John, casemkr. h lOiil Mj'if leav 
Baueh Paulina, wid. Francis,!) 123 Floyd 
Bauchbach Charlotta, wid. Ernest, h 90 N. 

Baucber Elizabeth, wid. h 132 Concord 
Baucher Stephen, shoemkr. h 18 Thornton 
Bauchle Rosina, wid. Thomas, h 80 8. 4th 
Bauchle Thomas H. licoriceuifi:. 180 Ist E.D. 

h 37 E. 75th N.Y. 
Bauchler Martin, shoemkr. h 717 Flashing 

Baudendislet Emert, brewer, h 42 Melrose 
Bauder Frost H. h 191 18th 
Bauder John M. restaurant, h 191 18tli 
Bander Uriah, carttnan, h 191 18th 
Baudier Mary, wid. h 104 Concord 
Bauel Cliristian, packer, h 141 Pearl 
Bauer Adam, ice, h 173 Harrison av 
Bauer Adam, liquors, 378 Wallabout 
Bauer Adam, mason, h 173 McKibbin 
Bauer Adam, tailor, 70 Stagg 
Bauer Adolpn, hamessmkr. h 174 Stagg 
Bauer Arthur, confoctioiicr, h 202 High 
Bauer August, hairdresser, h 230 Union av 
Bauer August, medicines, 202 High 
Bauer Barbara, wid. H'y, h r 56 Graham av 
Bauer Bernhard, grocer, lt'82 De Kalb av 
Bauer Catharine, wid. Joseph, h 34B Walla- 

Bauer Cecelia, wid. Dederick, h 118 Flat- 
bush av 

Bauer Charles, grocer, 594 B'way 

Bauer Charles, painter, 48 Bartiett 

Bauer Charles, trimmings, 738 B'way N.Y. 

h 167 8th 

Bauer Charles jr. painter, h 48 Bartiett 
Bauer Charles A. h 119 N. 1st 
Bauer Charles F. broker, h 146 Baltic 
Bauer Charles H. driver, h 334 Myrtle av 
Bauer Charles P. hairdresser, h 362 Navy 
Bauer Christian, tailor, 12Monteith 
Bauer Christian J. grocer, 296 Bond, h 298 

Bauer Christopher, liquors, h 54 Morrell 

Bauer C. J. liquors, 84 Gerry 

Bauer Edward, engineer, h 92 Dupoiit 

Bauer Edward, pilot, h 197 Freeman 

Bauer Elizabeth, wid. Michael, h 562 B'way 

Bauer Emiel G. bldr. 22 Stanhope 

Bauer Ernest, hairdresser, 59 Flatbnsh av. 

h 362 Navy 
Bauer Ernst, varnish, 90 Bush wick av 
Bauer Francis, lab. h 160 Central av 
Bauer Franz, tobacco, 18 Olive 
Baner Frederick, cutler, h 111 Eckford 
Bauer Frederick, grocer, 594 B'way, h 52 

Sumner av 
Bauer Frederick, liquors, 173 Harrison av 

Baner Frederick & Bro. (Charles), groeei-s, 

594 B'way 
Bauer F. wid. shoes, 117 Smith 
Bauer George, h 1934 Fulton 
Bauer George, b 91 Varot 
Baner George, realestate, li 23 Ten Eyck 
Bauer George, siiddler, h 342 Wallabout 
Bauer George, upholsterer, I014i Gates av 
Bauer Godlib, lab. h 68 Morrell 
Bauer Gottlieb, provisions, 111 MeDongal 
Baner Gustus H. F. printer, b 14 Myrtle »r 
Baner Henry, cutter, 431 Troutman 
Bauer H'y, muB. inst. mkr. h eO Johnson av 
Bauer Henry, lab. h 90 N. 5th 
Bauer Henry, tanner, h 171 Mcmtrose av 
Bauer Henry C. carpenter, h 20 Stanhope 
Bauer Heuiy, shoemfr. 47 11th E.D. h 55 
Union av 

Baner Henry & Bro. (Jacob), shoemfrs, 47 

nth E.l>. 
Bauer Jacob, h 57 Union av 
Bauer .Jacob, bkkpr. Ii 67i Lewis av 
Bauer Jacob, lab. b 32 Central av 
Bauer Jacob, lab. h 42 Maujer 
Bauer Jacob, liquors, 589 B'way 
Bauer Jacob, moulder, h 358 Busliwick av 
Bauer Jacob, slioemkr. h ,''>7 Union av 
Bauer Jacob, tinsmith, h 119 Hopkins 
ISauer John, baker, b 11 1 Union av 
Bauer John, bkkpr. h 15 Belviderc 
Bauer John, grocer, Flushing av n B'way, 

h 594 B'way 
Bauer John, grocer, 1082 De Kalb av 
Bauer John, iusts. la 218 Ten Eyck 
Bauer Jolm, seamau, h 25S Fr.iiiklin 
Bauer John, tailor, h 166 Ewen 
Bauer John, tailor, h 616 Flnsliing av 
Bauer John C. printer, h 220 2d E.D. 
Bauer Jolm W. cabutrakr. h 745 Flushing ay 
Bauer Joseph, baker, h 146 Central av 
Bauer Joseph, carpenter, h 141 Central av 
Bauer Joseph, engineer, h 86 Gerry 
Bauer Joseph, upbolsteier, 1014^ Gates av. 

h 52 Whipple 
Bauer Katie, dyer, 9 4th E.D. 
Bauer Laurenz, painter, 85 Bnsbwick av 
Bauer Louis, liquors, 548 B'way 
Bauer Louis, cllc. P.O. 4th E.D. h ® S. 9th 
Bauer Ludwig, liquors, 548 B'way 
Bauer Martin, confectionery, 42 Maujer 
Bauer Martin, lab. h 72 Adams E.D. 
Bauer Martin jr. mefcalspinuer, h 42 Maujer 
Bauer Max, tailor, 9 4th E.D 
Bauer Maxom, elk. h 100 Ewen 
Bauer Peter, liquors, 340 B'way 
Bauer Peter, tailor, h r 114 Newell 
i Bauer Valentine, liquors, 757 Fnltoa 
Bauer Valentine, milk, h 287 Wallabout 
Bauer Wm, musical inst. mkr. h 138 Lorimer 
Bauer William, upholsterer, 1224 Myrtle av 
Bauer Brothers (Bernhard & John), grocers, 

1082 De Kalb av 
Bauers Theod. brickrokr. h 332 Flushing av 
Bauerschmidt Adam, baker, h 146 Union av 
Baugen Isabella, wid. Henry, h 311 B'way 
Baugert Peter, baker, 172 Floyd 
Baugh Samuel B. waiter, h 362 Fulton 
Baugher Oscar, editor, h 424 Lewis av 




348 Broadway, NEW YORK, 


Also, Russian, Electric, and Eoman Batis. 

See Ad^t. page 13 front. 


A. L. WOOD, M.O., Prop'r. 

51 BAIT 

Banirhn David, vatchcasenikr. li 211 Nassau 
Baiigliii Louisa, wid. Wyatt, h 118 Pierre- 

BaugliD William, moalder, h 911 Nassau 
Bauhyte Sidney, li 209 WyckofF 
Baul Andrew W. coufectioner, 1605^ Fulton 
Haul Joliii, distiller, h r 415 1st E.D. 
Baiiluh Edward, carpenter, h 5004 
Baulcli Hannah, cigars, 552 4tb av 
Banlck Richard, carpenter, 553 4th av 
Baalch Robert, carpenter, li 552 4tll av 
Baiilch William, carpenter, h 290 11th 
Baulsir Daniel, carman, li 325 Pacific 
Baulsir Daniel, machinist, h 212 N. 4th 
Baulsir Eugene, engineer, h 325 Pacific 
Baulsir Henry, paint«r, Ii 774 B'way 
Baulsir Hadson G.P.pilot,h 40 Vanderbiltav 
Baulsir Jaiues G. pilot, h 282 Jllth 
Baulsir James Y. broker, h 100 Dean 
Baulsir John, pilot, h 325 Pacific 
Baulsir John B. pilot, h 3-i4 Bergen 
Baulsir John V. pilot, h 84 Fleet pi 
Baulsir John W. pilot, h 100 Dean 
Baulsir Loftis, carman, h 325 Pacific 
Baulsir Mary, wid. Walter D. h 253 9th 
Baulsir Matthias, ferryman, h 228 S. 4th 
Baulsir Nimrod, pilot, h 253 Lorimer 
Baulsir Richard, boatman, h 160 Johnson 
Baulsir Williairi V, pilot, h l30Calyer 
Baulsir William, pilot, h 393 State 
Baulthauser Dunbach, mason, h 250 Floyd 
Baum Abraham, flowers, li fi4 Wyckoff 
Baum Adam, tailor, h 310 S, 4th 
Baum Amelia, wid. Nathan, h 115? Fulton 
Baum Henry, cigarmkr. h 434 Graham av 
Baum H. M. milliner, 131 Myrtle av 
Baum Jacob, blacksmith, h 241 Hoyt 
Baum Jacob, biit«her, h 246 Johuson av 
Baum Jacob, tailor, h 62 Whipple 
Baum .John, liquors, 154 Graham av 
Baum John, moulder, h 339 4th E.D. 
Baum Kate, wid, Carl, h 99 Ten Eyck 
Baum Leopold, elk. h 143 Maujer 
Baum Louis, liquors, 241 N. 7th 
Baam Max, tailor, h 8 Metropolitan av 
Baum Nathan R, drygds. 504 5th av 
Baum Rupert, tailor, h 181 McKibbin 
Baum<an Adolph, elk. h 57 Fulton 
Bauman Charles, lithographer, h 456 S. 5th 
Bauman Dennis, lab, h 364 Hicks 
Bauman Edward, shoemkr. h ISSkillmanav 
Bauman Joseph, lab. h r 385 S. 2d 
Bauman Joseph, liquors, 460 N. 2d 
Bauman Mich'l, silkspinner, h 260 Lorimer 
Bauman Thomas, confectionery, 511 Man- 
hattan av 

Bauman Vadislaas, tailor, h 119 Hopkins 
Baumann Amiel, butcher, h 58 Metropoli- 
tan av 

Baumann Antone, lab. h 252 1st E.D. 
Baumann Charles J. lab. h 145 Hamilton av 
Baumann Emanuel, tailor, h Leonard c 


Baumann Frank, grocer,. 172 Leonard 
Baumann Frank, shoemkr. 175 Franklin 
Baumann Frank jr. elk. h 172 Leonard 
Baumann George, lab. li 398 Wallabont 

Baumann Henry, lab. h 141 Jackson 

Baumaun Henry, trimmings, h 169 16tll 
Baumann Jacob, h 126 Elm 
Baumann Jacob, lab. h Metropolitan av c 

Baumann .John, elk. h 61 Woodhnll 
Baumann John, clothing, 476 B'way N.Y. h 

722 Madison 
Baumaun John H. salesman, h 371 S. 4th 
Baumaun John M. grocer, 227 Montrose av 
Baumann Joseph, lab. h r 124 Ewen 
Baumann Kilian, shoemkr. h 94 Eagle 
Baumann Lonis, tailor, h 41 Leonard 
Baumann Louis, teaehermusic, h 12 Lawton 
Baumann Louisa, wid. Severin, h 41 Maujer 
Baumann Lucas,blacksmith, h 83 Graham av 
Baumann Margaret, wid. Adam, h 17 Boerum 
Baumann Max, carpenter, h 179 Montrose av 
Baumann Michael, carpenter, h r 135 Meek- 
er av 

Baumann Peter, blacksmith, h 206 7th E.D. 
Baumann Rudolph, musician, h 84 Metro- 
politan av 

Baumann Valentine,carpenter, h327 Lorimer 
Baumbach Jacob, lab. h 75 4th av 
Baumback Wm. F. dentist, h 468 Hudson av 
Baumberger Gilbert, elk. h 91 Nassau 
Baumberger Hannah, wid. Herman, h 91 

Baunibuach Charles, hairdresser, 150 Hamil- 
ton av 

Baumbusch Louis, liquors, 126 Fnlton 
Baumeister Henry, baker, h 206 N. 5th 
Baiimeister John, tailor, h 65 Graham av 
Baumer Leonard, ropemkr. h 81 Starr 
Baunigaertner Augusta, confectionery, 184 

BaumgaertruM- George, barkpr. h 184 Boerum 
Baumgardcn Lena, wid. Peter, h .59 Ewen 
Banmgart .Joseph J. florist, 60 Graham av 
Baum'^arten August,notarypublio,120 B'way 

N.Y. h 42 Woodhnll 
Baumgarten William, baker, 161 Leonard 
Baumgartner Abraham, cabinetmkr. 13 

Union av. h 12 Sohoies 
Baumgartner Adam, cabinetmkr. h 426 


Baumgartner Elizabeth, wid. Jacob, h 281 

Baumgartner Kate, h 59 Ewen 
Baumgartner & Scliuhmann (Abraham 

Baumgartner, Philip Schuhmann), cabi- 

netmkrs. 13 Union av 
Baumgetner Jacob, carpenter, h 158 John 

son av 

Bauniistor Godfrey, tailor, h 264 Humboldt 
Bauuiuth Peter, tailor, h 303 Wallabont 
Baunburg Chas. machinist, h 246 Atlantic av 
Baunch Frank, shoemkr. 87 Johnson av 
Baunon Lawrence, mechanic, h 666 Butler 
Baur Charles J. hairdresser, 121 Prince, h 

205 Tillary 
Baur Christian, builder, 103 McDongal 
Baur George, tailor, h 191 Ewen 
Baur John, builder, 235 Raymond, h St. 

Mark's av n Rockaway av 
Baarens Julia, wid. Peter, h 300 Jay 
Baurer Adam, lab. h 118 Evergreen av 
Baurger George, tailor, h 185 McKibbin 


At CHAS. f . HELD'S. 114 LiYisston St, cor. Boerni PI. 


Has the Largest BTet Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co- ia the World. 

See AclTertisexnent opposite name* 


© Z 


S O 
53 ffi 




a z 

50 £g 






B;uirgnei' John, tailor, h 158 Graham ay 
Baurmau Franklin, sugars, 104 Wall N.Y. h 

2r>() Carlton av 
Bans Adolpli, taim<!r, h. 18 Metropolitan av 
Baus Christian, tanner, h 120 Stagg 
Bans Sophia, wid. Nicliolas, h ItiU Stagg 
Banscli Charles, shoemaker, b r276 N. Bth 
Bausch Mary, wid. Stephen, h 19fi Troutinan 
Banscher John, cutter, h ii66 Floyd 
Baiischiiig A. liqnovs, h 225 Piioific 
Bausclilicker Frederic, wheelwright, b 189 

Banser John, tailor, r 155 Boernm 
Baaser Peter, lab. h r liiS Graham aT 
Bauslier Ann M. wid. Peter B. h 181 Put- 
nam av 

Bansher Charles, clk. b 181 Fatnam av 
liausher William, ii92 Tompkins av 
Banssmann Jolin, restaurant, 142 Grand, li 

U8 Adams E.D. 
Bave Artliur, h 149 Hicks 
Bave James, shoemkr. 83 Middagh 
Bavendana Ahrcnd, grocer, 3S(> Franklin av 
Ba^iicr M. A. boarding, b 462 Henry 
Bavier William, clk. Ti 462 Henry 
Bavestock James B. diiver, b 198 Oakland 
Bawden George, cashier, h 322 Park pi 
Bawer Bernhard, fa Reid av c De Kalb av 
Bawerfiue John, varuisher, h 243 Court 
Bawingor Peter, driver, h 69 Taylor 
Bawo i'rancis H. impr. SO Barclay N.Y. b 41 
Sidney pi 

Hax Charles, salesman, b 20 10th E.D. 
Baxioy John H. tailor, S95 Pulton 
liaxley Thomas, shoemkr. 355 Fulton, b 395 

Baxter Alexander E. fancygds. 1035 Fulton 
Baxter Alfred T. bkkpr. 427 Herkimer 
Baxter Andrew, machinist, b 312 17th 
Baxter Archibald, provisions, 35 Degraw <fe 

17 B'way N.Y. h 21 Pi^reprait 
Baxter Caleb, h 185 Hart 
Baxter Charles, fancygds. 252 Smitb, b 464 


Baxter Charles, machinist, h 734 Jefferson 

Baxter Charles, moulder, h 464 Degraw 

Baxter Charles H. h 19 Pierrepout 

Baxter Charles W. druggist, h 378 Wyckoff 

Baxter Francis, painter, h2:j Channcey 

Baxter George H. sailmkr. li 233 De Kalbav 

Baxter Harvey, h 427 Herkimer 

Baxter Hugh, h 63 Eiver 

Baxter Hugh S. typefonndry, h 63 Kiver 

Baxter James, machinist, h 470 Degraw 

Baxter John, clk. h 270 N. 2d 

Baxter John B. uier. N.Y. h 100 Taylor 

Baxter John T. jeweler, 304 Washington, h 

119 Cumberland 
Baxter John, lab. h 19 Luqner 
Baxter John, lithographer, h 549 4th av 
Baxter John, longshoreman, h 45 Taylor 
iBaxter John F. (Kev.), h 340 Manhattan av 
j Baxter Madison, realestate, h 265 Sackett 
■Baxter Maria E. wid. Timothy, b 139 Fort 

Greene pi 
Baxter Mary J. wid. h 274 S. 9tb 
Baxter Michael, carpenter, h 103 Tillary 
Baxter Michael, lab. h 38 S. Ctb 

Baxter Philetiis, marblecutter, li 193 JStli 
Baxter Robert, carpenter, h 100 Wyckoif 
Baxter Robert, fronmonlder, h 312 17th 
Baxter Robert, porter, h (i65 Quincy 
Baxter Robert M. journalist, 119 Nassau N.Y- 

h 6(55 Quincy 
Baxter Sarah, wid. John, h 1013 Lafayette av 
Baxter Tliomas, teamster, h 63 River 
Baxter Thoma.s E. driver, h 215 Tillary 
Baxter William B. hrsmsfouuder, b 734 Jef- 

Baxter William J. carpenter, h 1013 Lafay- 
ette 11 v 

Baxter William M. whitelesid, 37 8. 3d, It 
47 St. Felix 

Baxter William M, & Co. (Isaac N. Hebbard) 

wbitelead, 37 S^. 3d 
Bav Charles, lab. b 383 Atlantic av 

Bay Frank S. aect. h 154 S. 3d 
Bay Frederick C. sawyer, h 154 S. 3d 
Bay Patrick, peddler, h 426 Hndaon av 
Bayan Michael, lab. h 339 Hamilton av 
Bayard Barnard, batter, h 179 8tU E.D. 
Bayiiril Charles H. b 162 6tli av 
Bayard Eugene H. bkkpr. b 244 4th E.D, 
Bayard James B. mason, h 74 Hewes 
Bayard Robert, lab. b 223 S. 3d 
Bayel John, painter, b 150 Degraw 
Bayer Abram H. clk. h 125 Waverly av 
Bayer Arthur J. clk. h 83 Myrtle av 
Bayer Catharine, wid. Fred, b 145 Maujer 
Bayer Charles, baker, 171 Flatbusb av 
]5nyer Charles, peddlor, b 30 Suropter 
Bayer Clirigtian, carpenter, b r61 Bartlett 
Bayer Dora, wid. h lli'i Meserole 
Bayer lidward, h 342 Bridge 
Bayer Frederick, lab. h 145 Maujer 
Bayer George, b 172 Graliani av 
Bayer George, tailor, 168 I^conard 
Bayer John, tailor, h 233 Ellery 
Bayer Joseph, interpreter, h 83 Myrtle ar 
Bayei- Martin, h Ivo Waverly av 
Bayer Theodore, tailor, 170 Atlantic av, b 121 

Bayer Walter A. clk. h 125 Waverly av 
Bayha Daniel, butcher, h 81 President 
Bayha Edwin C. trimmer, h 219 Atlantic av 
Bayha Julius G. agt. h 219 Atlantic av 
Baylan Philii), lab. h 232 York 
Baylcs Charles, h 101 Rutledge 
Bayles Havens B. physician, 494 3d av 
Baylcs Nathaniel H. b 140 Putnam av 
Bayless Albert J. treas. 66 B'way N.Y. h 
1110 Dean 

Bayley Dan'l, glasseteber, b r 26 Montrose 


Bayley ElizabethjWid. Joseph^onfectionerv, 
17 Fleet pi 

Bayley Horace S. batter, 105 Greene N.Y. I« 

139 Quincy 

Bayley John, paints, 106 Fulton N.Y. h SOS 

Washington av 
Bayley John A. produce, 15 State N.Y. b 

306 Washington a V 
Baylie William, driver, h 13 Sandford 
Baylis Abiab, pianos, b 55 Jefferson 
Baylis Abraham B. park comr. City Hall, li 

76 Rem sen 

E Bm-o"«Sr^": B. MSCHER k Ml 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 




Baylis Abraham B. jr. broker, 44 Exchange 

pi N.Y. Ii 82 Remsen 
IJaylis Amei ica V. W. flsli, Fulton mkt. N. 

Y. li 60 Vermiii av 
Baylis Augustus, li 16i| Spencer 
Baylis Cliester K. li •^67 Wanjer 
Baylis David 15. comptroller, h 952 Henry 
Baylis Epbraim E. driver, Ii 283 Grabaiii av 
Baylis Oeo. C. crapercflnislier, h. '2riH 19th 
Baylis Isaac H. driver, h 60 Vernon av 
Baylis Sidney, pilot, li 320 Livingston 
Baylis Vanwicfc, fisJi, 63 Fulton mkt. N.Y, h 

60 Vernon av 
Baylis William H. grocer, 1073 Fulton 
Bayliss Beujamiu A. lawyer, 170 B'wayN.Y. 

h 129 Park pi 
Bayliss Eliza, wid. Peter, h 129 Nassau 
Bayliss Eiehaitl, plumber, b 158 Jobtison 
Bayliss Sarab B. wid. Sam'l, h 129 Park pi 
Baylst«r Wm. E. elk. Ii B'way c. Tliroop av 
Bayiy Joseph E. B. painter, b GG Divisou av 
Baynard Kiith,wid.Adam,h63 Vanderbiit av 
Bayne Andrew C. h 564 Henry 
Bayne Donald, ins. h 564 Henry 
Bayne George, engiuesmith, 30 Franklin, h 

154 West 

Bayne Eiebard, tobacco, b 589 Baltic 
Bayne & McGrcg-or (George Bayne, Robert 

McGregor), engine smitbs, 30' Franklin 
BaynonBadcau, carpenter, h l39MoDougal 
Baynton William J. steward, h 143 Park av 
Bazel Frank, jeweler, b 95 Hope 
Bazil Caspar.'porter, h 154 Graliam av 
Bazine Charles I. h 1544 Atlantic av 
Bazing Annie, wid. Francis S. h 119 Frank- 
lin av 

BAZING GEORGE W. jeweler, 36 Tillary 
Beaber Engbert, jeweler, b 71 Tompkins av 
Beacb August, driver, ti 197 Boerum 
Bcaeli Charles H. salesman, b 127 Myrtle 
Beach David, jeweler, h 104 Kosciusko 
Beach Edmund, watchmkr. 192 Kemsen, b 
N.Y. ' 

Beach Elizabeth H. wid. B. F. h 283 Henry 
Beach Evan, wid. h 447 Henry 

Beacli George H. elk. h 9 Herbert 

Beach Hoffiuan, cashier, h 86 lieap 

Beach John, agt. b 'Ml Saekett 

Beach John, physician, 128 Cambridge pi 

Beach John, salesman, 15 Greenpointav 

Beach John N. bkkpr. h 57 Leffetts pi 

Beach John W. elk. h 14 Hanover pi 

Beach J. T. h 300^ Madison 

Beach Moses S. h 98 Columbia hgts 

Beach Orin M. ins. B'way N.Y. h 86 Keap 

Beach Peter, carman, 154 Boerum 

Beach Theodore, grocer, 458 & 725 Fulton, 

h 483 W^averly av 
Beach Willard P. physician, 123 Cam- 
bridge pi 

Beach William M. elk. h 483 Waverly av 
Beach William W. supt. h 154 Noble 
Beach & Co. (Theodore Beach, George E. De 

Hart), grocers, 458 & 725 Fulton 
Beacham Fred'k, lighterman, h 182 Huron 
Beacham John, publisher, Barclay N.Y. h 

197 Bergen 
Beacbly John,mbbergds. h 175 Court 

Bead Edward, oik, h 64 S. M 

Beadel Moses, h 622 Willoughby av 

Beaderbeclc Boijamin, lab, h 172 Frost 

Beadle Irwiu, h 444 De Kalb av 

Beadle Irwin, printer, h 360 Evergreen av 

Beadle Hiiriy H. cntlery, h 320 Uuioij 

Beadle Walter H. wire, 40 Beaver N. Y. h 

688 Madison 
Beagen George, elk. h 295 Court 
Beagen Harry, elk. h 295 Court 
Beagen John, shoemkr. h 295 Court 
Bcagley Rose, wid. Peter, h 209 Stuyvesant 


Beaban Edward, lab, b 89 Carroll 
Beahan James, compositor, h 143 Bond 
Beaban Peter, tab. b 232 Van Brant 
Beahlan Catharine, wid. Anthony, h 4S 

Union av 
Beahr Henry, elk. h 204 Floyd 
Beake William H. bricklayer, h .555 Clinton 
Beakes Charles H. C. milk, 181 Atlantic av. 

h 231 Mercer N.Y. 
Beakes C. H. C. & J. E. (Charles H. C. & 

James E.), milk, 181 Atlantic av 
Beakes James E. milk, 181 Atlantic av. h 178 


Beakey James, h 282 Tompkins av 

Beal Byron H. ins. li 218 Bergen 

Beal George W. painter, li 596 0th av 

Beal Hannah, wid. b 145 14tb 

Beal Joshua H. photographer, 278 PearlN.Y. 

h 118 St. Mark's av 
Beal Lany A. wid. George W. h 118 St, 

Mark's av. 
Beal William H. broker, 20 Furinaii av 
Beale Abner L. printer, h 341 Decatur 
Beale Henry, furniture, h 124 Pulaski 
Beale Isaac, manager, h 192 Wilson 
Beale Sarah C. wid. Edward, h 90 Hope 
Beale Thomas, x)rinter, b 341 Decatur 
Beale William P. stationery, b 283 President 
lieales Alfred, broker, b 9'<!3 B'way 
Beales Henry, ins. 353 Graham av, h 202 


Beales Henry jr. h 202 Hewes 

Beales .John, h 25 Orient av 

Beales Kobert, b 35 Orient av 

Beales Thomas, reporter, h 403 Wyckoff 

Beales & Meakim (Henry Beales, James 

Meakim), agts. 353 Graham av 
Bealey George, printer, h 184 Hudson av 
Bealey Thomas, printer, h 184 Hudson av 
Beals Homan H. bkkpr. h 212 Adelphi 
Beam Charles, trunks, 170 B'way 
Beam Heury, furniture, 137 Fuitou, h 105 

Beam Jesse, elk. h 147 Vanderbilt av 
Beam Katherine, h 163 State 
Beam Mary, wid. William H. h 212 Park av 
Beam Peter M. h 39 Clermont av 
Beaman Wm. H. engraver, h 148 Stockton 
Beames Franklin, lawyer, 183 B'way N.Y. h 

43 Eeid av 

Beamish Harry, liquors, 461 Hudson av. b 

473 Hudson av 
Beamish Richard, japanner, h 404 Kosciusko 
Beams Alfred, elk. h 807 Dean 
Beams Amelia, wid. Benjamin J. h 807 Dean 





— » p. 

a $ s 

li §S 

— =. o ? 

p "r o 3 
" 2; o 'I 

K a O 

-r^ a X 
K -ft c/) 5?. 

.5 ^ ° c* 

3 S ° 

H ? S 

i si 







Union Square. New York City. 

£ ESTABLigHKU 1^. j 

I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

I And Fire-Place Novelties. 
^ [See Adr't on leaf opposite name.] 


Has the Largest Ket Surplus of any Fire Lxsnrance Co. in tlie World. 

See Advertisement opposite xtacae» 



, in 

w g 

M - 

^ i 

o i 

M S 

<94 P=l 


CO aS 


o -IS, 




Bean Isaac, shoemkr. b 182 '2d E.D. 
Bean James, stevedore, h 5 State 
Bean Michael, longsboi-eiiian, h 5 State 
liean Wm. engineer, li Franklin c Freeman 
Beanard Warren, b 79 Han»ou pi 
Beane John W. drugs, 365 Flatbush av 
Bear Fi ederic, lab. h 7t> Jolinsou av 
Bear Jacob, lab. h 22 Whipple 
Bearau Charles, engineer, li 76 Steuben 
Beard Charles, baker, 12 Graham av 
Beard Francis, sbipjoiner, h 70 Jackson 
Beard George E. teacher, h 103 St. James' pi 
Beard Ira, elk. h 103 St James' pi 
Beard Isabella O. wid, Ira, h 103 St. James' 

Beard James C. draughtanan, h 157 S. Port- 
laud av 

Beard James E. sec. h 208 17th 

Beard James T. civil engijieer, Burlington, 

Iowa, b 103 St. Jaujes' pl 
Beard Rhoda, wid. li 186 Powers 
Beard Samuel S. teas, 180 Duane N.Y. h 265 

Washington av 
Beard Sylvester M, teas, 7 Jatnes' slip N.Y. 

h id Bedford av 
Beard Thomas, engineer, li 257 19th 
Beard Thomas A. druggist, h 170 Eutledge 
Beard William, warehouse, ft Van Brunt, 

h 140 Amity 
Beard AVilliam H. bldg. mtls. Hamilton av 

c Clinton, h 237 President 
Beard &, Kimpland (William II. Beard, Chas. 
W. Kimpland), bldg. mtls. Hamilton av 
• c Clinton 

Beardall William A. foreman, h 183 Concord 
Bcardslee Geo.W. electrician, 314 Gieene av 
Beardsloy Abrsiham C. paint, 1159 B'way, h 

837 Flushing av 
Beardsley Carrie, dressmaking, 321 10th 
Beardsley Charles H. pilot, h 109 11th 
Beardsley Charles W. engineer, h 809 Myr- 
tle ,1V 

Beardsley George, ag-t. h 96 Ross 
Beardsley George, hatter, h 200 Stockton 
Beardsley James H. com. mer. li Centre 

N.y. h 1134 Fulton 
Beardsley John, lab. h 336 Reid av 
Beardsley Joseph A. h 3 Ist pl 
Beardsley Josepb A. jr. h 3 1st pl 
Beardsley Louis W. elk. h 170 Jefferson 
Beardsley Eowland, agt. h 1134 Fulton 
Beardsley William E. physician, 115 Clymer 
Beardsley W'illiam H. sec. h 1356 Pacific 
Beard well Walter, printer, h 270 Stockton 
Beare Elizabeth, h 242a Steuben 
Bearer Henry, sashes, h 24 Margaretta 
Bearbope John, carpenter, h 102 S. 3d 
Bearline August, hackman, h C32 6th av 
Beams Edmond I. foreman, h 65i Skillman 


Beams Henry M. h 80 Lee av 
Beams Henry M. jr. cooper, h 217 Eutledge 
Beams Jas. S. pres't, 113 B'way, h 80 S. 10th 
Beams Peter, lab. h 29 Hamilton av 
Bearse Charles E. glass, h 43 Tillary 
Beasley Adeline, wid. h 570 Willoughhy av 
Beasley Alfred W. banker, 98 B'way N.Y. h 
219 Cumberland 

Beasley Crawferii D. physician, &;S Bed- 
ford av 

Beasley Cyms, elk. b 269 Clifton pl 
Beasley David 8. blinds, Pulaski c Tomp- 
kins av h vS) Pulaski 
Beasley John, elk. h 570 Willoughhy av 
B(!asley Joseph, broker, 98 B'way N. Y. h 

219 Cumberland 
Beasley Joseph, liquors, 120 5th E.D. 
Beasley Joseph, printer, h VSi 3d av 
Beasley Leonard, carpenter, h 269 Clifton pl 
Beasley Leonard jr. salesman, h 224Madison 
BEASLEY LESTEE W. supervisor 21 gt 
-ward, &L harbor transportation, 145 
Maiden la N.Y. h 535 Bedford av 
Beasley Kandolph, painter, h 186 Franklin 
Beasley William, gardener, h 8 Walworth 
Beasmen John, lab. h 57 S. 1st 
Beartenwerpr Ferd. elk. h 47 Atlantic av 
Beatie John, machinist, h 672 Flushing av 
Beaton Peter, furniture, 123 Grand, h 730 

Beattio Augustus C. h 919 Fulton 
Beattie Edw'd C. cutter, h 105 Franklin av 
Beattie Hugh, watchman, h 365 Kent av 
Beattie James A. liquors, 73 Franklin h 
76 Oak 

Beattie John, driver, h 367 Flushiug av 
Beattie J. K. salesman, h 714 Monroe 
Beattie Mary, h 418 Garlton 
Beattie Mary A. candy, 367 FInshing av 
Beattie Rich'd H. jr. elk. h 166 Brooklyn av 
Beattie Theodore C. shoes, 919 Fulton 
Beattie Thomas W. sugar, 63 Pine N.Y. h 

186 Brooklyn av 
Beattie William, trucknian, h 298 Bond 
Beatty Alonzo, supt. h 633 Pacific ' 
Beatty Benjamin, salesman, h 199 Keap 
Beatty Charles W elk. h 39 Douglass 
Beatty Christiana, millinery, 574 Fulton 
Beatty Claudius F. trimmings, 79 Greene 

N.Y. b 279 Putnam av 
Beatty George, h 72 Oak 
Beatty George, painter, Ii r 7 Lavvience 
Beatty James, stevedore, h 270 3d E.D. 
Beatty James, liquors, 36 Main 
Beatty James B. lithographer, 44 W. B'way 

N.Y. h 279 Putnam av 
Beatty Jane, wid. Joseph, h 277 Prospect av 
Beatty John, butcher, b r 44 Fleet pl 
Beatty John, carriagemkr. h 582 Lorimcr 
Beatty John, foreman, h 300 Yan Brunt 
Beatty John, glassblower, h 90 Metropolitan 


Beatty .John, lab. h 50 Front 

Beatty John police, h 39 Douglass 

Beatty Lincoln, h 299 Bridge 

Beatty MaryN. wid. William, h 323 5th E.D. 

Beatty Robert, bkkpr. h 391 Court 

Beatty AVilUam, lab. h 503 Myrtle av 

Beaty Alexander, h 126 High 

Beaty Bogert, shipcarpenter, h 69 Freeman 

Beaty David, furniture, 936 De Kalb av, h 

594 Fultfln 
Beaty George, plaster, h 963 St. Mark's av 
Beaty Joseph, marblecutter, h 884 B'way 
Beaty Jos. B. segars, 764 Fulton, h 170 Jay 
Beaty William, h 259 Humboldt 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See Advt. page 12 front. 


Also, Enssian, Electric, and Roman Baths. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

Beaty William A- btbiuder. li 126 HigU 
Beaudet Albert, cabinetmkr. li 417 Manhat- 
tan av 

Beaudet Alfonso, cabinetmkr. li 417 Manhat- 
tan av 

Beaudet Eliza, millinery, 417 Manhattan av 
Beandefc Homer J. rockerfianies, 135 Man- 
hattan av, h 417 Manhattan av 
Beauman John, shoes, H77 Oakland 
Beaumann John P. turner, h 488 Graham av 
Beaumoa William L. printer, h 214 Pros- 
pect av 

Beaumont Charles, porter, h 502 Graham av 
Beanmont Charles L. h 42 Clifton pi. 
Beanraont Edward M. moulder, h 502 Gra- 
ham av 

Beaumont John, ironmonlder, h 405 N. 2d 
Beaumont Tliomas, shoemkr, h.398 Gates av 
Beaumont Tliomas M. clothing cutter, h 1G8 

Beauvais Jirehs, aeaman, h 279 Eweii 
Beavan Edward, painting, 19 Gates av 
Beavan Edward P. painter, h 166 S. Port- 
land av. 

Beavan Wni. W. painter, h 442 Clermont av 
Beaveu Joseph, hats, 475 Fulton, h 221 De 
Kalb av 

Beaver Godfried, lightei-man, h 147 Union 
Beaver Johanna, wid. Godfried, h 147 Union 

Bebee Charles H. h 243 Carlton av 
Bebee C. H. cashier, h 151 M;ulisoii 
Bebee Edward S. aitist, h 112 Henry 
Bebee FolUni, artist, 242 Fulton, h 112 Henry 
Bebee H. F. hats, 94 Greene N.Y. h 149 Mad- 

Bebee Stanton, Ii»112 Henry 
Bebler Herman, driver, h 418 2d E.D. 
Bebom Charles, tailor, h 108 Debsvoise 
Bebon Phillip, tailor, h 34 Scholes 
Bebra Carl, plowinkr. h 618 Atlantic av 
Beear Alfred, li 317 Clinton 
Becchus John G. (Rev.), h 32 Greene av 
Booer George, oik. h 218 Prospect av 
Bech George, weigher, 133 Walker N.Y. h 361 
Carlton av 

Bech Peter G. weigher, 133 Water N.Y. 361 
Carlton av 

Beohan Frederick, lighterman, li 182 Huron 
Beeher Frederick, lab. h 32 Scholes 
Becher Gustav, upholsterer, h 330 Gates av 
Beoher Mennil, tailor, h 41 Debevoise 
Becber Peter, brewer, h Ten Eyck c Graham 

Becher Peter, butcher, h 41 Debevoise 
Becher William, variiisher, h 41 Debevoise 
Beeherer .Toseph, toolmkr. h r 206 Stagg 
Bechert Emil, elk. h 4 Graham av 
Becheser Anton, cigarmkr. li India c Man- 
hattan av 

Becliler Barbara, wid. Frank, hr 171 Scholes 
Bechler Valentine, tailor, h 312 Bush wick av 
Becliman Fred, h 146 Varet 
Beehner William, baker 379 Flnshing av 
Bechold Geo. cigarmkr. h 134 Skillman av 
Becht Alfred, lab. h 89 William 
Beclit Christian, pianos, 227 Fulton, h 169 

Becht Christian, tailor, h 251 Ellery 

I Becht Frank J. D. liquors, 13 Conselyea 
I Becht John, presser, h 191) Bushwick av 
Becht Michael, lab. h 91 Eagle 
Becht Pierre, tailor, 693 Flushing av 
Bechtal Joseph, tailor, h 876 Park av 
Bechtel Charles H. elk. h 259 Sackett 
Bechtel Frederick, teacher, h 109 Adelphi 
Bechtel William H. supt. h 133 President 
Beehter Henry, painter, h 220 Calyer 
Bechter Robt. H. ivoryworker, h 220 Calyer 
Beclitliold Charles, cigarmkr. h 1854 Fulton 
Beehthold John, h 3 Sunipter 
Bechthold Margaret, wid. Simon, h 215 

Becbtlof Anna, wid. Francis, baker, Frank 

lin c Milton 
Becbtlof Peter, baker, 163 Franklin 
Beelitluft Conrad, driver, h 22 Conselyea 
Bechtlnft Conrad, tanner, h 208 Stagg 
Bechtold Adam, basketmkr, 31 Hamburg av 
Bech told Adolpii, optician, 92 Chatham K.Y. 

h 873 Park av 
Bechtold Annie, tailor, h 224 Throop av 
Bechtold Fred, optician, h 873 Park av 
Bechtold Frederick, cigarmkr. h 114 Leonard 
Bechtold Geo. cigarnifr. h 134 Skillman av 
Bechtold Henry, tinsmith, h 114 Leonard 
Bechtold Henry, tinware, 73 Meserole 
Bechtold John, tinsmith, h 114 Leonard 
Bechtold John, bartender, h 3 Sumpter 
Bechtold John, woodcutter, h 143 Ten Eyck 
Bechtold Joseph, foreman, h 296 S. 4tli 
Bechtold Peter, lan(!ygds. .377 Oakland 
Bechtold Philip, pianomkr. h 76 Newell 
Bechtold Wm. liquors, 685 Grand, h 7 Agate 
Bechtoldt Conrad, milk, 135 Walton 
Bechtoldt Henry, shoemkr. 69 Cook 
Beck Abraham V. ea.r])(;uter, h 22 Bond 
Beck Adaliue, wid. Conrad, li 3!) Sumner av 
Beck Albert, tailor, h 62 McKibbin 
Beck Alfred, umbrellas, 51 Atlantic av 
Beck Andrew, basketmkr. h r 78 Johnson av 
Beck Andrew, butcher, 29 Graham av 
Beck Andrew, ct. officer, h 191 Boeram 
Beck Andrew, glassblower, h 43 Van Cott av 
Beck Antoine, hydrometers, 40 Fulton N. Y, 

h 807 Park av 
Beck .\ugust, brushmkr. h 133 Leonard 
Beck August, tailor, 237 Washington, h 230 


Beck Augustus, h .341 Adelphi 

Beck Bela, agt. h 195 St. Mark's av 

Bock Benjamin, artist, h 8. 4th c 5tli E.D. 

Beck Charles, cabinetmkr. h 85 Johnson aT 

Beck Charles, cutter, h 195 Court 

Beck Charles, driver, h 333 17th 

Beck Charles, sawyer, h 609 6th av 

Beck Charles, mariner, h 57 S. 9th 

Beck Charles, t;u]or, h 62 McKibbin 

Beck Charles F. cutter, h 195 Court 

Bock Christian, tobacconist, 36 Delmonicopl 

Beck Christina, varieties, 152 Marion 

Beck Conrad, tailor, 808 Court 

Beck Conrad H. tailor, h 15 Boemm pi 

Beck Daniel, h 18 Willoughby av 

Beck Eherhiird, tailor, h 159 Meserole 

Beck Edward, watchman, h 172 Hamilton av 

Beck Emil, lab. h 386 2d E.D. 


Kj Lain's Directory Offices |igflS^S;Sw^'oS.. 


Has the Largest Het Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co. ia tlie World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 



tXl MX 

3 o 

M © 







Beck Francis E. clockcasomkr. h 611 6lh av 
Beck Frank, elk. li 18 Wiliougliby av 
Bock Frank, tailor, li 138 liveigreen av 
Beck Franz, lab. li 149 Sta<.;g 
Beck Frederic, lab. h 199 Johnson av 
Beck Frederick, steward, li 235 Graliam 
Beck Frederick, tailor, h :!05 Atlantic av 
Beck Pred'k S. salesman, h :!ol Tompkins av 
Beck Frederick W. hairdresser, 84-2 Fulton 
Beck George, peddler, h r 5; Graham av 
Beck George, printer, h 413 iS. OtU 
Beck George, stonecutter, li 276 N. 2d 
Beck George, tailor, li 9 Cook 
Beck George, willowware, 113 McKibbin 
Beck Gnstave, butcher, h 128 Fulton 
Beck Heiiirieh C. gasfixtures, 273 State, h 

163 Tompkins av 
Beck Henry, baker, h 119 Evergreen av 
Beck Henry, soapmkv. h 103 Moore 
Beck Henry F. bkkpr. h SI "Wall 
Beck Henry V. bkkpr. h 22 Bond 
Beck Hugh, carpenter, b r 1,55 Sandford 
Heck .Jacob, blaeksmitb, b 114 Ellery 
Beck Jacob, mechanic, li 158 Grand 
ISeck John, b 50 Starr 
Beck John, hairdresser, 543 B'way 
Beck John, basketmkr, h 17 George 
Beck .lohu, buiclier, h 256 Humboldt 
Beck ,lobn, conCectionery, h 15 High 
Beck John, tailor, h 141 Scholes 
Beck John, tailor, h 117 Boeium 
Beck John A. barlc))r. li 74 Washington 
Beck John G. h 21 Wall 
Beck John G. jr. agt. h 29 Stuyvesant av 
Beck Joseph, architect, h S. 4th c 5th E.D. 
Beck Joseph E. engineer, h 24 Canton 
Beck Leonard, cigarmkr. h 140 F.wen 
ISeck Martin, grocer, 79 Johnson av 
Beck Mary i'. wid. Cbas. h 489 Hudson av 
Beck Matthew, grocer, 79 Johnson av 
Beck Matthew, cigarmkr. h &i McKibbin 
Beck Matthew, tailor, h 169 Meserole 
Bock Michael, tailor, h 152 Marion 
Beck Minnie S. wid. Bernard, h 31 Brevoort pi 
Beck M. h 126 Moore 
Beck Eiekart, elk. h 20 Meserole 
Beck Robert, printer, h !J24 S. 5th 
Beck Rudolph, cntter, h 106 Sands 
Beck Simeon, cntter, h 22 Bond 
Beck Theodore, elk. h 79 Park av 
Beck Valentine, tinsmith, h 21 Ten Eyck 
Beck William, fish, 699 Lafayette av 
Beck William, police, h 235 Koss 
lifck William, umbrellas, 51 Atlantic av 
Beck Brothers (Alfred &William),umbrellas, 

51 Atlantic av 
Beckard Wiliiaui, liquors, h 172 Pearl 
Beckel Lewes, baker, h 177 Hoyt 
Beckenbaugh M.A.clk. p. o. h 149 Lawrence 
Becker Adam, liqnors, &S1 1)e Kalb av 
Becker Adam, tailor, h 863 Park av 
Becker Adolph, diamondcutter, h 1301 

Myrtle av 
Becker Adolph, liquors, h 441 Court 
Becker Andrew W. grocer, 354 Hicks 
Becker August, lithographer, h 129 Lynch 
Becker Benj. hairdresser, h 214 Montrose av 
Becker Benjamin, cigarmkr. h 94 N. 5th 

Becker Bernhard, baker, h 22 Boenim 
Becker Casper, liquors, 146 Varet 
Becker Catharine, wid. Henry, li r:8Bartlott 
Becker Charles, carpenter, h 49.) B'way 
Becker Charles A. bkkpr, h 243 Sclioles 
Becker Christian, lab. h 51 Teii Eyek 
Becker Christian, shoemkr. b 260 Floyd 
Becker Daniel, lab. h 206 Ten Eyclc 
Becker Dederich, vet. surg. 542 B'way 
Becker Edward, cigarmkr. I) 132 Scholes 
Becker Ernest, locUs, li 276 0ivisi(»a av 
Becker Frank, woodcarver, li l(i04 Pacific 
Becker Frederick, shoemkr. 737| Myrtle av 
Becker George, clothing, 234 Graham av 
Becker George, tailor, h 18 Conselyea 
Becker Gerhard, cabinetmkr. h 3,''4 Hicks 
Becker Henry, blacksmith, h 493 N. 2d 
Becker Henry, locksmith, 379^- Henry, h 5 

Beach pi 
Becker Henry, shoemkr. h 211 Smith 
Becker Henry, shoemkr. b 604 Park av 
Becker Henry, tailor, h r 40 Throop av 
Becker H'y C. salesman, h 269 Evei'green av 
Becker Henry V. salesman, h 1036 P.-ieific 
Becker Jacob, carpenter, b 108 Ewen 
Becker Jacob, tailor, h 49 Throop av 
Becker Jacob F. printer, 149 Scholes 
Becker Jacob H. shoemkr. h 1740 Atlantie 


BECKEK JOHN, showcases, 19 Howard N.Y. 

Becker John, h 441 Conrt 

Becker John, baker, h 118 Union av 

Becker John, feixyman, h ViQ Willonghby 

Becker John, lab. h r 229 Johnson av 

Becker John, lab. h 283 2d E.D. 

Becker John, liquors, 740 i^lyrtle av 

Becker John, M.D., 78 Grand 

Keeker John, shoemkr. 339 N. 2d 

Becker John, tailor, b 84 Hopkins 

Becker John, tailin-, h l'!6 Johnson av 

Becker John, tai ior, h 28 Boeruni 

Becker John F. brewer, Beaver e Belividero, 

h 25 Belvidera 
Becker John F. sashes, b 42 Throop av 
Becker John G. cabinetmkr. h 354 Hicks 
Becker John G. pressman, b 53 Walton 
Becker John J. tailor, h 122 Ellery 
Becker John jr. drugs, 78 Grand 
Becker Joseph, driver, h 300 Marey av 
Becker Joseph, liquors, 281 8. 4th 
"Becker Joseph A. artist, 53 Park pi N.Y. h 

218 Union 

Becker Joseph F. tea. Front c Fulton N.Y. 

h 78 S. Elliott pi 
Becker Martin, lab. h r 20 Manjer 
Becker Martin, restaurant, 701 Myrtle av 
Becker Martin, tailor, h 206 Ten Eyck 
Becker Martin, tailor, h f<63 Park av 
Becker Mary, h 93 Hopkins 
Becker Michael, cooper, b 268 2d E.D. 
Becker M. h 245 Wallabout 
Becker Nicholas, elk. h lOT Meserole 
Becker Nicholas, cllc. h 599 B'way 
Becker Otto, elk. h 476 16th 
Becker Peter, brewer, li 51 Ten Eyck 
Becker Peter, smith, h 102 Ten Eyck 
Becker Philip, lab. h 71 Johnson av 
Becker Philip, shoes, .591 De Kalb av 

ME Bm-<?«"iIr^:J°= B. KRiSCBEIl k Ml 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 







Becker Philip B. hairdresser, 949 BVay, h 

214 Montrose av 
Becker Reinliold, Lab. h r 172 Ten Eyck 
Becker Richard, elk, h 233 Biiltic 
Becker Thomas, shoemkr. li 22 Boerum 
Becker Valentine, plumber, 260 Grand 
Becker Willielm, Inb. li 27 Stagg 
Becker William, baker, li 91 Gra.ham av 
Becker William, lab. h 29 Rush 
Becker William, packer, h 492 B'way 
Beckerman Anna, wid. Bennet, h 169 Jay 
Beckert Mathias, cabinetmkr. h 262 EUery 
Beckett James, bkbiiider, 37 Vesey N.Y. h 

27 Schermerhorn 
Beckett John, baker, h 278 Jobnson av 
Beckett John, brassflnisher, h 54 India 
Beckett Walter J. watchmkr. 54 India 
Beckett William H. h 239 Graham av 
Becking Peter, lab. li 396 Humboldt 
Beckiugham Catharine, -wid. h 315 2d E.D. 
Beckingham Thomas, iron, h 108 Ten Eyck 
Beokley Albert J. supt. h 197 State 
Beokiey Robert S. carpenter, h 556 Hicks 
Beckley William, weigher, h 114 4tli pi 
Beokman August, collector, ii 293 Bedford av 
Beokman Catharine, wid. groceries, 81 N. 2d 
Beckman Charles, baker, h 102 Clason av 
Beckman Charles, elk. h 81 N. 2d 
Beckman M. h r 49 Cook 
Beokman Thomas H. broker, 81 Cedar N.Y. 

li 543 Franklin av 
lieckm.-m William, h 59 Cook 
BockmaiiM Elizabeth, geuts'furng. 356 N. 2d 
Beckmanu Robert, elk. h 122 2d pi 
Becknurn Hans, lab. h 270 Ellery 
Becko Charles, baker, h 72 Van Brant 
Beokroge John, baker, h 46 Union av 
Beckshino William, h .57 Moore 
Becktold John, li r 55 Varet 
Becktold Julius, machinist, h 182 Meserole 
Beckwitli Geo. bkkpr. li 13 Metropolitan av 
Beck with Henry S. engraver, h 349 Bed- 
ford av 

Beckwitli Jos. carpenter, h 63 Skillman av 
Beckwitli Lewis, mfr. h 27 Schermerhorn 
Beckwith S. M. L 357 Pacific 
Bedal William, painter, li 83 Grand av 
Bedard John B. tinsmith, h Schenck c Myr- 
tle av 

Beddell George C. h 64 Bnshwick av 

Bedder Henry C. salesman, h 317, S. 1st 
Beddow James H. watchmkr. 190 Sackett 
Bedell Albert, coojier, h Maspeth av n Mor- 
gan av 

Bedell Amy, dressmkr. 49 Lafayette 
Bedell Andrew, carpenter, h 176 Aiuslie 
Bedell Augustus, h 74 Maspeth av 
Bedell Austin M. upholsterer, 395 Flatbush 

Bedell Benjamin, lab. h 420 Graham av 
Bedell Ben.j. L. waxflowers, h 357 Fulton 
Bedell Caleb C. realestate, h 132 Park pi 
Bedell Charles S. police, h 1375 Atlantic av 
Bedell Charles W. realestate, h 137 Bergen 
Bedell Chester, realestate, 337 Smith 
Bedell Daniel 13. truckman, h 55th n 2d av 
Bedell David, cooper, h 315 Bedford av 
Bedell Elizabeth, wid. 803 Gates av 

Bedell Elmira, wid. Henry, li 23 Hicks 
Bedell Forster, physician, 265 Sackett 
Bedell Frank W. carpenter, h 103 10th 
Bedell George, elk. h 170 S. Portland av 
Bedell George H. h 74 Maspeth av 
Bedell George H. acct. li 672 Fulton 
Bedell Gilbert S. h 300 15th 
Bedell Gilson, shipmaster, h 934 Gates av 
Bedell Henry, cooper, h 706 De Kalb av 
Bedell Henry C. carriagepaiuter, h 165 Mes- 
erole av 

Bedell Hiram, realestate agt. 921 B'way, h 

464 Pulaski 
Bedell Ira, elk. h 797 Monroe 
Bedell James, h 168 Decatur 
Bedell James E. lawyer, 35 William N.Y. h 

"296^ Lafayette av 
Bedell James 0. drygds. B'way c Leonard 

N.Y. h 65 Hancock 
BedellJennio, dressmkr. 49 Lafiiyette av 
Bedell Jesse S. expressman, h 26 Webster pi 
Bedell John, boxmkr. h 99 4th 
Bedell John, carman, h 84 Adams E.D. 
Bedell John, carpenter, li 98 3d 
Bedell John, printer, h 253 High 
Bedell John A. bkkpr. h 89 Park av 
Bedell John H. cooperage, 127 Broad N.Y. h 

55tli n 2d av 
Bedell .John W. carpenter, h 37 Union av 
Bedell Joseph, sawyer, h 67 Conselyea 
Bedell Mary, wid. Benjamin, li 113 is'oblo 
Bedell Mary, wid. Jere^raiah, h 231 Duffleld 
Bedell Max, elk. h 1 Berkeley pi 
Bedell Menzies, carpenter, h 3 Orient av 
Bedell Ozias, mason, b 704 Gat<^H av 
Bedell Piioebe, wid. Mott, h 11 Cranberry 
Bedell Richard, salesman, h 31 Park pi 
Bedell Robert, ironrailing, h 492 Fulton 
Bedell Robert L. driver, h 398 Graham 
Bedell Stephen, driver, h Maspeth av n Mor- 
gan av 

Bedell Walter H. police, h 89 Park av 
Bedell William, boatman, h 23 Woloott 
Bedell William, irobrailiiig, h 492 Fulton 
Bedell William, machinist, h 50 S. 5th 
Bedell Wm. printer, h 1881 Stnyvesant av 
Bedell William E. lab, h r 78 N. 5th 
Bodell William T. hominy, 261 Water, h 193 

Bedell Wilson A. fish, Fulton mkt. N.Y. h 
100 Johnson 

Beder Anna, h 26 McKibbin 

Bedford Edward T. oils, 128 Pearl N.Y. h 
181 Clinton av 

Bedford Frederick H. oils, 128 Pearl N.Y. h 
181 Clinton av 

Bedford John G. h 336 State 

Bedford William, h 44 Putnam av 

Bedford W^illiam, bldr. & real estate, 92 
Meeker av, h 407 N. 2d 

Bedford W. & Co. (George W. Sammis), real- 
estate, 461 Graham av 

Bediiiglield John S. millwright, h 296 Court 

Bedle Sidney, watchman, h 111 Washington 

Bednall John, silverplater, 349 Adams, h 22 
Myrtle av 

Bediielowich Antonio, painter, h 156 12th 


no & 112 Broad, cor. Water St, N.Y, 

Importer of Blussard and Qregoire & Co. Bran- 
dies ; Knickerbocker and Crown Gins, from 
Schiedam, Holland ; Polo, and Three and Four 
Grape Sherries; Oporto fort Wines, 


Has the largest Net Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co. in the World. 

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Bedson William, li 296 Hart 

Bee Bridget, wid. Peter, h 676 Butler 

Bee George W. cotton, li 157 Warren 

Bee George W. printer, h 31 2d 

Bee James AV. cottonmer. Hanover sq, N.Y. 

h 157 Warren Alexander, patternmtr. h 359 Oakland 
Beebe Allen H. clli. h 481 Dean 
Beebe Alonzo, pilot, h 2:!8 Adelphi 
Beebe Benjamin, lab. h 2-18 Tth E.D. 
Beebe Charles, h 84 Prospect ]il 
Beebe Charles, h Ui'.i Carlton av 
Beebe Charles E. salesman, h 498 Clinton av 
Beebe Clarence, h 289 Nostrand av 
Beebe Clarence W. painter, 126 Greenpoint 

av. h 430 Manhattan av 
Beebe Clement E. sugar, llTIWall N.Y. h 

151 Madison 
Beebe Darius W. express, h 14 Broome 
Beebe Edwin F. salesman, h 584 Leonard 
Beebe Eliza, h 38 N. Oxford 
Beebe Frank B. machinist, h 326 Pacific 
Beebe George, lithographer, h 30 Devoe 
Beebe Henry C. manager, h 369 Maiijer 
Beebe Herbert H. jonrnaliot, 31 Fulton, h 
664 Carroll 

Beebe Hiram F. hats, 94 Greene N.Y. h 149 

Beebe James D. pilot, h 378 3d 
Beebe James H. cooper, h 484 Park av 
Beebe John, mer. li 92 14th 
Beebe John E. glasssliearer,h 90 Bushwick av 
Beebe John J. carpenter, h 154 Ainslie 
Beebe Joseph W. engineer, h 166 S. 3d 
Beebe Joseph W. jr. engineer, h 166 S. 3d 
Beebe Leonard, broker, 90 Front N.Y. li 121 

Prospect pi 
ISeobe Margt. wid. Gideon, h 359 Oakland 
Beebe Martin H. agt. h 648 Myrtle av 
Beebe Grin A. cooper, h 206 Sandford 


The Beebe Cooking Ranges, Furnaces, and 
Ornamental Iron Works. 




19 East 1 7th St., 

New York. 

Beebe Richard, expressdriver, h 306 39th 
Beebe Richard W. blksmith, 138 Powers 
Beebe Reuben, glassblower, h 141 Hunting- 

Beebe Walton, cashier, h 41 Chaunoey 

Beebe Ward S. grocer, 15 Plenry 

Beebe Warren, teabroker, li 30 Clinton 

Beebe William, glassblower, h 369 Maujer 

Beebe William, minor, h 428 4th av 

Beebe William, pilot, h 199 12th 

Beebe William H. broker, 104 WaU N.Y.h 62 

Cambridge pi 
Beebe William H. butcher, 137 Willonghby 

h 424 Gold 
Beebe William S. h 25 Grace ct 
Beebe William W. h 132 Tth E.D. 
Beeber Charles, liquors, 236 Graham av 

Beech Alice, wid. William, h 231 Humboldt 

Beech Gertude, h 171 Prospect av 

Beech Thomas, artist, 127 Fulton, h 328 
Stnyvesant av 

Beecham Joseph W. silverplate, h 289 Cler- 
mont av 

Beeclier Catherine, -wid. Bartley, h 32 Front 
I5eecher Charles, ■woodturner, li 379 S. 1st 
Beecher Charles L. C. tel. oper. h 202 Bergen 
Beecher Clarence Y. police, h 316 18th 
Beecher Edward (Rev.), h 182 Macon 
Beecher Eugene F. agt. h 182 Macon 
Beecher Frank, varnisher, h41 Debevoise 
Beecher Henry B. ins. Montague c Court, 

h 124 Hicks 
Beecher Henry W. (Rev.), h 124 Hicks 
Beecher James C. (Rev.), h 2,59 Washington 
Beecher John B. grocer, 170 Stuyvesant av 
Beecher John J. carpenter, h 21 Fillmore pi 
Beecher Laura F. supt. h 80 Willoughby 
Beecher Madison W. drugs, 1027 3d av 
Beecher Robert, wiredrawer, h 11 Snllivan 
Beecher Thomas, carpenter, h 107 8th E.I). 
Beecher W. C. lawyer, 237 B'way N.Y. h 123 

Columbia hgts 
Beecher & Benedict (Henry B. Beecher and 

Seilye Benedict), ins. agts. Montague 

c Conrt 

Beecliing William H. butcher, 1622 Fulton, 

h 610 Herkimer 
Beechle William, waiticr, h 471 Hudson av 
Beecker John, shirtmkr. h 166 Ryerson 
Beehan William, lab. h 39 Little 
Beehler Phillip, carpenter, h 45 Morrell 
Beehtlafrty FredcrirkW. bkkpr. h 102 Oxford 
Beek Lonis C. bkkpr. h 97 Giahani av 
Beekon William A. elk. h 420 Oiiniberland 
Becker Henry, farmer, h 49th n 5tli av 
Beekiug John, shoemkr. h 172 Prospect 
Beekman Abraham J. vicepres. 367 Fulton, 

h 13 Gallatin pi 
Beekman Alfred, lab. h r 39 Hicks 
Beekman Benjamin, agt. h 251 Ryerson 
Beekman Charles, lab. h 30 Dikeman 
Beekman C. L. h 100 Greene av 
Beekman Edward L. supt. h 178 S. 4th 
Beekman Hannah, h 118 Sands 
Beekman John V. supt. Erie Basin, h 383 


Beekman Peter, mechanic, h 347 Smith 
Beekman Samuel, hatnifr. 599 B'way N.Y, 

h 1161 B'way 
Beekman Walter, machinist, h 510 Hicks 
Beekman William W. conductor, h 1868 At- 
lantic ar 
Heeler Michael, lah. h 215 Scholes 
Beeman W. S. machinist, h 12 4th pi 
Beemer J. G. manager, h 167 Putnam av 
Beems Patrick, police, h 170 Concord 
Beenam Patrick, lab. h 12 United States 
Beeny George W. elk. h 101 Newell 
Beeny Stephen, bleacher, 211 Manhattan av 
Beer Fitzgeorge, 19 B'way N.Y. h 282 Henry 
Beer George, upholsterer, 537 Atlantic av 
Beer Harry, shoemkr. h 243 Bridge 
Beer Peter, gardener, h 42 Joralemon 
Beer Thomas, elk. h 296 Dean 
Beere Ellen J. wid. Joseph, h 137 Pearl 


I iV 348 Broadway, IS^EW YOKK. 





Scale, 500 feet to the inch. 

Revised Edition. 


(j\roiv ready:) 

J. B. BEERS & CO., 

New York. 

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J. B. BEERS & CO., 

36 Vesey Street, 

New York. 



See Advt. page 12 front. 


Also, Russian, Electric, and Roman Baits. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

59 BEG— BEH 

Beerkel Joseph, fiiniiture, G.'iO.} 3il ;iv 
Boers Albert B. stoves, etc. Ifil J^latbusli av, 

li 441 Ciermoiit av 
Beers Alonzo, earpeiiter, b 112 Franklin 
Beers Charles, iiisp. h •<J41 7th B.D. 
Beers Daniel, lab. h 195 S. 'id 
Beers Edwin, pres't, 21 B'way, & lumber, 

Washington av c Flusliing av, h 219 

Clinton av 
Beers Frank, driver, h 940 Fulton 
Beers Fniulc B. broker, 16 Court, li 311 

Carlton av 
Beers George, lab. h 293 N. 6th 
I5eers Henry A. cutter-, li 491| Kosciusko 
Beers James, carpenter, li 120 Franlilin 
Beers James B. maps, 36 Vesey N.Y. h 390 


Beers James L. elk. h 354 State 

Beers James M. publisher, 27 BeekmanN.Y. 

h 974 Dean 
Beers John C. publisher, 36 Vesey N.Y. h 354 


Beers John H. broker, 12 Coart, h 189 Liv- 

Beers John Z. agt. h 634 Bedford av 
Beers Joseph, carpenter, h 283 Penn 
Beers Joseph (Rev.), h ii32 Rodney 
BEERS J, B. & CO. map publishers, 36 

Vesey N.Y. 
Beers Mary, wid. Henry, h 454 7tli av 
Beers Mary F. wid. h 16 Gallatin pi 
Beers Nathan T. broker, 1'03 Montague, h .311 

Carlton av 

Beers Nathan T. jr. broker, 1 New N.Y. h 97 
Gates av 

Beers Rolliu E; lawyer, 115 B'way N.Y. h 690 

Beers Sydney A, civil engineer, li 370 Halsey 
Beers Thomas 11. sashmkr. h 296 Dean 
Beers Willi,! m, architect, 150 B'way N.Y. h 

16 Gallatin pi 
Beers & Resseguie (Edwin Beers, Rnfns 
Resseguie), lumber. Flushing av c Wash- 
ington av 
Beersmann Henry, grocer, 544 3d av 
Becrus Adolph, painter, li r 202 Conover 
Bees L. Margaret, laundress, h 84 Gwinnett 
Beesick Cliarles, tailor, h 184 McDougal 
Beesland William, lab. h 243 Water 
Beesley Edwaid, elk. h 210 Division av 
Beesley Francis L. lab, h 85 Myrtle av 
Beesley Rich'd, patternrakr. 210 Division av 
Beeson Rutli, wid. Henry, grocer, 1800 

Beestou Samuel, engineer, h 126 N. 5th 
Beeston William, bungmkr. Ist o N. 1st, h 
128 S. 5th 

Beeston & Pentlarge (William R. Beeaton, 
Fred'k Pentlarge), bungmfrs. 1st c N. 1st 
Beethger J nlius, baths, b 53 Concord 
Beets William, carpenter, h 46 3d av 
Befuhs Nettie, dressmkr. 137 Union, h 471 

Began James, mason, h r 16 Carlton av 
Begahardt John, lab, h 29 Morgan av 
Begeroann Frederic, elk. h 186 Meserole 
Beger Christian, carpenter, h 78 Boerum 
Beger Eliz. wid. Christian, h 78 Boerum 

Begg Joliii, blacksmith, h 100 Washington 
Boggart ,)ohn, tailor, h 23 Humboldt 
Beggs Jarae,s. boots & shoes, ^09 5th av 
Beggs John E. chemist, h 118 3(1 pi 
Beggs Nath'l, mfr. N.Y. h 99 St. Mark's av 
Beggs Robert, coffee, 567 B'way 
Beggs Robert, teas, 495 Grand & 466 Man- 
hattan av. h N.Y. 
Beggs William, lawyer, 35 B'way, N.Y, h 45 

Beggstrom Peter, organbldr. h 283 5th, E,D, 
Begh Jacob, porter, h 65 Huron 
Beghan Michael, ropemkr. h 55 Graham 
Beglen John E, lab. h 41 Navy 
Beglen Patrick, lab. h 41 N.'ivy 
Begley Ann, h 149 Sandford 
Begley Ann, wid, h 110 Fleet pi 
Begley Catharine, wid, James, h 681 Henry 
Begley Francis P, elk, h 110 Fleet pi 
Begley Hugh, engineer, li 26 Cheever pi 
Begley James, carpenter, h 1695 Fulton 
Begley James, police, h 110 Fleet pi 
Begley John, fireman, h 186 12th 
Begley John, lab.h 20 Vine 
Beglev Michael, grocer, b 499 Court 
Begley Patrick, hatter, li 188 Sandford 
Beglin Catherine, wid. h 401 Warren 
Beglin James, elk. h 343 Sackett 
Beglin Patrick, lab. h 399 Warren 
Begly Hugh J. lawyer, 94 Nassau N.Y.h 110 

Bcg!\- Robert J. h 110 Johnson 
Begiier George, carpenter, li 51 Atlantic av 
Beguelin H. E. imp. 21 Maiden la N.Y. h 403 

Begnin Ann, wid. h 347 Gold 
Begy George, elk. h 115 Throop a v 
Behan James, lab, h 204 N. 8th 
Behan John, driver, h 510 President 
Behan .John, driver, h 148 Norman aV 
Behau John W. mer. 139 South N.Y. h 140 


Behan Maria, wid. John, 25 16th 
Behan Martin, lab, h 81 Skillman 
Beheu Patrick, stevedore, h 274 2d E.D. 
Belieu Tliouias, lab. li 367 Hicks 
Beheit Joseph, lab. h 34 Central av 
Behlau John, butcher, h 46 Union av 
Behlan John H. lab. h 178 Greenpolnt av 
Behlem John, painter, h 147 Degraw 
Behlen P, dressmkr, h 138 Cook 
Beliler Charles, plumber, h 10 Cheever pi 
Behler Frank, cabinetmkr, h 257 Stockton 
Behler John, tailor, h 70 Kingsland av 
Behlen Anton, baker, h 1.52 Hudson av 
Befaling Charles, grocer, h 70 Hudson av 
Belli ing Frederick, inspector, h 351 6th 
Behling Hobart, wheelwright, 1039 B'way, 

h Schaeffer n Central av 
Behling John C. liquors, 762 FJnshing av, h 

604 B'way 
Behm John C. grocer, 135 Wlllonghby 
Behm Mary, wid. Ahrens, h r 189 Richards 
Behman Edward, treas'r, h 17 St. Felix 
Behman Henry W. treas'r, h 17 St. Felix 
Beiiuiaii Louis C. manager, h 17 St. Felix 
Behman u Christopher, coaldealer, h 216 

Myrtle av 



At CHAS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiYingston St., cor. Boerni PL 


Has the Largest Net Siirplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

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+j > 

rsi MX 
® Z 













Belimer Va.l(!utino, shoemkr. 113 lOtb E.I). 
Belm Jolm C. sliipcnrpcnter, h 21 Douglass 
Behn Julius, grocer, Wl Tompkins aT li 176 

Tompkins jiv 
Behncke Ulysses, upholsterer, li 45 Meserole 
Beliiier Phillip, liarnessnikr. h319 President 
Belmko Louis F. clerk, li 4r>9 Atlantic av 
Belmken Chas. W. liquors, hli 3cl av 
Belmken Henry, grocer, 24 High 
Behuken Henry, grocer, 93 Manhattan av 
Behr Christian, tailor, li 1013 Flushing av 
Behr Edward, pianomkr. h 398 Heni-y 
Behr Gustav, broker, 14 Cliff N.r. h 421 


Behr Heniy, piauomfr. 29fch & 11th av N.Y. 

h 138 Harrison 

Behr Henry, tinsmith, 625 3{1 av 

Behr Herman, sandpaper, 35 Tiffany pi & 
75 Beekman N.Y. h 331 Clinton ' 

Behr Herman & Co. (Rohert Behr), sand- 
paper, 35 Tiffany pi &, 75 Beekman N.Y. 

Behr Martin, tailor, h 188 Stockton 

Behr Robert, sandpaper, 35 Tiffany pi, h 
420 Henry 

Behrans Emil, machinist, h 309 6th PLD. 

Behre Gus, baker, h 243 Wallahout 

Behrends Peter, seaman, h 29 Hamilton av 

Behrenger Erhnelt S. patternmkr, h 81 Jef- 
ferson E.D. 

Behrens Anthony, gardener, h 329 Atlantic 

Bchrcns August, liquors, 126 Graham av 
Belircns Chiis. 1 1. confectionery, 205 5th E. D. 
Behrens Dora, wid. John, h 238 Bedford av 
Behrens Frederick, h 98 Degraw 
Behrens Frederick, h 160 Bridge 
Behrens Frederick, bkkpr. h 4t;2 Fulton 
Behrens Frederick, carpenter, h 14 Scholes 
Behrens Frederick, elk. h 48 Rush 
liehrens Henry, china, 24 Graham av 
liehreus Henry, grocer, 515 De Kalb av 
Behrens Henry, grocer, 409 Gates av 
Behrens Henry, grocer, 153 High, h Nos- 

trand av c Gates av 
Behrens Henry, tailor, 815 Park av 
Behrens Henry 1). iab. U 228 Albany av 
Behrens Hermman, grocer, 153 High & 409 

Gates av, h 160 Bridge 
Behiens John, grocer, 713 Prospect pi 
Behrens John tt. brewer, li 40 Division av 
Behrens Joseph, butcher, h 682 Butler 
Behrens Louis, liquors, 57 S. 6th 
Behrens Peter, barkpr. h 486 Flushing av 
Behrens Richard, pilot, 104 South N.Y. h 21 


Behrens Rudolph, liquors, 70 1st E.D. 
Behrens VVm. china, 129 B'way. h 125 BVay 

Behrens William, tailor, h 305 Floyd 
Behrens & Bro. (Henry & Herman), gro- 
cers, 153 High and 409 Gates av 
Behrer Arnold, salesman, 278 Penn 
Behrey Gretze, wid. August, h 76 Morton 
Behringer Ernst, cigare, 117 Ewen 
Behriuger George F. (Kev.),h 958 S. 4th 
Behringer George J. tailor, h 19 Stagg 
Behringer .John, tailor, h 124 Ewen 
Behringer M. h 62 Moore 
Behrman Dedrick, H. milkraan,h 414 Kent av 

B(^lu■man Emanuel, butcher, h 18 Powers 
Behrman H'y, butcher, h 131 N. Portland av 
Behrman Henry, com. mer. 257 Washington 

N.Y. h 201 Koss 
Behrman Philip, barkpr. 10th c B'wa.y 
Behrraann Charles H. elk. h 132 Greene av 
Behrmann Dittmer, agt. h 311 Court 
Behrmaun F. H. J. liquors, 493 Manhattan av 
Behrmann Henry, clk.h 222 Union av 
Behrmann Henry, liqnors, 222 Union av 
Behrmann Herman, liquors, 493 Manhattan 

av, h 164 Freeman 
Behrmann John, milk, 254 Van Brunt 
Behrmann Louis, tailor, h 295 Devoe 
Beichert Chas. hairdresser, 43 Tompkins av 
Beichert Joseph, tailor, h r 815 Park av 
Bcichmann Susan, wid. Max, h 229 Johnson 


lieichncr Charles, tailor, h 133 Bushwick av 

Beicke James, h 400 Lexington av 

Beier Andi'ew, olothingmfr. 28 Catharine 

Beier Charles, lab. 703| 3d av 

Beierling George, boxmkr. h 36 Montrose av 

Beiersfeld Anna, wid. Joseph, h 51 Dean 

Beifns George B. bakery, 229 Johnson av 

Beifiiss George, lab. h 4 Stagg 

Beig Henry, pottery, h r 361 Flushing av 

Boihl Charles P. cooper, h 97 N. 1st 

Beihl John, elk. li 213 Varet 

Boil Dora E. h 501 Clinton 

Beil Frederick, baker, li 616 Flushing av 

Boil George, tailor, h 217 Johnson av 

Bcilby Electa, wid. h 133 3d E.l). 

Beiliug Robert, wagonmkr. 1093 B'way, h 

Schaeffer li Hamburg av 
Beilman Jacob, tailor, h r 318 Powers 
Beilman Peter, tailor, h 318 Powers 
Beilstein Frederic, honsel'urng. 49 Ewen 
Beilstein l-'rederick, tailor, h 145 Stagg 
Beilstein Philip, tailor, 17 Boerum 
Beine Maria, wid. Charles, h 102 Skillman 
Beinke Frederic, cigiirmfr. 644 3d »v 
lieiulich Joseph, cabiuetmkr. h 218 Marion 
Beins .*arah, h 503 Flushing av 
Beir Theodore ,1. fancygds. 36 Melrose 
Beird John, coachman, h 976 Atlantic aiv 
Beirerliu Frederick, lab.h 196 21st 
Beirna Michael, lab. h 280 St. Mark's av 
Beirnley Geo. W. painter, h 528 Flushing av 
Beis .lohn, glassblower, h 835 Park av 
Beis Philip, potmkr. h 835 Park av 
Beisel Franz J. bldr. h 167 McKibbin 
Beiser C. tailor, h 266 Ellery 
Bciser George H. h 32 Halsey 
Beissel Rosalia, wid. George, h 143 N. 9th 
Beisser George, vinegar, h 236 Ellery 
Beisswanger John, blacksmith, 104 John- 
son av 

Beith Andrew W. sawyer, h 61 Adelphi 
Beith James, foreman, h 274 15th 
Beitii .Tames, sawyer, h 39 Carlton av 
Beith Thomas, moulder, h 274 15th 
Beiti Enrique P. lumber, h 445 6th av 
Beitz Conrad, mason, h 204 Meserole 
Beker Nicholas, lab. h 312 Devoe 
Bekkor George H. h 23 India 
Belard Vital, glasssigus, 60 Rutledge, h 123 
Franklin av 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 


13 EL 





Belasco Samuel, restaurant, 40 Fulton 
Belch Einma O. wid. ,Joliu T. li 8i'o Dean 
Belch John, tailor, h 25 McKibbin 
Belcher Alfred, oik. h 590 Greene av 
Belcher Edward H. K. leather, 68 Gold N.Y. 

h 176 Clinton av 
Belcher Charles, lab. h 14 Metropolitan av 
Belcher Edwin W. whitegds. 9t) Franklin 

N.y. h 174 Putnam av 
Belcher George, painter, h 87 Lewis av 
Belcher Henry, h630 Willoughby av 
Belcher Jacob, shoeinkr. h 301 3d E.D. 
Belcher John, surg. h 10 Bund 
Belcher Samuel E. pres't, 111 B'way N.Y. h 

25 S. Portland av 
Belcher Thomas G. painter, h 199 Floyd 
Belcher William, lab. h 14 Metropolitan av 
Belden Albert L. joiner, h 382 Sackctt 
Belden Alfred G. h 453 Franklin av 
Belden George M. notarypublic, 204 Monta- 
gue, h 625 St. Mark's av 
Belden George W. bellringer, h 422 N". 2d 
Belden Henry A. milk, h 49 '. Carlton av 
Belden Joseph, h 306 Graham av 
Belden Milton B. paper, 46 Dey N.Y. h 406 

Vanderbilt av 
Belden Robert, tinsmith, h 145 Ainslie 
Belding Lonis H fancygds. 491 Atlantic av. 
Belding Milo M. silk, 456 B'way N.Y. h 135 
6th av 

Beldon George H. h 6-25 St . Mark's av 
Beldy I^awrence F. pocUethkuikr. h 200 

Belew Margaret, wid. Thomas, h 23 Coles 
Beley Frank, pictures, 694 Bedford av 
Belfer Larius, glass, 234 Myrtle av 
Belford Bessie, dressmkr. 27 Wyckoff 
Belford Edward, plumber, h 455 Carroll 
Belford James, lab. h r 404 Union 
Belford James A. engraver, h 143 Douglass 
Belford Matthew, liquors, h 255 Hoyt 
Belford Michael, driver, h 455 Carroll 
Belford Michael, lather, h r 404 Union 
Belford Patriclc, exjjress, h 27 Wyckoff 
Belford Philip, lab. h 21 Dennet pi 
Belford Philip, tinsmith, h 178 Hamilton av 
Belford Philip, tobaccopresser, h Dennet pi 
c Nelson 

Belford William, truckman, h r 404 Union 
Belford Wm. H. dep'ysheriff, h r 404 Union 
Belgard Abraham, tailor, 426 Grand 
Belger Beuj. F. sowingmachines, 431 Fulton 
Belger George C. engineer, h 486 Fulton 
Belgrand Edward, tailor, h 732 Flushing av 
Belgrand Maria, wid. John, h 722 Flush- 
ing av 

Beling George A. grocer, 10th av c 16tll 
Belitz Augustus, shoemkr. 88 Conrt, h 116 

Atlantic av 
Belke William, elk. h 111 Johnson av 
Belknap John, leather, h 340 Pearl 
Belknap William, elk. h 191 Wyckoff 
Bell Alex, drugs, h ,55th n 1st av 
Bell Andrew J. porter, h271 S. 4th 
Bell Andrew W. cigars, 47 Dey N.Y. h 186 


Bell Arthur, cashier, h 221 St. James' pi 
Bell Arthur G. h 31 Garnet 

Bell Arthur H. supt. h 419 Gates av 
BoU August, machinist, h 135 15th 
Bell A. M. physician, h 119 2d pi 
Bel! Charles, colors, 96 Fulton N.Y. h 121 

Bell Charles, steward, h 49 Main 

Bell Charles A. bkkpr. h 8 2d 

Bell Charles E. acct. h 61 Devoe 

Bell David, painter, h 475 Union 

Bell David, principal, h 176 Nassau 

Bell Edward, elk. h 284 S. 4th 

Bell Edwin J. elk. h 1568 Fulton 

Bell Ellen, grocer, 197 Greene 

Bell Emily A. wid. Thomas L. h 403 Cum- 

Bell Francis, lab. h 774 Dean 

Beil Francis W. pilot, h 970 Fulton 

Bell Franklin, paintmfr. 252 Pearl N.Y. h 
364 Washington av 

Bell Franklin P. elk. h 364 Washington av 

Bell George, h 3('0 S. 2d 

Bell George, seaman, h 117 Maujer 

Bell George, 8ho«mkr. h 405 Atlantic av 

Bell George A. h 44 Jeiferson 

Bell Geo. C. draughtsman, b 218 Sumner av 

Bell George H. h 2 2d pi 

Bell George W.h llz Kent 

Boll George W. leather, N.Y. h S. 2d c 6th 

Bell George W. stationery, 1^1 Division av 
Bell G. Alfred, cashier, ft N 12th E.D. h 

58 Monroe 
Bell Harvey, bkkpr. h 99 S. 2d 
Bell Helen, wid. Hugli. h 47 Hudson av. 
Bell Helen M. niilUn'er, 416 fjth av 
Bell Henry, h 143 Woodbine 
Bell Henry, depysheriff, h 457 Grand 
Bell Henry, mason, h 216 Withers 
Bell Hillai-y L. artist, h 173 Washington 
Bell Hugh P. liquors, h 47 Hudson av 
Bell Humphrey, painter, h 931 Atlantic av 
Bell James, h 176 Prospect 
Bell James, agt. h 471 5th av 
Bell James, boilermkr, h r 36 Sackett 
Bell James, elk. h 200 Livingston 
Bell James, lab. h 280 Hicks 
Bell James, lab. h 176 Prospect 
Bell James, painter, !i 115 Oak 
Bell James, painter, h 141 Smith 
Bell James, porter, h 115 Myrtle 
Bell James D. lawyer, 16 Court, h 85 Keap 
Bell Jane, wid. George, h 151 6th E.D. 
Bell John, boarding, h 334 Van Brunt 
Bell John, elk. h 161 Calyer 
Bell John, elk, h 961 Pacilic 
Bell John, conductor, h 1008 De Kalb av 
Bel] John, engineer, h 29 Gi'and av 
Bell John, lab. h 244 Bond 
Bell John, lab. h 429 Hicks 
Bell John, peddler, h 21 Columbia pi 
Bell John, physician, 283 Warren 
Bell John A. fireman, h 3 Prospect ter 
Bell John C. cooper, h 176 Prospect 
Bell John D. elk. h 53 10th E.D. 
Bell John F. housefumg. 726 Myrtle av 
Bell John H. agt. h a64 S. 4th 
Bell John J. artist, 635 3d av, h N.Y. 
Bell Joseph, boxmkr, b 201 Sackett 


WM.H. JACKSON & CO.J-Prtistic Grates, Fenders, 

II <=_..-„ y-^ And Fire-Place Novelties. 

= [See AdT'toB leaf K^pmite nsmc] 

Union Square, New York City. 

C Ebtabuhixd 1827.J 


Has the largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 



« 1 

c ^ 

& ! 

H — ' 

-4— J 


Bell Josepli, electrotyper, li 179 Eagle 
Bell Joseph, lime, 3d uv c Begraw, h 396 6tli 
Bell Joseph, stevedore, 28 Coenties si N.Y. 

h Vil Patchen av 
Bell Joseph, watchman, h 128 Huron 
13e]l Louis, conductor, li 34 Kossuth 
Bell surg. 719 Bedford av,h 174 


Bell Lucius, ins. 157 B'way N.Y. h 85 St. 

James' pi 
Bell M.-irtha, wid. h 118 S. 5th 
Bell Martha, stationer, 3:24 Smith 
Bell Mary, wld. William, h 291 Hudson av 
Bell Matilda, wid. Edward B. h 8ts S. 10th 
Bell Melinda, faucvgds. 931 Atlantic av 
Bell Peter, elk. 137'Peim 
Bell Philip, gardener, h 151 '2Ut 
Bell Robert, h 205 Livingston 
Bell Robert, carpenter, h 93 Clay 
Bell Robert, machinist, h 99 Schenck 
Bell Robert, moulder, h 82 Oak 
Bell liobert, cigars, 'S'M Smith 
Bell Robert jr. elk. h 205 Livingston 
Bell ifoxiiia M. drugs, 584 Bedford av, h 

Bedford av o Greene av 
Bell R. wid. li 446 Nostrand av 
Bell Samuel, elk. h 410 Willougliby av 
Bell Samuel, moulder, Walworth c Wil- 

loughby av 
Bell Samuel D. elk. h205 Livingston 
Bell Thomas, h 143 6th E.D. 
Bell Thomas, baker, h 179 Eagle 
Bell Tlioinaa, cook, h 502 Bedloi-d av 
Boll Thos. grocer, 199 7th E.D. h 215 S. 4th 
Bell Thomas, insp. h 3.59 Hoyt 
Bell Thomas, lab. h 962 Pacitio 
Bell Thomas C. salesman, h 121 Pulaski 
liell Thomas M, paper, 11 Spruce N.Y. h 53 

Fort Greene pi 
Bell Walter, bkkpr. h 197 Baltic 
Bell Walter, salesman, h 532 Willoughby av 
Bell William, h 221 S. 3d 
Bell William, carpenter, 657 3d av 
Bell William, carpenter, h 961 Pacilic 
Bell William, elk. h 118 S. ,5th 
Bell William, engineer, h 210 7th 
Bell William, ironloundry, 118 Hope, h 237 
S. 3d 

Bell William, lab. h 194 John 
Bell William, mason, h 26 Wolcott 
Bell William, printer, h 176 Prospect 
Hell William, shoemkr. h 909 Hancock 
Bell William F. h 233 Franklin av 
Bell William G. T. elk, h 149 Myrtle av 
Bell William H. carpenter, h 30? Bergen 
Bell William H, express, li 291 Navy 
Bell William J. elk. h 702 Hancock 
Bell William W. teamster, h 150 Devoe 
Bell & Clark (Thomas Bell & William P. 

Clark), grocers, 1997th E.D. 
Boll & Fyfe (Wm. Bell, Alexander Pyfe), 

iron founders, 118 Hope 
Bellamy Frederick P. lawyer, 204 Montague, 

h 50 Garden pi 
Bellamy William, elk. h 301 Pearl 
Bellaney George F. h 7K Carlton av 
Belleau Julia, wid. Antony, h 516 Bergen 
Bellenfanti Nelson A. steward, b 1735 Pacific 

Beller Nellie, dressmkr, h 2()8 Adams 
Bellett Mathias, lab. h 175 Bushwick av 
Bellew James, shoes, 708 Myrtle av 
Bellew Lawrence, h 578 Kent av 
Bellew Patrick, liquors, b 273 Gold 
Bellew Robert, glassblower, 68 Duffleld 
Belling Charles A. machiiiist, h 40 Union av 
Belling William, elk. h 1745 Dean 
Bellinger Reinhold H. painter, h 643 Warren 
Bellinger Henry, elk. li 210 Columbia 
Bellinger Walter, engineer, h 253 Pacilic 
Bellinghara Eleanor, wid. Charles, h 76 

Bellington George, hatter, b 65 Bolivar 
Bellington Thomas, lab. h 65 Bolivar 
Bellington William, printer, h 611 Bolivar 
Bellmer Louis, restaurant, 382 Grand, h 114 

11th E. D. 
Bellofif Conrad, butcher, 164 Throop av 
Bellow Benjamin, cooper, h r 151 N. 8th 
Bellows Charles, raer. 50 Broad N.Y. h 112 


Bellows Charles .jr. wine, 50 Broad N.Y. h 

693i President 
Bellows C. H. elk. h 98 Leo av 
Bellows F. mfr. b 256 Hooper 
Bellows Hartwell H. woodware, Devoe c 

Leonard, h 256 Hooper 
Bellows Heury S. lawyer, 44 Court, h 313 


Bellows Joseph P. elk. h 35 Flatbush av 
Bellows Theodore A. bkkpr. h 275 Hewes 
Bells August, lab. h 37 Scholes 
Bells Mathew J. carpenter, h 106 N. Oxford 
Bells Thomas J. agt. h 858 Bushwick av 
Bellwidt William, cigars, 702 i>th av 
Bellwood John, lab. h 244 2d E.D. 
Belmont F. C. grocer, 92 S. 8th 
Belmont George, publisher, h 143 Kosciusko 
Belmont Henry S. macbinist, h Myrtle av 0 

Belov Charles, seaman, h ,S9 11th 
Below Fredrick, butcher. 343 Atlantic av 
Belsir Kate, wid. h 249 Ellery 
Belter John H. perfumery, h 76 Myrtle 
Helton Andrew, founder, h 67 Hudson av 
Belton Enielia, wid. Thomas, h 233 13th 
Helton Thomas, lab. h 292 Water 
Belton Thomas, paints, h 272 12th 
Heltzer Charles, lab. h 93 Scholes 
Beltzer Conrad, lab. h 93 Scholes 
Belus Adolphns, carpenter, h 110 Hamilton 

Belviu John A. cigarmfr. N.Y. h 23 Halsey 

Belwen Heniy, agt. li 174 Navy 

Belz Frederick, lab. li 104 Montrose av 

Belz George, driver, h 335 S. 1st 

Belz Gottlieb, wagonmkr. h r 105 Ten Eyck 

Belz Jacob, tailor, 356 S. 3d 

Belzer John, elk. h 218 S. 4th 

Hemer Sabastiau, driver, h 20 Freeman 

Bemis Francis, wid. George H. h 323 Ewen 

Bemis M. Melvin, liquors, 15 B'way 

Benall Charles, broker, h 463| 5th av 

Benard Aiitoine jr. elk. h 354 S. 1st 

Benas Benjamin, artist, h 193 Sands 

Benay J. seaman, h 321 Van Brunt 

Bence Jacob, h 47 Degraw 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See Advt. pas^e 12 front. 


Also, Russian, Electric, and Roman Batbs. 



A. U WOOD. M.D. 



Bencong Cooiiey, casemkr. h 29 Newell 
Bench Abraham, tinner, h (il Troutmau 
Bench Clias. J. moulder, li 142 Skillinan av 
Bench Joseph, tinner, h 20;! Skillman av 
Benckle Panl, tailor, h 117 Evergreen av 
Bend Frederick, machinist, h 152 21st 
Bendeke Charles L. ins. h 170 Boernm 
Beadoll Henry, oik. h 12o Concord 
Bendell Mary A. dressmkr. 439 FiiUou 
Bendengal John, mariner, h 371 Van Brunt 
Bender Andrew S. elk. h 320 Monroe 
Bender Charles, ropeiukr. h 128 Moore 
Bender David N. marble, 471 aOth, h 330 
9th av 

Bender Elizabeth, wid. Stephen,h 75 Doug- 

Bender Fred'k, harnessmkr. h 30 Scholes 
Bender George, butcher, 967 Myrtle av 
Bender George, machinist, h 80 Wythe av 
Bender Harris, glazier, h 89 Orange 
Bender Henry, carman, h 33 Stagg 
Bender Henry, grocer, 32.5 Prospect av 
Bender Henry, lab. h 43 Humboldt 
Bender Henry, lab. h 913 Flushing av 
Bender Henry, shoemkr. h 207 2d E.D. 
Bonder Jacob, baker, h 1599 Fulton 
Bender Jacob, butcher, h 480 Warren 
Bender John, cigars, h 62 Morrell 
Bender John, carpenter, h 455 Union 
Bender John, driver, h 76 Middleton 
Bender John, peddler, h 37 Morrell 
Bender John B. dockraaster, h 442 1st E.D. 
Bender John J. lacecntter, h 356 3d E.D. 
Bender Leonard, lab. h 63 N. 6th 
Bender Louis, shop, li 111 Cook 
Bender Mary, h 333 Prospect av 
Bender Martin, brassturiier, h 25 Cook 
Bender Michael, shoefitter, 93 S. 3d 
Bender Philip, butcher, h 542 5th av 
Bender Philip, shoemkr. 181 Clymer 
Bender Philip, shoes, 211 Grand 
Bender Sophia, wid. John B. h 442 1st E.D. 
Bender William, butcher, 547 Gates av. h 

397 Quincy 
Bender William, carpenter, h 455 Union 
Benderaagle John, h 94 S. 4th 
Bendes Alexander, h 336 Degraw 
Bendher Armand, lab. h 38 B<)gart 
Bendixson Andrew, blacksmith, 42 Union 
Bendlein Adam, lab. h 28 Catharine 
Bene John, hair, 279 Fulton, h 314 Pearl 
Bene William, engineer, h 109 Carroll 
Bene William E. elk. h 109 Carroll 
Benecke Henry, grocer, 656 Clason av, h 660 

Clason av 
Benedetto Michael, junk, 28 Maujer 
Benedict Amanda, teacher, h 75 Woodbine 
Benedict Andrew C. ins. 145 B'way N.Y. h 

235 Washington av 
Benedict Arthur, glassblower, h 155 Hud- 
son av < 
Benedict B. Lincoln, U. 8. comr. 168 Mon- 
tague, h 450 Clason av 
Benedict Broiliers, fine watches and 
jewelry, 171 B'way N.Y. "Caution." 
Onr store is in the Benedict Building, 
B'way c Cortlandt N.Y. and not else- 

Benedict Charles L. u. s. judge, 168 Mou- 

tague, li 120 Pierrepont 
Benedict Charles M. teamster, h 42 India 
Benedict Clara S. grocer, 124 Eckford 
Benedict Coleman, broker, 24 Broad N.Y. h 

61 S. Portland av 
Benedict Edward C. shoes, 132 Duane N.Y. 

h 290 Gates av 
Benedict Edward S. bkkpr. 7 Nassau N.Y. 

h 181 Gates av 
Benedict Edwin H. pianos, 56 Court, li 327 


Benedict Edwin L. agt. h 1140 Fulton 
Benedict Ezra, shoes, 132 Duane N.Y. h 290 
Gates av 

Benedict George A. h 120 Pierrepont 
Benedict Henderson, lawyer, 346 Fulton, h 

73 S. Oxford 
Benedict Heniy M. pres't, 342 Fulton, h 44 

S. Portland av 
Benedict Henry W. elk. h 249 Putnam av 
Benedict ,)ames, driver, h 155 Hudson av 
Benedict James H. elk. h 249 Putnam av 
Benedict James T. elk. h 22 Strong pi 
Benedict Johanna, wid. John, h 155 Had- 

son av 

Benedict John, baseballmkr. h 1020 Gates 

I!enedict John ,J. moulder, h 68 2d 
Benedict John K. foremanmonlder, h 78 2d 
Benedict Joseph H. (Rev.), 68 Sumpter 
Benedict J. Henry, h 387 Clason av 
Benedict Lewis C h 43 Monroe pi 
Benedict Lincoln B. elk. b 450 Clason av 
Benedict Louis, produce, N.Y. h 94 Taylor 
Benedict Roswell S. h 43 Monroe pi 
Benedict Robert D. lawyer, 64 Wall N.Y. h 

363 Adelphi 
Benedict Eoswell S. h 43 Monroe pi 
Benedict Russell, lawyer, N.Y'. h 35 MoDon- 


Benedict Samuel E. h 441 Pacific 

Benedict Soelye, ins. Montague c Court & 
145 B'way N.Y. h 235 Washington av 

BENEDICT STEPHEN N. bkbinder, Mis- 
sion pi c Worth N.Y. h 177 Adelphi 

Benedict Wilbur E. printer, 69 Bond, h 441 

Benedict William C. physician, 456 Pacific 
Benedict William M. lawyer, 367 Fulton, h 

159 Washingtou park 
Benedict Wyllys, lawyer, 64 Wall N.Y. Ti 363 


Benermaun G. H. elk. h 354 Atlantic av 
Benett J. H. shipmaster, h 491 Clinton 
Benevolent Sooiefcy, 84 Amity 
Benfield Charles E. watchcasemkr. 200 Pros- 
pect pi 

Benfield Henry, carpenter, h 486 Warren 
Benfield Thomas, engraver, h 236 Madison 
Bengas Dietrich, tobacconist, 505 Myrtle 

Bengbolzer George, fireman, h 402 S. 2d 
Benglera J. D. physician, h Flushing av ft 
Grand av 

Benguerel Matilda, wid. Adalbert, h 101 S. 

Benham George, elk. h 86 2d E D. 

uiN's mmm directory of Brooklyn and kinos go. 

Price $3.00. 10 BMrum 7l3X», ^Todldyn, and 121 Foltoa Si, N. 7. 


Has the largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World, 

See Advertisement opposite name* 



^ UI 

P Z 











Benliara Isaac, shipbkr. 84 Broad N.Y. h 229 

Greene av 

Beuham Jiunes M. mer. 108 Broad K.Y, li91 

Benliam John, h 143 Powers 
Benbam Joseph, grocer, 210 N. 6th 
Beiiiiard Louis, lab. li 100 Grabam av 
Benhart Pliilip, painter, h 962 Lafayette av 
IJeiiich John, furs, li 74 Gerry 
Beuieh Katie, wid. h 74 Gorry 
Beuig John, liquors, 678 Flashing av 
Benigan Simeon, segarmkr. h liiU Sackett 
Benim Alfred, tinner, 378 Van Brunt, h 119 

Van Dyke 

Beniughou&e Frank, frametumer, h 113i 


Benisch Joseph, hutcher, h 28 Diamond 
Benito Joseph, cigarmkr, h 711 Fulton 
Benjamin Adelia, wid. John H. h 180 Tomp- 
kins av 

Benjamin Ann, wid. William, h 1199 Dean 
Benjamin Ann E. wid. Madison, h 82 Keap 
Benjamin Caroline, wid. Berny G. h 647 i>e 

Kalb av 
Benjamin Charles, h 209 Adams 
Benjamin Charles, carpenter, h 313 S. 4th 
Benjamin Charles H. restaurant, 384 Myrtle 

av, h 92 Orange 
Ben jauiiii .lames, bkkpr. h 275 Skillman 
Benjamin James H. druggist, 493 Tompkins 

av, h 2U3 Halsey 
Benjamin John P. shoefitter, 52 Warren K. 

Y. h 1016 Lafayette av 
Benjamin Joseph, cigarmkr. h 69 10th E.D. 
Benjamin Morris, tailor, h 177 Union av 
Benjamin Mycr, h 67 loili E.D. 
Benjamin J. Nathan, tinsmith, 341 N. 2d, h 

206 Lorimer 
Benjamin Pulaski, fish, Pulton mkt. N.Y. h 

138 Wilson 
Berijauiiii iSainnol, hatter, h 191 Graud av 
Benjamin Simeon S. bkkpr. h 301 Gates av 
laeujamin Solomon, cigarmfr. 626 3d av 
lienjamin Thomas, elk. h 53 Nass.-iu 
Benjamin William, collector, 200 Kntledge 
Benjamin William H. hats, h 149 Madison 
Benjes Christian W. butcher, 682 Fulton, h 

650 Fulfcoji 

Benk William P. grocer, 772 B'way, h 774 

Benke Christian, lab. h 100 Ten Eyck 
Beuken John, grocer, h 219 Van Brunt 
Benken John D. grocer, 261 Lorimer 
Benkle Philip, lab. h 191 Johnson av 
Bennau Cornelius, brassfinisher, li 195 S. 4tli 
Benne August, grocer, 569 De Kalb av 
Benne Charlotte,wid. Stephen, h 45 4th E.D. 
Benuedict William, porter, h 26 Fleet pi 
Bennem William L. patents, 19 Park pi 

N.Y. h 96 Cumberland 
Benutr Andrew J. carpenter,h 75 AdamsE.D. 
Benuer August, grocer, 116 Boemm 
Beuner Emily, fancygds. 1217 B'way 
Henner Frederick, lab. h 29 Fon est 
Benuer George M. printer, h 1217 B'way 
Beuner Henry F. shoes, h 133 N. Oxford 
Benner John R. refiner, h 205 S. 2d 
Benner Kasper, h 93 Ten Eyck 

Benner William J. shoes, h 133 TST. Oxford 
Benners Charles A. elk. h 219 Dean 
Benners Jacob, liquor's, 89 Montrose av 
Bennesse Dennis, restaurant, 117 South K.Y. 

h 29 Herbert 
Bennet C. C. wid, h 122 11th 
Bennet David S. B. h 207 Macon 
Bennet D. Schuyler, clk. h 207 Macon 
Bonnet Duncan li. salesman, h 26S 12th 
Bennet Edgar H. clk. h 266 I2th 
Bennet Frederic, lab. h 84 Prospect 
Bennet Frederick W. clk. h 266 12th 
Bennet George, painter, h 49 Main 
Bennet George D. printer, h 67 Ryerson 
Bennet Geo. H. R. physician, h 95 St. Felix 
Bennet Harriet, wid. Samuel, h 229 N. 6th 
Bennet Henry, clk. h 77 Main 
Bennet Henry W. lab. h 156 Prospect 
Bennet Henry W. watchman, h 67 Ryerson 
Bennet John A. clk. h 207 Macon 
Bennet John A. undertaker, 233 Bridge 
Bennet John E. lab. h 294 Dean 
Bennet John H. clothier, 5 Tillary, h 59 

Bennet Joseph E. milk, h 233 Bridge 
Bennet Joseph M. showeards, 1093 B'wav, 

h 839 Gates av 
Bennet Liidovic, lawyer, 206 B'way N.Y. h 

124 Columbia hgts. 
Bennet Mary A. wid. Peter L. h 266 12th 
Bennet Nicholas II. engineer, h 184 Powers 
Bennet Samuel, wagonmkr. 120 Tillary, h 

35 Lawrence 
Bennet Samuel H. peddler, b 229 N. 6th 
Bennet Thomas, lighters, h 200 20th 
Bennet William, builder, h 105 N. (itb 
Bennet William, carpenter, h 375 Herkimer 
Bennet William, clk. h 294 Dean 
Bennet William, flour, 253 Bush wick av, h 

255 Bushwick av 
Bennet Wm. A. carpenter, h 375 Herkimer 
Bennett Aaron, h 362 Graham av 
Bennett Abel, driver, h 279 Bergen 
Bennett Abraham, glazier, 530 Myrtle av 
Bennett Abraham jr. driver, h 98 Douglass 
Bennett Abraham V. collector, h 211 Powers 
Bennett Abraham, livery, h 391 De Kalb av 
Bennett Adam, h 137 El'lery 
Bennett Adolphus, clk. h 218 Frost 
Bennett Augustus C. carpenter, h 1396 St. 

Mark's av 
Bennett Alfred, milk, 155 Smith 
Bennett AUetta, h 112 Cambridge pi 
Bennett Alouzo, weigher, h 204 16th 
Bennett Alva D. insp. u.s.c.h., h27 Canton 
Bennett Alvin M. broker, 55Dey N.Y. h 483 


Bennett Andrew, engineer, h 113 Harrison 
Bennett Andrew, machinist, h 273 Ralph av 
Bennett Ann, wid. h 306 4th E.D. 
IJennett Ann, wid. James S. h 457 Bergen 
Bennett Amnie, wid. James, h 28 Cheever 

Bennett Annie, wid. Rudolf, h 182 Bayard 
Bennett Annie, wid. Tbos. h 221 10th E.D. 
Bennett Anth«my, hay, h 1513 Atlantic av 
Bennett Archibald, h 886 Hancock 
Bennett Benjamin F. cooper, h 341 Bergen 

FIE BfilCK-.^^^^^: B. ElISCM I SONS, 

132 Mangin St., uear Houston, East Uiver, New York. 



BE?r 65 BEN 


Bennett Beiijiimin L. electric garments, 

Newaik N.J. h 291 Kaj-mond 
Bennett ISeniairt L. li 88 Uiimberland 
Bennett Bridget, wid. James, li 347 Dean 
Bennett B. K. vet. surg. 318 Warren, h 307 


Bennett diaries, h Central a-v <•. Scliaeffer 
Bennett Charles, elk. li 693 President 
Bennett Charles E. elk. li 398 State 
Bennett Charles E. confectioner, h 60 
Wythe av 

Bennett Charles F. B. elk. h 377 Monroe 
Bennett Charles H. drugs, h 206^ Chauncey 
Bennett Charles J. driv er, li 156 Myrtle av 
Bennett Christiana, wid, James, h 947 Dean 
Bennett Christopher, junk, h 262 N. 7th 
Bennett Cornelias, caulker, h 226 S. 1st 
Bennett Coruelius, elk. h le.^ N. 6th 
Bennett Cornelius H. j>orter, h 86 Carlton av 
Bennett David, lah. h 77 Pacific 
Bennett Denis, restanrant, h 29 Herhert 
Bennett Kdward, blacksmith, h 95 Duffield 
Bennett Edward, confectioner, 137 Ellery 
Bennett Edward, machinist, h 181 Nassau 
Bennett Edwin, silverpolisher, h 1091 Pa- 

Bennett Elbert H. milk, 124 Carlton av, h 

97 Waverly av 
Bennett Elias, driver, 26 Douglass 
Bennett Elizabeth, h 216 6th E.l). 
Bennett Elizabeth, wid. Ditmars, h 228 

Tompkins av 
Bennett Ellen, wid. h 143 Butler 
Bennett Emeline E. wid. Thomas h 201 


Bennett Emma, wid. Eichard, h 204 D^fan 
Bennett Eugene W. machinist, h 319 Union 
Bennett Eauny, wid. Frank, h 499 Frank- 
lin av 

Bennett Frank, confectioner, 137 Ellery 
Bennett Prank, driver, h 183 N. 7th 
Bennett Frank, jirinter, h 360 Graham av 
Bennett Frank J. liquors, 1215 Atlantic av 
Bennett Franklin, printer, h87 5th E.D. 
Bennett Frederick M. flour, 3 South N.Y. h 

411 Cumberland 
Bennett Frederick W. grocer, h 62 S. 4th 
Bennett Fremont E. butcher, 247 Smith 
Bennett George, elk. h 639 Pacific 
Bennett George, engineer, h. 173 Meseroleav 
Bennett George, macliinist, 530 Grand 
Bennett George, machinist, h r 334 I8th 
Bennett George A. c. h. h 294 Vanderbilt av 
Bennett George B. hardware, 573 Washing- 
ton av. h 588 Washington av 
Bennett George B. elk. h 871 Atlantic av 
Bennett George C. vicepres't, 113 B'way, h 

16 Magnolia 
Bennett Geo, F.,jr.brassfinisher,h 21 93d E.D 
Bennett George H, ferryman, h 223 3d E.D. 
Bennett George H. meters, 1st bet S, 8th 

& g. 9th, h 219 3d E.D. 
Bennett George K, engineer, h 28 Marcy av 
Bennett Geo, W, engineer, li 173 Meseroleav 
Bennett Geo. W. finisher, h 151 Division av 
Bennett Geo. W. gent's furng. 336 Fulton, h 
311 Hicks 

Bennett George W. musician, h 322 S. 2d 

Bennett George W. sodawater, N.Y. h 118 

Bennett Harmanus, h 214 13th 
Bennett Harry, plasterer, h 365 17th 
Bennett Henry, carpenter, h 319 Bergen 
Bennett Henry, lithographer, h 31 Willow pi 
Bennett Henry, seaman, h 212 Eckfoid 
liennett Henry, tailor, h 958 Herkimer 
Bennett Henry C. elk. h 394 Myrtle av 
Bennett Henry D. h 289 Hicks 
Bennett Herman , bkkpr. h 155 18th 
Bennett Isaac, elk, h 103 8th E,D. 
Bennett Isaac L. truckman, h 342 Baltic 
Bennett .Jacob, hairdresser, h 144 S. 8th 
Bennett Jacob, liquors, 122 Throop av 
Bennett Jacob, tailor, h 103 8th E.D. 
Bennett Jacob F. stevedore, Ii li{3 Division 

Bennett .Tames, engineer, h 1691 Fulton 
Bennett James, fishhookmkr. h 385 5tli av 
Bennett .James, furniture, 164 Grand 
Bennett James, jeweler, h 225 Qnincy 
Bennett James, lab. h 45 Colural)ia pi 
Bennett James, lab. h 121 Pacific 
Bennett James C. sailmkr. h 502 Court 
Bennett James H. trimmer, h 104 Norman 
Bennett James H. upholsterer, h 36 Newell 
Bennett .James .1. elk. h 347 Dean 
Bennett James P. teas, h 270 Grand av 
Bennett .James R. salesman, h 366 Lewis av 
Bennett Jane, wid. Cliarles, h 122 11th 
Bennett Jaques, produce, N.Y. h 26'i 18th 
Bennett Jesse, elk. h 256 Livingston 
Bennett John, h 466 Henry 
Bennett John, bkkpr. h 244 Van Brunt 
Bennett John, butcher, h 95 Douglass 
Bennett John, carpenter, h 334 Park av 
Bennett John, driver, h 3.}3 17th 
Bennett John, driver, h 284 N. 8th 
Bennett John, engineer, h 338 Bedford av 
Bennett John, harnessmkr. h 99 Sackett 
B(?nnett John, livery, h 25 Lee av 
Bennett John, lumber, h 78 Box 
Bennett John, oysters, h 215 Pearl 
Bennett John, painter, h 1827 Fulton 
Bennett John, pilot, h 162 Eagle 
Bennett John, sparmkr. h 196 S. 1st 
Bennett .John, tinner, h 236 Ten Eyck 
Bennett .Tohn, undertaker, 155 Division av, 

h 25 Lee av 
Bennett John A. salesman, h 133 Washing- 
ton av 

Bennett John B. tel. oper. h 193 Prince 
Bennett John E. wagonmkr. 133 Nassau, h 
J.ST' J^fl/SSfi'i.T 

Bennett John F. milk, 247 Smith, h 95 Dong- 

Bennett John H, lighterman, h 212 Eckford 
Bennett John T. realestate, 1798 Fulton, h 

88 Cumberland 
Bennett Jonathan, elk. h 395 Sackett 
Bennett .Joseph, h r 80 Greene av 
Bennett Joseph, lab. h 31 McDoiigal 
Bennett .Joseph B, physician, h 198 Columbia 
Jjennett Joseph D, ironmoulder, h 657-J- 3d av 
Bennett Joseph E. livery, h 79 Madison 
Bennett Joseph H. fireman, h 348 Myrtle av 
Bennett Joseph T. confectioner, h 136 Quincy 



» § » 


' as 

* =* UD » 





ii0& li2 Broad, cor. Water St., N.Y. 

Direct Receiver of PENNSYLVANIA RYE and 

See Boiilness IHrectory. Uquprs— Wholesale. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Tire lusurance Co, in the World, 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


Bennett Josepliine, artist, 15 W. 3d N.Y. h 

29(1 Henry 
Boiiiiett Josiuh B. elk. li 9 S. Elliott pi 

Bonuett Kate, di j-gds. 5>86 Smith 
Bennett Lefferts, h S8 CiimborlaiKl 
Bennett Letty, dressmkr. Wi) Graham av 
Bennett Lewis, sbipcarpenter, h 154 Free- 

Bennett Margaret, wid. Matt, h 706 6feh av 
Bennett Maria, wid. Thoa. li 9 S. Elliott pi 
Bennett Martha M. vrid. Wm. B. h 39d State 

Bennett Marj', wid. George, h 190 Vavet 
Bennett Mary, wid. Jolm, h 274 Quincy 
Bennett Mary, wid. Joseph, li 295 Henry 
Bennett Mary, confectionery, 1824 i'ulton 
Bennett Michael, h 299 Hamilton av 
Bennett Michael, iiremau, h '299 Hamilton av 
Bennett Micliael, fireman, h 244 Van Brunt 
Bennett Michael, liquors, 182 Flathush av, 

h 53 St. Mark's av 
Bennett Moses, printer, h 103 8th E.D. 
Bennett Nehemiah K. physician, 142 Wilson 
Bennett Nellie, wid. Hiram, li 402^ Kos- 

Bennett Orange T. h 125 Hope 
Bennett Orlando, elk. h 16 Jlagnolia 
Bennett Patrick, truckman, li ill N. 2d 
BENNETT PETEK, supervisor 12th Ward, 

& cooper, 2 Coenties si N.Y. h 245 Van 


Bennett Peter, electric lights, h 363 B'way 
Bennett Peter, ironworker, h 653 W.osbing- 
ton av 

Bennett Peter, lab. li 9;i Summit 
Bennett Peter, longshoreman, h 155 10th 

Bennett Peter, shipfastener, h 155 10th E.D. 
Bennett Peter, tailor, 215 York 
Uennett Peter A. bartender, h 347 Dean 
Bennett Peter L. vet. snrg. h 307 Baltic 
Bennett Peter J. painter, h 170 Maujer 
Bennett Phebe, wid. nurse, h 120 Eyerson 
Bennett Phebo, wid. William H. nurse, h 117 

Franklin av 
Bennett Philander, com. mer. Front N.Y. h 

411 Cumberland 
Bennett Philip, plumber, h 37 Ch.tuucey 
Bennett Eobert, h ;U9 Union 
Bennett Robert, confectioner, 211 Smith 
Bennett Robert, driver, h 710 Atlantic av 
Bennett Eobert, hatter, h 320 S. 4th 
Bennett Robert J. collector, h 319 Union 
Bennett Boloff R. livery, 228 Greene av, li 

79 Madison 
Bennett Richard, milk, h 1846 Bergen 
Bennett Samuel, carpenter, 600 De Kalb av, 

h 226 Walworth 
Bennett Sam'l J. architect, h 103 Nassau 
Bennett Samuel .1. glazier, h 208 Clason av 
Bennett Samuel W. elk. h 136 Quincy 
Bennett Sarah, wid. Geo. H. li 86 Carlton 


Bennett Sarah J. h 222 N. 8th 
Bennett Selina, drygds. 335 5th av 
Bennett Theodore, elk. h 171 Prospect av 
Bennett Theodore, mfr. h 110 Nassau 
Bennett Thomas, elk. h 9 S. Elliott pi 
Bennett Thomas, cooper, h 178 N. 8th 

Bennett Thomas C. broker, Front N.Y. tx 

304 Macon 
Bennett Thomas E. milk, li 376 Wyckoff 
Bennett Thomas F. foreman, b 347 Dean 
Bennett Truman H. elk. h 398 State 
Bennett Valentine, h 26 iOth E.D. 
Bennett Van Brunt W. realestate, 16 Conrt 

& 325 5tli av. hS27 11th 
Bennett Walter E. lumber, h 144 Norman av 
Bennett Walter L. lumber, h 16 ri Eckford 
Bennett William, h 266 Willongbby av 
Bennett Wm. elk. b 553 Manhattan av 
Bennett William, elk. h 53 St. Mark's av 
Bennett William, cooper, h 8.3 N. 3d 
Bennett William, cooi)or, h 199 17th 
Bennett William, ferryman, h 171 Concord 
Bennett William, ferryman, h 223 3d E.D. 
Bennett William, iron, 245 Pearl 
Bennett William, lab. h 30 Herbert 
Bennett William, mason, h 165 N. 6th 
Bennett William, moulder, h 133^ 28th 
Bennett William, rubber, h 1860 Fulton 
Bennett Wm. silver jiolisher, h554 Grand av 
Bennett William, stevedore, h 114 Wyckoff 
Bennett William A. waiter, h 151 Division a v 
Bennett William C. gardener, h 51 55th 
Bennett William 11. bldr. h 6.t Kyerson 
Bennett Will i;im H. elk. b 347 Dean 
liennett William H. driver, h 122 Division av 
Bennett Wm. H. oysters, li 44 Flushing av 
Bennett William H. phy.sician, 184 6th av 
Bennett William H. wagonmkr. 133 Nassau, 

h 176 Jay 
Bennett William J. elk, h 330 Dean 
Bennett William J. elk. h 59 .Jefferson 
Bennett William S. printer, 185 Montague, 

h 72 4tli av 
Bennett William T. gateman, h 33 S. 10th 
Bennett William W. milkman, h 247 Smith 
Bennett Webb M. elk. U 430| Van Bnren 
Bennett Zachariah, printer, N.Y.h 297 B'way 
Bennett Zelotes U. printer, N.Y. h 297 B'way 
Bennett Bros. (Edward & Frank), confec- 
tioners, 137 EUery 
Beunewitz Herman, medicine, h 178 N. 8th 
Beuney .John, bkbinder, h 784 Monroe 
Bennie Thomas, stonecutter, h 159 Nelson 
Bennie William J. carpetlayer, 68 3d av 
Benning Franz, tailor, h 178 Johnson av 
Benning Margt. E. wid. Thomas C. h 393 3d 
Benjiiug Richard, tel.oper. h 225 Saokett 
Benning William B. tel.oper. h 225 Saekett 
Bcnninger Carrie, h 123 Milton 
Bennis Thomas, cashier, h 189 Baltic 
Bennit George S. elk. b 338 Franklin av 
Bennit H. C. h 285 Nostrand av 
Bennit Oliver N. salesman, h 212 Halsey 
Beunoit Louis P. lab. h 24 Talman 
Benny W. H. engineer, h 145 Franklin 
Beuock Edward, jeweler, b 358 9th 
Benoit Alpbonse V. artistmtls. 148 Fulton 

N.Y. h 424 Franklin av 
Bensan Henry, lighterman, h 79 Tompkins 


Bense Henry, liquors, 122 1st E.D. 

Bensel .James B. tobacco, 178i Water N.Y. 

h 136 Greene av 
Bensel Joseph, h 29 S. Elliott pi 


■ iw 348 Broadway. NEW YORK. 

See Advt. page 13t front, 


Also, Russian, Electric, and Roman Batlis. 
34 CimTON ST., B'Kim , 

A. L. WOOD, M.D„ Prop'r. 

67 BEN— BEK 

Bcnsel Josepli McJ. storage, 178^ Water N.Y. 

h 275 Scliormerhom 
Bensoll August, oil, h 143 Navy 
Bensen Cliarles, grocer, 87 S. 5tli 
Bensen George, elk. h 7th c S. 4th 
Bensen Gustave, seaman, h 350 Van Brant 
Bensen John, liquors, B'way c 1st, h Hi S. 


Bensom Mary E. h 56 Moore 

Bensom Wiliiam, lab. h 56 Moore 

Benson Alfred G. supt. 36 Front, h 557 

Atlantic av 
Benson Arthur, teas, 114 Water N.Y. h 69 


Benson Arthur W. pres't, 180 Remsen, h 214 

Columbia li<>ts 
Benson Benjamin ]). stationer, 27 Maiden la 

N. Y. h 08 S. Portland av 
Benson Charles, carjionter, h 112 Ewen 
Benson Edward, hats, 549 BVay N.Y. h 762 

Berkeley pi 
BensoK Kdward, engineer, h 74 Degraw 
Benson E. h 709 Fulton 
Benson Frank S. lawyer, N.Y. h 214 Colum- 
bia hgts. 
Benson Frank, cook, h fiS Court 
Benson Frank, lab. h Franklin av n Crown 
Benson Frederick S. engineer, h 79 Wilson 
Benson George, elk. h 2t)6 Furman 
Benson Ge,or<re, elk. h 240 S. 4th 
Ijcnson George II, u.s.ui. h 407| Monroe 
Benson George W. pocli.etbUnikr. h W/Varet 
Benson J.Haac, boatman, h 130 i2d 
Benson Jacob, truckman, b 103 Hanson pi 
Benson James, iireman, h 76 President 
Benson James, undertaker. 397 Atlantic av 
Benson Jeremiah, lab. h 34 Lnquev 
Benson Major S. deckhand, h 43 Powers 
Benson Margaret, h 19 Clinton 
Benson Michael, lab. h 51 Taylor 
Benson Nelson, teas, 97 Front N.Y. h 208 

Leffert's pi 
Benson Myron J. salesman, h 693 Quincy 
lioiison Oliver, shipmaster, h 92^ Diamond 
Benson I'atrick, lab. h 332 Atlantic av 
Benson Patrick F. acct, h 111 Lnquer 
Benson Peter, cai-penter, h r 187 Greene 
Benson Richard H. grain, 5 State N.Y. h 111 

Lefferts pi 
Benson Robert, elk. h 149 17th 
Benson Eobert,, h 528 Lorimer 
Benson Samuel, lab. h 21 Seigel 
Benson Soj>hia, confectionery, 431^ Atlantic 


Benson William, elk. h 14fi S. 3d 
Benson William, lab. h 81 N. 5th 
Benson William, waiter, h 165 Navy 
Benson William H. elk. h 14/ N. 2d' 
Benstead Charles R. engineer, h 186 43d 
Bensther Theodore, tailor, h 181 Troutman 
Bent John, machinist, h 53 Bridge 
Bentberger John, h 95 Moore 
Bente Charles jr. painter, 229 Atlantic av, 

h 89 Fleet pi 
Bentel Fred, showcasemkr, h 490* 7th av 
Bentemiller Jacob, tailor, h 10 Myrtle 
Benter Edward H. grocer, 295 Park av 
Benter John, driver, h 184 Lynch 

Benternagel John, h 94 S. 4th 
Bentley Annio, milliner, 428 Pulton, h 232 

Bentley Cliarles E. embroideries, 314 Ful- 
ton, h 12th N.Y. 
Bantley Edwin D. (Rev.), 181 Ainslie 
Bentley Geo. machinist, h 152 Huntington 
Bentley George S. drugs, 179 Adams, h N.Y. 
Bentley George W. snpt. h 271 Graham 
Bentley Hiram S. elk. li 115 Lee av 
Bentley John, flour, h 244 Adams 
Bentley John, lab. h 265 Nassau 
Bentley John, type, 65 Beekman N.Y. h 1228 

Bentley Norman S. broker, 13 Exchange pi 

N.Y. h 449 6t.h 
Bentley Thomas, carpenter, h 278 B'way 
Bentley Thomas C. coachman, h 42 Fleet 
Bentley Thomas H. cooper, 248 Broad N.Y. 

h 244 Adams 
Bentley William H. dredging, 23 South N.Y. 

h 77 Woodhull 
Bentluen Frederick, barkpr, h 180 N. 8th 
Bently Richard W. engraver, h 41 4th MS). 
Bentner .John, liquors, 929 Myrtle av 
Benton Albert D. watehcasemkr. h 793 La 

fayettc av 

Benton Charles, 36 JohnN.Y^. h 40 Hanson pi 
Benton George H. iron, Church N.Y. h 642 

St. Mark"s av 
Benton Jennie T. wid. Lefifert, dressmkr, 88 

Fort Greene pi 
Benton Thomas G. supt. 80 William N.Y. h 

271 Sackett 
Benton Walter D. drugs, Beekman N.Y. b 60 

Benton William H. bldr. h 156 12th 
Benton William H. chemiealmfr. 88 Maiden 

la N.Y. h 162 Washington park 
Benton H. jr.printer, h 156 12th 
Bentrin Mathias, lu'b. h 27S N. 2d 
Bentz Christian, porter, h 202 Meserole 
Bentz Franz, lab. h 202 Johnson av 
Bentz Jacob, machinist, h 105 Stagg 
Bentzen John J. bklr. 232 State, h 346 Bergen 
Benz John, h 17 Fayette 
Benz John C. tailor, h 41 Sumner av 
Benz William, cutter, h 90 Middleton 
Benzie James E. driver, h 36 Gold 
Benzie Richard, lab.h 59 Paric av 
Benzig Alex, grocer, 304 4th, E.D. 
Benzing Conrad F. comjiositor, h 160 S. 5th 
Beuziuger Edward, lab. b 2.53 Gth E.D. 
Benzmiller John, blacksmith, 250 Johnson 

av. h 248 Bnshwick av 
Beolerslof Validsky, lab. h 117 Hopkins 
Beplatt Franz, basketmkr. h r 105 Dupont 
Beppeler Anton, baker, h r 13 Stagg 
Berand Ferdin.iiid, lab. h 92 Dupont 
Berard Ernest J. elk. h 12 2d pi 
Berard Eugene M. lawyer, 43 Wall N.Y. h 12 

2d pi 

Berau Elijah, trucks, h 39 Charles 
Berau Henry, liquors. Myrtle av. c Grove 
Berau Henry jr. cashier, h Myrtle av. c 


Beraud William W. com. mer. Fulton mkt 
N.Y. h 287 Cariton av 

PI AM HQ Steiniay, Weber, and CMckering, Repaired 
I n iM U O, At CMS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiTinpton St, cor. Boemi PI. 


Has tlie Largest Net Siirplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 

















Berborich Anthony, iipliolsterer, li 314 Hart 
Borberich Frank, upholsterer, h 108 Myrtle 
Iterberick Jacob, grooci', Go Freeman 
Berberik John, lab. h ll59 Ten Eyck 
Berbert Philip, cigars, h 896 Flushing av 
Berbert Philip, eigara, 204 Johnson av 
Berchert August, lirewer, h 15 George 
Berckener Christina, wid, John, h 204 

Berdan James, lah. h 172 West 
Berdan William H. fireman, h 077 Fulton 
Berdett Frank, oysters, 56 Grand 
Berdenx Amel, cigaipacker, h r 23 Diamond 
Berdrand John, elk. h 95 Manhattan av 
Berdu Manuel, cigars, 342 Court 
Berdiie John, carpenter, li 2'i6 Lorimer 
Berdue John, police, h 261 Ainslie 
Berdnx August, cigarpacker, h 22 Diamond 
Berdux Charles, cigarnikr. h 22 Diamond 
Bereford Joseph, poitor, li 201 Concord 
Berendahon Rudolph, pfaysician,b 665Bush- 
wiok av 

Berendsohn Sigmnnd, lamps, 86 Fnlton N.Y. 

h 598 Carlton av 
Berena John, h 833 Park av 
Beresibrd Kitty, wid. George, li 17 Jefferson 
Berfort Henry, carpenter, h 238 Ellery 
Berg Albert, weaver, h 243 Hopkins 
Berg Catharine, ivid. Peter, li a42 S. 2d 
Borg Christian, realestate, 107 Meserole, h 

102 Stagg 
Berg Christina, wid. h 1743 Fnlton 
Berg Elizabeth, wid., h 77 Ewen 
Berg Frederick, scalemkr. h 72 Slagg 
Berg George, tailor, h 138 Graham av 
Berg Gustav, lab. h 347 S. 4th 
Berg Henry, elk. h 34 Montrose nv 
Berg Henry, driver, h 54 4tli av 
Berg I. Charles, varieti<-s, 288 Graham av 
Berg Gustav, agt. h ,538 (irand 
Berg Jacob, butcher, 94 5th av, h 661-1 War- 

Berg Johanna, fancvgds. 347 Grand 
Bei'g Kate, wid. h 324 N. 2d 
Berg Louis, carpenter, h 125 Stockholm 
Berg Louis, shoomkr. 75 CaiToll 
Berg Martin, barkpr. h 102 Skillman ay 
Berg Michael, liquors, 52 4th av 
Berg Peter, baker, Clason av c Douglass 
Berg Phelina, wid. Francis, h 1595 Fulton 
Berg Reinhardt, furrier, h 118 Sumner av 
Berg Richard, truckman, h 191 Nassau 
Berg Samuel, tinsmith, h 408 Grand 
Berg Solomon 8. agt. h 32 Ten Eyck 
Bergan James, cooper, h 85 N. 3d 
Bergan .John, hib. h 3 Bolivar 
Bergan Patrick jr. lab. h 613 Vanderbilt av 
Bergan Pat'k jr. tinsmith, 612 Vanderbilt 

Bergan Patrick M. agt. h 166 Huntington 
Bergan Robert, farmer, h 57th n 4th av 
Beri)daht Louis P. cabinetmkr. h 61 S. 2d 
Bergfial John, tailor, h 613 3d 
Berge Alexander J. grocer, 164 Graham av 
Beroe Anton, shoemkr. h 224 Johnson av 
Berge Christian, shipchandler, 50 Stone N.Y. 

h 77 3d pi 
Berge Gustav bkkpr. h 319 B'way 

Berge John, carpenter, b 203 Johnson av 
Berge John, mcr. 95 John N.Y. h 85 Hey ward, 
Berge .Tohn H. grocer, 582 Atlantic av,h 588 

Atlantic av 
Berge .Joseph, lah. h 29 Forrest 
Berge Paul S. h 9i Clark 
Berge Peter, lab. h r 86 Gerry 
Borgoman Frederick, upholsterer, h 139 43d 
liergeniann Charles, jininter, h liS2 Lorimer 
Bergen Adrian, c.h. h 55 Concord 
Bergen A. Winfred, carpetcleaner, 148 E. 

50th N.Y. h 104 Oak 
Bergen Catherine J. wid. h 149 Baltic 
Bergen Cornelius L. cigarmkr. h 139 2dE.D. 
Bergen David, b 24 Ainslie 
Bergen Deborah, wid. John W.h .328 Pearl 
Bergen Dehart, agt. h 411 Sackett 
Bergen Edgar, lawver, 177 Montague, Ij 

Flatbnsh, L.I. 
Bergen Edward, waiter, h 28 Verandah pi 
Bergen Edward J. lawyer, 397 Fulton, h 360 


Bergen Elizabeth, \Yid. John G. h 927 3d !5V 
Bergen Evoret, agt. h 358 Dean 
Bergen Fenton, silverplater, h 53 Dean 
Bergen GaiTct, police justice. Court c Butler 
Bergen George, engineer, h 19 Talman 
Bergen George P. grocer, 15 Fnlton, h Free- 
port, L.I. 

Bergen George W. grocer, 15 Fulton, h Free- 
port, L.I. 

Bergen Henrietta, wid. Garrett, h23l Rodney 
Bergen Henry, lab. h 93 Hamilton av 
Bergen Jacob, realestate, 285 Court, h 411 

Bergen Jacob I. lawyer, 219 Montague, h 360 


Bergen Jacob M. b 13 Gallatin pi 
Bergen James, engineer, h 27 Hamilton av 
Bergen James, morocco, h 70 N. 8th 
Bergen James C. lawyer, 189 Montague, h 

145 Renisen 
Bergen Jeremiah S. elk. h 270^^ 9fch 
Bergen .John, foreman, h KiO Hall 
Bergen John, lab. h 57 S. 2d 
Bergen John H, lawyer, 16 Court, h Flat- 
bush, L.I. 
Bergen John J. elk. h 247 S. Ist 
Bergen John J. painter, h 61 Meeker av 
Bergen Jolui 8. lah. b 243 N. 6th 
Bergen John W. shoes, 599 Fulton, h 23 Han- 
over pi 
Bergen J. Tunis, h 270i 9th 
Bergen Kernan, machinist, h 12 Tiffany pi, 
Bergen Leffert L. sec. 177 Montague, h 369 

Bergen Leonard M, chiefclk. 7 Municipal 

bldg. h 95 Qniney 
Bergen Margaret, wid. Thomas, h 243 N. 


Bergen Margaret, wid. Tho.s. h 12 Tiffany pi 
Bergen Mary, wid. Lefferts, h 1215 B'wayJ 
Bergen Michael, bamessmkr, 509 Hamilton 

av, h 8 16th 
Bergen Michael J. farmer, h 51st n 8th av 
Bergen Michael, watchman, h 10 Wolcott 
Bergen Miles H. searcher, 1 Municipal bldg. 

n 31 5i President 

BEST 1> 

: B, imSCHEK k SONS, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, Ne^ York. 








Bergen Nicholas F. hay, Wallabout, U 51^ 

Bergen Parmencrs J. chronometers, U 149 


Bergen Patrick, lab. h 14 Carroll 

Bergen Patrick, lab. h 10:> Harrison 

Bergen Patricik, lab. h 164 West 

Bergcu Phebe K. li 397 Saekett 

Bergen Knfus S. carpetcleaning, 148 E. 50th 

N.Y. h 104 Oak 
Bergen Sarah, wid. John, h 74 Margnretta 
Bergen Tiinia C.pres't, 32 Court & 191 B'way 

N.Y. & realestate, 599 4th av, h 521 4tli 


BergeR Tunis G. lawyer, Equitable hldg. N.Y. 
h 127 Pierrepont 

Bergen Van Brunt, asst. engineer. Municipal 
bldg. h Bay Eidge, L.I. 

Bergen William, h 77 State 

Bergen Zaciiariab, lumber, West c Noble, b 
Nostrand n Butler 

Bergen Zaclieus, lumber, 9 Old slip, N.Y. h 
694 Nostrand 

Bergen & Dyknum (James C. Bergen, Wil- 
liam N. Dykman), lawyers, 18!) Montague 

Bergendabl Gustave A. tailor, h 107 Flat- 
busli av 

Berger Carl, cigarmkr. li 121 Withers 
Berger Cliarle-s, glasscutter, b 141 N. 9tli 
Berger Charles VV. furrier, 162 Withers 
Berger Elizabeth, wid. h 176 Meserolo 
IBorger Ellen L. h 132 N. Oxford 
Berger Ferdinand E. baker, 474 Smith 
Berger George B. jeweler, 27 Willoughby 
Berger .Ta<;ob M. driver, h 176 Mesevole 
Berger .lolin G. publisher, h 73 Henry 
Berger John J. tobacconist, 239 Nassau 
Berger Joseph A. lithographer, h 1004 Dean 
Berger Karl, cutler, h 75 Stagg 
Berger Louis, tinsmith, h 195' N. 5th 
Berger Peter, wheolwrigbt, 3fi ISth 
Berger William R. packer, h 129 3d 
Berges Casper, hairdresser, 4th c S. 3d, h 
207 S. 1st 

Bergflsh Peter, hlindnikr. h 360 Atlantic av 
Berggor William, hairdresser, h 1035 Pacific 
Bergheim George L. foreman, h 85 Boerum 
Bergheim Gustav, machinist, h 239 Central 

Berghauer Louis, hairdresser, COS Myrtle av 
Berghenan John, hairdresser, h 235 N 5th 
Bergin John, h 273 Grand 
Bergin.lohn, grocer, 54 Clyraer , 
Berginham George, lab. h 57 Grand E.D. 
Bergis George, h 8 Stryker's et 
Bergler George T. liairdres.ser, 151 Fulton 
Bcrgler Ignatz J, dreasmkr. h 322 Union 
Berghmd Philip W. 108 De Kalb av 
Bergman Charles, lab. h 48 Bnshwick av 
Bergman Frank, lab. b 375 Oakland 
Bergman Frederick, tailor, h 43 Moore 
Bergman Solomon, elk. h 337 S. 4th 
Bergmaun Carl, passamenterie, h 37 Leon- 

Bergmann Charles, h56li N. 2d 
Bergmaun Charles, upliolsterer, h 312 Pacific 
Bergmann Edward, grocer, 61 Dey N.Y. h 
191 Deau 

Bergmann Ernast, beer, 159 9tb 
Bergmann Ferdinand, grinder, h r 96 19th 
Bergmann Frank, slioemkr. h 332 Myrtle av 
Bergmann Henry, elk. h 224 Eweu 
Bergmann Joseph, liquors, b 61 Cook 
Bergmann Martin, cllc. h 224 Ewen 
Bergmann Sebastian, tobacco, 282 Powers 
Bergmann William, mer. 48 Cortlandt N.Y. 

h 162 Douglass 
Bergner Charles, baker, h 112 CIa.y 
Bergold Joseph, brassiinisher, h 346 1st E.D. 
Bergstrom John W. tailor, 294 Pacific 
Bergstrom Peter G. coppersmith, 16 Water, 

h 54 Hicks 
Bergns William, fireman, h 202 Greene 
Berlilheimer August, cooper, h 167 N. 2d 
Berhlheimer John, driver, h 167 N. 2d 
Berliman Isaac, shirtmkr. h 112 3d E.D. 
Berian Ferdenand, paperboxmkr. 854 Myrtle 


Berigan Daniel, lab. h 29 Hudson av 
Beringer Fiederick, lab. h 317 5th E.D. 
Beringer Herman, lab. h 317 5th E.D. 
Berk Frederick, ba.sketmkr. 613 4th av 
Berk John, elk. h 103 Throop av 
Berlc ,Iohn, elk. 206 Throop av 
Berk Mangnus, lab. h 20 Walworth 
Berk Richard, elk. h 210 Johnson av 
Berkemeyer August, jeweler, 1 Maiden, la 

N.Y. h 176 Baltic 
Berkery Patrick F. elk. h 27 5th 
Berkfeld Augustus, carver, !i 169 Reid av 
Berkhart Fred'k, bkbindcr, N.Y. Ii41 Harri- 
son a V 

Berkholder Frank, engineer, li 80 Sandford 
Berkhorn Carl, lab. h 318 1st E.D. 
Berkly Timothy, porter, h 474 Hicks 
Berkmau Gustave, boxwood, N.Y. h 313 

Throop av 
Berkmeyer William, tailor, h 108 Graham a v 
Berkwich Thaddens W. broker, h 541 Herki- 

Berlage .Joseph, h 249 Bergen 
Berlage Louis H. hairdresser, h 1043 Pacific 
Berlenbaoh Francis J. jr. architect, h 174 

Berle Frederick, stationer, 115 Jefi^erson E.D. 
Berleiibaeh Francis T. bldr. 174 Meserole 
Berlenbuck Joseph, watclnnan, h 111 Gra- 
ham av 

Berleny Charles, agt. h 221 Smith 
Berlet Emil, jeweler, h 631 Atlantic av 
Berliner Hannah, wid. Simon, fanoygds. h 

1697i Fulton 
Berliner Lewis, fancygds. 973 Pacific 
Berliner Philip, hats, 571 Washington av 
Berlioz Alexander, li(|uors, 58 Flatbush av 
Berlth Carl, tinsmith, h 161 Harrison av 
Berlthasen Sophia, wid. David, h 858 Atlan- 
tic av 

BermanLeon, tinsmith, h 272 Carroll 
Jterman M. wid. F. h 117 3d 
Bermann Heury, butcher,h 239 Bnshwick av 
Bermaun Victor, tailor, h91 Throop av 
Bermas Edward, fruit, h 437 Sackett 
Bermas Morris, capuikr. h 165 Douglass 
Bei-mel Charles, tailor, h 2067 Bergen 
Bermel Charles, tailor, h 205 Marion 


Union Square, New York City. 


j Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

"I And Fire-Place Novelties. 

E [See Adr't on leaf opposite name.] 


Has tlie Largest Het Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World, 

See Advertisemezit opposite nam^ 

BJ]E 70 BEE 














Herrael Jolin, bruslimkr. li 89 Dcbovoise 
Bermia Robert, cabinctmkr. b r 119 N. 5tli 
Uermingham Charles W. elk. h 404 Marcy av 
BerniiDgham Edward H. elk. li 464 Marcy av 
Bermihgliam John, elk. li 4() ^Pi'ospeet 
Bermiagbam Maria T. I), -wid. Heury, h 235 

Stiiyvesaiit av 
Bern Michael, lab. li 332 Hndson av 
Bernadat .Josepb, baii'diessec, 148 Atlantic 

av. h 18 E. 14tb N.Y. 
Bernard Alexander, sbipjoiner, h 123 13th 
Bernard Archibald, h ft 'iBth 
Bernard Conrad, carman, 234 Marion 
Bernard Daniel C. earjientcr, h 100 4'^ 
Bernard David S. aliiiijoiner, b 121 13tb 
Bernard Edward, bkkpr. li 395 Gates av 
Bernard Edward, elk. h 98 N. Oxford 
Bernard George, tailor, h 14 Union 
Bernard Harriet, wid. li 181 Prince. 
Bernard Heury, bats, b 1<!56 P'acific 
Bernard Henry, lab. b 79 Cook 
Bernard .lames, ropemkr. b 79 Cook 
Bernard James A. sbip carpenter, 469 3d av 
Bernard John, lab. h 178 Meserole 
Bernard Joaepb, porter, li 80 Gwinnett 
Bernard Ijosepb H. h 414 Nostrand av 
Bernard iRirlierr, liquors, 360 Degraw 
Bernard Pbilip, carpenter, h 153 Union av 
Bernard Theodore, engineer, h 80 Ifyerson 
Bernard Thomas, marblecutter, h 79 Cook 
Bernard William, hatter, h 209 High 
Bernard Zachary, fancygds. 271 Bridge 
Bernard , wid. Samuel, h 201 Lafayetteav 
Bernaue Constantino, cutter, h 253 Stockton 
Berndt Cliai-les, tailor, li 7 Beaver 
Berndt William, lab. li 25 .Stoclcton 
Berner Adam, furiior, h 33 Montrose av 
Hemer August, hkkpr. li 200 5th av 
Berner Charles, hairdresser, h 309 Devoe 
Bevner Russell, elk. h 1()9 5th E.D. 
Berner Kussell, liquors, S. 4th o 5th, h 143 


Berners John, newspapers, 295 Smith 
l?eriiert George, packer, h 48 Union av 
Bemliard Ohas. bartender, h 302 Atlantic av 
Bembard Louis, lab. h 555 Dean 
Bernbard Lonis, lab. h 304 Floyd 
Bernhard Eehmann, shoes, h 57 Adams E.D. 
Bernbard Theodore, stationei-, h 6 Uj)ion pi. 
Bernhard Wm. H. dyer, 987 Fulton, h N.Y. 

Island Dyeing establishment,987 Fulton 
Bernhardt Albert, cabinetmkr, 15(5 16th 
Bernhardt Alfred J. printer, h 284 Pacific 
Beruhardt George, collector, h 309 Court 
Bernh.irdt Gustavus, cabinetmki'. 156 16th 
Bernhardt Henry, fai'nier, h 334 Ralph av 
Bernhardt Johanna, wid. H'y, h 284 Pacitic 
Bernhardt John, laborer, h 465 Carroll 
Bernhardt John, laborer, h 94 Wj'tlie av 
Bernhardt John, tailor, h r 86 Gerry 
Bernhardt .John, t.'iilor, h 834 Parkav 
Bernhardt I>ouis, butcher, h 115 Prince 
Iternbeim Isaac, liquors, 109 Ewon 
Bernbeimer Simeon A. maltster, N. 7th c 

6th E.D. 

Bernhein Augiiste, jeweler, h 165 Bond 
Bembein Emanuel, clerk, b 165 Bond 

Bcriiinger .losepb .1. news, h 71 McKibbin 
Bcrninger Joseph Jr. elk. h 71 INIcKibbiii 
Bernitt Elsia, wid. John H. h 295 Adams 
Bemius .John P. carriagemfr. 670 3d av 
Benikopf David, salesman, b 746 Flushing av 
liemkopf Jacob H. lawyer,b 746 Flu.sbingav 
Bernkopf Marx, realestate, h 746 Flusliing av 
Bernike Henry, moulder, h 552 Leonard 
Bems Geor-ge H. vet. surg. h 92 Adams 
Berns Henry, milk, h 177 Pearl 
Bems John, lah. h 75 Grand av 
Bcrns Martin, driver, h 787 Gates 
Bems Michael, lab. b 52 Ryerson 
Berns William H. milk, h 18 Hicks 
Bernsee Frederick, insp. c Dey & B'way 

N,y. h 210 Washington av 
Bemstamm Bemanl, tailor, h 152 Johnson 


Bernstein Abram, confectionery, h 134 N. 

Portland av 
Bernstein George, salesman, h 31 10th E.D. 
Bernstein Henry, butcher, Johnson av Plank 

rd, h N.Y. 
Bernstein Isaac, elk. h 100 Ewen 
Bernstein H. & J. (Henry & John) butchers, 

Johnson av Plauk rd 
Bernstein John J. butcher, Johnson av. h 

Wall House, E.D. 
Benisteiu Joseph, peddler, h 1.53 Hanison av 
Bernstein Nathan, butcher, 263 6tb, b 190 8. 


Berastein Philip, snspenderiukr. 101 Frank- 
lin N.Y. b 21 Eklert 
Bernstein Solomon, clot hint;, 100 Ewen 
Bernstiel John, lab. b 115 Stagg 
Berny Alois, joiner, h 4-2 Ten lOyck 
Berrall Charles, elk. h 4Goi 5th av 
Berresford John H. carpets, h 109 Hart 
Berrey William, mechanic, h 21 Tiffany pi 
Bern Charles, h 63 Degraw 
Borri Eugene D. carpets, 524 Fulton, h 489 
Clason av 

Berri William, cari)ets, 5S4 Fulton, h 91 

Berri's William Sons (Eugene D. & William) 

carpets, 524 Fulton 
Bei-rian Andrew, elk. h 183 Sd E.D. 
Berrian Edward P. elk. h 385 Pacific 
Berrian Geo. W. elk. h 169 Washington pk 
Berrian Hannah, wid. Geo. W. h 169 Wash- 
ington park 
Berrian James, hkkpr. h 188 Bergen 
Berrian Theodore, collector, h 64 3d E.D. 
Berrian Walter, elk. h 183 3d E.D. 
Berrian Wm. II. engineer, b 28 Broome 
Berrie George, lab. b 27 Scboles 
Berrie James H. tailor, h 143 Tiilary 
Berrie John, tailor, b r 143 Tiilary 
Berrie Robert, h r 148 Tiilary 
Berrien Anna M. wid. Andrew J. h 21 Marion 
Berrien Charles, paperruler, b 212 S. 2d 
Berrien John, h 185 Bayard 
Berrin Mary, wid. John, h 47 Prince 
Berrington Edward, lab. h 70 Poplar 
Berroth liosie, wid. Leonard, h 176 Prospect 
Berru Christopher, stonecutter, li 99 N. 4th 
BeiTy Abraham, carpenter, h 120 12th 
Berry Albert, designer, h 172 Putnam av 


J. NORWOOD, S49 ADAMS ST., near City Hall. Brooklyn. 

See Adt't. 

paac la front, 


Also, Rflssian, Electric, anOoman Batiis. 


A. L. WOOD. f^,D., Prop'r, 



Berry Albert R. collector, h 105 Wiisbing- 

ton av 

Berry Alexander, drugs, 44 Stone N.Y. li 116 

BeiTy Alexander, lab. h 4"20 Warren 
Berry Alexander D. salesman, h ■^2 Powers 
Berry Ann,wicl. William, scgars, 50 Park av 
Berry Arthur, carpenter, h 352 Fulton 
Berry Asa C. clk. h ia5 Franklin av 
Berry A. D. com. mor. 105 Broad N.Y. h 121 

3d pi 

Berry Benjamin, mason, h 105 Freeman 
Berry Bridget, li 12'6 39th 
Berry Catharine, wid. Peter, h 193 King 
Berry Charleys, carpenter, h 949 Myrtle av 

Berry Charles, clk. li 214 S. 4th 
Berry Charles, mariner, h 42 S. 9th 
Berrv Charles H. decorator, 144 B'way, h 
158 Taylor 

Berry Cornelia, -wid. Joseph, h 183 Bergen 
Berry Daniel G. elk. U 116 Prospect pi 
Berry Ebenczer, boatman, h 44 41st 
Berry Edgar P. cashier, h 185 Franklin av 
Berry Edward, painter, h 306 4th E.l). 
Berry Edw'd J. clk. h India c IVtanhattau av 
Berry Eleanor, wid. h 402 Claaou av 
Berry Ellen E. wid. h 116 Hoyt 
Berry Elizabeth, wid. Patrick, h 110 Har- 

Berry E. dressmkr. h 198 Nosfcrand av 
Berry Floyd, driver, b Hancock n Patclien 

Berry Prank, foreman, h 116 Hoyt 

Berry Fredrick, lab. h 118 Sackett 

Berry George, agt. h 344 Dean 

Berry George, clk. h 91 Franklin 

Berry George, clk. h 234 Steuben 

Berry George, painter, h 297 Washington 

lierry George, pilot, h 344 Saekett 

Berry George G. toys, 37 Maiden la N.Y. h 

333 Lafayette av 
Berry George W. tailor, 210 B'way, h 74 8th 


Berry Horatio, shadehanger, h 708 De Kalb 


Berry .Tames, h 376 Union 

Berry .Tames, lab. h 8 Seabring 

Berry James, patterumkr. h 474 Sackett 

Berry James N. clk. h 116 Hoyt 

Berry James M. clk. 376 Throop av 

Berry Jane, wid. John, h 207 St. Mark's av 

Berry John, h 78 Morton 

Berry John, bntcher, 708 De Kalb av 

Berry John, cigars, h 137 Bildge 

Berry John, conductor, 710 3d av 

Berry John, fireman, h 36 4th pi 

Berry John, lab. b 193 Richards 

Berry John, lab. h 7 Seabring 

Berry John, lab. h r 72 Underbill av 

Berry John, machinist, h 187 Huntington 

Berry John, morocco, 90 Withers 

Berry John A. stableman, h 11 College pi 

Berry John W. clk. h 1115 Bergen 

Berry Julia, wid. John, h 104 King 

Berry J. William, wire, h 402 Pulaski 

Berry K. Emerson, carpenter, h 120 12th 

Berry Levi R. baker, 288 Jay 

Berry Ma rgaretta, wid. Alex, h 3 Monroe pi 

Berry Martin H. carpenter, h 165 Clason av 
Berry Matthew, glassnacker, h 164 Prince 
Iterry Oscar M. clk. h'l38 N. Oxford 
Berry Patrick, seaman, h 174 Conover 
Berry Peter, lab. li 285 Nevins 
Berry Eichard, furniture, 297 Washington 
Berry Eichard, lithographer, 7 Warren N.Y. 

h 387 Pacific 
Berry Richard, shipcarpentor, h 86 Ryersou 
Berry Richard M. fnrnitnre, 297 Washington 
Berry Rosa, wid. Charles, h 36 Little 
Berry Samuel, carpenter, h 172 Eekford 
Berry Smith, driver, h 6.58 Halsey 
Berry Telle, carpenter, h 120 12th 
lierry Tlioinaa, h 144 Union av 
Berry Thomas, printer, h 29B Carroll 
Berry Thomas D. printer, h 404 Lafayette av 
Berry Thomas J. com. mer. 185 Franklin av 
Beri'y William, gardener, h 157 Kosciusko 
Berry William, painter, h 117 Cumberland 
Berry William H. painter, 152 Boerum, h 

206 Meserole 
Berry William W. h 167 High 
lierryman John, baker, h 516 Myrtle av 
Bersch .John, shoemkr. h 603 Grand 
Bersch .Tolin, tailor, h 250 Floyd 
Bersenger John A. carriagemkr. 95 S. 5th, h 

881 Park av 
Berswill George, lab. 1237 Flushing av 
Bert Charles, cabinetmkr. h 4.52 Atlantn av 
Bert Elizabeth, wid. John, dyeing, 45 R vn\ 
Bertaux Ch.arles W. broker, 75 ISeaver N.Y. 

h 7 Cam))ridgo pi 
Bertelsmann Caspard H. lab. h 220 Montrose 


Bertels Delia, wid. John, 11 Skillman av 
Bertgas George, chalrmkr. h 197 Meserole 
Bertges John jr. cbairmkr. 265 Meserole, h 

261 Meserole 
Berthel Jules, wines, h 228 6th av 
Berthelon Eichard, actor, h 36 S. 11th 
Berthelson Charles C. provisions, 677 5th av, 

h 186 18th 

Berthelson Wm. provisions, 1715 Atlantic av 
Berthold Philip, cutter, h 428 S. 5th 
Boi tliolders Heiurich, cigarmkr. h 239 Cen- 
tral av 

Bertina Joseph, bottler, h 674 Flushing av 

Bertina Joseph, clk. h 140^ Floyd 

Bertine Paschall D. pocketbk. mfr. N.Y. h 

60 S. Portland av 
Bertine Samuel D. cooper, h 116 Franklin av 
Bertlasso John, fruits, 7 B'way, h N.Y. 
Bertling Theodore, carpenter, h 119 lOch 
Bcrton Charles A. mason, h 99 Java 
Berton Christian, wid. James, h 714 Leonard 
Bertral Joseph, barber, 99 Park av 
Bertram Eugene H. actor, h 478 Kith 
Bertram Frederick, liquors, 126 Magnolia 
Bertram Hawley W. bkkpr. h 367 S. 2d 
Bertram John, preserves, 388 Pearl N.Y. h 

78 Hooper 

Bertram John, tobacconist, 21 Boerum pi 
Bertram Lewis, physician, h 257 9th 
Bertram Martin, shoemkr. 314 Gold, h 164 

Bertram Mathias, shoes, 314 Gold 

Bertram Reynold L. preserves, h 78 Hooper 

1; Lain's Directory Offices jiSflSSSS^^Si. 


Has the largest ITet Surplus of any Fire lusurance Co. in the World. 

See AclTertisement oi>posite name* 











Bertram Sophia, wid. Louis, "h 478 16tli 
Bertram William, painter, li 171 Johnson 
Bertran Joseph V. hairdrest^er, 90 Park av 
Bertrand Alexander K. elk. h 55 Downing 
Bertraiid Charles, elk. h 127 Wythe av 
Bortrand Jacob, milk, 95 Ten Eyck 
Bertron Edward, boatman, h 105 N. 8th 
Bertroii Eose, wid. David, h 99 Skillnian av 
Berts William, carpenter, h 518 Atlantic av 
Bertseh George A. tailor, li 243 Stockton 
BEEiTSCH PETER, carriage and 
wagon painting & japauniug, 374 B'way 
Bertiaiier Louis, tailor, h 74 Johnson av 
Bortz Charles, silverplater, h 75 :?(1 av 
Berwick David, stonecutter, h 96 Wythe av 
Berwick William, engineer, h 171 Kaymond 
Bcrwin Gustavus H. magnetic clothiug, 457 

Fulton, h 152 Dean 
Berwin Louis, gilder, h 152 Dean 
Berwin Nathan, dyer, h 157 Withers 
Bcrwin Sigifred, dyer, h 157 Withers 
Berwolf Chas. eabinetmkr. h 34:i Atlantic av 
Bery Hans H. E. blksmitli, 575 4th av 
_ iBesant Louisa V. h 28 WoodhuU 
O Besbra Adolph F. tailor, h 170 Court 
Beseh George, grocer, 340 Eeid av 
iBescher Henry, carpenter, h 228 EUery 
Q'Bescl Valentine, lab. h 3.26 Maujer 


I— I 

Z Beshoelser Manuel, h 229 18th 
^ Beska Elizabeth, wid. Andrew, h 549 B'way 

Besker Kate, wid. George, h 26 MeKibbin 
^ Besleiu Catharine, wid. John, h 208 Hudson 

?J Beslein John, porter, h 208 Hudson av 
lU Besler Adam, shoemkr. li 29 Maujer 
Besmck Catherine, h 35 Hopkins 
Besmer Anna, wid. George A. h 479 Adeiphi 
111 Besnard Mary E. wid. h 83 Norman av 
^ Besosa Celedonio, planter, Porto Bico, h 17 
^ Webster pi 

Besosa Tulio, com. mer. N.Y. h 348 Wyckoff 
(0 Bess James, drivei-, h 358 Beid av 
Bess Sarah, h 120 Sands 
Bessee George, stonecutter, h 136 2d 
Bessell Chaiies H. watchman, h IvO Linden 
Bessell Edward C. engineer, li 120 Linden 
Bessey Charles, conductor, h 43 Stanhoi^e 
Bessey Henry, printer, 47 Cedar N.Y. h 172 

Bedford av 
Bessey Hiram, piinter, h 236 Hart 
Bessey Lubey, wid. William, h 1037 Pacific 
Bessey Samuel A. driver, h 225 Lewis av 
Bessey Samuel E. salesman, h 236 Hart 
Bessick Frank, blacksmith, h 18 Main 
Bessie Adolph, realestate, 141 Johnson av. h 

1026 Gates av 
Bessler Frederick, liquors, Meserole c Bush- 
wick av. h 224 Bushwick av 
Besson John, wholesale grocer, 150 Cham- 
bers N.Y. h 162 Ro.s8 
Bessy Robert, elk. h 238 Schermerhorn 
Best Amy A. cigars, 149 Manjer 
Best Andrew D. h 88 Magnolia 
Best Andrew .T. lab. b 149 Maujer 
Best August W. jjluniber, h .57 Dean : 
Best Christina, wid. Louis L. h 201 Boerum I 
Best Frederick, cigarmfr. 427 Bushwick av i 

Best Fulton, agt. 132 Kcap 

Best George, cigars, 149 Maujer 

Best George, lab. b 39 Atlantic av 

Best George, tinsmith, h 93 Couselyea 

Best Herman, h 107 Johnson 

Best Jacob, gardener, li 186 Boerum 

Best Jackson, li 178 Sumner av 

Best James, elk. h 358 Eeid av 

Best James, coppersmith, 161 Dikeman, li 

161 Partition 
Best James, driver, h 358 Reid av 
Best Jane, dressmkr. 358 Eeid av 
Best Lysander T. elk. h 161 Fort Greene pi 
Best Nicholas, engineer, h 137 Bushwick av 
Best Walter, soda water, h 50o Atlantic av 
Best William, lab. b 163 Ceutre 
Bestermau Cornelius, lab. li 102 4th 
Besthotf Abram, gent's furng. 249 Grand, li 

256 Grand 

Besthoff Elias, gent's fnnig. 249 Grand, h 
256 Grand 

Besthott Samuel, batcher, 256 Grand, h 44 


Bestholf Bro8.(Elia8 & Abram), gont's furng. 

249 Grand 
Bestmann John, boxmkr. h 11 Jackson 
Beston Marcus, lawyer, 156 B'way N.Y. h 438 

Franklin av 
Bestwick Jno. framework, h 957 Putnam av 
Beswick Thomas, leather, h 193 6th E.D. 
Betannurt Eamus, cigars, 113 4th E.D. h 258 


Betch Christian, tailor, 703 Leonard, h 734 

Beteus Antone,lookinggla8ses, h 120 Hopkins 
Betham Thomas I. printer, h 134 Nelson 
Bethel EdAvin, elk. h .53 Douglass 
Bethman Frederick, elk. Ii 2.i6 Adams 
Bothon CharleS, h 60 Jefierson 
Bethon Frederick W. peddler, h 199 Floyd 
Bethou Henry, butcher, 222 Graham av 
Betinger Jacob, painter, h 76 Beaver 
BetjemannChrisl'r, grooer.Lal'ayette c Navy 
Betjeniann Wm. H. grocer, h 112 Union av 
Bets John, lab. b r 105 Ten Eyck 
Bets Joseph, cigarmfr. 323 Atlantic av 
Betsch Lorrence, grocer, 669 Flushing av 
Betsler Sebastian, tailor, h 246 Hopkins 
Bettel Nicholas, lab. h 42 Grand 
Betteau Kaiph, fruit, Ewen c Johnson av, h 
109 Ewen 

Betten Louis, jieddler, h 36 Delmonico pi 
Bettenhauer John, lab. h 175 Ewen 
Bettinger Adam, blacksmith, h 206 Scboles 
Bettinger Fred, jiainter, h 252 Graham av 
Bettinger Jacob, butcher, b 494 Atlantic av 
Bettinger Margaretta, wid. John, h 75 Mes- 

Betts August, iish, h 288 Graham av 
Betts Benjamin, bkkpr. h 40 Bond 
Betts Charles, shipsmith, h 95 William 
Betts Charles C. h 1292 Fulton 
Betts Charles W. realestate, h 577 Clason av 
Betts Cornelius A. elk. h 819 Hewes 
Betts Edward, broker. Wall N.Y. h 1292 

Betts Favell, painter, h 83 Spencer 
Betts Frank, shipmaster, h 64 Hanson pi 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East River, New York. 








Befcts Frederick, fireman, h 325 Clifton pi 
lietts Frederick, seaman, h 1085 Fultou 
Betts George A. realestate, h 152 Hei'kimer 
Betfcs George D. asst. cashier, B'way c Ist, h 

587 Greene av 
Betts George H. printer, 425 Hart 
Betts George L. stenogra,pher, h 248 Sum- 
ner av 

Betts George W. ins. li 88 S. 4tli 
Betts Harriet, wid. Samuel, h 290 Stuyves- 
ant av 

Betts Henry L. agt. for mossine, 160 Herki- 

Betts Henry M. elk. li. 430 Franklin 
Betts Hixon S. elk. h 273 Putnam av 
Betts Howard H. salesman, li 750 Bedford 


Betts Jared R. machinist, h 351 Bridge 
Betts John, seaman, h 494 Atlantic av 
Betts John A, agt. h 807 Berkeley pi 
Betts Jolm H. agt. h 195 Berkeley pi 
Betts Johii H. elk. h 109 India 
Betts Marcellus P. h 49tlin 3d av 
Betts Mary F. wid. Theodore, dressmaker, 
49 4th av 

Betts N. Augustus, lawyer, 16 Com-C, h 303 

Betts Philander, bkkpr. h 347 Cumberland 
Betts Philander, elk. h 164 Jeffersoa 
Betts Silas, civilengineer, h. 104 Cumberland 
Betts Sophia, wid. Thomas, h 36 Conselyea 
Betts Stephen C. librarian, 4 Court House, 

h 473 Pacific 
Betts Tiieador 0. oik. h 33 S. Oxford 
Betts Walter S. matmouuter, h 368 4th E.D. 
Betts William, h 104 Cumberland 
Betts William, elk. h 585 Greene av 
Betts William, elk. h 393 S. 5th 
Betts William, cutter, h 211 Jackson 
Bctta William, engineer, h 299 Van Brunt 
Betts William, pxiblinlier, h 104 Nevins 
Betts William H. shipsmith, h 95 William 
Betts William N. fish, 200 Lorimer, h 398 

S. 5th 

Betts William W. aoct. h 468Paciac 
Bettz Jacob, watchman, h 82 Fulton 
Betyemann Malcher, porter, h r 144 Navy 
Betyner John, carpenter, h 250 Humboldt 
Betz Antony, lab. h 134 Harrison av 
Beta An tone, liquors, 269 Devoe 
Betz Cath. wid. Martin, h 197 Johnson av 
Betz Daniel, shoemkr. h 534 B'way 
Betz Frederick, cutter, li 73 Smith 
Betz Frederick, restaurant, N.Y. h 557 Di 
vision av 

Betz Frederick, tailor, li 1786 Bergen 
Betz Gaspard, tailor, h 212 Montrose av 
Betz Georg, fancyj^ds. 959 De Kalb av 

Betz George, hatter, h 193 Meserole 
Betz George, tailor, h 35 Moore 
Betz Henry, engineer, li 131 Meserole 
Betz Henry, engineer, h r 242 Montrose av 
Betz John, h 797 Fulton 
Betz John, elk. Ii 187 Hopkins 
Betz John, tailor, h 90 Sumpter 
Betz John, tailor, h 187 Hopkins 
Betz Joseph, carpenter, h 57 Graham av 
Betz Joseph, cigarmkr. h 96 N. Ist 

Betz; Martha, vrid. Thomas, undertaker, 339 

S. 1st, h 327 S. 1st 
Betz Martin, tailor, h r 187 Meserole 
Betz Wellbiiyl, varieties, 959 De Kalb av 
Betz William, lab. b 24 Meserole 
Betz William, tinsmith, h 151 Stagg 
Betzcon Emanuel, machinist, h 195 Eoss 
Betzold Lewis, liquors, 255 Atlantic av 
Berbrich John A. tailor, h 278 Devoe 
Beuhler Cliristopher, shoemkr. h 40 Hud- 
sou av 

Beuhler Ferdinand, teacher, h 94 Eapelye 
Beukridge George, sparmkr. li 169 N. 3d 
Iteuley William, japanncr, li 99 Walworth 
Beulke August, shoemkr. h 232 Hopkins 
Beuning Henry, showcaseaikr. h 201 Bond 
I5euning .loseph B. baker, h 201 Bond 
Beuning Joseph B. jr. butcher, h 201 Bond 
Beursfeld Charles, cigarmkr.h 933| Gates av 
Bovins Edward G. elk. li 197 Hudson av 
Bevins William, peddler, h r 424 Wyekoff 
Beveridge George, bkkpr. h 65 7th av 
Boveridge James, h 36 8th av 
Bevis Cornelius J. expressman, h 7 Columbia 

Bev/ley Thomas, h 1029 Myrtle av 
Beyer Adam, chemicals, h 130 Hopkins 
Beyer Adolph, liquors, 19 Pulton 
Beyer Alexander, elk. h 172 Graham av 
Beyer Charles, blacksmith, 112 W. 19th N.Y. 

h 201 Boerum 
Beyer Chas. confectionery, f 47 Manhattan av 
Beyer Charles, cooper, li 88 42d 
Beyer Charles, machinist, h 93 Ten Eyck 
Beyer Charles, cigars, 547 Manhattan av 
Beyer Charles, tailor, h 878 Park av 
Beyer Christian, lab. h 74 Seigel 
Beyer Daniel, lab. h 255 Withers 
Beyer Daniel, la,b. h 81 Gerry 
Beyer Ferdinand, tailor, h 3 >l Atlantic av 
Beyer George, butcher, h 165 Gates av 
Beyer George, liquors, 62 Graham av 
Beyer George, machinist, h 130 Cumberland 
Beyer George, turner, h 362 Flusluug av 
Beyer Geoj-ge A. liquors, 216 Sfcagg 
Beyer Henry, jeweler, h 20| Fayette 
Beyer Henry, machinist, h 24 Diamond 
Beyer Henry, porter, h 274 8th 
Beyer Henry G. u.s.u. h Flushing av u Ry- 

Beyer Henry H. butcher, h 274 Sth 
Beyer John A. flour, ft Taylor, h 142 He we 
Beyer John P. (Rev.), h 147 Ten Eyck 
Beyer Mary, wid. Philip, confectionery, 195 

Beyer Mas, liquors, 157 Fatbnsh av &, 602 

Atlantic av 
Beyer William, boatman, h 511 Hamilton av 
Beyer William, butcher, 17 Downing, h 165 
Gates av 

Beyer William, hairdresser, 565 Graham av 
Beyer William, lab. h 150 29th 
Beyers George, painter, h 618 5th av 
Beyers John, lab. h 353 Columbia 
Beyl John, carman, h 212 Stagg 
Beylich Theo. moulder, h 26 Montrose av 
Beylich Louis, ivory worker, 16 Lorimer h 
28 McKibbin 






^ 3. ^ HI 

rT> c (/J r© 

3 O 2te 

o." o >t 
= £ o >! 

5= "3 « 


5.-5" as g 

■S3 g O 

^ m 

^ (!) 

^A7TT T T A M A TVT 17D WilliamTarr&Co'sSour Mash, Kentucky Dis- 

VV IJuijliilYi A, 1 1 JjIIiJa, tilliiig- Co'3 Beargrass Rye and Bourbon, and 

' Carlisle 8our Mash, Megibben, Guokenheimer, 

110 & 112 Broad, eor. Water St., N. Y. wSS ^ "^""'^"'''^-^ «y« 

ROYAL immmi co. [fire] of liyerpool, England, 

Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the "World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 


o - 

Beyiiolds Isaac, foremai!, li 185 Spencer 
Beyrer Mary, diessinkr, h 70 State 
Beysicli Richard 8<'ilcsinan, h 549 Wav- 

eiiy av 

Bczold Fred, butcher, li 113 Bushwiclc av 
Bezzenbeiger Ferdinand, elk. h 162 Bush- 
■\vick av 

Bt'zzenberger Henry, drugs, 162 Bushwick 


Bbaii James, driver, h 59 N. 7 th 
Bbeiii Betty, wid. Elias, h 23 Fillmore pi 
Bhcin Levi, cigarpacker, h 33 Fillmore pi 
Bhotleman John, h r 41 Debevoise 
Bianki Charles, glazier, h 94 Seholes 
Bibbins William, coachman, b 1418 Bergen 
Bibrim Wm. S. lamplishter, h 35 Downing 
Biegauski Stephen, clothing, 331 Grand 
Bioli Charles, h 1241 Myrtle av 
Biohoff Henry M. agt. b 72 Hewes 
Bick Albert, drygda. 47 Van Cott av 
Bick Henry, drygds. 177 Hudson av 
Bick Jerred, faneygda. h 97 Concord 
Bick Joseph H. drygds. 620 Washington av 
Bickei August, drygds. 146 Ewen 
BicUel Francis B. notarypublic, 47 S. 3d 
Bickei & Laiitman (August Bickei & Chas. 

Lautman), drvgds. 146 Ewen 
BICKELHOUPT BROS, skylights, 218 W. 
37th N.Y. 

Bickelman C. O. photographer, 397 Grand 
Bickerton Chas, engineer, h 78^ Middieton 
Biokerton Henry A. elk. h 49th N. 9th av 
Bickerton W illiam J. compositor, h 68 Scher- 

Bickerton William J. fish, Flatbush av c 5th 

av, h 406 Wyckofif 
Bickford Edwin M. carpenter, h 562^ Gates 
a V 

Bickford Ira, fruit, Washington mkt. N.Y. 

h 141 Ainslie 
Bickford Ira K. fmit, Vesey c Washington 

N.Y. h 141 Ainslie 
Bickford John L. c. h. N.Y. h 306 Clermont 


Bickford Mary C. wid. Abraham, h 520 

Myrtle av 
Bickle Joseph, teacher, h 296 Oakland 
Bicknell M. Robert, brushes, h 131 Lynch 
Bicknell William, elk. h 69 Irving pi 
Bicknell William J. h 642 De Kalb av 
Biekner Alexander, h 52 S. 2d 
Biddle Chas H. dentist, 50 Livingston 
Biddle Emma, fancygds, 60 5th av 
Biddle John, dental inst. mkr. N.Y. h 150 


Biddle John, pianos, 557 Fulton, h 104 E. 
17th N.Y. 

Biddle John & Son (Robert D.), pianos, 557 

Biddle Robert D. pianos, 557 Fulton, h 104 

E. 17th N.Y. 
Biddle Thomas, lab. h 775 Atlantic av 
Biddlecom Anson, supt. h 487 Clinton 
Biddies William, machinist, h 493 Myrtle av 
Biden Edward A. h 43 Prospect pi 
Bidenkopp John, cabinetmkr.h 70 Debevoise 
Bidford Charles, carpenter, h 384 Bedford av 
Bidner August, lab. h 47 Humboldt 

Bidstrup Andrew P. elk. h 165 8th 
Bidwell Alphonzo. caulker, h 517 Lorinier 
Bid well Henry A. elk. li 299 10th 
Bidwell Nathan, clothing, N.Y. h 87 Wilson 
Bidwell Susan M. wid. h 536 Bedford av 
Bidwell William E. jeweler, b 490 State 
Biebel George, baker, 562 B'woy 
Bieber Gerson, drygds. Ill Bridge & 70 

Mercer N.Y. b 111 Bridge 
Bieber Robert, brassfinisher, h 169 India 
Bieber William, drygds. Ill Bridge & 70 

Mercer N.Y. hill Bridge 
Bieber Bros. (William & Gerson), drygds. 

Ill Bridge & 70 Mercer N.Y. 
Biederman Augustus E, supt. h 30 Vernon av 
Bicderman Simon, trimmings, h 65 S. 5th 
Biedermann John, printer, h 139 13th 
Bieg Henry, pottery, r 361 Flushing av 
Biegen Agatha, wid. Henry, h 157 Stagg 
Biehayn Albert, machinist', h 74 9th E.D. 
Biehayn Caroline, varieties, 74 9th E.D. 
Biohl Charlotte, wid. Charles, h 285 Pacific 
Bieh 1 Frederick, cooper, h 55 S. 1st 
Bichler George J. trussmfi". 42 Ann N.Y. h 
70 High 

Biehuseu Charles D. elk. h 101 Putnam av 
Bielefeld Herman, painter, b SIO N. 2d 
Bieling Max, stonecutter, h 131 4th pi 
Bielinski Andrew, lab. h 180 Harrison av 
Biely William, truckman, 492 5th av 
Bienze Frederick, turner, h 147 N. 4th 
Bior Jacob, chemist, h 205 Harrison av 
Bior John, butcher, 200 Marion 
Bierach Siaion, furniture, h 559 Atlantic av 
Bierds John T. blindmkr. h 283 Wyckoff 
Bierds Thomas 11. c'ar))enter, h 296 Dean 
Bierds William H. sashmkr. h 538 President 
Bierkampf Charles, varnisher, h 23 Macomb 
Bicrman Joseph M. tailor, 606 Myrtle av 
Biermann Charles, hardware, h 238 Baltic 
Biermann Henry, tailor, h 78 Seigel 
Biermen Michael, h 19(5 President 
Bierney Thomas, stevedore, h 118 Clay 
Biers Isaac, plumber, h 523 Park av 
Biersaok William, cigars, 481 Gates av 
Bierwirth Werner, blacksmith, 395 Oaldand 
Biester Otto, painter, h 291 Gold 
Biesterveldt Herman, lighterman, h 94 De- 

Bietz Henry, hairdresser, h 62 Morrell 
Biffar Augustus, porter, h 71 Conselyea 
Biffar Bernard T. photographer, 516 B'way 
SiiSai Henry, photographer, 4tb c S. 4th, 39 

Greenpointav, h 188 Rutledge 
Biffar Melchior, photographer, h 178 10th 


Biffar John, janitor, h 178 10th E.D. 
BitBe William T. elk. h 330 17th 
Bigelow Annie C. h 85 Hall 
Bigelow Benjamin, h 86 Meserole av 
Bigelow Charles E. shoes, 93 Chambers N.Y. 

h 121 Columbia hgts. 
Bigelow Charles R. broker, h 550 Carlton 


Bigelow Elliot, com. mer. h 105 State 
Bigelow I'rank, salesman, h 229 17tb 
Bigelow George N. teacher, Atlantic av c 
Clinton, h 423 Henry 



348 Broadway. NEW YORK. 

See AAvt, page 13 ft-out. 


Also, Rassian, Electric, aid loman Batti 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

Bigelow Georgiana, wid. Coraelins, li 238 

St. James' pi 
Bigolow Jane B. wid. Asa, li 110 2(1 pi 
Bigelow Join), h 41 Downing 
Bigelow Joseph H. carman, h 203 Eclvford 
Bigelow Lntber, elk. h 19SJ- Scliernierhorn 
Bigeloiy Timothy.stenographer.Conrt House, 

h 80 4tb iiv 
Biggart Alex. stcamlUter, h 20 Carlton av 
Biggart George, lab. h 20 Carlton av 
Biggart Henry, dentist, 417 Fulton 
Biggart James, (lepy u.s. marshal, 168 Mon- 
tague, h 2ii6 Myrtle av 
Biggart James, engineer, h 20 Carlton av 
Biggart Mary, notions, li 270 Gold 
Biggart Thomas B. lab. h 20 Carlton av 
Bigge Charles, carriagemkr. h 593 Warren 
Bigger John, printer, h 157 2d E.D. 
Bigger Mary, wid. David, h Bnsh n Court 
Bigger William, baker, IfiOO Fulton 
Bigger William, eonipositor, h 105 S. 5tli 
Biggermarin Jolm, li 70 Central av 
Biggers William, drygds. 219 Columbia 
Biggot Andrew, ferryman, h 176 3d E.D. 
Biggs Edward, lab. h 118 N. 5th 
BIGGS FRANCIS A. county auditor, 7 

Court House, h GO(i Franklin av 
Biggs Fra,nk 1). bronzepowders, 61 Park pi 

N.Y. h 534 Bedford av 
Biggs Henry, feathers, h 254 3d E.D. 
Biggs John, notary, N.Y. h 437 6th 
Biggs John A. ganger, h 1080 Pacific 
Biggs Joaci)h, silverplater, li r 193 7tli E.D. 
Biggs J. Halsey, oik. h 606 Franklin av 
Biggs Robert, grocer, 20S Columbia, li 320 

W. 33d N.y. 
Biggy Michael, baker, 358 Hicks 
Bigker William, h 1753 Dean 
Bigler Jacob, hairdresser, 81 5th av 
Bigler Michael, blacksmith, h 257 N. 7th 
Biglow Henry, driver, h 144 N. 9th 
Biglo-w Henry, engineer, h 34 Dikemau 
Bigman Henry, elk. li 35 S. 3d 
Biguardi Pietro, musioteacher, 199 Gates av 
Bigoulot Charles, -watches, 119 Nassau N.Y. 

h 82 Amity 
Bigot John, finisher, h 26 Clermont av 
Bigott Jane, wid. h 189 High 
Bigwood Henry, plasterer, h 53 Union av 
Bihin Joseph S. elk. h 315 Hicks 
Bibr John, tailor, li 163 Leonard 
Bikel Antoinetta, -wid. Gottlieb, h 276 Divi- 
sion av 

Bildstein Joseph, milk, 108 Scholes 
Biley George E. smith, h 410 Degraw 
Bilhuber Ernest, com. mer. John n William 

N.y. h 479 Carlton av 
Bill Charles, elk. h 339 Grand 
Bill Charles E. vicepres. ft Fulton, h 147 

Columbia hgts. 
Bill Charles E. jr. tobacco, 39 Broad N.Y. h 

147 Columbia hgts. 
Bill Edward, leather, h 63 Devoe 
Bill Edward, shoemkr. h r 83 Leonard 
Bill E. M. restaurant, 203 Franklin 
Bill Francis X. leather, 200 Ewen 
Bill Francis X. liquors, 46 Graham av 
Bill F. Xavier, shoeflndings, 391 Grand 

Bill F. X. & Son (Francis X., Nicholas) 

leather, 200 Ewen 
Bill Garatt, insp. h 7| 8th E.D. 
Bill Henry W. ins. h 560 Herkimer 
Bill Herbert E. stationer, 7.59 Fullon 
Bill Leonhard, tailor, h 178 Boeruin 
Bill Magdalene, wid. Matthias, h r 83 Leon- 

Bill Nicholas, leatlierfindings, 200 Ewen 
Billa John, tailor, h 204 .Johnson av 
Billard Louis, rigger, h 629 Lorimer 
BillardLonis S. truckman, 36 Franklin, h 

029 Lorimer 
Billard & Carr (Louis S. Billard and Henry 

Carr), truckmen, 38 Franklin 
Billens Joseph, h 84 State 
Billhardt Philip, baker, 105 Graham av 
Billihand Abraham, engineer, h 186 Sackett 
Billiu George, h 221 Spencer 
Billing John, lab. h 1587 Myrtle av 
Billinge Sam'l D. shipmaster, h 12 Utica av 
Billmgham Alfred, stearafitter, h 121 Myrtle 
Billiugham Francis, h 107 Bushwick av 
Billingheimer Victor, cigarmfr. 98 Boerum 
Billings Andrew, x)ianos, h 426 Herkimer 
Billings Ann E. wid. John P. nnrso, h 359 

Bedford av 

Billings Anselm H. laoeourtainrefinisher, 

258 Skillman 
Billings Archie, h 373 Grand av 
Billings Edward, carpenter, h 155 Richards 
Billings Eliza, h 581J Lorimer 
Billings Elmer M. bkkpr. h 370 Adelphi 
Billings Jeremiah, baker, h 390 Graham av 
Billings John N. elk. h 61 Jefferson 
Billings Joseph, blackburner, h 166 Dupont 
Billings Joseph, carpenter, h 596 5th av 
Billings Margret, wid, Elmer M. h 370 Adel- 


Billings Sarah, wid. h 205 Greene 
Billington Fredericli, attendant Castle Gar- 
den, N.Y. h 98 William 
Billington Matthew, carjienter, h 106 San ds 
Billington Peter, porter, h 161i Spencer 
Billions Thomas, carpenter, h r 520 Vauder- 
bilt av 

Billott John, carpenter, h 358 Hicks 
Billotte Joseph, truckmkr. li 548 Grand av 
Billon Louis, jeweler, 576 Hicks 
Bills James A. storage, h 298 Ainslie 
Bills Jolm A. carman, li 810 Hancock 
Bills John S. porter, li 14 Stagg 
Billvett John, lab. h r 88 Ewen 
Billy Joseph, restaurant, 94 Water N.Y. h 

382 Decatur 
Billy Mary, faneygds. 456 Atlantic av 
Bilyen Clarence N. wheelwright, h Rochester 

av c Atlantic av 
Bilyen Jeremiah, mason, h 911 33d 
Binckler John, baker, h 23 Ewen 
Bindemann George, hatter, h 208 Stockton 
Binder Emil C. F. jeweler, h 578 B'way 
Binder George, tailor, 166 Maujer 
Binder Hermann, painter, h 188 Scholes 
Binder Wm. cabinetmkr. h r 147 Waterbury 
Binder Wm. J. banjorakr. h r 147 Waterbury 
Binderheim William, blacksmith, h 90 Eagfe 
Bindemagel August, cutter, h 113 Stagg 



M CHAS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiFiiipM St, COP. Boerni PL 


Has tlie Largest BTet Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertlsement opposite name* 

Bm—BIB, 76 BIE 


m ^ 


% ui 
© z 

5^5 p 






Bindhart George, macliinist, li 397 17th 
Bindis Mary E. nurse, li 78 Newell 
Bindrim George, stone, Wythe av c Eut- 

ledge, h 27ri N. 2d 
Bindrim Henry, iiorseshoer, 135 Meeker av, 

li 133 Meeker av 
Bindrim Henry A. liquors, 133 Meeker av 
Bindrim Joseph, moulder, h 133 Meeker av 
Bindrim Mathiaa, h Si78 N. 2d 
Bines Maxwell, hatter, h 48^ Park av 
Bingel Frederick, upholsterer, 193 Flatbosh 

av, h 191 Platbush av 
Bingel Gustavus A. physician, 96 Ten Eyck 
Bingel Eobert, tailor, h 145 Stagg 
Bingelheimer Jalms, cooper, h lOjJ Partition 
Binger William, li 163 Varet 
Bingliam Alonzo E. mfr. 6 Howard N.Y. li 

a20 Halsey 
Bingham Calvin C. physician, 409 Srnnner av 
Bingham David B. lab. h 624 Flushing av 
Biugliam Edward A. porter, h 185 S. El- 
Uot pi 

Bingham Emily, wid. William, h. 275 Tomp- 
kins av 

Bingham Frank, u.s.n. h 16 Evans 

Bingham George, cooper, h 147 N. 2d 
Bingham George, eoopei-, h 171 N. 3d 
Bingham John, Tikkpr. h 74 Clermontav 
Bingham John C. hatter, h 313 S. 4th 
Bingham John H. ot. officer, h.l56 S. 1st 
Bingham Sarah, h 136 Grand 
Bingham Simoon IC. cooper, h 189 N. 3d 
Bingham William, h 303 Hicks 
Biugle Henry, oik. h 31 Dean 
Bingley William J. h. 24 Clinton 
Biugmaii Philip, cahinetmkr. h r 22 Stagg 
Bininger Anna W.wid.Abram, h 65 Irving pi 
Biuke William, seaman, h 139 Partition 
Binkes Alexander, chaser, h 472 7th av 
Biuner Joseph, butciier, h 97 Graham av 
Binnes Thomas, cashier, h 189 Baltic 
Binney Cath. wid. Edward, h 494 Clason av 
Binney Giddings H. h 181 Lafayette av 
Binney William, moulder, h 11 2d E.D. 
Binning William, jeweler, h 10 4th 
Binninger Andrew, printer, h 45 16th 
Binns David W. ironfounder, 27 Walworth, 

h 274 Sandford 
BinnS Elizabeth, wid. James, h 28 Sandford. 
Binns George, mtg. chemist, h 56 Lee av 
Binns Joseph, chemioalmfr. 183 Cedar N.Y. 

h 175 Hooper 
Binns Richard, ironmelter, h 40 Walworth 
Binns William, chemicalmfr. 183 Cedar N.Y. 

h 175 Hooj)er 
Binny James, sashmkr. h 473 Grand 
Binny Mary A. wid. Hugh, h 473 Grand 
Binny Pliilip, sashmkr. h 473 Grand 
Binssel Hugo, bkbinder, h 60 Whipple 
Binz Henry, h 71 Walworth 
Biot Augusta, wheelwright, h 1035 Pacific 
Biot .Joseph, blksmith, h 679 Herkimer 
Biot Joseph, ,ir. painter, li 679 Herkimer 
Biot. Peter, lab. h r 192 Herkimer 
Birch Alfred, painter, h 500 Fulton 
Birch Andrew, lab. h r 252 Gold 
Birch Benjamin, elk. 143 Throop av 
Birch Daniel, elk. h 401 Van Buren 

Birch Emily, wid. Stephen, h 134 Quinoy 
Birch George, foreman, h 118 Eoohester av 
Birch G«orge L. carpenter, h 52 1st 
Birch George L. elk. h 232 Bainbridge 
Birch Gustavus V. carpenter, h 35 WoodhuU 
Birch Henry, sailmkr. h 506 President 
Birch James, machinist, h 147 N. 4th 
Birch John T. tailor, 527 Myrtle av 
Birch Joseph, elk. h 244 Isli E.D. 
Birch Mary, wid. Edward, h 918 DeKalb av 
Birch Maybrury W. elk. h 190 Skillman 
Birch Oliver, lab. h 116 Rochester av 
Birch William M. ii.s.n. h 190 Skillman 
Birchall Jane, wid, Charles, h 12th c 5th av 
Birchall Eobert, lab, h 244 Leonard 
Birchall AVilliam, grainer, h 258 Hoyt 
Birobill Thomas G.inst.mkr. h 58 N. Oxford 
Birck S. Douglas, dentist, h 798 Nostrand av 
Birck William, sashmkr. h 1213 Atlantic av 
Bird Ann, wid. Terrence, h 1104 DeKalb av 
Bird A. Clinton, housefurng. 586 5th av, h 

474i 7th av 
Bird Charles, carpetlayer, h 310 S. 1st 
Bird Edgar W. iron, 35 Dey & 16 New 

Church N.Y. h 110 Clinton av 
Bird Edwin N. millwright, h 386. Myrtle av 
Bird Frederick J. inventor, h 460 Bergen 
Bird George, elk. h 467 Monroe 
Bird George H. W. music, 24 Union sq^. N.Y. 

h 145 Harrison av 
Bird George W. bkkpr. h 165 Hoyt 
Bird Geoi'ge W. elk. h 145 Harrison av 
Bird George W. ins. h 103 Monroe 
Bird George W. W. carpenter, h 73 Concord 
Bird Gotlieb, tailor, h 745 Flushing av 
Bird Harvey S. elk. h 365 Bergen 
Bird Jacob D. butcher, h '255 S. 4J;h 
Bird Jacob F. carriagemkr. h 81 Green- 
point av 

Bird James, blacksmith, 506 1st E.D. h 

Bird James, mason, h 97 Union av 
Bird James R. elk. li 101 Devoe 
Bird James R. physician, 122 Putnam av 
Bird Jaspar, mason, h 21 Maujer 
Bird John, h 467 Monroe 
Bird John, blacksmith, h r 264 Manhattan av 
Bird John, jeweler, h 298 S. 1st 
Bird John, jr. lawyer, h 219 Court 
Bird John H. lab. 'h 1435 Dean 
Bird Louise, wid. William, h 134 B'way 
Bird Matthew, lab. h 209 Bond 
Bird Minnie, wid. Harry, h 174 Butler 
Bird Peter, lab. h 266 Front 
Bird Philip, agt. h 172 Willoughby 
Bird Eiehard, hatpresser, 340 Atlantic av. h 

336 Atlantic av 
Bird Theo. L. iron, 213 Water N.Y. b 138 

Greene av 

Bird Theo. S. shipbldr, ft. India, h 101 Kent 
Bird Thomas, carman, h r 215 Bond 
Bird Thomas, liquors, 91 Franklin 
Bird Thomas, plumber, h 1104 De Kalb av 
Bird Thomas, tailor, h 135 28th 
Bird Thomas J. pressmkr. h 91 Oakland 
Bird William, cigarmkr. h 522 5th av 
Bird William E. iron, 16 New Church N.Y. h 
110 Clinton av 

FIKE BIICK-o"«^^S^: B, MSCHE k Ml 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 








Birds Michael, junk, 22 16th 

Birdsall Albert S. lab. h 152 10th E.D. 

Birdsall Amos, freightagt. E.K. N.Y. h 272 

Franklin av 
Birdsall A. H. physician, li 67 Lee av 
Birdsall Cornelia, h 356 Lexington av 
Birdsall UauieL realestate, 319 B'way N.Y. h 

194 Carroll 

Birdsall Daniel T. cashier, COO BVay, h 344 

WasliiugtiOii av 
Birdsall Ernest E. feed, 52 Nassau av. h 519i 


Birdsall Ernest W. flour, 6 South N.Y. h 150 

Birdsall George H. agt. South N.Y. h 788 

Birdsall Geo. N. appraiser, N.Y. h4G0 Lafay- 
ette av 

Birdsall Hannah, h 353 Bridge 
Birdsall Henry D. lawyer, 105 BVay, h 150 

Birdsall Hiram L. c. b.N.Y. h 178 Pacific 

Birdsall Hudson, lab. h 60 Clay 
Birdsall James A. furrier, h 29-i Navy 
Birdsall .John S. blacksmith, Smith c Bush, 

h ,545 Court 
Birdsall Peter, driver, h 127 Eagle 
Birdsall Phoebe, wid. George, h 102 2d 
Birdsall Beuben L. graiu, Nassau av o 4th, 

h 571 Leonard av 
Birdsall E. L. & Son (Ernest E.), grain, Nas- 
sau av c 4th E. D. 
ItirdHall Stephen, boatman, h 57 President 
Birdsall Stephen T. physician, 543 Bedford 

av & 67 Leo av. h 546 Bedford av 
Birdsal) William E. trackmfr. h 378 Gold 
BirdsoII Anna, wid. William, h 166 India Cla-ronce P. lawyer, h 45 Strong pi 
Bir(lsey(! Lncicn, lawyer, 17(J B'way N.Y. li 

238 Warren 
Birdshall Tlios. H. elk. h 94U Lafayette av 
Birgeman Mary, wid. Albert, h 427 S. 5th 
Birgle John, jeweler, h 318 S. 3d 
Birgy Anton, mason, h 180 Stagg 
Birkan Joseph, shoemkr. h 146 Central av 
Birkbeck John, sugar refiner, 38 Hamilton 

av & N.Y. h Great Neck L.l. 
Birkbeck John & Co. (B. H. Bartold), sugar 

refiners, 38 Hamilton av 
Birkbeck William H. agt. h 600 Warren 
Birkenkopf Adam, tailor, h 31 Humboldt 
Birkenkopf John, shoes, 263 Powers 
Birkett Henry M. lawyer, 13 Court, h 91 


Birkett James W. plumber, 68 Myrtle av & 
169 Columbia, hl20 Lawrence 



Steam and Gas Fitter, 

es Myrtle Are., & 169 ColnmMa St. 

Wrought and Galvanized Iron Pipe, and every 
variety vf Fittings for Steam, Gas, and Water con- 
stantly on hand. Tanks lined iffith Lead, and Eurnt 
for Oil Factm-ies and Chemical Purposes. 

Birkfeld Adolph, bkkpr. h 113 State 

Birkle Charles, elk. h 231 Pacific 
Birkle Edward, printer, h 699 4th av 
Birkle Henry, cigarmkr. li 63 Dean 
Birkle Herman W. platepriuter, h 624 5th av 
Birkman Benjamin, beltmkr. h 21 Elm 
Birkmeier August, milk, 21C Montrose av 
Birman Kudolf, h 31 Hopkins 
Birmingham Edward, bldr. h 5.52 Qnincy 
Birmingham Elisha P. shirts, 341 Pulton, 1 

Birmingham Francis, carpenter, h 183 Skill 

Birmingham .Tames, lab, h 200 20th 
Birmingham Margaret, h 53d n 4th av 
Birmingham Mary, wid. Edward, h 235 York 
Birmingham Mathew, lab. h 305 Bergen 
Birmingham Mathew, lab. h 276 Jay 
Birmingham Matthew, conductor, h 596 Kos- 

Birmingham Nicholas, lab. h 142 Conselyea 
Birmingham Peter, h 235 York 
Birmingham Thomas, h 276 Jay 
Birn Julia, vrid. Matthew, 84 IJegraw 
Birue Praucis, photographer, h 330 Hudson 

Birney Abram, elk. h 94 2d 
Birney A. machinist, h 828 Hancock 
Birney Thomas, lab. h r 347 Baltic 
Birney Thomas, ropemkr. h r 84 Skillman 
Birney William, carpenter, h 53 Dean 
Biruie James, brassmoulder, h 91 Skillman 
Birnio Lawrence M. h Prospect pi. n Pranl 
lin av 

Birnie Peter, stonecutter, li Prospect pi n 

Praiiklin av 
Birtis Paul, driver, h Central av. n Cooper 
Birtner William, butcher, 402 Court 
Bisbee Clarence L. dentist, 2.57 17th 
Bisbee Henry H. naptba, h 641 Leonard 
Bisbee John S. elk. h 927 Greene av 
Bisbee J. Piederick, ins. 98 B'waj', h 927 

Greene av 

Bisbee Maria E. authoress, h 148 Chauncoy 
Bisbee Samuel, shoemkr. h 43 Taylor 
Bisbie Henry, refiner, h 641 Leoiuird 
Bisby George, machinist, h 33 Devoe 
Bisby Martin, shoemkr. h 26 Raymond 
Bisehof John, varnisher, h 244 Humboldt 
Bischofl' Aug. mnsictoiicher, h 112 Leonard 
Bischoff Bernard, grocer, 388 Court 
Bischoff Charles, basketmkr. h 521^ 3d 
Bischoff Charles, grocer, Coles c Hicks 
Bischoff Charles E. salesman, h 194 Hooper 
BiScholF, Fr(!deriek, grocer, 186 B'way 
Bischoff Gustav, cooper, h r 388 N. 2d 
Bischoff Henry, elk. h 177 Stagg 
Bischoff Henry driver, h 63 Ten Eyck 
Jsischoff Jacob, butcher, h 656 Fulton 
Bischoff Louis, baker, 149 N. 6th 
Bisel William, lab. h r 199 Johnson av 
Biship William, scalemkr. h 219 Lee iiv 
Bishoff Jacob, framer, h 122 Cook 
Bishoft' Joseph, china, 1908 Fulton 
Bishoff William, basketmkr. h 368 15th 
Bishop Addie, wid. Albert, h 365 Degraw 
Bishop Allen, locksmith, 920^ Fulton 
Bishoj) Anna E. mfr. & imp. enamel, 80 Nas- 
sau N.Y., h 194 10th 





H 1-3 

5 g » 


Ujtlon Square, New York Olty. 

J Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

1 And Fire-Place Novelties. 
^ [See Adr't on leaf opposite name.] 

C 19 

fts, o ? 
o.« « 1 

Is « 

■a § ~ * 

W " S 

[so n ' 

" g 

« §• 

' — ' ni 
^ » 

1— 1" ^ 




Has the Largest TSet Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


I ^ 

w s 


O 4S 


IHisliop Charles, grocer, 506 Myrtle av 
Bishop Chark's jr. salesman, li 791? Madison 
Uisliop Charles H. elk. li 105 Macon 
Bisiiop diaries J. butcher, h 7oi Sumner av 
Bishop Charles K. editor, h 276"Penn 
IMsiiop Charles W. editor, li 793 Madison 
Bishop l^aniel, milk, 445 L(!xington av 
Bishop David H. casliier, h 14 Lefferts pi 
Bishop Edward, tel. oper. h 31-5 Wyckoif 
Bishop I'ili H. h. fiirng. 191 Flatbush av, li 

X93 Flathush av 
Bishop Elizabeth, h 150 Bayard 
Bishop Elizabeth J. wid. George W. h 66 

10th E.D. 

Bishop Eugene E. h 159 Tompkins av 
Bishop Frank, driver, li 113 Prospect 
Bishox) Frederic H. watcUman, h 797 Monroe 
Bisliop George, h 400 Grand 
IJishop George, elk. h 570 Gates av 
Bishop George C. jr. carpenter, li 400 Grand 
Hishop George H. artist, b 88 Hooper 
l)isliop George R. milk, 797 Monroe 
Bishop George S. cashier, B'way c Boerum, 

ll 310 rhroop av 
Bishop George \V. elk. h 208 Smith 
BislioiJ Geo. VV. machinist, h 689 Herkimer 
Bishop Geo. W. jr. cutter, h 689 Herkimer 
Bishop George W. jr. shoes, h 13 Moffat 
Bishop Gertrude G. physician, b 310 Throop 


Bishop Harman D. stevedore, h 26S Carroll 
Bishop Helena, wid. h 282 Atlantic av 
Bishop Henry, clk. li 116 Graham av 
Bishop Henry, driver, h 2;?o Atlantic av 
Bishop Henry C. clk. h 570 Pacific 
Bishop James D. sec. 24 Old si N.Y. h 685 

Bishop James L. clk. h 694 Fulton 
Bishop James L. clk. h r 30 Skillman av 
Bishop James F. painter, h 666 Baltic 
Bishop .John, printer, h 99 Dovoe 
Bishop John N. horsedlr. h 183 Pearl 
Bishop JoHopli, sexton, h 85 Henry 
Bishop Josopli M. machinist, h 153 Prince 
Bishop Josephine, impr. li 194 10th 
Bishop Joshua, pilot, h C57 Carroll 
Bishop Levi C. carpenter, h 32 Jackson pi 
Bishop Louisa M. wid. Wm. h 356 Gates av 
Bishop Lonise, enamel, 80 Nassau N.Y. h 194 

Bishop Mary, wid. Robert, h 296 Baltic 
Bishop Mary A. V7id. Chas. h r 30 SkiUraan av 
Bishop Michael, baker, h 66 N. Elliott pi 
Bishop Martin, clk. h 73 S. 3d 
Bishop Richard A. bkkpr. h 312 Lafayette av 
Bishop Richard E. h 312 Lafayette av 
Bishop Sydney M. painter, h 266 Ainslie 
Bishop Thomas, scaleagt. 311 B'way N.Y. h 

18 Jefferson 
Bishop Thos. teller, h 621 Willoughby av 
Bishop Thomas E. agt. h 205 Macon 
Bishop Thomas O. driver, h 1419 Fulton 
Bishop Vinne M. musicteacher, h 118 St. 

Mark's av 

Bishop William, plumber, 210 South N.Y. h 

63 Poplar 
Bishop William, printer, h 12 2d 
Bishop William A. porter, h 321 S. 3d 

Bishop William C. mer. 10 WhitehaU N.Y. 

h 154 N. eth 
Bishop William H. bkbinder, 135 Palmetto 
Bishop Wm. H. oils, 109 Iveh't, h 694 Gates av 
Bishop William H. plumber, 210 South N.Y. 

h 63 Poplar 
Bishop Wm. L. salesman. h730 Lafayette av 
Bishop William S. storage, h 66 10th E.D. 
Bishop Winfield S. produce, 331 Greenwich 

N.Y. h 85 8th E.D. 
Bishop & Neariug (Allen Bishop, William 

Nearing), locksmiths, 920^ Fulton 
Bishop rick Henry, drugs, h 1078 Pacific 
Bisbopriek Nicholas J. iurs, 54 Mercer N.Y. 

h 343 Decatnr 
Biskupsky John, cooper, h 32'Grand 
Bislaud John, printer, h 288 Ainslie 
Bison John, glassblower, h 214 Frost 
Bissell Charles H. plumbing, h 391 State 
Bissell Eugene, li 257 Clinton 
Bissell Frederick W. cigarmfr. 390 5th av, 

h 396 5th av 
Bissell John, h 390 5th av 
Bissell William L. agt. h 584 Atlantic av 
Bissen Nicholas, lab. h 140 Plymoutli 
Bissett Anthony L. bkkpr. h 139 Concord 
Bissett Mary M. wid. h 165 Concord 
Bissett Robert, cooper, h 181 Nassau 
Bissett Sarah A. wid. James, dressmkr. h 156 

Bissin Jacob, mason, h 329 S. .5th 
Bissland Andrew, tea, N.Y. h 655 Myrtle av 
Bisson Joseph, plumber, h 369 4tb E.D. 
Bist Erhardt, shoemaker, 206 Boerum 
Bist Louis, tailor, h 312 Chauncey 
Bitely Benjamin, cloclcbldr, h 88 Partition- 
Bitmars John H. carpenter, h 352 S. 3d 
Bitt Benjaniia F. clk. h 18 Ainslie 
Bittenbender Samuel T. h 40 Butler 
Bitter Philip, speculator, h 92 Withers 
Bitterer John, butcher, h 375 Oakland 
Bittcrmann Peter, liquors, 137 Montrose av 
Bitters Henry, hatter, h 41 Tompkins av 
Biltler William, baker, h 40 Throop av 
Bittner Anton, tailor, r 134 Maujer 
Bittner August, tailor, h 18 Ewen 
Bittner John, compositor, h 204 Skillman 
Bittner Joseph, varnisher, h 150 Graham av 
Bittner Paul, basketmkr. 728 Gates av 
Bitz Frank, driver, h 905 Flushing av 
Bitz Jacob H. clk. h 16 Tompkins av 
Bitz Philip, mason, h 188 Johnson av 
Bium Nicholas, lab. h 77 Johnson av 
Bivous Anton, brewer, h 148 Bushwick av 
Bixby Charles H. fireman, h 223 Graham 
Bixby Eugene F. billiards, 390 Court 
Bixby Jonas H. u.8.weigher, 218 lat E.D. 

h 102 Conselyea 
Bixby Robert P. cashier, h 672 Lafayette av 
Bjerke Carl, h 110 Smith 
Blaber Oliver J. printer, 112 William N.Y. 

h 273 22d 

Blachford Alfred, shipcarpenter, h 468 Myr- 
tle av 

Blaehley George T. elk. h 326 Hancock 
Blacide Henry, lab. h 10 Union av 
Black Albert, clk. h 142 President 
Black Alexander, police, h 179 28th 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See Advt> page 12 front. 


Also, Russian, Electric, ed Eomai Batfis. 
34 CLINTON ST., B'Eim 

A. L. WOOD, M.D.J Prop'r. 
79 BLA 

Black Alex, stenographer, h 44 Divisiou ar 
Black Alexander, snpt. li 160 
Black Alexander L. cngiueor, li 17 Herbert 
Black Alexander R. reporter, li 90 Rodney 
Black Ann. wid. Francis, h 369 4tli K.D. ' 
Black Archibald, police, h 142 Suydam 
Black Austin, publisher, 21 Park row N.Y. 

h 147 Taylor 
Black Catherine, h r 134 N. Portland av 
Black Cecelia 8. wid. William F. h 159 Ray- 

Black Charles E. agt. h 66 Clark 
Black David, elk. li 148 Spencer 
Black David F. waiter, li IS2 Bond 
Black Duncan, weaver, li 39 Skilloian av 
Black Francis, h 45 Halsey 
Black Francis, bkkpr. h 45 Halsey 
Black Frederick, liquors, 23 Ferris 
Black Hugh, foreman, h 4'i Penn 
Black James, cutter, h 5H Taylor 
Black James, mfr. umbrellas, 291 Grand 
Black Jamoa, painter, h 140 Clason av 
Black James, shipcarpenter, h 135 CorneH's 

Black James, sliipjoiner, h 545 Myrtle av 
Black James, trimmer, h i251 Clifton pi 
Black James G. lab. h 209 Evergreen av 
BLACK JAMES ,J. alderman 18tli Ward, 
stereotyper, Herald office N.Y. h 612 
Bushwick av 
Black James L. printer, li 96 Albany av 
Black John, carpent<!r, b 246 Ist, E.D. 
Black John, collector, h 145 Union 
Black John, lab. h 33 Hall 
Black John, porter, h 170 Court 
Black John T. butcher, h 38 11th 
Black John T. elk. h 669 Herkimer 
Black Joseph, carman, h 246 1st, K.D. 
Black Julius, li .50 Madison 
Black J. seeds, 170 Fuiton, h 220 Pacific 
Black Louis, printer, h 150 Bridge 
Black Mai-y, wid. James, h 199 Dean 
Black Mary, wid. John, h 107 President 
Black Mary, wid. Wni. h 164 President 
Black rn,iiiiiie, confectionery, 539 Park av 
Black Peter, machinist, h 212 Wilson 
Black Peter, porter, h 212 43d 
Black Phoabe A. wid. Chas. h 428 Hudson av 
Black Reuben, jinisher, h 195 Smith 
Black Robert, drugs, 264 Bridge 
Black Robert, tailor, li 44 Fenu 
Black Robt. W. machinist, li 189 Walworth 
Black Roland A. tuner, h 501 Fulton 
Black Samuel, elk. h 42 Penn 
Black Samuel, salesman, h 175 Carlton av 
Black Sarah, wid. Archibald, h 241 Frank- 
lin av 

Black Simpson, salesman, h 194 Prince 
Black Thomas, sparmkr. h 98 N. 9th 
Black Thomas A. elk. h 325 Division av 
Black William, carpenter, h 834 Flushing 
av E.D. 

Black William, carpenter, h 571 Union 
Black William, conductor, h 138 Degraw 
Black William, engineer, h 126 23d 
Black William, insp. 35 Municipal bldg. h 

178 3d E.D 
Black William, plumber, h 170 Hope 

Black William 1). liquors, 176 Fulton 
Black William D. railroad, li 93 N. 9tli 
Black William E. cooper, h 89 (iraud nr 
Black Wm. W. pilot, li 176 Willoughby av 
Blackall James, gardener, h Jefferson 

Ralpli av 
Blackburn George, teas, 193 Grand 
Blackburn .John, ironmoulder, h 28 Jackson 
Blackburn John, piinter, h 262 Ewen 
Blackburn John N. paporhanger, h 251 Duf- 


Blaekhuru Sarah, wid. Charles, h 170 .Jay 
Blackburn Sarah, wid. D:ivid, h 63 S- 6th. 
Blaokburne Edw'd, coachman, h 106 Clinton 
Blackford Eugene G. fish, Fnltou mkt. N.Y. 

h 809 Bedford av 
Blackford Gilbert L. restaurant, Fulton mkt, 

N.Y. li 13 Herkimer 
Blackford John, driver, h 141 Leonard 
Blackford Philip A. elk. h 390 N. 2(1 
Blackham Job W. mfr. 100 Schermerhom, h 

39 Fort Greene pi 
Blackham William, Boyd's Dispatch, Part 

1)1 N.Y. h 294 McDonough 
Blackham William, shipcarpenter, h 741 


Blackledge Ellon, wid. h 147 Grand av 
Blacklin Joseph J. plumber, 344 Court, h 358 

Blackmail Eben, maps, h 333 Grand av 
Blackmau George, lab. h 739 Leonard 
Blackm.i,u George, painter, li 221 10th, E D. 
Blackuian John, longshoreman, h 119 Cono- 

Blackman John, woodtypo, h 751 Lincoln pi 
Blackman Monroe E. drugs, 580 Atlantic av. 
Blackman Oscar P. twines, 59 Murray N. Y. 

h 157 Macra 
Blackman William W. doctor, 15 Greene av. 
Blackmar Henry C. collector^ h 73 Rodney 
Blackmer George A. carrier, h 62 Lawrence 
Blackmore George, painter, h 299 B'way 
Blackraur Horace, supt. h 324 Bergen 
Bhickmur Mary A. dressmkr. 647 VVarren 

Blackstone , h 100 Franklin av 

Biackwell Clayton E. elk. h 2iO Bergen 
Blackwell Erich, cutter, h 107 Hopkins 
Biackwell Fauuie W. wid. William H. b 119 


Biackwell Henry, conductor, h 62 Scholes 
Biackwell James, h 948 Gates av 
Biackwell John, milk, h 52 Stockton 
Biackwell Louis E. broker, h 75 Wilson 
Biackwell Robert E. broker, h 60B Wil 

loughby av 
Biackwell Samuel, elk. 148 6th av 
Biackwell Thomas L. ganger, 140 Maiden la 

N. Y. h 75 Wilson 
Biackwell T. F. stationery, 512 Bedford av, 

h 1076 Pacific 
Biackwell William W. painter, 768 B'way, h 

119 f'rove 

Biackwell William W. painter, h 65 Fleet pi 
Biackwell & Heming, i>ainters, 768 B'way 
Blackwood James, printer, h r 60 Middagh 
Blackwood John, fireman, h 236 Plymouth 
Blackwood Payne, bkbicder, h 317 Pacilic 
Blackwood Robert, salesman, h 144 Hovt 


Price $3.00. 10 Boemm Place, Brooklyn, acd 121 Fsltoi St, K. T. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


SC ill 



S O 











Blade George, ropeiiikr. ]i 81 St;uT 
Bladen Joliu J. engineer, h 78 Palmetto 
Bladen Thomas, japannor, h 123 N. 4tli 
Bladen T. treas. li 31 New York av 
Blades Charles B. clk. li 160 President 
Bladey Samuel, tailor, 44 Hicks 
Blaes August, macliiiiist, li r 12 Seholcs 
Blainey William H. u.s.ii. li 16 Brevoort pi 
Blair Benjamin 1\ lawyer, lOZ B'way N.Y. 
h 19 3d 

Blair Catharine E. wid. Samuel, h 103 Butler 
Blair George C. shipmaster, h 3ii0 Baltic 
Blair George W. broker, South n Wall N.Y. 

h 320 Baltic 
Blair Hall, gciarmfr. 187 Fulton, li 327 14th 
Blair Hall & Co. (Eugene Tollner), mlr. 

cigars, 187 Fiiltou 
Blair Henry K. painter, h 67 Douglass 
Blair .lolm, butcher, h 464 3d av 
Blair Joiin J. Ii 327 14th 
Blair Joseph A. stockbroker, h 41 Sterling pi 
Blair Lewis R. sailmkr. h 40 Woodhnll 
Blair Louise, wid. Richard, b 281 Gold 
Blair William, realestate, li 327 14th 
Blair William F. stonecutter, h 468 CaiToll 
Blair William H. conductor, h 761 Bergen 
Blaisdell Alfred 0. ti.s.n. h 208 Clermont av 
Blaisdell Eben F. h 173 S. 2d 
Blaisdell Joseph W. wood, h 173 S. 2d 
Blaisdell Philo C. wood, h 173 S. 2d 
Blaisdell Silas C. physician, 173 8. 2d 
Blaisdell Walter F. wood, N. 4th & Ist, h 891 

Bushwick av 
Blaise Charles F. clk. h 97 Bergen 
Blaise Joseph, liquors, 41 Maiu 
Ulake Albert, clk. h 6i 5th av 
Blake Alfred, newsdealer, h 248 S. 4th 
Blake Amanda, wid. Herman M. h 247 S. 2d 
Blake Anna, wid. Patrick, h 162 9th 
Blake Anna, wid. Thomas, h 4!jth E.D. 
Blake Anthony, h 477 Hicks 
Blake Charles, editor, h IGoO Atlantic av 
Blake (JhurlesF. h 87 Pierrepout 
Blake Charles H. wirerope, 43 B'way N.Y. h 

230 Washington av 
Blake Charles W. clk. h 216 Sumner av 
Blake Daniel, lab. b 989 Kingsland av 
Blake Daniel S. h 177 Schernierhora 
Blake David, actor, h 259 High 
Blake David F. cutter, li 5 Boernm 
Blake Dennis, lab. h 32 York 
Blake Dennis, liquors, 217 5th E.D. 
Blake Edward, cook, h r 140 N. Portland av 
Blake Edward W. grain, 20 South N.Y. h 
222 Henry 

Blake Edwin C. physician, 477 Bedford av 

Blake Eli, h 461 Gold 

Blake E. Vale, li 177 Schermerhorn 

Blake Francis, ironmonger, 366 4tli E.D, 

Blake Fannie M. h 153 Pierrepont 

Blake Frederick, clk. h 683 Bushwick av 

Blake Frederick D. mer. 41 White N.Y. h 

536 Clinton av 
Blake George W. weigher, 148 Front N.Y. h 

462 Lafayette av 
Blake Henry, truckman, h 229 Grand av 
Blake Horace W. glass, 17 Murray N.Y. li 
S70 Dean 1 

Blake Hugh, plumber, h 73 N. 4th 

Blake James, elk. h r 354 Hudson av 

Blake James, clk. li r 217 Sackett 

Blake James, batter, li 534 Marcy av 

Blake J.ames, lab. h 561 Sackett 

Blake James A. physician, 674 Bedford av 

Blake James W. h68 Lincoln pi 

Blake John, caulker, h 2.59 High 

Blake John, clk. h 226 B'way 

Blake John, lab. h 189 Sackett 

Blake John, lab. h 442 Smith 

Blake John, news, h 244J B'way 

Blake John C. clk. h 138 Lexington av 

Blake John E, drngs, h 1 Bleecker 

Blake John H. clk. h 393 S. 4th 

Blake Joseph, clk. h 85 S. 2d 

Blake L. A. artist, 735 Fulton, h 269 Pearl 

Blake Margaret, wid. h 142 N. 5tb 

Blake Margt. wid. Harrison, h 15 Conselyea 

Blake Mary, wid, John, h 39 Sijencer 

Blake Mary J. wid. James, h 345 Dean 

Blake Michael, brassturuer, h 399 2d E.D. 

Blake Michael, clk. h 24 Wyckoft 

Blake Michael, mason, h 197 N. 2d 

Blake, Nathaniel, fire ius. 176 B'way N.Y, h 

364 Throop av 
Blake Nicholas, grocer, h 771 Herkimer 
Blake Peter, contractor, h 225 N. 9th 
Blake Feter,]iquor8,73 N. 4th, h N. 9th n 6th 


Blake Peter A, grocer, 22 Rochester av 
Blake Richard, lab. h 60 Atlantic av 
Blake Spencer C, broker, li 159 Stuyvesant 

Blake Thomas, carpenter, h 243 Tillar.v 
Blake Thomas, Car)ientor, b 449 5th E.D. 
Blake Thomas, proofreader, h 244 Union av 
Blake Walter, jeweler, li 47 Hall 
Blake William, mason, h 197 N. 2d 
Blake AVilliam A. clk. h 216 Sumner av 
Blake Wilson, jeweler, 507 Grand 
Blakelock Ralph A. artist, Washington sq 

N.Y. h lis Milton 
Blakelock William, clk. h 225 S. 2d 
Blakely Eugene, h 81 Fort Green pi 
Blakely Henry, canlker, h 120 Boerum pi 
Blakely John, express, 420 Lexington av 
Blakely John, tobacco, 239 Park pi N.Y. h 

394 Clason av 
Bl.akely William H. tinsmith, 1115 B'way, h 

838 Gates av 
Blakeman Edwin, h 605 Leonard 
Blakeman Fred. R. salesman, 138Rutledge 
Blakeman Stella, teacher, h 4 Dean 
Blakemore Fred. clk. li 11 Willoughby av 
Blakemore James H. com. mer. 78 Broad 

N.Y. b 312 Greene av 
Blakeney George W. harnessmkr. 227 Flat- 
bush av 

Blaker .John H. agt. h 152 2d E.D. 
Blakeslee Cornelius, toys, h 564 Carlton av 
Blakeslee Dwigbt C. clk. h 75 Henry 
Blakeslee Levi, auditor, h 500 Clason av 
Blakeslee Frank, h 49 Concord 
Blakey William T. clk. p. o. N.Y. h 346 Liv- 

Blakla Wendell, tailor, h 105 Myrtle 
Blakley John, carpenter, h 3'^2 Oakland 



6. KREism k mi 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 







Blakly George, lab. li 118 York 
Blalislee Henry King, elk. li 29Ijeiferts pi 
Blakslee Heury A. com. mec. 6i Exchange 

pi. h a9 Lefferts pi 
Blakye Williain, elk. h 346 Livingston 
Blarney Mary J. wid. Edmnnd, h 1012 Pacific 
Blarney Wm. H. ii.s.n. h 16 Brevoort pi 
Blao Henry, shoemkr. 1695 Fulton 
Blanay John, sboemkr. h 210 Bond 
Blanc Emil, giocer, 104 Nassau 
Blanc Maurice M. elk, h 315 Degraw 
Blanchard Alfred, elk, h 551 Pacific 
Blanchard Albert P. cityweigber, h 638 


Blanchard Albert P. shipmaster, h 992 Dean 
Blanchard Alice, wid. Charles, h 387 Adelpbi 
Blanchard Carrie, wid. h '27 Poplar 
Blaachard Claude, elk. h 231 Rodney 
Blanchard Dudley, architect, h 86 Oakland 
Blanchard Electric Light & Power Co. (Vir- 
gil W. Blanehard, George W. N. Yost, 
fienry Sisson) Quay c West 
Blanchard Francis L. bagmfr. h 63 Hoyt 
Blanchard George W. elk. b 457 Pacific 
Blanchard Henry VV. H. storage, 84 S. N.Y. 

h 6;58 Pacific 
Blanchard John D. h 237 St. James' pi 
Blanchard Louis, trackman, h 303 Eckford 
Blanchard Nathan, b 151 6th av 
Blanchard tiilas W. elevator, h 86 Oakland 
Blanchard Virgil W.pres't27 Union sq. N.Y. 

h Vermont 
Blanohfield William, elk. h 73 Herbert 
Blanck Cath'ine, wid, Hermon, h r 143Stagg 
Blanck Charles, hairdresser, 468 3d av h 4-19 
3d av 

Blanck litban, shipjoincr, h 223 Manhat- 
tan ;tv 

Blanck Frank, upholsterer, h 214 Eagle 
Blanck George, traveler, h 309 15th 
Blanck Eollin, baker, h 229 Centre 
Blanoke Charles, restaurant. 97 Cedar N.Y. 

h 176 Baltic 
Blaiicknieister Charles L. J. photographer, h 

141 lli)[ikiD,son av 
Blanco Antonio, cigars, 187 Pearl N.Y. h 104 

Albany ar 
Bland J. W. furniture, h 156 Myrtle av 
Bland Kobert, realestate, h 362 Clifton pi 
Bland Thomas, sec, h 243 Dean. 
Elandiu Willard, elk. h 401 Dean 
Blandiug Mary, teacher, h 341 De Kalh av 
Blandthoru Mary, wid. Henry, fluting, 354i 

S. 4th 

Blaney Catherine, wid. Daniel, h 104 Tillary 

Blaney Daniel, elk. h 104 Tillary 
Blauey Daniel, milk, h r 94 N. 3d 
Blaney Dennis, lighterman, h 184 Huron 
Blaney James, mason, b 704 Atlantic av 
Blaney James, stonecutter, h 720 Gates av 
Blaney Thomas, iroiirailer, h 104 Tillary 
Blanford, Harman, bldr. h 692 Leonard 
Blanford Stefthen, bldr. h 692 Leonard 
Blangeraien Barbara, h r 176 Graham av 
Blangey Thomas, elk. h 456 S. 5th 
Blank August, shipmaster, 601 3d 
Blank Charles, driver, h 176 Tillary 
Blank Charles, hairdresser, h 449 3d 

Blank Chas. hardware, 466 3d av. h 449 3d av 
Blank Emil, grocer, 82 Fulton, h 104 Nassau 
Blank Eugene, h 124 Cook 
Blank Frank, shoemkr. 184 Pearl 
Blank George, agt. h 328 15th 
Blank Henry, feathers, 125 Tillary 
Blank Henry, shoemkr. h r 44 Scholes 
Blank Jacob, brushes, 474 B'way 
Blank Max, salesman, h 71 Nassau 
Blank Peter, brushes, 474 B'way 
Blank Philip.grocer, 82 Fulton, h 104 Nassau 
Blank Samuel, confectioner, 141 Franklin 
Blank Sebastin, tailor, h 133 Bushwiok av 
Blank Simon, tobacco, h 35 Hudson av 
Blank Bros, (Peter & Jacob), brushes, 474 

Blank & Voelbel (Peter Blank & Jacob 

Voelbel), brushes, 316 S. 4th 
Blanke George C. lawyer, 55 Pine N.Y. h 

115 Brooklyn av 
Blanken Heury, boarding, 85 N. 3d 
Blauken Henry, jr. lab. h 85 N. 3d 
Blankfeid Louis, eleotrotyper, h 2d avn 55th 
Blankl(jv Thomas S. liquors, 518 Fulton, h 

20 Bond 

Blankley Wm. H. drugs, h 15 Warren pi 
Blaukmeyer Henry, engineer, h 58^ Taylor 
Blanney George E. agt. Pearl N.Y. li 65 Put- 
nam av 

Blanthorn Jas. brassfinisher, b 138 .lefferson 
ISlanthorn Louis, truckman, h i'.ifi Jeffersou' 
Blanthorn William, carpenter, h59 Gwinnett 
lilantz Bernard, h 33 Debevoise 
Blanz Andrew, h 207 2d E.D. 
Blats James, h 66 Sands 
Blasdel Mary, wid. James, h 86 S. 3d 
Blaser Chas. granite, Meekerav n Gardner av 
Blaser Flora, wid. William, Meeker av n, 

Gardner av 
Blaslifield Abrani B. teas, 135 Front N.Y. h 

37 St. Felix 
Blasbiield Eliza, wid. W. H. h 18 2d pi 
Blass August, h 171 Coot 
Blass August, peddler, h 700 Flushing av 
Blass Elizabeth wid. h 128 Magnolia 
Blass Henry, peddler h 20 Humboldt 
Blass Ignatz, peddler, h 719 Flushing av 
Blass John, varnisher, h 128 Magnolia 
Blass John, weaver, h 74 Varet 
Blass William, cutter, h 128 Magnolia 
Blatch John, engineer, h 309 Sumpter 
Blalehford Frances.wid. John W. h 203 Wal- 

Blatchford George, elk. h 314 Lafayette av 
Blatchford George H. clk. h 314 Lafayette av 
Blatchford Henry, acot. 314 Lafayette av 
Blatte Ad,am, tailor, h 139 Meserole 
Blatteis Samuel, buttonholemkr. 107 Mon- 
trose av, h 84 Graham av 
Blattmachr Herman W. butcher, 389 Flat- 
bush av 

Blattmachr Leopold, butcher, 453 Dean 
Blatz Frank, mason, h 41 Hamburg 'av 
Blatz Henry, collector, h 318 Decatur 
Blatz Henry, tailor, h 147 Maujer 
Blatz Jacob, lab. h 1153^ Myrtle av 
Blatz Jacob, mason, 227 Johnson av 
Blatz Joseph, printer, h 286 Powers 

1 T T T A IWf A nr V T 17 T? importer of lilassard and Gregoire & Co. Bran- 

VY lljiulx\.iYJL J\, 1 I JLtJulA} dies; Knickerbocker and Crown 6ins, from 

lin 9 110 DrAaii nnr Ulotor Ct M V Schiedam, Holland; Polo, and Three and Four 

llU 01 \\L DlUaU} UOh naiCi Oli| Hi li Grape Sherries; Oporto Fort Wines. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

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Blatz William, engineer, h 100 Sackett 
Blau Moiitz, tinsmith, 719 Flushing av 
Blan Maurice, tinware, 71i) Flushing av 
Blanm Adam, elk. h 200 Johnson av 
Blaum John, liquors, 102 1st E.D. 
Blaum Nicholas, liquors, 209 Meserole 
Blauni Peter, brewer, h 178 N. 9th 
Blaum Philip A. barUpr, h 200 Johnson av 
Blauss John, printer, h 206 EUery 
Blauvelt Alfred, driver, h 470 Bergen 
Blauvelt Daniel, mason, h 635 Lafayette av 
Blauvelt Francis, engraver, 67 Keade N. Y. 

h 358 Macon 
Blauvelt George, driver, h 514 Bergen 
Blauvelt George, printer, h 819 Dei Kalb av 
Blauvelt George \V. molasses, 56 Columhia, 

h 164 Pacific 
Blauvelt Henry carpenter, h 514 Bergen 
Blauvelt Isaac E. shipping, 205 West H.Y. 

li ;558 Lewis av 
Blauvelt James, machinist, li 322 State 
Blauvelt James C. mfr. li 314 Baltic 
Blauvelt James F. phy&ician,819 Do Kalb av 
Blauvelt Joseph, carpenter, Ii 130 Stnyve- 

sant av 

Blauvelt John, lawyer, 261 B'way N.Y. h 52 

Blauvelt John H. silversmith, h 514 Bergen 
Blniivelt John J. carpenter, h 294 B'way 
Blauvelt Joseph, ice, 686 Atlantic av, h 514 

Blauvelt Lucius, turner, h 80 Newell 
Blauvelt Mansel, grocer, 114 Newell 
Blauvelt Orlando W. butcher, h 157 Newell 
Blauvelt Peter I. engraver, 67 Beade N.Y. h 

358 Macon 
Blauvelt Samuel, h 81 2d pi 
Blauvelt William, milk, 686 Atlantic av, h 

514 Bergen 
Blauvelt William H. supt. h 683 Leonard 
Blauvelt Wm. M. butcher, h 123 Couselvea 
BLAUVELT & CO. molasses, 56 CoUim'bia 
Blay Frederick S. h 299 Bridge 
Blayney Charles, driver, h 304 Monroe 
Blayney Edmund J, driver, h 304 Monroe 
Blazbrough Joseph, porter, h 216 22d 
Blazo Charles, physician, h 285 Clinton 
Bleakley John, cigars, h 394 Clason av 
Bleakney Charles H. bldr. 208 Skillman 
Bleakuey Frank P. carpenter, h 232 Spencer 
Bleakney Jane,wid. Oliver, h 219 Franklin av 
Blechard Christiana, wid. Max, h 67 Ewen 
Bleckle John, lab. h r 63 S. 2d 
Blee Joseph, steward, h 123 Kosciusko 
Bleecker Catharine A. wid. Nicholas, h 305 

Carlton av 
Bleecker Elizabeth, h 294 Sackett 
Bleecker Frederick S. com. mer. h 637 St. 
Mark's av 

Bleekman Henry L. skylightmtr, h 508 

Myrtle a v 

Bleekwobl Erich, shirtmkr. h 107 Hopkins 

Blees Richard, h 80 Boss 

Blefell James, lab. 223 McDougal 

Blei John, woodturner, h ,56 Lorimer 

Bloidoi n Charles, c. h. broker, 13 William 

N.Y. h 52 Strong pi 
Bleil Charles A. blksmith, h 53 Bergen 

Bleiues Erasmus, grocer, 223 N. 6tb Joseph, tailor, 366 Hudson av 
Blem Louisa, h 421 Bedford av. 
Blem Peter C. A. h 421 Bedford a v 

Blemeu Edw'd, varnisher, h Wi Montrose .av 
Blend Charles, porter, h 159 Hudson av 
Blend John, liquors, 243 Flatbush av, li 471 

Blend John jr. barkpr. h 471 Bergen 
Blend Susan, baker, 140 Smith 
Blendermann Albert, constahlo, b 353 S. 5tb 
Blendermann Frederick, cllc, h 353 8. 5th 
BlendeiTnann I^ouis, janitor, li 250 Sfcagg 
Blendermann Louis, constable, h. 353 S. 5t.Ii 
Blending Andrew, h 111 Uebevoise 
Blending Charles, tailor, h 111 Dehevoise 
Blenk Frank, tailor, b r 146 Bushwiek av 
Blenn Jacob, carpenter, b 138 Evergreen av 
Blennerhassett Herm. banker, h 210 Qiiincy 
Biennerhassett WilliamW. elk. h 21 0 Qnincy 
Bleoo Emanuel, electrician, h 151 Oakland 
Bleser Charles, liquors, Meeker av d Gard- 
ner av 

Blessiugton Francis, lab. h 113 Union 
Blessington James, lah. h 74 Uuion 
Blessiiigton Michael, lab. h 129 I'ith 
Blette Jacob, hairdresser, h 71 3d 
Blettenberg Geo. T>. upholsterer, h 366 Gold 
Blew James, lab. Mill c Hamilton 
Blew John B. carpenter, h 17 Van Cott .-iv 
Bleyer Sigmuud, cutter, hilt Sfciig!; 
Bleymann Charier, cabinetmkr. h ;>-9 B'way 
Blie Fioderick, weaver, h218 N. 2ijd 
Bligh Addison, exchange, h 92 11th 
Bligh Charles, elk. h 29 Webster pi. 
Bligh John H., elk. h 108 2d 
Bligh Kobert G. conductor, h 29 Webster pi. 
Bligh h'obert W. elk. k 108 2d 
Blight Elizabeth, wid. John, b 252 Kosciusko 
Bliler John, lab. h 55 Ton Eyck 
Bliler Joseph, junk, h 9^ Ewen 
Blind Anthony, cigarmkr. h 138 Fulton 
Blindenhofer Catharine, iancygds. 431 At- 
lantic av 

Blindenhofer Julius, bkkpr. 59 Wyckoff 
Blingfel Anton E. lab. li 249 Powers 
Blinkhorn Thomas J. bakery, 351 S. 1st 
Blinn Oaniel, liquors, 105 Montrose av 
Blinn Frederielt S. elk. h .54 Putnam av 
Blinn Jose])h. tanner, h 184 Varet 
Blinn J. H. pictures, h 614 Fulfani 
Blinn Leopold, butcher, 154 4th E.D. h 66 
S. 6th 

Blinn Margaretta, wid. Conrad, h 127 Mont- 
rose av 

Blinn Michael, tailor, h 109 Scholes 

BliuD Michael jr. lab. h r 109 Scholes 

Blinn Kobert H. painter, h 1509 Atlantic av 

Blinn William, lab. h 215 Montrose av 

Blish John S. h 154 Clinton av 

Bliss Archibald M. h Myrtle av c Lewis av 

Bliss Arthur J. elk. h 4J St. Felix 

Bliss Arthur T. butcher, Washington mkt, 

N.Y. h 75 Bodney 
Bliss Charles, driver, h 285 21st 
Bliss Edward, statuary, h 405 Wyckoff 
Bliss Elijah, sec. h 546 Pacific 
Bliss Eliza, drygds. 221 Smith 




348 Broadway, IVEW YORK* 

. See AdvC page Ifi front. 


Also, Russian, Electric, andUomanBatk 

A. L. WOOD, W,D., Prop's-, 

83 BLO 

Bliss Emma, li 74 Siinds 

Bliss Einra;!, wid. drvgds. 221 Smith 

Bliss Ezra E. stationer, 60 Fultou N.Y. Ti 405 


Bliss E. W. presses, Plymouth c Pearl, h 

Bay liidge 

Bliss Fraiikliu ,f. machinists' siipplies,42Dey 

N.Y. h :U8 5th av 
Bliss Frederick, carpenter, 901 Hancock 
Bliss F. N. drugs, 5Ua Henry, h 211 Sackett 
Bliss George, siiiphldr. h iiOD President 
Bliss Henry, elk. h 105 Oouglass 
Bliss James, plumber, h r5S Dapont 
Bliss James, vaiiltbldr. h 318 oth av 
Bliss Jolm, clironometers, 123 Front N.Y. h 

24 Irving pi 
Bliss Jolm, shipbldr. h 299 President 
Bliss John A. printer, h 105 Douglass 
Bliss John E. li 27 3d pi 
Bliss John E. Jr. cotton, ft W.llth N.Y. h 112 


Bliss Martin, lab. h 71 Bushwick av 

Bliss Mary A. wid. h 207 Washiugton park 

Bliss Soloa F. physician, 646 Herkimer 

Bliss Samuel W. elk. 14 ad av 

Bliss Walter J. electrotypor, h 75 S. 2d 

Bliss William, h S45 Warreii 

Bliss William, driver, h 98 Dograw 

Bliss William A. pliysician, 292 18th 

Bliss William M. agt. h 203 Division av 

Bliss William W. lawyer, Kelly bldg. N.Y. 

h 291 Carroll 
Blitch John A. plasterer, h 309 Eckford 
Blitz William, liairdresser, h 247 State 
Bliven A. Perry, sbipbldr. 83 Soath N.Y. h 

58 Greene av 
Bliven Charles C. carpenter, h 253 3d E.D. 
Bliven Jolm B. F. oils, 257 Front N.Y. h 407 

Claaon av 

Bliven C'ourtland H. yacht.s, h 651 Pacific 
Bliven J. P. physician, 234 S. 9th 
Blix Fred. A. tughoatagt. h 28 Cheever pi 
Blixt Theodore, blacksmith, h 417 Hicks 
Bloch Abraham, butcher, 84 Bridge, h 231 

Bloch Achille, hutoher, 253 Bridge, h 120 

Bloch Asher, hntcher, 66 Grand 
Bloch Benjamin, meat, Fulton mkt. N.Y. h 

150 Maujer 
Bloch B. artist, 179 Myrtle av 
Bloch (xauthier A. butcher, 47th c Ist av. 

N.Y. h 28rj Humboldt 
Bloch Heyman, batcher, 47th n 1st av N.Y. 

h 150 Maujer 
Bloch Leopold, butcher, 60 Front 
Bloch Leopold, butcher, 332 Grand 
Bloch Samuel, butcher, 540 Court 
Bloch Samuel, butcher, 281 Smith 
Bloch Samuel, butcher, 631 5th av 
Block Abraham, h 136 Bushwick av 
Block Charles, grocer, h Luquer c Hicks 
Block Charles W. bkkpr. h 127 Montrose av 
Block Gustave, butcher, h 265 Hnmboldt 
Block Henry, butcher, h 120 Duffield 
Block John A. carpenter, 258 Washington, 

h Jersey City 
Block John F. elk. h r 110 Bntier 

Block John W. h 355 Stat« 

Block Jules, butcher, 144 Harrison av. h 621 

Myrtle ar 
Block Justus, grocer, h 188 Hopkins 
Block Leon, agt. h 221 Park av 
Block Eobt. C. jeweler, b 229 Vanderbilt av 
Block Kosalie, wid. Aaron, h 221 Park av 
Blocker Frank, elk. h 140 York 
Bleckley George H. carpenter, h 31 Bush 

wick av 

Blodget Charles W. sec. 157 4th E.D. hN.Y. 
Blodgett Fred. J. novelties, h 96 Guernsey 
Bloede Gustavus, physician, 287 Sehermer- 

Bloeth John B. willowware, 189 Throop av 
Blohra Edward E. warehousekpr. 113 Water 

N.Y. h 138 S. 9th 
Blohm Ferdinand, cutter, h 438 Hnmboldt 
Blohm Frederick, mer. 278 Washington N.Y. 

h 206 S. 4th 
Blohm Hermann, grocer, 283 Hudson av 
Blohm John, hardware, 7.58 3d av 
Blohm John, moulder, h 145 N, 1st 
Blohm Louis, liquors, 312 Grand 
Blohm Robert, elk. 756 3d av 
Blohm William, barkpr. h 12 lat E.D. 
Blom Gustavo, grocer, 37 Flatbush av 
Blom Jacob, agt. h 608 3d av 
Blomquist August, realestate, 150 Nassau 

N.Y. h 49.> Halsey 
Blomquist William, peuciler, h 325 Bergeu 
Bloiidam Giles, tailor, h £06 Atlantic av 
Blondel Cliarles jr. paints, 78 Barclay N.Y. 

h 75 1 Lafayette a v 
Bloudell Charles, realestate, 637 Gates av 
Blondin Anna L. h 553 8th av 
Blones Henry, lah. h 139 Partition 
lilonsky Michael, glassware, 989 B'way, h 

643 Koscuisko 
Bloustein Emile, shoemkr. li 178 Hudson av 
Blood Frank, lab. h 379 S. 2d 
Blood George A. broker, h 330 Carlton av 
Blood John H. framer, h 711 Madison 
Blood Richard T. paging, 120 William N.Y. 

b 320 Carlton av 
Blood Samuel, h 320 Carlton av 
Blood Samuel jr. paging, 120 William 

N.Y. h 320 Carlton av 
Blood Sylvester L. broker, 75 B'way N.Y. 

h 572 Washington av 
Bloodgood Andrew D. blankbooks, 158 Wil- 
liam N.Y. h 101 Wilson 
Bloodgood Cornelius, h 171 Dovoo 
Bloodgood Delevan, u.s.u. h Flashing av 

ft Grand av 
Bloodgood E. C. wid. Thos. T. h 172 Warren 
Bloodgood Frank, h 249 Carroll 
Bloodgood .Tames, peddler, h 24 Cook 
Bloodgood Sydney, carpenter, h 134 Calyer 
Bloodgaod William, liquors, 1372 Fulton 
Bloodgood William jr. elk. h 1372 Pulton 
Bloodgood Winlield, h 443 6th 
Bloom Charles, lab. h 1671 Pacific 
Bloom Charles, lab. h 78 Steuben 
Bloom Charles, lighterman, h 20 Willow pi 
Bloom Charles F. printer, 137 William N.Y. 

h 1362 Pacific 
Bloom Ebdou T. wid. Robert, h 233 Bergen 


At CHAS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiTiistoii St, cor. Boemi PL 


Has tke Largest Net Surplus of any lire Insurance Co. in tie World. 

Sec AdTOTtisement opposite name* 



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op K 





Bloom Edward, h 115 Hart 
Blooni Wilson, lawyer, h 455 Kent av 
Bloom Frank, h a8 Clinton 
Bloom J. lab. li 190 Conover 
Bloom James C. elk. h G9 Ifcwes 
BUiom Jobn, engineer, li r 183 Front 
Bloom Joliu H. lab. h 381 Marion 
Bloom Peter, lab. h 407 2d E.D. 
Bloom Peter, grocer, 645 6th av 
Bloom Theodore, packer, h 57 Gwinnett 
Bloom Winfield S. elk. h 238 Bergen 
Bloomar William, tobacco, 257 Smith 
Bloomenstock Simon, liquors, h 423 B'way 
Bloomer Aaron, salesman, Ii 23 Hopkins 
Bloomer Clark, restaurant, 1388 Fulton 
Bloomer Frederick, artist, h 91 Troy av 
Bloomer James H. carpenter, h 241 Ewen 
Bloomer James S. carpenter, h 764 Gates av 
Bloomer Jane, h 775 Atlantic av 
Bloomer John, lab. b 222 N. 2d 
Bloomer Julia, 'wid. 694 l^exington av 
Bloomer Margaret, wid. Obas. b 930 B'way 
Bloomer Nancy J. lanudrcss, h 579 Fulton 
Bloomer Phoebe, dressmkr. h 62 Cheev«r pi 
Bloomer William, hides, h 92 Concord 
Bloomer William J. gent's furng. 598 B'way 

N.Y. h 172 St. James pi 
Bloonili<^l(l George, caulker, h 80 Newell 
lilooniiield George H. elk. b 94| Atlantic av 
Bloomlield Jacob, tailor, 9 Hicks, li 12 Hicks 
Bloomfield James M. elk. h 173 Livingston 
l?loomfield Joel, carpenter, h S89 Eckford 
Bloomfield Myer, tailor, 45 4tli E.D. 
Bloomlield Robert, police, li 102 York 
Blooiniif^Ul Sarah 1<. wid. J. C. h 173 Ijiving- 

Bloomfield Thomas T. U.S. storekpr. 44 Court, 

h 512 Myrtle av 
Bloomindail Joseph, clk. b 3t>7 S. 3d 
Bloomtwist John, tailor,- h 7H0 Fulton 
Bloor Henry P. glass, 3s0 Atlantic av. h 400 

Bloor & Tuckhorn (C. Bloor, P. Tuckhom), 

glass, 380 Atlantic av 
Bloos Henry, tailor, 483^ Graham av 
Blorvood Daniel C. sawyer, h 117 India 

J51ossfeld Charles H. tailor, 456 Fulton, h 

340 Pacific 

Blossfeld Charles E. tailor, 456 Fulton, h 340 

Blos.sfeld Frederick, drygds. 301 B'way N.Y. 

h 215 Dean 
Blossfield Ernest, tailor, h 459 Baltic 
Blossom Benjamin, clk. h 54 Eemsen 
Blossom Charles C. clk. h 54 Kemsen 
Blossom Charles W. mer. li 54 Kemses 
Blossom Frederick A. uavalslores, 164 Front 

N.Y. h 193 Amity 
Blossom Frexlei-ick W. clk. h 54 Remsen 
Blossom James B. mer. 69 Wall N.Y. h 132 

Blossom Josiah, 59 Wall N.Y. h 440 Henry 
Blostfeld Hermann, carpenter, li 207 Court 
Blott Benjamin W. carpenter, h 328 15th 
Blotz Charles, driver, h 129 4th pi 
Blotz Ferdinand, baker, h 74 Ewen 
Blotz Gottfrey, tailor, h 197 Johnson av 
Blou Henry. n)ilkman, h 687 Leonard 

Blow Marie, wid. Alfred, h 46 (Jheever j)I 
Bloy George, coachman, h 123 Nassau 
Bloy George H. cabiuetmkr. h 123 Nassau 
Blue Julia A. milliner, 29 Flatbnsh av 
Bluhdorn William H.h 327 Lafayette av 
Blubm Emil, Ii 45 Degraw 
Bluhm John, marblepolisber, h 248 2d E.D. 
Blum Albert, haker, h 74 Graham av 
Blum Daniel, liquors, 105 Montrose av 
Blum Edward, jeweler, h 56 Morton 
Blum Jacob, tailor, h lol Throop av 
Blum Leopold, butcher, 154 4th E.D. h 66 
S. 6th 

Bhim Louis, butcher, 137 Ewen 
Blum Max, butcher, 131 Ewen, h 256 Broome 

Blum Orloff, tailor, h 59 Hope 
Blum Oscar E. musician, h 406 Myrtle av 
Blum Philip P. shoemkr. 427 18th 
Blum Rossella, wid. Adam,li 267 Grabam aT 
Blum Seigmund, cigarmkr. h 806 B'way 
Blum Theophiluff, butcher, h 129 Montrose a v 
Blum Thomas, butcher, 131 Eweu, h Mont- 
rose av 

Blum Valentine, lab. b 163 Hambntg av 
Blum Bros, butchers, 131 Ewen 
Blumdenger Anton, painter, h 240 Montrose 

Blume Frederick, milk, b 266 Front 
Blume George, clk. h 102 Sackett 
Blume Henry, butcher, 190 Myrtle av 
Blume John D. shoemkr. b 230 Tillary 
BluTOO William M. clothiug, h 103 Wilson 
Blumeiiau Levi, tobacconist, 161 Smith 
Blumeni aether Stephen, tailor, h 282 N. 2(1 
Blnmensebeiu Benjamin, tiufactory, b 234 

Blumenstelu Eckhardt G. carpenter, h 776 

Blumenstein Gottleib, shoemkr. h 139 N.9th 
BImuenstein Wenzel, tailor, 93 Meserole 
Blumenstock Leonard jr. shoes, 1095 Fulton 
Blumeustock Samuel, salesman, 423 B'way 
Blumenstock Solomon, liquors. Union av «f 

Johnson av, h 179 Hewes 
Blumenthal Hannah, wid Jacob, b 109 Gra- 
ham av 

Blumer Andrew, hairdresser, h251 Humboldt 
Blumer August, clk. h 108 Bogart 
Blumer James, chemist, li 186 Calyer 
Blumers Jachob, porter, h 176 Suydam 
Bluraerstetter Charles, boxmkr. b 706 Flush- 
ing av 

Blumeshine Maggie, wid. Anton, h 67 

Blnmhardt Charles A. confectionery, li 266 

Blumhardt Louis, elk. h 266 Carroll 
BlUmhein Christian, tailoT, 136 Maujer 
Blumhein John, tailor, 251 Bnsbwiek av 
Bl Umke Franz, shoemkr. 206 Stagg 
Bliimke Joseph, pipemkr. h 215 Manjer 
Blumlein John, tailor, 251 Busbwick av 
Blumm Frank, tailor, b 218 Montrose av 
Blumm Jacob, engineer, h 98 Moutrcge av 
Blunden E. Fred'k, machinist, 151 Heyward 
Blunden William, lab, h Magnolia n Myr- 
tle av 

BEST A^3Vr> 

6. KMHR & SONS, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston^ East Blver, Kew York. 

IlfESTIGATE yjg JHfJI^ ^^^^^"^^^ GARMENTS. 






Miinn George, inacliiinst, li 406 Myrtle av 
IMimston Samuel, cabiiietmkr. 79 Wyckoff 
}ilunt Edgar S. clk. h 181 Hooper 
Blunt Kdmnud, oils, 115 Maiden la N.Y. h 

336 Carlton av 
Blunt Edward, jeweler, h 56 Morton 
Blunt John, mer. h 46 Gates av 
B5unt MelntaWe M. wjd. John, h 87 Remaen 
Blunzel Rudolf, tailor, h 206 Stockton 
Blusli Jo. lab. li r 167 E. 2M 
Blnsteiu George, baker, b 468 Hicks 
Uluxomc Jobii D. storage, 31 West N.Y. h 

188 S. Oxford 
Sly Augustus, lab. h 886 Atlantic av 
Blv James, lab. h 652 Butler 
Bly Thomas, lab. h 65a Butler 
Blydenburgli Edgar R. elk. li 236 Flatbusli av 
Blydenbiirgb Frank, h 172 Jefferson 
Blydenbnrgh Wm. H. tiremau, b 8i Adelpbi 
Blydenburgii William S. h 236 Flatbusb av 
Blye John, cigarmkr. h 9.'i Hicks 
Blye Thomas, lab. h 189 Meserole av 
Blyns Isaac, shoemfr. 33U 1st E.D. 
Blyris Nathan, slioemfr. h 330 1st E.D. 
Blyth William, sboemkr. h 1867^^ Fulton 
Boag Edward T. see. N.Y., h 951 Greene av 
Boalder Wm. hairdresser, N.Y., h 444 B'way 
Boam Joseph, cigarmkr. h 352 Smith 
Boara Peter, h 676 Madison 
Board of Aldermen, 4 City Hall 
Board of Assessors, 10 Municipal BIdg 
Board of Audit, 6 City Hall 
Hoard of City Works, Municipal BIdg 
Board of Education, '29 Red Hook la 
Hoard of Elections, 9 City Hall 
Board of Health, 21 Municipal BIdg 
Board of Pharmacy, basement City Hall 
Board of Supervisors, 12 Court House 
Boardman A. H. h 234 Flatbush av 
ISoardinan Caroliue, wid. John, h 4 Bond 
Boardman E. Henry, scales, 311 B'way N.Y. 

h 24 St. James' pi 
Boardman Fred. H. elk. h 373 Bedford av 
Boardman Goi hatn, Ii 134 Gates av 
Boardman Halsey J. watchcases, Doughty 

c Columbia hgts. h Boston 
Boardman Henry, h 24 St James' pi 
Boardman Henry M. drugs, 689 Do Kalb av, 

h 619 Willonghby av 
Boardman Jame.s, iveiglier, h 118 38th 
Boardman Jason R. S. elk. h 373 Bedford av 
Boardman Walter, clockmkr. h 358 llth 
Boardman & Davis (H. M. Boardman & 
W. M. Davis), druggists, 689 De Kalb av 
Boare Gabriel, corks, 201 Maiden la N.Y. h 

58 Joralemon 
Boarer James, florist, Schaeifer n Knicker- 
bocker av 
Boars Henry, lighterman, h 452 Hicks 
Boate Gerald A. elk. h 341 13th 
Boate John G. bookkpr. h 235 Macon 
Boate Rieh.ird B. elk. h 87 Amity 
Bob Frederick, waver, h 155 McKibbin 
Bob Louis, boxmkr. h 218 Freeman 
Bobbett Albert, engraver, h 369 Cumberland 
Bobbett Walter, draughtiiman, h 369 Cum- 

Bobbs George, paver, h 26 Sumner av 

Bobier James C. (Rev.), h 285 \rilloug1jby 

Bobo Angus L. pres't, 27 Howard N.Y. li 337 


Bobo Lois E. stools, 27 Howard N.Y. h 337 

Boch George, h r 176 Graham av 
Boch Michael, lab. h 144 Ten Eyck 
Boeh Nicholas, liquors, 22 Graham av 
Bocb Robert R. conductor, h 150 Noble 
Bochat Emi], milliner, 417 Grand, & shoes, 

415 Grand, h 415 Grand 
Boehow Max, Innchman, b 54 Stockholm 
Bochsler Tobias, cablnetmkr. 1683 Pulton 
Bock Charles, tailor, 17 Boerum 
Bock Christopher, painter, h 142 Johnson av 
Bock Ferdinand, liquors, 242 Franklin av 
Bock Frederick, photographer, 117 Smith 
Bock Frederick, silverbeater, h 70 Palmetto 
Bock Gottfred, grocer, 27 Fleet 
Bock Gnstav, carpenter, h 104 Montrose av 
Bock Henry, stevrard, h 295 Nevins 
Bock Henry, elk. h 65 Livingston 
Bock Henry, tailor, li 140 Bayard 
Bock James, carpenter, h 195 (,'entre 
Bock John, sboemkr. 126 10th E.D. 
Bock Leo, artist, b 222 9th 
Hock Leo jr. artist, h 218 10th 
Bock L. bkkpr. h 296 8th 
Bock Martha, uur8e,h 55 Clermont av 
Bock Mary A. wid. Luder, h 65 Livingston 
Bock Thomas, lab. h 257 N. 7th 
Bock William, lab. h 97 Scholes 
Bock William C. butcher, h 656 Atlantic av 
Bockee John .J. h 46 1st place 
Bockol Jacob J. jeweler, h 100 Franklin av 
Bockelman George A. brassSnisher, h 99 


Bockcnheart Frederick, lab. h 179 Scholes 
Bockerman Charles, hatter, h 81 Main 
Booklet John, painter, 16.') Montrose av 
Booklet Joseph M. tailor, h 152 Graham av 
Bockmon Curtis, lab, h 53 Dupont 
Bockmann Hans F. broker, 43 S. William 

N.Y. h 130 Quincy 
Bockmann John, lab. Sebaeffer n Central av 
Bookmeyer Henry, peddler, h Middletou o 

Marcy av 

Bock over Edward I. com. mer. h 373 Van- 
derbilt av 

Bookover Mary, wid. Jason H. h 294 Lafay- 
ette av 

Bockurs , painter, h 135 N. 1st 
Boda Philip, lab. h 271 3d E.D. 
Bodanbender Henry, tailor, h 71 Morrell 
Bode George J. cigarpkr. li 23 India 
Bode Henry, grocer, 68 Diamond 
Bode Henry, lab. b244 2d E.D. 
Bode John, grocer, 298 Powers 
Bode John, hatter, h 194 Sandford 
Bode John, livery, 126 E. B'way K.Y. h 708 
Bedford av 

Bode Martha, wid. Dederick, h 194 Sandford 
Bode N icholas H. grocer, 67 Morrell 
Bode William, elk. h 212 Bergen 
Bodee William, tailor, h 299 Marion 
Bodol Gustav, carpenter, h r 203 Johnson av 
Bodeu Andrew J. inspector, h 214 Clason av 

WM. H. JACKSON & CO., 1 1 Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

, Y?'?J°'*»' ( I And Fire-Place Novelties. 

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Has the Largest Ifet Surplus of any Mre Insnrance Go. in tlie World. 

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© c: 











Boilen Clias. H. Wacltsmifcli, h 346 Myrtle av 
Bccleu Edward, carpenter, t 346 Myrtle av 
Btiden Edward, plasterer, li 27S4- Stockton 
Boden Edward L. printer, h 346 Myrtle av 
Boden Elizabeth A. wid. Lawrence, li 396 

Carlton av 
Boden Francis, liquors, 1st o N. 9tlj 
Boden George, jeweler, li 25 Canton 
Boden Harry, lab. h 43 Prince 
Boden James K. engineer, li 47 Prince 
Buden Joseph, lloiist, h 395 President 
Bodenhansen Sophia, wid. Louis, djer, S7 
Myrtle av 

Bodenstdet Catherine, wid. Charles, h 440 
Graham av 

Bodenstdet Chas. dockbldr. h 440 Graham 


Bodeiistdet John, baker, i 440 Graham av 
Bodenstein Otto, engraver, tiO Warren N. Y. 

h 266 Ellery 
Bodenstein Wiiliain, engraver, h 266 Ellery 
Boderick Thomas, lab. fi 79 Skillman 
Bodes Henry, oanlker, 8a S. 3d 
Bodevin Henry, bkkpr. h 114 Wyckoilf 
Bodge John, bkkpr. h 32 Margarctta 
Bodge Win. draughtsman, li 7f.b Greene av 
Bodge Wni. B. coin. iner. 560 B'way N.Y. li 

785 Greene av 
Bodger Henry, li 201 S. Portland av 
Bodic John, mason, h 587 6th av 
Bodie Mary T. wid. h 1030 Gates av 
Bodigheimer .loseph, bootiiikr. 119 Stimpter 
Hodine Augustus, bkkpr. h 434 Clermont av 
Bodiiie Alii jail E. com. iiier. Washington 

mkt. N.Y. h 10 Fort Green pi 
Bodiue Howard A. clerk, h 860 Pacific 
liSodine H. M. oil, h 539 Gates av 
Bodino John, clerk, h 353 Grand av 
Bodinc Victor, architect, h 633 3d av 
Bodine William N. decorator, h 860 Pacil;« 
Bodkin Dominick G. physician, li 92 Sands 
Bodkin James, tailor, 340^ Atlantic av 
Bodkin John, plumber, li 184 Peiiii 
Bodkin Lawrence P. coal, 87 Bridge, h 92 


Bodkin Martin E. agt. h 50 Macomb 
licdlo Sani),moroccodresscr,h 123 Clason av 
Bodot -Nicholas, glass, h 90 Hopkins 
Bodwell Wm. H. printer, li47 I'ort Greene pi 
Body Benjamin, bklr. 33 Hicks 
Body & Shepherd (Benjamin Body, Charles 

Shepherd), bldrs. 33 Hick.s 
Boebiick Henry, lab. h 336 Oakland 
Boecli Frank, restaurant, h 236 Hopkins 
Boeclier George, driver, h 54 Throop av 
Boeclier Lonis, hardware, 10 Throop av 
Boeckel Charles, painter, h 100 4tli av 
Boeckel Lonis. grocer, h 5 DeKalbav 
Boeckel William, realestnte, 122 Bowery 

N.Y. h 15 Eiissell pi 
Boecklen George, liquors, h 224 Union av 
Boeckler Catharine, wid. Johannes, h 62 

Ten Eyck 

Boeckler Charles, cabinetmkr. h 94 Maujer 
Boede Andiew, mason, h 15th 

Boedcokor Hans, sugar, h 178 West 
Boedeckcr John, musician, h 178 West 
Boedeker Frederick, cigarmkr, h 10 Scholes 

Boedekfir Frederick J. liquors, 1 42 Meeker av 
Boedeker Henry T. chemist, 71 Oakland 
Boegel Andrew, ironmonkler, h 133 Jetfer- 
son, E.D, 

Boegel Charles H. grocer, h 89 Conselyea 
Boegel Frederick, liquors, 196 Johnson av 
Boeger Francis, shacrakr. h ISO Deios 
Boegler Marg't,>¥id. John, h 186 Eichardsoa 
Boegner Frank, brewer, It 44 Scholes 
Boehlaw Charles, printer, li 476 16th 
Eoehle Antony, driver, h 67 Saekctt 
Boehler Adam, brewer, h 192 Meserole 
Boehler Peter, lab. 5i 198 Bopiuin 
BocSiler Samuel A. ma«liinist,h 70 Throop ar 
Boehler Simon A. machinist, h 70 Throop 
Boelilet .John, tailor, h r 103 Stagg 
Boehni Ernst, tailor, 47 Maujer 
BoeliHi John H. com. jiier. 88 Tesoy N.Y. h 

284 Hewes 
Boelim Joseph, h 260 McDougal 
Boehjn Joseph, cooper, h 106 N. 7tli 
Boehm Peter M. n.s.a. h 1001 Greene av 
Boehmer .A.dam, tailor, h 193 Johnson av 
Boehmer Aloys, cabinctmks'. h 195 Boercm 
Boehmer Frederick, physician, 36 Hiimholdt 
Boehmer Peter, lab. h 391 Ewen 
Bochringpr Charles, jiainter, h 173 Myrtle 
Boehriiiger John, liquors, 311 Atlantic av 
Boehmitz Ernest, shoemkr. h 119 Hopkins 
Boehn George, bkkpr. h 95 Harrison av 
Boehne Herman F. tailor, 198 D« Kalb av 
Bochncr John, carpenter, h 262 Floyd- 
Boehrer Charles L. liquors, 155 Bocrum 
Boekel Lonis, driver, h 5 De Kalb av 
Bcelnn Elizabeth, wid. James, h 174 Amity 
Boelen Henry, salesman, h 987 Myrtle av 
Boolger Conrad, shoemkr. h 404 3d E.D. 
IJoelkow Charles, baker, li 771 Park av 
Boell Charles E. W. artist, h 117 High 
Boeli Ch.arles P. elk, h 409 Pacific 
Boell Ellen, wid, George, h 117 High 
Boell Henry P. painter, h 738 Gates av 
Boeller Marks, lab, h 175 Scholes 
Boemei-man George, liquors, 057 Bedford av 
Boemerman Herman, ]i 657 Bcdfoi'd av 
Boeniermaim Henry, liquors, 462 5tb ;iv 
Boemermann John, grocer, 1081 Fulton 
Been an Charles, butcher, 572 4th av, & gro- 
cer, 570 4th av, h ,570 4th av 
Boening George, lab.h 301 Manjer 
Boeiiinghouse Frank, frametBruer, h 113f 
Suydam, jeweler, h 139 Elm 
Boer John, mason, h 167 Montrose av 
Boerck Paul, supt. Washington c Johnson, 

li 307 Livingston 
Eoerckel John, hardware, 31 Tompkins av 
Boeriiig George, mason, l 27 McKibbin 
Bcernenman Henry, cabinetmkr, h 100 N. .3(1 
Boers William .J. printer, h 77 High 
Eoerum Edward, fireman, h 113 Walworth 
Boerum F. Eapelje, h 155 Kostrand av 
Bceruni Hattie, wid. John, h 202 Clifton pi 
Boernin Jerome, watchcasemkr, Ii 414 Dean 
Boerum John, carpenter, h 260 Lee av 
Boerum J. M. lab. h r 38 Maujer 
Boerum Phoebe, wid. William, Ii4l4 Dean 
Boerum Richard S. painter, h r 171 Clason av 

8e Aelvt. page 12- front. 

BOE— Boa 

Also, RflssiajQ, Electric, and Roman Baths. 
1 34 CLINTON ST„ B'KLYlf. 


A, L. 

WOOD, M.D,. Prop'r. 

Boerum Tliomas F. li r 72 Dnffield 
Boes Hell!-}-, tiiilor, 141 Stagg 
Boesch Courad, h 30 Throop av 
Coesch H<3iiTy, niijic, h 92 Hudson av 
Boesclian Jolm, driver, II 40S 18th 
Boesclier Fred, machinist, U (i7 Ten Eyek 
Boese Robert, taiieygds. h 'Id E.D. 
Boese Samuel, piaiiondcr. li '.iV2 S. 4th 
Boese William, jeweler, h 2Si 2d E.B. 
Bocsse Frederick J. impr. G4 Nassau N.Y. h 
35 ft. 4th 

Boest August, cigars, h 142 Wytlie av 
Boestruu jjioholas, machinist, li 93 2d 
Boetcher August, elk. li 14 Fultou 
Boetuer Henry, butcher, h 20'J Varet 
Boettchor AdolpU, musicalinsts. 127 4th E.D. 
Boettcher Hermanu E. lithographer, h 230 

Pi-auklin av 
Boettcher .lohn G. brassfoundry, 130 1st 

E.D. & firebricks, ft Olymer, li 101 Dean 
Boetticher Max A, liquors, 182 Atlautic av 
Boettinger (jotlob, painter, h 750 Fulton 
Boettner Gusta've A. elk. h 262 9th 
Boetzel John, joiner, h r 176 Ten Eyek 
Bogan Bernard, realestate, 6.') Court, h 65 

Bogan George, tailor, hl92 S. 1st 
Bogan William J. printer, h 142 Douglass 
Bogardus De Witt, ins. 100 BVay N.Y. h 

7;)5 De Kalb av 
Bogardns Uelea M. wid. Edwla It. h 799 


Bogardus Jeanctt A. drcssmkr. h 593 Fulton 
Bogardus John F. machinist, h 413 Cumber- 

Bog;inliis Martin, machinist, h 660 Butler 
Bogardus Robert, dentist, ;J12 Fultou, h 425 

l'>.iiiklin av 
Bogardus T. De Witt, ins. 100 B'way N.Y. U 

7f)5 De Kalb av 
Bogart Augustus A. elk. h 153 Gates av 
Bogart Charles H. agt. h 156 lOtli 
Bogart Cliristophor, priuter, li 39 Meeker av 
Bogart Cornelius, porter, h 103 S. 1st 
Bogart Edward, cutter, li 237 Devoe 
Bogart Edwin S. machinist, Ii 27 Couselyea 
Bogart E. S. treas. h 2S0 Raymond 
Bogart George H. h 267 Ryerson 
Bogart Gerard, coppersmith, li 109 Ui\ion av 
Bogart Hurry L. engineer, h 34 Clinton 
Bogart Henry, bkkpi'. h 267 Byerson 
Bogart Henry, sexton, li 127 2<1 pi 
Bogart Jolm, elk. h 73 Vanderbilt av 
Bogart John, painter, h 664 Baltic 
Bogart John H. planer, h Howard av c Put- 
man av 

Bogart Levina, wid. Peter, mirse, 314 18th 
Bogart Louisa, vs-id. Peter, h 155 Poplar 
Bogart Peter, bkkpr. h 311 State 
Bogart Snmuel B. carpenter, 793 3d av 
Bogart Sar.ih, wid. h 199 Walworth 
Bogart Stephen, shipping, Pier 36 N.R. N.Y. 

h 319 Clintou 
Bogart Tuiiis D. jewelry, 235 Myrtle av, h 

472 Hudson av 
Bogart William, shoemkr. h 348 Atlantic av 
Bogart William H. restaurant, 160 B'way, li 

133 S. 9th 

Bogel August, liquors, 94 Franklin 
Bogel Claus H. grocer, 312 Leonard 
Bogel Henry, grocer, 217 Calyer 
liogel H. confectioner, 47 B'way 
Boger Nicholas H. li 254 Skillman 
Boger Rudolph, elk. h 254 Skillman 
ISoger William, li 481^ Willoughby aV 
Boger William C. shoemkr. h 330 Navy 
Bogert Albert, ins. N.Y. h 17 Halsey 
Bogert Charles .1. bookkpr. h 56 Pulaski 
Bogert Cornelius, carpenter, h 1055 Lafay- 
ette av 

Bogert Cornelius C. h 1225 B'way 
Bogert Edward E. elk. h 467 Waverly av 
Bogert Edw'd S. physician, h 135 Joralemon 
Bogert Frank, elk. h 17 Halsey 
Bogert Gardner, h 101 Franklin av 
Bogert George A. watchman, h 365 Oakland 
Bogert Harris; fish, 1119 Fulton, h 1086 

Bogert ,lohn S. mason, h 452 Franklin av 
Bogert J. B. carpenter, Clifton pi. ii Clason 

av h 45 Lexington av 
Bogert Philip E. bkmfr. 72 John N.Y. h 

331 Pntnam av 
Bogert Kudolphus E. elk. h 691 Fnlton 
Bogert Stephen, conductor,h 9.)7 De Kalb av 
Bogert Wealthy .J. wid. Rudolplius, h 359 


Bogert William, lab. h 365 Oakland 
Bogert.William F. cutter, b 106 (lonsolyca 
Bogert William F. i)roduce, 39 Pearl N.Y. h 
213 Keaj) 

Bogert William S. produce exchange, N.Y. 

h 213 Keap 
Bogg Mary, wid. h 646 Atlantic av 
Boggs .Tolin, elk. h 173 Monroe 
Boggs Niuian, blacksmith, h 20 N. Portland 


Boggs Samuel, engineer, h 259 Hoyt 
Boggs Sophia S. wid. William, h 178 Clin- 

Boggs Susan, wid. William, h 33 India 
Boggs William G. h 445 9th 
Boggs William G. h 123 Gates av 
Bogle James, importer, N.Y. h 3 1st pi 
Bogort John, engineer, h 179 13th 
Bogrold Peter, eliairnikr, h 187 Huntington 
Bogt Frank, elk, b 40 Tillary 
Bogt Henry, boilermkr, li 183 2d E.D. 
Bogue Ann, wid. Felix, h 671 Dean 
Bogue Chas. A. sec. 81 B'way, h 141 3d E.D. 
Bogue Felix, mason, h 627 Vanderbilt av 
Bogne George C. com. mer. 125 Warren N.Y. 

h 12 Downing 
Bogne George C. jr. elk. li 12 Downing 
Bogue Louise J. wid. h 667 Quiucy 
Bogue Martin D. elk, h 28 Orange 
Bogue Wm. A. clockiinisher, h A7ii 7th av 
Bogue William S. bkkpr, h 130 Gold 
Bohag .Tames, peddler, h 72 Vanderbilt av 
Bohan Daniel, conti-actor, h r 788 Dean 
Bohan William, shoemkr. h 197 9th 
I Bohana JIary, h 4.H3 Hicks 
j Bohanan James, lab. h r 566 Kent av 
I Bolianna John, coal, ft 12th, h ft 13th 

Bohanna John jr, liquors. Court c Hamilton 
1 av, h ft 13th 

\j Laia's Directory Offices! iii^lSS^KlH^xSi. 

RDTAL mmmm m. mm of uvEKPOoii, ehglam, 

Has the Largesl; Ket Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name. 



m Ml 
® z 
















'Boliiinna Peter H. lawyer, 64 BVay h 14 


BoUanimD George H. carpenter, h 14 Stock- 

Bohaunan Loyal, locksmith, h 120 Stuyves- 
ant av 

Bohanuan Wilson, locka, Kossuth c B'way, 

li 67 Stanhope 
Bohen Elleu, wid. Timothy, h 97 Commerce 
Bohen James, express, 19 Fulton, h 74 Hall 
Bohen Lawrence, lab h 60 Canton 
Bohen Patrick, lah. h 782 Dean 
Bohen Peter P. foreman, h 8'21 Dean 
Bohl Charles, cigarinkr. h 230 Ewen 
Bolil Henry, cigars, 267 av 
Bohl Louis, cigarmkr. h r 300 S. Ist 
:Bohland Henry, fireman, h 746 Park av 
Bobland Henry, flsh, 387 Van Brunt 
Bohlauder Philip, shoemkr. h 355 De Kalb av 
Bohle Charles, driver, h 582 6tli av 
Bolile Charles H. shoes, 177 Grand 
Bohle Elizabeth M. wid. Frederick, h 135 

Bohle George, h 338 Starr 
Bohle Hennetta, wid. John P. h 309 Smith 
Bohleber Michael, cigarmkr. h 143 Kiohard- 


Bohlen Ernest, grocer, 172 S. 8th 
Bohlen George, brewer, h 358 Hart 
Bohlen Hetiuiug N. grocer, 275 Evergreen av 
Bohlen Henning & Bro. (Ernest), grocers, 

172 S. 8th ^ 
Bohlen Henry F. grocer, Jefferson o Ever- 
green av 

Bohlen John, grocer, 314 Humboldt 
Bohlen Magnus, seaman, li 204 Columbia 
Bohlen P. dressmkr. h 138 Cook 
Bohlender Constantine, painter, h 61 4th av 
Bohliber Michael, tailor, h 196 Scholes 
Bohling John, restaurant, 25 Barclay N.Y. 

h ilO Taylor 
Bohling William, driver, h 79 Graham 
Bohlman Jacob, lic^uors, 8 Throop av 
Bohlmann Uavid, cigarmkr. h 53 Johnson av 
Bohlmann Henry, cigarmkr. h 87 Johnson av 
Bohlmann Herman, cigarmkr. h 87 Johnson 


Bohlmann Meitber, wid. David, b 77 John- 
son av 

Bohm Anton, tailor, h 276 Floyd 
Bohm George, lab. h 741 Leonard 
Bohm Hans, longshoreman, b 8 Beach pi 
Bohm Jacob, stonecutter, h 634 3d av 

Bohm James, express, h 88 Waverly av 
Bohm John, lab. h 189 2d av 
Bohm Max, pressworker, h 18th, c 10th av 
Bohman Carl, h 97 Cedar 
Bohman Jacob, painter, h 215 Scholes 
Bohmann Mary, wid. Richard, h 9 Bergen 
Bohmeke Frederick, grocer, h 108 Summit 
Bohmermaan Henry, grocer, 249 Jay 
Bohmke Max, bkkpr. hr 57 Sackett 
Bohmke William, porter, h 134 Wyckoft 
Bohn Adam, lab. h 84 Gerry 
Bohn Adam, lab. h 121 Hopkins 
Bohn August F. elk. h 47 Myrtle av 
Bohn August W. coffees, 78 Fulton, h 305 

Bohn Casper, tailor, h 8()4 Park av 
Bohn Cornelius, eoDtractor, h r 790 Dean 
Bohn Frederick, soap, h 35 I'ompkins av 
Bohn Fredeiicka, tailor, b 47 Tompkins av 
Bohn Frederick J. C. cabiuotiukr. h 723 

Myrtle av 
Bohn George C. elk. h 584 Myrtle av 
Bohn Qeoi-ge I'. soap,h 35 Tompkins av 
Bohn Henry, ooifee, h 305 Nnvy 
Bohn Henry, lab. h 1(15 Ewen 
Bohn Heni-y, shoemkr. h 46(i Bergen 
Bohn Joseph, cigarmkr. h 134 Maujer 
Bohn Josepl], lab. h r 122 Johnson av. 
Bohn Matilda, wid. Micliael, h 197 Ewea 
Bohuaker Frederick, liquors, 117 Seigel 
Bohne Conrad, baker, h 89 Van Cott av 
Bohne Ernest W. cigarmanfr. 34 Grand 
Bohne Lewis J. grocer, h 828 Fnlton 
Bohne Louis, porter, h 7 Boerum 
Bohne Louis J. grocer, 15 Fulton, b 828 


Bohncfink Samuel, mason, r 425 Warren 
Bohneker Louis, machinist, h 265 Kloyd 
Bohner Frederick, elk. Ii 216 Ten Eyck 
Bohner John, varnish, h 112 Union av 
Bohner Joseph, varnish. Metropolitan av h 

113 Union av 
Bohner Philip H. harness, 18 Warren, N.Y.b 

319 President 
Bohnert Conrad, carman, h 284 Marion 
liohnert Eliza, confectionery, 384 Marion 
Bohnhoff August, lab. h 57 8. 1st 
Bohnicke Frederick, com. mer. 113 Warren 

N.y. h 108 Summit 
Bohnsack Oustave, seaman, h 340 Van Brunt 
Bohuson Honry, feed, 293 5th E.D. h 297 5th 


Bobnson Henry & Co. (Andi-ewThodstrnp), 
feed, 293 6 th E.D. 

Bohr Joseph, tailor, h 609 6th av 
Bohr William, carpenter, Ii 25li l<7oyd 
Bohron Fred'k, watohoasemkr. b 51-} Sum- 
ner av 

Bohrer George, engineer, h 12 McKenney 
Bohrig Philip, lah. h 69 i B'way 
Bohringer John, baker, h 519 Atlantic av 
Bohringer Otto, barkpr. h 7 B'way 
]3oice Edward, driver, h 89 S. 3d 
Boiee Elizabeth, wid. Jas. h 13r) Conselyea 
Boiee George, lab. h 48 N. Portliaid av 
Boice Martin B. auctioneer, 452 Fulton, h 

589 Fnlton 
Boice Oscar, foreman, li 101 Dupont 
Boice Phillip, baker, h 478 Bergen 
Boiee Thos. paperhanger, h 14 Rochester.av 
Boid John, engineer, h 427 Bushwick av 
Boigin .A.ndrew, carjjenter, h 99 Monre 
Boilan Michael, teatherroUer, h 80 N. 8th 
Boiland Cathariae M. wid. b 167 Wavreu 
Boine Barbara, wid. Adum, h 148 Seigel 
Boirs Orlow H. elk. h 76 4th av 
Boisaubin Alfred E. salesman, h 1546i Ful- 

Boise William H. stoves, h 238 Halsey 
Bdisselier August, h 162 State 
Boistram Peter, lab. h 104 Union 
Boitel Andrew, cigars, 474 5t.h av 
Boitel E. cigarmkr. h 438 Degraw 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 









Boits Louis, lab. Ii 143 Walton 
Boitznei' Jacob, burcber, 898 Myrtle av 
Boivifi Alfred L. varieties, 1954 Fulton 
Boivie Harold, plumber, 1093 Fulton, h 551 

St. Marie's av 
Boivie Harry F. b 1954 Fulton 
Boizino Eugene, cigarmltr. b S60 Degraw 
Bok Edward W. sec. 197 B'way N.Y. h 258 


Bok Sicko G. ■mil. Wm. J. H. 25S Carroll 
Bokee Alfred W. printer, h 423 Cumberland 
Bokee David A. coal, 3 CortlandtN.Y. b 125 
Lincoln jil 

Bokee Frederick W. broker, 56 Wall N.Y. b 

178 Amity 
Bokee Joseph, elk. b 620 Carlton av 
Bokee William, elk. li 60 5th av 
Bokle John, liquors, h 135 Wythe av 
Bolaii John, driver, h :!78 Hicks 
Bolan John, supt. b 115 Hall 
Bolan Timothy, shoemkr. b 179 N. 8tb 
Bolaud Ann, wid. Patrick, b 3G9 Hicks 
Boland Charles, elk. h 2;i7 Putnam av 
Boland Charles E. ins. h |21 3d. pi 
Boland Charles F. bkkpr. h 93 Reid av 
Boland Cornelius, dresser, h 518 Park av 
Boland Fred'k, pattenimkr. L 30 N. Oxford 
Boland James, conductor, b 594 6tb av 
Boland James, liquors, 639 5th av 
Boland John, oysters, 200 B'way N.Y. h 331 


Boland Joseph, oik. h 75 Main 
Boland Mary, wid. Thomas, h 636J Baltic 
Boland Oscar M. collector, h 110 Manhattan 

Boland Thomas F. elk. b 41 S. 5tb 
Boland William P. salesman, h 75 Main 
Bolander Carl G. h 419 Henry 
Bolander George, lab. h 194 Montrose av 
Bolander John G. broker, 2 Stone N.Y. h 

419 Henry 
Bold^Jobn, painter, b 935 Atlantic av 
Bold John, peddler, h 13:5 Moore 
Bold Margaret, confectiouery,936 Atlantic av 
Bolde David, brickmkr. h r 49 Duffleld 
Bolden Isaac H. dyer, 560 Fulton 
Bolderson John, carpenter, b 375 Grand 
Bole Andrew C. drygds. 340 Court 
Boleu Charles, milk, li 557 Grand 
Bolen George, carpenter, b 557 Grand 
Boleu George F. agt. 1642 Atlantic av 
Bolen Joseph, h 28 Cliai'les 
Bolen Margaret, h 266 4th E.U. 
Bolen M. Fraser, ins. agt. h 306 lOtb 
Bolen Newton, conductor, b 557 Grand 
Bolen Timothy, shoemkr. h 179 N. 8th 
Bolender Frederick, confeotiouer.b 383 S.5tb 
Boler Charles M. painter, h 26 Broome 
Boleschka Frank J. carver, h 62 Wyckoff 
Bolesebka Wm. E. musician, h 62 Wyckoflf 
Bolf Thomas, barkpr. h 393 President 
Bolge Thomas, driver, h 194 24th. 
Bolger Edward J. bkkpr, h 37 Oakland 
Bolger James, shipmaster, li 45 Prospect pi 
Bolger James, liquors, 57 Degraw 
Bolger John, liquors, 304 Court, h 275 De- 

Bolger John, shoemkr. h 252 20tb 

Bolger Michael, porter, h 239 Smith 
Bolger Patrick, shoes, 54 5th av 
Bolger Eicbard, carpenter, h 37 Oakland 
Bolger Thomas, engineer, h 33 WoodhuU 
BoHer Frederick, wagonmkr. b 337 N. 2d 
Boliner Robert, carpenter, h 981 Pacific 
Bolitho Edwin, engineer, h 209|- Eckford 
Bnlivar George, sbipcarpenter, h 62 Huron 
Bolk Frederick, truckman, h 192 Concord 
Boll Henry, lab. h 54 Vandyke 
Boll John, cooper, b 183 N. 8th 
Boll Konrod, pocketbkmkr. b 232 5tb, E D. 
Boll Myer, mfr. 3f>8 Canal N.Y. b 18 Powers 
Bolland Henry, stevedore, h 212 Prospect av 
Bolland Louis T. harness, 157 Fulton, h 94 

Bolland Patrick, sawyer, b 198 Hamilton av 
Bolland Simpson, foreman, h 294 18th 
Bollander John, b r 51 Graham av 
Bollar Edward, lab. h 21 Meserolo 
15ol!as Thomas, b 107 Union av 
Bollas Thomiis, filemfr. 62 Skillman av, h 

308 Loriraer 
Bollas Walter O. filemfr. 226 Union av, b 

318 Lorimer 
Bolle James, cabinet.mkr. h 364 3d 
Boiler Charles, slioemfr. 203 Varet 
Bolles Charles E. photographer, '.^71 Fulton 
Boiles Henry, watchman, b 5'<i8 15tb 
Bolles Thomas, gunmfr. 88 N. 12tb, h N.Y. 
BoUhofer John, supfc. h 1122 St. Mark's av 
Bollie Charles E. Mansion House 
Boiling August, cook, h r 360 S, 1st 
Boiling Thomas, lab. li r 360 S. 1st 
Bollmau Edward, janitor, h 118 Ainslie 
BoUmaii George, tanner, Floyd c Tompkins 

av, h 71 Tompkins av 
Bollman John, restaurant, 17 Main 
Bollman William, scales, h 137 Walton 
Bollmanu Charles A. l)utcher, h 1163 Pulton 
Bollmann George, lab. h 355 Pnlnski 
BoUmaun John H. butcher, h 1103 Fulton 
Bollmann Louis, carpenter, h 336 Carroll 
BoUton John C. grocer, S. 4th c 11th 
Bollwinckel John, grocer, 251 WycUoff 
Bolmn Margaret, wid. h 17 N. Oxford 
Bolon Charles B. shipfasteuer, h 18 Greene av 
Bolshaw William, lab. b 309 6th E.D. 
Bolstein Jacob B. glass, 652 De Kalb av 
Bolster George, elk. b 28 Hicks 
Bolster Leonard W. tailor, h 225 Cbauiicey 
Bolster William, hairdresser, h 444 BVay 
Bolt Frank, lab. h 385 Humboldt 
Bolten Joseph, police, h 224 Park pi 
Bolton Charles, miller, b 53 Hicks 
Bolton Edward, lab. h 130 Franklin 
Bolton Gooi'go, engraver, h 178 Leonard 
Bolton John, h 177 Powers 
Bolton John, salesman, h 287 13tb 
Bolton John, ship^yrigbt, h 108 Clymer 
Bolton Maurice M. grainer, h 142 Navy 
Bolton Michael, police, h 721 Butler 
Boltou Patrick, lab. h 503 Humboldt 
Bolton Richard A. painter, 395 Fulton, h 701 

Atlantic av 
Bolton Sarah, drygds. 522 5th av, h287 13th 
Bolton William, dyer, h 243 Bond 
Bolton William, lab. b 721 Butler 


no & 112 Broad, oor. Water St., N.Y. 

Direct Receiver of PENNSYLVANIA RYE and 

See Business Directory. Uquors — ^Wbolesale. 

MAL mmm m. [fire] oi wympool, imim, 

Ha* the Largest Het Surplus of aay Fire lastirance Co. in the World. 

Se« AdTertisement opposite name* 


Bolton William, tailor, h 403 De Kalb av ' 
Bolton Wm. C. drugs, 266 Fulton, h 380 

Bolton William H. hardware, 613 Fulton, Ii 

326 Clermont av 
Boltz Adam, engineer, li 159 Maujer 
Boltz John, oysters, h 109 Stagg 
Boltz Leoubardt, bkblnder, li 25:" J 19th 
Bolz Anton, cabinetmkr. h 116 McKibbin 
Bolz Michael, cabiuetmkr. h 116 McKibbiu 
Bonian George, mason, h 698 5tli av 
Boman John, stonecutter, h 208 22d 
Boman William, peddler, h 137 Cook 
Bomann Joseph, mfr. 8 Greene N.Y. h 491 

Bedford av 
Bombager Chas. butcher, h 445 Atlantic av 
Bomen J. Marion, impr. lij Greene N.Y. h 44 

Bomer George E. printer, b 219 20th 
Bomgarten Henry, h 563 Grand 
Bombard Adolph, artist, h IStH Marion 
Bomhard Ida, fancygds. 393 Grand 
Bomboif Ernest, shoemkr. 29 Rush 
Bomhofif George, musician, h 757 Madison 
Bomhoif Richard, butcher, 301 Halsey 
Bomkessel Mathias, tailor, h 30 Graham av 
Bommabeau John, oysters, 62 Whipple 
Bommer Emil, artist, h 50 Willoughby 
Bommer Lorenzo, mfr. 84 Pearl, h 92 Nassau 
Bommer William, spriugbinges, 84 Pearl, h 

50 Willoughby 
Bon Isadore M. treas. 377 Fulton, & tobac- 
co, 178 Water N.iT. h 217 Clermont av 
Bonachowski John, tailor, r 32 Stagg, li 34 

Bonacum James, b 78 Carroll 
Bonar Thomas, engraver, h 173 Taylor 
Bonath Charles, music, h 90 Clasou av 
Boaaventura Elizabeth, wid. Christopher, 

confectionery, h 247 Bridge 
Bonawitz Charles, cutter, h 15 Stagg 
Boiiawitz David, tailor, h 15 Stagg 
Bond Ann, confectionery, 343 Tan Brunt 
Bond Aun, wid. h 88 Middleton 
Bond Benjamin W. hooks, 150 Nassau N.Y. 

h 117 Berkeley pi 
Bond Charles, h 1343 Fulton 
Bond Charles E. milk, h 899 Herkimer 
Bond Charles S. elk. h 27 Schermerhorn 
Bond Ellen, wid. Isaac, h ^3 S. 2d 
Bond Elizabeth, laundress, h 441 Fulton 
Bond Eugene, painter, h 329 Central av 
Bond Frank, physician, h 27 Schermerhorn 
Bond George, h 247 Kntledge 
Bond George, salesman, h 140 Fort Greene 

Bond Henry, shipmaster, h 492 Henry 
Bond Hugh, shipmaster, h 396 Hamilton av 
Bond Jacob T. carpenter, h 301 Bridge 
Bond James, cigars, 503 6th av 
Bond James, engineer, h r 38 Dikeman 
Bond James, mfr. h 262 5th av 
Bond James, oysters, 10 Water, h 92 Adams 
Bond James W. liquors, 284 Hicks 
Bond Jane D. milliner, 1343 Fulton 
Bond John, h 1331 De Kalb av 
Bond John N. steward, h 461 12th 
Bond Joseph E. drugs, h 252 12th 

Bond Josephus, mason, h .329 Central av 

Bond Leonard C. bkkpr. 301 Bridge 

Bond Lorenzo, bkkpr. h 214 Halsey 

Bond Maria, teacher, 85 Waverly av 

Bond Oliver, h 140 Fort Greene pl 

Bond Oliver jr. milk, h 680 Herkimer 

Bond Susan A. wid. Edwin, h 174 India 

Bond Thomas A. elk. h 455 9th 

Bond Tyson H. farmer, li ft 52d 

Bond Tyson H. jr. milk, ft 52d 

Bond William, elk. h 57 4th av 

Bond William, elk. b 274 12th 

Bond William A. notary, h 45 Meeker av 

Bond William L. liquors, 104 De Kalb av, h 

Clasou av n Fulton 
Bonds Edward, cook, h 237 Navy 
Bonengel Valentine, carpenter, h 164 West 
Boneutine George, brass, h 152 Eokford 
Boner Mary, wid. Karl, h 47 Wythe av 
Boner Michael, h r 260 Water 
Bonert Louis, bldr. h 338 Smith 
Boncss Wm. G. tailor, li 287-i Kingslaud av 
Bonesteel John N. h 310 Carlton av 
Bonest.oll William, ins. N.Y. h 194 Greene av 
Boiiestill James H. elk. b 98 Tillary 
Bonestill Peter, roofer, h 98 Tillary 
Bonfelder Kilian, wheelwright, h 215 Stagg 
Bonfield Alfred E. o. h. elk. h 461 Adelphi 
Bonfield John K. insp. h 564 State 
Bongai d Doia, wid. Theodore, h 575 Gth av 
Bongard Herman, carpenter, h 278 21st 
Bongard James, liquors, 6th av c 18tU 
Bongard John, bldr. 276 21st 
Boiigart Herman, nieobaiiic, h 119 lOlli 
Bougartz Ferdinand A. elk. 67 Uiiiou av 
Bougartz Joseph, drugs, 102 Ewen 
Bonier Felix, elk. h 357 Grand 
Boniface Jolm J. realestate, 673 Fulton, h 37 

St. Felix 

Bonington Charles G. pilot, h 69 16th 

Bonington .Tolm, turner, h 185 15tli 

Bonn A. h 669 Carroll 

Bound Loren, painter, h 38 Clay 

Bonne Eiohai-d, machinist, h 59 Boernm 

Bonnell A. D. iron, 98 William N.Y. h 34 

Garden pl 
Bonnell A. M. b 588 Warren 
Bonnell Charles L. physician, 3 Hanson pl 
Bonnell Mary, wid. Eob't, li 319 Cumber- 

BouncU R. V. realestate, 41 Wall N.Y. h 84 

Bonnell William, shipmaster, h 219 Degraw 
Bonnell William F. sec. h 34 Garden pl 
Bonneman Cassimir, tailor, h 119 Hopkins 
Bonner Adam, cradlemfr. 250 Moore, li 6S 

Bonner Alexander, liquors, h 150 Union av 

Bonner Ann, wid. h 188 Plymouth 

Bonner Anthony J. printer, 84 Pearl, h 50 

Bonner Caroline, wid. h 66 10th E.D. 
Bonner Charles, goldbeater, h 220 Hewes 
Bonner Eliza, wid. Luke, h 197 S. Portland 


Bonner Ellen M. wid. h 258 S. 1st 

Bonner Frances, wid. William, h 211 Monroe 

Bonner Frederick, elk. h 24 Debevoise pl 



348 Broadway, TofEW YOKK. 


See Adirt. page 12 frout. 


ilso, Russian, Electric, and Soman Batlis. 


A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

91 BOO 

Bonner George, rigger, li 165 Ainslie 
Bonner James, li 113 SkiUman 
Homier John, scavenger, 97 B'way, h 14 

Bonner J. Paul, foreman, h 173Penn 
BoniKir Lucy A. vtid. h 351 Waverly av 
Bonner Margaret, h 98 Dean 
Bonner Margaret, furniture, 260 Moore, h 

74 Beaver 
Bonner M;irgaret, h 438 Manhattan av 
Bomier Neil, liquors, 277 Myrtle av 
Bonner Patrick, lab. h 61 Main 
Bouiier Peter, shoemkr. 29i) Myrtle av, & 

liquors, 277 Myrtle av 
Bonner Samuel \V. nier. li 384 Degraw 
Bonner Titus, goldbeater, I'ulton N.Y. h 38 

Fort (jreene pi 
Bonner William, goldbeater, h 980 Myrtle av 
Bonner William, ice, h 687 Flushing av 
Bonner Bros. (Peter & Neil), liquors, 277 

Myrtle av 

Bonner & Paeplte (Margaret Bonner, Louis 
PaepJje). furniture, 260 Moore 

Bonnerman Ernest, confectionery, 535 Man- 
hattan av 

Bonuerwith John, cigarmfr. 9f)7 De Kalb av 
Bonnet Jacob N. jeweler, N.Y. h 48(iSlarcy av 
Bonnet Louis, decorator, h 1.57 Franklin 
Bounett Daniel D. shoes, 478 3d av 
Bennett Edward, engineer, li 249 Stat© 
Bennett Edward A. V. drygtls. h 83 lltli 
Bonnett Margaret, wid. Eugene, h 495 Henry 
Bonnewitz Charles, grocer, 3 Morrell 
Boiiney Barnard, lab. h 181 Sackett 
Bonney Bernard, oysters, h 452 Atlantic av 
Bonney James, waiter, h 363 Hicks 
Bonney John, lab. h 39th n 5th av 
Bonney Jos'a W. glassblower, h 106 Withers 
Bonniey Joseph, lab. li 17 5th 
Bonnington John H. broker, 58 Liberty N.Y. 

h 113 Noble 
Bonny Bruce, c\k. h 423 Herkimer 
Bonny Frank S. oik. h 423 Herkimer 
Bonny Frederick C. elk. 1) 423 Herkimer 
Bonny John B. tailor, h 423 Herkimer 
Bonsall Parker, mechanic, h r 231 Devoe 
Bonsall Eobt. realestate, h 1918 Atlantic av 
Bonsall William H. lab. h r 231 Deyoe 
Bousel Schriner, lab. h Oakland c Green- 
point av 
Bont Henry V. h 188 Guernsey 
Bontar Samuel, conductor, h 796 Nostrand av 
Bontems Aloys, satchels, h 241 Hopkins 
Bonten Michael, birds, 14 Throop av 
Bonzine Louis, fruits, 116 Court, h211 Pacific 
Boock August F. butcher, 265 Van Brunt, h 

120 William 
Boock Charles, butcher, h 120 "William 
Boock George H. carver, h 120 William 
Boock Joli!!, blacksmith, h 168 Partition 
Boockmillor Anthony, cooper, h 180 Bayard 
Boocock Julia B. h 431 Clinton 
Boocock Samuel W. banker, 30 Broad N.Y. 

h 87 Joralenion 
Booden Patrick, vainishmkr. 243 N. 9th, h 
192 N. 9th 

Booden Thomas, vamishmkr. 243 N. 9th, h 

192 N. 9th 

Booden & Son, varnisbmkrs. 243 N. 9tli 




243 to 251 HORTH IIITH ST., Bear EiXlH St., E. D. 

Particular atleDtion given to Gold-siziufr. Flock- 
sMd^, and Bronzing for Paper-han ging 




Boodie Henry, fat, h 206 Greene 
Boogaidts August, shoemkr. 45 Henry, 
126 High 

Bookbinder Charles, engraver, h 343 N. 2d 
Bookbinder Jacob, hairdresser, 343 N. 2d 
Bookbinder Jacob jr. hairdresser, h 343 N.2d 

Bookbinder .John, hairdresser, 211 Park av 
Booke George, eigarmkr. h 194 Nelson 
Booker Joseph, driver, h r 794 Atlantic av 
Booker Washington, lab. h 714 Atlantic av 
liooker William H. elk. h 18() Bond 
Brocklein Gustave, paperhanger, h 336 

BooksMank George, painter, h 190 24th 
liooksbooni Jacob, tailor, h 88 Seigel 
Bool Francis P. h 437 Gold 
Hoole William 11. (Kov.), 191 S. 2d 
Boollo William, confectionery, 931 B'way 
Boomer Hugh L. tinsmith, li 108 Douglass 
Boomer John, baker, h 108 Douglass 
Boomer John H. sexton, h 20 Flatbush av 
P.ooii Ham])tou L. agt. h 378 61 h 
Boon Johannes, elk. h 259 Carroll 
Boone Ann, wid. William N. h 684 Dean 
Boone Emily, wid. Benjamin, li 146 10th 
Boone G. T. h 452 Hart 
Boone John H. porter, h 28 Carlton av 
Boone Tliouias E. police, li 114 Carlton av 
Boone Thomas G. screws. Park av c Sand- 
ford, li 452 Hart 
Boone Wm. C. manager, h 43 Tompkins j)! 
Boone William C. screws, I'ark av c Sand 

ford, h 444 Hart 
Boone William C.jr. machinist, Park av < 

Sandford, h 866 Willoughby av 
Boone William C. & Son (Thomas G.), screw 

& novelty works. Park av c Sandford 
C. Boone jr., A. Vandervoort), rope ma- 
chinists, Park av c Sandford 
Bopp Wilhelmiue, wid. August, varieties^ 

128 Meserole 
Boordman Edward, lab. h 153 Van Brunt 
Boorem Van Vorst, sugarrefiuor, N. 3d &2d 

h 127 Amity 
Boorum Eliza W. wid. John L. h 762 Bed- 
ford av 

Boorum George C. hlankbks. 28 Reade N.Y. 

h 206 Adelphi 
Boorum William B. blankbks. 28 Eeade N.Y. 

h 458 Clinton av 
Boos Adam, cabinetmkr. h 202 Meserole 
Boos Chas. cabinetmkr. h 113 Jeflfersou E.D. 
Boos Edward, tailor, h 201 Centre 
Boos Jacob, blacksmith, 454 Carroll 
Boos John, baker, h 100 Buffalo av 

PIAMflQ ^teinwaj, Weber, and CMckering, Repaired 
1 n U U, it GHAS. f . HELD'S, lliLiTingstOE St, cor. Bflerni PL 


Has the Lai^est Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 




<S) z 













Boosam Wm. blacksmith, li 1S7 Partitioa 
Boos6 Frank A. bkkpr. h 332 Wyckoff 
Boot Thomas, furrier, h 118 Halph av 
Boot William, painter, 154 4th E.G. h 259 


Bootay Edgar S. broker, 53 Exchange pi 

N.Y. h 118 Cumberland 
Booth Albert, h 71 Lee av 
Booth Alfred, inaehinist, h 128 N. Sth 
Booth Benjamin, jeweler, 447 B'way N.Y. h 

102 Clinton av 
Booth Charles, sailmkr. h 238 N. 5th 
Booth Charles, salesman, h 143 Johnson 
Booth Charles, stoves, 269 Court, h ti5 Butler 
Booth Constant W. brassfiiiisher, 13 Adams, 

h 91 .Johnson 
Booth Daniel R. carpenter, h 149 Prince 
Booth Edward, dockman, h 299 Smith 
Booth Edward, li 742 Madison 
Booth Elder, tinsmith, h 45 Frost 
Booth Enoch, h 1U90 Greene av 
Booth Frank, laceworker, h 152 Bichardson 
Booth Frederick, driver, h 64 Dnpont 
l^ooth Fredk. N. steward, h 272 Clason av 
Booth George A. elk. h 44 Cheever pi 
Booth George A. jr. painter, h 44 Cheever pi 
Booth George F. elk. h 951 Husliwick av 
Booth Harold A. pianos, (569 De Kalb av, h 
429 Maroy av 

Pi'iictieal I^iauo Malscr. 

Pianos for sale on easy payments. Tuued and 
Repaired; Bought, Sold, and Exchanged. 
609 De Kalb Ave., near marcy Ave. 

Booth Henry, h 86 4th av 

Booth James, blacksmith, h 255 Smith 

Booth James W. turner, 121 Freeman, li 76 


Booth John, h 476 Clermont av 
Booth John, lab. h r 244 Frost 
Booth John, mason, h 510 Gates av 
:Booth John H. silkmfr. N.J. & N.Y. h 429 
Marcy av 

'Booth Jolm W. diemkr. h 623 Myrtle av 
Booth Joseph M. bkkpr. h 314 s! 5th 
Booth J. W. printer, h 232 Madison 
Booth Mary, wid. Hugh, h 154 Hope 
Booth Mary, wid. Wm. nurse, 878 Hancock 
Booth Nancy M. wid. Wm. h 81 Waverly av 
Booth Reuben, machinist, h 128 N. 5th 
Booth Richard, painter, h 154 Hope 
Booth Samuel, h 370 Carlton av 
Booth Samuel, printer, h 407 Hart 
Booth Samuel A. packer, h 33 Woodhull 
Booth Sarah, wid. Jeremiah, h 214 Eeid av 
Booth Tlieodore, baker, 532 Court 
Booth Thomas, carpeuter, h 14 Wythe av 
Booth Tliomas F. bkkpr. h 69 Division av 
Booth Walter, machinist, h 56 1st E.D. 
Booth William, foreman, h 692 Leonard 
Booth William, inventor, h 3B0 12th 
Booth William, mason, h 304 3d av 
Booth William A. moulder, h 67 Woodbine 
Booth William B. millwright, h 360 12th 
Booth William C. carpenter, 72 Myrtle av, 

h 253 Carlton av 
Booth Willian E. mason, li 156 Vandyke 

Boots Sigmund, lab. h 34 Scigel 
Bootz Caspar, liquors, h 167 Central av 
Booz Wiuficld S. oils, 507 Graud av, h 995 

Bope Frederick, tailor, h 249 State 

Bopp Caroline, wid. Frederick, h 383 S.,5th 

Bopp Christopher, wood, h 203 Greene 

Bopp Conrad, liquors, 7 George 

Bop[) Frank, boxmkr. h 113 Fieeroan 

Bopp Frank, tailor, h r 243 Wallabout 

Bopp John, foreman, li 205 Greene 

Bopp Margaret, wid. Frank, h 323 Oakland 

Bopp Theodore, brushmkr. h 694 Park av 

Bopp Williclmiiie, wid. August, rosettemfr. 

128 Meserole 
Bopp William, lab. h 22 Union av 
Borbridge Thomas, carpenter, h 352 Smith 
Borchardt Albert, cigarmkr. h 450 8. 5th' 
Borchardt Henrietta, wid. h 450 S. 5th 
Itoreherding Henrv, lab. h 263 Kent av 
Bnrcherding Johu'T. elk. h 410 1st E.D. 
Borcherdiug Rebecca, wid. John, h 78 Wilson 
Borcherding William, hl31 Harrison av 
Borcliers Nicholas, grocer, Franklin av c 


Borchers William, elk. h Franklin av n 

Borchert Charles, tailor, h 144 Floyd 
Borohert l-'rederiok, tailor, h 144 Floyd 
Borchert George, grinder, 51 Lorimer, h 168 

Harrison av 
Borclc Max, gent'sfurng. 105 Fulton, h 261 

W. 36th N.Y. 
Borck Paul, h 20 Nevins 
Borckmeier Albert, carpenter, h 175 Hopkins 
Borden Thomas A. shipmaster, h 75 Schenec- 
tady av 

Bortlen'N Condciiiicd milk Co. 98 

to 108 Sterling pi 
Bordeuslit Tlio'mas. baker, h 86 Gerry 
Borden.stein Otto, engraver, h 266 Ellery 
Bordman Ella, h 296'Navy 
Bordwell Henry L. butcher, 648 Gates av 
Bordy Frank, driver, h 1059 Greene av 
Bordy John E. tinsmith, h 106 Navy 
Boreham Tlieodore V. H. agt. N.Y. h 

Putnam av 
Borel Augustus, bkkpr. h 440 Sackett 
Bores William, wheelwright, h 71 Cook 
Borg Christian, liquors, 168 1st E.D. 
Borger Herman, liquors, 221 Atlantic av, h 

213 Atlantic av 
Borgert Anton, lab. h r 204 Johnson av 
Borges Charles, lighterman, h 114 Norman av 
Borgeson Nicholas, shipohandler, h 286 1 1th 
Borgfeldt Theodore, shipmaster, h 226,} 19tli 
Borghard Frederick, liqnors, 132 B'way 
Borghard Henry, stableman, h 562 B'way 
Borgon Walter, cooper, h 36 Raymond 
Bori Joseph, h r 154 Graham av 
Borini Charles, painter, h 201 Marcy av 
Borich James, lab. h r 303 Hamilton av 
Borkman Gnstave, woodworker, 35 Ann N.Y. 

h 312 Throop av 
Bortowski Michael, cabinetmkr. li 227 N. 8th 
Borkowsky Frederick, shipmaster, h 104 

Borla Antonio, miller, h 124 4th av 



132 Mangiu St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 









Borland Andrew, speculator, h 142 High 
Borland David, engineer, h 183 High 
Borland John K. painter, h 183 High 
Borland Eobert B. mer. 112 Pearl, N.Y. h 185 

Park pi 

Borliiig William, colfee, Kent av ft Wilson, 

h 775 Ijal'ayotte av 
Borman Frederick, lighterman, h 48 Degraw 
Borman Herman R. grocer, 686 Myrtle av, h 

506 De Kalb av 
Borman John, clothing, 1888^ Fulton 
Borman John H. grocer, 347 Prospect av 
Borman Joseph, fireman, h 48 Dograw 
Borman Martin, lab. h 147 S. Ist 
Borman Thos. E. hamesstrimmer, h 51 N.Hth 
Borman William, seaman, h 155 Vandyke 
Bormaun August, grocer, 261 Powers 
Bormann Harmann, milk, WyckoiT av n 


Bormann John, clothing, 188gJ Fulton 
Bormann John, lah. h 48 Degraw 
Bormann Micliael, lab. h 96 Stagg 
Bormat Leonard, tailor, 347 N. 2d 
Born Henry, stonecutter, h 207 Throop av 
Bom Jacob, cigarmfr. 98 Boerum 
Bornbiisch Frederick, lab. h 475 Adelphi 
Borne John E. oil, 224 Front N.Y. h 44 Gar- 
den pi 

Bomeman Casper, janitor, h 106 Lawrence 
Bornemann Wm. driver, li 452 Carroll 
Bommaiin Charles G. oik. h 271 Putnam av 
Bomscheuer Conrad, coppersmith, h 185 

Bomscheuer llcnry J. cigars, 212 Bond 
Bornsheuer George, cabiuetmkr. li 340 Wall- 

Bomton George, actor, h 19 Concord 
Borntragar John II. glassblower, h 34 Prince 
Borowiak Cliaiics, tailor, h 84 Cook 
Borowiak I''ranlv, tailor, h 84 Cook 
Borowiak Jnlius, tailor, h 84 Cook 
Borowirk Andrew, tailor, h 24 Hamburg 
Borrerd Lewis, cigarmkr. h 472 Warren 
Borresou John C. elk. h 75S Myrtle av 
Berries Henry, grocer, 127 21st 
BorrmaiiH August, liquors, 9 Nassau, h'N.Y. 
Bors Martin, hardware, 18»56 Fulton 
Borsmanu Hermann G. grocer, 301 Graham 

Borsson Henry, butcher, h 244 High 
Borst Clayton, milk, 438 Bedford av 

Borst Fiank, designer, h 19i' N. 8th 
Borst George, liquors, 177 Gwinnett 
Borst George E. flour, 11 Front N.Y. h 458 
5th av 

Borst Jacob, engineer, h 139 Central av 
Borst John, inst. mkr. h 204 Stagg 
Borst John, upholsterer, b 113 N. 2d 

Borst Maria, wid. Henry, h 110 39th 
Borst Eudolph, tailor, h 2:50 EUeyy 
Borster John, engraver, h 173 Eyerson 
Borstmann Eobert, ins. patrol, l"i 12 1st E.D. 
Borstorf Clements, tailor, h r 675 B'way E.D. 
Borthwick Fred, shoemkr. h47 Van Cottav 
Borton Fritz, carpets, 227 Flatbush av 
Bortzner Christian, carpenter, h 72 Gra- 
ham av 

Boryfeldt Theodore, shipmaster, h226i 19th 

Bosar George, hardware, 178 Eweii 
Boscawen George, treas'r, 120 B'way N.Y. h 

162 Adelphi 
Boscawen William, chairs, 105 N. 1st, h 212 

E. 30th N.Y. 
Boscli Carl, liquors, 86 Boerum 
Bosch Charles, cigars, 239 Graham av 
Bosch Frederic, drugs, 196 Ewen 
Bosch Frederick, grocer, 1703 Fulton 
Bosch George, butcher, 81 Bushwick av, h 

79 Bushwiclc av . 
Bosch George &. Henry jr. butchers, 81 

Bushwiclc av 
Bosch Henry, butcher, 83 Bushwick av. h 

77 Bushwick av 
Bosch Henry, grocer, 59 4th av 
Bosch Henry, milk, b 163 Ellery 
Boscli Henry, vinegar, 191 Spencer 
Boscb Henry jr. butcher, 81 Bushwick av, h 

79 Bushwick av 
Bosch Henry jr. butcher, 5th c N. 8th, h 83 

Bushwick av 
Bosch Henry J. butcher, N. 8th c 5th, h 79 

Bushwick av 
Bosch John, bagmkr. h 592 De Kalb av 
Boscb John, baker, li l.'SS Leonard 
Bosch .John, grocer, 183 Taylor, ii 61 I^ee av 
Bosch John, plumber, 708 Fhisliing av 
Bosch Joseph, buugmkr. h 188 Harrison av 
Bosch Michael, tinsmith, h 29 Central av 
Bosch Richard, boatbldr. ft Court, h 150 


Boschen Charles N. butter, Washington 

mkt. N.Y. h 403 Union 
Boschen Fred, bkkpr. h 192 Raymond 
Boschen Frederick, carpetlaycr, h 394 N. 2d 
Boschen Hermann, bkkpr. h 192 Raymond 
Boschen Henry 0. grocer, 493 Henry, h 501 

11 envy 

Boscbcn ,J()hu D. grocer, 665 & 772 3(1 av, 1 
772 3dav 

Boscbeii & Lohsen (John D. Boschen, John 

C Lohsen), grocers, 665 & 772 3d av 
Bosded Charles, tel. oper. h 291 Union 

Bose Frederick, grocer, 67 Tillary 
Bose George, carpenter, h 168 Harrison av 
Bose & Co. (Fred. Bose), grocei's, 67 Tillary 
Boser George, hardware, 178 Ewen 
Bosli Richard, boatman, h 150 Luqner 
.Boshbeck Ernest, hairdresser, 2d c S. 6th, h 
33 S. 4th 

Boshen Cliarles H. grocer, 30 Grand 
Boshent Louis, h 31 Metropolitan av 
Bosher Charles H. nier. h 286 President 
Bosinger Michael, tailor, h 130 Bridge 
Bosinger William, printer, h 130 Bridge 
Boskowitz Herman, physician, b 137 Duffield 
Boslet Adam, milkman, h 791dGate8 av 
Boslet Jacob, milk, h Flushing av c Wyc- 
koff av 

Bosly Peter, lab. h 195 Johnson av 
Bosman. David, h 248 High 
Bosnian Henry, tailor, h 74 Smith 
Bosman Sarah, wid. David, h 248 High 
Boss Emil, tailor, h 177 ^Oth 
Boss Henry, confectioner, 823 Myrtle av 
Boss Louis, driver, h 669 Grand 
Bossardet .John, tobacco, li 536 N. 2d 

WM.H. JACKSON & CO., if Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

And Fire-Place Novelties. 

[See AdT't on leaf opposite name.] 

Union Square, New York City. 

C E9TABLI3HBD 1837-3 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


Bosscll Victor, dyer, h 767 Bergen 
Bosselltnan Herman, driver, h 119 Marion 
Bossert Alois, li 55 Boerum 
Bossert Bertha, wid. John, dressmkr. 97 


l?08sei t Charles, liqnors, 36 Johnson av 
Bossert Henry, carpenter, h 9 Snmner av 
Bossert Jacob, elk. h 18 Johnson av 
BOSSERT LOUIS, 8Ui)ervisor 16th "Ward, 

and moulding mill, 30 Johnson av, h 

21;J Boerum 



Xiiiinber, Moulding:, SiiHhes, Blinds, and 
Doors, Oeilinjy, Sidinfy, Fine and 
Spruoe I''l<KK-!ns:, etc. 

18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30 JOHNSON AVE., 

Bet. Union Ave. & Lorimcr St., BilOOKIiV.V, K. !>., 
.Anil S14 anil 31C K. ;oth St., >'en York. 

Bossert Philip, carpenter, 55 Boernm 
itossort Philip, carpenter, h 111 Myrtle 
HiiKsliaril Theo. ornaments, 3^3 0 1 i t'ton pi 
Bosshardt James, petroleum, h 305 Henry 
Bossing Louis, lab. h 38 Montrose av 
Bossier George, oik. 183 8th E.D. 
Bossier John, shoenikr. h 145 Stagg 
Bosslett Adam, grocer, 279 Maujer^ 
Bossman Frcdericlc, Siiwtilcr, h 151i 24th 
Bossong Adam, i-ealestato, Koid av c Kosci- 
usko, h li4"i Hancock 
Bossoug Cliarles, weaver, h 390 S. 3d 
Bossong Jiicoli, li 171 Suydam 
Bossoiig Joseph, bkUpr. h 192 Raymond 
Bossong Sabiua, wid. Chas. h 38 Mont rose av 
Bossong William, vnrnisher, h 61 Cook 
Bostelni;ui Henry, liquors, Uri B'way 
Bostelmaun John B. lawyer, 26 Court, h 50 

Bnsten Peter, lab. h 194 Bnahwiok av 

Bosthwick John, h 510 Gates av 
Bostlcy Frank, varnishor, h r54 Lorimer 
Hostmaun Robert, watchman, h 12 1st E.D. 
Bostock George, elk. h 307 Greene av 
Boston John, lab. h Washington av n Mal- 

Boston John A. machinist, h 261 21st 
Boston Joseph H. designer, 210 B'way ST.Y. 

h 76 Wilson 
Boston William, h 76 Wilson 
Bostwick Amos, elk. h 40i Bergen 
Bnstwick Charles, litter, h32l B'way 
Bostwick Clias. E. dcpy, h 37 Schermerhorn 
Bostwick Cyrus B. drygds. 451 B'way, h 44 

1st pi 

Bostwick Ernfst, printer, h l.'j7 Franklin av 
Bostwick George, tailor, 48 Maujer 
Bostwick Geo. H, salesman, h 179 Park av 
Bostwick George W. tireman, h 427 llicka 
Bostwick Gfeo. W. undertaker, h 116 Grand 
Bostwick Henry P. acct. li 97 St. Mark's av 
Bostwick .James, lanudry,h 112 Meserole av 
Bostwick ,Tas. jr. layndry, h 112 Meserole av 
Bostwick .James H. iusp. h 528 Pacific 
Bostwick Josephus B. city weigher, h 97 St. 
Mark's av 

Bostwick Leonard, elk. h 402 Bergen 
Bostwick Mary, wid. Wm. M. h 179 Park av 

Bostwick Orianna H. wid. Zalmon, h 29 

Spencer pi 
Bostwick Sarah E. wid. J. M. h 219 B'way 
Bostwick Thomas D. elk. h 402 Bergen 
Boswcll .Josiah, steward, h 1()14 Ber!>eu 
Bosworth Charles C. elk. h 480 Fulton 
Bosworth David C. manager, h 263 Cumber 


Bosworth Frank H. pattemmkr. h 657 Leon- 

Bosworth George M. elk. h 6 7th av 
Bosworth Henry E. salesman, h 143 Calyer 
Bosworth Hiram C. casemkr. h 480 Fulton 
Bosworth .John H. elk. h ll'i Lawrence 
Hotelier Frederick, carpenter, h 73 Walton 
Botelihery .lohn, engineer, h 180 Hopkins 
Botcy David W. sashmkr. h 54 Meeker av 
Both George, milk, 28 Scholes 
Both George, shoenikr. h 28 Ten Eyck 
Bothe Albert, elk. h 162 Tompkins av 
Bothe August, elk. h 18 Belvidere 
Bothttianii Frederick, hairdresser, 114 Lee 

av. h 135 Wythe av 
Bothorniel Henry, h 179 Ten Eyck 
Bothwell David, .'•)2 Bntler 
Bothwcll David M. elk. h 52 Butler 
Bothwell Jane, fancvgds. 847 Bergen 
Bothwell Robert, elk. L 73 3d 
Bothwell Tiiomas E. tinsmith, h 52 Butler 
Bothwick Alexander, stonecutter, h 27 


Botner Adolpb, teacher music, h 341 Pros- 
pect av 

Botseheller John, sawyer, h 211 Harrison av 
Botschellor Lucy, wid. John, h 211 Harri- 
son av 

Botsford John E. comr. 85 B'way 
Bott tUnistian, carpenter, h 251 Johnson av 
15ott George, h 251 Johnson av 
Bott John, driver, h 425 B'way 
Bott Philip, tailor, li 101 Johnson av 
Bottari Frank, hairdresser, 48u Manhattan 

Bot.tberg Christian, surgl. insts. h 12 Starr 
Bottent'old .lohn, baker, h 47 Boerum 
Bottger Frederick, elk. h 186 York 
Bottger GustavHs, rigger, li 238 Floyd 
Botticher Otto, agt. 2 Bowling Green N.Y. h 

98 Madison 
Bottinger Jacob, painter, h 76 Beaver 
Bottjor John, grocer, h 208 Stockton 
Bottman Kasiier, tailor, h 16 Cook 
Bottnar F. 11. seaman, h 163 9th 
Botts Joseph VV. printer, h 7.53 Atlantic av 
Bottsford Walter, elk. h 86 S. 6th 
Botty Anthony, waiter, h 2 Washington pi 
Bottyer Charles, liquors, 2J Murray N. Y. h 

24 Marcy av 
Bottyer John H. liqnors, 1057 Fulton 
Bottyer Martin, brass, h 99 York 
Botnme George, cutter, h 947 Butler 
Rotz Peter, mason, h 141 Montrose av 
Botzen Bernard, agt. h 2 Prospect ter 
Bouch John, h 70 Varet 
Boucher George, blacksmith, h 158 Franklin 
Boucher James, lab. h 194 Schenck 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

See AdTt. 

page 12 front. 

Also, Rnsslaa, Electric, and Roman Baths, 

A. L. V/OOD, M.D., Prop'r. 



Boucliier Stephen H. carpenter, h 38 Carl- 
ton av 

Bonclioux Marie S. b 171 Eeid av 
Bonck Ferdinand, liquors, Franklin c Free- 
man, li 24!) Franklin 
Boucli: James B. broker. 111 Broad N.Y. h 

394 Grand av 
Boudreau Hercule, elk. h 153 Prospect 
Boudreau Rudolph, elk. h 33 Oakland 
Bouer Frederic, cooper, li 184 Stockton 
Bouffler Frederick li. elk. li ii5(j .Jay 
Bouffler John, watchman, h 50fi Do Kalb av 
Boiighau James A. agt. N.Y. h 1 108 Dean 
Bougliton Anna, wid, Fred, h 2G4 Clason av 
Boughton Chauncey- K. compositor, h 758 

Bedford av 
Boughton C. Frank, elk. h 217 Lee av 
Boujjhton Doiiuda A. wid. E. E. li 541 

Franklin av 
Boughton (ieo. W. engineer, hr)2 Middleton 
Boughton James, vicepres't, 4rfB'way, hao? 

Boughton William H. lawyer, 59 Liberty 

N.Y. h 181 Columbia hgts 
Bouher Philip, lab. h 3'.)4 Fllery 
Bouk Frank, caii)eiiter, h5'2 Union av 
Boukl John, brassfinisber, h "ild Smith 
Boulger Henry, glassagt. h 140 Eichaixlson 
Boulin Tlieodoro, peddler, h 193 Scholes 
Boult Samuel, porter, h 140 Sackett 
Boulter James, optician, h 941 Butler 
Boulter William A. machinist, (55 1st E.D. h 

941 Butler 

Boulter William A. & Co. machinists, 86 1st 

Boulton William, supt. 14 De Kalb av, h 403 

Ue Kalb av 
Boulware Henry J. collector, h 196 Putnam 


Boumgardfc Robert, shoemkr. h 119 lOtli 
Bonn I'ctcr, police, h 23rt I'ront 
Bounington Webster, shii)juicer, 210 Rut- 

Bouquet Francois, bairgds. 1C4 Calyer 
Bourdette William S. mason, h idii S. 3d 
Bourdy Nicliolas, butcher, h 91 Graham 
Bourghas George, porter, h 148 Gwinnett 
Bourgouin Charles, h 20? Wyckoff 
Bourgonin Joseph A. c^irpenter, h 138 Cook 
Bourguignon George J. hairdresser, 330 

Grand, h 84 6th E.D. 
Bourguignon Jos. hairdi csser, h 235 N. 6th 
Bourguignon Nicholas, liquors, 293 N. 2d 
Bourk Anthony, lab. h 94^ Athiutic av 
Bourk Catherine, grocer, 10 Carlton av 
Bourk Ellen, wid. Michael, h 155 Butler 
Bourk Thomas, engraver, B'way N.Y. h 10 

Carlton av 
Bourk William G. lab. h 306 N. 2d 
Bourke Alex. elk. h 1016 Greene av 
Bourke John, lab. h 199 Willoughby 
Bourke John, peddler, h 71 15th 
Bourke John, wagonmkr. h 76 Congress 
Bourke John E. elk. h 154 Baltic 
Bourke Martin J. printer, h 187 High 
Bourke Richard, elk. h 1016 Greene av 
Bourke Thomas, grocer, h 10 Carlton av 
Bourke William, buttonmkr. h 154 S. 3d 

Bourke William, livery, 146 India 
Bourne Ansel, pilot, h 201 Hooper 
Bourne Ansel, seaman, h 55tlin Ist av 
ISournc Benjamin, locksmith, 33 Ewen 
Bourne Frank R. elk. li 427 7th av 
Bourne George, elk. h 260 ,Jay 
Bourne Henry A. shipmaster, h 427 7th av 
Bourne William J. elk. h 118 Atlantic av 
Bours Fred. C. mfr. cigars, 331 Atlantic av 
Boursajid Charles A. elk. h 2l;l^ Bergen 
Boureaud Eliza, wid. Augustus, h 213^ Ber 

Boury Edward A. rectifier, 61 Front N. Y. h 

188 Washington p.<irk 
Boury Joseph, h 190 Columbia hgts 
Boury Louis J. artist, h 190 Columbia hgts 
Bous Adolph, tanner, h 18 Metropolitan av 
Bouse Peter, lab. h 54 Bartlett 
Bouscy William J. bkkpr.h 297 Division av 
Bonsh George E. u.s.n. Flushing av n Canton 
Boutelle Ciiroline,fancygds. 133 Meserole av 

h 312 Calyer 
Bontelle Eebeeca, wid. John, h 212 Calyer 
Boutier Joseph T. bkbinder, h 38 Douglass 
Bonton George H. bkkpr. h260 Tompkinsav 
Bouton John, elk. h 207 Hall 
Boutz George, baker, 290 Chauncey 
Bovee John, h 567 B'way 
Bovenizer George, stoves, h 253 Gold 
Bovers Henry N. milk, h 1225 B'way 
Bovess Joseph, sparmlir. h 51 Dnffield 
Bow Edward H. elk. h 583 Pacific 
Bow Eliza, wid. Oliver, h 172 S. Oxford 
liow Eurilla, wid. William H. h 172 .S.Oxford 
Bow William A. clothing, 59 Whitehall N.r. 

h 583 I'acifio 
Bowd Frederick, billiards, 382 Grand 
Bowdeu Ann, wid. Tliomas F. h 261 J 8th 
IJowdcn Chas.H. blacksmith, h 346 Myrtle av 
Bowdcn Edward L. printer, h 346 Myrtle av 
Bowden Henry, liquors, 997 I'lushiug av 
Bovvden James T. i)ainter, li 27 Powers 
Bowden John, hatter, 17 Vauderbilt av 
Bowden Joseph, boots, h 192 Degraw 
Bowden Reuben, printer, h 393 14tli 
Bowden Kicliaifl S. h 173 Hicks 
Bowdeu Samuel, lab. h 121 Graham 
Bowden Samuel, dopy, h 101 Giaham 
Bowden So|)hia. h 123 Washington 
Bowdery George R. broker, h 23 Fillmore pi 
Bowdcry Jane A. wid. Geo. li 23 Fillmore p\ 
Bowdery Wm. II. fish, 357 Nostrand av 
Bowdry Robert M. mason, h 181 Jay 
_ Bowdisli Richmond A. elk. h loO Patchen av 
Bowdoin Henry A. confectioner, h 142 


Bowdoin Rufus, mariner, h 226 12th 
Bowdoin W. T. bkkpr. h 142 Madisou 
Bowe Charles D. intelligence office, 417 

Carlton av 
Bowe John H. elk. h 324 Jay 
Bowe Margaret, wid. Michael, h 112' 12th 
Bowe Thomas, cottonsampler, 1 William 

N.Y. h 167 Union 
Bowell Edward M. cigars, 824 Myrtle av. h 

390 Marcy av 
Bowell William L. bldr. h 390 Marcy av 
Bowell William L. jr. bldr. h 390 Marcy av 


Price $3.00. 10 Boorum Place, Brooidyn, and 121 rulton St., N. Y. 


Has the Largest Set Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 






■M > 
CC liJ 

« z 





I— I 






Bowen Edward, engraver, h 128 N. 4tli 
Bowen Edward A. publisher, 251 BVay 

N.Y. h 90 Willow 
Bowen Edward E. depy. li 190 Warren 
Bowen Emil, maehiuis't, h 295 S. 4tli 
Bowen E. H. mortgages, 150 JJassau N.Y. h 

48 New York av 
Bowen Eliza, wid. Cornelius, li 185 High 
Bowen Francis, li 240 Division av 
Bowen Francis (J. lawyer, 23 Park row N.Y. 

li 249 Harrison 
Bowen George P. painter, h 631 Fulton 
Bowen Henry, elk. li 187 Bergen 
Bowou Henry C. publisher, 251 B'way N.Y. 

li 90 Willow 
Bowen Herbert W. lawyer, 16 Exchange pi 

N.Y. h 9U Willow 
Boweii .James, driver, h l.'iS India 
Bowen James, foreman, h 115 S. 1st 
Bowen James, shipbldr. h 642 5th av 
Bowen James H. hardware, 703 De Kalbav 
Bowen John, lab. h 74 Degraw 
Bowen Joseph S. liquors, 32 Varet 
Bowen ,J. Marvin, leather, 10 Greene N.Y. li 

44 I'ierrepont 
Bowen Martha, wid. James, h 660^ B'w<ay 
Uowen Mary A. wid. Chas H. h r 761 Bergen 
Bowen Mary B. wid. Thos. C. h 358 S. ."ith 
Bowen M. E. wid. Isaac, b 296 Clermont av 
Bowen Eich'd, speculator, h 254^ lii vision av 
Bowen Hlchanl, tailor, h 768 Fulton 
Bowen Schuyler, h 249 Harrison 
Bowen Susan, wid. Wm. h 254i Division av 
Bowen WeJ3t, vet.surgeon, 50 Boerum pi, h 

91 State 

Bowen William, printer, h 74 Dnffield 
Bowen William H. elk. b 295 Pearl 
Bower Andrew, clocks, h 150 Wyckoff 
Bower Charles R. caulker, li 117 S. 1st 
Bower Christian, oik. li 169 Throop av 
Bower Daniel, shoemkr. h 300 Maroy av 
Bower Daniel H. pianostoolmfr.236 Ealph 
Bower Emie, h 65 S. 9th 
Bower li. A. fruit, h 108 Washington av 
Bower George, cabinetmkr. 116 Moore 
Bower Haspard, tailor, h 69 Montrose av 
Bower Henry, liquors, 416 Graham av 
Bower Henry, machinist, h 192 Guernsey 
Bower Henry, pianos, h 252 Floyd 
Bower Jacob, engineer, h 525 Flashing av 
Bower James, carpenter, li 53d n 4th av 
Bower John, cooper, h 127 Montrose av 
Bower John, driver, h 251 Humboldt 
Bower John, lab. h 165 Humboldt 
Bower John, lab. h 20 Tompkins av 
Bower John, tailor, 298 N. 2d, h 303 N. 2<1 
Bower Josej^h, tablemkr. h 71 Bushwick av 
Bower Julia S. wid. John S. h 142 Taylor 
Bower Leopold, cabinetmkr. h 52 Whipple 
Bower Louis, postoffice, h 65 S. 9th 
Bower Eob't W. plasterer, 1 401 Nostrand av 
Bower Samuel, plumber, 1071 Gates av, h 

945 Gates av 
Bower Samuel B. milliner, 173 Grand 
Bower Samuel W. lawyer, 35 Pine N.Y. h 

"70 Lafayette av 
Bower Sebastian, shoemkr. h 823 Park av 
Bower William, elk. h 87 Court 

Bower Wm. engineer, h 261 Manhattan av 
Bower William O. jr. bldr. h 283 Lafayette av 
Bower William J. broker, 51 Whitehall N.Y. 

h 276 Carroll 
Bower William L. cigars, 824 Myrtle av 
Bower Wooster, lab. h 23 Ixirimer 
Bower , h 42 Varet 
Bowerhan John, engineer, h 140| Floyd 
Bowerhan John, engineer, h 105 Lyiioh 
Bowerhan Wm. H. polisher, h 13 Fillmore pi 
Bowerman J. Fred'k, salesman, h 182 13th 
Bowers Alfred, painter, 279 Greene av 
Bowers Benj. F. photographer, 340 Fulton 
Bowers Charles, tinsmith, h 112 Franklin 
Bowers Edward C. mariner, h 457 Quinoy 
Bowers Eliza, wid. Thomas, h 781 Madison 
Bowei-s Elizabeth, wid. William, h 624 Dean 
Bowers Francis W. ropemkr. h 175 Seigel 
Bowers George, porter, h 781 Madison 
Bowers George F. vet. surg. 541 Glason av 
Bowers Heury, salesman, h 217 Division av 
Bowers Henry W. h 2 Speucer 
Bowers Jacob, elk. h 82 N. Oxford 
Bowers James, h 781 Madison • 
Bowers James A. ropemkr. h 159 Cook 
Bowers Jeremiah W. caterer, 281 Court, h 9 

Bowers John, mason, h 781 Madison 
Bowers Julia, wid. John L. h 355 Bedford av 
Bowers Lester, salesman, h 355 Bedford av 
Bowers Nathan J. shipmaster, h 385 5th 
Bowers Nathan .1. jr. elk. h 385 5th 
Bowers Patrick H. police, h 179 Java 
Bowers Thomas jr. h 166 Seigel 
Bowers Thos. B. plumber, 344 Franklin av 
Bowers Walter C.clk. h 541 Clasoa 
Bowers William, designer, h 413 Dean 
Bowers William, macliinist, h 114 Debevoise 
Bowers William F. photographer, 340 Fulton 
Bowei-s & Co.(W. F. Bower3),photographers, 

340 Fulton 
Bowery Sarah, wid. Peter, h 84 Dean 
Bowick George, h 18 Powers 
Bowie Alfred W. elk. h 329 Wyckoff 
Bowie Amanda, wid. John H. h 455 Carlton 


Bowie George, h 183 Powers 
Bowie Hugh, engineer, h 22 1 20th 
Bowie James A. elk. h 41 S. Ist 
Bowie John, brassfounder, 112 Front, h 65 



H2 FROST ST., near Adams, Brooklyn. 

Composition, Zinc, and Lead Castings made to order 

at the shortest notice. Ornaments for Cemeteries in zinc, 
lead, or brass castings a specialty. Phosphor Bronze. 


Bowie J. Franklin, shirtmkr. 34 Myrtle av 
Bowie Robert, brassfounder, 43 N. 2d, h 176 
N. (ith 

Bowie William, patternmkr. h 227 20th 
Bowie & Co. (J. i'ranklin Bowie), shirtmkrs. 

34 Myrtle av 

E BRICK-e1.^I.tS?: B. BEISm k SOi, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 









Six well-made. Perfect Fitting Shirts made to 
measure for $7, $S, and $9, at BOWIE & CO'S, 
Makers of FINE SHIRTS, 34 IKyrtle Ave., 
One block from City Hall. Fit guaranteed. 

Bowigtef Henry, driver, h 13 Yates pi 
Bowito Morris, slioemkr. haSSWallabout 

Bowitz Charles, cigarmfr. 226 Montrose av 
Bowker Daniel R. h 289 Ryerson 
Bowker Wm. fish, Skillman av, h .55 Devoe 
Bowlby BenjamiD S. bkkpr. h 73 Hewea 
Bowler George W. graiubrokcr, h 105i Con- 

Bowler James, lab. h 39 Little 

Bowler John, lab. h 10 Lawrence 
Bowler Joseph W. liquors, Franklin c Java 
Bowles Alfred, elk. h 6,« Bedford av 
Bowles Annie, wid. William, h 281 2lst 
Bowles Austin, elk. b 23 President 
Bowles Oelonivan, agt. 311 B'way N.Y. h 

165 Jefferson 
Bowles Elizabeth M. wid. John, h 633 Bed- 
ford av 

Bowles Frederick, printer, h 469 B'way 
Bowles Isaac, printer, aOd Flatbush av, b 

820 Atlantic av 
Bowles I. & L. printers, 208 Flatbush av 
Bowles John, engineer, h 291 4th E.D. 
Bowles John H. steamfltter, h 381 21st 
Bowles Joseph J. printer, 157 Court, h 123 


Bowles Lemuel, printer, 208 Flatbush av, h 

106 XJnderhill av 
Bowles Richard, flonr, 7 Chauncey 
Bowles Richard, stonecutter, h 526 Quincy 
Bowles William, flour, 7 Chauucey 
Bowles William & Son (Richard), flour, 7 


Bowley Edw. J. painter, h 236 Franklin av 
Bowlsby William, physician, 112 Court, h 

E. New York 
Bowman Albert H. grain, 129 Broad N.Y. h 

203 6th av 
Bowman Alfred, lab. h 474 Smith 
Bowman Charles, h 260 Floyd 
Bowman Charles, lab. h 181 King 
Bowman Elizabeth, wid. h r 190 Humboldt 
Bowman Frank, bkmfr. 119 William N.Y. 

h 345 9th 

Bowman George, carver, h 12^ Varet 
Bowman Jacob, h 12^ Varet 
Bowman James, canvasser, h 182 13th 
Bowman James, lab. h 37 Skillman av 
Bowman Jerome, carpenter, h 55th n 3d av 
Bowman John, agt. h 373 S. 4th 
Bowman John, bkkpr. h 809 Do Kalb av 
Bowman John, cotton broker, Pearl N.Y. h 

282 Sackett 
Bowman John, plnmber, h 10 4th pi 
Bowman John, shirfcmfr. 12 Walker N.Y. h 

187 S. 4th 

Bowman John, shoemkr. h 136 Bayard 
Bowman John, shoemkr. h 377 Oakland 
Bowman Jos. moulder, h 155 Harrison av 
Bowman J. driver, h 527 5th av 
Bowman Lawrence, h 12^ Varet 
Bowman Mary A. wid. H'y C. h 280 9th av 
Bowman Melinda, h 156 2l8t 

Bowman Peter, glasscutter, h 152 Chauncey 
Bowman Sarah, wid. John, h 204 Reid av 
Bowman Thomas, carpenter, h 39 4th av 
Bowman Thomas, driver, h (343 4th av 
Bowman Thoa. machinist, h 28 Van Cott av 
Bowman Willett, painter, h 159 22d 
Bowman William, carpenter, h 205 Floyd 
Bowman Wm. carpenter, h 6 Spring ter. n 

Meeker av 
Bowman William, lab. li 212 Marion 
Bowman William, niokelplater, h 12^ Varet 
Bowman William, tailor, h 7 Henry 
Bown Walter, lab. h 3r)5 Hoyt 
Bown William H. h 103 Park pi 
Bowne Andrew, feed, 673 3d av, h 137 14th 
Bowne Charles B. machinist, h 22 4th pi 
Bowne Francis, cooper, h 379 Marion 
Bowne George F. h 29 Spencer pi 
Bowne Isabella, wid. h r 214 Union av 
Bowne John B. salesman, h 88 Milton 
Bowne John H. carpenter, h Prospect pi n 

Clason av 

Bowne Philip, u.s.treastiry bldg. Wall N.Y. 

h 346 Dean 
Bowne Rodman, ferryman, h 33 Morton 
liowne Samuel, carpenter, h 40 Bainbridge 
Bowne Samuel B. snpt. h 70 Hancock 
Bowne Samuel C. tailor, 182 5th av N.Y. h 

403 Herkimer 
Bowne Samuel W. feed, 673 3d av, h 384 De- 


Bowne Samuel VV. & Co. (William Bowne), 

hay, ft Smith & 673 3d av 
Bowne William, feed, 673 3d av, h 186 14th 
Bowne William R. butcher, 643 Gates av 
Bowne & Bordwell (William R. Bowne, 

Henry L. Bordwell), butchers, 648 Gates 


Bownes Charles E. elk. h 304 Ewen 
Bowns Charles B. quartermaster, h 340 Jay 
Bowns Daniel, elk. h 194 S. 2d 
Bowns Henry E. coal, ft Jay & 111 B'way 

N.Y. h 13 St. James' pi 
Bowns John E. shipmaster, h 340 Jay 
Bowns Wm. H. cigars, 51 Myrtle av, h 340 


Bownton Joseph W. painter, h 135 40th 
Bowra William, boxmUr. h 30 16th 
Bowring Thomas B. shipping, 55 Beaver N.Y. 

h 128 Columbia hgts 
Bowron Francis W. physician, 259 Tomp- 
kins av 

Bowroser Aaron, peddler, h 136 N. 4th 
Bowyer James B. fish, h 386 Pacific 
Box Washington E. driver, h 1658 Atlantic 

Boxer Henry S. cashier, h 50 Herkimer 
Boxold George, ironmoulder, h 290 Wyckoff 
Boyce Adeline, wid. Peter, h 99 Oak 
Boyce Arthur, liquors, 45 Whitehall N.Y. h 

196 Union 
Boyce Charles, painter, h 29 McDougal 
Boyce Charles H. bkkpr. h 12 Harrison av 
Boyce Daaiel D. snpt. h 101 Oak 
Boyce Edward, glasscutter, h 62 Prince 
Boyce Eliza, wid. John, h 62 Prince 
Boyce Eliza, wid. John, faneygds. 762 Gates 



— ^ a 

I — b: 



H -n - 




>. H 

sr g xr 

® 8 2, 

rt> S» M 

» 1^ 00 l« 

(ft. O 1^ 

K o >-( 
o -^^^ 


s ^ « 
§"-• • 

Is I 


i > — 

CO n 

" HI 


no & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., H y. 

William Tarr & Co'» Sour Mash, Kentucky Dis- 
tilling Go's Beargrass Kye and Sourbon, and 
Carlisle Sour Hash, Hegibhen, Guekenheiiiier, 
Shen>ft>ad, Sontioello, and Westmoreland Bye 
Whiskies. ' 


Has tlie Largest Net Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


Boyco Fred'k, carpenter, h 35 Cumberland 
Boyce George, bkkjjr. h 536 "WiJlougliby av 
Boyce George, com. mer. 27 Wasb'n mkt. 

N.Y. li 12 Harrison av 
Boyce George, fancygda. h 595 Loriraer 
Boyce George, u.s.a. hr 19 N. Portland av 
Boyce George W. 6. drugs, h 181 3d E.D. 
Boyce Gilbert, lawyer, h 878 Bushwick av 
Boyce Henry, livery, Z-ZT Hicks, h 197 At- 
lantic av 
Boyce James, elk. h ()62 Bergen 
Boyce James A. painter, 389 De Kalb av, h 

395 De Kalb av 
Boyce Joel, carpenter, h 416 Graham av 
Boyce Jobu, elk. h 197 Atlantic 
Boyce John, engineer, h SJ84 Flushing av 
Boyce John, engineer, h 34 Fulton 
Boyce John, ironwoi'ker, h 10 Meeker av 
Boyce John, peddler, h 258 Nassau 
Boyce John C;. truckman, h 87 Carlton av 
Boyce John H. salesman, b 27 McDougal 
Boyce Joseph, machinist, 117 Freeman, h 
L. I. City 

Boyce Margaret, paperhaiiger, 29 McDougal 
Boyce Peter, brassfouudcr, h 180 Wythe av 
Boyce Eichard, iron, h 878 Bush wick av 
Boyce Susan, wid. Henry, h 65 N. 10th 
Boyce William, h 214 S. 2d 
Boyce Williiira, oik. h 878 Busliwick av 
Boyce William, porter, b 284 Flusliing av 
Boyce William H. stoves, 235 Tompkius av, 

' b 238 Halsey 
Boyce William H. B. elk. h 99 Oak 
Boycehansen Anthony, h o80 Park av 
Boyd Andrew J. watchman, h 191 Flat- 
bush av , 
Boyd Ann, wid. h. 639 3d av 
Boyd Ann, wid. Patrick, h 270 Gold 
Boyd Annie, wid. Patrick, h 183 N. 1st 
Boyd Archibald C. carpenter, h 33 Eoss 
Boyd Benjamin F. shoes, 367 Graham av 
Boyd Charles, shoemkr. h 415 Ewen 
iSoyd Charles F. nickelplater, h 293 18th 
Boyd Daniel, elk. h 41o Gold 
Boyd David, drygds. b 162 12th 
Boyd Dolly, wid. Thomas, h 605 Dean 
Boyd Edgar S. elk. h 465^ Kent av 
Bovd Edgar S. mason, h 112 Prince 
Boyd Edward, lab. li ls3 N. Ist 
Boyd Edward J. cik. h 450 Marcy av 
Boyd Elizabeth, wid. John, h r 331 Gold 
Boyd Elizabeth C. drugs, 592 3d av 
Boyd Eugene F. carpenter, h 193 12th 
Boyd Eugene S. bldr. 300 Navy, h 193 12th 
Boyd Eugene W. h 428 Van Bnreu 
Boyd Francis J. printer, h 8:i6 Clason av 
Boyd Frederick, machinist, h ISfd Bridge 
Boyd George A. elk. h 256 18th 
Boyd Gilbert, elk. h 63 Lawrence 
Boyd Helen M. wid. Horatio, h 198 Bridge 
Boyd Henry, buttons, h 166 Eckford 
Boyd Henry, fancygds. 325 Smith 
Boyd Henry, lab. h 605 Dean 
Boyd Henry W. bkkpr. h 67 Quincy 
Boyd Hugh, drygds. 126 Atlantic av, h 179 

Boyd James, armorer, h Flatbush av c 

Hanson pi 

Boyd James, broker, 3G Broad N.Y. h 93 

Boyd James, cigars, 481 Busliwick av 
Boyd James, elk. h 153 Nelson 
Boyd James, lab. li 44 Green la 
Boyd James, mason, h r 68 Dean 
Boyd James, tinsmith, h 193 Luquer 
Boyd James jr. compositor, h Flatbush av (! 

Hanson pi 
Boyd James M. C. h rm 3d av 
Boyd Jennie, wid.MattliewT. h 514 Clason av 
Boyd John, h 192 Eagle 
Boyd John, lab. h 359 Hamilton av 
Boyd John, iwrter, h 153 Nelson 
Boyd John (Rev.), h 256 Vanderbilt av 
Boyd John C. paints, 506 3d av, h 62 11th 
Boyd John F. embroideries, 13 White N.Y. 

h 351 Clinton 
Boyd John R. polisher, h Flatbush av c Han- 
son pi 

Boyd Jolin W. painter, h 233 Tompkins av 
Boyd J. C. h 314 Pacific 
Boyd Marcellns A. black8mith,;h 110 Skill- 

Boyd Margaret, wid. Wm. h 836 Clason av 
Boyd Mary, wid. John, li 457 20th 
]$oyd Mary, wid. Thomas, h 4» .Johnson 
Boyd Mary, wid. Thomas, varieties, 1011 

Myrtle av 
Boyd Melville (Rev.), 425 7th av 
Boyd Peter, lab. h 183 N. 1st 
Boyd Robert, bnishmkr. Ii 1288 B'way 
Boyd Robert, carpenter, h 33 Ross 
Boyd Robert, insp. h 173 Skillmau av 
Boyd Robert, jewolei', 220 Court 
Boyd Robert, longshoreman, h 298iFurman 
Boyd Robert II. silks, h 129 Macomb 
Bovd Samuel L. drygd.s. 115 Worth N.Y. h 

313 Adelphi 
Boyd Sarah, laundress, 9 Dunham pi 
Boyd Thomas, h 147 N. 2d 
Boyd Thos. impr. 13Whit6 N.Y. h r 238 Dean 
Boyd Thomas, shoes, 128 Duaue N.Y. h 650 

Greene av 

Boyd Thomas H. carpenter, 91 Hanover pi 
Boyd William, b 558 Kent av 
Boyd William, baker, 190 Manhattan av 
Boyd William, conductor, h 217 Palmetto 
Boyd William, moulder, h 18 N. Portland av 
Boyd William, shoemkr. h 2S9 Pacific 
Boyd William J. liquors, 836 Clason av 
Boyd William J. H. elk. 21 Hanover pi 
Boyd William L. blksraith, h 77 Tillary 
Boyd & Lippitt, hosiery, 846 .Tefiersou 
Boyden Frederick A. elk. h 85 Leo av 
Boyden Jose])h A. wines, 99 Water N.Y. h 85 
Lee av 

Boye Carl, tailor, h 90 St."i.nhope 

Boye Thomas, lab. h 2:i4 N. 5th 

Boyer Charles H. lighters, 23 South N.Y. li 

390 Clinton 
Boyer Frank, painter, 294 Atlantic av, h 302 

Atlantic av 
Boyer F. Howard, engineer, h 752 Bedford av 
Boyer Jacob, fancygds. 1663| Fulton 
Boyes Joseph, shoes, 1254 Fulton 
Boyes Maria, h 117 High 
Boyes Thomas B. elk. h 117 High 



348 Broadway. NEW YORK. 

See AdvU page 12 front. 


Mso, 1mm, Electric, andKomaiBatlis. 


A, L. WOOD, M.D,, Prop'r. 

99 HOY 

Boyesen Boye G. broker, 84 Broad N.Y. li 
59(5 Henry 

Boyesen Ghristoplier. broker, 84 Broad N.Y. 

h 596 Henry 
Boyhaa Jolin, truckman, h r 143 Tillary 
Boyl William, lal». li r 6t;4 Douglass 
Boylaa Borgia, h 64 JoUnsoa 
Boylan George, elk. h 214 Park av 
Boylaa James, tnatmkr. h 194 Sandford 
Boylan James J. painter, h 52 Debevoise pi 
Boylan Jennie, wid. John, li 281 Van Brunt 
Boylan Joanna, wid. Pat'k, li 37 Joralemon 
Boylan John, h 25 Raymond 
Boylan John, blksmith, li 68 Talmun 
Boylaa John, elk. h 37 Joralemon 
Boylan John, lab, li r 79 N. 4tli 
Boylan John, i»b. h 30 Walworth 
Boylaa John, porter, h '28 Walwortli 
Boylan Ijawrence J- moulder,h 347 Clifton pi 
Boyla.n Martin, lab. h 42 Hudson av 
Boylan. Mary A. drygds. 173 Franklin 
Boylan Mich'l F. machinist, 26 Washington, 

h 113 Water 
Koyla-n Owen F. driver, h 243 Uth 
Boylan Patrick S. barkpr. h 392 Flushing av 
Boylau Philip, cooper, h 345 Ii:iltic 
Boylan Qnintries, cooper, h 219 Van Brunt 
Boylan Terrence, liquors, 392 Flushing av 
Boylan Thomas, machinist, h 249 Jay 
Boylan Thomas, machinist, h 214 N. 2d 
Boyland Frederick, grocer, 818 Myrtle av 
Boyldea .Cljas. butcher, h 232 Touipkius av 
Boyle Alexander, tailor, li 886 Pacific 
Boyle Andrew, liquors, h 676 Atlantic av 
Boyle Ann, wid. John, 46 Amity 
Boyle Annie, -wid. William, h 10th av c 16th 
Boyle Arthur, boilermkr. li 20 Clinton av 
Boyle Arthur, bricklayer, h Stockton 
Boyle Augustus P. h 390 Manhattan av 
Boyle Bechtel, oik. h 259 Saokett 
Boyle Bridget, wid. James, h 431 Baltic 
Boyle Bridget, wid. Peter, h r 404 State 
Boyle Catherine, wid. Charles, h 393 8th av 
Boyle Cecil T.eugiueer, h216 Stuyvesant av 
Boyle Charles, gasfitter, h 460J Hart 
Boyle Charles, machinist, h 97 Norman av 
Boyle Daniel, h 83 Gold 
Boylo Daniel, bldr. 361 Gold, h 125 Clifton pi 
Boyle Daniel, stevedore, h 64 Atlantic av 
Boyle David, potter, h 322 Oakland 
Boyle Denis, sawyer, h 10th av c 16th 
Boyle Edward, h 734 Bergen 
Boyle Edward, agt. h 591 Manhattan av 
Boyle Edward A. bellhanger, h 33 Wall 
•Boyle Edward J. shoes, h 668 Dean 
■Boyle Elizabeth, wid. h 184 Willonghby 
Boyle Ellon, wid. Dennis, h r 102 Clifton pi 
Boyle Emma, dressmkr. 243 Fulton 
Boyle Emma, wid. Joseph W. h 828 Dean 
Boyle Erin, gardener, h 121 10th 
Boyle Ferdinand T. L. artist, Brooklyn In- 

Btitute, h .53 Prospect pi 
Boyle Gardner, hardware, 105 Smith, h 68 


Boyle George, h 323 Bergen 
Boyle Geo. horseshoer, 58 4th av, h 314 Dean 
Boyle George G. police, h l.> McKenney 
Boyle Henry, foreman, 194 Baltic 

Boyle Henry E. hi3S0 Hicks 
Boyle Hugh, shoemkr, h 300 Water 
Bovle James, h 910 3d E.D. 
Boyle James, blksmith, 56 N. 2d. h 203 N. 2(1 
Boyle .laimes, express, h 94 Sumpter 
Boyle Jaiues, lab. li 231 Maiijer 
Boyle James, lab. 340 Manjer 
Boyle Japjes, lauternmkr. h 224 Concord 
Boyle James, musician, h 1610 Fulton 
Boyle .James, packer, 194 Baltic 
Boyle James, stableman, h 181 Court 
Boyle Jas. H. conductor, h 106 Brooklyn av 
Boyle James K. foreman, h 362 Oaklaiid 
Boylo James P. furniture, 86 Myrtle av, li 94 

Boyle Jeffrey, machiaist, 105 Wyokoif 
Boyle .Tohn, awnings, 203 Fulton N.Y. h 71 

Lefterts pi 
Boyle John, earriagemkr, h 125 S. 1st 
Boyle .John, elk. h r 95 Spencer 
Boyle .John, conductor, U lOth. av c 16th 
Boyle John, farmer, h 114 Butler 
Boyle John, grocer, 120 Boerum pi 
Boyle John, lab.h 239 .lohn.son 
Boyle John, lab. h 54 Underbill av 
Boyle John, liquor, h 683 Bergen 
Boyle John E. li 3rfO Hicks 
Boyle John H. cooper, h 48 N. 1st 
Boyle Jolni J. tinsmith, 253 Nassau 
Boyle John .J. grocer, 176 Water, h 134 York 
Boyle John .1. truckman, h 158 Dupont 
Boyle Joseph, sorter, h 154 Washington 
Boyle J. P. & Bro. (James P. Boyle, James 

Hynes), furniture, 8S Myrtle av 
Boyle Margaret, wid. Jas. h 194 Bedford av 
Boyle Margaret, wid. Wm. h 253 Ten Eyck 
Boyle Martin, driver, h 351 Grand 
Boyle Mary, wid. John, h 20 Clinton av 
Boyle Mary^, wid. Patrick, h Crowa n Nos- 

trand av 

Boyle Meyer, driver, Ti 488 Humboldt 
Boyle Michael, lab. h 46 Amity 
Boyle Michael, lab. h r 109 Navy 
Boyle Michael, shoes, 275 Yau Brunt 
Boylo Michael H. lireman, h 400 Hicks 
Hoylc Micliacl fl. liquors, 557 5th av 
Boyle Michael J. agt. h 54 Underhill av 
Boyle Michael J. machinist, h 253 Ten Eyck 
Boyle Neil, fireman, h 292 1st E.D. 
Boyle Patrick, li 340 Maujor 
Boyle Patrick, blacksmith, 19 Hoyt, h 49 

Boyle Patrick, cartman, 47 Warren 
Boyle Patrick, lab. h t0i)8 Atlantic av 
Boyle Patrick, lab. h 450 Hicks 
Boyle Patrick, police, li 659 Dean 
Boyle Patrick, tailor, li 197 Centre 
Boyle Patrick J. agt. h 54 Underhill av 
Boyle Peter, lab. h 174 Hamilton av 
Boyle Peter M. seaman, h 227 S. 2(1 
Boyle Robert K. scientific apparatus mfr. 62 

Fulton N.Y. h 330 State 
Boyle Robert E. painter, h r 23 Johnson av 
Boyle Sarah, wid. James, h 359 Prospect av 
Boyle Thomas, furniture, h 94 Willoughby 
Boyle Thomas, lab. h 559 Carroll 
Boyle Thomas, lab. h Clason av c Prospect pi 
Boyle Thomas, lab. h 82 Degraw 


At GHiS. f . mm, 114 LiTingston St., cor. Boem PL 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in tlie World- 
see Achrertisement opposite name» 
BOY 100 BOY— BEA. 














Boyle Thomas, lab. b 21 M^in 
Boyle Thomas, lab. h 249 St- Mark's av 
Boyle Thomas, peddler, h 8 Herbert 
Boyle Thomas, plumber, h 91 Pacific 
Boyle Thomas jr. peddler, h Clason av c 

Prospect pi 
Boyle William, baker, 166 Water 
Boyle William, carman, h 64 Yaiiderbilt av 
Boyle William, conductor, h 10th av c 16th 
Boyle William, lab. h Prospect pi n Clasou av 
Boyle William, lab. h 183 Sackett 
Boyle William, lab. h 426 Van Brunt 
Boyle William, mason, h 198 19th 
Boyle William, peddler, h 54 Middleton 
Boyle William, printer, h 20 Clinton av 
Boyle William 13. iron, 24 Mangin N .Y. li 

194 Bedford av 
Boyle William J. grocer, 67 Grand, h 210 3d 

Boyle William S. broker, 100 Water N.Y. h 

828 Dean 

Boyle & Whiteside (William J. Boyle & 
Robert Whiteside), grocers, 67 Giand 

Boylen Cbarles, elk. h 177 Greene 

Boylen Jacob, li 134 Nassau 

Boylcn Margaret, wid. Matthew, b 488 De- 


Boyleii Matthi^w W. elk. h 488 Degraw 
Boyles Elizabeth, wid. Henry, h 892 Atlan- 
tic av 

Boyles Henry H. salesman, b 38 Clinton av 
Boylhart William, butcher, 671 Fulton, li 13 

Fort Greene pi 
Boylhart William H, butcher, 671 Fulton, b 

13 Fort Greene pi 
Boylson Helen, wid. William, h 85S2 Gates av 
Boylston Hat Co. 251^ B way 
Boylston Samnel F. painter, h 1*29 9th E.D. 
Boyn Joliu, lab. h 503 Hnmbohit 
Boyna Thomas, driver, h 1136 Park pi 
Boynam Thomas, engineer, h 164 2*id 
Boyne Francis J. plumber, h 110 Myrtle av 
Boyne Michael, plumber, h 103 Hamilton av 
Boyne Thomas, engineer, h 157 Clymer 
Boyne Thomas, shoemkr. h 145 N. 6th 
Boyne Thomas, jr. tailor, h 145 N. 6tb 
Boyeress William, carpeut'Cr, h 113 Liorimer 
Boynton Albert M. shirts, 9^ Myrtle av 
Boynton Alice, h 590 Halsey 
Boynton Charles A. h Mansion House 
BOYNTON CHARLES B. Inrnaccs, ranges 

& heaters, 94 Beekmau N.Y. b 261 

Lafayette av 
Boynton Charles W. viccprest. 80 Beekman 

N.Y. h 172 Eutledge 
Boynton Eben M. prest. 36 Devoe, h Mass 
Boynton Eunice S. h 590 Halsey 
Boynton Frank A. elk. h 116 4th E.D. 
Bovnton Frank G. miller, h 143 High 
Boynton George A. iron, 70 Wall N.Y. b"261 

Lafayette av 
Boynton Henry C. furniture, 216 4tb E.D. h 

73 Wilson 

Boynton H. C. & Co. (Julia A. Boynton), fur- 
niture, 116 4th E.D. 

Boynton James H. clothier, 557 B'way N.Y. 
h 17 S. Portland av 

Boynton Julia A. fHrniture, 116 4th E.D". 

Boynton Saw & File Co. 3C Devoe 
Boynton William B. supt. h 116 4th E.D. 

l^yseu Gitstav,. liquors, 931 3d av 
Boyson Edm'd D, machinist, h tjO Clinton av 
Boyston Mary J. h 475 Atlantic av 
Bozard Bernard S, sawfiler, 4 Red Hook la, 

h 1022 Do Kalb av 
Braa John J. paperroll«r, fa 505 Court 
Braa Owen, lab. h 505 Court 
Braack Henry, grocer, 188 Meserole 
Braan Florence, lab. h 233 Cohimbia 
Braase John A. oil, h 67 Troutman 
Braband .John, tailor, h 292 Powers 
Brabant Peter, driver, h 287 De/Vos 
Brabason Thomas, brass-woiker, h 67 Nassara 
Brabyn John L, piolisbmfr. 213 Navy, U 140 


Braccner Henry, engineer, li 103 N. 4th 
Bracbco Lawrence, lab. h 146 Freeman 
Bracbt Victor, gilder, h Jseob n Evergreen 


Brack Jacob, eonieetionery, 509 B'way 
Brack William, h 83 Bedford av 
Bracken Catherine, wid. Jas. h r 102 Prince 
Bracken Hnp^h, boilermkr. h 132 Grand av 
Bracken James, driver, h 199 Bond 
Bracken James, liquors, 18 Atlantic av, h 

88 Paciiic 
Bracken John, plumber, li 554 15th 
Bracken Mary, wid. James, li 38 Carroll 
Bracken Michael, elk. h 9,^57 Pacific 
Bracken Patrick, lab. h r 7 Lawrence 
Bracken Peter B. horsedealer, 1> 556 15th 
Bracken Richard, contractor, h r 134 N. El- 
liott pi 

Bracken Thomas, lab. h 251 Van Brunt 
Bracken Tliomas, lawyer, h 150 B'way N.Y. 

h 90 6th av 
Bracken Thomas, h 154 Raymond 
Bracken Wm. matmkr. h 607 B'way E.D. 
Bracken William H. cooper, h 116 Huron 
Bracken William S. grain broker, N.Y. h 15 


Bracker Henry, driver, h r 95 Union av 
Bracket William, h 309 Sackett 
Brackett Charles H. painter, h 138 Adelphi 
Brackett Charles L. bkkpr. b 447Clasou av 
Brackett Frank, elk. b 74 4th av 
Brackett George D. liquors, h 478 Myrtle av 
Brackett Ira L. cooper, h 138 Adelphi 
Brackett Julia wid. Orestes, h 95 Douglass 
Brackett Mary A. school, 130 Atlantic av. h 

179 Congress 
Brackett Mary A. wid. Geo. W. h 74 4th av 
Brackett R. E. L. cooper, h 138 Adelpbi 
Brackett Samuel F. plumber, h 74 4th av 
Brackin Peter, contractor, h 556 15th 
Bracklin Tliomas, liquors, 558 15th 
Bradberry Ben], engineer, b 193 Bergen 
Bradburn Thomas, bkbiuder, h 296 8.4th 
Bradbury Charles, h 1354 9tb 
Bradbnry Charles, carpenter, h 63 Eapelye 
Bradbury Daniel, sashes, h 1354 9th 
Bradbury Edward, carpenter, h 110 2d 
Bradbury Harriet, wid. Charles, h 135^ 9tb 
Bradbury James, carpenter, h 110 2d 
Bradbury Joseph, h 291 Nevins 
Bradbury Mary, wid. Reuben, h 156 Degraw 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eirer, New York. 








Bradbury William B. bkbinder, h a74 S. 1st 
Braddle Joseph, brushrakr. h576 B'way 
Bratiel Valentine G. elk. h 947 Greene av 
Braden Amelia, "wid. Jacob, 1» 68 S. 1st 
Braden John, upholsterer, li 68 S. 1st 
Bhideiibiirg Alfred, machiaist, h 94 S. 1st 
Bradenbiirfjli J. mariner, b 385 Van Brunt 
Braderboff William, lab. h 401 2d E.D. 
Bradford Addison, iuventor, N.Y. fa 15 
Greene av 

Bradford Beitj. engineer, h 32 Division av 
Bradford Beaty, lab. h Church c Hamilton av 
Bradford Charles H. springbeds, 99 B'wav, 

h 192 Bedford av 
Bradford Charles J. com. mer. h 114 Pros- 
pect pi 

Bradford Elizabeth, wid, Seth, h 219 l)e Kalb 

Bradford George, horses, li r 155 22d 
Bra-dford Harry, salesman, h 18 Cnmberland 
Bradford James, milk, s!35i Nostraud av 
Bradford John, grocer, 2t!l Clinton 
Bradford John, tuner, b 80 Wilson 
Bradford John, grocer, h 218 Baltic 
Bradford Johu, h 114 Prospect pi 
Bradford Lilly, vrid. Geo. h 447 Clason av 
Bradford Eiehard J. bkbinder, N.Y. h 283 S. 

Bradford Rosalie, physician, 595 Fulton 
Bradford Stefihen T. coal, 271 Atlantic av, Ii 

34 Sterling pi 
Bradford Susan, wid. Joseph, h 1910 FuHou 
Bradford Thomas, blacksinitli, li 192 Kent 
Bradlbrd Thomas J. lab. h 255 S. 1st 
Bradford William B. elk. h 2^5 Court 
Bradford William H. beds, !i 63 Hewes 
Bradford William T. waiter, li 118 Pierrepont 
Ilrad,sj;cr Patrick, tailor, h 267 Pacific 
iiradisli Elizabeth, wid. Wm. K. h 74 Hall 
Bradlo Peter, brnshmkr. li 44 Beaver 
Bradley Alexander G. elk. 251 Hooper 
Bradley Ann, h 249 State 
Bradley Annie, wid. Edw. S. h 485 Marcy av 
Bradley Archibald, salesman, h 141 Tomp- 
kins av 

Bradley Arthur C. whiteleadmfr. 174 Front, 

h 132 1st pi 
Bradley Barney, tinsmith, h 365 Van Bruut 
Bradley Benj. lithographer, h256 Keap 
Bradley B. Fabian, broker, h 247 Deau 
Bradley Catharine, wid. h60 N. 8fch 
Bradley Catherine, confectionery, 45 Debe- 

voise pi, h 48 Debevoise pi 
Bradley Charles, drygds. 201 JSIyrtle av 
Bradley Chas. lab. h c B'way &. 12th 
Bradley Charles, truckman, h 19 Pearl 
Bi-adley Charles, lab. li 18 Dennet pi 
Bradley Claudius, drygds. 201 Myrtle av 
Bradley Daniel, liarnessmkr. h 7 Force's pi 
Bradley Daniel, realestate, 92 Bridge 
Bradley Daniel A. cigarmfr. 63 Bond, h 247 


Bradlev D. W. horologist, h 262 Division av 

Bradley Edward, elk. h 374 S. 3d 
Bradley Edward, gasman, h 122 S. 1st 
Bradley Edward, machinist, b 123 S. 1st 
Bradley Edward J. ice, h 32 Chapel 
Bradley Edward A. butcher, h 230 Hoyt 

Bradley Eliza, h 519 Lorinior 
Brarlley Eliza, wid. Benj, h 183 Oakland 
Bradley Esther, wid. William, h 377 S. 4th 
Bradley Francis, engineer, h 171 Elizabeth 
Bradley Fi'ederick C. h 832 Monroe 
Bradley Frederick K. h 42 New York av 
Bradley George, elk. 133 Calycr 
Bradley George, sbipsniith, 129 Conover, h 
537 Garnet 

Bradley George A. liquors. Part av c Cler- 
mont av, h 79 Cumberland 
Bradley George G. elk. h 832 Monroe 
Bradley George C. elk. h 133 Calyer 
Bradley George D. h 406 Pacific 
Bradley Harry, driver, h 244 Franklin 
Bradley Henry T. com. raor. li 415 Grand av 
Bradley Isabella, wid. Wm. li 145| Nelson 
Bradley .James, lab. h 67 Lafayette 
Bradley James, lab. h 13 N. Portland av 
Bradley James, traveler, h 441) B'way 
Bradley Jas. tinsmith, li 1002-J- Atlantic av 
Bradley James, carpenter, h 148 Maujer 
Bradley James L. elk. b 139 Daffield 
Bradley Jerome, goldbeater, h 143 Grove 
Bradley Jerome li. clk. h 068 Nostrarid av 
Bradley Jane, wid. h 404 2d E.D. 
Bradley John, h 96 Plymoutli 
Bradley Jobu, bkbinder, h 256 Keap 
Bradley John, charcoal, 168 Concord 
Bradley .John, engineer, h 119 Prospect 
Bradley John, finisher, li 27 Hall 
ISradley John, lab. h 43 Main 
Br.adley John, lab. li 99 Prospect 
Bradley Joho, lab. h 5 Phillip's al 
Bradley John, lab. h 351 Clifton pi 
Bradley John, lab. h 285 21st 
Bradley John, machinist, li 72 Dupont 
Bi-adley John, matmkr. h 128 Huron 
Bradley John, painter, h 157 Huntington 
Bradley John, painter, h 95 Pineapple 
Bradley John B. ironrailing, 93 Wyckoff, li 
47 3d 

Bradley John E. pilot, h 85J Summit 
Bradlev John J. drygds. 201 Myrtle av 
Bradley John J. 249 3d E.D. h 42 N. 1st 
Bradley Johu M. stonecutter, h 450 Dc 
Kalb av 

Bradley Joshua, blacksmith, 125 Conover, h 
171 Court 

Bradley .Joshua, shipsmith, 129 Conover, h 

537 Court 
Bradley Julia, h r 20 Vanderbilt av 
Bradley J. clocknikr. h 399 14th 
Bradley Lester W. clk. h 247 Dean 
Bradley Margaret, wid. h r 34 Chapel 
Bradley Martin, h 249 State 
Bradley Mary, wid. nurse, h 76 Prince 
Bradley Mary A. wid. h r 456 Flushing av 
Bradley Mary E. h 464 Halsey 
Bradley Michael, cutter, h 437 Marcy av 
Bradley Michael L. clk. h 51 S. 4th 
Bradley Nelson, bkbinder, b 108 Noble 
Bradley Oscar F. varieties, 120 Atlantic av 
Bradley Patrick, bkbinder, h 17 High 
Bradley Patrick, lab. h 264 Front 
Bradley Patrick, lab. h 254 Front 
Bradley Patrick, lab. h 132 York 
Bradley Samuel, clk, li83 Woodbine 





» g « 

t'^ If 

2 =. cc » 
S"? « * 

= 5- » M 


•3d Z. 

S » 5 as 

S" s. 
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• 3 ga, 

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B H 

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i-* in 

tzj CP 


Union Square, New York City. 


I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

1 And Fire-Place Novelties. 

^ [See Adr'ton leaf opposite name.] 


Has the laxg^ Het Sttrplnsiof aay 51« Insnraiice Co. in the World. 

1 Se« AdrerlisemeBt oJi^eSte iiamte* ^ 

BEA 102 BEA 


' CD 




Bradley Susan, wid. William, li 71 Main 
Bradley Thomas, jeweler, b 245 Hooper 
Bradley Thomas, moulder, li 186 Franklin 
Bradley Warren H. shades, li 183 Oakland 
Bradley William, clockmkr. h 476 Bergen 
Bradley William, foreman, h 183 Oakland 
Bradley William, realestate, h 182 DnflieUl 
Bradley William, stoneyard, Kevins c But- 
ler, h 248 Sackett 
Bradley Williajm, peddler, b 102 N. 4th 
Bradley Wm. matchmkr. h 351 Clifton pi 
Bradley William J. truckm:m, h 19 Pearl 
Bradley Winant W. V. P. drugs, 832 Monroe 
Bradley White Lead Co. 272 Front 
Bradlev & Co. (Winant W. V. P. Bradley, 

George P. Glass), drugs, 832 Monroe 
Brndiey & Carrier, sashes, etc. 54 & 
56 Dey N.Y. 












Manufacturers and Importers of 


Neaii Fultok, 


Bradman Sarah, wid. Beiij. h 233 J'rcsidctit 
liradmnller Christine, wid. Clias. h 2d Seigcl 
i'raiUiagli Edward, driver, li 328 Carroll 
Bradnar William, coachman, b 23 College pi 
Bradsell liichard, painter, h 470 Hnmboldt 
Bradshaw Andrew, flonr, 129 Broad N.Y. b 
485 Henry 

Bradshaw Chas. lawyer, 44 Court, b 480 16t!i 
Bradshaw Geo. housefnrng. 95 Flatbusli av 
Hradsliaw George K. engineer, h 145 28tb 
Bradshaw James, carpenter, h 701 Butler 
Bradshaw James, engineer, h 383 40tb 
Bradshaw John, coachmau, h 55 Front 
Bradshaw John, engineer, h 250 39th 
Bradshaw John, looking glassmkr. h 231 

Bradshaw Eichavd T. lab. h 375 Baltic 
Bradshaw Thomas, engineer, h 108 39th 
BradtMerritt B. elk. h 972 Gates av 
Bradt Louis, provisions, h 512 Fulton 
Brady Abby, wid. Patrick, h 998 Marcy av 
Brady Alexander,!, batter, h 41) Carlton av 
Brady Ann, wid. James, b 964 Atlantic av 
Brady Ann, wid. James, b 070 Dean 
Brady Ann, wid. b 935 St. Mark's av 
Brady Ann, wid. Archibald, h 183 Mc- 

Brady Anthony D. elk. h 404 Decatur 
Brady Arthur, lumber, N.Y. h 317 Madison 
Brady Bartholomew, driver, h r 99 Butler 
Brady Bernard, driver, h 238 Plymouth 
Brady Bernard, lab. h 309 Columbia 
Brady Bernard, lab. h r 74 Underbill av 
Brady Bernard, pilot, h 163 Fort Greene pi 
Brady Bernard, roadmaster, h 238 Frost 
Brady Bryan, lab. h 763Atlantic av 
Brady Catharine, wid. James, h 16 Garrison 
Brady Cbarles, lab. h 349 Flushing av 
Brady Charles, police, b 193 9tb pi 

Brady Charles C. lawyer, 20.'i Moctaigue, It 

125 S. Elliott pi 
Brady Charles J. livery, h 170 Raymond 
Brady Cornelius, lab. li 206 N. 5th 
Brady l>ennis, porter, h 394 Leonani 
Brady Edward, plumber, h 150 Kosciusko 
Brady Edward, tinsmith, h 8 Sands 
Brady Edward, h 156 Kyersra 
Brady Eliza, wid. John," b 100 Milton 
Brady Eunice, wid. Uciijansin, h 271 Qnincy 
Brady Farroll, lab. h r 415 1st E. D. 
Brady Felix, police, b 307 Hamilton av 
Brady Francis, lab. Crown u Washington av 
Brady Francis, oil, h 119 Underbill av 
Brad'v Francis P. drygds, 347 B'way N.Y. h 

1039 Bergen 
Brady Frank, b 191 9tb 
Brady Frank, plasterer, h 6 Lexington av 
Brady F. F. liquors, h 369 Myrtle av 
Brijdy Frank, watchman, h 206 Eyerson 
Brady George, elk, h 120 Milton 
Brady George, groce)-, 17 Division pi 
Brady George, shoecutter, h 111 Prince 
Brady George, tailor, h 67 S. 3d 
Brady Henry, elk. b 9ri l>e Kalb av 
Brady Hugh, bartender, h Hudson av c John 
Brady Hugh, ciganukr. h 666 Halsey 
Brady Hugh, lab. h 487 Baltic 
Brady Hngh, lab. li 875 Dean 
Brady Jacob, milk, b 694 Dean 
Brady James, h -Mi N. 5th 
]>rady James, h 5(5 S. Oxford 
Br.idy James, b 168 Willoughby 
Brady James, lab. h 392 2dE.D. 
Brady James, letteroarrier, h 529 Grand 
Brady James, machinery, 259 Water, Ii 242 

Brady James, painter, h 206 Ryerson 
Brady James, printer, h 374 3d E.D. 
Brady James, ^dumber, h 12 Lawrence 
Brady James, tel. oper. h 426 WaiTen 
Brady James H. joiner, h 224 Eckford 
Brady James M. drygds. B'way N.Y. h 48 

St. Mark's av 
Brady James W' . plumber, h 134 20th 
Brady Jennie, h 268 Manhattan av 
Brady John, carpenter, h 159 Clason av 
Brady John, hrushmkr. h 44 S. 2d E.D. 
Brady John, elk. h 94 Cumberland 
Brady John, contractor, h 288 S. 2d E.D. 
Brady John, confectioner, li 16 Nelson 
Brady .John, driver, h 740 Bergen 
Brady John, engineer, h 35 Garnet 
Brady John, engineer, h 187 S. 9tb E.D. 
Brady John, lab. h 31 Dean 
Brady John, lab. h 260 Pearl 
Brady John. lab. b r 260 N. 7th E.D. 
Brady John, liquors, 632 Clason av 
Brady John, livery, 22 High, h 60 High 
Brady John, mason, h 652 Myrtle av 
Brady .John, police, h 202 Walworth 
Brady John, stevedore, b 111 N. 8th 
Brady John J. cooper, 132 Mercer N. Y. h 

212 N. 6th 
Brady John ,J. news, h 371 B'way 
Brady John M. iceman, h 46 Carlton av 
Brady Joseph, lab. h 197 Walworth 
Bj-ady Margaret, wid. li 366 Hart 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

T 1 1 D ¥ I Q U D A T U Q ^^"^ ^^^^> and Roman Batlis. 
I U 11 1\ I d n D ft I n Ui 34 CLINTON ST., B'ELYN. 

See AdTt. page 12 ttoraX. A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

BBA 103 BEA 

Brady Margaret, wid. h 346 Pulaski 
Hrady Maria, wid. Jamas, h 271 Water 
-Brady Margaretta, li 3ci4 Ewen 
Brady Margaretta, wid. James, h 421 Ewen 
Brady Martin J. firemaii, h 189 Jaclcsou 
Brady Mary, wid. Bernard, h r 111 Spencer 
Brady Mary, wid. Daniel li l"i Lawrence 
Brady Mary, wid. Hugh, h 28 S. 11th 
Brady Mary, wid. Patrick, h 558 Court 
Brady Mary E. dressmkr. li 224 Eckford 
Brady Michael, li 40 Carlton av 
Brady Michael, glassblower, h 08 Talman 
Brady Michael, lab. h 81 Front 
Brady Michael, lab. h 147 Van Brunt 
Brady Michael, lab, h 1472 Bergeii 
Brady Michael, liqnors, lil Pearl N. Y. h 

l:!9? Pacific 
Brady Michael, plumber, h 119 Underbill av 
Brady Michael, tiiiroofer, h 242 High 
Brady Olive W. wid. Jolin A. h 271 Quincy 
Brady Owen, lab. h 99 Oakland 
Brady Owou, gardener, li 382 De Kalb av 
Brady Patrick, lab. h .50 Oikeman 
Brady Pafriolc, lab. h 327 G(dd 
Brady Patrick, lab. h 207 Water 
Brady Patrick, leathercntt«r, h 194 18th 
Brady P.atrick, mason, h 23:! Floyd 
ISrady Patritik, peddler, h 23,') Bond 
Brady Patrick, plumber, 249 4th E.D. Ii369 

3d E.D. 

Brady Patrick, sboemkr. h 225 Hoyt 

Brady Patrick P. elk. h S2 Carroll 

Brady Peter, boarding, 352 l^lnsbing av 

Brady Peter, conductor, h 180 Jacksou 

Brady Peter, grocer, 574 Gates av 

Brady Peter C. tobacco, h 340 Carroll 

Brady Philip, butcher, h 670 Dean 

Brady Philip, cigars, 21 Bridge 

Braily Philip, lab. }| 211 .lay 

Brady Philip, ]i(xuors,245 Hoyt & 154 Gold, 

h 189 Sands 
I5rady Phillip, lab. h 233 Plymouth 
Brady Phillip, lab. h 92 N. .5th 
Brady Phillip, liquors, 209 Flatbush av 
Brady Phillip, mason, h 150 18th 
Brady Robert, agt. h 199 43d 
Brady Eobert, jr. publisher, 39 Park row 

N.Y. h 1G6 St. .lames' pi 
Brady Robert E. gnano, 170 Front N.Y. h 43 

Albany av 

Brady Robert R. coal, Metropolitan av n 

Grand, h 43 Albany av 
Brady Rose, wid. Patrick, h 650 6th av 
Brady Rosina, wid. Frederic, h 443 Marcy av 
Brady Samuel J. physician, 10 Bedford av 
Brady Terence, conductor, h 68 Dupont 
Brady Terence, lah. h 429 Baltic 
Brady Thomas, elk. h 547 Clinton 
I3rady Thomas, coppersmicli, 304 Van Brunt 
Brady Thomas, driver, h 800 B'way 
Brady Thomas, engineer, h 81 33th 
Brady Thomas, junk, h 43 Little 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 159 Columbia 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 273 St. Mark's av 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 147 Van Brunt 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 266 N. 7th 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 172 Water 
Brady Thomas, lab. h 325 Franklin av 

Brady Thoums, lab. h 270 Furman 
Brady Thomas, peddler, h 2 Flood's al 
Brady Thomas, truckman, h 32 Verandah pi 
Brady Thomas H. elk. li 690 Lafaj'ette av 
Brady Thomas H. elk. h 47 Division av 
Brady Thomas F. iron, h 339 3d E.D. 
Brady Thomas H. elk. h 47i Wilson 
Brady Walter, machinist, h 235 Floyd 
Brady William, driver, h 329 B'way 
Brady William, carman, h 143 Kosciusko 
Brady William, grocer, 726 Hicks 
Brady Wm. lithograiiher, h 202 Walworth 
Braeuhabii August, teacher, h 355 S. 2d 
Braeunlioh Karl, musician, 43 4th pi 
Biagan Thomas L. drugs, h 124 Ratledge 
Bragauar E. cigars, h 54 Pacific 
Bragaw Henry S. ironfittings, 59 Green- 

av, h Woodside, L.I. 
Bragaw Jennette, wid. Jacques, li 46 Cedar 
Bragaw Townsend, milk, h 206 Java 
Bragdon Edward O. weigher, 83 Pine N.Y. 

b 612 Greene av 
Bragdon Irving L. broker, b 436 Henry 
Bragg Edwin B. bkkpr. h 341 Wyckoff 
Bragg Frederick S. h 147 Remsen 
Bragg Henry T. bkkpr. h fiOS Bergen 
Bragg Henry T. J. sec. 30 Broad N.Y. h 573 

Atlantic av 
Bragg Isaac F. bkkpr. h 545 Clinton 
Bvafig Wm. sboefinisher, h r324 Graham av 
Bragicne Lu<!iana, fruit, 537^ Myrtle av 
BragUs^vert Conriid, t.ailor, h 185 Ewen 
Braiiam Bridget, h 48 4tli 
Braham Emanuel, cigarmkr. h 437 Degraw 
Braham Mary, h 48 4th 
Braham Michael, lab. h 339 Hamilton av 
Brahams John B. lamps, 214 B'way, h 39 

7th E.D. 

Brahams Rudolph, supt. h 551 Marcy av 
Brahe August H. realestate agt. 236 DeKalb 

av, h 224 Clermont av 
Brahe C. Henry, clocks, 20 Murray N.Y. h 

175 Prospect pi 
Brahe Frederick H. hosiery, N.Y. h 109 N. 


Brahe Henry W. leather, N.Y. h 109 N. Ox- 

Braby Dominic, jewelry, 27 Ewen 
Braid George, ironfounder, 88 Quay, h 127 

Braid Robert, moulder, h 76 Java 

Braiil William, ironfounder, 86 Quay, h 575 


Braid Bros. (William & George), ironfound- 

ers, 86 Quay 
Braidwood Wm. machinist, li 22 Fillmore pi 
Braidy Michael, carpenter, h 1037 Paoihe 
Braidy Patrick, engineer, ii 397 2d E.D. 
Braig John, oysters, h 76 Hudson av 
Braikscb Cliarles, brewer, h 15 George 
Braillai'd Francis, h 234 Schermerhorn 
liraiu! ,lohn, cig.arboxmkr. h 108 Union av 
Brain James, carpenter, h 44 Hudson av 
Brainard Camele, wid. James, h 71 La- 
fayette av 

Brainard David A. stonecutter, h 566 Wasli- 

iutrton av I 


\j Lain's Directory Offices Uii=ISSli:^~^^>. 


Has the Largest "Set Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdverUsement oppcraite name* 

BEA 104 BEA 


9S 111 





PS < 






Brainard Elijah, dredgmg, 30 Qnincy si 
N.Y. h 76 S. Elliott pi 

Brainard Frank, elk. h U2 Hanson pi 
Brainard Frederick, clk. 1i 15J7 Hall 
Brainard George S. tinsmith,!) 412 Kosciusko 
Brainard Geo. S. jr. tinsmith,li 412 Kosciusko 
Brainard Henry, printer, h 59 Cbeever pi. 
Brainard John A. hardware, N.Y. h 290 La- 
fayette av 

Brainard Morris P. contractor, 30 Coenties si 

N.Y. h 76 S. Elliott pi 
Brainard William H. cariiagemkr. 3d av c 

Warren, h 594 Atlantic av 
Braine (Jliarles E. clk. h 418 Herkimer 
Braine Baniel L. u.s.n. h 71 2d pi 
Braine John H. broker, h 352 Union 
Braine L. F. broker, h 71 2d pi 
Brainerd Ann E. gent's fumg. 209 Grand, li 


Brainerd Edgar J. fnmggds. 61 B'way, h 47 

Lee av 

Brainerd Edward C. stone, B'way c Cham- 
bers, N.Y. h 72 Lee av 
Brainerd Edwin, clk. h 228 S. 2d 
Brainerd E. Burtis, drugs, h 397 Clermont av 
Brainerd George B. dept. purveyor, 37 Mu- 
nicipal bldg. h 23 Lafayette av 
Brainerd George C. lawyer, 56 Wall, N.Y. h 

47 Sidney pi 
Brainerd John H. gent's fumg. 189 Grand, h 
144 S. 3d 

Brainerd Narcissa, wld. Chauncey, h 194 S. 


Braini-.Td Saui'l W. stone yard, li 8 8tb, E.D. 
Brainerd Silas W. stone yard, S. Ist c 2d, E. 

D. h 8 8th, E.D. 
Brainerd & Co. (J. H. Brainerd, J. H. An- 

di'ews,) gent's fiirng. 189 Grand 
Braingon W. wid. r h ;i2 Raymond 
Braisted Charles, pviuter, h 114 Devoe 
Braistfid Garrett K. sparmkr. b 61 Pineapple 
Braisted Henry, railroad, h 289 S. 1st 
Braisted John R. supt. 66 B'way, h 73 Frank- 
lin av 

Braisted John W. jeweler, h 67 9fh E.D. 
Braisted Mary L. wid. William, b -iO'.i Keap 
Braisted William H. clothing, 220 5th av 

N.Y. h 115 Oymer 
Braiteau Amedee, hairgds. 332 Fulton, li 69 


Braithwaite .James, slieargrndr. h 7 2(1 E.D. 
Braithwaite Fannie, tailor, h 111 Debevoise 
Braithwaite Maud, tailor, h 111 Debevoise 
Braitner Charles, slioes, 92 Boernm pi 
Brakeman William, h 404 3d E.D. 
Braker George, b 348 15th 
Brakey William A. clk. h 973 Lafayette av 
Brakle .Joseph, engineer, h 107 Hamilton av 
Brakman William, boxmki-. h 109 N. 9th 
Braman H. V. impr. Leonard N.Y. h 92 S. 

Braman Samuel L, impr. 508 B'way N.Y. h 

225 Hewes 
Bramble J; Harry, broker, h 115 S. 3d 
Bramer Charles, tailor, b 18 Humboldt 
Bramer Frederick W. tailor, h 25 Bremen 
Bramer Henry, tailor, b 13 Beaver 
Bramerloh Eich'd, confectioner, 985 B'way 

Bramhall Charlotte M. wid. George W. h 

472 Lafayette av 
Bramhall Charlotte O. dressmkr. h 9 Sump- 


Bramhall Edmond J. banker, h 289 President 
Bramhall Edmund C. b. 289 President 
Bramhall William H. machinery, 128 Cham- 
bers N.Y. h 259 Sackett 
Bramm Edward G. beltmkr. h 227 Sackett 
Bramm Gustavus, collector, h 127 Hooper 
Bramm John, tobacco, 32 Atlantic av, h 230 

Branagan Bernard, com. mer. b 249 6th E.D. 
B ran agan Bernard, tinsmith, 408 Gates av, 

h 210 Monroe 
Branagan John T. com. mer. h 249 6th E.D. 
Branch Charles, carpenter, h r 199 Meserole 
Branch Frank, driver, h r 72 Duffield 
Branch H. 0. salesman, 360 9th 
Branch Joseph, tailor, h 9tf McKibbin 
Branch Oliver E. lawyer, 102 B'way N.Y. h 

73 Pineapple 
Branch Sarah L. wid. Thomas, h 17 S. El- 
liott pi 

Branch Stephen li. clk. b 17 8. Elliott pi 
Brancherd August, broker, h 26 Marcjy a.v 
Braucbi Charles, stone cutter, b 179 27th 
Branckmaun Deidrich, tailor, h 208 John- 
son ay 

Brand Alfred, butcher, h 545 Myrtle av 
Brand Charles C. ringmkr. h 433 Herkimer 
Brand Edwin D. coal, 664 De Kalb av, h 368 

Throop av 

Brand Edwin V. coal, 316 Myrtle av, li 

Throop c Kosciusko 
Brand Francis A. driver, h 20^- Fayette 
Brand George, printer, h 60 2d E.D. 
Brand George A. butcher, li 114 S. 1st 
Brand George K. sec. 32 Court, h 259^ Sum- 
ner av 

Brand Herman, bakor, b 65 Delmonico pi 
Brand Herman, lab. h 280 4th E.D. 
Brand John, lab. h 585 Grand 
Brand John, coal, Greene av c Cumberland, 

h 452 Lafayette av 
Brand John tf. coal, 316 Myrtle av, h 536 

Lafa vette av 
Brand John T. butcher, 11 4th E.D. h 474 

N. 2d 

Brand Joseph, grocer, 1657 Fulton 
Brand Nicholas, carpenter, h 194 Meserole 
Brand Robert, fireman, h 748 Park av 
Brand Samuel, jeweler, h 762 Park av 
Brand William, broker, 52 South N.Y. h 89 

Brand William, dyer, 102 Myrtle av 
Brand Williamma, wid. h r 174 Smith 
Brand & Co. (John H. Brand & Edwin V. 

lirand), coal, 316 Myrtle av 
Brandan Barbara, wid. George 0. milliner, 

h 750 Fulton 
Brandan W. F. conductor, h 1658 Atlantic av 
Brandan Wm. H. watchman, h 12BJ N. 3d 
Brandal John, bedding, h 75 Hamburg av 
Brandebig Wm. wagonbldr. 384 Hamilton 


Brandeis Leopold, plumbers'mtls. 48 Fulton, 

h 159 Warren 




132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 

annsTiGATE magnetic garments 





Brandeis Louis, plumbers'mtls, 4S Fulton, h 

159 Waxren 
Brandeis L. & Son (X,onis Brandeis) plum- 
bers'mtls. 46 Fulton 
Brandsliagen Herman, lab. h r 187 Greens 
Brandel George, shoemkr. 393 Hoyt 
Brandell Henry, cutter, h Clason av. c Fulton 
Braudell Henry, wireweaver, h 663 Grand 
Brandenberg Emil, lab. h r 10 Macomb 
Brandenberg John N. drugs, 393 Van Brunt 
Brandenberg Louis, elk. h 414 Grabam av 
Brandenburg CUas. lithographer, h 219 22d 
Brandenburg Chas. W. bottler, 1171 Myrtle 

av, h 976 De Kalb av 
Brandenburg Louis, carpenter, h 278 Fui-man 
Brandenburger Samuel, mason, h 141 Mont- 
rose av 

Brandenburger Simon, hairdresser, 178 

Montrose av 
Brandenberger William, grocer, 483 N. 2d 
Brandenstein George (Rev.), 282 Bridge 
Brandenstein Isaac, h 282 Bridge ■■ 
Brandenstein Joseph, cigars, IB Hamburg 
Brandenstein Louis, elk. h 282 Bridge 
Brandcr Frodcvicli, h 85 Gerry 
Brander William, stonecutter, h 430 18th 
Branderburger Frederu-lc, h 18 Olive 
Brandes Adolph, jewelry, h 445 Saokett 
Brandes Charles, 'elk. h 300 S. 1st 
Brandes Charles, hairdresser, 192 York 
Brandes Henry, hotel, 3d av c 24th N.Y. h 

36 Carlton av 
Brandhorsfc John T. elk. h 180 Meserole 
Brandis Frederic, mathematical inst. mkr. 

Fulton N.Y. h 249 Ewen 
Brandis William, gilder, h 678 Lexington av 
Brandner Elenora, wid. George, h 166 Fulton 
Brandner Olga, viid. h 368 Navy 
Brandner Pauline, wid. baker,03 Flatbush av 
Brandner Pauline, wid. li 304 Navy 
Brando Louis, engineer, h 64 Wyckoff 
Brandon Daniel, cigars, h 89 Eliery 
Brandon Henry, moulder, h 69 Hudson av 
Brandon John F. driver, h 56 Taylor 
Brandon Michael, moulder, li300 Plymouth 
Brandon Samuel, tailor, h 89 EUery 
Brandon William H. shipmaster,li 198 Sands 
Brandow Charles, shipmaster, h 370 Jay 
Brandow Edwin, tngboat, h 385 Gold 
Brandow Elwood W. pilot, h 166 Sands 
Brandow George, pilot, h 146 Jay 
Brandow Harriet, wid. Warren, h 118 Pros- 

Brandow Peter W. carpenter, h 331 Cumber- 

Brandow Warren, pilot, h 118 Prospect 
Brandstetter Charles, lab. h 20 Central av 
Brandstetter Peter, lab. h 139 Stagg 
Brandt August, liquors, h 188 Bush wick av 
Brandt Charles A. awnings, 510 Fulton 
Brandt Daniel R. clothier, h 424 Pacific 
Brandt Frederick A. carpenter, h 306 12tU 
Brandt Frederick S. seaman, h 306 12th 
Brandt Fritz F. lab. h 554 Flushing av 
Brandt George, h 127 Stockholm 
Brandt George W. bklr. 55th n 3d av, h 

Brandt Henry, baker, 108 York 

Brandt Henry, bkbinder, h 590 16th 
Brandt Hanry, tailor, h 1790 Bergen 
Brandt Henry, h 138 Washington av 
Brandt Henry A. elk. h 153 Throop av 
Brandt Henry .1. liquors, 211 Atlantic av 
Brandt Jleury J. jr. elk. h 211 Atlantic av 
Brandt Homann, corkcutter, h 199 Floyd 
Brandt Jacob, baker, h 108 York 
Brandt James, lab. 207 N. 9th 
Brandt Lewis, watchman, li 242 5th E.D. 
Brandt Menna, wid. Adolphns, h 175 Bergen 
Brandt Nicholas, carpenter, h 192 Meserole 
Brandt Rudolph, carpenter, h y23 Stagg 
Brandt Valentine, lab. h. 805 Ciason av 
Brandt Washington J. physician, h 380 

Brandtberg Robert E. shipmaster, h 137 

Braudwood Joseph, carpenter, h 145 Wood- 

Brandy Josepli, h 159 S. Oxford 
Brane Charles, elk. h 72 Middleton 
Brangan Thomas, coal, 75 High, h 180 Pearl 
Brangs Alida G. dressmkr. 124 Meserole av 
Brangs Paul H. toolmkr. h 124 Meserole av 
Branigan Francis, lab. h 222 N. 5th 
Rraniiau Edward, lab. h 403 2(1 K.l). 
Branuau John, wheelwright, h 764 Monroe 
Brannan Michael, cooper, h 80 Rapelye 
Braniian Patrick, lab. h 7i5 Hicks 
Brannegan Edward, lab. h 186 Hamilton av 
lii aimer Anthony, boxnikr. h 210 Freeman 
Branner Jacob, lawyer, 309 Warren 
Branner Simon, tailor, b 309 Warren 
Brannigau Bridget, wid. Edwd. h 691 Hicks Edward, liquors, 48 Pacific, h 54 

Braimigan Eleanor, wid Thos. h 271 Bridge 
Brannigan James, porter, h 134 Bridge 
Brannigan Jas. A. bookkpr. 179 Willoughby 
Brannigau John, driver, h 245State 
Brannigan John, junk, 50 Walworth 
Brannigan John J. tinsmith, h 50 Walworth 
Brannigan Mary, wid; h 109 Navy 
Brannigan Patrick, junk, h 50 Walworth 
Brannigan William, lab. h r 87 Verona 
Brannon John, lab. 77 Pacific 
]5rans Lena, wid. Jacob, h 141 Montrose av 
Braustedder Elizabeth, wid. h 358 Bush- 
wick av 

Briint Charles, moulder, h 107 N. 9th 

Brant Ellen, wid. James, newspapers, 436 

Brant Frank, plumber, h 8,55 Atlantic av 

Brant Henry, baker, h 196 Prospect 

Brant James, baker, h 106 York 

Brant John, Lab. h 574 Grand 

Brant M. H. wid. Randolph, li 433 Clinton 

Brant Philip, shoel'aster, h 492 B'way 

Branfcigam Robt. bagmkr. h 28 Montrose av 

Branton John, tel.oper. h 337 Lexington av 

Brantou William, carver, h 198 Nevins 

Brarens Nicholas, lab. h 44 Pearl 

Brasch Rosa, wid. h 82 S. 2d 

Brasee Rienzi A. elk. h 15 Columbus pi 

Brasen Michael, lab. h r 461 1st E.D. 

Biaser Joseph, lab. h 388 S. 4th 

Brash Abner, fruits, h 49 Madison 



Importer of Blussard and Gregoire & Co. Bran- 
dies; Knickerbocker and Crown Gins, from 
iin o iin n j iii i Pi ii v Schiedam, Holland ; Polo, and Three and fonr 

IIU & 112 BrOaa, COri nater dl.| N. I. erape Shories; oporto fort Wines. 


Has the Lai^est STet Surplus of any Pire Ingnrance Co. in the World. 

See Adverttsement opposite name* 


Brash Bella, wid. James, h 230 Central av 
Brash Charles E. carpenter, h 25 Stockton 
Brash John, tailor, h 403 Prospect av 
Brash Eicliard T. confectioner, 93 5th av 
Brasli Samuel, tailor, h 159 S. 8th 
Brasher Lanra A. wid. Philip, h 107 Sands 
Brasher T. M. u.8.n. h 182 Livingston 
Brasher William M. oilcloths, 18th o 8th av, 

h 58 7th av 
Brasher William M. & Co. (RohertP. Conrt- 

ney), oilcloth mfrs. 18th c 8th av 
Brasier Cornell, engineer, h 53 Marion 
Brasler Lizzie, wid. Jacob, h 111 Scholes 
Brass Goods Mfr. Co. 254 State 
Brass Lonis H. glazier, h 184 Meserole 
Brass Rohert, machines, 57 Scholes, h 59 



Machinery and Tools, 

Power Presses, Foot Presses. Braiding Manhines, 
Sewing Machines adapted to any purpose. Sewing 
IVIaehine Trimmings, Dies, Punches, Experimental 
Machinery, Inventors' Models. 

67 & 59 SCHOLES STRKET, E. B., 
Between Lorimer and Leonard Sts. 

Brasse John, hairdresser, h 610 Pulton 
Brasse Anton, h 67 Troutman 
Bra.ssel Margaret, wid. Edw'd, h 171 Butler 
Brassington Walter J. machinist, h 194 

Brathwaite Albert E. u.s.a. h 111 Debevoiso 
Brafchwaite Kliza, tailor, hill Bebevoise 
Bratt John, cooper, h 01 K. Cth 
Brauckmiller August clk. h Java c Franklin 

Branhm Paul, lab. h 40 Eock 
Braiim Adolph, tailor, h 113 Elm 
Braura Bernard, hairdresser, lil B'way, h 105 

Braum Caroline, wid. Irwin, h 206 Maujer 
Braum Peter, carpenter, h 208 Meserole 
Braun Charles W. liquors, 58 Meeker av 
Braun Ernst, hotel, 161 Greenpoint av 
Braun Fidele, liquors, 163 av 
Braun John, grocer, 1st c N. 10th E.D. 
Braun John, lab. h 252 1st E.D. 
Braun .John, tailor, h 395 Atlantic av 
Braun Jorgen, lab. h r 30 Maujer 
Braun Joseph G. hairdresser, 124 Court, h 

325 Henry 
Braun Joseph, liquors, 724 5th av 
Braun Louis, hardware, 171 Johnson 
Braun Manuel, glassware, h 163 Throop av 
Braun Max, pocketbkmkr. h 1221 B'way 
Braun Michael, lab. h 122 Hopkins 
Braun Sebastian, baker, 594 Myrtle av 
Braun Valentine, lab. h 35 Humboldt 
Braun William, bkbdr. b 54+ Taylor 
Braun William, liquors, 45.5' Ist E.D. 
Braun & Steal (Bernard Braun & H. L. 

Steul), hairdressers, 21 B'way 
Braunhold Henry, h 110 10th E.D. 
Brauns George, bkkpr. h 92 Rapelye 
Brauns Herman, bkbinder, h 70 S. 8th 
Braunsberg Charles, clk. h 239 16th 
Braunt Joseph, shoes, 464 Manhattan av 

Branuwarth Charles, bkbdr. h 491 Suydam 
Braunwarth C. h 62 Moore 
Brausch Adam, cabinetmkr. h 710 Flushing 

Brausch Michael, driver, h 173 Boerum 
Brausclioid August, com. mer. 16 Spruce 

N.Y. h 26 Marcy av 
Brautigom Adam, baker, 63 Meeker av 
Bravy John, looking-glasses, 1810 Fulton 
Brawn Matthew, hairdresser, 399 Pearl, h 

335 Bridge 

Braxmar Charles, badges, 36 Cortlandt 

N.Y. b 92 Washington 
Braxton Henry, truckman, h r 87 Fort 

Greeiu; pi 
Bray David, coachman, h 276 Hicks 
Bray Elizaljeth, wid. Arthur, 19 Grove pi 
Brav Edw'd, mu.sician, h 157 S. Portland av 
Bray Frank H. clk. li 422 Hart 
Bray Henry G. painter, li r 97 Spencer 
Bray John, liquors, 72 Partition 
Bray John, lab. h 244 Wyckoff 
Bray Joseph M. clk. h 677 Bushwick av 
Bray Lnsena, wid. Edward, h 157 S. Port- 
land av 
Bray Martin, lab. h 32 York 
Bray Patrick, iusp. 35 Municipal Bldg.h 158 

Braj' Samuel, coachman, h .571 Baltic 
Bray Stephen, lab. h 94 Partition 
Bray William, machinist, h 8 Willow 
Brayman Hiram B. V. mer. 105 Franklin 

N.Y. b 92 S. Oxford 
Brazel John, shoprnkr. h 33 Maujer 
Brazell George, mason, li 619 BaUic 
Brazell Thomas, shoemkr. b 103 Tillary 
Brazier John E. painter, h 23 Newell 
Brazier Park, engineer, Ii 74 President 
Brazier John, seaman, b N. 8th c 2d E.D. 
Brazil John. clk. h 455 Court 
Brazill William P. mason, h 68 Meeker av 
Breakenridge Francis, marblecutter, h 442 


Breaker Charles, lab. h 55 Luquer 
Breakey George, jeweler, li 345 Gold 
Brcakey John, teas, 963 Myrtle av 
Bi-eakspear Charles J. clk. b 48 Bond 
Breakspear Fred, bkkpr. h 621 Lafayette av 
Breakspear Thomas, agt. h 421 7tli av 
Breakspear Thomas jr. clk. h 421 7th av 
Breakspear William H. clk. h 421 7th av 
Breast Thomas S. mason, h 464 5th av 
Breastel Frank, shoemkr. h 158 Seigel 
Breastel Kate, wid. Joseph, h 158 Scigel 
Breath Elizabeth, teacher, li 4(58 State 
Breath Mesereau, teacher, )i 468 State 
Breath Rebecca, teacher, h 468 State 
Breazneall Mary, wid. Edward, h 111 10th 
Brebster Elizabeth, h 103 Mooro 
Brech Peter, carpenter, h 98 Stagg 
Breeht Albert, porter, h 105 Central av 
Brecht Casper, plumber, li 222 EUery 
Brecht John, mason, 222 Ellery, h 99 N. 9th 
Breck Ada, tel. oper. h 120 Bergen 
Breck Frederick, butcher, h 86 Graham av 
Breck George AV. draughtsman, h 423 7th av 
Breck George, cigarmkr. h 86 Graham av 
Breck ,J. wid. George, h 86 Graham av 




348 Broadway, 3VEW YORK. 


See AdTt. page 12 firont. 


Also, Rnssian, Electric, and Soman Baths. 

A. U WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 


Breck William P. pablisber, 281 GreenwicU 
N.Y. h 83 Bedford av 

Breckels Samuel, watchman, h 693 Bergen 
Breckenbridge Thos. lab. h C24 Flushing av 
Breckenridge Clarence E. li 454 Clason av 
lireckinridge John .S. (Eev.), 19 High 
Breokle Christian, baker, 180 Throop av 
Brede (Jeorge, grocer, 481 Myrtle av 
Bredehoft Louis, grocer, 923 B'way 
Breden Charles, jeweler, h 1221 B'way 
Breden John W. barkpr. h 42 Union 
Breden Nicholas, driver, h 235 Johnson av 
Bredenburg William B. cigars, h 87 Court 
Bredenburgh Annie, wid. Jacob, tailoress, h 

161 Withers 
Brednlch John, liquors, 482 Carroll 
Bredt Frederick, iinpr. h 574 Clason av 
Breed Joseph B. (Rev.), h 305 Haisey 
Breed Orson, shipping, G Coenties si N.Y. 

h 14 7th av 
Breeland Abram, engineer, h 44 Cedar 
Breen Alexander, coaclimuu, h 329 Henry 
Breen Bridget, groceries, h 50 4th 
Breen Bridget T. wid. Mathew, h 356 17th 
Breen Edward, lab. h 112 King 
Breen James, barkpr. h 13 Union 
Breen James, lab. h 195 Throop av 
Breen James, elk. h 166 Willoughby 
Breen James, printer, h 379 State 
Breen James, sawyer, h 116 Kingslaud av 
Breen John, drygds. h 283 Clintou 
Breen Martin, realestate, 239 Court, h 236 


Breen Martin & Son (William C.), realestate, 

239 Court 



839 COUIIT STKEET, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Experts in appraising property. Speciai atten- 
tion given to the management of Estates, and 
prompt returns made to patrons. Bents 
Collected. Mortgajs^e Loans negrotiated. 

Notary Public. 

Breen Michael, mason, h 181 Eagle 
Breen Michael, physician, 59 S. 3d 
Breen Owen, elk. 586 Warren 
Breen Owen, supt. h 157 India 
Breen Patrick, mason, h 186 India 
Breen Thomas, driver, h 1.558 Myrtle av 
Breen Thomas, lab. h 398 Kent av 
Breen Thomas, printer, h 398 Kent av 
Breen William, cooper, h 154 Hope 
Breen William C. realestate, 239 Court, h 
236 Baltic 

Breese George C. printer, h 133 N. Elliott pi 
Breeze George S. li 243 Macon 
Breger William, lab. h 19 Soholes 
Breham George, boxmkr, h 142 Ten Eyek 
Brehler David, lockmfr. h 239 Montrose av 
Brehm Charles J. musician, h 294 N. 2d 
Brehm Fred, cigarboxmkr. h 108 Harrison av 
Brehm George, carpenter, h 60 Graham av 
Brehm George, porter, h 118 Hopkins 
Brehm Henry, cigarboxmfr. 214 1st E.D. 
h 31 Troutraan 

Brehm Jacob, cigarboxrafr. 214 1st E.D. h 

141 Powers 
Brehm John, cigarboxmkr. h 108 Union av 
Brehm John, cigarboxmfr. 214 1st E.D. h 42 


Brehm John, cig,irboxmkr. h 34 McKibbin 

Brehm John, liquors, 99 Ten Eyck 

Brehm John, liquors, 294 N. 2il 

Brehm Maggie, h 124 Hopkins 

Brehm Bros. (Henry, John & Jacob), cigar- 

boxmkrs. 214 1st E.D. 
Bieidenbah Susan, wid. h 252 Livingston 
Bicidiiig Wm. shoemkr. h 304 Atlantic av 
Breidinger Frank, tailor, h 305 Floyd 
Breicnback Conrad, grocer, 109 Sclioles 
Breil John, carpenter, b 465 Carroll 
Breilhaupt Carl, tailor, h 41 Broome 
Breiling Henry, shoemkr. li 321 Prospect av 
Breimau Ailolph, tailor, 117 Floyd 
Brein Frederick, photographer, h 72 Knsii 

Breinig David K. agt. 40 Bleeckor N.Y. h 

344 Schermerhorn 
Breinig Granville M. agt. 40 Bleecker N.Y. h 

344 Schermerhorn 
Breinig John, lab. h 20 Stagg 
Breinig Revere M. mfr. N.Y. h 124 St. Felix 
Brciniuger Conrad, oigarmkr. h 88 Ewen 
Breiniuger Margaret, wid. Henry, h 23 Stagg 
Breirogel John, cigars, 96 5th av 
Breisland Samuel, trucks, h 121 Prospect 
Brcit John, lab. h 89 Ewen 
Breiten B. hairdresser, h 69 Johnson 
Hreiticld Peter N. shipmaster, li 570 4th av 
Breithecker Louis, salesman, h 220 2d E.D. 
Breitbhecker H. J. satohelmkr. h 51 Throop 


Breithiit Charles, butcher, 281 Pearl 
Breitmoyer Julius, butcher, h B'way c De 

Kalb av 

BroitiuT Mattluiw, hairdresser, BG Wythe av 
Breitschmid Jacob, shoemkr. 14 Bond 
Bruitnng Emil, barkpr. h 32 B'way 
Breker Henry, organist, h 225 Livingston 
Brem Irving, jewelry, h 270 16th 
Bremau Patrick, bkkpr. h 610 3d av 
Breman Thomas, engineer, b 183 Withers 
Bremans Anton, lab. h 1753 Fulton 
Bremard Frederick, elk. h 70 S. lilliott pi 
Bremer Albert, sugarsampler, b 95 Lynch 
Bremer Anton, baker, h 140 Harrison av 
Bremer August, tailor, h 324 S. 1st 
Bremer August, tailor, h 796 Flushing av 
Bi-emer Charles, bkkpr. h 153 Marcy av 
Bremer Christ W. driver, h 220 Boerum 
Bremer Frederick W. tailor, h 25 Bremen 
Bremer Isidor, leather, 96 Duane N.Y. h 

225 Stuj'vesant av 
Bremer .Jacob, boxmkr. h 456 B'way 
Bremer John, buteher,Norman av c Leonard 

h 649 Leonard 
Bremer , seaman, h 118 John 
Bromfleck Leo, lab. h 220 2d E.D. 
Bremmer Fredrick, lab. h 131 Lorimer 
Bremmer John C. h 76 Oakland 
Bremner Andrew A. h 385 Grand av 
Bremst Eosie, wid. h 49 Graham av 
Brenack Richard G. paper, h 93 Clason av 


At GfliS. f . HELD'S, 114 LWngston St., Gor. Boerni E 


Has the largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 

BEE 108 BRE 

Brenack Thomas, paper, h 550 Nostraud av 
Brenan D. phj'sician, h 56 Sumner av 
Brerian John, stevedore, h 4 Han-ison ct 
Brenan Mary, wid. Peter, h 32 Skillman av 
Breuau Thomas, stevedore, h 4 Harrison ct 
Brenar Rndolph,earpenter, b 195 Johuson av 
Brencerker Theo. sashmkr. h '267 Pacific 
Brendal Mary A. grocer, h 338 Bushwick av 
Brendecke Felix, lithographer, N.Y. h 329 

Brendel Adaia, mason, h 107 Stagg 
Brendel Frank, liquors, 222 .lackson 
Brendel John, jeweler, h 43 WoodliuU 
Brendel Joseph F. jeweler, h 153 Wyckoff 
Breudell John, mason, h 170 Jackson 
Brendle Francis, tailor, h 70 Scholes 
Brendle Henry, tailor, h 143 Tbroop av 
Brenecke George, mer. 110 Pearl N.Y. h 219 


Brenecke Henry, cottonbroker, 110 Pearl 

N.Y, li 219 Congress 
Brenes John, carpenter, h 98 Montrose av 
Brenigan John, elk. h 879 Park av 
Brennaes Anton, carrepairer, li Eeid c Fulton 
Breimau Ann T. li 16 N. Portland av 
Brenuan Bernard, moulder, Ii 134 Intli 
Brcnnan Catherine, wid, Owen,li 101 Parkpl 
Brennan Charles, boxmkr. h 114 Newell 
Breniian Charles, mason, h 319 Baltic 
Brcnnan Charles, steelplate, h 634 Baltic 
Brennan Daniel, lali, h li2 Pearl 
Brennau Denis, butcher, h 236 15th 
Brennan Edward, paver, h 195 Dupont 
Brennan Edward, printer, h 53 Fleet pi 
Brennan Edward, stonecutter, h 142 18th 
Tireiinan Edward, tailor, h 74 Carroll 
ISrciinan Elizabeth, wid. Lawrence, h 162 

Brennan I'^iaiilc, wheelwright, h 94 Clay 
Brennan Frank F. painter, li 15 Montrose av 
Brennan George, engineer, h 87 Snmmit 
Brennau George, pianomkr. h Ecktbrd c 

Meserole av 
Brennan Helen, wid. Andrew, h 666 Atlan- 
tic av 

Brennau Hubert, shoemfr. 68 B'way, h 64 

11th E.D. 
Brennan Hugh, porter, h 103 Canton 
lirennan Hugh, stevedore, h 290 17th 
Brennan James, bkbinder, h 127 Wythe av 
Brenuan James, h 125 43tli 
Brennan James, cooper, h 2S6 4th E.D. 
Brennan .James, hats, h r 14 Clermont av 
Brennan .James, lab. li 58 I^ittle 
Brennan James, lab. h 104 President 
Brennan James, lab. h 392 S. 5th 
Brennan James, lab. h 285 20tli 
Brennan James, mechanic, h 3 9tli 
Brennau James, shipcarpenter, li 204 16th 
Brennan James F. compositor, h 367 Flush- 
ing av 

Brennan James H. fireman, li 610 Myrtle av 
Brennan James H. liquors, 301 Myrtle av 
Brennan James jr. japanner, h 285 20th 
Brennan James P. bkbinder, li 480 Grand 
Brennan .John, h 151 Leeav 
Brennan John, blacksmith, h 240 Navy 
Brennan John, carman, h 21 Columbia 

Brenuan John, caterer, h 178 Front 
Brennau John, cooper, h 192 Kent 
Brennan John, dockbldr. 190 9th 
Brennan John, driver, h 41 Gold 
Brennan John, electrotyper, h W7 Douglass 
Brennan John, gardener, h 221 Centre 
Brennan John, lab. h r 83 Navy 
Brennan John, lab. h 10 Carroll 
Brenuan John, lab. h 479 6th av 
Brennan John, lab. h 271 Van Brunt 
Brennan John, lab. li 15 Bolivar 
Brennan John, lather, h 130 Stanhope 
Brcnnan John, liquors, Clermont av c Flash- 
ing av 

Brennan John, liquors, 80 Walwortb 
Brennan John, liquors, 128 Flushing av 

Brennan John, marblecutter, li 165 Franklin 
Brenuan .John, police, Ii 101 Kingsland av 
Brennau John, porter, h 75 President 
Brennau John, printer, h 32 Johnson av 
Brennau John, shoemkr. h 285 20th 
Brennan John, wheelwright, h 764 Monroe 
Brennan Jobn J. bldr. 189 Lee av, h 188 

Brenuan John J. com. mer. h 90 2d pi 
Brenuan .John R. liquors, 80 Walworth 
Brennan Joseph, bkbinder, h 4r>4 Grand 
Brennan Joseph, cardriver, h 2S5 20th 
Brenuan Joseph, elk. h 316 S. 1st 
Brcnnan Joseph, clookmkr. h 465J 7th av 
Brennan Joseph T. elk. b 480 Grand 
Brenuan Kate, wid. Joseph, h 171 Green- 
point av 

Brennan Lawrence, driver, li 150 Spencer 
Brennau Lawrence, liquors, 'liSS Manhattan 

Brennan Luke, lab. h 685 Cth av 

Brennan Margaret, wid. John, h 111 N. 6th 

Brennan Margaret, wid. Terrance, h 175 

Skillman av 
Brennan Margaret, wid. Thos. h 604 Henry 
Brennan Martin, driver, h 326 N. 2d 
Brennan Martin, hats, h r 14 Clermont av 
Brennan Mary, wid. Edward, h 253 Bond 
Brennan Mary, wid. John, h 598 Grand 
Brennan Mary, wid. Patrick, h 131 S. 2d 
Brennan Mary, wid. Thomas, h 154 20tli 
Brennan Mary A. dressmkr. h214 Court 
Brennan Matthew, cooper, h 73 Degraw 
Brennan Matthew, longshoreman, h 98 War- 

Brennan Michael, elk. li 479 6th av 
Brennan Mich'l,clockmkr. h 358Prospect av 
Brennan Michael, lab. h 367 Flushing av 
Brennan Michael, lab. h 356 Bnshwick av 
Brennan Michael, lab. li 58 Little 
Brennan Michael, mason, h 167 Java 
Brennan Michael, plasterer, h 685 6th av 
Brennau Michael F. upholsterer, li 171 

Brenuan Murtagh, glassblowor, li 41 Clymer 
Brennan Owen, stableman, h 520 Vanderbilt 

Brennan Patrick, blacksmith, h 87 Summit 
Brennan Patrick, butcher, h r 5 Lawrence 
Breunau Patrick, grocer, 474 6th av 
Brennan Patrick, lab. h 12th c 3d av 
Brenuan Patrick, lab. h 515 3d av 

FIBE Bm-o"«^L.^2°= B. KEEISCHER & SONS, 

132 Mangin St., near Htfuston, East Kiver, New York. 


486 FOlTOir 8TBEET, 







Breunan Patrick, lab. li 906 Tillary 
Breunan Patrick, liquors, 479 6th av 
Brennan Patrick, pedtller, h r 34 Chapel 
Brennan Patrick E. elk. h 253 Bond 
Brennan Patrick M. grocer, 687 oth ar 
Brennan Peter, bkbinder, h 480 Grand 
Brennan Peter, elk. h 116 Stanhope 
Brennan Peter, lab. li 66 Columbia 
Brennan Peter, lab. li 77 Gold 
Brennan Peter, rubber, h 64 Prince 
Brennan Klcbard, lab. h 13tli n 3d av 
Brennan Eicli'd, watchman.h 66 Colunibiapl 
Brennan Robert, plasterer, b 685 6th av 
Brennan Sarah, wid. Bugene, h 491 Presi- 

Brennan Theodore, baker, h 28 Quinoy 
Brennan Thomas, bkkpr. h 27 Quincy 
Brennan Thomas, elk. h 111 N. 6th 
Brennan Thomas, cooper, h 424 lat E.D. 
Brennan Thomas, gasfitter, h 73 N. 9th 
Brennan Thomas, papermkr. h 14 Garrison 
Brennan Thomas, lab. h r 88 Navy 
Brennan Thomas, lab. h 151 India 
Brennan Thomas, lab. b 285 20th 
Brennan Thomas, lab. h 215 2rfd 
Brennan Thomas, lab. h 17 Columbia hgts 
Brennan Thomas, marblepolisher, li 19j 2:!d 
Brennan Thomas, mechanic, h 272 B'way 
Brennan Thomas jr. granitecutter, h 199 23d 
Brennan Timothy, lab. h 24 Carroll 
Brennan William, bricklayer, h 92 Bridge 
Brennan William, lab. h 185 N. 9th 
Brennan William, lab. h 221 Centre 
Hremian William, machinist, h 87 Summit 
Breunan W'illiam, mason, h 142 18th 
Brennan William, printer, h 169 Butler 
Brennan William, shipcarpenter, h 93 India 
Brennan & Colligau f Jas. Brennan, John 

, Colligan), coopers, 349 5th E.D. 
Brennan & Kelly (Hubert Brennan, James 

Kelly), shoemf'rs. 68 B'way 
Brennard Frederick, h 140 Cook 
Brennecke Frederick, elk. 1i 115 Stagg 
Brenuecke George, broker, h 219 Congress 
Brenneis August, baker, h 56 Franklin av 
Brennen Abigail, wid. John, 77 Wyckoff 
Brennen Bridget, h r 564 Kent av 
Brennen Edward F. paiuter, h 1066 Fulton 
Brennen James, h 18tj lork 
Brennen James N. hatter, h 750 Herkimer 
Brennen John, carpenter, h 361 Hicks 
Brennen John, steelmelter, h 1 Little Nassau 
Brennen John, truckman, ii 117 Graham 
Brennen John H. ins. 45 B'way E.D. h 175 

S. 9th 

Brennen Lawrence, liquors, Huron c Man- 
hattan av 

Brennen Margaret, chairmfr. 130 Boerum pi 
Brennen Martin, glasscutter, li 214 Greene 
Brennen Patrick, h 118 12th 
Brennen Thomas, lab. b 460 Flushing av 
Brennen Timothy, painter, h 195 Huron 
Brenner Benedict, liquors, 120 Norman av 
Brenner Christian, liquors, 161 Greenpoint 

Brenner Frederick, carpenter, h r 26 Skill- 
man av 

Brenner George, tailor, h 685 Flushing av 

Brenner Jacob, lawyer, 39 Nassau N.Y. h 

309 Warren 
Brenner Jacob, liquors, 194 Oakland 
Brenner Jacob, liquors, Calyer c Oakland 
Brenner John, engraver, h 293^ 10th 
Brenner John, grocer, Calyer c Oakland 
Brenner Joseph, peddler, h ;>36 Oakland 
Brenner Mary, wid. Sebastian, h r 154 John- 
son av 

Brenner Mich'ljvarnishmkr, h 540Graham av 
Brenner Sophia, wid. Andreas, h 22 Stagg 
Btenner William, h Calyer c Oakland 
Brenner W^illiam, tailor, 620 Fulton, h 118 
St. Felix 

Brennesholtz Frederick, glassblower, h 187 


Breiiiiessel Josephine, wid. Joseph, h 225 
Johnson av 

Brennon John, glassblower, h 205 Hunting- 

Brent Broxanna, wid. William, h 428^ Lex- 
ington av 

Brentauo Andrew, steelworker, h 223 N. 8th 
Brentano John, 231 Rutlcdge 
Brentauo Nicholas, gratemkr, h 148 Leonard 
lirentz Thomas, lab. h 120 12th 
Erenyr Rudolph, carpenter, h 139 Moore 
Brenz William, oigarmfr. 99 Throop av 
Brenz William, tailor, h 225 Hopkins 
Brenzel Gebhard, cabinetmkr. h 1766 Fu 1 ton 
Brereton Samuel, carpenter, h 196 Green- 
point av 
Brervort , wid. h 396 Degraw 
ISresce Jeremiah, farmer, h 980 Bergen 
Breslauer Raphael, hairdresser, 322 Flushing 

Breslin Daniel, cartman, h 76 Lawrence 
Bresliu Dennis, lab. h r 118 John. 
Breslin Mary, 446 De Kalb av 
Bresliu Montague, clockmkr. h 311 ICth 
Breslin Niall, stationer, h 107 Noble 
Bre«lin Patrick, cook, h 215 Jay 
Breslin Pati-iok, lab. h 332 Van Brunt 
Breslin Patrick, liquors, 119 Furman, h 

102 Adams 
Breslin Samuel elk. h 687 5th av 
Breslin Thomas, boats, h 134 Union 
Breslin William, h 24 ISushwick av 
Breslin William, lab. h 144 York 
Bresnan Thomas, boatman, h 134 Union 
Bresnehen John, glassblower, h 75 N. 9th 
Bressette Francis, 34 Greene av 
Bressette George H. coal, h 34 Greene av 
Bressiel Edward J. lab. h 326 Fnrman 
Bressly Charles, peddler, h 141 McDeugal 
Bretschneider Herman, h C Richards 
Brett Albert, agt. steamships, h 147 Macon 
Brett Alfred, patternmkr. N.Y. h 106 S. 5th 
Brett Charles, lithographer, h 211 Hooper 
Brett Elmer S. h 355 Cumberland 
Brett George L. sillcbuyer, h 588Halsey 
Brett Gusturus A. shippingmer. 41 South 

N.Y. h 187 Columbia hgts. 
Brett Howard, printer, h 588 Halaey 
Brett John, elk. h 210 Union av 
Brett John, grocer, 323 N. 2d 
Brett Pierce, grocer, h Columbia c Centre 
Brett Peter, provisions, h 255 Clason av 

r— S 

^tt— 5 



A W 

t» ^ « S 

'Is ?« 

55 'I • 

T 2 <i » 
2 « f 

— m 

^ N 
&3 an 


^ ? SI 



Union Square. New York City. 

I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

1 And Fire-Place Novelties. 


s LSee Xiy't on leaf opposite niuiie.| 


Has the Largest Uet Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 











» -i 


B -> 
C ^ 

(8 <=! 
o . 

© CO 

o o 
c ^ 
(8 •< 


Brett William G. shippingmer. 41 South 

N.Y. h 187 Columbia hgts 
Brett William J. elk. h 118 Vernon av 
Brctthauer John, shoes, 550 Court 
Brettiog John, lab. li 64 Franklin av 
Brettlau Jolm U. h 53 S. 3d 
Bretz Charles W. conductor, h 133 Marion 
Bretz Fred, hamessmkr. h 830 Fulton 
Bretz George B. lawyer, 16 Court, h 170 

Bretz Michael, painter, li 172 Montrose av 
Bretzfield Mary, -wid. Henry, h <J87 S. 2d 
Bretzwien William, cigarmkr. h 622 Flusli- 
jug av 

Breuckham May, wid. h 6 Woodbine 
Brenckiier Bernard, printer, 5i08 Graham av 
Brener Godford, cigardealer, 630 3d av 
Breul Augusta, contiectionery, 419 Graham 


Brcum August, lab. h 355 Palaslci 
Brcunicg Frederick J. japanner, h 27 Dod- 

Breves Frederick, {rrocer, 647 5th av 

Brevo Thomas, lab. h 25 Colurabia 
Brevoort Henry, lab. h '26 Hey ward 
Brovoort llcnry L. engineer, 206 BSvayK.Y. 

h 36 Brevoort pi 
Brevoort J. Carson, h 36 Brevoort pi 
Brew Arthur A. elk. h 793 Bergen 
Brew Arthur A. drngclk. h 59l) Washington 


Brew Edward T. agt. li 116 Dean 
Brew John H. drugs, h 583 Wasliington av 
Browe Henry, driver, h 64 Suydam 
Brewer Catharine H. wid. John li. h 186 Fort 
Greene ])1 

Brewer Charles, lamplighter, h 252 High 
Brewer diaries, paiuter, h 864 Myrtle av 
Brewer David, lab. h 62 Front 
Brewer George W. roofer, h 175 Ryenson 
Brewer Harriet, wid. .losepli, h 217 Rodney 
Brewer Henry ,!. drugs, 96G Atlantic av 
Brewer John, macliinist, h 483 Marcy av 
Brewer John, printer, b 13 lOfcli av 
Brewer John, trunks, 408 Bridge, h East N.Y. 
Brewer John H. organist, 17a Montague, h 

66 Quincy 
Brewer John H. cigarmkr. h 314 S. 2d 
Brewer Marquis A. produce, h 100 Washing- 
ton av 

Brewer Peter, moulder, h 148 Stockton 
Brewer Samuel, painter, h 34 Margaretta 
Brewer Thomas H. machinist, h 332 Quincy 
Brewer Walter, shipmaster, h 18th n 9th av 
Brewer "William, engineer, h 66 Quincy 
Brewer William G. bkkpr. h 332 Quincy 
Brewer William H. eomr. h 66 Quincy 
Brewer William L. satchelmkr. h 252 High 
Brewst Charles, fanoygds. h 284 Humboldt 
Brewster Amos A. silks, 456 B'way N.Y. h 

277 St. James' pi 
Brewster Charles, expressman, h 145 4th 
Brewster Clarence N. drugs, 696 Bedford av 
Brewster Elbert G. h 383 3d 
Brewster Frederick, elk. h 171 Union 
Brewster George, hardware. Chambers N.Y. 

h 165 Joralemou 
Brewster George H. elk. h 775 B'wav 

Brewster George S. elk. h 178 S. 3d 
Brewster James, fish, Fulton mkt. N.Y. h 61 

De Kalb av 
Brewster James N. carpenter, 63 Clymer, h 

61 Clymer 
Brewster Jared, h 143 Amity 
Brewster Joseph, elk. h 359 Schermerhorn 
Brewster Julia V. wid. Wm. E. h 77 3d pi 
Brewster Lucious, inventor, h 23 Willough- 

Brewster Marcus M. elk. h 82 S. Elliott pi 
Brewster R. G. shipmaster, h 383 3d 
Brewster Kichard W. soapmfr. 46 Kent av, 

h 107 S. Oxford 
Brewster Richard, soap, 46 Kent av, h 107 

S. Oxford 

Brewster Eich'd C. dentist, 134 Lafayette av 
Brewster, Rutherford & Co.(Riehard Brew- 
ster, James Rutherford, Edwin T. Skid- 
more), soap, 46 Kent av 
Brewster Thomas, salesman, li 462 Sackett 
Brewster William H. carpenter, h 98 Skill- 
man av 

Brexcndorff Max, supt. h 345 Bedford av 
Brey Henry, baker, 221 Calyer 
Breyuan Henry, elk. h 322 S. 4th 
Brez .John D. 35 Broad N.Y. h '22 Pierrepont 
Brezill Patrick W. bldr. h 78 Freeman 
Brian David, carriagemkr. h 568 Kent av 
Brian Michael, longshoreman, h 101 N. 7tn 
Briar Jonathan, lab. h. 109 Harrison 
Briarton James, butcher, 351 Van Brunt 
Briasco Bartholomew, xiaiuter, 1023 Atlan- 
tic av 

Briasco Bartholomew jr. painter, Clason av 
c Atlantic av 

Briasco Michael, painter, Olason av c Atlan- 
tic av 

Briasco & Sons (Bartholomew, Michael, 
Bartholomew jr.), painters, Clason av o 
Atlantic av 
Bribersou John, lab. li 99 Harrison 
Brice Fannie, wid. Rich'd, h 144 Huntington 
Brice Hannah, wid. John, varieties, 663 5th 

Brice Henry, porter, h 96 Park av 
Brice John, h 89 N. 4th 
Brice William, h 89 N. 4th 
Brichner Adam, lab. h r 180 Johnson av 
Brichner Conrad, lab. h r 329 Manjer 
Brichwine William, cigarmkr. h 622 Flush- 
ing av 

Brick Carlo C. architect, h 37 4th E.D. 
Brick John, gratemkr. h 9 Saudford 
Brick Julia E. wid. Joseph, h 200 Lafayette 

Brick Maurice, tel. oper. h 245 Franklin av 
Bricka Charles, morocco case mfr. 52 Nassau 

N.Y. h 880 Park av 
Briokel John E. cooper, h 136 Union 
Bricker Charles, bkbinder, h 86 Adams E.D. 
Bricker Earnest, lab. h r 398 1st E.D. 
Brickley Richard, lab. h 81 Herbert 
Brickman Jacob, tailor, h 314 Manjer 
Brickner Andrew, carpenter, h 89 Van Cott 


Brickner John, tinsmith, h 35 McKibbin 
Brickous Isaac, porter, h 49 1st E.D. 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., nea^ City Hall, Brooklyn. 


See Advt. paee 13 front. 


Also, Inssian, Electric, and Roman Batbs. 


A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 



Brrekous Anthony, lab. li 563 B'way 
Brickus Thomas, cook, h 98 Meserole 
Bricler William, tailor, h 111 Scholes 
Briddenkidter Henry, tailor, h 155 John- 
son av 

Bride Charles E. jeweler, h 116 Hart 
Bride James H. lab. h 670 Washington av 
Bride Maggie L. dressmkr, h 397 Gold 
Bride Mathew, carpets, h 397 Gold 
Bride Michnel, carpenter, h 397 Gold 
Brii'ie Sarah, h 397 Gold 
Brideger Wilhelmiiia, wid. Frank, h 169 Mc- 

Bridenbech Joseph, tailor, h 181 Montrose av 
Biideson Willinin, lab. h 110 Sackett 
Bridge Catherine, wid. James, h 70 Cedar 
Bridge Charles, 41 Chambers N.Y. h 187 

Washington park 
Bridge Daniel, h 545 Dean 
Bridge Daniel A. elk. h 545 Dean 
Bridge Edward, roalostate, N.Y. h 306 State 
Bridge Edward, u.s.u. h '431 Madison 
Bridge Edward M. tinsmith, h 103 Van 

Cott av 

Bridge Henry T. lab. h 103 Van Cott av 
Bridge James, liquore, h 98 Hudson av 
Bridge William B. realestate,13 Willoughby, 
h 306 State 

Bridgeman Johanna, wid. John, h 510 19th 
Bridgeman Eeuben, foreman, h 4:i9 Klat- 
Dush av 

Bridgers Chnrlea, lab. 246 Smith 
Bridgcrsor. Jamos, boilcrnikr. h 266 Oakland 
Bridges (;iiar!es, lab. \\ 61 Douglass 
Bridges lidward, liquors, h 159 Butler 
Bridges Edward J. elk. h 159 Butler 
Bridges Frederick, harnessmkr. 8 Boerum pi 
Bridges James, machinist, h 281 Front 
Bridges Sam'l, coachman, h 495| Hudson av 
Bridges Samuel W, dentist, 199 Clinton 
Bridges William .J. (Rev.), h 86 Keid av 
Bridgett Wm. broker, h 78 Schermerhorn 
Bridgetts .fas. A. painter, h 41 Man!ia.ssot pi 
Bridgetts Patrick, h 41 Manhasset pi 
Bridgford Charles, elk. h 86 Carroll 
Bridgham Edw'd H. designer, h 1066 Pacific 
Bridgham Louis H. printer, h 1066 Pacific 
Bridgins Charles W. collector, h 244 13th 
Bridgland Philo F. engineer, h 2.3'<i Central av 
Bridgman Charles J. artist, 16 Court 
Bridgraan Charles W. elk. h 217 De Kalb av 
Bridgman Herbert L. journalist, h 604 Carl- 
ton av 

Bridgman Hnlda,wid.W"m. h 137 Atlantic av 
Bridgman John, baker, h 222 B'vvay 
Bridgman .Toliu, provisions, 81 Atlantic av, 

h. 137 Atlantic av 
Bridgman Malcolm, mer. 372 B'way N.Y. h 

217 De Kalb av 
Bridgman Malcolm L. jeweler, hi 217 De 

Kalb av 

Bridgman Mina, wid. August, h 10 Union 
Bridgman Roger M. elk. h 208 S. 2d 
Bridgman William 6. provisions, 81 Atlan- 
tic av, h 137 Atlantic av 
Bridgraan Bros. (John & William G.), pro- 
visions, 81 Atlautic av 
Bridy Catherine, wid. Henry, h 9 4th 

Bridy Michael, lab. h 9 4th 
Briedy Patrick, lab. 60 Amity 
Briel John, clgarmkr. h 217 Ewen 
Briele Madeline, wid. .John, h 301 Devoe 
Brielmann Emil, kindliugwood, 63 Varot, h 
57 Vaiet 

Brien George, stevedore, h 245 Front 
Brien James, salesman, h 8 j Hoyt 
Brien James, stevedore, h 245 Front 
Brien Martin J. plumber, 127 Atlantic av, h 

109 Schermerhorn 
Brien Mortimer A. tel. oper. h 27 Poplar 
Brien Sarah, wid. Martin J. h 109 Schermer- 

Brien Timothy, gardener, h 205 22d 
Brien William, engineer, h 92 Carlton av 
Brieody Hugh, peddler, 54 Amity 
Brier Anton, framer, r 224 Douglass 
Brier John, cigarnikr. h 217 Ewen 
Briest George L. eomj)ositor, b 258 S. 1st 
Briest John W. W. compositor, h 258 S. 1st 
Briest John W. jr. compositor, h 258 S. 1st 
Briest Joseph I. printer, h26 7th, E.D. 
Briest Racliel P. wid. Josiah F. h 268 Bed- 
ford av 

Briet Charles, tailor, h 19 Seigel 
Brigden Edwin, mtV. h 216 Raymond 
Brigden George H. bkkpr. h 'AW Central av 
Brigetts William, h 191 9th pi 
Briggemann H'.v, wasliingfluid, 101 Scholes 
Briggs Adam, watchman, h 774 Dean 
Briggs Alanson T. elk. h 120 S .5tli 
Briggs Allison, captain, h 48:> Bedford av 
Briggs Arthnr L. shoes, h 184 Clinton 
Briggs A. D. hatter, h 251 Duffieid 
Briggs Benjamin, sliootinggallery, Myrtle n 

Adams, h 119 Huron 
Briggs Benj.aniin F. cooper, 100 Columbia, h 

141 Clifton pi 
Briggs Benj, M. physician, 106 V»'illonghby 
Briggs Catherine, h 235 Ryerson 
Briggs Charles A. toolmkr. h 1112 Pacific 
Briggs Charles H. bkkpr. h 126 Ralph av 
Briggs Charles H. elk. p. o. h 62 Cedar 
Briggs Christopher S, (Rev.), 110 Linden 
Briggs David, fish, h 102 S. 10th 
Briggs D. D. wid. h .56 Tompkins pi 
Briggs Edward, machinist, h 329 S. 3d 
Briggs Edward C. elk, h 267 15th 
Briggs Edward F. elk. 696 Lexington 
Briggs Edward G. h 1137 Fulton 
Briggs Edwin F. cooper, h 120 S. 6th 
Briggs Elizabeth, fancy gds. 995 Fulton 
Briggs Emily, confectionery, 543 4th av 
Briggs Ferdinand S. realestate, 1014 B'way, 

h 106 Lindeu 
Briggs George, coachman, h 53 Varet 
Briggs George, elk. h 184 Clinton 
Briggs George, patternmkr. h 23 Newell 
Briggs George, boatman, h 130 38th 
Briggs Henry, peddler, h 16 Kane pi 
Briggs Henry, shipcarpentor, h 119 Huron 
Briggs Henry C. machinery, h 13 5th E.D 
Briggs Horace, shoes, h 184 Clinton 
Briggs Isaac, h 696 Lexington av 
Briggs James, elk. 121 Prospect pi 
Briggs James, mechanic, h 106 Eeid av 
Briggs .James, teamster, h 72 S. 1st 


* Price $3.00. 10 Boenim Place, Brooklyn, and 121 Ftdton Si, ^. 7. t 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World, 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 

BEI 112 BE! 

Biiggs James, weaver, h 133 Walton 
Briggs James H. fancygtls. 995 Fulton 
Briggs James T. elk. h 995 Fulton 
Briggs Jane, will. Thomas J. li 24 Hope 
Briggs Jolm, elk. h 182 Willougliby 
Briggs John, coutractor, li 14 Rochester av 
Briggs John, salesman, h. 312 Ma«on 
Briggs John VV. engineer, li 170 Division av 
Briggs Jonathan A. jeweler, 191 B'way N.T. 

h 455 Bedford av 
Briggs Joseph, foreman, h 259 Bushwick av 
Briggs J. H. cooper, N. 11th n 6th 
Briggs Luther J. jr. drygds. 59 Leonard 

N.Y. h 8 Cambridge pi 
Briggs Lafayette F. journalist, li 79 2d pi 
Briggs Luther J.shipaiaster,h 168 Livingston 
Briggs Manasseh, com. mer. 90 Wall N.Y. h 

2(58 Schermerhorn 
Briggs Marg't, wid. Julius, h 119 McDongal 
Briggs Marvin, barrels, h 149 Calyer 
Briggs Mary P. wid. Edgar M. h 12(5 Ealph av 
Briggs Maryette, wid. Joseph, h 425 Tomp- 

Sins av 

Briggs Philip H. broker, 60 B'way N.Y. h 

56 Tompkins pi 
Briggs Phoebe, wid. John H. h 120 S. 5th 
Briggs Peter, upholsterer, h 12G Eckford 
Briggs Kufns, police, h 558 Henry 
Briggs Richard, stairbuilder, h 543 4th av 
Briggs Robert, clk. h 267 15th 
Briggs Robert, supt. h 258 Graham av 
Briggs Samuel B. carpenter, h 172i Clason 


Briggs Stephen D. carman, h 120 S. 5th 
Briggs Sarah, wid. Charles M. h 199 S. 9th 
Briggs Theodore B. clk. h 62^ Taylor 
Briggs Walter C. salesman, h 47 Bainbridge 
Briggs William, expressman, h 112 N. 5th 
Briggs William E. glassstaiuer, 36 Navy 
Briggs William, clk h 267 loth 
Briggs William J. faiicygds. 1023 Gates av 
Briggs William J. fanoygds. 1715 Fulton, li 

1023 Gates 
Briggs Warren, silverplater, h 51 Fulton 
Briggs W. 6. typecaster, h 103 S. 8th 
Briggs W. seamaa, h 403J 14th 
Brigham Auna, wid. John, h 181 Keap 
Brigham Daniel W. oil, 102 Maiden la N.Y. 

h 456 Myrtle av 
Brigham Harriet C. wid. Dennis, h 303 Henry 
Brigham Henry H. h 359 Flatbush av 
Brigham James, clk. h 2 4tli E.D. 
Brigham Marshall W. bkkpr. h 137 Macon 
Brigham Plumber, tel. oper. h 244 Clinton 
Bright Andrew, engineer, 11 Hicks 
Bright Mary A. wid Robert, h 25 Broome 
Blight John, clk. h 97 Montrose av 
Bright John P. proofreader, h 49 Joralemon 
Bright Richard, lithographer, h 25 Broome 
Bright Robert, clk. h 205 Butler 
Bright William H. lab. h 30 Navy 
Bright Wm. J. compositor, h 49 Joralemon 
Bright William J. hardware. South N.Y. h 

259 Hewes 
Brightman Marrin, clk. h 198 Fnlton 
Brighton Charles, tailor, 284 Flatbush av 
Brightson Charles, fish, 401 Manhattan av, 

h 203 Java 

Brightson Henry W.exj)resa, 13 New Church 

N.Y. h 203 Java 
Brightson John, pilot, h 67 Java 
Brightson William H. express, h 203 Java 
Bi-iguati Prospero, shipchandler, 32 Hamil- 
ton av 

Briguati Prospero & Co. (Nicolas Simoueti), 

shipchandlers, 32 Hamilton av 
Brigs John, lab. h 42 Jay 
Brigs Miller, driver, h 176 N. 10th 
Briley Michael, lab. h 314 Sackett 
Briliiiger Conrad, clk. h 380 0th 
Brill Frederick, clk. h 119 S. 5th 
Brill Frederick B. clk. h 4th c S. 4th 
Brill Max, lawyer, 107 Mesorole, h 570 Bush- 
wick av 

Brill William, jeweler, h 329 S. 2d 
Brill William F. clk. h 307 10th 
Brilliant L. traveler, h 111 32d 
Brimer Rebecca, wid. .John, h 146 9th 
Brimer William, mechanic, h 146 9th 
Brimlow Arthnr, h 166 B'way 
Brimlow Elizabeth, wid. George, h 75 S. 6th 
Briinlow Frederick A. printer, h 166 B'way 
Brimlow Heury, lab. 352 4th E.D. 
Brimlow John, confectioner, 318 N. 2d 
Bi'immolo Mary, wid. Martin, h 398 Hudson av 
Brinckerhoft'Oeo.E. rubbergds. h Hi 7th E.D 
Briuckerhoif Henry W. engineer, h 91 Mon- 

BrinckerhoffJohn C.clk.h 180 Willoiighby 

Brinckmann Ferdinand, framer, h r 138 

Graham av 
Brinckman Mary, wid. Fred. 542 3d av 
Briudfuss George, lab. h r 200 Meserole 
Brindle Charles, clk. h 240 Stockton 
Brindley Burman, stationery, 922 Myrtle av 
Brindley Charles W. h 741 Lafayette av 
Brines Hewer, carpenter, h 758 Park av 
Bringham May, wid. h 6 Woodbine 
Briuglemann John, lab. h 87 Ewen 
Bringman Gus. liquors, 75 Kent av 
Brink Cornelius, engineer, h 95 S. 1st 
Brink Henry, printing, h 656 Gates av 
Brink Silas, electrotyper, h 702 Gates av 
Brinkerholf Aaron, depy comptroller, 10 

City Hall, h 179 Schermerhorn 
Brinkerhoff Abraham, police, h 130 Ainslie 
Brinkerhoff Edward H. porter, h 218 Sanford 
BrinkerhofF George, engraver, h 98 India 
Brinkerhoff Hannah, wid. Nicholas, h 98 


Brinkerholf Harry F. collector, h 115 Madir 

Brinkerhoff Isaac, h 387 Putnam av 
Brinkerhoff Jacob, h 248 Clason ay 
Brinkerhoff' John P. electrotyper, N.Y. h 

115 Madison 
Brinkerhoff Richard, hooks. 34 Vesey N.Y. h 

248 Clason av 
Brinkerhoff Richard, h 844 Fulton 
Brinkerhoff Seba, grain, 74 Kent, h 143 
. Franklin 

Brinkerson William, gloves, h 439 Court 
Brinkley Thomas, agt. h 493 Bergen 
Brinkman Ernest, jeweler, h 566 Clinton 
Brinkman Heury, h 566 Clinton 



XZ2 Maugin St., near Houston, East Rivet, New York. 








Brinkiuau Henry, grocer, 124 N, 7th 
Biinkman Leua, 'wid. Pliilip, h 348 Lorimcr 
BriDkmaiiu Henry A. fireman, li 335 Warren 
Brinley William M. hotel, h 103 3d E-D. 
Brins William, engineer, li 93 Ainslie 
Biinsley Daniel, li 98 Franklin 
Brin&ley Emma, Jt'aiioygds. 32 York 
Urinsl<;y Geoige, painter, h 174 York 
Brinsiey Jose^ili, painter, h 98 Franklin 
Biinsley S. t'lmcygda. 98 Franklin 
Btinsmade James li. lawyer, 69 Wall N.Y. h 

16i> Columbia hgts 
Brinsmaid James, iron, N.Y. 86 Willow 
Brinson Jarnos W, books, 54 Duaue N.Y. h 

105 Sands 

Briody Bartholomew, carpenter, li 80 Free- 

Briody Charles J. printer, h Ul 43d 
Briody Edward, lal). h 215 Hudson av 
Briody Henry, liquors, 1013 Fulton, h 12 

Putnam av 
Briody James, conductor, 44 Douglass 
Briody John, stairbldr. h 166 India 
Briody Margaret L. wid. Patrick, h 111 43d 
Briody ilioliael, lab. h 9 4th 
Briq^ly Pat'k, boilermkr. h 210 Hamilton av 
Briody Patrick, grocer, 62 Columbia pi 
Briody Patrick, truckman, h 428 Baltic 
Briody Patrick J. oik. h 111 43d 
Briody Tijonias, contractor, h r 24 4th 
Brion Edward, uriiitcr, Staats Zeitung.Tryon 

row N.Y. h(iU 3d E.D. 
Briordy Hngh, grocer, 59 Amity 
Brirley .Idliu, niaeliinst, h 45 11th 
Bris M. h 61 iloore 
Brisay John, lab. h 25 Adelphi 
Brisbane Warren, lab. h 23 Talman 
Brisch John, peddlei', li 79 Or.aliam av 
Briscli Leonard, mason, h 304 Maiijer 
Brisco Johu A. u.s.u. li 885 Gates av 
Briscoe Alice, wid. Edward, li 205 N. 6th 
Briscoe Joseph, fireman, h 146 N. 8th 
Briscoe Mary, wid. 344 4th E.D. 
Briser Williiun, elk. Throop av c Hopkins 
Brisk William, lab. h 239 Hamilton av 
Briska Ferdinand, machinist, h 206 Maujer 
Brison Henry, foreman, h 920 Atlantic av 
Brissel John, leather, 162 Chatham N.Y. h 

204 S. 9tb 

Brissel Marcus, leather, 162 Chatham N.Y. 

h 240 Uodney 
Bristol Emma, wid. Mark, h 952 Union 
Bristol Franklin E. elk. h 252 Union 
Bristol John H. iusp. h 252 Union 
Bristol Laviiis F. salesman, li 943 Greene av 
BristoU James E. foreman, h 174 Franklin av 
Bristow Algernon S. physician, 263 Clinton 
Bristow Henry, sewingmachines, 296 Ful- 
ton, h 400 tith av 
Bristow Isnac, mer. h 364 Henry 
Bristow ,Iohn, h 400 6th av 
Bristow John W. bldr. Navy Yard,h 142 Mon- 

Britenberger William, tailor, h r 40 Frost 
Briting William, tailor, h 754 Fulton 
British America Assurance Co. 193 Montague 
Brits James, moroccodresser, h 98 Sch«nck 
Britt Adolph, bkkpr. h 284 13th 

Britt Edward L. agt. h 38 Conselyea 

Biitt Edward L.. jr. organist, b 38 Conselyea 

Britt James, glassblower, h 166 Hudson av 

Hritt Jane, h r 144 Tillary 

Britt Margaret, wid. Thomas, h 286 13th 

Britt Margaret, wid. h 376 3d E.D. 

Britt Mary, peddler, h r 251 Navy 

Britt Michael, lab. h 364 Carroll 

Britt Patrick, harnessmkr. 353 Flushing av 

Britt Patrick, lab. h 28 Meeker av 

Britt Stephen, carpenter, h 288 Degraw 

Britt Timotbj', glass, h 217 Concord 

Britt William, agt. h 295 ,S. 4th 

Britt William, railroad dispatcher, h 336 

Brittain Richard, insp. h 40 Butler 
Brittau Albert, elk. h 232 Myrtle av 
Brittan Hannah, wid. h 103 Norman av 
Brittan Thomas, lab. h 113 Van Cott av 
lirittiiigliam Louisa C. wid. James £. h341i 

Britton Alfred IT, coal, h 248 Raymond 
Britton, jeweler, h 326 Pearl 
Britton Edward, manager, 26 Court, h 396 


Britton Edw'd E. agt. 44 Court, h 210 Car- 

Britton Elizabeth, wid, John, h 626 Lafay 
ette av 

Britton Eugene, sec. Front c Jay, h 22 

St. .James' pi 
Britton Frank, cigars, h 245 Ellery 
Britton l-'rederick, machinist, h 75 S. 8th 
Britton George, boatman, h 266 S. 2d 
Britton George F. lawyer, B'way c 33d N.Y. 

h 164 Jenei-sou 
Britton Heni-y, machinist, h 113 2d E.D. 
Britton Henry C. pilot, h 143 .5th E.D. 
Britton Jolni, engraver, h 100 Franklin av 
Britton .John J. cigars, h 626 Lafayette av 
Biitton Joseph, vice-pres't, Front c Jay 

h 43 W. 9th N.Y. 
Britton Joseph jr. acct. h 22 St. James' pi 
Britton Latham, boatman, h 266 S, 2d 
Britton May, nurse, h 235 16th 
Britton Oscar, machinist, h 92 S. 5th 
Britton Patrick, lab. h 181 Butler 
Britton Peter, notions, h 75 Woodbine 
Britton Sadie P. h 210 Carroll 
Britton Samuel, moulder, h 38 Myrtle av 
Britton Susan, wid. Latham, h 266 S. 2d 
Britton William E. paper, h 228 B'way 
Britton William W. elk. h 396 Clinton 
Britton Winchester, lawyer, 44 Court, h 210 


Britton & Ely (Winchester Britton, S.amuel 

S. Ely), hiwyers, 44 Court 
Britzelmeyer Joseph, carpenter,hr 216 Stagg 
Brezee Robert, cigarmkr. h 3d n Gowanus 


Broaeh John, cashier, B'way c 5th E.D. h 51 

Broach Peter V. pawnbroker, h 1069 Greene 


Broad Charles, realestate, 539 Atlantic av, 

h 481 Park av 
Broad Henry, machinist, 126 & 128 Freeman, 

h 98 Java 







- ? « 

A to 

» « » 





110 & 112 Broad, Gor. Water St., N.Y. 


^ N 
^ SO 
s > 

^ § 2 

RYE and 

SeeBosinessDlrectoTy. Uqaors— Wholesale. 


Has the Largest Net Sxirplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertlsement opposite name* 

BKO 114 BEO 

Broad Henry E. ironpipe, 126 Freeman, i 98 

Broad Henry S. driver, h 471 Adelphi 

Broad John, cJ k. b 534 Herkimer 

Broad William, butcher, 453| Atlantic av, 

h 318 Bergen 
Broad & Ewer (H. E. Broad & E. G. Ewer), 

machinists, 126 Freeman 
Broadbent Joseph, rubbernifr. h 326 Kentav 
Broader John, stonecutter, h '262 Bcrgea 
Broaders Edward E. h 389 Bridge 
Broadhurst Dennis, mechanic, h 320 Powers 
Broadhiirst George, brushmkr. h 328 S. Ist 
Broadliurst John, driver, li 57 Union av 
Broadhurst John K. elk. h 159 Hoyt 
Broadhurst John T. broker, 58 Wall N.Y. h 

20 Prosiiect pi 
Broadhurst Samuel J. engineer, li 346 Devoe 
Broadhurst WilJiam, machinist, h 589 5th av 
Broadhurst William, tobacco, 165 PearlN.Y. 

b 70 St. James' pi 
Broadhurst William E. fireman, h 605 Grand 
Brnadie Michael, elk. b 369 Warren 
Broadnax Amos, lawyer, N.Y. h 421 1st 
Braadnax William H. lawyer, h 421 1st 
Broadrick William J. painter, h 96 Dupont 
Broadway Alexander H. drygds. 24 Thomas 

N.Y. h 1:J8 Henry 
Broadway Alfred, butcher, h 226 Lexington 


Bioridway R. E. Co. 21 B'way 
Itroady .ioliii, cai-peiitcr, b 2i!6 Eokford 
Bi oberg Charles, tailor, b U>1 Neviiis 
Brobasco Samuel, b 28 Clintou 
Broc Charles, upholsterer, h 182 Lynch 
Brociis William, sbipcariient^er, b 207 Pros- 
pect av 

Brocliard Francis, mason, b 258 Floyd 
Brocher Chyrles W. hotel, B'way c Con-way, 
b E.K.Y. 

Brocher Charles & Son (John), marble & 

granite, Conway n B'way, b E.N.Y. 
Brochers Honi-y, gjocer, 179 Lee av 
Brock Edward, boxmkr. h 454 Manhattan av 
Brock Edward, h 228 DufBekl 
Brock Frank, painter, li 52 Navy 
Brock James, lab. h 97 Harrison 
Brook John, tobacco, h 101 3d 
Brook Margaret, wid. Mich'L h 99 Harrison 
Brock Oliver S. auctioneer, h 104 Franklin 
Brock Solomon, mfr. h 228 Duffleld 
Brock William, lab, h 53 Luquer 
Brock William, printer, h 206 Washington 
Brockett Charles, steamfitter, h r 112 Oak 
Brockett Elizabeth, wid. Abram, fa 56 Yau 
Cott av 

Brockett Isaac, shipmaster, h 113| Nassau 

Brockett Linus P. physician, h 206 Qnincy 
Brockett William J. printer, h 56 Van 

Cott av 

Brocklemann Fritz, elk. h 408 Adelphi 
Broeklev Charles F. lab. h 575 Baltic 
Brockman John, liquors, B'way e Myrtle 

E.D. h 799 B'way E.D. 
Brookmann C. H. gi-ocer, 285 B'way 
Brockmann Henry, smoked fish, 78 Snydam, 
h 80 Suydam 

Brockmann Herman, slioemkr. b r 299 

Brockmann John, elk. h 322 S.3d 
Brockmann Rich'd, liquors, S. 3d e lOtb E.D. 
Brockmeier Catbariue, wid. h 320 Powers 
Brockmier Charles A. (Eev.), h 142 Hoyt 
Brockway Albert H. dentist, 13 Greene av 
Brockway Clara E. steiiographei', 168 Mon- 
tague, h 65 Greene av 
Brockway Francis A. reporter, li 102 Hall 
I Brockway George, dentist, 849 Fnlron 
Brockway George H. furniture, 113 Court, 

& frames, Um Court, h id Butlor 
Brockway John N. reporter, h 637 Pacific 
Brockway Robert, carpenter, 509 Myrtle av 
Brocliua Signer, singei', h 383 Pearl 
Broilaseinski Amanda, wid. Hugo, h 699' 

Bi-odbeck Christian, lab. li 19 Wolcott 
Brodbeck John, liquors, 175 Smith 
Brode Benjamin, chandeliers, h 141 Melrose 
Brodeman Kudolpb. elk. h 212 Kent 
Broden Bernard, tailor, 578 Grand, h 175 

Broilen Daniel J. tailor, 578 Grand, b 191 

Broden Patrick F. brewer, 578 Grand, h*1.75 

Brodei-ic John, lab.h 177 N, 8th 
Broderick Ann, wid. li 292 4tb E.D. 
Broderick Bartholomew, slioemki'. h 28 Dcau 
Brodi'j ick David, lab. h 320 G)'eei)po!iit av 
Broderick Dennis, lab. h 171 2(1 av 
Broderick Edward F. drygds, 62;i Court 
Broderick Hugli, cooper, h 81 Columbia 
Broderick James, tailor, h 66 Columbia pi 
Broderick James, wagoumkr. Ihl Columbia, 

h id Debevoise pT 
Broderick James E. insp. li 196 Kent 
-Broderick John, bartender, h ■<i94 Columbia 
Broderick John, lab. h (iO Canton 
Broderick John lab. h 177 N. 8th 
Broderick John, p\iblishe.r, 9 Spruco N.Y. h 

292 N. (ith 

Broderick John, seaman, h 27 N. Elliot pi 
Broderick Joseph E.clk. h 193 Kent 
Broderick Luke, lab. 600 Cleimout av 
Broderick Mary, wid. Charles, li 304 Green- 
point av 

Broderick Mary, wid. Edward, 1> 196 Kent 
Broderick Michael, x>riuter, h 36 Division av 
Broderick Michael, sawyer, h 115 John 
Broderick Michael C. police, h 111 fjtb av 
Broderick Patrick, carpenter, h 48 Debe- 
voise pi 

Broderick Patrick, dockbldr.h 82 Oak 

Broderick Patrick, grappler,h 17 Main 
Broderick Patrick, truckman, b 7(i 4fch 
Broderick E. moulder, h 29 Franklin 
Broderick Thomas, lab. h 121 Wyckoff 
Broderick Thomas, plasterer, b 108 Clay 
Broderick William, h 452 Degraw 
Broderick William, lab, h 397 Baltic 
Broderick William, lab. b 124 Franklin 
Broderick William, lab. h 320 Greeiipoint av 
Brodge Guriley, h 23 Lorimer 
Brcdie Elizabeth, wid. William, h 199 Gold 
Brodio Frank W. h 67 Johnson 

SSEsiGER mi mmi tLEVAilie 


348 Broadway NEW YODKK. 


See Advt. pae« 13 front. 


Jilso, fiDssiaa, El«ctric, andKoman Balk 


A. L. WOOD, JM.D., Prop'r. 

115 BUO 

Brodie James, carpenter, li 99 Oakland 
Brodie James A. elk. 2 Municipal Bldg. li 70 

Brodie James E. elk. h 70 Java 
Brodie James F. thismitli, Ii 670 Baltic 
Brodie John A. physician, 205 Raymond 
Brodie J> Augustas, furs, 39 Maiden la N.Y, 

li 94 Hicks 
Brodie Mioliael, ranges, h 6o0 Baltic 
Brodie Minnie, wld. William, h 35U &th av 
Brodie Peter E. moulder, h20l Division av 
Brodie William, watchman, h 225 Eckford 
Brodie & Campbell, brasscasting, 90 Ply- 

Brodi^an James, grocer, 293 Van Brunt 
Brodi^an Michael, watcUnian, h 10 Wolcott 
Brodmx Merrill, elk. fa 528 Court 
Brodrick Johanna, wid. John, h 210 N. 5tli 
Brodrick Michael, mason, h 71 Huron 
Brodrick Patrick, driver, h 7(i 4th 
Brodrick Richard, mechanic, h 391 Hit^s 
Brodske Dora, wid. Marcus, h 468 1st E.D. 
Brodt Daniel S. foreman, li 169 Lee av 
Brodt Joseph, Ii r 138 Mesorole 
Brodtmann Lonis, hatter, h 178 Boorum 
Brody John, collector, h 15^ Union av 
Brody Michael, elk. h 389 Warren 
Brody Mich'l, gardener, h r 314 Flushing av 
Brody Wm. murrooodresser, h r 314 Flush- 
ing av 

Broeksmit, auditor, h 97 Cumberland 
Broele Louis, shoemkr. h Cil2 Grand 
Broeniel Frert'lc, rausiciau, h 203 Graham av 
Broer IUirm;in II. grocer, 790 3d av 
Broesembly Fred'k, h Howard av n Bergen 
Broflng Thomas, weaver, h 343 Leonard 
Brogati Ellen, wid. William, h Prospect pi n 

Franklin av 
Brogan James, groceries, 384 Kwen 
Brogan James, hostler, h 076 Bedford av 
Brogan Jame.s, lab. li 236 Plymouth 
Brogan James, lab. h 103 Van Cott av 
BEOGAN J. F. dentist, 30o I<'ulton 
Brogan John, feed, 311 Bond, h 318 Bond 
Brogan John, lab, h79 Kent av 
Brogan Joha, liquors, 733 Atlantic av, h 593 

Vanderbilt av 
Brogan Joseph, driver, h 316 Bond 
Brogan Mary, wid. h 287 Front 
Brogan Matthew, lab. b 9 Woodhull 
Brogan Michael, tinsmith, h 387 Hicks 
Brogan Neal, lab. h 593 Vanderbilt av 
Brogan Peter, lab. h 244 Hamilton av 
Brogan Peter, machinist, h 244 Hamilton av 
Brogan Richard, lab. h 236 Plymouth 
Brogan William, janitor, h r 755 Bergen 
Brogan William, lab. h 325 Bond 
Brogan William, lab. h 247 State 
Brogan & Ryan (John Brogan, Peter Eyan), 

feed, 3U Bond 
Eroggelwirth Emil, elk. h 185 Ewen 
Brogu Frederick, h 35 Taylor 
Brohe Alexandra, lab. h 21 Meserole 
Broint Miguel, cigarmkr. h 12 Garrison 
Broistcdt Caroline, wid. Wm. h 378 B'way 
Broka Christian, tailor, h 34 Humboldt 
Brokate John H. confectioner, h 3084th E.D. 
Brokaw David T. driver, h 641 Warren 

Brokaw James B. h 1199 Dean 
Brokaw Tlieodoie P. elk. h 896 Gates av 
Brokaw William T. milk, h 263 St. Mark's av, 
Broker Charles, butcher, h 398 Kent av 
Brokert Henry, lab. h 189 S. 3d i 
Brokow David, h 267 Leonard 
Broley Neil, lab. 1 Duffield 
Brolmeyer Paul, wagonmkr. h 153 Hopkins 
Brolson John, lab. h 464 Smith 
Brom Charles, carpenter, h 143 Elm 
Brom Peter, lighterage, h 511 Hicks 
Brombach Henry, lab. h 194 Boerum 
Bronibaclier Augustus F. hardware, 33 Ful- 
ton N.Y. h 88 Johnson 
Bromber Jules, mason, h 112 Clay 
Bromberg Martin, hatter, h 44 Moore 
Bromberg Samuel, h 88 Johnson 
Bromberg Sigismund, elk. h 985 Putnam av 
Brombush C. patterns, 242 Fulton 
Bronie Cbas W. shipjoiner, h 116 Meserole 

Brome Levi, carpenter, h 192 Suydam 
Brome Eobert F. painter, h 30 Bremen 
Bromhead Andrew, drygds. 796 Gates av 
Bromhead Ann, h 125 Court 
Bromley Eugene, flour, 12 Front N.Y. li 393 

Bromley George W. restaurant, Fulton mkt. 

N.Y. h64Middagb 
Bromley Henry (Rev.), h 221 14th 
Bromley Isaac W. R. h 105 2d pi 
Bromley Lydia, wid. Sanford, h 393 Union 
Bromley Miles S. lawyer, li 104 1st pi 
ISromlcy Thomas, shoes, 43 Hicks, h 45 Hicks 
Bromley William H. shoes, 4.% Manhattan 

av, h 104 India 
Bromm David, baker, h 72 Johnson av 
Brommer John, carpenter, h 973 Pacific 
Bron William, h 214 Carroll 
Bronard Ameliii S. wid. Henry, h 393 Van 


Bronger Arnold, silversmith, h 370 S. 4th 
Bronk Charles L. contractor, h 439 4th av 
Bronnell John D, elk. h 64 Skillman av 

Bronncr Charles, stamper, h 113 Stagg 
Bronner Valentino, lab. h r 339 Prospect av 
Bronson Charles H. physician, 462 Pacific 
Bronson Clark T. soap, 82 Wallabout, h 521 
Park av 

Bronson Edward S. elk. h 39 Garden pi 
Bronson George W. tailor, 597 Fulton, h 17 
4th av 

Bronson James A. hardware, 817 & 327 

Myrtle av, h 136 N. Oxford 
Bronson Samuel E. hardware, 817 & 327 

Myrtle av, h 857 Myrtle av 
Bronson Bi-os. (James A. & Samuel E.), 

hardware, 817 & 327 Mj'rtle av 
Bront Hermaim, h 1 Cook 
Brout Lonis, watchman, h N. 4th c 5th 
Bronton William, lab. h 491 N. 2d 
Broolc Ernest P. lawyer N.Y. h 55 Concord 
Brook Frank, pocketbkmkr. h 76 Seigel 
Brook John 8, elk. h 79 York 
Brook Mary, wid. John, h 79 York 
Brook William W. carpenter 104 S. Oxford, 

h 102 S. Oxford 
Brooke Charles A. h 89 Willow 

PI AMflQ ^^™y' CMclering, Repaired 

1 I n IM U O , it CHAS. f . HELD'S, lU LiYingston St., cor. Boem PI. 


Has the Lai^est Net Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co. in tlie Worli 

See Adverti cement opposite uame» 



9 z 

I— I 















Brooke £dwin B, toTwardingagt. 7 South 

N.Y. b a7 St. John's pi 
Brooke Joseph, iapanner, b 16 Hope 
Brooke Robert V. broker, 18 Wall N.Y. h 119 


Brooke Thomas, h 142 Willow 
Brooke Williiim C. »tevedore, b 367 18th 
Biookfield James N. glasstufr. Grand c Mor- 
gan av & 45 Cliff N.Y. h 115 Taylor 
Brooklield Mary, wid. Cbatles, b 3S7 Hud- 
sou av 

Brookliekl William, glass. Grand c Morgan 

av. li 516 Madison av N.Y. 
Brookhoff John, engineer, h r 97 Ten Eyck 
Brookbonse Antolue, mason, b 222 Ellery 
Brooklyn Academy of Medicine, 26 Court 
Brooklyn Academy of Music, 180 Montague 
Brooklyn Academy of Visitation, Clinton av 

c Willoughby av 
Brooklyn Annex Boats, ft Fulton 
Brooklyn Art Association, Montague n 


Brooklyn Association for Improving the 
Cuudition of the Poor, 10b Livingscon 

Brooklyn Atiicnieum, Clinton c Atlantic av 

I5rooklyu Bank, Fulton c Front 

Brooklyn Baptist Home,Greeuo av c Tbroop 

Brooklyn Barrel Co, 553 Flushing av 
Brooklyn, Bath & Coney Island K. S. 768 

5th av 

Brooklyn Benevolent Societv, 84 Amity 

BuBbwiuk av 
Brooklyn Brass & Copper Co. Pearl c Front 
Brooklyn Bureau of Cbtirities, 177 Montague 
Brooklyn Business Women's Union, SO Wil- 

Brooklyn, Canarsie & Rookaway Beach 

E. R. Howard house, E.N.Y. 
Brooklyn Central Dispensary, 115 Flatbush 


Brooklyn Children's Aid Society, 61 Poplar 

& 139 Van Brunt 
Brooklyn Church Charity Foundation, Her- 
kimer c Albany av 
Brooklyn City Bible Society, 201 Montague 
Brooklyn City Dispensary, 11 Tillary 
Brooklyn City Hospital, Raymond n De 
Kalb av 

Brooklyn City Knitting Mills (C. H. Will- 
cox, proprietor), 14 Hopkins 

Brooklyn City Mission and Tract Society, 
201 Montague 

Brooklyn City K. R. Co. 8 Pulton 

Brooklyn City Safe Deposit Co. 177 Monta- 

Brooklyn City & Newtown E. E. Co. Sum- 
ner av c De Kalb av 
Brooklyn Club, 130 Pierrepont 
Brooklyn Collegiate & Polytechnic Insti- 

tut^e, Livingston n Court 
Brooklyn Daily Lance, IIS) Franklin 
Brooklyn Daily Programme, 393 Fulton 
Brooklyn Daily Record, 3b9 Fulton 
Brooklyn Daily Stage, 254 State 


Brooklyn Diet Dispensary, 21 De Kalb av 
Brooklyn Dispengjiry (Church Charity 

Foundation), 898 Atliinti- a v 
Brooklyn E.D. Honunopathic Dispensary, 

194 S. 3d 

Brooklyn Eclectic Dispensary, 144 Prince 

Brooklyn Employment Bureaiu, 29 Concord 


Managed by Ladies. 2» Concord Street, near 
Fulton Street, three blocks below City Hall, 
Servants all kinds. 

Brooklyn Excavating Co, (Conrad Wissei, 
Son & Co.), 50 Court & 97 B'way 

Brooklyn Eye & Ear Hospital, 100 Livings- 

Brooklyn Female Employment Society, 93 

Brooklyn Firebrick Works, 88 Vandyke 

Broolnyn Fire Ins. Co, 32 Court 

Brooklyn, Flatbush & Coney Island R,E. Co. 

18;) Montague 

& 61 Montrose av 
Brooklyn Furniture Co, 559 Fulton 
Brooklyn Gas Light Co. 180 Eemsen 
Brooklyn Hcighls Seminary, i'M Moutajrne 
Brooklyn Helping Hand, Atlantic av e 

Cransl av 

Brooklyn Home for Aged Men, 84 State 

Brooklyn Home for Aged Poor, De Kalb av e 
Bushwiek av 

Brooklyn Home for Friendless Women and 
Children, 20 Concord 

Brooklyn Homceopathic Hospital, 109 Cum- 

Brooklyn Homceopathic Maternity, 4G Con- 

Brooklyn Hominy Mills. 261 Water 
Brooklyn House of the Good Shepherd, Dean 

n Eockaway av 
Brooklyn Howard Orphan Asylum, Troy av 

c Dean 

Brooklyn Improvement Co, o£6ce 3d c 3d av 
Brooklyn Industrial School Association, 141 
S. 3d 

Brooklyn Industrial gehool & Home for 
Destitute Children, Sterling pi u Van- 
derbilt av 

Brooklyn Inebriate Home, oiSce Pearl e 

Brooklyn Institute & Youths' Free Library, 
196 to 200 Washington 

Brookijfn Institute and Youtb's Free Library, 

196 to 200 WASHINGTON ST. 

Terms to Adults, $^.00 yearly, or Fifty Cents 

Brooklyn Journal, 129 Montrose av 
Brooklyn Ladies' Society of St. Vincent's 

Home for Boys, 7 Poplar 
Brooklyn Law Library, 4 Court House 
Brooklyn Library (late Mercantile), Mon- 
tague n Court 




132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 


(From the y. Y. Eveniutf Telegram, February '4, ISSO.) 

No paper that has lived In a coinniiiiiity for thirty- 
three years can be said to be without a history, with- 
out a title to respect, without a value as a measure of 
the social forces wliicli animate and mould that com- 
munity. Were the Brooklyn Dally Times" of to-day 
only what it was up to the period of ten years ago, it 
would be still well worthy of a place in a series of 
sketches on American journalism. It happens, how- 
ever, that no daily paper in this country has made 
more steady or more wonderful strides within the past 
ten years than the " Brooklyn Daily Times." Other 
journals date the era of their modern development to 
the American civil war. Since the excitement and in- 
flation of war times nearly all American newspapers 
have labored heavily, and not a few have gone down 
in their struggle to keep appearances up to the mark 
of vanished war circulations and flush times. The 
prosperity of the Brooklyn Times " is upon a surer 
basis. The way in which it has kept pace with the 
remarkable growth of the Eastern District of Brook- 
lyn, in population and resources, is entertainingly told 
in the " Telegram's " article elsewhere. Brooklyn is to 
be congratulated upon having so flourishing a news- 
paper, and the circulation and patronage of the 
"Times" show that Brooklyn people appreciate the 
advantage of having a newspaper publisher who ade- 
(jnately reflects their enterprise. 




N6W Walter Scott Perfecting Press 




Mandsoinest rrmied Uaily 

New York or Brooklyn. 








Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. S04 Montague & 20 
Nassau If.Y. 



j^O yasgau St. {nver 3d X'nfi&mU Sanls), 
Nfw Yoric Citt/f 
And SOi MoHtnifue St., Brooklyn. 


Medical Director. 
Consulting Actuary. 

George A. Thorne, 


John M. Furman, 
Isaac Carhart, 
Felix Campoell, 
H. B. Brundrett, 
Beitto.v Riohard-son, 
Alonzo Si-otc, 
William Dutcher, 

William M. 

William H. 


WiLLiA.M 11. Lyo.v, 

lllUiIAUI> H. I>l.:YCIiINCK, 

Michael Ohauncev, 
Augustus Ford, 
Arnold A. Lewjs, 
Jacob K. Olwine, 
James F. Whit.vey, 
Daniel Ayres, m.d., ll.d, 
Hon. Andsew J. Bryant, T. Barney. 

Alex. Forman, 
Edward W. Mascord, 

Brooklyn Lyceum, 229 Washingtun 
Brooklyn Mechanics' Free Bunding Boom, 
li) Hicks 

Brooklyn Meclianies' &. Traders' Kxcbsuge. 
363 Fulton 

Brooklyn Medical Society of Kings Co. 39H 

Brooklyn Music Hall, Fulton c Flatbush av 
Brooklyn Needle Work», 21 Fiu- 


Brooklyn News Co. 80 Fulton 
Brooklyn Nni-sery, 188 Prosjject pi 
Brooklyn Orphan Asylum, Atlantic av li 

Brooklyn av 
Brooklyn Orthopedic Infirmary, Raymond n 

De Kalb av 
Brooklyn Park Tlieafcre, 383 Fulton 
Brooklyn Philbarmonlc Society, 17'i Mon- 

Brooklyn Photograph Co. (Washington Har- 
rison), 91 Court 
Brooklyn Pie Baking Co. (C. H. Ehlers & 

John C. Kobbe), 3d Cumberljind 
Brooklyn Review, 391 & 393 Fulton 
Brooklyn Riding Academy, 472 Pacific 
Brooklyn K. C. Charitable Hospital, Bush- 
wick av n Maujer 
Brooklyn R. C. Orphan Asylum (female) 
VVilloughby av n Sumner av & Con- 
gress n Clinton (males) St. Mark's av n 
Albany av 


Union Square, New York City. 

lEaTABUSHSD 1827.1 

Brooklyn R. C. Orphan Asylum of Cliurcl; 
of the Holy Trinity, Graham av ii Mon 
trose av 

Brooklyn Roofing Co. (Wm. H. H. Childs, 
proprietor), Smith c 6tb & 73 Maiden la 

Brjioklyn Sanitarian Hospital & Dispensary, 

lO.i Lawrence 
Brooklyn Savings Bank, Fulton c Concord 
Brooklyn Slwltering Amis Nurseiy,157 Deun 
Brooklyn Smelting Works (DanielCulhaue), 

r 87 N. 5th 

Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of 

Cruelty to Children, 204 Montague 
Brooklyn Society for Aged Females, 320 

Washington av 
Brooklyn Spring Bed Co. 56 Flatbnsh av 
Brooklyn Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, 

170 Montague 
Brooklyn Steam Carpet Cleaning Co. (Thos. 

Jordan), Baltic c Nevins 
Bi-ooklyn Sugar Refining Co. S.2d c IstE.D. 
Brooklyn Sulphur Works (Frederick Bat- 

t«!e & Benwiok),152 Kent av & N.Y. 
Brooklyn Sunday School Union (John K. 

Morris, sec), 1.54 Dean 
Brooklyn Truant Home, Jamaica plank rd 
Brooklyn Trust Co. 177 Montngue 
Brooklyn Union for Christian Work, Ki 


Brooklyn Underwear Co. 28,5 Fulton 
Broolclyn Veterinary Infirmary, 25(1 State 
lirookljn Vinegar Works, 1228 Myrtle av 
Brooklyn Volk.sfreund, 38S Atliintic av 
Brooklyn Voluntary Relief Work, Iti Smith 
lirooklvn Watcli Case Co. Warren c 4tli av 

12th E.D. and 107 John N.Y. 
Brooklyn Yacht Club, 373 Fulton 
Brooklyn Y.M.C.A. Fulton c Gallatin pi 
Brooklyn Ziou Home, Dean n Troy av 
Brooklyn & Crosstown R. B. Co. Manhat- 
tan av u Clay 
Brooklyn & Long Island City R.B. Co. 361 

Biooklyni and New York Bridge, 21 Water 
Brookman Elizabeth, wid. li 120 Ellery 
Brookman Gteorge, u.s.a. li 305 S. 4th 
Brookman Henry D. shipping, 37 South N.Y. 

li 118 Remsen 
Brookman John U. shipping, 37 South N.Y. 

h 113 Rem.sen 
Brookmeyer Christian, cigarmkr. h 166 West 
Brooks Abram, engineer, h 93 Johnson 
Brooks Albert N. agt. h 119 S. 5tli 
Brooks Alexander, lab. h r 436^ Hudson av 
Brooks Amelia, wid. John, h 958 Halsey 
Brooks Ann, wid. Frederick W. J. h bl Ross 
Brooks Annie, wid. r 10 Vauderbilt av 
Brooks Benjamin, watchman, h r 24 Maujer 
Brooks Cassandra, wid. Geo. li 440 Clason av 
Brooks Catherine, wid. h 14 Bolivar 
Brooks Catherine M. wid. Henry, h 288 Dean 
Brooks Charles, elk. 110 Penn 
Brooks Charles, hairdresser, 4GG N. 2d 
Brooks Charles, ropemkr. h 508 1st 
Brooks Charles E. bkkpr. h 243 Macon 
Brooks Charles E. dentist, 131 S. O.xford 

H m 



A a. CO tt 
a. n ^ 0 

» s © : 

■< ^ £ 
= S" o S 

<=" SI 

3 PI 

S S C 

I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

i And Fire-Place Novelties. 

^ [See AdTHon leaf opposite name.] 


Has tlie Largest Net Surplns of any Fire Insurance Co. in tlie World. 

See Advertfsenaent epposHe name* 

BEO 118 BEO 

Brooks Charles F. -weigher, 71 Broad N.Y. h 

h -^8 8th av 
Brooks Charlotte, wid. Wm. h 171 Colnmbia 


Brooks C. A. h 211 St. John's pi 

Bi-ooks Daniel, 199 Penn 

Brooks Edward, sboemkr. h 321 5tb E.D. 

Brooks Edward, supt. Franklin c Greenpoint 

av, h 101 Java 
Brooks Edward H. ligbters, h 156 Nevins 
Brooks Edward W. roofer, h Herkimer n 

Utica av 

Brooks Edwin A. boatman, h 313 Union 
Brooks Eliza F. h 355 Atlantic av 
Brooks Ernest G, E. h 395 Bridge 
Brooks Elbridgo S. publisher, N.Y. h 20 

Clittoii pi 
Brooks Frank, b 53 Varet 
Brooks Frank L. ins. h 225 Monroe 
Brooks Frank E. compositor, li 60 3d E.D. 
Brooks Frederick, driver, b 316 Pacific 
Brooks F. B. h llSClymer 
Brooks George, liquors, 114 5th E.D. 
Brocks George G. ranges, etc. 274 Front 

N.Y. h 419 Clason av 
Brooks George W. drugs, 1161 Myrtle av 
Brooks Hannah M. wid. Joshua T. h r 47 

Johnson av 
Brooks Henry, act. h 231 Eckford 
Brooks Henry W. provisions, 194 Wasihing- 

toii nikt. N.Y. h 48 S. Elliott pi 
Brooks Ida, wid. James, h 361 State 
Brooks .laeob, bntclier, li 62 Congress 
Brooks .lames, japanner, h 16 Hope 
Brooks James, mechanic, h 173 S. 1st 
Brooks Jas. W. engineer, h 111 Skillman av 
Brooks John, Iroiirailings, h 490 Lafayette av 
Brooks John, lab. h r 117 McKibbin 
Brooks .lohu, painter, b 191 Sandford 
Brooks John, restaurant, 98 Grand 
ifrooks John C. sliipjoiner, h 11 Powers 
Brooks John S. stoveboards, 299 I'earl N.Y. 

h 100 ISorkeley pi 
Brooks Joseph, carpenter, h 1677 Atlantic av 
Brooks Joseph us D. collector, 4 Irving pi 

N.Y. h 334 Kosciusko 
Brooks Joshua, caterer, h 102 Gwinnett 
Brooks Lewis, lab. h 919 Atlantic »v 
Brooks I>inie, wid. Nicholas, h 366 Monroe 
Brooks Louisa C. M. h 355 Atlantic av 
Brooks L. C. h 366 Monroe 
Brooks Mary, wid. John, h 101 Java 
Brooks Mich'l, carpenter, h 13 Greenpointav 
Brooks Nathan P. h 98 Orange 
Brooks Newell S. cutter, h 28 Hopkinson av 
Brooks Nicholas, machinist, h 77 Ryerson 
Brooks Noble, elk. h :!34 Dean 
Brooks Paul, cigars, 153 Hamilton av 
Brooks Peter, porter, h 195 Sands 
Brooks Philip F. carpenter, b 15 Concord 
Brooks Rebecca, wid. Stuart, h 81 7th E.D. 
Brooks Robert J. elk. h 240 Flatbnsh av 
Brooks Entledge, elk. h 32 Sumner av 
Brooks Samuel, agfc. h 274 Vanderbilt av 
Brooks Samuel, elk. h 549 Manhattan av 
Brooks Samuel, jeweler, h 156 Nevins 
Brooks Saniuel, machinist, h 208 Skillman 
Brooks Samuel, tea 8, 87 Water N.Y. h 312 8th 

Brooks Samuel B. brooms. 154 Maiden I» 

N.Y. h 87 Wiiloughby 
Brooks Samuel W. watchman, h 310 Furman 
Brooks Sarah, wid. James, h 199 Hudson av 
Brooks Sarah E. C. h 3u5 Atlantic av 
Brooks Stephen, cofik, h 53 Varet 
Brooks Susan F. J. wid. H. Jsisiab, h 37 


Brooks Theodore N. compositoT, li 343 latli 
Brooks Thomas, sailiukr. 1> 45 Carroll 
Brooks Thomas J. elk. h 20 Putnam av 
Brooks Thomas W. compositor, li 60 3d E.D. 
Brooks T. & Co.'s successors (F. A. Baldwin, 
William A. Davis & Henry Beam), fur- 
niture, 137 Fulton 
Brooks Vincent R. engineer, h 12S Oat 
Brooks William, machiuist, b 204 Aiuslie 
Brooks William H. milliner, 243 De Kalb av 
Brooks William J. glass, 40 Murray N.Y. h 

55 Fort Greene pi 
Brookspank Annie, h 691 6th av 
Brookspank Edwin W. b 256i 22d 
Broom John L. elk. b 831 Dean 
Broome A. S. wid. h 174 Pacific 
Broome Catlierine,wid. August, h 'iW N. 6tlj 
Bit)ome James E. realestate, 51 New N.Y. b 
116 2d pi 

Broome John L. n.s.D. li Flushing av opp. 

Carlton av 
Broome John L. jr. elk. p. o. h 831 Dean 
Broome Joseph, lab. h 287 N. 6tb 
Broome Sanib, drcssmkr. b 51 4th E.D. 
Broome Thoma.«), casemkr. b 51 4tb E.D. 
Broome Thomas H. salesman, b 667 Cairoll 
Broomer Henry, grocer. 117 N. 2d 
Broomhall Wm. H. saddler, h 395 Adclplii 
Broou ,John, police, h 310 17th 
Brophi Patrick, awuiugmkr. h 462 Degravr 
Bro)>l)ie Ellen, milliner, 396 Gates av, b 217 


Bropbie Nellie M. milliner, 396 Gates av, h 

217 Quincy 
Brophy Afexander, express, b 125 3d 
Bropliy Andrew J. drugs, h 294 B'way 
Brophy Ann, wid. Kern, b 532 Court 
Brophy Ann, wid. Michael, b 243 State 
Brophy Elizabeth A. 159 Hicks 
Brophy Ella, wid. Jobn.h 5 7tli E.D. 
Brophy James, lab, h 489 President 
Brophy James, printer, h 73 Degraw 
Brophy John, carpenter, b 628 Baltic 
Brophy John, lab. h 49 Raymond 
Brophy John, lab. h 108 l2tb 
Broiihy John, painter, h 243 State 
Brophy John A. h 46 St. Mark's av 
Brophy John E. batter, h 261 Bridge 
Bro[)liy Joseplr H. hatter, h 28 Canton 
Brophy Kate, dressmkr. li 243 State 
Brophy Margaret, wid. b r 317 Franklin av 
Brophy Mary, "wid. Henry, h 73 Degraw 
Broph.y Michael, lab. b 156 Huron 
Brophy Patrick, carpenter, h 272 Wyckoff 
Brophy Robert, machinist, h 2 Harrison ct 
Brophy Stephen, lab. h 193 8th E.D. 
Brophy Timothy, shoemkr. 527 Lorimer 
Brophy William, lab. b 73 Degraw 
Brophy William, moulder, h 254 Gold 
Brophy William, police, h 208 14th 


J. NORWOOD, 340 ADAMS ST., n6ar City Hall, Brooklyn. 


See AdTt. page 12 Iront. 

ilso, Enssian, Electric, and Romafl Batk 


A. L, WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 
119 BRO 

Brorsen Jaliiis, elk. h 630 Bnshvrick av 
Brosch Antlion, baker, h 94 Scholes 
Broseliart John A. fancy gds. Ii 101 Cook 
Broscliart. Mary, faiicygtls. h 101 Cook 
Biosbard Frederick, painter, h 345 Lexing- 
ton ;i.v 

Brosliaska Frank, cooper, h 134 Graliam av 
Brosier Ellen, wid. Thomas, h 49 Johnson 
Brosnalian Joiiu Or. n.s.n. h 210 8. Oxford 

Brosuan Andrew, speculator, h ^^l Union 
Brosnan George, woodcarver, h 667 3d av 
Brosnan Mary A. confectionery, 45'2i Atlan- 
tic av 

Brosnan Michael, cashier, h 286 Sixcketfc 
Brosnan Michael, furs, h 716 Dean 
Brosnan Thomas, horseshoer, Prospect av c 

Hamilton av, h 6(57 3d av 
Brosnan Timothy, grocer, h 62 Union 
Brosnan Timothy, printer, h 667 3d av 
Brosnan Timothy H. pres't, h 34r< Clinton 
Brosnan William, weigher, h 90 Union 
Brosnos Mich'l, longshoreman, h 142 Butler 
Bross Andrew, salesman, h 93 Adelphi 
Bross Edward, h 326 Leonard 
Brossard Emil, elk. h 364 Van Biunt 
Brossard Theodore A. restaurant, 32 Myrtle 
Brossman William H. cutter, li 214 N 2d 
Brost Felix, tailor, h 184 McKibbin 
Brest Valentine, shoemkr. h 53 Johnson av 
Broste Charles F, com. mer. 74 Warren N.Y. 

h 4b Division av 
Brotch John, stoves, Pearl N.Y. h 100 Berke- 
ley pi 

Brotcher James, lah. b 113 Union 
Brotherly Minnie, h 31 Fayette 
Brotherhood Alfred, engineer, h 96 Orange 
Brotheridgo Joseph T. horseshoer, 166 Carl- 
ton av, h Bleocker c Irving av 
Brothers .James, blacksmitli, h Myrtle av 
Brothers John, painter, h 50ri Myrtle av 
Brothers John, shoes, 921 Pacific 
Brothers John jr. painter, h 603 Myrtle av 
Brothers Lawrence J. elk. h 921 Pacific 
Brothers Mary, wid. James, h 10 State 
Brothers Mich'l, blacksmith, h 508 Myrtle av 
Brothers Patrick, lab. h 500 Myrtle av 
Brothers William, mason, h r 513 Kent av 
Brotherton Ira M. builder, h 669 Bedford av 
Brott Joseph, upholsterer, 1051 Fulton 
Brotzman George, grocer, 292 Atlantic av 
Brouard William, salesman, h 'J33 Gates av 
Brough William, bkkpr. h 226 14tli 
Broughal James R. lab. h 677 5th av 
Brougham Stephen N.casemkr.h 45 N.Osford 
Broughfcon John, lab. h 565 Vanderbilt av 
Broughton John, plumber, h 14 Oakland 
Broughton John C. liquors, h 4.53 Gold 
Broughton .Joseph, carpenter, li 5.57 Clinton 
Broughton Mary, wid. John, h 14 Oakland 
Broughton Mary, wid. Thomas, h VOS N. 8th 
Broughton Walter, shoemkr. h 188 Skill- 
man av 

Broughton William, penmkr. h 14 Oakland 

Broulhard .Joseph, jeweler, h 58 Dean 
Broun Delamore C. h 214 Greene av 
Bront Charles, blacksmith, h 9 Cook 
Bronns Edward, carpenter, h 189 Bayard 
Brouwer David A. plater, h 1613 Fulton 

Brouwer Frances, Tvid. David, h 1613 Pulton 
Brouwer Joseph, oik. h 1613 Fulton 
Brouwer Samuel, plumber, h 1613 Fulton 
Brouwer Theodore, jeweler, 377 Grand 

Diamonds, Watches, and Jewelry, 


Bet. iCth and nth Stg., E. D. 

Established Twenty-flvo Tears. 

Particular attention paid to repp-iiin^ Watches, 
Clucks, au<2 Jeicelry, and all \roik warranted. 

N, B.— Hair Work of the Utast Designs made to order, 

Browe Edwin S. jeweler, 3:!8 Grand av 
Brower Abr.aham L. com. mer. ^i48 Washing- 
ton N.Y. h 819 Bedford av 
Brower Ale.x:. carpenter, h 391 Herkimer 
Brower Alex. K. batter, h79 Clinton av 
Brower Andrew S. com. mer. Washington 

N.Y. h 138 Hewes 
Brower Austin A. shipcarpenter, h 108 Par 

Brower Benjamin T. fruits, h 316^ Monroe 

Brower Charles, fish, h 15 Tallman 

Brower Charles F. com. mer. N.Y. h 263 

Clermont av 
Brower Chas. F. lettercarrier, h 89 Johnson 
Brower Charles L. lawyer, 86 4th, h 671 

Van Buren 
Brower Daniel, fish, h 223 Nassau 
Brower David, civil oiigineer, room 29 Mu 

nicipal l)ld<r. h 185 Keap 
Brower David S. elk. h 156 Henry 
Brower Delia, wid. John, h 187 Dupont 
Brower Eliza, wid. Wm. H. confectionery, 

Fulton Ferry, h 15 Doughty 
Brower Elizabeth, wid. Tbos. h 206 Sands 
Brower Frank E. lab. h 15 Doughty 
Brower Garret, produce, h 208 22d 
Brower George, milk, h 268 14th 
Brower George V. lawyer, 44 Court, h Park 

pi c Kingston av 
Brower George W. upholsterer. 322 J Furman 
Brower Gilbert H. shipcarpenter, h 42 11th 
Brower Harvey I. engineer, h 134 High 
Brower Henry, h 134 High 
Brower Henry I. carpenter, h 301 S. 4th 
Brower Henry V. uiilk, h 371 Kent av 
Brower Hettie W. wid. William h 352 Liv- 

Brower Holmef T. stonemounter, h 147 23d 
Brower H. J. tel. oper. h 43 S. Elliott pi 
Brower Isaac, h 65 St. Mark's av . 
Brower James C. hardware, h 10 Balph av 
Brower James P. ins. N.Y. h 174 Willongh- 
by av 

Brower Jane, wid. Isaac, h 65^ Clermont av 
Brower Jeremiali, carman, h 40 Adelphi 
Brower John, oik. h 242 S. 3d 
Brower .John, restaurant, 314 Adams 
Brower John, shoemkr. h 87 5th E.D. 
Brower John E. shipfastener, h 16 Ridge 
Brow^er John H. boatman, h 36 Cranberry 
Brower ,J. L. pres.=mfr. 208 Wythe av, h N.J. 
i?rower Leonard P. elk. h 93 S. Portland av 


\j Lain's Directory OfficesiiiflSSSlfcS^xSi. 


Has the liai^est Net Surplus of any lire lasBranee Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name. 

BEO 120 BRO 







Brower Martin V. B. shoemkr. h 378 S. 2cl 
Brower Mary J. wid. Lewis, h 277 Kent av 
Brower Orlando F. goldleaf, N.Y. h 84 Hoyt 
Brower Peter, engineer, h 200 Spen3er 
Brower Richard H. macbinist, h 40 Adelphi 
Brower Rem. L. com. mer. 94 Barclay N.Y. 
h 163 17th 

Brower Sarab E. -wid. Jeremiah, h 301 9th 
Brower Selab W. insp. h 29 Middagh 
Brower Susan, wid. Alfred, 104 16th 
Brower Sylvester, turner, h 15 William 
Brower Van Pelt, coopsr, h 95 Hall 
Brower Warren G. elk. h (i71 Van Buren 
Brower William, cooper, h 73 Buffield 
Brower William H. mer. 66 Front N.Y. h 470 

Brower William W. h 2ii-2 Clermont av 
Brower & Van Dine (George Brower, John 

Van Dine), milk, 268 14fch 
Browers John, glasscntter, 7 Carroll 
Browley George, grocer, 387 De Kalb av 
Brown Aaron, waiter, h 456 Adelphi 
Brown Adam, com. mer. h 263 Hoyt 
Brown Adam, tailor, h 552 B'way 
Brown Adam T. lab. h 73 Waverly av 
Brown Albert, mer. 116 Duane N.Y. h 200 


Brown Alexander, lab. h 68Talman 
Brown Alex, liquors, 662 Washington av 
Brcjwn Alexander, metaldealer, 28 John, h 

221 Vanderbilt av 
Brown Alex;iuder, sonpmkr. b 58 Taylor 
Brown Alexandria, tinsmith, b 146 Lorimer 
ISrown Alfred, elk. li 302 Gates av 
Brown Alfred, oik. h 147 Heyward 
Brown Alfred, porter, h 2 Quincy 
Brown Alfred E. fumitureoarver, h 117 

S. 2d 

Brown Alice, wid. Patrick, li 164 Court 
Brown Alien, elk. 28 Municipal Bldg. h 131 

Brown Allen G. P. c. h. h 382 Bergen 
Brown Alpheus L. jeweler, 2 Maiden la N.Y. 

h 260 Sehenck 
Brown Alvah G. shoes, 55 4th E.D. h 191 


Brown Andrew, iroufounder, 8th c Hope E.D. 

h 143 Penn 
Brown Andrew, leathermfr. h 523 Kent av 
Brown Andrew, tools, E.N.Y. h 287 Ray- 

Brown Andrew J. driver, h 155 N. 3d 
Brown Andrew J. oiler, h 97 Douglass 
Brown Angeline L. wid. Dafiel, h 183 Flat- 
bush av 

Brown Ann A. wid. b 127 Eyerson 
Brown Ann A. wid. Frederick, h 164 Hewes 
Brown Ann E. wid. John W. h 179 Taylor 
Brown Ann E. wid. Merritt, h 182 Macomb 
Brown Ann M. wid. h 340 Tompkins av 
Brown Anna C. wid. John A. h 311 Scher- 

Brown Anna E. wid. Jas. G. h 155 N. 3d 
Brown Anne, wid. Edward, h r 252 Gold 
Brown Annie, wid. h 340 Atlantic av 
Brow^n Annie, wid. John, h 217 Johnson 
Brown Annie, wid. Michael, b 143 Butler 
Brown Annie M. physician, 488 Bedford av 

Brown Anthony, ahoemkr. h Leonard n 

Brown Anthony H. blacksmith, h 228 21st 

Brown Anton, lab. b r 23 Seigel 

Brown Arthur, printer, 116 Daane N.Y. b 

200 Union 
Brown August, lab. h 65 Union 
Brown Augusta, h 99 8. 1st 
Brown Augustas, lab. h 203 2d E.D. 
Brown Augustus, machinist, h 48 S. lOtb 
Brown Augustus L.mer. N.Y. h 178 St. James' 


Brown A. F. pressmfr. 208 Wythe av. b N.J. 
Brown A. H. physician, Henry c Piiciiic 
Brown A. C. wid. David, b 84 Waverly av 
Brown Barbara, wid. h 125 Cook 
Brown Bamett, confectionery, h 146 Wythe 

Brown Benjamin, li 10 Hart's al 
Brown Banjiiniiu, seaman, h 218 Emlney 
Brown Benjamin F. foreman, b 135 Madison 
Brown Benjamin J. hatmfr. 44 Kosciusko, 

h 488 Bedford av 
Brown Benj. F. trackman, b 169 9tli E.D. 
Brown Benj. O. ticketagt. h 14 Bocnim pi 
Brown Bernard, sugarmkr. h 232Graiiam av 
Brown Bernard J. upholsterer. 810 Myrtle av 
Brown Bridget, wid. grocer, 65 Front 
Brown Browulev, h 8-^ Pienepont 
Brown Campbell C. broker, 3 Wall N. Y. h 

20 Strong pi 
Brown Caroline, wid. Wni. E. h 171 Devoo 
Brown Cassius, sboecuttcr, h 827 Clason av 
Brown Catherine, wid. Charles, h 58 Mont- 
rose av 

Brown Catherine, wid. Jeremiah, b 131 S. 2d 
Brown Cath. wid. John, h 638 Greene av 
Brown Cath. wid. Michael, h 38 Carroll 
Brown Charles, li 75 5th av 
Brown Charles, carjjenter, h 363 S. 2d 
Brown Charles, driver, h 190 Hudson av 
Brown Charles, ins. agt. h 173 Fnlton 
Brown Charles, impr. b 124 Lincoln pi 
Brown Charles, kalsominer, b 84 Gwinnett 
Brown Charles, lab. b 246 Hamilton av 
Brown Cliarlos, lab. h 123 High 
Brown Charles, lab. h 46 4th 
Brown Charles, lighterman, h 46 4th 
Brown Charles, porter, h 28 Chapel 
Brown Charles, provisions, 172 Grand, h 158 
S. 2d 

Blown Charles, seaman, h 184 Richards 
Brown Charles, ship carpenter, h 240 S. 1st 
Brown Charles, steward, h 116 William 
Brown Charles, tobacconist, 681 Fulton, h 

677 Fnlton 
Brown Charles A. signs, h 367 Wyckoff 
Brown Charles A. elk. h r 138 Prospect av 
Brown Charles A. colormkr. 257 Water, h 91 

Vanderbilt av 
Brown Charles A. oysters, 1039 Fulton 
Brown Chas. C. stevedore, h 121 Skillmanav 
Brown Charles E. cashier, h 47 8. 2d 
Brown Charles E. elk. b 17 Gwinnett 
Brown Charles E. hats, 493 Willoughby av 
Brown Charles E. packer, b 4 Stryker's ct 
Brown Charles E. patternmkr. 347 1st E.D. 

h 40 4th E.D. 


132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 


455 f ITLIOIT STB££I, 






Brown Ctiarles E. salesman, h 468 Vander- 

bilt av 

Brown Charles E. tel. h 109 Canton 
Brown Charles P. millwright, h 299 I8th 
Brown Charles G. mfr. lire apparatus, 36 

Beck si N.Y. h 126 1st pi 
Brown Charles H. elk. h 133 N. Portland av 
Brown Charles H. moulder, h 175 Bridge 
Brown Charles H. painter, h 633 De Kalb av 
Brown Charles H. photographer, 103 S. Port- 
land av 

Brown Charles H. seaman, h 624 Flushing av 
Brown Charles J. tinsmitli, h 386 N. 2d 
Brown Charles J. watchman, h 108 Maujer 
Brown Charles H. fruits, h 103 State 
Brown Charles P. author, h 30 Diamond 
Brown Charles P. elk. h 215 Adams 
Brown Charles R. provisions, 172 Grand, h 

•158 S. 3d 
Brown Charles W. h 3:51 S. 4 th 
Brown Chas. W. cooper, h 284 Clermont av 
Brown Charlotte, wid. Geo. W. h 109 Canton 
Brown Charlotte A. h 167 Cumberland 
Brown Christian, h 7 Metropolitan av 
Brown Christian, cooper, h 107 MoDongal 
Brown Christian, grocer, 20 Central av 
Brown Christian, lab. h 66 Box 
Brown Christian, surgi. insl. mkr. h 148 


Brown Christine, wid. Archibald, h 5 Wood- 

Brown Christopher, agt. h 106 Spencer 
Brown Christopher, driver, h 10(i Gwinnett 
Brown Christopher A. machinist, h 169 4th 

Brown Clarence J. h 135 Fort Greene pi 
Brown Clark J. cashier, h 333 Wyckoff 
Brown Clifford, elk. h 126 1st pi 
Brown Cornelius H. elk. 1 Municipal bldg. 

h 11 Fillmore pi 
Brown Cornelius W. acct. h 384Halsey 
Brown Daniel, plasterer, S. Portland av c 

Fulton, h 378 Dean 
Brown Daniel, shoes, 99Flatbush av 
Brown Daniel D. pilot, h 298 Hart 
lirown Daniel L. traveler, h 651 Carroll 
Brown Daniel W. confectionery, lUl Itith 
Brown Daniel W. tailor, h 101 'l6th 
Brown David, carpenter, h r 180 Harrison av 
Brown David, carpenter, h 838 Monroe 
Brown David, elk. h 214 S. (>th 
Brown David, engineer, h 9 Webster pi 
Brown David, foreman, h 245 Bond 
Brown David, pressman, h 286 Bergen 
Brown David, shoemkr. 494 De Kalb av 
Brown David, shoes, h 251 Kosciusko 
Brown David H. paints, 285 Grand, h 143 

Bedford av 
Brown David H. plasterer, h 200 27th 
Brown David E. conductor, h 168 Prospect 


Brown Delia, wid. Lawson, h 27 Skillman av 
Brown Delwin F. publisher, 119 Prospect pi 
Brown Dewitt, faucetmkr. h 168 Union av . 
Brown Dewitt C. lawyer, 82 Nassau N.Y. 
h 67 1st pi 

Brown Ebenezer F. hatter, 104 B'way N.Y. 

h 73 Eodney 

Brown Edmund, h 84 7th E.D. 
Brown Edmund, engineer, h 298 Wyckoff 
Brown Edmund H. salesman, h 94 Rodney 
Brown Edward, carpenter, li 367 Hoyt 
Brown Edwnrd, cooper, h 135 39th 
Brown Edward, icecream, 384 Manhattan av 
Brown E<lward, lab. h 95 Hopkins 
Brown Edward, locksmith, h 31 IScholes 
Brown Edward, mason, li 229 Maujer 
Brown Edward, painter, h 866 Atlantic av 
Brown Edward A. com. mer. h 392 6th 
Brown Edward D. elk. h 19 Tompkins pi 
Brown Edward G. oil, li 07 4th pi 
Brown Edward H. elk. h 92 S. 4th 
Brown Edward H. fruits, h 103 Stafo 
Brown Edward L. acct. n .WO Lafayette av 
Brown Edward P. bkkpr. h 430 State 
Brown Edward S. baker, 863 Myrtle av, h 

582 Myrtle av 
Brown Edw'd S. express, h 1005| De Kalb av 
Brown Edward T. artist, h 356 Adelphi 
Brown Edwin C. brnshmkr. h 300 Myrtle av 
Brown Edwin H. lawyer, 262 B'way N.Y. h 

225 Lincoln pi 
Brown Eleanor, wid Valentine, h 21 Putnam 


Brown Elias, broker, h 420 Quincy 
Brown Elias S. carpenter, h 340 Tompkins av 
Brown Eiisba, fa 160 Sterling pi 
Brown Eliza, wid. Corse, li r :i58 Gold 
Brown Eliza, wid. David, h 672 Flushing av 
Brown Eliza, wid. John, h 19-j Hamilton av 
Brown Eliza, wid. John, h 217 Sands 
Brown Eliza, wid. Richard, h 256 Steuben 
Brown Eliza J. wid. Kioliaxd, h 401 S. 5th 
Brown Elizabeth, wid. William, h 346 S. 3d 
Brown Elizabeth, wid. William, h 11 4th 
Brown Elizahetli A. wid. Jas. h 453 Decatur 
Brown Elizabeth M. fanoygds. 867 Myrtle 
Brown Ellen, wid. h 78 N. "Elliott pi 
Brown Ellen, wid. Daniel, b 19:! Luquer 
Brown Emery, elk. p.o. h 38 Willoughby 
Brown Emil, bkbinder, h 326 N. 2d 
Brown Emily, wid. George, h 185 Centre 
Brown Emily, wid. Silas, h 60 Hope 
Brown Emma M. wid. Wm. L. h 211 Wyckoff 
Brown Enoch, printer, h 122 S. 3d 
Brown Erick, milk, 471 Warren 
Brown Eugene, moulder, h 650 4th av 
Brown Falk, tailor, 205 4th E.D. h 257 Grand 
Brown Fanny M. confectionery, 33 3d av 
Brown Frances, wid. John L. h 174 Taylor 
Brown Francis, conductor, h 122 Somers 
Brown Francis, engineer, h 127 King 
Brown Francis, rigger, h 109 Gold 
Brown Frank, elk. 54 Willoughby av 
Brown Frank, lab. h 161 Eagle 
Brown Frank, lab. h 23 Ewen 
Brown Frank, lab. 233 Hamilton av 
Brown Frank C. lab. h 1523 Dean 
Brown Frank H. shipping, h 151 N. Oxford 
Brown Frank P. salesman, h 84 Waverly av 
Brown Franklin, shoemkr. h 294 5th E.D. 
Brown Fred, boatman, h 233 Hamilton av 
Brown Frederick, brooms, Degraw n Nos- 

trand av, h Nostrand av n Crown 
Brown Frederick, elk. h 33 Elm 
Brown Frederick, elk. h 356 Graham av 

110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N.Y, 

William Tarr & Go's Sour Hash, Kentucky Dis- 
tilling Go's Beargrass Bye and Bourbon, and 
Carlisle Sonr Hash, Uegiblien, Guekenlieimer, 
Sherwood, Uonticello, a£d Westmoreland Bye 


Has the Lai^est Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 

BRO 122 BEO 

Brown Frederick, elk. h 11 4th 
Brown Frederick, cooper, h 574 Hicks 
Brown Frederick, lab. h 584 6th ;iv 
Brown Frederick, painter, 459 Carlton av 
Brown Frederick W. elk. h 58:5 Herkimer 
Brown F. V. florist, h r 36-2 Warren 
Brown George, li 62 10th E.D. 
Brown George, blacksmith, h 101 Java 
lirowu Geo. cabinetmkr. N.Y. h 288 S. 5th 
Brown George, carman, h 171 Devoe 
Brown George, carman, N.Y. h 340 Iftth 
Brown George, carpenter, h 547 Myrtle av 
Brown George, elk. h 174 Kosciusko 
Brown George, elk. h 75 Willonghby av 
Brown George, driver, h r 277 2d E.D. 
Brown George, fnruitiire, 169 Canal N.Y. h 

14 Cambridge pi 
Brown George, jeweler, h 99 Throop av 
Brown George, lab. h 93 flamilton av 
Brown G«orge, lab. h 476 Humboldt 
Brown George, lab. h r 146 McKibbin 
Brown George, machinist, h 130 Union 
Brown George, milkman, h 293 Lorimer 
Brown George, painter, h 168 Gates av 
Brown George, painter, h 256 16th 
Brown George, shipsmith, h 288 Ist E.D. 
Brown George, sboemkr. h 41 Hudson av 
Brown George, watchman, h 259 Eckford 
Brown George, watchman, h 421 2d E.D. 
ISrowii George C. elk. h 185 Centre 
Brown George C. engineer, h 501 Fulton 
Brown George C. painter, h 633 De Kalb av 
Brown George E. Iruitpacker, h 74 N. 5th 
Brown George E. ins. broker, 131 William 

N.Y. h 246 Grand av 
Brown Geo. F. painters'snp. 873 Myrtle av 
Brown George F. stationer, 29 Murray N.Y. 

h 626 Greene av 
Brown George 6. acct. h 723 Bushwiclc av 
Brown George G. harnessmkr. h 152 Gold 
Brown George H. bkkpr. li 195 Dean 
Brown George H. carpenter, h 288 S. 5tli 
Brown George H. twines, 210 Fulton N.Y. h 
195 Dean 

Brown George J. shipsmith, 143 West, h 101 

Brown George L. banker, 24 Pine N.Y. h 36 

Garden pi 
Brown George M. h 307 Carlton av 

Brown George M. agt. li 1'27 Hewes 
Brown George E. bkkpr. h 189 Johnson 
Brown George R. collector, 26 Court, h 34 S. 

Portland av 
Brown Georra R. salesman, h 452 Pacific 
Brown Geo. B. shoecutter, h 827 Clason av 
Brown George S. h 19 Tompkins pi 
Brown George S. elk. h 119 Cambridge pi 
Brown George S. salesman, h 362 Madison 
Brown George W. agt. h 144 Wilson 
Brown George W. bkkpr. h 334 Bedford av 
Brown George W. bkkpr. h 768 Monroe 
Brown George W. coachman, h 455 Adelphi 
Brown George W. driver, h 101 Flatbusb av 
Brown George W. driver, h 54 Skillman 
Brown George W. fireman, h 229 Skillman 
Brown George W. insp. h 125 Sumner av 
Brown George W. painter, h 200 27th 
Brown George W. printer, h 669 Quincy 

Brown George W. realestate, 728 Fulton, h 
34 S. Portland av 

Brown George W. seaman, h 633 De Kalb av 
Brown George W. shipsmith, h 107 S. 6th 
lirown Grangie, elk. 100 Hicks 
Brown Gustavo, teas, Ii 574 Hicks 
Brown Gny R. hardware, 59 Grand E.D. h 98 

Brown G. N. mer. h 142 Heyward 
Brown Hannah, h 437 Fulton 
Brown Hannah, wid. h 118 Sands 
Brown Hannah, wid. h r518 Vauderbilt av 
Brown Hannah M. h 108 Floyd 
Brown Harriet, wid. E. D. b 161 DufBeld 
Brown Harriet E. physician, 78Cambridge pi 
Brown Harriet E. wid. Charles, h 126 1st pi 
Brown Harry, confectioner, h 396 De Kalb av 
Brown Harry W. h 143 Bedford av 
Bi'own Harvey, insp. h 100 Hiclss 
Brown Hattie, wid. h 231 Lewis av 
Brown Henrietta, wid, Albert, h 105 Cler- 
mont av 

Brown Henrietta, wid. Andrew, h 558 Atlan- 
tic av 

Brown Henry, h 300 Carlton av 

Brown Henry, bldr. Fulton u Tompkins av, 

b 72 Irving pi 
Brown Henry, elk. h 1677 Atlantic av 
Brown Henry, dentist, h 2 Brevoort pi 
Brown Henry, driver, h 1558 Myrtle av 
Brown Henry, fireman,h 68 Adelphi 
lirown Henry, lab. h 418 Baltic 
Brown Henry, lab. h 54 Franklin av 
Brown Henry, lab. h 179 McKibbin 
Brown Henry, moulder, h 53 N. 2d 
Brown Henry, shoemkr. b 734 Bergen 
Brown Henry, tobacconist, 201 5th E.D. 
Brown Henry C. brewer, 81 3d av, h 263 

6th av 

Brown Henry C. safes, 68 Reade N.Y. h 260 

Brown Henry C. shipmaster, h 607 Myrtle av 
Brown Henry C. jr. h 260 Schenck 
Brown Henry E. physi(!ian.l23 Cambridge pi 
Brown Henry E. drugs, 208 Bridge 
Brown Henry H. lecturer, h 256 5tb av 
Brown Henry J. carpenter, 1378 Fulton, h46 

Putnam av 
Brown Henry J. carstarter, h 534 N. 2d 
Brown Henry J. trackman, li 462 Monroe 
Brown Henry S. ins. 144 B'way N.Y. h 195 


Brown Henry T. patents, 262 B'way N.Y. h 
101 6tb av 

Brown Henry W. elk. 20 Muucipal Bldg. h 
1495 Pacific 

Brown Henry W. hardware, 267 Grand 
Brown Herman, shipmaster, h 242 Sacketti 
Brown Hersey, stationer N.Y. h 178 Clinton 
Brown Hezekiah P. nier. h 719 Pacific 
Brown Heywood C. broker, h 170 Hicks 
Brown Howell S. waiter, h 16 Smith 
Brown Hugh, painter, h 393 15th 
Brown H. B. (late of Montague st.), 12 Cen- 
tre N.Y. 

Brown Isaac, cartman, h 169 9th E.D. 
Brown Isaac, lab. h 1613 Prospect pi 
' Brown Isabella, li 329 Madison 



348 Broadway, 3VEW YORK. 


See AdTt. page 12 front, 


Also, Bossiafl, Electric, and Romaji Batbs. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 



Brown Jacob, grocer, 9 WoodhiiU 

Krown Jacob, stationer, h IIH Cliuton 

Brown Jacob F. gardener, h 17 Parker av 

Brown Jacob H. elk. h 93 Wilson 

Brown Jacob M. bldr. li 527 Quiucy 

Brown Jacob W. h 3t!;i Gates av 

Brown James, b 'A'i Pierrepout 

Brown James, h 104 Hall 

Brown James, billiards, (>5 Throop av, h 2 

Throop av 
Brown James, bkkpr. h 403 9d E.D. 
Brown James, brassiinishing, li 1K7 3d E.D. 
Brown James, carpenter, h 177 Park av 
Brown James, elk. h 376 Myrtle av 
Brown James, driver, h 413 Smith 
Brown James, engineer, h '208 7tli 
Brown James, iisb, h 222 N. 8tli 
Brown James, flonr & feed, Pier 2 Walla- 

bont, h 67 Bedford av 
Brown James, foreman, li 243 Bond 
Brown James, hatter, h 815 Myrtle av 
Brown James, lab. h 592 Carroll 
Brown James, lab. h 150 Union av 
Browji .Tames, lab. h 54 Washington av 
Brown Jairiiis, lab. li 228 York 
Brown James, lab. h 48 S. 5th 
Brown James, lab. h 50 S. .5th 
Brown James, lab. h 317 16th 
Brown James, machinist, h 249 Hoyt 
Brown James, pencilrakr. h 127 Grand 
Brown James, printer, h 476 Grand 
Brown James, realestate, h 209 Jiaymond 
Brown James, shoemkr. 402 Bedford av, h 

70 Suydani 
Brown James, steamfltter, h 476 1st E.D. 
Brown James, tailor, h 5 State 
Brown James, waiter, h 91 De Kalb av 
Brown James A. agt. h 295 S. 5tli 
Brown James 15. bkkpr. h 5'.>2 Monroe 
Brown James li. carpenter, h 661 Jefferson 
Brown James li. h 664 Jefferson 
Brown James E. lab. h 385 S. 2d 
Brown James H. h 416 17th 
Brown James H. hatter, h 193 Na vy 
Brown James H. joiner, 134 3d E.D. 
Brown James H. plasterer, h 576 Carroll 
Brown James H. plumber, h 672 Flushing av 
Brown James H. waiter, h 123 Concord 
Brown James M, engineer, h 229 Skillmaii 
Brown James M. salesman, h 748 Monroe 
Brown James M. supt. h 258 Kosciusko 
Brown James R. oik. h 236 Adams 
Brown James W. notarypublic, h 424 Van 


Brown Jane, wid. h 135 N. 4th 
Brown Jane, wld. Matthias, h 49 S. 2d 
Brown Jeannette G. wid. .John S. h 475 Clin- 
ton av 

Brown Jennie M. wid. James L. h 204 20th 
Brown Jeremiah, hardware, 237 Grand 
Brown Jeremiah, lab. h 31 Snllivan 
Brown Jeremiah, moulder, h 32 Herbert 
Brown Jeremiah E. sec. h 776 Monroe 
Brown Joanna, h 253 Johnson av 
Brown Joanna M. h 170 Willoughby av 
Brown Johanna, wid. John, h 48 S. 5th 
Brown John, h 335 Bridge 
Brown John, h 184 Carroll 

Brown John, h 50 Hudson av 
Brown John, h 216 Maujer 
Brown John, h 242 Schermerhom 
Brown John, li 22 Verandah pi 
Brown John, h 362 S. 4th 
Brown John, h 81 6th E.D. 
Brown John, hairdresser, 67 Carroll, h 65 

Brown John, blacksmith, h 125 Kent av 
Brown John, bldr. Quincy n Ralph av, h 776 

Brown John, bootfitter, h 316 5th E.D. 
Brown John, carpenter, 72 Clymer, L 173 


Brown John, carpenter, h 87 Cumberland 
Brown .John, carpenter, h 776 Monroe 
Brown .lolm, carpenter, h 15 Willow- 
Brown John, carpenter, h 151 27th 
Brown John, carver, h 217 Smith 
Brown John, chairmkr. h 240 8. 1st 
Brown John, clk. h 336 S. 3d 
Brown .John, clk. h 335 5th av 
Brown John, colormixer, h 38 Carlton av 
Brown John, com. mer. N.Y. h 20 Pierrepont 
Hrown John, cooper, h 46 Columbia pi 
Brown John, cooper, h 48 S. 5th 
Brown John, cutter, h 279 Park av 
]5rown John, cutter, h 133 N. Portland av 
Brown John, distiller, h 150 N. 7th 
Brown John, driver, h 109 Congress 
Hrown .John, driver, li 1488 Fulton 
Brown .John, editor, h 67 Putnam av 
Brown John, engineer, h 99 Franklin av 
Brown John, ferryman, li .562 Grand 
Brown John, fonnder, h 186 Hopkins 
Brown John, hardware, h 336 S. 3d 
Brown John, hamessmkr. Ist c N. 10th E.D. 

h 1 Meeker av 
Brown John, jeweler, h r 171 Navy 
Brown John, lab. h 13 Chapel 
Brown John, lab. h Ewen c Meeker av 
Brown John, lab. h 350 Flushing av 
Brown John, l.ab. h 60 Nelson 
Brown John, lab. h 64 Oak 
Brown John, lab. h 60 Nelson 
Brown John, lab. h 834 Park av 
Brown John, lab. h 63 N. 2d 
Brown John, lab. h 285 23d 
Brown John, liquors, 377 S. 5th 
Brown John, machinist, h 56 5th av 
Brown John, mason, h 30 Underbill av 
Brown John, mechanic, h 163 9th 
Brown John, milk, h 154 Spencer 
Brown John, moulder, h 273 5th E.D. 
Brown John, painter, h 431 Grand 
Brown John, painter, h 247 State 
Brown John, paperhanger, h 23 Flatbush av 
Brown John, papermkr. h 210 Sandford 
Brown John, i>lasterer, h 713 3d av 
Brown John, plumber 857 Fulton 
Brown John, pork, 177 7th E.D. h 156 S. 2d 
Brown John, seaman, h 237 Sands 
Brown John, sawyer, h 520 Manhattan av 
Brown John, shoes, 116 Church N.Y. h 203 

Washington Park 
Brown John, sugarrefr. li 258 Ellery 
Brown John, tailor, h 177 Hopkins 
Brown John, tanner, h 244 Montrose av 



At CHiS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiTinpton St., cor. Boem PL 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co, in the World, 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 

BliO 124 BRO 

!X2 hi 
« Z 


Brown John jr. mn-chinist, li 240 S. 1st 
Brown John B. furnitnre, 1012 B'waj', li 797 

Brown Jolin B. tinsmitli, li 132 Goid 
Brown Joliii B. npliolsterer, 20 Ralph av, h 

892 De Kalb ;w 
Brown John C. h 338 Clifton pi 
Brown John C. elk. h 371 5th 
Btown John C. elk. h 349 Bridge 
Brown John C. fnrjiitnre, h 349 Bridge 
Brown John C. stevedore, li 3f)ri Clifton pi 
Brown John D. elk. h 5(5 Myrtle av 
Brown John D. machinist, h -27 Conselyea 
Brown John D. mechanic, li 13."i 4th pf 
Brown John F. brassfinisher, h 66 S. (3th 
Brown John F. fish, 479 Gates av 
Brown John G. lab. h r 67 Ewen 
Brown John G. watchman, h 441 Adelphi 
Brown Jolm H. elk. h 78 Franklin av 
Brown John H. conductor, h 105 N. 9th 
Brown John H. painter, h 156 Couselvea 
Hrown John H. shipmaster, h 270 Eckford 
Brown John H. truckman, h 710 Myrtle av 
15rown John H. wrecker, h 36 Cranberry 
Brown John J. hairdresser, li 65 Rapelvo 
Brown John K. leather, h 205 Fnltou ' 
Brown John L. machinist, b 312 N. 2d 
Brown John M. bkkpr. h 776 Monroe 
Brown John M. salesman, li 452 Pjioifio 
Brown John 1>. sailmkr. h 143 Nelson 
Brown John M. sec. h 776 Monroe 
Brown Jolm R. com. mer. h 74 Macon 
Brown John li. printer, h 233 Rodney 
Brown John T. Oiirpenter, 7vJ Clymer, h 173 
' Sumpter 

Brown John W. brewer, 91 3d av, li 174a 

I 6th av 

'Brown John W. shipmaster, h 122 Bergen 
Brown Jonathan A. h 174 Conselvea 
Brown Jonathan C. ins. h 333 VVyckotf 
Brown Joseph, h 84 State 
Brown Joseph, carman, h 1882 Fnlton 
Brown Joseph, elk. h 171 Devoo 
Brown Joseph, elk. h 439 Van Buren 
; Brown Joseph, driver, h 127 2d pi 
Brown Joseph, engineer, li 143 Harrison av 
Brown Joseph, fruits, Bond c Fulton, h 172 

Brown Joseph, lab. h 494 Saokett 

Brown Joseph, mer, 29 Murray N.Y. h 626 
Greene av 

Brown Joseph, monldings, h 73 Atlantic av 
Brown Joseph, painter, h 13S Dean 
Brown Joseph, tobacco, h 228 Powers 
Brown Joseph A. blacksmith, 3;il Bond, h 

325 Bond 
Brown Joseph A. insp. h 510 3d av 
Brown Joseph Brownlee, h 82 Pierrepont 
BROWN JOSEPH B. dentist, 391 Pacific 
Brown Joseph C. li 171 Uevoe 
Brown Joseph D. shipcarpeuter, h 261 High 
Brown Joseph E. banker, 18 Wall N.Y. h 74 

1st pi 

Brown Joseph E. ins. h 451 Gold 
Brown Josepli G. hairdresser, h 325 Henry 
Brown Joseph L. ins. h 451 Gold 
Brown Joseph M. cutter, h 248 Rodney 
Brown Joseph R. elk, h r 115 Carlton av 

Brown Joshua, baker, 167 S. 9th 
Brown Judson V. police, h 122 .Sand 
Brown Julia, wid. John, h 278 Howard av 
Brown .IiiUu>5, roalostate, 777 Fidton, h 20 

S. Portland av 
Brown Julius L. jeweler, 9 John N.Y, h 13 


Brown J. Stanford, student, h 82 Pierrepont 
Brown J. S. & W. (William), malt, Kent av 

e Taylor & 25 Pearl N.Y. 
Brown Kate, wid. Robert, h 11 Hoyt 
Brown Kate, wid. Wm. h 498 Clermont av 
Brown Kate L. fancygds. 438 ;jtli av 
Brown Lazar, cattle, h277 Humboldt 
Brown Leanah E. wid. Alfred S, h 220 Stuy- 

vesant av 

Brown Leander L. elk. h 340 Tompkins av 
Brown Lemuel H. h 67 4th pi 
Brown Leonard, printer, h 252 Kosciusko 
Brown Leonard J. coachman, h 236 Vander- 
Irilt av 

Brown Levi, mason, h 23 Flatbush av 
Brown Levi O. realestate, 1187 Fulton & 40 

5th av, h 126 Herkimer 
Brown Lewis A. seaman, h 693 Bedford av 
Brown Lewis N. stevedore, h 333 Clifton pi 
Brown Lewis P. realestate, h 179 De Kalb av 
Brown Lionel E. realestate, 1187 Fulton & 

40 5th av. h 126 Herkimer 
Brown Loren, lab. h 492 Henry 
Brown Lorenzo D. teacher, h 241 Cumber- 

Brown Lorenzo T. h 411 WyckofF 
Brown Louis, elk. h 237 Putniun av 
Brown Louis, collector, li 282 Humboldt 
Brown Louis, liquors. 288 1st E.D. 
Brown Lonis G. h 120 Flatbush av 
Brown Louis P. liquors, 14 Hamilton av 
Brown Louis P. restaurant, h 542 Atlantic av 
JJrown Louisa, wid. Louis, h 7i) N. 5th 
Brown Louisa, confectionery, 476 Humboldt 
Brown Louisa S. drygds. 93; Myrtle av 
Brown Luolla E. wid. Charles F. W. h 625 

Lauiyette av 
Brown Lyman D. "suspenders, 70 Franklin 

N.Y. h 254 De Kalb av 
Brown Lyman L. restaurant, li 900 Gales av 
Brown L! A. cigars, 582 Myrtle av 
Brown L. A. mer. N.Y. h 178 St. James' pi 
Brown L. G. h 575 Atlantic av 
Brown Major J. shoes, 166 Smith, h Manhat- 


Brown Margaret, h 1085 Fulton 
Brown Margaret, wid. millinery, 369 3d E.D. 
Brown Margaret, wid. Daniel, h 20 Wolcott 
Brown Margaret, wid. Francis, h 345 Maujer 
Brown Margaret, wid. Stephen, h r 664 

Brown Margaret, wid. Walter, h 97 Douglass 
Brown Maria, wid. Benjamin M. h 215 St. 
James' pi 

Brown Maria, wid. Samuel, h 189 Johnson 
Brown Marion, wid And. T. h 206 Coauucey 
Brovm Mary, wid. h 735 Lafayette av 
Brown Mary, wid. h 834 Park av 
Brown Mary, wid. Geo. h 726 Flushing av 
Brown Mary, wid. Henry, h 1053 Pacific 
Brown Mary, wid. James, h 105 Atlantic av 

^L.^^, I KBEISGM & SOI, 

132 Mangia St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 








Brown Mary, wid. James, h r 293 Hudson av 
Brown Mary, -wid. Jos. h 722 Flushing av 
Brown Mary, wid. Thomas, h 58 Myrtle av 
Brown Mary, baker, 36'<i S. 4th 
Brown Mary, milk, 710 Myrtle av 
Brown Mary, tailoress, h 179 N. Hth 
Brown Mary A. h 105 Concord 
Brown Mary A. h 91 Maujer 
Brown Mary C. i)liysioian, Ui Willoughby av 
Brown Mary J. wid. John, h 19 Tompkins jd 
Brown Matthew, hairdresser, 399 Pearl, h 

335 Bridge 
Brown Mattliias, li 148 Seigel 
Brown Mehetable, wid. h 17 Concord 
Brown Melville, bkkpr. h 30 Hanson pi 
Brown Melvin, lawyer, N.Y.h 96 Waverly av 
Brown Michael, h 1648 Fulton 
Brown Michael, carpenter, h 123 Lynch 
Brown Michael, elk. h 80 N. 7th 
Brown Michael, cooper, h 288 Van Brunt 
Brown Michael, hatter, h 258 Nassau 
Brown Michael, lah. h 83 Kent av 
Brown Michael, liquors, 368 Flashing av 
Brown Michael, machinist, h 47 State 
Brown Michael, sash & blinds, h 88 4th 
Brown Millard, lawyer, 4 Warren N.Y. h 200 

S. 5th 

Brown Morgan W. chemist, h 4 Willow 
Brown Mortimer 8. elk. h 441 Van Buren 
Brown Moses, lab. h 48 S. 5th 
Brown Munson S. locksmith, 5 Myrtle av, li 

77 Adelphi 
Brown M. Hudson, agt. h 4 Willow 
Brown M. M. mer, li 14,-i Heyward 
Brown M. S. & P. C. (Munson S. & Peter C. ), 

locksmiths, 5 Myrtle av 
Brown Nancy, h 179 N. 8t,h 
Brown Newton, trueknian, li 391 President- 
Brown Nicholas, lab. h r 63 S. 2d 
Brown Nicholas, porter, h 277 N. fith 
Brown Oliver, waiter, h 5 11th E.D. 
Brown Oliver C. bkkpr. h 41o Pacific 
Brown Oliver E. painter, h 65 Jefferson E.D. 
Brown Orchard, mechanic, h 5 WoodhuU 
Brown Orrin, furinture, h 60 S. 8th 
Brown Otto, music, 900 Myrtle av 
Brown Otis I). W. h 465 State 
Brown Patrick, carpenter, h 3 Seabring 
Brown Patrick, lab. h 73 Atlantic av 
Brown Paul S. uaker, h 441 Van Buren 
Brown Peter, blacksmith, h 624 Flushing 


Brown Peter, driver, h 20 Talman 
Brown Peter, founder, h 291 Kingsland av 
Brown Peter, liquors, h232 Hopkina 
Brown Peter, shoemkr. h 133 Clason av 
Brown Peter, tailor, h 59 Throop av 
Brown Peter, tinsmith, h 34 Gold 
Brown Peter, watchman, li 38 Van Cott av 
Brown Peter A. h 97 S. 1st 
Brown Peter A. caterer, h 181 Navy 
Brown Peter A. tailor, h 11 Green la 
Brown Peter C. locksmith, 5 Mvrtle av, li 
421 Gold 

Brown Phebo S. wid. Elijah T. h 120 Flat- 
bush av 

Brown Philip C. perfumer, h 216 S. 2d 
Brown Ransom, clk. h 222 Halsey 

Brown Raphael, brnshmfr. 132 Leonard, li 69 

Brown Raphael, cattledealer, 5th av, h 69 

Brown Rebecca, wid. David, h 288 Bergen 
Brown Reiney, roofer, h 182 Wyckoff 
Brown Reuben, porter, h 30 Hart's al 
Brown Reuben jr. driver, li 30 Hart's al 
Brown Richard F. salesman, h 114 Colum- 
bia ligts. 

Brown Richard, com. mer.Washington nikt, 

N.Y. h 270 Union 
Brown Richard, lab. h 124 Hopkinson av 
Brown Richard, lab. h 2 Seabring 
Brown Richard, pilot, h 89 Adelphi 
Brown Kicliard, printer, h 101 3d 
Brown Richard A. bkkpr. h 127 Ryerson 
Brown Richard II. carpenter. Cooper c Ham- 

Brown Itichard L. hairdresser, 365 Fulton, h 

508 Fnlton 
Brown Richard M. printer, h 179 Taylor 
Brown Richard P. plumber, 394 Atlantic av 

Brown Riney, roofer, h 182 Wyckoft" 
Brown Jiobcrt, bkkpr. li 397 Wyckoff 
Brown IJobert, carpenter, h 303 Madison 
Brown Robert, doekbldr. h r 1«0 7fch E.D. 
Brown Robert, engineer, h 140 York 
Brown Robert, icecream, 384 Manhattan av 
Brown Robert, musician, 165 Grand 
Brown Robert, supt. h 280 Carlton av 
ISrown Rol)ert, tailor, h 136 Noble 
Hrown Robt. t\ liquors. Auburn pi c Canton 
Hiown Robert H. tinsmith, li r 1 19 N. 4t,li 
Brown Robert J. carpenter, 120 Livingston, 

h 303 Madison 
Brown Robert J. shipsmith, h 344 3d E.D. 
Brown Robert T. proofreader, h 208 Bridge 
JSrown Rosanna, wid. ,)oliii, h 321 Marcy av 
Brown Rose, wid. John, h 520 Manhattan av 
Brown Samuel, h 415 Bedford av 
Brown Samuel, cariientei-, h 480 Sackett 
Brown Samuel, carpenter, h 704 3d av 
Brown Samuel, engineer, h 338 Union ' 
Brown Samuel, tisfi, 289 B'way 
Brown Samuel, bairdealer, h 316 Lexington 


Brown Samuel, ice, h 128 Vanderbilt av 
Brow^n Samuel, lawyer, 206 B'way N.Y. h 

415 Bedford av 
Brown Samuel, police, li r 183 Front 
Brown Samuel C. agt. h 43 4th av 
Biowu Samuel C. carpenter, h 406 S. 3d 
Brown SamuelD. truckman, h 438 Hudson av 
Brown Samuel F. realestate, 409 Myrtle av. 

h 411 Myrtle av 
Brown Samuel N. shoes, 211 Grand, h 24S 


Brown Samuel P. watchman, h 172 Adams 
Brown Samuel S. engineer, h 106 10th E.D. 
Brown Sarah, candies, 704 3d av 
Brown Sarah, dressmkr. 21 Putnam av 
Brown Sarah A. wid. Alfred, h 506 Dean 
Brown Sarah A. wid. F. E. h 69 Columbia 

Brown Sarah A. wid. James, dressmkr. 747 

Brown Sarah E. wid. Robert, h 11 Hoyt 






Is g i 

tt a. cc i 

§■§ o 
&<a 9 t 

.? ' 


_ * ! 

* S S • 



■ P 




Union Square, New York Clty- 


I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

I And Fire-Place Novelties. 

^ [See AdTt oa leaf apposite name.] 


Has the Largest ITet Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in tlie World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


Bro-wn Sarah E. artists' matls. 1027 Fulton 
Brown Sanderson, h 11 Henry 
Brown S(!aman, tinsmith, h l;i(> Bash wick »v 
Brown Sili\s 0. sawmfr, Ainslie c 10th, h 62 


Brown Smith S. elk. h 232 Lorimer 
Brown Stanton, lab. h 182 Leonard 
Brown Stephen, mason, h 331 E wen 
Brown Susan, wid. Abram, h 11 Green la 

Brown Susan L. wid. Ghauncey, h 589 Pa- 

Brown Susan S. wid. Charles, h 446 7th av 
Brown Sylvauus, stenographer, h 29G Henry 
Brown Sylviua S. wid. Allen J. li 468 Van- 
derbilt av 

Brown Theo. carpenter, h 12 Webster pi 
Brown Tlioodorc B. com. mer. 65 Wall N.Y. 

h 12» Montague 
Brown Theodore N. dentist, 100 Prospect pi 
Brown Thomas, 20 1st 
Brown Thomas, h 109^ Floyd 
15rown Thomas, agt. h 863 Myrtle av 
Brown Tliomns, artist, h 924 De Kalb av 
Brown Thomas bkkpr. h 238 Stuyvesant av 
Brown Thomas, buttouholerafr. ;i98 S. 1st 
Brown Thomas, carman, h 78 S. 2d 
Brown Tliomas, elk. h :!51 Warren 
Brown Thomas, cik. ii 26 2d E.U. 
13rown Thomas, elk. h 101 S. 6th 
Brown TUomas, conductor, h l;i7 Union 
Brown Thomas, cook, h r 224 Tillary 
Brown Thomas, driver, h2l3 N. lUth 
Brown Thomas, florist, 418 Clason av 
Brown Thomas, lioar, 18 Hamilton av, h 

120 Carroll 
Brown Tljomas, newsagt. h 339 S. 5th 
Brown Thos. painter, 57 & 420 OJraud, h 420 


lirowii Thomas B. collector, h 232 Powers 
Brown Tlios. E. carpenter, h lia Clermont ay- 
Brown Tliomas H. salesman, li 344 Halsey 
Brown Thos. J. weigher, h 139 Prospect av 
Brown Thomas M. portor, h 1276 De Kalb av 
Brown Thomas F. drugs, 294 Coui-t, h 343 

Brown Thomas J. manager, ft Fulton, h N.Y. 
Brown Thomas W. artist, 73 Wall N.Y. li 140 

Brown Thomas W. u.s.u. h 781 Lafayette av 
Brown Th(nnas & Son (William J.), paints, 

57 & 420 Grand 
Brown Tully, engineer, h 109 India 
BROWNE T. R. Business Col- 

Irgre, 304 & 306 Fnlton opp. Johnson, 

h 295 De Kalb av 
Brown Ursula, wid. Moses, h 261 High 
Brown Valentine, seaman, h 69 Meeker av 
Brown Van Pelt, cooperage, 91 Schcnck, h 

96 Hall 

Brown Walter J. architect, h 592 Monroe 
Brown Walter T. h 936 Lafayette av 
Brown Westley, carpenter, h 632 Fulton 
Brown William, carpenter, 441 5th av 
Brown William, h 122| 38th 
Brown William, agt. h 316 8th 
Brown Wm. hairdresser, h 370 Wallabout 
Brown William, boatman, h 57 37th 
Brown William, butcher, 382 Manhattan av 

Brown William, caipenter, Baymond n Do 

Kalb av, h 441 5th av 
Brown William, elk. h 127 Willoughby 
Brown William, cooper, h 83 N. 6th 
Brown William, driver, h 1882 Fulton 
Brown William, drugs, h 243 Reid av 
Brown William, engineer, h 176 Myrtle av 
Brown William, foreman, h 215 Lorimer 
Brown William, lab. 46 Amity 
Brown William, lab. h r 22 Coles 
Brown William, lab. h 19 Carroll 
Brown William, lighterage, 7 South N.Y. h 

24 3(1 pi 

Brown William, machinist, h 486 Fulton 
Brown William, machinist, h 151 Luquer 
Brown William, machinist, 126 York 
Brown William, machinist, h 294 8. 1st 
Brown William, malt, Kent av c Taylor &, 

25 Pearl N.Y. h Flatbush 
Brown William, painter, h 416 ISth 
Brown William, paints, 420 Grand 
Brown William, papeihanger, h llSSuydam 
Brown William, plasterer, 109 S. Portland av 
Brown Wm. plasterer, h 603 Vanderbilt av 
Brown, William, porter, h 485 Adelphi 
Brown William, porter, li 99 3d 

Brown William, printer, h 73 Franklin 
Brown William, printer, h 53 Union av 
Brown William, restaurant, 743 3d av 
Brown William, roofer, h 8 Force's pi 
Brown William, seaman, h la7 President 
Brown William shoes, 419 Manhattan av 
h N.Y. 

Brown William, shoes, Church n Duane 

N.Y. h 986 Dean 
Brown Wm. steel, 95 John N.Y. h 316 8th 
Brown William, tailor, h 620 Flushing av 
Brown AVilliam, truckman, h 222 Tillary 
Brown Win. A. bkkpr. h 105 Willoughby av 
Brown Wm. A. aoct. Board of Audit, 6 City 

Hall, h 270 S. 2d 
Brown Wm. A. com. mer. N.Y. h 93 Ist p] 
Brown William A. hatter, h 105 Ryerson 
Brown William A.. com. mer. 122 Pearl N.Y. 

h 128 Montague 
Brown William A. lithographer, h 240 S. Ist 
Brown William A. A. supc. 184 Scholes, h 


Brown Wm. C. musician, h 253 High 
Brown Wm. D. wheelwright, h 334 Bedford 


Brown William E. elk. h 189 Guernsey 
Brown William E. elk. h 243 Eeid av 
Brown William E. elk. h 42 4th av 
Brown Wm. E. doorman, h 474 Hudson av 
Brown Wm. E. express, h 542 Lexington av 
Brown Wm. F. com. mer. 106 Broad N.Y. h 
93 1st pi 

Brown Wm. F. treas'r, h 280 Nostrand av 
Brown Wm. H. asst. sec. 12 Court, h 263 


Brown Wm. H. bottledealer, 43 Prince 
Brown William H. butcher, 382 Manhattan 

av, h 384 Manhattan av 
Brown William H. elk. h 127 Willoughby 
Brown William H. elk. h 242 S. 3d 
Brown William H. janitor, h 172 Prospect av 
Brown Wm. H. icecream, 384 Manhattan av 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


Tlie extensive circidatiov of the UJVIOJV- 
ARGUS among tlie hctter classes of tliis com- 
nmmtij, is the best givarantee of its great 
value a.s an 


29 Fulton, corner Front Street, 



^ y 'SiVii offive jfciivbi 05eco^^ to 91-oive in I'Pve- ?$ 


» 1 









I I i Priiitiii"' Bstablislunent 

Wi % THE LARGEST AND ?^ \ % 

< I 8 Nil 


I I ^ Fulton, Cor. Front St., Brooklyn. | | 1 

i 1 ^. \ % 

4 \ n ^ \ 

Wi \ y FOR THK KXK('«TIO\ OK ■ • ^ \ % 

^ 5*^x^w*.>.^^.w-^.>iv.^■\-.^>^■v^.\x^.xv.■x.w..^.^.^^. -x yjj yri-lV \'?"^ >x^^x^^x^^x^\x^^xxNXv-x■.^xvNx^x^^X^\X^^V^X\•«^^^ ' 

!| ^ ^ ? IN THE HIGHEST ^^-f^Vlb STYLES OF ART. | % 

i f! • i I ^ 


^ 0 IN THE CITY. M ^ ^ 




See Advt. page 13 tronU 

Also, Rnsslan, Electric, and Roman Batlis. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

127 BEO 

Brown William H. lawyer, Essex c Grrand 
TT.Y. h 140 Clifton pi 

Brown William H. machinist, h 289 lltU 
Brown William H. police, h 138 Prospect av 
Brown William H. rodmkr. h 17 Gwinnett 
Brown William H. salesman, h 502 Monroe 
Brown William J. h 253 Dnffield 
Brown William J. h 583 Herkimer 
Brown William J. bkkpr. li 56 Myrtle av 
Brown William J. painter, -237 Ainslio, li 

Brown William ,J. painter, h 334 Bedford av 
Brown William J. painter, 57 Grand E.D. h 
420 Grand 

Brown William J. printer, h 674^ Gates av 
Brown William K. physician, 128 Montague 
Brown William L. cooper, h So? Central av 
Brown William L. printer, h 300 Myrtle uv 
Brown William M. artist, b 416 Degraw 
Brown William M. collector, h 114 Colum- 
bia hgts. 

Brown William M. meters, 85 1st E.D. h 193 


Brown William S. h 576 De Kalb av 
Brown William S. bkkpr. h ISi Wyckofif 
Brown William W. h tii Waverly av 
Brown William W. ii.a.n.h/l Dean 
Brown Wilmina, milliner, 301 B'way 
Brown Willis, elk. h a07 Prospect 
Brown Wilson, oik. h 123 Carlton av 
Brown W. F. com. traveler, 135 Fort Greene 

Brown W. Palmer, bkkpr. h 126 Ist pl 
Brown Zachariah T. b 53 Hicks 
Brown Bros. (Levi O., Lionel E.), realestate, 
40 f)tli av and 1187 Fnlton 

L. 0. BltOWN. 1. B. BEOW.V. 

Ileal Estate and Insurance, 


Branch Office, 1187 FULTON ST. 

COA.X. A.isri3 "WOOID, 

Money to loan on Bond and Mortgage. FuM charg^o 
of Estates and Property a specially. 

Brown Bros. (William H., Robert & Ed- 
ward), icecream, 384 Manhattan av 

Brown & McLanghlin (Louis P. Brown, 
James J. McLanghlin), liquors, 14 
Hamilton av 

Brown & McLean (David H. Brown, Wasb- 
ington McLean), paints, 285 Grand 

Brown & Patterson (Andrew Brown, Wm. 
Patterson), ironfounders, 8th c Hope 

Cor. Eighth and Hope Streets, 



G-rates, Fenders. Summer Pieces, Pipes, Plumbers' 
Ironware, Piano-Forte Plates, and all kinds of Fancy, 
Ornamental, and Machinery (^'astings on hand and 
made to order on the most rCiisonable terms 

Brownbridge John 
Patcben av 

S. hardware, h C7 

Browne Alfred, printer, h 218 Adiiras 
Browne Aphre, wid. Gabriel, h 445 Frank- 
lin av 

Browne Charles F. elk. h 43 4tb av 
Browne Charles L. bkkpr. h 458 State 
Bro\Yne Daniel, shoes, 99 Flatbtish av 
Browne Denis, tailor, 268 Clinton 
Browne Edward W. porter, li 28S Chapel 
Browne Henry E. organist, h 33 Willow 
Browne Henry H. ins.maps, 164 Fulton N.Y, 

li 346 Washington 
Browne Henry H. lawyer, 198 B'way N.Y. 

h 361 Qnincy 
Browne H. B. bkkpr. h 51 Albany av 
Browne Jas. R. collector, h 260 Tompkins av 
Browne John, carpenter, h 11 Beaver 
Browne John, carpenter, h 9d York 
Browne John, hairdresser, 67 Carroll, h 6r> 


Browne .John, editor, John N.Y. h 67 Put 
nam av 

Browne Kate S. laundress, h 195 Walworth 
Browne Mary A. confectionery, 69 Sands 
Browne Mary B. wid. James W. boarding, h 

130 Bergen 
Browne Peter J. wlieelwright, 133 Nassau, h 

364 Quincy 

Browne Preston, engineer, h 7 Metropolitan 

Browne Richard B. architect, 3d n N. 11th, h 

364 Quincy 
Browne Richard C. clockmkr. h 299 15th 
Browne Richard R. com. mcr. 26 Burling 

si N.Y. h m S. 9th 
Browne Robert W. stationer, N.Y. h 743 

Lincoln pl 
Browne Samuel C. agt. h 43 4th av 
Browne Sn-nan, wid. James A. h 277 Bergen 
Browne Thomas, elk. h 239 Withers 
Browne Thomas, engineer, h River o N. 1st 
Browne Thomas, liquors, 130 Elatbnsh av, h 

597 Paciiic 

Browne Thomas R. com. college, 304 Fnl- 
ton, h 295 De Kalb av 
Browne Timothy £. furniture, 233 Court, h 

270 Warren 
Browne William, agt. h 402 Graham av 
Browne William B. oils, N.Y. h 15 Greene va 
Browne William E. impr. 26 Burling si N.Y 

h 82 S. 9th 
Browne William H. heaters, h 86 S. 10th 
Browne William, shipwright, h 119 S. 2d 
Browuo William B. express, h 117 43d 
Browne William E. com. mer. 26 Burling si 

N.Y. h 82 S. 9th 
Browne William H. elk. h 402 Graham av 
Brownell Asa, mining, N.Y. h 473 Tompkins 

Brownell Edward, elk. h 157 Madison 
Brownell Eugene W. elk. h 421 N. 2d 
Brownell Harry, elk. h 421 N. 2d 
Brownell Herbert K. grocer, 1117 Fnlton, h 
257 Macon 

Brownell H. L. broker. Wall N.Y. h 89 Han 
son pl 

Brownell John D. elk. h 64 Skillman av 
Brownell Jonathan, broker, 8 Wall N.Y. h 

121 Park pl 


Price $3.oo. 10 BoeiTJ»<^piace, Brooklyn, and 121 Pulton St, N. Y. 


• Has the Lai^est ITet Surplus of any Fire losurance Co, in the World, 

See Ad^rtiBement opposite name* 


Brownell Josiah C. painter, h 121 Bergen 
Urowiiell Liindon, h 89 Haoson pi 
Brownell William H. supt. 213 Fctin 
Brownell William W. realestate, 480 Grand, 

h 421 N. 2d 
Brownell W. H. wid. h 274 Putnam .iv 
Brownell Willis L. supt, John c Pearl, li 118 

Brownell & Davenport (Herbert ' R. Brow- 
nell, Frank Davenport), grocers, 1117 


Browner Jacob M. salesman, h 625 Franklin 
Browner James, lab. h ;S2;5 Baltic 
Bi'owuer John, cotton, h 22 Verandah pi 
Bro wiifeldt Bemhard, cooper, li r 4ti6 Ist E.D. 
Browning Aaron, restaurant, N.Y. h 39 3d 
E D. 

Browning Hannah, wid. Hnll, h 51G Conrt 
BrowniDg John A. asst. professor, Columbia 

College N.Y. h ;iy M E.D. 
Browning William W. lawyer, 206 B'way 

N.Y. h 631 Lafayette av 
Brownlow Poster, stevedore, h 59 Clieever pi 
Brownly Itiram, gardener, h 548 Greene av 
Browune Robert H. drugs, 1069 Gates av & 

104ri B'wiiy, h nsy B'way 
Brownraither John, tailor, 162 Maujer 
Brownsoa James SI. printer, 154 Chambers 

N.Y. h 110 Penn 
Brownson William M. printer, 154 Chambers 

N.Y, h 95 Entledge 
Brownworth Theresa, wid. Eugene, h 553 


Browse Bernard, cooper, h 637 Flushing av 
Browsou Hugh, lab. h 512 Hicks 
Bruberg John A. tailor, h 146 Atlantic av 
Bruce Alfred J. lawyer, h 278 9th 
Brtice David, h 182 S. 4th 
Bruce Eli F. baker, 203 Myrtle av, b. 346 

Hud.«ou av 
Bruce Elijah, h 105 N. Portland av 
Brnce Harriet, wid. Charles, h 181 Prince 
Bruce James, artist, h 321 Court 
Bruce John, wid. 278 Navy 
Bruce .loseph, artist, 321 Court 
Bruce Joseph A. artist, h 109 Nelson 
Bruce Mary, wid. William, h 775 Madison 
Bruce Kobert, engraver, h 182 S. 4 th 
Bnice Eobert, plasterer, h 30 Lorimer 
Bruce Eobert, printer, h 9 High 
Bruce Eobert A. salesman, h 2»7 Kosciusko 
Bruce Thomas G. machinist, li 62'3 Clinton 
Bruce Wallace, engraver, h 182 8. 4th 
Bruce William, elk. h 272 3d K.D. 
Brnce William, upholsterer, h 66 Prince 
Bruce William, painter. 389 Court 
Bnice Williaui C. painter, li 109 Nelson 
iiruch Abraham, tel. oper. h 45 Hoyt 
Bruch Emil, tobacconist, 74 Graham av 
Brucli Henry, tailor, li 253 Scholes 
Bruchhaus.n Herman J. musician, h 233 Bal- 

Brncbbauser Valentine, bldr. h 261 Maujer 
Bruchhauser William, tailor, 149 Throop av 
Bruck B. h 144 Varet 
Bruck Frank, engineer, h 144 Varet 
Bruck Jerome, nmsician, h 316 Pacific 
Bruck John, butcher, h 125 3d av 

Bruckert George, hairdresser, 9th av n 19th, 

h 559 8th av 
Bruckhanser Henry, mason, h 130 Ellery 
Bruckheimer Moses, pawnbroker, 535 Grand 
Bruckman George, u.s.a. h 305 S. 4th 
Bruckmanu Louis, com. mer, 25 William 

N.Y. h 192 18th 
Bruckman Mary, wid. August, h 580 6th av 
Bruckman Mathew, rectifier, li 58 Van Brunt 
Bruckner Charles, jeweler, h 493 Warren 
Bruckner Christian., elk. h 44 Wythe av 
Bruckner Hermann, butcher, h 170 Jefferson 
Briickner ,1. printer, h 71 Cook 
Brucks August, cigars, 77 Meserole 
Bracks Louis, hairdresser, 363 B'way, h 389 

S. 4th 

Brucks William, grocer, 98 10th E.D. 

Brucks & Schmitz (Brucka August, Schmitz 
Henry R.), cigars, 77 Meserole 

Brude Christiana, wid. George, h 388 Oak- 

Brnder Bernard, tailor, 384 Starr 
Bruder Caroline, wid. Mathew, h 198 21st 
Bruder John, tailor, li r 15 Meserole 
Bruder Joseph, tailor, h r 15 Meserole 
Bruder Maria, wid. Michael, h r 102 Scholes 
Brudy Patrick, carpenter, h 88."> I'acilic 
Bruder William, tailor, li 32 Johnson av 
Brucckmanu \Vm. carpenter, b 140 Maujer 
Brueckner John, liquors, 137 Leonard 
Bruedele Wendelir, tailor, h 31 Fayette 
Bruotlerle Matbias, grocer, 835 Park av 
Bruel Clement H. cloaks, 68 Greene N.Y. h 
134 2d pi 

Bruel Henry, jeweler, h 208 Prospect av 
Bruen Ada P. baker, h Olymer u Lee av 
Bruen Albert, drugs, 214 Front N.Y. h 256 

Bruen David S. baker, 586 Grand N.Y. h 152 


Bruen Francis, plumber, 537 5th av 
Bruen Francis, plumber, h 315 16th 
Bruen Francis M. machinist, 215 Centre N.Y. 

h 119 Bergen 
Bruen James, fireman, h 551 Leonard 
Bruen John, lab. h 70 Franklin av 
Bruen John T. civii eugineer,215 Centre N.Y. 

h 119 Bergou 
Bruen Oscar H. drugs, 214 Pulton N.Y. h 77 


Bruen Kandall, seaman, h 95 Partition 
Bruen William, baker, 586 Grand N.Y. h 152 

Bruene John E. painter, h 11 Clermont av 
Brueuinghausen Edward W. pictureframes, 

6 Bond N.Y. h 195i 6th av 
Bruey Francis, elk. h 301 12th 
Bruff' Charles, h 40 S Portland av 
Bruii Eicli'd. P.hardware,h 40 8. Portland av 
Bruff William J. elk. b 40 S. Portland av 
Bruggeman Henry, tinsmith, h r 46 Maujer 
Braggemann Aug. confectioner, 830 Fulton 
Bruggesch Henry, hotel, 359 Fulton, h 340 


Brugmann August, cabinetmkr. li 370 18th 
Bruha Christopher, butcher, h 214 Franklin 
Bruhl C. H. mer. h. 134 2d pi 
Bruian Terrence, cooper, h 293 Kingsland av 


132 Mangin St., near Houston 

B, KilSClR & 801. 

^ ' "^iveir New York, 



BR [J 






Bruklacber Catli. wid. Jacob, h 369 S. 4th 
Bruleiid C. M. elk. h 1:50 3d pi 
Brumaghim, Albt. salesman, h 321 President 
Brumaghim Albert jr. elk. h 321 President 
Brumagliim Wm. drygds. li 321 President 
Brumber Louis J. drugs, 131 Central av 
Bramberg Samuel, h 88 Johnson 
Brumer Glaus, driver, b 3 Bolivar 
Brumes Jncob, cigarmkr. li 28 Union av 
Brumley Emma J. wid. Jerome, h 122 S. 

Elliott pi 
Brumley Hiram, flour, li 386 Union 
Brumley James L. h 445 Wasbington av 
Brumley Samuel J. fish, h 107 Prospect 
BruHima John, bkkpi . 189 Hooper 
BrummeU. bakery, 674 Myrtle av 
Brummell Wm. T. confectionery, 831 B'way 

N.Y. h 141 Keap 
Brunimerloli Henry, elk. h 371 9th 
Brun Herman II. confectionery, 653 Fulton 
Brunagel Peter, tailor, b r 59 Withers 
Brnnagele John, tailor, h 13 Whipple 
Brunamann Charles W. elk. h 324 N. 2d 
Brunbaner Frederick, shoemkr. h 936 Atlan- 
tic av 

Brunc Henry, cigarmkr. h 411 Grand 
Brunck Catharine, wid. Jacob, h 202 Stagg 
Brunck Christina, wid. H'y, 1» r 21 Boerum 
Brundago Albert H. lawyer, 111 B'way N.Y. 

h 561 Henry 
Brundage Amos H. physician, 561 Henry 
Briindage Chauncy, shoemkr. h 1:?7 N. 9th 
Brundage Edward, plasterer, h Marcy av c 

Flushing av 
Brundage Edward, twine, 26 Thomas N.Y. 

h 258 De Kalb av 
Brundage Fremont N. elk. h 421 Cumberland 
Brundage James, truckman, h 137 Ainslie 
Brundage James E. machinist, h 203 Lee av 
Brundage James T. ina. h 421 Cumberland 
Brundage Mai ia, wid. Harvey, h217Loriraer 
Brundage Morris, truckman, h 91 Diipont 
Brundage Victor W. h 386 Sackett 
Brundage William T. engraver, h 421 Cum- 

Brundege .John, engineer, li 141 Myrtle av 

Brunder Charles, embroidorj', 89 Walker 
N.Y. h 110 Myrtle 

Brundige Wm. H. bldr. h 206| Clason av 

Brundle , h r 82 Gerry 

Brunett Charles, hairdresser, 193 Green- 
point av 

Brunger Charles, prodnce, h 16 Ten Eyck 
Brunges Dedrich H. salesman, h 630 Bedford 

Brunges Herman, grocer, N. 4th c 4th, h 284 

4th B.D. 
Bruning Annie S. wid. 440 N. 2d 
Bruning F. L. grocer, 109 Patchen av, h 748 


Bruning John N. grocer, h 247 Columbia 
Bruning John N. grocer, 386 Hicks, h 7 War- 
ren pi 

Bruning Peter C. grocer, 439 Hicks, h 20 

Warren pi 
Brnnit Charles, elk. h 47 Wilson 
Brunjes Arend, salesman, h 220 Kosciusko 
Brunjes George, elk. h 437 Tompkins av 

Brunjes Henry O. F. grocer, 19.t Graham av 
Brun'ies Herman, grocer, 4tli c N. 4th, h 4th 
li N . 5th 

Brunjes Martin, grocer, 219 Lee av 
Brunjes Martin H. flour, 1579 Myrtle av 
Brunkhorst George, h 46 Clymer 
Brunkhorst Geo. grocer, 6th c Division av 
Brunkhorst Jacob, grocer, 6th c Division av 
Brunkhorst Bros. (Jacob & George), grocers, 

6th c Division av 
Brunn Flora, dressmkr. 83 Taylor 
Brunn Hugo, paper, h 301 Columbia 
Brunn Julius W. com. mer. 41 JJ'way N Y. h 

430 Grand av 
Brunn Michael, h 151 Meserole 
Brunn Nathan, salesman, h 83 Taylor 
Brunnel Joseph, shoemkr. 75 Seigel 
Brunnemer Fi-ederiek, bottler, 669 Grand 
Brunnemer John, lawyer, 99 Nassau N.Y. h 

133 Devoe 

Brunner Caroline, wid. Joseph, h 408 Henry 
Brunner Cyrus G. refiner, h 647 Kosciusko 
Brunner Ferdinand, jeweler, 143 Fulton 

N.Y. h 408 Henry 
Brunner George, watchman, h 509 B'way 
Brunner Geo. W. moulder, h 647 Kosciusko 
Brunner Henry, driver, h 116 Franklin 
Brunner H'y C. machinist, h 12 Boerum pi 
Brunner Herman, lab. h 208 Johnson av 
Brunner John, butcher, h 77 Morrell 
Brunner Joseph, iron, h 108 India 
Brunner Kate, wid. h 259 .Johnson av 
Brunner Leonard, cigarmkr. h 32 Fayette 
Brunner Otto, jeweler, N.Y. h 408 Henry 
Brunner Robert, jeweler, N.Y. h 408 Henry 
IJrunning Charles, grocer, Patchen av c 

Monroe, h 748 Monroe 
Brunning James P. milk, 468 N. 2d 
Bruno Charles, h248 S. 9th 
Bruno Charles jr. music, 4 Cortlandt N.Y. h 

19.'> Carlton av 
Bruns Chai-les D. liquors, 62 N. 3d 
Bruns Charles T. baker, 548 M.anhattan av 
Bruns Elman, Intel, office, h 116 Union av 
Bruns Frederick, bottler, 222 Concord 
Bruns Joseph, wool, c Grand & Allen N.Y 

h 7■^8 Union 
Bruns Theodore, hairdresser, 194 Scholes 
Brunsteter Elizabeth, wid. Peter, h r 195 

Johnson av 
BEUNSWICK J. M. & BALKE CO. billiard 

tables, 724 B'way N.Y. 
Brunt Martha, wid. h 33 Chapel 
Brunt Henry, elk. h 231 Marcy av 
Brunton Henry J. butcher, 97 Atlantic av, h 

69 Atlantic av 
Brunzei Kuyene, cutter, h28 Montrose av 
BruDzick William, porter, h 824 Park av 
Bruorton Wm. E. civileng'r, h 394 Degraw 
Bruorton William H. lawyer, h 394 Degraw 
Brusched Jacob, coachman, h 675 De Kalb 


Brush Abner, fruits, 209 Washington N.Y. h 

49 Madison 
Brush Albert, carpenter, h 38 N. Oxford 
Brush Augusta, wid. Solomon, h 33 Ewen 
Brush Benj. livery, 199 Raymond, hl87 Ray- 


f— 13 






3 s- 1 

» s. w ^ 

2 ^ (» 10 

Oi^ ^ on 

B-a. e ? 

si's s« 

rt I.* 

jS.r* is. 
.■ 5 »j ® 

» o g* 

1. > 
^ §0 

CO aj 


no & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N.Y. 

Importer of Blussard and Oregoire ft Co, Bran- 
dies; Enickerliocker and Crown Gins, from 
Schiedam, Holland ; Polo, and Three and four 
Grape Sherries; Oporto Fort '^nes. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co, in the "World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


Bniisli Catharine, Tvid. confectionery, h 444 

Brusli Charles, h 38 Wythe av 
Brush Charles E. carpenter, h CO Oakland 
Brash Charles H. lawyer, 48 Wall N.Y. h94 

S. Oxford 
Brnsh Charles L. milk, h 32 Koseinsto 
Brush Edward, wiremkr. h 299 Yau Burnt 
Brush Edward H. realestateagt. 39 liay- 

mond, li 29 Eaymond 
Brush Elbert, bldr. r 60 Poplar, h 38 N. Ox- 

Briish Eliza J. "wid. William H. h 233 Mc- 


Brash Eugene, elk. h 510 Bedford av 
Brash Floyd, h 425 Tompkins av 
Brush George, lawyer, 48 Wall N.Y. h 505 

Brush George S. storage, Atlantic Basin, h 

83 Fort Greene pi 
Brush George W. physician, 144 iiawrence, 

h 2 Spencer 
Brush Gilbert, h 97 Wilson 
Brush Herbert P/h 17 Gallatin pi 
Brush Henry N. pres't, 177 Montague, h 201 


Brash Isaac C. barrels, 81 Canton, h 347 
Park av 

Brush Jacob, clothing, 531 Manhattan av, h 

532 Grand KY. 
Brush James, agt. h 299 Van Rruiit 
Brusli James H. ferry, h 29 (Carlton 
ISrush Jesse A. elk. h 381 S. 1st 
Brush John, carpenter, h 995 Pacific 
Brush John, express, 625 De Kalb av 
Brush John, lab. h 388 2d E.B. 
Brush John M. painter, h 326 Kent av 
lU-ush John S. elk. h 509 Bergen 
Brush John V. h 123 Pulaski 
Brush John V. express, 625 De Kalb av, li 

714 Lafayette av 
Brush Jonas, h 179 Franklin av 
Brush Joseph F. hardware, 598 Atlantic av, 

h 509 Bergen 
Brush Joshua M. h 246 Monroe 
Brush Lizzie, wid. h 260 Eyerson 
Brush Louisa, wid Henry, h 80 Mcserole av 
Brush Luther H. hay, 1380 Falton, h 263 

Putnam av 
Brush Margaret, vid. Crane, h 309 Bergen 
Bnish Martin, tailor, 193 6th E.D. 
Brush Mai-y, wid. Charles, h 1241 Myrtle av 
Brush Mary E. wid. J. Theodore, h 17 Galla- 
tin pi 

Brush M. P. W. wid. h 120 Putnam av 
Brush Nehemiah, cooper, h 163 5th E. D. 
Brush Nellie, dre.ssmkr, li 56 S. Portland av 
Brush Samuel, oysters, 10 Water, h 300 State 
Brush Samuel, produce, 27 Hanison N.Y. h 

51 Fort Greene pi 
Brush Sarah, wid. Andrew, h r 124 Ewen 
Brush Teressa, wid. Piatt, h 27 De Kalb av 
Brush Thomas C. elk. h 425 Tompkins av 
Brush Thomas H. i-ealestate, 74 4th av, h 155 

Lafayette av 
Brush Thomas J. bkkpr. h 127 Navy 
Brush Thomas J. grocer, 102 De Kalb av 
Brush Thomas V. express, h 714 Lafayette av 

Brush Treadwell, carpenter, li -'lOo Bergen 

Brusli William, h 155 Lafayette av 

Brush William, elk. h 93 Hewes 

Brush William, engineer, h 574 Lorimer 

Brush William A. li 38 Hanson pi 

Brash William A. realcstate, 74 4th av, li 

155 Lafayette av 
Brash William W. teacher, h 248 Bergen 
Brush & Bond (Samuel Brush, James Bond), 

oy.sters, 10 Water 
Brushaber li. W, provisions, 100 Forsyth 

N.Y. h 311 Clifton pi 
Brusliaher Heryv, elk. h 278 Quincy 
]3rushhard M. h 99 Cook 
Brusle Elizabeth, wid, William, 43 Wyckotf 
Bruss Abraham, lab. li 90 Newell 
Bruss Charles, chairmkr, li 106 Frankliir Bernard, tailor, h 64 Morrell 
Brust Charles, fancygds. 574 Grand, b 284 


Brust Frederick W. tailor, 125 B'way, h 135 

Brust .Tolm, buffer, h 43 Boerum 

Brust John, painter, h 9 Boerum 
Brust Michael, tailor, 90 Starr 
Brust Theodore, brewer, li 29 Central av 
Brust William, newsagt. 119 Gerry 
Bruster Jared, 143 Amity 
Brntoim William F. artist, 54 Stnyvesant av 
Bruton Aun, wid, h 298 Warren 
liruton Frederick E. bkkpr. h 122 Lee av 
Bruton George, elk. h 45 8. bth 
Bruton John AV. journalist, h 298 Warren 
Brutt John, grocer, 210 Union av 
Brusz Henry, carpenter, h 89 Franklin 
Bruyor Anthony, coachman, h 328 18th 
Bruyu Sylvanus M. salesman, h 292 Mc- 

Bruzo Dominick, hairdresser, h 172 Hamil 

ton av 

Bryan Anna, wid. James, h 97 Adelphi 
Bryan Ca?sar, lab. h 12-1 3d av 
Bryan Charles, ins. h 349 Atlantic av 
Brvan Daniel, foreman, h 103 Diamond 
Bryan Daniel, tobacco, 92 Pearl N.Y. h 178 

S. Elliott pi 
Bryan Edward, lab. h 1S9 Cooper 
Bryan Fred'k, driver, h Park av n Kent av 
Bryan George, painter, h 302 Bridge 
Biyan George E. cigarmfr. 181 Pearl 
Bryan George V. warehouse, ft Partition, h 

" 138 E. 16th N.Y. 
Bryan Harry C. sliioehaudlery, 39 Old si 

. N.Y. h 273 Carlton av 
Bryan James L. elk. h 270 Hudson av 
Bryan John, cashier, h 31. Willougbby 
Bryan John, steward, h 56 Canton 
Bryan John W. conductor, h 211 Schenec 

tady av 

Bryan Joseph, undertaker, 149 4th E.D. 
Bryan Kate, wid. .James, h 683 Butler 
Bryan Lydia, wid. Michael K. h 55 Java 
Bryan Michael, lab. li 685 5th av 
Bryan Michael, lamplighter, h 683 6th av 
Bryan Susan, wid. Jolin, h 181 Pearl 
Bryan Thomas, lab. h 125 Partition 
Bryan Thomas H. tailor, 409 Carlton av, 1> 
859 Atlantic av 



348 Broadway. YORK. 



• — ^ (S^ — • ^ 

34, 36 & 38 FULTON STREET. 

Blank Book Manufacturing, 


^ This establishment has the LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF 
MOdERN TYPES of any office in the City, with press facilities to 
do anything in the printing line. 


Maramotli and Two-sheet Letter Poster Printing in Colors. 



Telephone No., Brooklyn 350. 


(Sanday Edition In Uie Morning.) 


The "EAGLE" has a 

•^^Larger Circniation Than Any Other Evening PapeH-x- 


Brooklyn has a population of 600,000 and Long Island of 
over three-quarters of a million. The "Eagle" was estab- 
lished when Brooklyn was a village. Advertisers who desire to 
reach this compact population can do so only through its columns. 




Ber Long IsLaeiider 



o. - — I in 

^y^Je Ave., W. ir^5®"'5^Moiitrose A Ye^ii^^| V 

w v w 

This papejr is now published for nineteen years ; its 
circulation extends over all Brooldyn and the County towns. 
There is no better medium for advertising among the 100,000 
Germans of Brooklyn. 

y-ob Printing in English and German. 

tft bte 

rinstgc Mgft($e bmifd^z Scitag, 

bie in bet '^tabt ^topfl^n crfdbcint. 

%u ho|let ««r 15 CUctits Me Pojl|e, 

m < » ^ 

^ebet |)euff($e, bet toiflTm totCT, toad in bet §iatt 
votgep, fofffe fie fefen. 

peutfd)c un5 cngfifcl)e JmcfearBeifen 

aUet 2lrt 

tttxbtn ]ftm]fl unb btllig nugeferttgt. 

© f f i c c II t 

30 '^aurtfe ^»e., -gS. 59 ^ontrofe 4. p. 

T II R ¥ I Q 11 D A T II Q BlecMc, sM. Roman BatM. 

See AdTt. page 1^ li-oiit. 

A. L. WOOD, M.O., Prop'r. 

131 BEY— BUG 

Bryan WilliaHi, h 55 Jefferson 
Bryan William, cigsjmkr. h 353 Franklin av 
Bryan William, undertaker, 149 4th E.D. 
Bryan William J. jr. pumpmkr, h Sill Sehe- 
nectady ar 

Bryan & Hunt (Greorge V. Bryan, John W. 

Hunt), warehouse, ft Partition 
Bryan & Son (William & Joseph), uader- 

takers, 149 4th E.D. 
Bryant Albeit, printer, h 4S Macomb 
Bryant Alice, wid. Alonao, h 93 Conselyea 
liryant Anna SL vid, h r 184 Concord 
Bryant Ansslom, tailor, h 65 Tiiroop av 
Bryaat CUarles, printer, li 3 Spring ter. 

Meeker av 

.Bryant Chas. E. armorer, 1x189 Clermont av 
Bryant Charles B. bkkpr. h 1185 Fulton 
Bryant C. Boacoe, tinsmith, 67 Flatbush »v 

Bryant Edward, .furrier, h 158 Couselyea 
Bryaut Edwiu, bkbinder, li 316 Baltic 
15ryant Eliza, wid. Samuel, li ISto I'ront 
Bryaut Fred.^i'ick, bkkpr. h 1T8 Carlton av 
Bryant George, blacksmith, h 224 Powers 
BryantHarriet, U 89 5th E.l). 
Bryant Henry, blookcutter, h 852 Fnlton 
Bryant Henry L. piiotographer, li 63 Talinan 
Bryant James, editor, h 142 Moutagae 
Bryant James, lab. h 208 N. 6tb 
Bryant Jesse, dairy, 514 Fulton, h 466 Adel- 

Bryaut John A. driver, li 29 Hai-t's al 
Bryant John H. elk. h 97 Carlton av 
Bryant Joseph, iusp. h 316 Baltic 
Bryant Jos. sash & bliiidmkr, U 221 Powers 
Bryant Lloyd, ironfoundor, 28 Clay, h 

Katona N.Y. 
Bryant Luke, elk. h 79 TilLiry 
Bryant Mary, laundress, h 171 Navy 
Bryant Melville, physician, 54 Greene av 
Bryant Thoma.s, h 45 Lafayette 
Bryant William, cai-penter, 222 Ross 
Bryant William, glass, h 176 2d E.D. 
Bryant William J. tincutter, h 18 Orient av 
Bryant William C. publisher, 24 B'way, h 81 

Bedford av 

Bryant William C. physician, 54 Greene av 
Bryant William E. painter, h 18 Orient av 
Bryaut Wm. E. shipwright, h 89 Summit 
Bryant & Eoadahan (Lloyd Bryant, Frank 

Eoadahan), ironfouuders, 28 Clay 
MleRCiAL SCHOOL. Charles 
Claghorn, principal, 3a to 44 Conrt, h 65 
Greene av 

Bryar Jame«, ins. broker, 62 William N.Y. 

h 177 Joralemon 
Bryce Andrew, machinist, h 47 Johnson 
Bryce Charles, mer. h 77 2d pi 
Bryce Francis J. liquors, 83 Front N.Y. li 77 

2d pi 

Bryce Jos. liquors, S3 Front N.Y. h 77 2d pi 
Bryce Patrick, painter, h 148 9th 
Bryce William A, liquors, 83 Front N.Y. li 
77 2d pi 

Bryde Christoiiher U. painter, h 62 Devoe 
Brydon Robert, ixsremau, li 108 Bergen 
Brydon Thomas, graiuer, h 458 Sacketi 
Bryer Benjamin, teas, li 96 Lexington av 

Bryer Henry, carpenter, h 682 Butler 
Bryer Leander, teas, h 9S Lexingtoti av 
Bryer Smith, sodawater, li 507 Warren 
Bryeis George, conductor, h 86 Eagle 
Bryera .Toliu, receiver, h 383 Monroe 
Bryers .folia J. elk, !i 383 Jlouroe 
Bryers ^Vll]fer, elk. h 686 Mouroo 
Bryld Cbvistiau, carpenter, li 99 Yolk 
Bryld Henry, 263 Frankliu 
Bryle Frank, hatter, li r 74 Stouben 
Brymer Andrew, bkkpr. h 246 13th 
Brymer Aloazo, organs, 40 4t^ E.D. h 610 

Bryne James, agt. 1\ 161 Hojt 
Bryon David, earriagemkr. h 568 Kent av 
Bryon Edward, h 206 Skillman 
Bryon Eliza, wid. Benjamin, U 206 Skilliuau 
Jiryon James,clk. h 8a Hoyt 
Bryon Mary Ann, li 206 Skilhiiau 
Brysliu J.'inie.s, lab. h S6 Front 
Bryson ("harlos, lab. h 1716 Fulton 
Brvsou -iarues, hib. h 237 (jii-abam 
Bryson .James, porter, h 35 Ga.vuet 
Bryson John, com. nier. h 137 Graham 
!?ry,son Mary, wid. John, h 4 ? Cheover ))1 
Bryson Patrick, niascm, h r 263 Bergen 
Brysou Kohert, driver, h 215 TiUary 
Bry.sou iiolxTt, machinist, b 87 Jlyrtlo av 
lirysou Thomas, lab. h 176 Flushing av 
Bryson Thomas, printer, li 205 20th 
l>ry.son William, li 64 Kosciusko 
Bryson William, lab. h 59 Underhill av 
35ryson William S. 64 Kosciusko 
Brzezinski Alexander, cabiuutmkr. h 670 

Flushing av 
Brzezinski Authou, grocer, 252 Graham av 
Brzezinski l^eon, mason, U 225 Maiijer 
Buarkal Bloes, fancygds. 167 Jlontrose av 
Bub Andrew, lab h 218 Throop av 
Bui) Herman, jeweler, N.Y. h 62 0th E.D. 
Bubl) Edward, driver, h 7 Beaver 
Bube Frederick, tailor, h 259 IStli 
Bubery Peter, upholsterer, h 317 Pacific 
Buccelli Emma L. wid. luaneesco, h 1199 

Atlantic av 
Bueh Auuie, wid. Adam, b 68 Diamond 
Buch Edward, carver, h 45 Stagg 
Bueh Elizabotli, wid. h 387 Madison 
Buch Henry, h 132 Ainslie 
Buch John C. jr. surveyor, h 72 State 
Buch Louis, lab. h 37 Division av 
Buchani Tlionias R. elk. h 528 Carlton av ! 
Bnchan Adam, blacksmith, h 50 S. 3d 
Buchan Anthony, carpenter, h 240 Pearl ! 
Buchan Jolm G. agt. h 177 Washington i William, engin<ier, h 812 Myrtle av| 
Bnclianan Albert M. lithographer, h ISDj 


Bnchauau Andrew, plasterer, h 320 Lexing- 
ton av 

Buchanan Archibald, sexton, h 1598 Fulton 
Uncluiuan Charles, driver, h 399 17th 
Buchanan Charles H. niekelplatin>r, Ann 

N.Y. h 81 WoodhuU 
Bnchauan Duncan, bkkpr. h 107 Lincoln pi 
Buchanan Edward H. police, h 488 Adelphi 
Buehanau George, mason, h 206 10th 
Buchanan Gilbert, driver, h 77 Spencer 

« H C 


a t- 

>^ a 

CO a 

=• » 

■ s p 



it cm f -mB'S, 114 LiTiiston St., ct. Boerni E 


Has the Lai^est Het Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co. iu tite World. 

See Advertisement opposite navoe* 

BUG 182 BUG 















Bachanaa Henry, lawyer, 102 B'way N.Y. fa 

178 Clermont av 
Buclianan Jas. mason, h 320 Lexington ay 
Buchanan James jr. elk. h 320 Lexington av 
Buchanan James S. confectioner, 75 B'way 
Buchanan Jane, ivid. James, baker, S. 3d c 

9fch, h 294 S. 3d 
Buchanan John, healthofficer, 21 Mnnicipal 

Bldg. h 197 10th 
Buchanan John, police, h 320 Lexington av 
Buchanan John M. bkkpr. h 188 Rodney 
Buchanan J. W. salesman, h 139 Navy 
Buchanan Margaret, wid. William, grocer, 

199 Clifton pi 
Buchanan Mary, coDl'ectioner, 181 B'way, 

fa 75 BVay 
Buchanan Peter, tobacco, h 339 Clinton 
Buchanan Philip C. shipmaster, fa 55tfa n 3d 


Buchanan Sarah M. h 81 Woodhnll 
Buchanan Simon, porter, h 155 Prince 
Buchanan Thomas, plumber, 40 Flatbusb av 
Buchanan Walter, machinist, fa 106 Taylor 
Buchanan William, h 30 Trontman 
Buchanan William, tailor, h 181 Centre 
Buchanan William, tobaccouist, 34li Carroll, 

h Gl Park av N.Y. 
Buchanan Wm. watchman, h 1598 Fulton 
Buchanan & Lyall (William Buchanan & 
David C. Ly all), tobacconistsi, 346 Car- 

iSncbaniian James, painter, h 83 N. 4f,fa 
Buchanuau .las. wiredrawer, fa 169 Conover 
Buchannaii Phoebe L. wid. H. P. fa 178 Cler- 
mont av 
Bnehart John, h 17 Debevoise 
Bucbeit Joseph, cai-penter, fa 143 Moore 
Buobel Richard, lab. 317 Hamilton ay 
Bucheu Michael, cigars, 97 Meserole 
Bucheiiherger Anthony F. coal, 110 B'way 

JSl.Y. h 240 Nostrand av 
Buchenberger Francis A. coal, Nostrand av 
c De Kalb av & Sumner ay n De Kalb 
av, fa 242 Nostrand av 
Buchenberger Frederick J. coal, Flnsbing 
av, c Kent av, No.strand av e De Kalb 
av, and Sumner av c Kosciusko, fa 95 

Buchenberger Hugo C. ins. 92 Cedar N.Y. fa 
95 Pulaski 

Buchenfaolz Bembard, bnttonholemkr. 107 

Montrose av, fa 82 Graham av 
Bucbeuholz & Blatters, buttoufaolemkrs. 107 

Montrose av 
Bucher Catherine, b 49 Debevoise 
Bucher John, milkman, b 867 Park av 
Bucher Joseph, fa 49 Debevoise 
Bucher liichard, porter, fa 347 Hamilton ay 
Buchheit Adam, cigarmfr. 237 Busbwicb av 
Buchbeit Christian, liquors, 282 Powers 
Buchheit Elizabeth, wid. Francis, h 318 


Buchheit Jacob, carpenter, h 318 Devoe 
Buchheit John, liquors, 1010 Flushing av 
Buchheit Joseph, tailor, h 316 Devoe 
Buchhiet Margaret, wid. John, h 302 Maujer 
Buchbolz Antoinette, wid. Arbogast, fa 170 

Buchbolz John, cabinetmkr. li 45 Leonard 
Buchbolz Joseph, lab. h 45 Leonard 
Buchbolz Joseph, lab. h 170 Stagg 
BUCHHOLZ L. wirestands, 146 Centre N.Y, 
Bncbholz William, fmit, h 226 Montrose av 
Buchman Michael, chief elk. 37 Municipal 

bldg. fa 97 Meserole 
Bucbmann Frank, china, 691 Flushing av 
Buchniann Jacob, tailor, h 245 Wallabont 
Bnehmaim Mary, wid. Peter, li :!19 Floyd 
Bnchmann Peter, foreman, b 674 Park av 
Bucholtz William, awningmkr. 458 Court, b 

260 Carroll 
Bncholtz William, lab. b 30 Hudson av 
Buchow August, liquors, h 150 Lorimer 
Bncfasbanm Charles, cigarmfr. 675 5th av 
Buehsbanm Chas. driver, h 379 Flnsbing av 
Buebsbaum Ernest, engraver, h 259 Powers 
Buehsbanm Hy. jeweler, h r 95 Van Cott av 
Bnchuer Frederick, liquors, 196 Myrtle av 
Buchwalter Frank J. hatmfr. 545 B'way 
Bnck Albert, carpenter, b 113 Smith 
Buck Alexander, grocer, Henry c Orange 
Bnck Ann A, wid. Hermann D, b 23;5 Frank- 
lin av 

Buck Anna, confectionery, 502 5th av 
Buck Carlos C. arcbitecty 60 B'way, fa 37 

4th E.D. 
Bnck Charles, milk, fa 193 £agle 
Buck Charles, milk, h 121 Clason ay 
Buck Dudley, musician, h 8 Kenisen 
Bnck Elinor, wid. John, h 118 Skillman 
Bnck George, lab. h r 63 N. 7th 
Bnck Henry, h 132 -Wnslie 
Buck Hennac, grocer, 80 6th av, fa 78 6th av 
Bnck Jacob, b 355 18th 
Buck John, liquors, 67 Fnrman 
Buck John M. baker, 288 1st E.D. 
Buck J. C. butcher, fa 406 Van Brunt 
Buck Lemuel A. shipmaster, h 179 17th 
Buck Mangels, grocer, N. M c 2d 
Buck Maria R. wid, Roland, h 626 Bedford 
Buck Mary, wid. h 346 Clason av 
Buck E. P. shipping, 29 Soatfa N.Y. fa 40 


Buck Taylor 8. salesman, h 483 Flatbusb av 
Buck Thaddeus, plumber, 707^ Myrtle av, h 

214 Spencer 
Bnck Theodore, coachman, fa 1860 Folton 
Buck Theodore E. fa 160 Bergen 
Bnck Wilbur E. supt- fa 1411^ Pacific 
Buck Wm. H. grocer, 80 6tfa ay, h 78 6tfa av 
Buck Bros. (William & Herman), groeei-Sy 

80 Gth av 

Buckbee John, pltunber, 183 William N.Y, 

b 85 Hewes 
Buckbee John H. elk. h 386 Leonard 
Buckbee Rebecca, h 107 Rapelye 
Buckbee William H. carpenter, fa 40 Maujer 
Buckelew Siirab F, teacher, 37tfa N.Y. h 3i> 


Buckem John C. elk. fa 163 Lee av 
Buckefct Joseph, engineer, h 128 S, 2d 
Bnckbam Catharine, wid. Adam, b 222 S. 5tb 
Bnekbam Stephen B. monlder, fa 232 S. 5tb 

Buckhaut Heni-y C.agt. b 760 Monroe 
Buckhold C. 29 Moore, h 45 Leonard 
Buckholts Frederic, lab. fa 87 Gold 



132 Maingiu St., near Houston, East Elver, New York, ^ 









BuckUolz George A. police, li 40 Tioutman 
Buckhola William, milk, li r 106 B'way 
Buckhout Amelia, wid. William B. h 39 
Ormond pi 

Buckingham Charles D. tobacco, 371 B'way 
Buckiugham Fraiik,wharfinger,h 40 2d E.D. 
Buckingham Frederick E. h 915 lid av 
Buckingham George, h 155 Degravv 
Buckingham George A. grocer, 176 Grand, h 
217 S. 2d 

Buckingham Goodcil jr. broker, 35 Wall 

N.Y. h 14 Garden pi 
Buckingham Henry, painter, h 5B1 Lorimer 
Buckingham James K. artist, h 14 Garden pi 
Buckingham John A. h 47 Piorrepoiit 
Buckingham M. A. fancy^ds. 371 B'way 
Buckingham Patrick, engineer, h 2703d£.D. 
Buekland William, b 311 Union 
Buckle Joseph, drygds. 180 B'way, h 73 


Buckler Sarah A. wid. Alhert, li 550 Bergen 
Buckley Albion K. realestate, h 180 Kos- 

Buckley Alonzo C. carpenter, 11 Nevins, h 
146 Duffleld 

Buckley Amon, h 378 Clinton 
Buckley Bridget, wid. Patrick, h 14.'? Butler 
Buckley Catharine, wid. Anion, li 378 Clinton 
Buckley Charles R. h ll'i Montague 
Buckley Uauiel, baker, h 99 Beigen 
Buckley Daniel, hatter, h 224 Walworth 
Buckley Daniel, liquors, 187 & 222 Smith, h 
60 Butler 

liuckley l)eniii.s, elk. li 191 Franklin av 
Buckley l>enni.s, liquors, 256 Front 
Buckley Dennis, milk, 76 N. 7t)i 
Buckley Eduiaud F. b 378 Clinton 
Buckley E'ias, moulder, b 114 India 
Buckley Francis, elk. li 153 Division av 
Buckley Harry, elk. h 44 S. Elliott pi 
Buckley Henry, mason, h 71^ :ld av 
Buckley James, lab. li 250 Bridge 
Buckley James, lab. h 62 Congress 
Buckley James, lab. h 42 Columbia 
Buckley James, lab. h Eastern Parkway d 

Clason av 
Buckley James, lab. h 29 Front 
Buckley James, lab. h 9 State 
Buckley James W. ironmoulder, h 218 16th 
Buckley Jane, wid. Caleb F. h 12 Ormond id 
Buckley John, h 165 12th 
Buckley John, boilermkr. h 181 Nassau 
Buckley John, carman, h 148 Nelson 
Buckley John, plumber, h 56 1st E.D. 
Buckley John, printer, li 1808 Atlantic av 
Buckley John H. grocer, 19 Columbia 
Buckley John K. tin, 816 Myrtle av 
Buckley John T. h 378 Clinton 
Buckley J. W. rubbergds. 15G South N.Y. h 

224 Skillman 
Buckley L. cigarmkr. 33 Lafayette 
Buckley Mary, h 233 Greene 
Buckley Mary, h 209 Eagle 
Buckley Mary, wid. h 96 Plymouth 
Buckley Mary A. principal, h 433 Clinton 
Buckley Michael, gas, h 20 N. Oxford 
Buckley Michael, lab. h 29 Front 
Buckley M. tugboat, h 165 23d 

Buckley Oliver K, jr. bldr, 404 Bridge 
Buckley Patrick, boilermkr. h 181 Nassau 
Buckley Patrick, ironfounder, h 143 Greene 
Buckley Peter, lab. h 427 Kosciusko 
Buckley Thomas, electrician, h 37 Hicks 
Buckley Tliomas F. liquors, 445 Flatbusli av 
Buckley Timothy J. mason, 146 16th 
Buckley Thomas, tailor, 336 B'way 
Buckley Thomas T. banker, Wall & B'way 

N.Y. h 112 Montague 
Buckley Washington, mason, 382 Myrtle av, 

h 88 Carltou av 
Buckley William, driver, h 239 Sands 
Buckley William. je,weler, New York av c 

Atlantic av, h 371 Herkimer 
Buckley William, machinist, h 454 3d av 
Buckley William, milk, h 321 16th 
Buckley William, ijrinter, h 309 S. 1st 
Buckley William F. elk. h 191 Franklin av 
Buckley William H. h 62 S. 10th 
Buckley William H. soapmtr. 30 Catharine 

N.Y. h 44 S. Elliotipl 
Buckley Wm. N. bkkpr. h 44 S. Elliott pi 
Buckley Wm. S. dryg<lH. N.Y.h 116 Willow 
Buckliu Arthur W. goldbeater, h 399 Herki- 

Buckliu Wm. E, jeweler, h 956 Atlantic av 
Buckly John, butcher, h 338 Degraw 
Buekly .folin, lab. h 177 Java 
Buckman Annie, wid. Geo. N. h 145 S. 5th 
Buckman Benj. J. chairs, h 388i Pulaski 
Buckmau David L. journalist, h 145 S. 5th 
Buckman Ira, bldr. h 145 S. 5th 
Buckmau Irwin D. engineer, h 167 Ainslie 
Buckman I.ouis, lish, 166 Prospect, h 35 

Buckman Myer, jewelry, h 165 Tillary 
Buckmau Solomon, h 165 Tillary 
Buckmauu John, liquors, 77 Fulton 


Iiprtecl fines, Lipors, aM Ciprs, 


Buckmaster Charles W. salesman, h 203 


Buckmaster Henrietta, wid. h 203 Kyer.son. 
Buckmaster Robert, turner, h 645 Leonard 
Bucknam James, moulder, h 91 S. 6th 
Bucknam Mary, dressmkr. h 158 4th E.D. 
Bucknam Phcebe N. drugs, 884 Pacific 
Bucknam Samuel E. shipsmith, h 93 Wil- 

Buokow Adolph, taxidermist, h 248 High 
Bucko w Adolph jr. elk. h 248 High 
Buckow Oscar, machinist, h 207 Sands 
Buckrage George, jeweler, li 115 Dean 
Buckridge Ennna, h r 399 N. 2d ' 
Buckridge Thomas .1. butter, 116 Wythe av 
Buckriew Elizabeth A. wid. Ira C. h 39 

Buckry John, painter, h 369 Myrtle av 
Buokrye Henry, liquors, 484 N. 2d 
Budallan John, refiner, h 121 Nassau av 
Budd Francis F. bldg. mtls. Wallabout, 

h 270 Bedford av 
Budd Henry, cigars, h 670 Atlantic av 


I — B 




ET « sr 
5 g I 

fig 5 

2 3> q S 


•< » o 3 

SB— f 

"" — 'H. S 

^i's ?* 
S» "I 

i 22. 








WM,H. JACKSON & CO., If Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

"" - --- -- Y -,_ ^^(j Fire-Place Novelties. 


'- [See Adv't on leaf opposite name.] 

Union Square, 

f En-ABLISHED 1827.] 

New Itork City. 



Has the Largest ITet Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in tlie World. 

See Advertisement opposite xiame* 


Budd James, cigarmfr. 59 Lafiiyelte av I 
Budd Jotm C. mlr. tii Spring ST.Y. h 34 St. 

Mark's sit 
Bndd Joliti G. drygds. h 85 Pulns.t.i 
Budd Joseph, driver, h 41 S. 3d 
Budd Thomas C. elk. h 33;! Adelpbi 
Budd William, printer, Ii 155 Flatbush av 
Buddel George, butclicr. Ill Smith 
Budden Michael, lab. h'7B N. lOlh 
Buddenbaum Ellen, wid, Henry, grocer, 

278 Division av 
Buddin Thomas, li 226 IVospect av 
Budelmann George, grocer, 253 Tomplcins 
av, 219 Keap & 262 Tompkins av, li 805 

Budelmann Henry, grocer, 263 Tompkins 
av, 805 Fulton &iil'JKeap, h 805 Fulton 

Budelmann Theodore, 263 Tompkiiigav, 219 i 
Keap & 805 Fulton, h 805 Fulton 

Budelmann ]5ros. (George, Tlieodorel, gro- 
cers, 263 Tompkins av, 219 Keap & 805 

Budington John E. lawyer, h 422 Clermont 

Budington Thomas G. mining engineer, h 

542 Washington av 
Budington William G. physician, h 416 Van- 

derbiit av 
Budion .lolin, tailor, li 22',?6 Fulton 
Budke John fl. li<iuors,2aS E. BVayN.Y.h 

120 Hewes 
Bndki N. h 94 Walton 
Budlough John, bkkpr. li 2z7 Smith 
Budmar David, blacksmith, h 334 Van Brunt 
Bud way Frank, engineer, h 367 Oakland 
Biiei Uner Oscar, books, 838 B' way N.Y. h 19 > 

Buechner Sylvester, printer, li 40 Leonard 
fJnedner Frederick, tailor, h 77 Walton 
Buege Frederick, cooper, h 136 Skillman av 
Buelilcr Alphonse, lithographer, h 138 Doug- 

Buehler Henry, upliolstorer, 130 India 
Bueliler John, machinist, h 674 Prospect pi 
Bnebler Eudolph, shoemi'r. h 67 Bergen 
Bnoimeyar Eniest, elk. h 130 Van Dyke 
Bu(-,k Herman, broker, 47 Wall N.Y. h 445 

Buck T. E, h 160 Bergen 
Buck William T. elk. h ICO Bergen 
Buel Aitlmr, whitingmir. Metropolitan av 

_n Grand & 71 Maiden la N.Y. h 28 Clin- 


Buel Clarence M. engineer, b 3d av n 34th 
Buell Alfred G. lawyer, B'way c Thomas 

N.Y. b 222 High 
Buell Bennett H. jeweler, h 9r\x .3d pi 
Buell Charles S. roofing, 219 Montague, b 

187 Quincy 
Buel) Edward, stationery, 51 Eyerson 
Buell E. G. (Rev.), 91 S."9th 
ljuell Frank, salesman, li 712 Lafayott* av 
Buell Richard M. physician, li 330 9th 
Buell William D. roofer, li 156 Douglass 
Bueute Charles E. carman, li 180 15t-h 
Buente Charles E. Jr. clk. h 180 15th 
Buente George F. lithographer, h 180 15th 
Buermeyer Charles, j)orter, h 145 Vandyke 

Buermeyer Ernst, li 150 Vandyke 
Biiesener diaries, lab. h 286 Pacific 
Buefow William H. gJassblower, h 28 Man- t pi 

Buettner Gustav, compositor, h 16 4th E.D. 
Buettner John, pencils, li 227 Ellery 
Buettner Julias, clk. h 16 4th E.D. 
Buettner Marie, wid. Charles, h 16 4th. E.D,. 
Buffang- Bernard, surgl. insts. h 182 Lynclt 
Buffert George, eaii)enter, h 284 S. 5th 
Buffum Charles T; pliysician, Ii 22 Eemsen 
l?uffum David, h 22 Eem-sen 
Biifi'iira Thomas A. strawgds. 537 B'"way N.Y. 

h 154a Hicks. 
Buffum William H. com. mer.45 White N.Y. 

h 22 Eemsen 
Kngbee John, plumber, li S5 Hewes 
Bugel Benedict, jeweler, h 13 Montrose av 
Biigel Conrad, firrrier, h r 145 Stagg 
Bugg Laura S. li 70 Grand 
Bugg riiilip H. fancygds. 29 Park pi N.Y. Ii 

39-| Irving p! 
Buggein Casper, driver, h 704 Flushing av 
Buggey Dennis, lab. li 103 John 
Buggini A. W. bkkpr. h 387 Greene av 
Buggy Edward, lab. li 103 John 
Buggip James, lab. h 109 Jo!m 
Bugle Benedict, diamonds,!'! 13 Montrose av 
Bugles Antony, tailor, Ii 122 Central av 
Bugles J. B. (iiev.), li 112 Lawrence 
Buheer Julius, lab. h 750 Park av 
Buhl Charles, brushrafr. 14S Meserole 
Biihl Henry, musioteacher, 104 Maujer 
Buhlart Julia, wid. Frank, h 51 Rodney 
Bobler Henry, hairdresser, 15 Clinton, h 62 


Buhler Michael, tinsmith, h r 274 Dcvoe 
Bnhmkea Hermann, lab. h 41st n 8th av 
Bulinholf Charles, lab. h 271 3d E.D. 

Bulir Henry, seaman, h OK) Atlantic av 
Biihrer Julius, leather, h 750 Park av 
Buhrer William, butcher, 143 Walton 
Buhrow Charles, painter, h 40 Seigel 
BnlLsen George H. .shoes, h 309 10th 
Bulison Robert, clk. li 309 10th 
Buig Emolia, mer. Broad N.Y. li 142 Howes 
Buiglnnd P(!ter A. tailor, h 245 11th 
Bukowski Sto])ben, shoes, 1019 Fulton 
Bulckley Julia, h 92 Livingston 
Bulfin Henrj-, ^Yat^:'hman, h 64 41st 
Bulger Alice, wid. Jas. fancygds. 123 3d av 
Bulger Daniel, stonecutter, h 13 Union 
Bulger Dennis, painter, h 110 Nelson 
Bulger Eliza, wid. Patrick, h 9 Union 
Bulger George, carpenter, h 71 McKibbiu 
Bulger James, lab. h 29 Front 
Bulger James, machinist, 45 N. 2d, b L.I. 
Bulger .lames, Jr. plumbers' mtls. 25 Centre 

N.Y. h 171 Bedford av 
Bulger James B. liquors, 57 Degraw, li 59 


Bulger Jeremiah, teas, 809 BIyrtle av 
Bulger .lohn, foreman, h 120 Court 
Bulger John, framer, h 218 Graham av 
Bulger Jolm, ironmoulder, h 202 8. 5th 
Bulger John H. machinist, 45 N. 2d, h 183 

Bulger John J. liquors, 44 Pearl, h 131 High 


J. NORWOOD, 348 ADAMS ST., near City Hail, Brooi(iyn. 


See AdTt. page 13 front. 


Also, Rissie, Electric, and Roman Batbs. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

135 BUL— BUM 

Bulger Louis, lal). li '231 Java 

liulger Mieluiel, blacksmith, h 404 Baltic 

Bulger Owen, lab. h i)'6 Union 

Bulger Peter, blacksmith, li 1-27 20th 

Bulger Thomas, bi-aBstbunder, 70 N. UA, li 

325 Division av 
Bulger Thomas F. lal). li 425 Baltic 
Bulgin Aaron l'\ printer, h 349 Degraw 
Bulheller August C. teamster, h 28 Graham 


Bnlbeller Joseph, physician, h 28 Graham av 
Bulheller Josepli, rcalestate, h 23 Graham av 
Bulkey Frederick T. h 792 Qnincv 
Bulkley Ann B.wid. JohnW. h397 Jilarcy av 
Bulkley Archibald li. h a.')3 President 
Bulkley Charles 11. roalestate, 382 Myrtle 

av, h 278 Carlton 
I'ulkley C. Frederick, h 143 Heyward 
Bulkley Edmund, paper, 74 John N.Y. li 48 


Bulkley Eugene, elk. h 468 Pacific 
Bulkley E. A. li 307 Raymond 
lJulkloy Hari-ie, bldr. h 73 Waverly av 
Bulkley Henry L. bldr. h 363 Nostrand av 
Bulkley James, broker, h 456 Carlton av 
Bulkley James, elk. h 196 Freeman 
Bulkley John. lab. h 34 Luquer 
Bulkley John W. snpt. 167 S. Elliott pi 
Bulkley Jonathan, paper, 74 John N.Y. h 48 

Bulkley Moses, })aper, 74 John N.Y. h 48 


Bulkley .Stephen, elk. h 214 Hicks 
Bulkley Washington, mason, 88 Carlton av 
Bulkley & Horton (Charles H. Bulkley, 

Isaac O. Horton, jr.), roalestate, Myrtle 

av 0 CJennont av 
Bull Benjamin Xj. sushmkr. h 170 Stockton 
Bull Charles, sugars, h 430 Henry 
Bull D. Kerr, teacher, h 118 Tompkins av 
Bull Edward, elk. h 660 Warren 
Bull Edward jr. ins. 201 Montague, h 690 


Bull Edwin, elk. h C90 Pacific 

Boll Frank, elk. h 244 Bergen 

Bull Helen, wid. James, h 234 6tli av 

Bull Henry C. canvasser, h 451 4th av 

Bull Henry C.jr. ins. 10 Court, h 310 18th 

Bull John, broker, 43 B'way N.Y. h 346 15th 

Bull John, lab. h 3 >3 17th 

Bull Nathan C. police, h 25 Nevins 

Bull Phillip, carpenter, h 370 Hamilton av 

Bull Eobert, agt. h 134 Huron 

Bull Ruben C. h 559 Hancock 

Bull Sarah T. wid. Thomas, h 107 Sands 

Bull Sydney W. dentist, 118 Tompkins av 

Bull Theodore D. elk. h 554 Willougbby av 

Ballard George L. Grain Exchange, N.Y. 

h 221 Greene av 
BuUard Harry L. hatpresser, 303 Fulton, h 

31 .Johnson 

BuUard Jane E. wid. John, li 220 Columbia 


Ballard Oliver C. architect, h 122 Macon 
Bullard Silas, com. mer. Ill Broad N.Y. 

h 529 Pacific 
Bullard W. S. supt. Evergreen Cemetery, h 

25 S. Portland av 

Bullay Henry J. supt. ft Canal N.Y. h 289 

Gates av 

BiiUay John H. li 289 Gates av p'redcrick jr. grocer, 266 Flat 

bush a V, h 95 Prospect pi 
Bulleiiknnip Henry, grocer, 76 Montague, li 

101 Hicks 
Bullenkamp .John F. grocer, 171 Jay 
BuUenkamp John F. jr. housefurnggds. 180 

Jay, h 96 High 
BuUett John, driver, h 393 Bond 
Bulley Geo. F. shipbrolcer N.Y. h 533 Pacific 
liullinger Andre, liquors, 153 McKibbin 
KuUinger Charles H. jeweler, h 480 Adelphi 
Bullinger Edwin W. publisher, 75 Fulton 

N.Y. h Mansion House 
Bullinger Mary J. wid. Cliarles H. h 480 


Bullinger Valentine, lab. h 154 Leonard 
Bullock Charles, shoemkr. li 154 Hope 
Bullock Price, lab. h 21 1 York 
Bullock Thomas, shoemkr. h 259 N. 6fch 
Bullock William, lab. h 559 Sackett 
Bnllwinkel Henry, grocer, 584 Myrtle av, h 

582 Myrtle av 
Bullwinke'l John, h 584 Myrtle av 
Bulhvinkel John C. grocer, 175 Scigel 
Bnllwinkel John E. elk, li 584 Myrtle av 
Bnllwinkel John F. lawyer, 177 Montague, h 

83i Vanderbilt av 
Bnllwinkel Martin, elk. h 584 Myrtle av 
Bnllwinkel Martin, fruit, h 80 S'. 9th 
Bnllwinkel Mary, wid. JIartin, h 433 Frank- 
lin av 

Bullwiukle Carstin, lab. h 315 Gold 
Bullwinkle Frank M. vicepres't, 1 Paxk pi 
N.Y. h 13 Bedford av 

Bullwinkle George, liquors, 032 Manhattan 

av, h 85 Dupont 
Bullwinkle Henry, h 13 Bedford av 
Bullwinkle Henry, grocer, 6461 Gates av 
Bullwinkle Henry, lab. h 113 Nassau av 
Buhner Albert, brassfinisher, h 192 Raymond 
Bulmer Charles A. lumber, h 33 5th av 
Bulmer George, student, h 145 N. Oxford 
Bulmer George A. silks, 32 Palmetto 
Bulmer James, bldr. h 145 N. Oxford 
Bulmer James K. ferryman, h 298 Clermont 


Bulmer John K. bldr. Hart n Tompkins av, 
h 213 Adelphi 

Bulmer Wm. brassfinisher, h 192 Raymond 
Bulmer William, paperstaining, li ll Duffield 
Bulmer William H. carpenter, h 740 Lafay- 
ette av 

Bulmer William P. currier, h lODnffield ter. 
Bulmer & Watson (William Bulmer, Sarah 

Watson), paperstaining, 1] Duffield 
Bulow Adolph, physician, 73 
Bult John T. surveyor, li 637 Bedford av 
Bultmaii Diedrich H. sugarrefiner. Commer- 
cial opp Box, h 165 E. 34th N.Y. 
Bultz Jacob, tailor, h 96 Humboldt 
Bulwinkle John M. stationery, 413 Fulton, h 

351 Cumberljind 
Bnmbarry Thos. shoes, li 345 Hamilton av 
Bumbatch Wm. hairdresser, 178 Willougbby 
Bumert Conrad, lab. h 252 1st E.D. 


\j Lain's Directory Offices! ii^JSSlfcSw^Si. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Advertisexnetit opposite name* 



4. ^ 


0) z 

I— i 














Bumgaim , mason, h r Troutman u 

Wyckoff av 
BurameiTjr Thomas, lab. 345 Hamilton av 
jlinmph Kdward, milk, li 519^ Lorimer 
I liunistead Jackson, 'wireworker, h 9'^9 B'way 
;Bmice Alford, printer, h 2283 Paoilic 
Bunce Alfred C. oils, ft King & 153 Maiden 

la N.Y. 1) 10 Garden pi 
Bunce Alfred C. ife Co. (,J. Cleve Eastman), 

oils, ft King & 153 Maiden la N.Y. 
Bunce C'has. boilertakr. li 32 Metropolitan av 
Bunce diaries, d.yer, li (i56 3d av 
Bimce Charles, ])iano8, 56 Court, li 547 Dean 
Bunce Cbarles, sawyer, h 176 N. 8th 
Bunce Charles E. engineer, h 329 Central av 
Bunco Cbarles F. b 101 Clinton av 
Bunce David, treas'r, 61 William N.Y. b SOS 

Bunce Daniel, police, h 173 10th E.D. 
Bunce Edward E. flour, 825 B'way and 1138 

Myrtle av, h 18 Stuyvesant av 
Bunce George, paint«r, h 468 Ewen 
Bunce George, porter, h 22 Diamond 
Bnnce George W. police, b 66 Povvere 
Bunce Henry, lab. h 181 Jay 
Bunce Howard, carrier, b 67 Clermont av 
Bunce Jacob, baker, 290 Chauncey 
Bunce James, lab. h 357 Van Brunt 
Bunco Jas. \V. bkkpr. h 441 Franklin av 
Bimce .Jesse G. carpenter, h 265 Grand av 
l!un( (\ .lobii, hardware, 106 Fulton, h 714 

I)e Kalb av 
liiuicc Jolni, turner, b 91 S. 5th 
l!niic(! .loHcjih, elk. h 168 Jackson 
Bunce Joseph \V. lab. h 163 S. 1st 
Bunco Joshua, deckhand, h 196 Fulton 
Bunce Nathaniel B. brakeman, h 638 Henry 
Bunce Richard, elk. h 70 Sauds 
Bunce liichard jr. tel. h 70 Sands 
Bunce Richard G. salesman, li 35'J Carlton av 
Bunce Rockwell carjienter, b 58 Dupout 
Bunce E.wid. Lyman, nurse, 67 Clermontav 
Bunce Thomas, lab. h 20 Dikeman 
Bunce William, hairdresser, 298>Manliattan 

av, h 130 Manhattan av 
I?uuce William G. teas, b 206 Harrison 
Bunce & Benedict, (Charles Bunce, Edwin 

Benedict), pianos, 56 Court 
Bundes Peter, li 350 Ciasou av 
Bundick Elijah B. tailor, 90 B'way, h 129 

6th E.D. 
Bundick John, elk. \\ 1673 Bergen 
Bundick Lewis, h 1685 Bergen 
Bundick Sarah, wid. li r 1904 Fnlton 
Bundick William H. drygds. Leonard N.Y. 

h 284 McDonongh 
Bundschub Frank A. butcher, h 156 Lee av 
Bune Frank, cigarmkr. h 89 Fulton 
Bunel John, painter, h 352 11th 
Bunford S. h 720 Monroe 
Bung.'ird Joseph, carpenter, h 65 Degi'aw 
Bungard Matthew, b 282 18th 
ISungart. Anthony N. cigars, 29 Hamilton av 
Bungart Nicholas, liquors, 67 WoodhuU, h 

27 Hamilton av 
Bungartz Adam, tailor, h 463 Carroll 
Bungarz Gottfred, wagonmkr. 125 9th, h 

127 9th 

Bungarz Herman, wagonmkr. h 127 9tii 
Bungay Ernest, bkkpr. b 15()i '22d 
Bungay George W. c.h. h 114 Taylor 
Bungay George W. hamesamki, 559}- 5th a v. 

h 359| Prospect av 
Bungay George W. jr. baniessmkr. 559 5th 

av, b 359^ Prospect av 
Bungay .lohn G. elk. li 114 Taylor 
Bunger Henry, liquors, 125 Marion 
Bunger Jacob, elk. h 175 Boerum 
Bunger William, grocer, 175 Boerum 
Bnngert David, broker, h .58 Jefi'eraon 
Bungert Jacob, glasscutter, h 69 Jeffer- 
son E.D. 
Bungert John, b 795 Busbwick av 
Bungort Anton, cigars, 29 Hamilton av 
Blinker Albert, mer. b 113| 2d pi 
Blinker Charles G. shipmaster, b 44 Rush 
Bunker Edward C. physician, 280 Henry 
Bunker Edward D. elk. b 141 Division av 
Bunker Estelle C. wid. Benjamin F. h 355 

Tompkins av 
Bunker Harry A. physician, 99 6th av 
Bunker Heniy, driver, b 550 Court 
Bunker Horace G. seaman, h 395 14fch 
Bunker Robert T. weigher, 97 Pine N.Y. h 

138 Piervepont 
Bunker E. Howard, teas, h 138 Pieirepout 
Bunker Sarah A. wid. Thos. G. h 536 Pacific 
Bunker Stephen G. seaman, h 44 Eush 
Bunker Susan, wid. David M. h 352 Carlton 

Bunker Thomas R. drygds. h 752 Herkimer 
Bunker "William A. engineer, h 158 Kent 
Bunker William N. elk. b 3.")2 Carlton av 
Bunker William R. salesman, h 214 17tli 
Bunker William R. sec. 177 Montague, h 39 
Rom sen 

Bunkinbeck Beraard, baker, h 182 Conover 
Bnnu Wui. lab. h Prospect pi n Clason av 
Buuuecke Frederick 6. peiicilmkr. h 110 

Greenpoint av 
Bunnell Charles A. tobacco, 108 Wall N.Y. h 

37 N. 6th 

Bunnell George, cigars, N.Y. b 394 6th 
Bunnell George B. theatre, 34 Court, h N.Y. 
Bunnell John, machinist, b 339 17tb 
Bunnell J. H. supt. b 30 3d pi 
Bunnell Roger V. roalestate, 41 Wall N.Y. 

h 84 Joralemou 
Bunnell William, driver, h 394 6th 
Bunnell William, printer, b 339 17th 
Buuner Charles F. elk. li 3() Willow pi 
Buunersen Conrad, peddler, h Myrtle u 

Wyckoff av 
Bunnett Lawrence, driver, 187 John 
Bunny George W. paper, 16 Keade N.Y. h 

146 High 

Bunny James W. shoes, 198 Columbia, h 219 

Bunting James H. florists, 850 Fulton 
Bunting John W. planer, b r 180 Leonard 
Bunting Thos. boilermkr. h 19 Stewart's al 
Bunty Frederick, tailor, 97 Pineapple, h 20 

Bunz George, painter, h 368 Ewen 
Bunzell Eugene, painter, 54 S. 3d 
Bunzick William, agt. h 824 Park av 

E BRIGK—^SIpeJti b. kreischer & s 

132 Mangia St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 








Burback Jacob, tintcher, h 30 Leonard 
Burbank Francis H. (Rev.), h 110 Ainslie 
Burbank George F. blankets, 14 Warren 

N.Y. h 404 De KaJb av 
Burbank William, elk. h 546 Lafayette av 
Burbank William H. leather, 23 Spruce N.Y. 

b .546 Lafayette av 
Burbidge Frank, bkkpr. b 187 Frost 
Burbidge Fred, bkkpr. h 1B7 Frost 
Burbridge John, lab. h 371 Furman 
Burch Charles, conductor, hJ'ea Myrtle av 
Kurch Charles R. ins. h 33 Monroe 
Burch David, machinist, h 11 Colnmbia pi 
Burch Edwin L. collector, 29 Fulton, h 44 

Burch George W. dentist. 127 B'way 
Burch James T. machinist, h 122 N. 2d 
Burch John, compositor, h 44 Joralemon 
Burch John A. foreman, b 337 Bergen 
Burch J. H. machinist, 377 B'way 
Burch Milton, elk. h 44 Joralemon 
Burch Park H. com. drygds. li 33 Monroe 
Burch Eobert A. editor Evening Post N.Y. 

h 160 Joralemon 
Burch Thomas, ferryman, h 44 Joralemon 
Burch Thomas H. (Rev.), h 33 Monroe 
Burch Wm. A. gasfitter, h 27 Cumberland 
Buroham Edward, h 24 Lee av 
Bnrcliam George W. realestateagt. 176 Cly- 

mer, h 24 Lee av 
BurcUam George W. smith, b 131 Duffield 
Burchard Catherine A. wid. Leopold, h 12 

Lefl'erts pi 

Buicbard Edmund Ij. elk. h 12 Lefferts pi 
Burchard Gurden, elk. h 42 Fort Greene pi 
Burchard John, drugs, h 86 Oakland 
Burchard Lonis F. lawyer, h 12 Lefferts pi 
Burchard Wilhelmina,wid. John, h r 120 Oak 
Burchell AUetta T. wid. George W. h 477 

Hudson aV 
Bur<!heJl George, h 179 S. Gth 
Burchell Geo. F. nickleplater, h 108 2d E.D. 
Buichell George W. agt. h 179 S. .5th 
Burchell Minne, painter, h 477 Hudson av 
Burchell Eichard B. h 108 2d E.D. 
Burchell Klchard W. nickleplating, 94 Ist, h 

187 Keap 

Burchill Seaman, engineer, h 606 Manhattan 
Burchmau John W. tailor, h 1.38 Huntington 
Burchner Elizabeth, wid. August, 192 Liv- 

Burck Charles, provisions, h 191 Colnmbia 
Burck Ernest, butcher, 152 Smith, h 100 

Burck Frank, butcher, 59 Atlantic av, b 191 
Burck Frank P. provisions, 191 Columbia 

Burck John, butcher, b 679 5th av 
Burck Louis, provisions, b 191 Columbia 
Bnrck Philip A. elk. b 244 11th 
Burck Phillip, h 474 16th 
Burck Rudolph, butcher, 59 Atlantic av, h 

191 Colnmbia 
Burck & Sons (Rudolph, Lewis, Frank), 

butchers, .59 Atlantic av 
Burckart Julius, paperboxmfr. h 310 Monroe 
Bnrcker Daniel, liquors, h r 44 Fleet pi 
Burckert Henry T. cardmkr, h 65 Meeker av 

Burckert Otto, grocer, 225 Humboldt 
Burckett Charles F. bidr. h 812 President 
Barckett Charles H. cashier, h 812 President 
Burckett Frederick K. elk. h f 12 President 
Burckett Walter L. elk. b 812 President 
Burckett William M. elk. h 812 President 
Bnrckhardt John C. china, 700 Flushing av 
Bnrd Abram E. collector, h 238 Halsey 
Burd Eugene W. books, h 428 Van Buren 
Burdeau Alice M. wid. Francis E. h 530 

Burdell William, bookkpr. h 168 Clinton av 
Burden George, engineer, h 192 43d 
Burden John, artist, h 192 43d 
Burden P*ter, drygds. 365 Manhattan av, b 
99 Milton 

Burden William B. elk. h 277 Wyckoff 
Bnrder A. P. D. broker, b 75 Henry 
Burdess Edward, hardware, 135 Myrtle av, 

h 30 S. Elliott pi 
Burdett Frank, restaurant, 56 Grand 
Burdett Horace B. weigher, 10 Barling si 

N.Y. h 286 Herkimer 
Burdett John, porter, h 141 Walton 
Burdett .Toseph, porter, h 48 Henry 
Burdett Thomas, butcher, 188 Greenpoint 


Burdette George W. elk. b 114 Johnson 
Burdge Caroline M. wid. Wm. h 65 B'way 
Burdge Dwight, h 10 Boerum pi 
Rtndge George, oik. h 65 B'way 
Burdge Wm. frt. agt. N.Y. h 9'^ Waverly av 
Hurdick Geo. sboemkr. h291 King.sland av 
Burdick Henry S. bkkpr. h 475 Willoughby 

Burdick Horatio N. mfr. 45 S. oth, h 375 

Gates av 

BUEDICK H. N. & CO. (J. P. Faure), 

shirtmfi's. 45 S. 5th 
Burdick James, elk. b 236 De Kalb av 
Burdick James T. physician, 459 Gates av 
Burdick Jane R. wid. Samuel G. 236 De 

Kalb av 

Burdick Julian C. elk. h 63 Pulaski 
Burdick Lewis, sashmkr. h 440 Warren 
Burdick Louis I. cigars, 113 4th av 
Burdick Lockbart, compositor, b 81 Cum- 

Burdick Louis I. machinist, h 113 4th av 
Burdick M. I. foreman, b 39 6th E.D. 
Burdick William M. carpenter, b 62 Wash- 

Burdick W. M. com. mer. 150 Nassau N.Y. h 

277 Putnam av 
Burditt David, plateprin ter, h 160 Grand 
Burditt Ira F. plateprinter, h 161 N. 3d 
Burditt James B. plateprinter, h 161 N. 3d 
Burditt Jane, wid. Theodore F. h 161 N. 3d 
Burditt Theodore H. lumber, h 161 N. 3d 
Burdon Eichard, shoemkr. h 30 Main 
Burdon William, ironworks. h3l Sands 
Burdock William, lab. h 258 Park pi 
Burdt John, coachman, h 174 Montrose av 
Bureau of Charities. 377 Montague 
Buresch Frank, tailor, h 137 Palmetto 
Burfeild Henrietta, wid. John H. h 96 N. 1st 
Burfeind Henry C. groceries, 620^ 5tb av 
Burfeind Richard, milk, 624 6tb av 


110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N.Y. 

Direct Receiver of PENNSYLVANIA RYE and 

See Bnsiness Directory. U^aora — ^Wholesale. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 

BUB 138 BUR 

Burfiend F. D. liquors, 104 South N.Y. h 168 


Bnrfitt John, gardener, Ii 84 Navy 
Burford William J. police, h 83 H. 9tli 
Biirg James, cigarmkr. h 57 Union ar 
Burg William, engineer, h 24 Grand 
Burgau John, lab. ii 127 Partition 
Bnrgdorf Charles, grocer, 98 Manhattan av 
Burge J. H. Hobart,pli.y.sician, 132 Montague 
Burgengreu August, mason, h 431 Kent av 
Burger Adam, slioemkr. h '.iOl Maujer 
Burger Adolf, liquors, '205 Scholes 
Burger Catharine, h 91 Pineapple 
Burger Chas. engineer, )i 20i 7th E.l). 
Burger Charlie, shoerakr. h 58 Th«oop av 
Burger Charles, h 351 Clinton 
Burger Charles, lab. h 1S3 Graham av 
Burger Charles W. 8. salesman, li 231 Devoe 
Bnrger Edward, furrier, h G99 L.ifayette av 
Burger Edward A. ^^•ag<mnifr. h 73 Monroe 
Burger Eugene, cottoubroker, 27 William 

N Y. h21 Strong pi 
Burger Evan, lab. h r 13 Scholes 
Burger George, elk. h 325 N. 2d 
Burger George, tailor, h 216 Johnson av 
Bnrger Gottloab, cabinetmkr. h 70 Union av 
Burger Harmon, grocer, 4th c N. 4th, h 387 

4th E.D. 

Burger Henry, sngarrefiner, 91 Wall Is.Y. h 

132 Eodney 
Bnrger Henry, viratchcasemkr. h 02 Ewen 
Bnrger Henry E. soaps, h 92 Wilson 
Burger Herman, engineer, h 30 Marcy av 
ISurgcr Jaeoh, cigarmkr. h 50 Lorimer 
Bnrger James, steamboat, li 392 Saokett 
Burger John, shoerakr. 177 Montrbso av 
Burger John, mcr. h 157 Washington 
Burger John, tailor, h r 169 Boeriim 
Burger John, h 66 7th E.D. 
Burger Joseph, brewer, 84 Jlcserole 
Burger Joseph H. elk. h 194 Hall 
Burger Julia, wid. Albert, h 111 Scholes 
Burger Michael , basketrakr. li 13 Seigel 
Burger Peter, basketmkr. 74 Johnson av 
Burger Tobias, tailor, 166 Boerum 
Burger William, com. mer. h 132 Rodney 
Burger William H. broker, h 73 Monroe 
Burger, Hurlbut & Livingston, sngarrefin- 

ers, Furman n Joralemon & 91 Wall N.Y. 
Burgeson Charles, shoemkr. h r 173 Front 
Burgess Adelade, wid. h 450 Waverly av 
Burgess Albert, cotton, h 61 Atlantic av 
Burgess Charles, shipmaster, h 200^ 22d 
Burgess Charles E. brushmkr. h 26 Eoches- 

ter av 

Burgess D. h 1140 De Kalb av 
Burgess Edward C. supt. h .56 Morton 
Burgess Edward H. h 92 Wilson 

Burgess Eliza, florist, 76 B'way, h 49 S. 6th 
Burgess Elizabeth, wid. ,Jas. h 54 WoodliuU 
Burgess Emma, wid. George, li 99 Summit 
Burgess E. C. agt. h 66 Morton 
Burgess E. & C. florists, 76 B'way 
Burgess George D. h 20 Broome 
Burgess .Tames, li 601 Lafayette av 
Burgess James, painter, h 939 Atlantic av 
Burgess James L. printer, h 213 Fulton 
Burgess Jane, wid. John, li 1671 Fnlton 

Burgess John, hrushnikr. 47 Utica av, h 42 

Utica av 

Burgess .John, carriagerakf. h 202 C'lason av 

Burgess John, lab. h 10 President 

Burgess .John B. rubbeigds. 659 Henry, h 

54 Woodhnll 
Burgess John H. ahipcarpeuter, li 38:2 2d E.D. 
Burgess Joseph S. com. mer. 60 South N.Y. 

h 109 Taylor 
Burgess .Joshua P. printer, h 209 Division av 
Burgess Levi Q. com. mer. 66 South N.Y. h 

107 Taylor 
Buigess Peter, supt. h 150 Atlantic av 
Burgess Phineas, engineer, h 124 Bedfordav 
Bnrgcss Sarah, cigars, 878 Fuitou 
Burgess, Stephen C. h 140 Ross 
Burgess Thos. sliipcarpeuter, h '.iS^ 2d E.D. 
Burgess William, elk. li 773 Hicks 
Burgess William, machinist, li 3:>1 B'way 
Burgess William B. elk. h 353 I'resident 
Burgett Caspar, po(ldIer,h r 109 Rochester av 
Bnrgey Leonard, cabinetniki'. h 184 Groene 
Burggraf Josei)li, liquors, !yHi> Grand 
Burggraf Mathias, liquors, S. 3d c 11th, h 

64 nth E.D. 
Burggraf}' Samuel, printer, h 152 Union av 
Bnrglier Elizabeth, wid. h 277 Patclien av 
Burgher George, paintei', li 447 Decatur 
Burgher George W. painter, 74 Bloeoker 

N.Y. h 146 Milton 
Burghardt Henry, shoeiufr. c S. 1st & uth, h 

925 Myrtle av 
Biu-ghardt Joseph, tinsmith, li 103 Stagg 
Burgher Josiah A. engineer, h 21 President 
Burgliind Peter, tailor, 481 5tli av 
Biugler Annie, wid. h 16 Tompkins av 
Burgmyer Edward, h 508 Grand av 
Burgiuyer Theodore, lawyer, 346 Fulton, h 

506 Grand av 
Burgmyer Theodore N. wheelwright, h 506 

Grand av 

Burgnieyer Theodore V. wagonmkr. 63 Ray- 
mond, h 506 Atlantic av 

Burgmyer William, wheelwright, li 506 
Grand av 

Burgomyer John, blacksmith, h 13 Stock- 

Burgsneider Laiu'cns, jewelry, h 577 6th av 
Burgyes Mary A. li 417 Kent av 
Burhans Cornelius, conductor, h 389 Adelphi 
Burhans Everette C. machinist, h 253 Ewen 
Burhans Lorenzo, machinery, N.Y. h 195 S. 


Burhans Maria, wid. Henry C. h 370 6th 
Burhans Nicholas B. mfr. h 347 (ith 
Burhans Rice O. drygds. 112 Leonard N.Y. 
h 370 (ith 

Burhans Sidney, sawyer, h r 17 Clermont av 
Burhans William H. bldr. 199 Putnam av. h 

378 Tompkins av 
Burhenno Augustus, mer. h 141 Bedford av 
Burhenne Emil, collector, 52 Hewes 
Burhenne John, cashier, h 141 Bedford av 
BurhmuUer Philip, lab. h 245 7th E.D. 
Burhn John, driver, h 307 Water 
Buring Thos. blacksmith, h 220 Hudson av 
Burk Adam, peddler, h 21 Parker 
Burk Charles M. lab. h 84 Hall 



348 Broadway, 3XEW 



See AdTt. page 12 front. 

IMo, Russian, lectric, and Bomai Batte. 



A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

Burk Ferdinand, lab. li 139 Leonard 
Burlc George W. mason, li 159 Prince 
Biirk Harriet, li r 158 Flushing av 
Burk Henry, lab. h 236 York 
Burk .James, lab. b .306 Floyd 
Burk John, longslioreman, h 857 Piirman 
Bnrk John H. bkkpr. h 171 Eeid av 
Burk John W. pliimboi-, :!U5 Hamilton av 
Burk Matthew, driver, ii 957 De Kalb av 
Burk Michaicl, carriagemkr. 15 Bergen, h 

58G Dean 
Burk Michael, lab. h 42 Little 
Burk Sarah, vpid. Thos. h 71) Greenpoint av 
Burk Thomas F. oik. h 158 9th 
Burk William, elk. h 452 Baltic 
Burk William M. elk. h 110 Summit 
Burkard John, hatter, h 100 Hopkins 
Burkardt Lisette, wid. Francis, U^'.i Pcnn 
Burkart Ferdinand, liquors, tlii Grand 
Burkart Gebhard, baker, h 163 Harrison av 
Burkart John, h 21 Lorimer 
Burkart Joseph, h 329 Macon 
Burkart Joseph H. shoes, 65 Ewen 
Burkart William, shoes, 65 Ewen 
Burkart's Sons (Joseph H. & William), 

shoes, 65 Ewen 
Bnrke Adolpli, machinist, h 119 15th 
Burke Alexander, pianos, h 128 N. Elliott pi 
Burke Andrew, butcher, (58 Main 
Bnrke Andrew, machiDist, h 173 Hudson av 
Bnrke Bernard, lab. h 4.55 Baltic ' 
Barko Hridget. li 2117 Prospect 
Burke Hrid-ct, wid Patrick, h 41 N. Gth 
Burke Catherine, wid. h 222 2()tli 
Burke Catharine, wid. h r 102 Clifton pi 
Burke Cecilia, wid. Ed'.nnnd, h 3i)8 Pulaski 
Burke Charles, waiter, 115 Sumpter 
Burke David, stereotyper, h 52 Dobevoise pi 
Burke Edmond, elk. h 352 Schermerhorn 
Burke Edward, h 214 Lexington av 
Burke Edward, hldr. h 111 N. 9th 
Burke Edward, driver, li 1716 Fulton 
Burke Edward, engineer, h 84 Carroll 
Burke Edward, l,ab. 5th av n 31st 
Burke Eliza, wid. h 211 :id E.D. 
Burke Ellen, h 59 Dupont 
Burke Ellen, wid. Patrick, li 516 Waverly av 
Burke Ellis P. lawyer, 150 Nassau N.Y.' 232 

Burke Ernest L. bottler, 154 Smith, h 100 


Burke Eulick, physician, Grand N.Y. h 41 
N. 6th 

Burke E. tailor, h r 91 Varet 
Burke Francis, coachman, h 22 Clinton av 
Burke Francis, liquors, 91 Soutli N.Y. h 354 

Burke Francis J. elk. h 631 Pacific 
Burke Francis, drugs, 517 Manhattan av 
Burke Frederick W. lawyer, 150 Nassau N.Y. 

h 232 Schermerhorn 
Burke George, blacksmith, h 365 Columbia 
Burke Henry, butclier, 845 Pacific 
Burke Henry, butcher, h 122 Smith 
Burke Hubert, moulder, h 190 6th E. D. 
Burke James, butcher, 45 Bond 
Burke James, butcher, h 275 3d av 
Burke James, carpenter, h 355 Clifton pi 

Burke .Tames, elk. h 4d^ Sponeer. 

Bnrke James, coachman, h 24 Uonglass 

Bnrke James, engineer, Ii 33 S. 4tb 

Bnrke .James, gardener, li 303 Hamilton av 

Burke .James, insp. li 101 N(!wcll 

Burke James, lab. h 2ld Centre 

Burke James, lab. h 41 .Jay 

Burke James, mechanic, h 127 12tli 

Burke James, shoemkr. li KSO Fnlton 

Burke James, stonecutter, b 529 Court 

Burke James, teachei', h 193 !Sth 

Burke James, watchman, 819 3d av 

Burke James E. liquors, .517 Myrtle av, h 540 

Myrtle av 
Bnrke James F. butcher, h 122 Smith 
Burke James S. oik. h 275 Union 
Burke Jorevniah, sboomkr. h 212 9fch E. D. 
Bnrke .John, baker, li 148 Busbwick av 
Biirice Join), bkkpr. li 1002^ Atlantic av 
Bnrke John, c. li. elk. b 214 Lexington av 
Burke John, conductor, h 278 2 'th 
Burke John, cooper, h 8i Franklin 
Burke John, cooper, li 220 Manhattan av 
Bnrke .John, cooper, b 173 Sackott 
Burke John, driver, h 163 13th 
Bnrke John, engineer, h 173 Division av 
Burke John, engineer, h 393 18th 
Burke Joliu, irouraoulder, li 178 i''ranklin av 
Burke John, lab. h 492 Adelplii 
Burke John, lab. h r 188 Butler 
Burke John, lab. h Centre c CUnton 
Burke .John, lab. h 197 John 
Hm-ke .John, lab. h 517 Lorimer 
Burke John, lab. li 12 State 
Burke John, lab. h 217 Van Brunt 
Bnrke John, lab. h 234 Van Brunt 
Burke John, lab. h 121 N. 3d 
Burke John, liquors, 102 Park av 
Burke John, liverystable, 161 Court, h 330 


Burke .John, mariner, li 420 Van Brunt 
Burke John, milk, h 9 Walton 
Burke John, morocoodresser, h 13 Sandford 
Burke John, peddler, h 283^ Ist E.D. 
Burke John, printer, li 31 Johnson av 
Burke John, realestate, h 232 I'ork 
Hurke John, sailmkr. h 111 Navy 
Burke John, stonecutter, b 114 Sldllman 
Burke John D. liquors, 585 Fulton 
Burke John F. druggists' specialties, h 320 
Park pi 

Burke John F. shoemkr. li 24 Douglass 
Burke John F. shoemkr. h 194 Duftield 
Burke John II. butcher, h 122 Smith 
Burko John H. engineer, h 297 Bond 
Burke .John M. ins. h 303 Union 
Burko John W. plumber, 107 Union, h 305 

Hamilton av 
Burke Joseph, printer, b 139 N. 6th 
Burke Joseph, u.s.n, h 128 Clermont av 
Burke Jo.sepb A. cig.armkr. h 24 Douglass 
Burke J. J. engineer, h r 257 S. Ist 
Burke Lawrence, lab. h 563 Busbwick av 
Burke Margaret, confectionery ,.540 Myrtle av 
Burke Margaret, dressmkr. h 177 N 6th 
Burke Margaret, wid. Michael, h 481 Hicks 
Burke Martin, lab. h 65 Columbia pi 
Burke Martin, printer, h 139 N. 6th 



PI AM HQ CMck-ering, Repaired 

r I n 1 11 U O, it CMS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiYingston St, cor. Boerm PI. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 



Xtl liJ 

© Z 
















Burke Mary, wid. h r 247 Navy 
Burke Mary, wid. James, h 18d N. 6th 
Burke Mary, wid. Jolm, li 1794 Bergen 
Burke Mary, wid. Patrick, h 188 John 
Burke Mary, wid. Patrick, h l:i9 N. 6tli 
Burke Mary, wid. William, dressmkr. h 107 
N. 9th 

Burke Matthew, lab. h 234 Franklin av 
Bnrke Matthew, lab. h 80 Navy 
Burke Mich'I, blacksmith, h 151 Prospect av 
Burlve Michael, carpenter, h 61 Kent 
Burke Michael, grocer, 501 Humboldt 
Burke Michael, lab. h 92 Atlantic av 
Burke Michael, lab. h 145 Columbia 
Burke Michael, lab. h65 Columbia pi 
Bnrke Micha«l, lab. h 78 Smith 
Burke Michael, lab. h 12 State 
Burke Michael, liquors, 675 6th av 
Burke Michael, mason, h 319 Bergen 
Burke Michael, phmiber, h 596 Warren 
Burke' Michael, stonecutter, h 46^ Spencer 
Bai'ke Miles, lab. h 104 Atlantic av 
Burke Nicholas, carpenter, h 61 Franklin av 
Burke Nicholas, lal). h 473 2d E.D. 
Burke Owen, machinist, h 37 Dixon's at 
Burke Pascal 0. liquors. Front n Wall N.Y. 

h 44 S.Oxford 
Burlce Patrick, bagsewer, h 454 Hicks 
Bnrke Patrick, lab. h 319 Bergen 
Burke Patrick, lab. h 366 Carroll 
Burke Patrick, lab. h Grove c Wyckoflf av 
Burke Patrick, lab. h 255 Navy 
Burke Patrick, lab. h 68 Oak 
Burke Patrick, lab. h 18,J Richards 
Burke Patrick, lab. h 222 N. 2d 
Burke Patrick, lab. h 101 N. 9th 
Burke Patrick, liquors, li 312 Union av 
Burke Patrick, police, h 473 Dean 
Burke Patrick 0. police, h 461 Dean 
Burke Patrick ,J. porter, h 92 Atlantic av 
Burke Peter W. h 214 Lexington av 
Burke Pulchera, wid. Abraham C. h 275 

Burke Richard, calker, h 44 Garnet 
Burke Richard, junk, h 199 9th 
Burke Richard, liquors, 325 3d E.D. 
Burke Richard, mechauic, h 371 Columbia 
Burke Samuel, printer, h 371 S. 4th 
Burke Stephen, porter, h 624 Pa<5itic 
Burke Stephen, wheelwright, h 96 Warren 
Burke Susan, wid. William, h 12 State 
Burke Thomas, driver, h 250 Gold 
Burke Thos. drygds. Grand N.Y. h 140 Bond 
Burke Thos. hardware, 675 5th av, h 18227th 
Burke Thomas, lab. h 374 Bond 
Burke Thomas, lab. h 218 Centre 
Burke Thomas, lab. h 13 Union 
Burke Thomas, lab. h 98 Warren 
Burke Thomas, lab. h 158 9th 
Burke Thomas, iab. h 147 N. 6th 
Burke Tliomas, lab. h 218 N. 8th 
Burke Thomas, liquors, 612Clason av 
Burke Thomas, liquors, 240 Prospect 
Burke Thos. longshoreman, h 60 Atlantic av 
Burke Thomas, mason, h 111 Navy 
Burke Thos. moroccodresser, h 137 Spencer 
Burke Tobias, lab. h 1211 Atlantic av 
Burke Tobia.s, lab. h 103 John 

Burke William, barrels, h 563 Herkimer 
Burke William, carriagemfr. 198 Skillnian, h 

Nostrand av n Willoughby av 
Burke William, fancygds. 5964- 5th av 
Burke William, lab. ii 191 9th 
Burke William, machinist, h 70 Green la 
Burke William, machinist, h 25 Hamilton av 
Burke William, pilot, h 139 Partition 
Burke William, sleevebuttons, 14 Dunham 

pi, li 154 S. 3d 
Burke Wni.H. teacher dancing, h 211 3d E.D. 
Burke William L. hats, 214 B'way N.Y. h 61 

Prospect pi 
Burke , carpenter, h 32 Prospect 
Burkhard Eggeuberger, h 154 Wytlie av 
Burker Seraphim, shoemkr. h 448 Smith 
Burkerd Ferdinand, restaurant, 216 Grand 
Burkert Christine, wid. Johan, h 180 Stagg 
Burkert Stephen, miller, h 902 Park av 
Burkett Richard, bkkpr. h 384 Pacific 
Burkhardt Charles, musician, h 1?7 Degraw 
Burkhardt Frederick G. agt. h 86 Ea{,le 
Burkhardt Martin, niuaicalinsts. 306 Ellory 
Burkhardt Stoltz, lab. h 259 Soholes 
Burkhart Conrad, pipomkr. h r 214 Stagg 
Burkhart Ehart, h 547^ Court 
Burkholden Daniel, machinist, 229 Kent av, 

h 434 Willoughby av 
Burkitt John, h 198 Leonard 
Burkitt Thomas, shoemfr. 247 Grand, h 231 

S. 2d 

Burleigh John, driver, h 34 Liberty 
Burkman Charles, painter, h 387 Atlantic av 
Burknian John, tailor, li 735 Flushing av 
Burksneider Lorrent, jeweler, h .577 Otli av 
Burlage Rudolph 0. consul, h 412 Pacific 
Burland Francis, seaman, h 86 Partition 
Burleigh Charles, coachman, h 241 State 
Burleigh Henry, elk. h 377 Pearl 
Burleigh LeMoyne, reporter, h 184 Wash- 

Burleson John H. elk. h 287 Warren 
Burlett Abram, paperhanger, 667 Myrtle av 
Burlew Kate, wid. James, h 19 Hope 
Burley George, lab. h 268 Wyckoff 
Burley Harriet, wid. George, h 40 Wolcott 
Burley John, lab. h 271 Pacific 
Burley Michael, driver, h .54 Myrtle av 
Burlian Bridget, wid. John, h 13 Harper's ct 
Burlin Thomas, iab. h 110 Hamilton av 
Burling Benj. harnessmkr. 205 Flatbush av 
Burling Benjamin, painter, h 89 Suj'dam 
Barling Edward F. baker, 251 Adams 
Burling John, hostler, h 34 Liberty 
Burling John C. groc<!r, 113 Bridge, 152 & 

252 Hamilton av & Gold c Sands, h 

Burling Samuel, grocer, 113 Bridge, 152 & 

2.^)2 Hamilton av & Gold c Sands, h 

193 Washiugton pk 
Burling S. & J. C. grocers, 113 Bridge, 152 

& 252 Hamilton av & Gold c Sands 
Burling William C. h 193 Washington pk 
Burling William, spices, Kent av, h 775 

Lafayette av 
Burlingame Alvah W. realestate, 30 Pine 

N.Y. h 79 Hancock 
Burlingame Charles E. bkkpr. h 397 Gold 

E BfilCK-olf^^J^: B. BEISm & SONS, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 








Barlingame Howard, elk. Ii 145 Prospect 
Burlingame Samuel C. L. shipfaatener, h 397 

Burlingame William, sliipcarpenter, b 107 

N. Portland av 
Burlinghara Charles A. driver, h fi61 Carroll 
Burlingham Daniel, engineer, h 48 Columbia 


Burlingliam Daniel E. jr. elk. li 48 Columbia 


Burlips Henry, jeweler, 272 S. 1st 
Burmann Peter, tailor, h 21 Fayette 
Burmaster John, lab. li 205 Ten Eyck 
Burmeister Adolph, elk. h 120 President 
Burraeister Frederick, porter, h S94 N. 2d 
Burmeister Charles, grocer, 153 Columbia 
BiirmesterEmir, cabinetmkr. h 217 Hudson 

Burmester Hermann J. elk. li 221 Navy 
Burn Ge<#ge, painter, h 540 Fiiltou 
Bum George A. elk. h 516 Clasou av 
Bum Henry, bkkpr. h 1S8 12th 
Baru Henry, foreman, h 631 Franklin 
Bnru James, engineer, h 183 12th 
Burn Jolian F. lab. h 4 Beach pi 
Barn Thomas, cottonsaraplcr, h 133 Jay 
Barn Thomas, lab. h 100 ,Jay 
Burnard Henry W. physician, h 384 Jay 
Burne James, su<;:irboilor, h 324 Hicks 
Burnetel Storp, oik. li 3'd4 Degraw 
Burnes Ellen, drygds. h 31(5 4th E.D. 
Burnes Felix, bartender, li 354 N. 2d E.D. 
Burnes James, flaijgor, h 340 Bond 
Burnes Michel, liquors, 225 Columbia 
Burnes Pati ick, mason, h 624 Grand av 
Burnell John, lab. li 41 Dean 
Burnell Priscilla W. wid. Armsted, li 352 

Burner Francis, salesman, 143 Calyer 
Burner John M. hairdresser, h 196 12th 
BURNET CLARENCE L. lawyer, 204 Mon- 
tague, h 226 Livingston 
Burnet Ellen, wid. h 174 Smith 
Burnet Hiram H. fisli, Fulton uikt. N.Y. h 

397 Cumberland 
Burnet John, cigars, h 156 Fulton 
Burnet Richard H. bkkpr. h 208 Eckford 
Burnet Richard J. plumber, 122 10th E.D. 
Burnett Abraham, cigarmkr. h 446 Degraw 
Burnett Alex'r, njiller, h 108 Franklin av 
Burnett Alex'r, cigarmkr. h 217 Wythe av 
Burnett Annie M. wid. John W. li 48 Frank- 
lin av 

Burnett Benjamin F. hardware, 87 Chambers 

N.Y. h 243 Cumberland 
Burnett Bertha, wid. Frank, h 55 Seigel 
Burnett Charles, cashier, h 153 Pierrepont 
Burnett Charles W. waiter, h 14 Vine 
Burnett David H. painter, li 236 16th 
Burnett Edwin H. bldr. h 58 Middagh 
Burnett Elizabeth, wid. Alexander, h 1-59 9th 
Burnett E. J. hardware, 329 Myrtle av, h228 

Franklin av 
Burnett Frederick, printer, h 427 Kent av 
Burnett Garwood, hardware, 329 Myrtle av, 

h 228 Franklin av 
Burnett George, physician, h 30 Sterling pi 
Burnett George, lab. h r 75 India 

Burnett George, elk. h 246 Steuben 
Burnett Geo. H. salesman, h 794 Lincoln pi 
Burnett Henry, pilot, h 87 S. 10th 
Burnett Isaac, blacksmith, h r 53 Diamond 
Burnett .Tames, h 89 Franklin av 
Burnett James, lab. h 108 Newell 
Burnett James, moulder, h 454 Flushing av 
Burnett James, ropemkr. h 320 Kent av 
Burnett James, spices, h 179 Bojid 
Burnett James G. ta 141 Sands 
Burnett John, agt. h 171 Frost 
Burnett .John, elk. h 147 Vanderbilt av 
Burnett John E. sashmkr. h 231| Ghauncey 
Burnett John H. jeweler, h 306 Jay 
Burnett .lohn O. ifi 326 Pearl 
Burnett John E. reporter, li 41 Bond 
Burnett Joseph M. E. sawyer, h 124 Adeiphi 
Burnett J. B. flourmer. 139 Broad N.Y. h 30 

Sterling pi 
Burnett Patrick, lab. h 11 Nelson 
Burnett Peter, lab. h 454 Flusliing av 
Burnett Pheobe S. wid. h 139 Willoughby 
Burnett Richard, plumber, 122 10th E.D. h 

181 Rutledge 
Burnett Samuel, caulker, h 301 Centre 
Burnett Samuel O. hardware, 288 Fulton, li 

42 Livingston 
Burnett Sarah AI. wid. William .J. h 75 Jorale- 


Burnett Theodore, elk. h 324 Pearl 
Buraett Timothy, elk. h 334 Pearl 
Burnett Thomas, carman, h 100 Maujer 
Burnett Thomas, hatter, h 89 Hopkins 
Burnett Thos. H. blacksmith, h r53 Diamond 
Burnett William, h 205 8. O.^ford 
Burnett William, flour, 35 Front N.Y. h 181 

Burnett William, printer, b r 198 Walworth 
Burnett William A. machinist, h 454 Flush- 
ing av 

Burnett William H. elk. h 11 1st 

Burnett Wm. T. carpenter, h 155 Union av 

Burnett William S. snpt. h 184 Madison 

Burnett W. V. h 149 Hicks 

Burnham Avon C. gymnasium, N.Y. h 414 

Vanderbilt av 
Bnmham Benj. B. engineer, h 62 Duffield 
Burnham Clark N. physician, 109 Cumber- 

Burnham Edgar G. wreighor, h 55 4th av 
Burnham Frederick S. elk. h 123 Clytner 
Burnham George C. engineer, h 149 N. 2d 
Burnham Henry A. jeweler, h 130 Kosciusko 
Burnham Henry F. printer, h 130 S. 2d 
Buniham Henry G. priuter, h 130 S. 2d 
Burnham Jacob, broker, h 90 Bergen 
Bnmham James li. bkbinder, h 149 N. 2d 
Bumham James S. painter, h 126 N. 3d 
Burnham John W. agt. h 90 Bergen 
Burnham Lyman S. drygds. 126 Atlantic av, 

h 187 Scherinerhorn Rachael A. h 125 N. 3d 
Bumham Walter B. harness, 3U8 Smith 
Bumham William P. cashier, h 90 Bergen 
Burnhardt Richard, potter, h 227 Calyer 
Bumhardt Henry, elk. li 22 N. Henry 
Burnheflf William, restaurant, h 178 S. 8th 
Buraie William, seaman, li 145 Union 

WM.H. JACKSON & CO., If Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

Union Square. New York City, _ I 1 Fire-Place Novelties. 

' [See Adr't on leiif opjuDsito name.] 



^ Has tte Largest Net Surplus of any Eire Insurance Co. in the "World, 

-See Advertisement opposite name* 

BUE 142 BUR 

Burningham Mieh'l, carpenter, li 52 Bergen 
Buruique Adolphjglaasblowor, h 185 Graham 

Biirniquo Jos. glassbIower,h 185 Graham av 
Kiirus Albert iN. elk. b 361 Dean 
Burns Alexander, lawyer, o'Jrf Carroll 
Burns Alexander, bkkpr. h 160 S. 2d 
Burns Alice, wid. Thomas, h 133 Hall 
Burns Ann, wid, Edward, li 98 Front 
Burns Ann, wid. Patriot, li93 N. 6tb 
Burns Ann, wid. Thomas, b ^04 Front 
Burns A. physician, h 2;{5 Ecktbrd 
Burns A. M. physician, 136 Mcserole av 
Burns Bernard, lab. h 320 Hicks 
Bums Bernard, lab. h 100 Treniont 
Burns Bernard, moulder, h 425 iJd E.D. 
Burns Bernard, painter, h 61 N. Sth 
Burns Bernard J . butcher, 4th n N. 6th, h N. 
41b c uth 

Burns Bridget, b President n Franklin av 
Bums Bridget, \vi<l. Michael, h 168 Kicbards 
Burns Catherine, dressmkr. ISo 16th 
Barns Catharine, wid. Michael, h 4 Tiffany 


Bums Catharine A. wid John, h 312 Manjer 
Burns Cbas. lab. h President n Franklin av 
Bums Charles H. carpenter, b 127 IJtica av 
Burns Christian, cooper, h 223 Franklin 
Burns Daniel, elk. h r 20 Clinton av 
Burns Daniel, lab. h H7 Prospect 
Burns Daniel, lab. h 48 S. Sth 
Burns Daniel E. (jarponter, b 242 Kosciusko 
Burns Dennis, tailor, h 77 Gold 
Bums Edward, blacksmitli, br 192 Freeman 
Burns Edward, brasstinisher, h 249 Stat« 
Bums Edward, cashier, h 404 Degraw 
Burns Edward, express, h N. 4tli e 6th 
Burns Edward, hostler, h 313 2(ith 
Burns Edward, tailor, li 126 N. Portland av 
Burns Edward G. printer, li 1097 Fulton 
Burns Edw'd J. carpeuter,h 21 Columbia pi 
Burns Euolitl G. plumber, h 840 Jefi'ersou 
Burns Frank, lab. h 44 Hudson av 
Burns Frederick, carpenter, h r 670 Douglass 
Burns Frederick, elk. h 89 Roid av 
Burns Frederick, stonecutter, b llOJ 12th 
Burns Garrett, lab. h 273 Plymoath 
Bums George, b 209 McDonougU 
Burns George, driver, b 222 N. 2d 
Burns George, lab. h 310 Prospect pi 
Burns George, lab. r 14 Vanderbilt av 
Burns George F. carpenttr, b 1012 B'way 
Bums George F. lab. b 161 Douglass 
Burns Gerald, canning, li 23 Hnutiugton 
Burns Gilbert H. milk, h 193 Decatur 
Burns Hardy, boxmkr, li r 738 Dean 
Burns Hugh, carman, b 624 5tli av 
Burns Harvey, elk. li 11 Clinton 
Burns Hugh,' lab. h 419 B.-iUic 
Burns Henry, lab. h 33 Huntington 
Burns Hugh, lab. h 45 Hall 
Burns Hugh, pbisterer, h 46 Box 
Burns Hugh, printer, li 107 Milton 
Bums Isaac, joiner, h 207 Prospect av 
Burns Jabez, mfr. 3 Worth TS.Y. h 62( Greene 

Burns Jabez, mfr. h 349 Monroe 
Burns James, h 54 Nostrand av 

Burns James, bldr. 236 Atlantic av, h 825 

Bums James, carder, h 56 1st E.D. 
Bums .James, carman, b 11 Coles 
Burns James, carpenter, h 30 Underhill av 
Burns James, elk. li 488 Myrtle av 
Burns James, elk. h 117 N. 5th 
Burns James, cooper, h 376 Graham av 
Burns James, doorman, h 120 President 
Burns ,James, driver, li 752 Gates av 
Burns James, lireniiin, 157 Columbia 
Burns James, grain, h 49 WoodliuU 
Burns James, lab. h 463 Columbia 
Burns James, iab. h 198 John 
Burns James, lab. h 311 Nevins 
liums James, Uib. h 312 Union av 
Burns James, lab. li 314 Union av 
Burns James, lab. b 32 York 
Burns James, lab. b 85 4th 
Burns James, lab. h r 23 5th 
Burns James, lab. h 192 24th 
Bums James, leatherdresser, h 207 Nassau 
Burns James, machinist, h 59 Franklin 
Burns Jaroes, mason, h 80 Steuben 
Burns Jiimes, machinist, h 73 Newell 
Burns .James, sugarrefiuer, 39 Irving, h 81 

Burns James, watchman, h 67 Graham 
Burns James E. cartnian, h 9 Walton 
Burns James E. oarriagomkr. h 245 JoLnson 
Bums James E. collector, li 61 N. Sth 
Burns James H. coppersmith, h 365 Man- 
hattan av 
Burns James H. plumber, h 825 Pacific 
Burns James J. confectioner, h 44 Hicks 
Burns James T. plumber, h 29 Wythe av 
Burns Jane, wid. William, h 67 Underhill av 
Burns Jane C. wid. Christopher, h 50 Pearl 
Bums John, b 139 14th 
Burns John, agt. h 201 9th 
Burns John, bl.-ieksmitli, b 87 1st 
Burns John, brasstinisher, h 56 N. 3d 
Bums John, carpenter, h 30 Underhill av 
Bums John, caulker, h 13 Hall 
Burns .John, driver, li 641 Grand 
Burns John, driver, h 191 6th E.D. 
Burns John, foreman, h 355 Furman 
Burns John, glassblower, h 61 Prince 
Burns John, junk, h 493 Flushing av 
Burns John, iab. h 637 Atlantic av 
Bums John, lab.h777 Bergen 
Burns John, lab. h Bergen u Clason av 
Burns John, lab. h 17 lireraen 
Burns John, lab. h 202 Flatbush av 
Burns ,(obn, lab. h 13 Hall 
Burns John, lab. h 58 Nelson 
Burns John, lab. h 235 Plymouth 
Burns John, lab. h 91 Prospect 
BnriiH Jolm, lab. 44 Wallabout 
Buri;s John, packer, h 189Luquer 
Burns John, yjaiuter, b 568 Carroll 
Burns John, perfumery, h 98 Bergen 
Burns John, iiolico, h 391 Flatbush av 
Burns John, shipmaster, h 719 Hicks 
Burns John, stone, Douglass c 3d av, h 137 

Burns John, stonecutter, 46 Amity 
Burns John, stonecutter, h 446 Dean 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


See A&ift. page 12 front, 


Also, Rnsslan, Electric, and Roman Baths. 


A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

143 Bun 

Burns John, tailor, li 77 Hamilton av 
Burns John, wagoumkr. 131 Columbia, h S7 

Burns John, watchman, h 91 S. 6th 
liurns John A. elk. h 28 Huntington 
Burns John B. elk. h 575 Henry 
Burns John E. agt. h 1-25 Noble 
BumB John F. carman, h 9 Walton 
Bui-ns John F. confectioner, b 44 Hicks 
Burns John F. police, h 152 Gold 
Burns John H. mfr. li 184 Nassau 
Burns John H. machinist, h 711 Leonard 
Burns John J. typerubber, h 61 N. 8th 
Burns John K. tinsmith, h 84 Navy 
Bums Joseph, driver, h 235 Freeman 
Bams Joseph, driver, 506 Smith 
Burns Joseph, nuichinist, h 6i0 Greene av 
Burns Lawrence, capt. h r 201 Clifton pi 
Burns lizzie, wid. Thomas, h r 2/6 Tillary 
Burns Luke, contractor, h 220 21st 
Bums Luke, baker, 259 Pacific 
Burns Margaret, h 149 Dejrraw 
Bums Margaret, grocer, h 67 Hudson av 
Burns Margaret, wid. John, h 255 Pacific 
Burns Maria, wid. h 92 Hopkins 
Burns Martin, hatter, h 389 Hicks 
Burns Mary, confecitiouory, h 174 Hoyt 
Burns Mary, wid. Chas. h'r 41 Gold 
Burns Mary, wid. Garret, h 386 Flushing av 
Bums Mary, wid. James, li 488 Myrtle av 
Burns Mary, wid. Tljomas, h 504 Carroll 
Burns Mary, wid. Thomas, h 186 Pith 
Burns Matilda, wid. David S. h 267 Herki- 

Burns Michael, Ii 80 N. 8th 
Burns Michael, contractor, h 372 Clason av 
Burns Michael, coo{ier, h 103 N. 9th 
Burns Michael, hatter, h 257 Kent av 
Burns Micimel, lab. h 100 Calyer 
Burns Michnel, lab. h 42 Franklin av 
Burns Michael, lab. h 28 Huntington 
Burns Michael, lab. h 518 Manhattan av 
Burns Michael, lab. h 53 Spencer 
Burns Michael, lab. 17 Vanderbilt. av 
Burns Michael, laundry, h 405 Hudson av 
Burns Michael, piaster^ h 643 Washington av 
Burns Michael, porter, h 88 Uuflield 
Burns Michael, tuonlder, h N. 8tli o2d E.D. 
Burns Micliael stonecutter, h 67 Rapelye 
Burns Michael S. typeooiner, h 61 N. Sth 
Burns Morris, lab. li r 668 Douglafis 
Burns Nicholas, lab. h 312 Water 
Burns Owen, lab. h 473 Columbia 
Burns Owen, lab. h 216 Conover 
Burns Owen, lab. h 32 IJivision av 
Burns Owen, lab. h 324Furman 
Burns Patrick, 292 Wallabout 
Burns Patrick, blacksmith, h 188 York 
Burns Patrick, carpenter, h 105 Skillman 
Burns Patrick, driver, h 79 Clay 
Burns Patrick, driver, h 16S Marion 
Burns Pat'k. engineer, h 251) Schermerhorn 
Burns Patricia, grocer, h 373 Columbia 
Burns Patrick, grocer, 83 York 
liurus Patrick, lab. 46 Amity 
J3urns Patrick, lab. h 439 Carroll 
Burns Patrick, lab. h ft Columbia 
Burns Patrick, lab. h 41 Division av 

Burns Patrick, lab. h 196 Dupont 

Burns Patrick, lab. h 323 Plymouth 

Bums Patrick, lab. 193 Sackett 

Burns Patrick, lab. h 47 State 

Bums Patrick, li(iuors, 164 Hudson av, b 

328 Plymouth 
Burns Patrick, milk, li Franklin av n Union 
Burns l^atrick, painter, li 17 Bremen 
Burns Patrick, police, h 69 Vanoerbilt av 
Burns Patrick, tailor, h 61 N. Sth 
Burns Patrick, watchmitn, h 81 Sands 
BURNS PATRICK F. bldr. 624 Grand av 
Burns Patrick jr. painter, h 61 N. 8th 
Burns Peter, h 140 Cook 
Bnrns Peter J. carpenter, h 91 Columbia pi 
Burns llichard, engineer, h 75 Yanderbilt 


Burns Richard, lab. h 46 President 

Burns Richard, peddler, li 49 5th 
Bnrns Koljert, engineer, h 555 Monroe 
Burns Robert, Rnssianbaths, h 237 Monroe 
Burns Robert, shoemkr. 197 Putuiim av, h 

678 Myrtle av 
Bams Rodoy, wheelwright, h 353 4th E.D. 
Bums Samuel, fireman, h 65 Talman 
Burns Samuel, machinist, h 95 Tompkins av 
Burns Saiah, nurse, h 468 Dograw 
Burns Sarah, wid. Michael, 42^^ Bridge 
Burns Steplien, lab. h 171 Greenpoin't av 
Bums Stc|dieu, mer. h 258 Nostrand av 
Bums Sylvester, perfumery, h 98 Bergen 
Burns Thomas, h 81 Sands 
Burns Thomas, barkpr. h 402 3d E.D. 
Burns Thomas, carpenter, b 27 2d 
Burns Thomas, elk. h 561 Bedford av 
Bnrns Thomas, driver, h 165 Vandyke 
Burns Thomas, framor, h 186 16th 
Burns Thomas, lab. h 1531 Dean 
Burns Thomas, lab. h 1002 Atlantic av 
Burns Thomas, lab. h 68 Colnnibia 
Burns Thomas, lab. h 20 Dennot pi 
Burns Thomas, lab. h 12 Garrison 
Bums Thomas, lab, h 535 Warreu 
Burns Thos. longshoreman, h 80 Atlantic av 
Burns Thomas, machinist, h 147 N. 4th 
Burns Thomas, papers, h 232 Navy 
Burns Thomas, stableman, h 80 Atlantic av 
Burns Thomas, stableman, h 282 Park pi 
Burns Thomas, typerubber, h 61 N. Sth 
Burns Thomas E. eugiuocr, h 123 2d pi 
Burns Thomas J. driver, h 536 Warreu 
Burns Timothy, lab. h 76 Pacilic 
Burns Walter, li 115 Ainslie 
Bnrns William, bkbinder, h 4 Tiffany pi 
Burns William, elk. li 303 McDonough* 
Burns William, lab. h 300 Bainbridgo 
Burns William, lab. h 498 ilyrtle av 
Burns William, machinist, h !'3 Hope 
Burns William, printer, h 13 Baiubridge 
Bums William, printer, h 57 Wythe av 
Burns William, stonecutter, h 568 Cairoll 
Bums William A. insp. 14 West N.Y. h 1474 

Burns William G. machinist, li 414 Quincy 
Burns W^illiam S. ladies' wear mfr. Hopkins 

n Nostrand av, h 217 Spencer 
Burns & Broderick (John Bnrns, James Brod- 

erick), wagonmkrs. 131 Columbia 


Price $3.oo. ift Soenun Place, BrookiTn, ajid 121 IWton St., N. I. 


Has the Largest Uefc Surplus of any Tire Insurance Co. in tlie World, 

See Advertisement opposite name. 

BUE 144 BUR 

Burns & Johnson (John Burns, James John- 
son), stoneyard, Douglass c 3d av 
Burns & McCann (James Burns & John 

McCaiin), builders, 236 Atlantic av 
Burnside John, pri:itcutter, h 50;^ Humboldt 
Burnsides William, glassblower, h 231 9th 
Burow Julius, broker, h 18 St. Mark's av 
Burow John, tailor, h 85 Flatbush av 
Burr Adelbert, buttonholemkr. 270 Fulton, h 
89 Henry 

Burr Alonzo H, driver, h 176 3d E.D. 
Burr Andrew E. machinery, '2Vi West, h 

Burr Catliarine A. wid. Edward W. h 270 

Clason av 
Burr Charles, printer, li 323 Leonard 
Burr C. A. h 843 St. James' pi 
Burr Fred. S. ironfounder, fciS 1st, h 178 S. 


Burr F. E. li 81 Division av 

Burr George A. slioemkr. h 37 Prince 

liurr George L. clothing, 142 Fulton N.Y. h 

lol Taylor 
Burr George M. h 231 Schermerliorn 
liurr George S. carpenter, h 258^ 11th 
Burr George W. painter, h r Grand 
Burr Henry C. coachman, h 16:! State 
Burr H. T. leather, li 115 Howes 
Burr John F. machinery, 213 West, h Con- 

Burr John S. vicepres't, h 178 S. 9th 
Burr Josejth A. iroutbnnder, 37 & 39 Frank- 
lin, h 135 Rodney 
Burr Jos. A. lawyer, 45 B'way, h 123 Quincy 
Burr Jos. A. livery, 327 Hicks, h 483 Adelphi 
Burr .Tosepli A. jr. lawyer, 45 B'way, h 123 

Burr Mary L. laundress, h 37 Prince 
Biirr Samuel, shoes, 215 Grand, h 55 S. 8th 
Burr Sidney, shoemkr. h 12 Conselyea 
Burr Soplironia, wid. Daniel, h 23S Scher- 

Burr Thomas, kalsominer, h 84 Gwinnett 
Bnrr Thomas, shoes, Fulton n Snmner av, h 

19 Chauncey 
Burr Townsend, hamessmkr. 684 Bedford 

av, h 183 Monroe 
Burr Townsend, shoemkr. 1603 Fnlton, h 19 


Burr Townsend jr. hamessmkr. 684 Bedford 

av, h 183 Monroe 
Bnrr Tunis B. h f 21 4th av 
Burr William E. elk. h 62 Taylor 
Burr William W. grocer, 14 Fleet 
Burr Bros. & Battelle (John F. Burr, Andrew 

E. Bnrr. John G. Battelle), machinery, 

212 West 

Burr &. Houston (Joseph Arthnr Burr, John 

Houston), ironfounders, 37 & 39 Frank- 

Burr &■ Richmond (Frederick S. Burr, Jas. 

B. Richmond), ironfounders, ft S. 9th 
Burrall Charles, broker, 24 Pine N.Y. h 487 

Clason av 
Bnrrell Alex. H. sailmkr. h r 384 S. 1st 
Burrell Elizabeth, wid. John I. h 684 Pacific 
Burrell Fred'k A. M. elk. h 684 Pacific 
Bnrrell George, printer, h 616 Atlantic av 

Burrell George W. rcalestate, 862 Fnlton, h 

602 Franklin av 
Burrell Henry, elk. h 17 Grove pi 
Burrell James, butcher, 11 Clinton, h 1 

Washington pi 
Burrell Lafayette, lether,h 285 Kingslaud av 
Burrell Robert, police, h 48 36th 
Burrell kSamuel J. sec. 54 Broad N.Y. h 115 


Burrell Samuel P. agt. h 218 Park pi 
Burrell Seymour, produce, 289 Washington 

N.Y. h 275 Henry 
Burrell Thouias, conductor, h 6 10th av 
Burrell Truxton, telephones, 64 Broad, N.Y. 

h 58 Cheever pi 
Burrell Victorana, cigarmkr. h 147 Wil- 


Burrell Washington, lab. h r 384 S. 1st 
Burrell Wm. glasscutter, h 411 Do Kalb av 
Burrell William, jeweler, h 218 Park pi 
Burrell & Co. (Geo. W. Burrell & Theodore 

Jenuings), realestate, 862 FuUon 
Burrells John, h 201 Halsey 
Burridge Elizabeth, wid. John, h 137 Ainslie 
Burridge Marie, wid. Nicholas, li 21 Maujer 
Burrill Abbey A. wid. Chas. h 14 Willow pi 
Burrili Emma A. wid. Joseph, h 29:5 8th 
Burrill Fanny, wid. George A. h 71 Poplar 
Burrill George, agt. h 602 Franklin av 
Burrill Henry B. livery, 622 Pacilic, h 107 

Flatbush av 



Succeeded by Geokob F. Coklis, 


Burrill John, realestate, 453 5th av, h 289 


Burrill J. H. salesman, h 7 Grove pi 
Burrill Samuel N. undertaker, h 355 Gates av 
Burrill Wm. glassblower, h 214 Hudson av 
Burrill William, shirtmfr. h 17 Grove pi 
Burrill Wm. 11. undertaker, 13 Flatbush av 
Burrill & Tienken (John Burrill, Henry M. 

Tienken), realestate, 453 5tli av 
Burris Elliott, 15 Warren N.Y. h 168 Macon 
Burritt George H. mer. 34 Burling slip N.Y. 

li 31 Sidney pi 
Burritt Wilmot W. student, b 31 Sidney pi 
Burroughs Arthur M. elk. h 156 .Jeftersou 
Burroughs Benjamin, physician, 393 Clin- 
ton, h 326 Clinton 
Burroughs Cath. A. wid. Peter F. h 292 8th 
Burroughs Charles, engineer, h 131 24th 
Burroughs Cliarles, hatter, h 49 S. 8th 
Burroughs Charles W. elk. h 156 Jefferson 
Burroughs C. B. wid. Cornelius, h 443 Frank- 
lin av 

Burroughs Edward, mason, h 105 Jackson 
Burroughs George, carpenter, h 365 17th 
Burroughs George B. h 751 Van Buren 
Burroughs Horace F. bldrs', mtls. ft Taylor 
& Kent av ft Hooper, h 429 Bedford av 
Burroughs Horace F. jr. h 429 Bedford av 
Burroughs H. F. & Co. (Robert Burroughs 
& Marvin Cross), bldrs'. mtls. ft Tay- 
lor & Kent av ft Hooper 


: B. rascM & s 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 









Burroughs James, elk. h 253 S. 3d 
Burroughs James H. broker, 72 Wall N.Y. li 

1282 Dean 
Burroughs John, produce, h 105 S. 2d 
Burroughs John, livery, 41 Brooklyn av, h 

36 IJrooklyn av 
Burroughs John F. broker, h 443 Franklin av 
Burroughs J. W. ii 73 Hewes 
Burroughs Martin V. B. aect. h 132 16tli 
Burroughs Robert, bldrs'. mtls. ft Taylor & 

Kent av ft Hooper, h 82 Ross 
Burroughs Samuel, cigarpacker, h 105 Jack- 

Burroughs Thomas B. mattress, Greenpoint, 

h 2i33 Hewes 
Burroughs William E. trainmaster, h 616 


Burroughs William H, li 205 Greene av 
Burroughs Wm. V. oik. h 381 Willoughby av 
Burrow Alfred W. springbeds, N.Y. h Hewes 

n Harrison av 
Burrow August, lab. h 53 Bartlett 
Burrow James, painter, h 305 Lorimer 
Burro wes Edwin E. printer, h 152 Je fferson 
Burrows Albert W. h 162 Lee av 
Burrows Andrew, juuk, 211 N. 2d 
Burrows Ann 8. wid Herbert S. h 113 4th 


Burrows Cafh. wid. Thomas, h 64 Taylor 
Burrows Chester D. mason, h 2154 Ainslie 
Bnrrows Chester D. jr. sec, 466 Grand, & 

provisions, Wi Leonard, h 219 Ainslie 
Burrows Daniel, elk, li 37 S. 4th 
Burrows Edward, foreman, h 75 S. 5th 
Burrows Edward M, carpenter, h 321 Gra- 
ham av 

Bnrrows Eugene C. horns, h 244 Clermont av 
Burrows Frank, engineer, h 55 Dupont 
Burrows Geo. R. lab. h Eokford c Nassau av 
Burrows George W. provisions, h 224 Ainslie 
Burrows Jarvia, h 306 Carroll 
Burrows John, plateprinter, 51 Dey N.Y. h 
265 Pearl 

Burrows John W. cashier, h 234 Ainslie 
BUEEOWS LEMUEL', Assessor, 20 Munici- 
pal bldg, h 620 Greene av 
Burrows Nathan, mason, h 268 Leonard 
Burrows Robert G. ins. li 50 S. 3d 
Burrows Stephen J. bldr. 192 Leonard, h 
236 Ainslie 

Burrows Thomas C. steel, 93 John N.Y. h 

244 Clermont av 
Burrows Wni. glassblower, h 775 Madison 
Bnrrows William T. produce, 82 Park pi 

N.Y. h 138 Hart 
Burrows William L. modelrakr. h 206 S. 5th 
Burrski Michael, cabinetrakr. h 227 N, 8th 
Bursch Adolph, butcher & grocer, 570 4th av 
Bursoh Frank, tailor, h 137 Palmetto 
Bursch Frederick J. W. salt, Hamilton av& 

Gowanus caiuil, h 576 4th av 
Bursch & Boenan, grocers (Adolph Bursoh, 

Charles Boenan), .570 4th av 
Burse Jonathan M. express, 14 Fulton N.Y. 

h 331 Cumberland 
Burshey Augustus, porter, h r 148 Gwinnett 
Bursraed John, lab. h 612 Bergen 
Burst Andrew, cigars, h 231 EUery 

Burst John L. agt. h 32 Howard av 
Burt Albert L. publisher, 27 Park pi N.Y. h 

101 Lewis av 
Burt Alfred, com. mer. h 242 Pearl 
Burt Almaritta, wid. Norman, h 68 Lafay 

ette av 

Bnrt Alonzo, seaman, h 1211 B'way 
Burt Charles A. hatter, h 66 Division av 
Burt Charles F. jr. produce, h 244 Pearl 
Burt Charles K. engraver, h 217 Carlton av 
Burt Cliarles W, produce, 84 Warren N.Y. h 

244 Pearl 
Burt David, elk. h. 508 De Kalb av 
Burt Edward, salesman, h 361 Madison 
Burt Edward D. shoes, 287 Fulton, h 331 

Washington av 
Burt E. D. & Co. (E. A. Goater), shoes, 287 


E. D. BURT & OO., 

Ladies', Gent's, Misses', and 
Children's Fine Boots 

and Shoes, 

Burt Ellenor, wid. Nath'l S. h 118 S. Elliott pi 

Burt James, shoes, h 230 Degraw 

Burt James W. milk, h 153 Wiishington av 

Burt John jr. lawyer, li 219 Court 

liurt Johii'M. agt' h 308 Union 

iiurt Richard, driver, h 157 Grand 

Burt William (Rev.), h 107 William 

Burt William C. dentist, 32 E. 28th N.Y. h 66 

Division av 
Burtahll Frederick, milk, 104 Starr 
Burteushaw William, hatter, h 483 Dean 
Burteiishaw William, liverv, 13 College pi, 

h 23 Willow pi 
Burtis Abraham, realestate, 135 Myrtle av, 

h 47 S. Portland av 
Bnrtis Antoinette, wid. Richard, h 50 11th 
Burtis Benjamin, carrier, h 65 Willoughby 
Burtis Benjamin P. elk. h 160 Jeiferson 
Burtis Charles H. lawyer, 203 Montague, h 

30 Middagh 
Burtis Charles H. elk. h 644 4th av 
Burtis Charles T. oik. h 121 Quincy 
Bnrtis Divine, h 141 Summit 
Burtis Divine jr. shipbldr. h 323 Clinton 
Burtis Frederick, express, h 905 Hancock 
Burtis George, carpenter, li 50 llth 
Burtis John, elk. h 206 Bridge 
Burtis John H. drugs, 183 Atlantic av. h 121 


Bnrtis John T. h 906 Greene av 

Burtis Leonard J. express, h 903 Hancock 

Burtis L. I. roofer, h 93 Canton 

Burtis Mary A. h 280 MjTtle av 

Burtis Samuel E. hardware, 135 Myrtle av, h 

30 S. Elliott pi 
Burtis Samnel W. h 215 Carlton ay 
Burtis Theodore A. reporter, h 221 Stuy 

vesant av 

Burtis Thomas H. watchkeymkr. 391 Gold 
Burtis William, h 317 Hart 






ft ^ CC CO 
CO. o ? 

111 ? 

» 5 ® ^ 

s 5 


^ CO 

tlXTT T T A H/r A nrVT TTTI* William Tarr & Go's Sour Mash, Kentucky Dis- 

WILLIAM A. i YLLK, arur^S»eT^r^^^^^^^ 
110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N. Y. 



Has the Largest Het Surplus of any Fire Xusnrance Co, in tte World. 

Sae AdvertisenteBt <ipp«»ite itaaie* 


Burtis William, lab. h 640 Grand av 
Burtis William A. h 167 Eeid av 
Burtis William J. elk. h 65 N. Portland av 
Burtis & Co. (John H. Burtis), drag*, 183 

Atlantic av 
Btirtnes Theodore, ligliterman, h 13 Beach pi 
Burtnett Anson G. P. salesman, h 56 Flat- 
hush av 

Burtnett John D. elk. h 922 Greene av 
Burton Alby, wid. Balpfa, nurse, h 356 5th 


Bnrton Alfred, printer, h 363 Gates av 
Burton Alfred C. reporter, h 418 Gold 
Burton Alfred J, elk. h 945 Gates av 
Burton Alonzo J, manager, 4 Court, h 433 


Burton Bethel, gunmfr. h 23 Irving pi 
Burton Charles, deckhand, h 154 26th 
Burton Charles, carpenter, h 1228 B'way 
Burton Chas. shipcarpenter, h r 101 Sackett 
Burton Charles D. carpenter, h 872 Hancock 
Burton Charles W. h 436 Lafayette av 
Burton Delia S. wid. Thomas, h 787 Dean 
Burton Elizabeth, wid. Emannel, h 199 De 
Kail) av 

Burton George, carpenter, h 274 9tli 
Burton G. H. printer, h 376 Decatur 
Burton Henry J. tailor, 692J Bedford av 
Burton James, carpenter, h 945 Gates av 
Burton John, compositor, h 81 Cumberland 
Burton John N. fancygds. 304 Smith ' 
Burton Joseph L. realestate, Tribune bldg. 

N.Y. li 945 Gates av 
Burton Oscar F. agt."315 B'way, h 170 Liv- 
Burton Robert, h 39a S. 4th 
Burton Robert E. cigars, 111 Flatbush 

h 23 Irving pi 
Burton Thomas, -waiter, h 122 3d av 
Burton Thomas, carman, h 109 Summit 
Burton Virginia B. wid. William W. h 

Lafayette av 
Burton Washington, extracts, 844 Fulton 
Burton Washington &' Co. (Eichaid M. 

Goodheart, jr.), extracts, 844 Fnlton 
Burton William, shipmaster, h 143 2d E.D. 
Burton William E. bkkpr. h 29 Clinton 
Burton William E. compositor, li478 
Burton Winfield, h r933 Pacific 
Burton Winiield, ordnancedept. h 23 Irv- 
ing pi 

Burton & Co. (John K. Burton), fancygds. 
304 Smith 

Burtsell B. Ward, physician, 425 Herkimer 
Burtsch John, lighterman, h 548 Hicks 
Bnrtt Richard, printer, h 572 4th av 
Purwell Charles B. lawyer, 33 Wall N.Y. h 

352 State 

Burwell Charles D. broker, 16 Broad N.Y. h 

53 S. Oxford 
Busby Alexander, carpenter, fa 236 15tli 
Busby James H. blacksmith, 228 Nassau, h 

229 Nassau 

Busby Jos. realestate, 81 B'vray, h 207 S. 3d 
Busby Joseph, horseshoer, h 2 Canton • 
Bushy Xieonal^d J. com. mer. 57 Water N.Y. 

h 145 Hewes 
Bnsby Robert, driver, h 141 18th 



Busby Kob't lab. h Magnolia n St. Nicholas 

Busby William, teamster, h 133 23d 
Busby Wilson J. truckman, h 141 18th 
Busby Wilson J. jr. truckman, h 141 18th 
Busch Adolph B. stable, h 165 Pacific 
Busch Albert, lab. h 580 6th av 
Busch Chas. cabiuetmkr. h 726 Flushing av 
Busch Henry, express, 15 Bushwick av 
Busch Heiiry, flour^ h 219 Marcy av 
Busch Jacob, lab. h 104 Meserole 
Busch John G. brassflnisher, h 81 Johnson av 
Busch Martin, h 215 Scholes 
Busch Peter, broker, 107 Grand N.Y. li 243 

Bnscbell Courter, h 335 Bridge 
Buschert Henry, tailor, h r 173 McKibbiu 
Busehing Herman, porter, h 77 3d av 
Buschman Carl, tailor, h 138 Huntington 
Bnschman Charles H. dressttimmings N.Y. h 

20U Hooper 
Buscot Alfred, conductor, h 444 N. 2d 
Bnscot Kosa, confectionery, 444 N. 2d 
Buse Frederick, cigars, 206 RicliaKis 
Bnsell William, hatter, 17 VaTiderbilt av 
Busener Aug. ferryman, h 87 Waveily av 
Busener August, g.ateman, h 75 I'lyniouth 
Buser Edward, baliery, h 998 Do Kalb av 
liufitir George H. bldr. 303 Gates av 
Busor George H. jr. elk. h 303 Gates av 
Buser Joseph, tailor, h r 101 Schoies 
Bush Abraham C. B. bldr. h 263 14th 
Bush Alexander, driver, h 804 Gwinnett 
Bush Cassius E. printer, h 678^ Hancock 
Bush Catharine W. tvid. Richard, h 220 

Prospect av 
Bush Charles, h 785 De Kalb av 
Bush Charles, painter, h 294 Smith 
Bush Charles B. shipmaster, h 593-J Lafay- 
ette av 

Bush Charles* S. lettercarrier, h 39 Grove 
Bush Claus, painter, h 39 Hudson av 
Bush Edmund, cigarpacker, 10th c B'vray 
Bush Edward, principal, h 239 Hewes 
Bush Ellison, bkkpr. h '^9 B'way 
Bush Emily D. h 214 S. 8th 
Bush Emma, wid. Christian, turner, b 932 

Bush Frank, elk, h 263 14tb 

Bush Frank G. bkkpr. h 72 State 

Bush Frederick, tinner, h 44 Harrison av 

Bush Getjige, porter, h r 172 Pearl 

Bush Geo. O. truckman, h 328 Willoughby a v 

Bush George W. postman, h 39 Grove 

Bush Henry, driver, h 11 Canton 

Bush Henry, supt. h 771^ I^afayette av 

Bush Hiram, carpenter, 74 St. James' pi, b 

847 Gates av 
Bush Horatio N. stationer, 143 Fulton, h 17S 


Bush Howard S. architect, h 117 St. Felix 
Bush Jacob, tailor, h r 373 State 
Bush John, carpenter, h 596^ 5th av 
Bush John, shoes, S. 4th c 11th E.D. 
Bush John C. shipmaster, h 72 State 
Bush John W. machinist, h 220 Prospect av 
Bush John W. machinist, h 261 19th 
Bush Lawrence, 37 Division av 




348 Broadway. YORK. 


See Advt. page 13 Xront. 


Also, Rnssiaa, Electric, and Boinaii Batlis. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

147 BUS -BUT 

Bnsb Maria, wid Charles S. li 39 Grove 
Bush Mary, wid Charles, i 664 Baltic 
Bush Mary, wid. M. L. h 2 3d 
Bush Michael, catter, h 122 Grraliam a,v 
Bush Nicholas, restaurant, 71 Fra.uklin, li 95 

Bush N. D. architect, h 209 11th 
Bnsh Richard, laK li r 933 Pacific 
Bush Eudoiph, oil, Pearl N.Y. h 202 Colnm- 
bia hgts 

Bush Eufus T. oils, ft 40th & 130 Pearl N.Y, 

h 202 Columbia ligts 
Bush Stephen, carpenter, h 280 Prospect av 
Bush Virgil, seaman, h 261 Pearl 
Bush Wesley C. hldr. h 117 St. Felix 
Bush William H. engineer, h 72 State 
Bush William H. restaurant, h 132 N. 3d 
Bush William N. dentist, 110 4th E.U. 
Bush William O. pilot, h 188 S. 4th 
Bush & Densiow (Rufus T. Bush, Walter 

T. Oenslow), oilmfrs. ft 40th & 130 

Pearl N.Y. 
Bushe Benjamin, elk. h 3,S9 Leonard 
Bushe Joseph, elk. li 359 Leonard 
Bushe Mary M. wid. Nicholas J. h 359 


Bushe Eichard, engineer, U 359 Leonard 
Bushell M. A. wid. Thomas, h 146 Warren 
Bushell William, cllc. h 146 Warren 
Bushtield John, rooter, h 19 Cliauncey 
Bushfield Tliomas, agt. h 21 CUauncey 
Bushhart Hermau, cari)enter, h 1651 Atlan- 
tic av 

Bnshhom Hy, confectionery, 244 Franklin 
Bushing Hermau, lab. h 308 Dean 
Bushman Catherine, wid, Albert, h 8 Har- 
rison av 
Bushman Charles, h 200 Hooper 
Bushnell Daries (J. elk. h 413 Sumner av 
Buslinell Ezra D. h 48 Sands 
Bushnell Ezra L. h 48 Sands 
Bushnell Orsaraus, salesman, h 498 Adelphi 
Bushnell S. M. agt. 43 Prospect pi 
Bushnell William, iron, h 178 Herkimer 
Bushwlck and East Brooklyn Dispensary, 

942 Myrtle av 
Bnsh wick Glass Works (William Brookfield), 

Grand c Morgan av 
Bushwiek E. E. Depot, Busliwick av c Mon- 

Bushwiek Savings Bank, 466 Grand 
Bushwiek Tobacco Works (Henry W.Meyer), 
598 Grand 

Business Directory of Brooklyn and 

Kings Co. Lain & Go. 10 Boerum pi 
Business Women's Union, 80 Willoughby 
Busing Henry, salesman, h 258 5th av 
Busjarger Louis, lithographer, 127 Court 
Buske Francis, drugs, 517 Manhattan av 
Busky Samuel, shoes, h 200 Washington av 
Bnsky Warren, elk. h]200 Washington av 
Buslier Michael, lab. h r 113 Johnson av 
Busner Emma, wid. h 394 Atlantic av 
Buss Henry, police, h 143 Luquer 
Busse August, cutter, li 224 Hopkins 
Busse August, liquors, 1425 Fulton 
Busse John, lab. h 159 N. 6fch 
Bussenhardt Jacob, tailor, h r 139 Ten Eyck 

Bussonschntt Margaret, milk, 588 Myrtle av 

Bussing Robert S. realestate, 16 Court, h 
333 Clinton 

Bussing Robert S. jr. asst. district attorney 
3 Court House, lawyer, 201 Montague, 
h 333 Clinton 

Bussing Thomas, printer, N.Y. h 136 Cler- 
mont av 

Busso Louis, baker, h .588 Gates av 
Busteed James, printer, h 417 2d E.D. 
Busteed Mari.a, wid. William, h 209 Wyckoft 
Busteed Richard, agt. h 79 Ryerson 
Bustin Charles A. agt. ins. h 23 Newell 
Butcher Alonzo, agt. h 212 N. 4th 
Butcher Caroline, wid. Robert, h 212 N. 4th 
Butcher Christian, bkbinder, h 212 N. 4th 
Butcher George, bkkpr. h 108 4th av 
Butcher George, elk. h Smith n Nelson 
Butcher Henry, currier, h 171 Floyd 
Butcher Henry A. clk. h 475 De Kalb av 
Butcher Isaiah, wheelright, h 212 Nassau 
Butcher Jacob, plumber, h 266 S. 1st 
Butcher Jac. T. plumber, h 1108 De Ealb av 
Butcher John, cook, h 172 Frost 
Butcher .John, hkkpr. h Myrtle av c Adams 
Butcher Robert K. shoemkr. 181 Coasclyea 
Butcher Robert W. tinsmith, h 5i>5 Bush- 
wiek av 

Butcher Sarah, wid. Thomas, h 97 3d pi 
Butcher Sarah, h 30 S. 9th 
Butcher Thos. carpenter, h 2.54 Bainbridge 
Butcher Thomas, driver, h (i28 Baltic 
Butcher Thos. machinist, h 43 Tompkins av 
Butcher William, express, h 134 Willoughby 
Butcher William W. lawyer, 26 Court, h 376 

Bedford av 
Butcher Wiuiield S. gasfitter, h 179 Powers 
Butccke Henry, elk. h Wurren c Nevius 
Butehoru Fred'k W. groceries, 534 5tli av 
Bute Paul H. sec. Nas.sau c Beekman N.Y. 

h 378 Court 
Buth Annie, h 74 Navy 
Buth Frank, liquors, 1 Bridge 
Buth Herraanu, lighterman, 117 Union 
Buthmauu Hei-mann, elk. h 199 5th E.D. 
Buthmaun John, elk. h 197 5th E.D. 
Butke John, fouuder, h 102 N. Portland av 
Butler Albert G. elk. h 183 Steuben 
Butler Albert J. dentist, 500 Bedford av 
Butler Alfred, lab. h 692 3d av 
Butler Alfred H. h 135 Gates av 
Butler Ann, wid. Richard, h 37 Division av 
Butler Arthur, lab. h 25 Schoies 
Butler Augustus, furnaces, 1065 Fulton, h 

551 Herkimer 
Butler Berryman, driver, h 589 Baltic 
Butler Carlos A. com. mer. 307 Greenwich 

N.Y. h 190 Prospect pi 
Butler Charles, painter, h 211 Hoyt 
Butler Charles, peddler, h 86 Seigel 
Butler Charles D. police, h 183 Steuben 
Butler Charles F. mfr. siioes, r 60 Maujer, h 

161 Ainslie 
Butler Charles S. clk. h 135 Gates av 
Butler Christiana, wid. Frederick, h 91 Ross 
Butler Clara, dressmkr. h 233 Raymond 
Butler Daniel, lab. h 358 Hicks 
Butler Daniel C. h 140 N. 2d 



At CMS. f . MD'S, 114 Liyinptd SI, cur. Boenii PL 


Has tlie Lai^est Net Surplus of any Eire Insurance Co. in the World, 

See Advertisement opposite uame* 

BUT 148 BUT 





I— I 












(Butler Deanis, sIio«mir. 37 Hicks 

Butler Edmond, li r 140 Schenck 

Butler Edmond, steyedore, h 33 Willow pi 

Butler Edward D.teller, h 382a Clmton 

Butler Edwin, teller, h 51 Park pi 

Butler Edwin jr. paper, 23 Beekman W.Y. li 

50 Fort Greene pi 

Butler Ellen, wid. Patrick, groceries, 121 

Butler Ezekiel, lab, b 243 Freeman 
Biitler Frances 1. wid. Wm. A- 1 29 Monroe 
Butler Frank, elk. b 47 Tillary 
Butler Frank T. elk, h 197 Congress 
Butler Frederick, paper, 44 BeeUman ST.Y. h 

51 Park pi 

Butler Frederick E. paper & twine, Fulton 

N.Y.bOl EoBS 
Butler Frederick M. Ii 238 Conr* 
Butler F. A. safes, b 146 Madison 
Butler George, broker, 15 Broad IT.Y. & 197 


Butler George, eleckmkr. h 480 7th av 
Butler George, painter, li 4C4 Graliam av 

Butler George, plumber, li 825 Park »v 
Butler George E. li i!3 Java 
Butler George W. pilot, ii 283 Jay 
Butler G lent worth K. physician, 764 Bed- 
ford av 

Butler Henry, caimaD, Ii.207 Jackson 
Butler Henry, ins. 61 Lib«>rt.y N.Y. h 135 

Gates ay 

Butler Henry, printer, h 32 Schaeffer 

Butler Henry, supt. h 155 De Kalb av 

Butler Henry H. bldr. b 223 Stuyvesant 

Butler Horace H. bkkpr. b 1152 Fulton 

Butler James, lab. h 110 Gwinnett 

Butler James, h 943 Butler 

Butler Jiimes, barkpr. h 121 High 

Butler James, elk h 109 Harrison 

Bntler James, confectioner, 356 Flushing av 

Butler James, fireman, b 140 Sackett 

Butler James, florist, h fiOO Vanderbilt av 

Butler James, fmit, h 201 Hnntington 

Butler James, lab. h 46 Carroll 

Butler James, lab. h 23 Vandyke 

Butler James, lab. b 677 6th av 

Butler James A. china, 600 Myrtle av 

Butler James E. engineer, h 140 Sackett 

Butler James H. carpenter, h 691 Hancock 

Butler James H. machinist, h 493 N. 2d 

Butler Jennie, dressmkr. h 233 Baymoud 

Butler Jeremiah, liquors, h 424 Hicks » 

Butler John, b 32 Varet 

Butler John, baker, h 325 Hudson av 

Butler John, carpenter, h 342 Hicts 

Butler John, courtofScer, h 280 Bridge 

Bntler John, engineer, h 73 Jackson 

Bucler John, hackman, h 481 Hick 

Bntler John, lab. h 731 Gates av 

Butler John, lab. h 336 ICing 

Butler John, lab. b 5 State 

Bntler John lab. h 251 Van Brunt 

Butler John, lab. b 245 7tb E.D. 

Butler John, lab. h 706 6th av 

Bntler John, machinist, h 197 Wythe av 

Butler John, rigger, h 98 Hudson av 

Butler John E. bkkpr. h 238 13th 

Butler John E. painter, h 411 De Kalb av 

Bntler John Q. A. stoves, 93 Boekman K.Y 

h 36 Sidney pi 
Butler John V. elk. h 550 Bergen 
Butler Joseph, drygds. 671 Myrtle av 
Butler Joseph B. storage, 59- .John, b 484 letb 
Butler J. & P. liquors, 424 Hicks 
Bntler Kate, wid. John^ h 26 Johnson 
Butler Lafayette, elk. h 139 1st pi 
Bntler Martha, witt. Comfort, 1% 46 2d pi 
Butler Martha P. wid. James, b 164 Stat© 
Butler Martin, Inniberfnsp. h 79 Clay 
Butler Mary. wid. Peter, h 241 15tb 
Butler Major, seaman, h r 12 Fleet 
Butler Maurice, lab. h 67 E.ipelye 
Butler Michael, elk. h 12 Union 
Butler Michael, lab. b 679 6th av 
Butler Michael, mason, h 2 Navy 
Bntler Michael, stonecutter, h 400 Kent av 
Butler Michael F. h 127 Congress 
Butler Nathaniel W. bkkpr. h 145 17tli 
Bntler N. W. elk. h 539 Franklin av 
Butler Orlando W. printer, h 51 Park pi 
Butler Patrick, carpenter, li 95 Bergen 
Butler Patrick, lab. h 456 Ben;en 
Bntler Patrick, lab. h 760 Bergen 
Bntler Patrick, lab. h Church n Hicks 
Butler Patrick, lab. h 74 Smith 
Bntler Patrick, lab. b 57 Underbill av 
Butler Patrick, liqnors, h 3 Bntler 
Butler Peter, h 3al Madison 
Bntler Peter, carpenter, h 322 S. 1st 
Butler Phelie, wid. John, h 84 Troy av 
Butler Philip, plumber, h 8^7 Park ar 
Bntler Eichard, lab. h r 108 Walworth 
Butler Eichard A. jx. photographer, h 1502 


Bntler Eobert, grocer, 124 Franklin 
Butler Robert B. elk. h '.mi President 
Butler Rnfus, porter, li 703 Otli av 
Butler Samuel, steward, h 61 Lee av 
Butler Samuel S.'drj'gds. 358 B'way, h 55S 

Washington av 
Bntler Sarab W. wid. Wm. cigars, 606 Fnlton 
Butler Sbirman M. bkbinder, h 251 S. 9th 
Butler L. W. wid. Samuel M. b 235 Baltic 
Butler Thaddeus N. ice, h 291 13th 
Butler Thomas, carpenter, h 221 13th 
Butler Thomas, lab. h 285 Kevins 
Butler Thomas, lab. h 78 Powers 
Butler Tliomas, lab. 52 Vandyke 
Butler Thomas, longshoreman, h 4042dE.I>, 
Bntler Thomas, printer, h 241 1,5th 
Butler Thomas, sailor, h 94 N. 8th 
Butler Thomas, ghiprnaster, b 412 2d E.B. 
Butler Thomas, shoes, h 258 Columbia 
Butler Thomas B. elk. b 74 Cedar 
Butler Timothy, lab. h 675 Henry 
Butler William, h 24 Dixon's al 
Butler William, b 680 5th ave 
Butler William, elk. b 177 Wyckoff 
Butler William, driver, h 931 Myrtle av 
Butler William, fireman, h 123 N 5th 
Butler William, janitor, h r 141 Hudson ar 
Butler William, japanner, h 145 Sandford 
Butler William, lab. h 224 22d 
Butler William, liquors, 134 Hamilton av 
Butler William, painter, h 112 Richardson 
Butler William, peddler, h 331 Franklin av 


_ BEST A.3V1> 


132 Mangia St., near Houston, East Elver, New York. 









Butlei- William, «afee, 291 B'way N.Y. h 314 


Butler William, eupt. h 638 Gates av 
Butler Wm. A. sapt. 16 Smith, li 132 Rem- 


Butler Wm. E, patternmkr. h 1506tUE.D. 
Butler Wm. H.elioemkr. h213Peim 
Butler William J. carpenter, h 945 Lafayette 

Bntlor Bros, liquors, 134 Wyckoff 

Eutley Joii n , cooper, It 122 12th 

Butman George W. broker, 231 Washington 

N.Y. h 98 Fulton 
Butman Henry, elk. k 503 Halsey 
Butnjan Williiim T. brakeman, h 98 Fulton 
Butt Anna K. -witl. Christopher, h 71 Wa- 

verly av 

Butt Charles, engraver, li 436 Herkimer 
Butt Charles, grocer, 962 Lafayette av 
Butt Christ, oik. h 72a Myrtle av 
Butt Fred'k, carman, h S34 Flushing av 
Butt George W. ahipcarpeuter, h 104J Skill- 

Butt Henry, grocer, 128 Franklin 
Bntt Henry C. tel. oper. h 429 Flatbash ar 
Butt John, liqisors, h 684 Warren 
Butt Margaret, dressmkr. 684 Warren 
Butt Richard, elk. h 275 Evergreen, av 
Butt Eichard F. civil engineer, h 227 Frank- 
lin av 

Butt Thomas V. caulker, h 478 IStli 
Butt William, grocer, 128 Franklin 

Butt Bros. (William & Henry), grocers, 138 

Butterf;iss Henry B. cooper, h 71 Grand 
Butterfass .Jacob, letteroarrier, h. 400 Man- 
h.'ittan av 

Butterfasa Joseph F. elk. h 102 India 
Butterfass Philip, tailor, 494 Atlantic av 
Biitterfiekl Charles, moulder, h 387 S. 2d 
Butterfield Daniel, pres't Brooklyn Annex, 

ft Fulton, h N.Y. 
Bntterfield Edwin L. strawgds. N.Y. h 147 

S. 4th 

Bntterfield Francis, salesman, h 351 Halsey 
Bntterfield Henry A. strawgds. 548 Pearl 
N.Y. h 317 S. 5th 

Bntterfield James, moulder, h 37 Manjer 
Butterfield John, elk. h 173 Hicks 
Bntterfield Rufus H. stevedore, h 2ri9 Dean 
Buttertleld Thomas, cooper, h 331 Oakland 
Butterliorn Charles, provisions, 324 5th av, 
h 357 3d 

Bntterlioru Fred. lab. h r 21 Jackson pi 
Butterick Ebenezor, patterns, h 406 Frank- 
lin av 

Butterick Publishing Co. patterns, 16 4tli 

Butterly Henrietta, wid. Nicholas, 18 Doug- 

Butterly Thos. cigars, 108 Manhattan av 
Butterworth Charles, elk. h 488 3d av 
Butterworth Charles W. broker, h 488 3d av 
Butterworth Jas. ferryman, h 304 Furman 
Butterworth Robert, machinist, h 103 Flat- 
hnsh av 

Butterworth Thomas, plumber, h 101 Flat- 
bush av 

Buttle Adaliae, restaurant, h 271 Court 
Buttle Frank, butcher, h 382 Gold 
Battle Richard, elk. h 495 Franklin 
Buttle Robert O. conductor, h 277 Court 
Buttle Thomas, agt 66 B'way, h 193 S. .5th 
Buttle Thomas W. ins. 68 B'Avay, h 193 S 

Buttle William W, com. 44 White N.Y. h 

220 Quincy 
Buttler Edward, lanitor, h 301 N. 2d 
Buttler William, laU. h 185 S. 3d 
Buttler William H. driver, h r 144 18th 
Buttling Avery, liquors, 136 Gold, h 202 


Buttling Avery H. clk. h 202 York 
Buttling William, clk. h 202 York 
Battner Ernst, butcher, h 50 Hicks 
Buttner Leon, tailor, h 744 Park av 
Bnttner Richard, clocknikr. h 578 6th av 
Button Edward, clk. h 148 S. 3il 
Button Joseph J. clk. h 176 Quincy 
Bnttrick Charles A. banker, 37 W^all N.Y. h 

1101 Bergen 
Buttrick Flavel J. poultry, Fulton mkt. N.Y. 

h 45 55th 

Butts Albert, porter, h 12 Stryker ct 

Butts Alexander, lawver, h 45 Joraleniou 
Butts Edward F. undertaker, 210 8th av N.Y. 
h 31 India 

Butts Elleuoir, wid. Geo. S. h 173 Prospect 
Butts Emma, h 254 Navy 
Butts George D. lab. h 14 Hart's al 
Butts George, W. porter, h 14 Hart's al 
Butts Hy. upholsterer, h .390 Manhattan av 
Butts John H. driver, h 682 Atl.'intic av 
Butts J. E. h 149 Hicks 
Butts Samuel, lab. h 203 Centre 
Butts William C. bkkpr. h 14 Hai-t's al 
Butts William H. h 202 Guernsey 
Buttschardt Julius A. h 65 6th E.D. 
Butty Bernard, lab. h 258 Plymouth 
Butz Charles, carpenter, h Hoyt c Degraw 
Bntz Geo. pocketbknikr. .h 28Troutnian 
Butz Ferdinand, pocketbkmfr. 213 Sumpter 
Butz William, painter, h 317 Eckford 
Butzbach Adolph, seaman, h 837 B'way 
Butzgy F. L. milk, 38 WyckolF av 
Brutzman Wm. painter, h 1771 Atlantic av 
Buxton Ebenezer, bldr. h 944 Pacific 
Buxton Keunard, lawyer, 16 Court, h 281 

Throop av 
Buxton Mary I. wid. h 272 Stockton 
Buxtorf Charles, embroidery, 129 Moore, h 

69 Morrell 

Buxtorf Frederick, notarypublic, 52 Grand 
Buyard George, Jab. h 206 Ten Eyck 
Buys Cornelius, com. mer. 99 Water N.Y. h 

h 108 Fort Greene pi 
Buys Frederick C. clk. h 24 Sterling pi 
Buys Frederick T. E. com. mer. 8a Nassau 

N.Y. h 24 Sterling pi. 
Bnzzell Lurene, wid. Joshua, h 140 Pearl 
Byard Andrew H. lab. h 218 N. 2d 
Byard Andrew H. teamster, h 398 N. 2d 
Byard Henry, cigarboxmkr. h 22 Ten Eyck 
Byard John, lab. h 76 Partition 
Byard John W. wood, 303 1st E.D. h 202 3d 

E.D. (See adv't, p. 150.1 





H >- »^ 

» s » 

<D 13* OD to 




o s< 



5- « r" 

s 5 

S > 

^ go 

*— ' * ^ 



WM.H. JACKSON & CO., I i Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

Union Square, New York city. ( | And Fire-Place Novelties. 

^ [See Adr't on leaf opposite niuiie.] 




Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See Ad-sertisement opposite name* 




WOOD and COiLL. 


Peach, Orc&vkd, Stove, Eog, and Nut Coai. 

Cor. North First & First Sts. , Williamsburgh, L I, 

Byard Thomas B. teamster, b 202 3d E.D. 

Byatt Thomas, elk. h 475 Kent av 

Byer Adam, lilacksmith, h 150 28th 

Byer Frariz, upholsterer, h 474 B'way 

Byer Gustav, bkkpr. li 132 Huron 

Byer Heury, cooper, h r 91 Gerry 

Byer Jacob, packer, Church n B'way N.Y. h 

27 Kaymoiid 
Byer Louis, cabinetmkr. h 91 Gerry 
Byer Pauline, millinery, 448 De Kalb av 
Byerley Samuel H. h 3v!7 Jay 
Byers Ilonry, driver, h 21 Quincy 
Byers John, truckman, h H'i Quincy 
Byers John, truckman, h 8 Quincy 
Byers Joseph, carman, li 85 N. Portland av 
Byers Josepli, trueknian, h 295 Graham 
Byers Joseph J. boots & shoes, 110 Court, li 

181 Joralemon 
Byers Eichard, moulder, h 310 20th 
Byers Eobert, truck, h 4 Quincy 
Byers Samuel A. shoes, 527 Fulton, h 181 

Byfield Charles, broker, h 165 Ainslio 
Byington Charles A. hatter, h 45 Skillman 
Byiugton Charles A. sawyer, h 57 Taylor 
Byington Charles H. oysters, h 95 S. 2d 
Byingtou Homer A. shoemkr. b 778 De Kalb 


Byington Joseph E. h 477 Warren 
Byington William J. rooter, h 94 Plymouth 
Bykcofer Conrad, china, 1734 Fulton 
Bykeefer Conrad jr. elk. h 1734 Fulton 
Uyl William, bkbinder, h 372 12th 
Byner Frederick, undertaker, h 21 Scholes 
Byner Henry, lab. h 21 Scholes 
Bynner Harry B. elk. h 808 Prospect pi 
Bynner John, teas, 67 Fulton N.Y. h 1094 

Bynner Thomas B. jeweler, 513 B'way N.Y. 

h 808 Prospect pi 
Byram John, printer, h 36 N. Elliott pi 
Byrd Frederick, agt. h 434 Pulaski 
Byrd Mary, wid. Frederick, h 34 Dodworth 
Byres William, lab. h 371 Columbia 
Byrn Marcus Ii. physician, h 349 Cumber- 

Bvrne Anna C. cloakmkr. h 63 Canton 
Byrne Catharine, wid. h 398 Willoughby 


Byrne Catherine, h It Bergen 

Byrne Catherine, wid. John, h GSl Prospect 

Byrne Charles, diygds. 10 Greene N.Y. h349 


Bvrne Charles, leather, h 190 Adams 
Byrne Daniel, com. mer. 36 South N.Y. h 310 


Byrne Daniel C. com. mer. 114 John N.Y. h 

33 Garden pi 

Byrne Daniel J. feed, 299,6reone ay, h 395 

Clason av 
Byrne Dennis, lab. h 293 HndsoD av 
Byrne Dominick, liquors, 580 Pulton 
Byrne Edward, h 9 3d 
Byrne Edwai-d, h 344 Clinton 
Byrne Edward, tobacconist, ;>57 Fiirmau 
Byrne Edward J. gas, h 9 '3d 
Byrne Frank, driver, h 208 Prospect 
Byrne Geo. H. lab. h 62 Prospect 
Byme George P. printer, 58 Tlwinas N.Y. h 

209 McDonough 
Byrne George W. bartender, h 225 Bridge 
Byrne James, boilermkr. b 180 Kent 
Byme James, cooper, h 63 Cant«wi 
Byrne James, hatter, h 78 Franklin av 
Byme James, lab. h 313 Columbia 
Byrne James, mason, h 37 Steuben 
Byrne James, morocco dresser, li 3fx"> Flush- 
ing av 

Byrne James, tinsmith, h lOS Walworth 
Byrne James, tinsmith, h 79 Walworth 
Byrne James B. butcher, 309 4th E.D. h 211 
N. 4th 

Bryne James W. oysters, 370 Grand 
Byrne Jane, wid.h 170 Clinton 
Byme John, bl.acksmith, h 4'15 Humboldt 
Byrne John, elk. h 295 President 
Byme John, farmer, 1) 315 10th 
Byrne John, grocer, 371 Warren, h 18 J Hoyt 
Byrno John, hattrimmings, N.Y. h 349 Dean 
Byme John, lab. h 661 Franklin 
Byrne John, lab. h 316 Atlantic av 
Byrne John, machinist, h 1<>3 Huntington 
Byrne John, physician, 314 Clinton 
Byme .John, porter, h 560 Hicks 
Byme .John, cigars, 728 Fulton 
Byrne John H. express, h 47 Bridge 
Byrne John J. florist, Meeker av n Gardner 

Byrne John M. butter, Fulton mkt. N.Y. h 

157 Livingston 
Byrne Josepli, printer, h 165 Cook 
Byme Joseph J. h 398 Willoughby av 
Byme J. & Co. grocers, 371 Wanen 
Byme Lawrence P. engineer, h 235 Hoyt; 
Byme Malachi, mason, h 251 Nostrand av 
Byrne Margaret, wid. Thomas, h 300 Jay 
Byme Margaret, wid. Thos. h 660 Douglass 
Byme Martin, bldr. h 301 Greene av 
Byrne Mary, varieties, 203 Hudson av 
Byme Mary, wid. Mich'l, h 365 Flushing av 
Byrno Mary, wid. Thomas, h 322 Oakland 
B,Vrne Michael, engineer, h 38 Division av 
Byrne Michael, lab. h 115 Van Dyke 
Byme Michael, liquors, 225 Columbia 
Byme Michael, police, h 202 Nelson 
Byrne Michael, shoes, 262 Columbia. 
Byrne Owen, lab. h 270 Bond 
Byrne Owen, wines, .''>9 Water N.Y. h 38 

Gai-den pi 

Byme Patrick, lighterman, h 388 Oakland 
Byme Patrick, liquors, .522 Manhattan av, h 

Manhattan av n Clay 
Byrne Patrick, police, h 123 Eagle 
Byme Patrick, police, h 576 6th av 
Byrno Patrick, smith, h 248 Van Brunt 
Byrne Patrick A. printer, h 227 Nassau 


J. NORWOOD, 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


See AAvt, page 12 front. 

BYR 151 

Also, Mssiaji, EieciTK, raanommMms. 


A. L. WOOD. M.D., Prop'r. 


Byrne Patrick J. printer, li 10 Webster pi 
Byrue Peter, granite cutter, h 325 17th 
Byrne Pettsr B. "bartender, h 237 Nassau 
Byrne Eiclsiird, gruin, li 222 Hamilton av 
Bvme Sarali E. wid. John E. h 146 Smith 
Byrne Tliomas, h 287 5th E.D. 
Byrne Thomas, barkpr. h 412 3d E.D. 
Byrne Tlionias, lab. li 306 Flusliiiig av 
Byrne Tiios. marble polisher, li 551 Kent av 
Byrne Tlionias, tanner, Ii 41 N. Elliott jtl 
Byrne Thomas E. moroccodrosser, h 3(55 

Flushing av 
Byrne Thomas F. paiiiter, h 217 Sackett 
Byrne William, boilermkr. h 180 Kent 
Byrne William, elk. h 287 5th E.B. 
Byrne William, engineer, li 331 9th 
Byrne William, letterearrier, h 551 Kentav 
Byrne William, porter, h 218 Gold 
Byrne William E. tel. oper. h 173 Java 
Bynie Wm. J. F. seaman, h 642 Myrtle av 
Byrne William J. 6. engraver, h 195 Court 
Byrnes Andrew, truck, h 43 Canton 
Byrnes Bernard, salesman, h 359 Humboldt 
Byrnes Catherine, wid. Jonn, h 918 Pacific 
Byrnes Charles, lab. b 110 Manhattan av 
Byrnes Charles, stea.mfitt«r, h 11 State 
Byrnes Christopher, elk. h 100 Hudson av 
Byrnes Cornelius, carpenter, b 882 Pacific 
Byrnes Edward, elk. h 166 17ih 
Byrnes Edward G. grocer. 111 Franklin, h 

] 12 Oak 

Byrnes Francis, elk. h 149 Willougbby 
Byrnes George, bkkpr. h 4fid Adelphi 
Byrnes Grassett, machinist, h 68 N. Portland 

Byrnes Henry, electrotyper, li r 68 N. Port- 
land av 

Byrnes lies E. elk. bd. of education, b 166 


Byrnes James, lab. h 42 Prince 
Brynes James, lab. b 290 lyth 
Byrnes James, shoes, h 100 Stockton 
Byrnes James, restaurant, 370 Grand 
Byrnes James, truckman, h 29 Wythe av 
Byrnes James F. cotton, h 20 Fleet pi 
Byrnes James J. liquors, 348 Atlantic av 
Byrnes James T. driver, h 29 Wythe av 
Byrnes Jeremiah, baker, 225 Smith 
Byrnes John, butcher, h 435 Columbia 
Byrnes John, carpenter, 60 4th av, h 501 

Byrnes John, coachman, h 130 Butler 
Byrnes John, hatter, h 132 Ellery 
Byrnes John, bib. h 58 Nelson 
Byrnes John, lab. li 21 Snsh 
Byrnes John, mason, h 121 Tillary 
Byrnes John, moulder, ]i r 468 Sdav 
Byrnes John, tailor, 70 Douglass 
Byrnes John P. hats, 249 Nostrand av 
Byrnes John T. hatter, 510 5th av, h 249 

Nostrand av 
Byrnes John W. elk, h r 132 Bridge 
Byrnes Josejjh A. carpenter, h 607 Myrtle av 
Byrnes Lawrence, driver, h 1064 Fulton 
Byrnes Lizzie M. wid. li 110 N. Elliott pi 
Byrnes Jfargaret, varieties, 279 Hudson av 
Byrnes Mary, wid. Stephen, b 722 6tb av 
Byrnes Michael, lab. h 189 Douglass 

Byrnes Michael, lab. h 286 19th 
Byrnes Michael, truckman, h 90 Hudson av 
Byrnes Michael, watchman, h 233 Graham 
ByrneK Miles, moroccodresser, h 279 Hud 
son av 

Byrnes Stephen F. engineer, h 138} Kosciusko 
Byrnes Thomas, driver, b 170 AVallabout 
Byrnes 'J'homas, h 194 Butler 
Byrnes Thon)as M. bkkpr. h 811 Madison 
Byrnes Timothy, carpenter, h 115 4th av 
Byrnes Wra. confectioner, h 90 Hudson av 
Byrnes William, elk. h 20 Debevoise pi 
Byrnes William, elk. h 291 Smith 
Byrnes William, cooper, b 220 2d E.D. 
Byrnes William, lab. h 255 1st E.D. 
Byrnes Wm. K. electrotyper, h 41 N. Oxford 
Byrns Alex. J. . carpenter, h 18 Carlton av 
Byrns Bernard, elk. h 359 Humboldt 
Byrns Olias. carpenter, h 127 Meserole av 
Byrns Edward, tailor, 142 20th 
Byrns George, lab. h 577 Park av 
Byrns Thomas, lab. h 53 Little 
Byrns William, shoes, b 144 Wythe av 
Byrns William, tanner, h 193 Nassau 
Byrns William A. printer, h r 192 Guernsey 
Byron Andrew, paver, h 774 Bergen 
Byron Charles, butcher, h 149 5th E.D. 
Byron Cornelius, lab. h r768 Bergen 
Byron Dominick N. carman, h 366 Hudson av 
Byron .folni, copyist, h 223 Central av 
Byron John, driver, h 636 4tb av 
Byron .Joseph, painter, b 316 5th av 
Byron Miobaol, liquors, 722 6th av 
Byron Michael, h 23d c 6th av 
Byron Oliver D. actor, h 165 Partition 
Byron William, corker, h 236 Jay 
Byse Edward, mechanic, li 273 9th 
Bywater Henry G. machinist, h 239 S. let 


Caamano Raymond, realestate, h 237 Grand 

Cabbie Albert T, "wiredrawer, h 108 Skill- 
man av 

Cabbie Arthur, wire, 302 Graham av 
Cabbie Cyrus \V. elk. h 108 Skillman av 
Cabbie Edward, wiremfr. 82 Ainslie, 108 

Skillman av 
Cabbie Edward J. -wiredrawer, h 89 Ainslie 
Cabbie Elijah, wiremfr. 82 Ainslie 
Cabbie Fred'k C. nickelplater, h 144 Con 


Cabbie JosepTi, wiremfr. 82 Ainslie, h. 230 

Cabbie Walter, elk. h 74 Skillman av 
Cabbie William, h 490 Grand 
Cabbie William, wiredrawer, h 15 Covert 
Cabbie William, Wiremfg. Co. (Elijah, J. C. 

& E. Cabbie), 163 Union av 
Gabbler Augustus, groceries. 111 Scholes 
Cabel James, lab. h 88 Degraw 
Cabell Lewis, h 389 Wyckoff 
Cabells William S. elk. h 96 India 
Cabena- Joseph, carpenter, 32 Douglass 
Cabezola William, cigarmfr. 136 Gold 
Cable Almira, wid. dressmkr. b 34 .3d E.D 
Cable Eliza, wid. Charles, h 204 10th 

Kj Lain's Directory Offices! ii^^^SS ft: i^^^lS.. 


Has the Largest Net Surplns of any Tire Insurance Co. in the "World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 














I— I 

Cable Henry, elk. h 26 Ormotid pi 

Cable Hiram W. boots & shoes, h 126 Keap 

Cable John, shoemkr. h 109 Frost 

Cable John, varnisher, h 306 .5th E.D. 

Cable Margaret, wid. 10th c B'way 

Cable Nelson, lettercarrier, h 201 S. 4th 

Cable Peter, tailor, h 224 Marion 

Cable Russell, hatter, h 517 Myrtle av 

Cable William, elk. h 295 Smith 

Cable William H. carpenter, h 26 Ormond pi 

Cabne Arthur, lab. h 181 Jay 

Cabness Ella F. wid. William, C. laundress, 

400 Carlton av 
Cabo Aurelio, bkkpr. h 79 Myrtle 
Cabo Emanuel, cigarmkr. 628 Qulncy 
Cabo Lorenzo, h 79 Myrtle 
Cabo Panl, porter, h 79 Myrtle 
Cabona Andrew, rubber, h 85 Canton 
Cabona Eugene, satchels, h 85 Canton 
Cabot Charles, liquors, h J6 Orove 
Cabre Alex. A. butcher, h 327 Graham av 
Cabre William H. earpeuter, h 6 Broome 
Cacace Ferdinand, boatman, h 66 President 
Cacciola Thomas, notary, h 96 2d 
Cackell George, butcher, 321 Humboldt, h 

278 Ainslie 
Cadarette Alfred M. artist, h 50 Myrtle av 
CadaroUi Ludwig, salesman, h 361 10th 
Caddell Catharine, wid. Andrew, h 305 12th 
Caddell Francis, polioe,h 127 Schenectady av 
Caddell Thomas A. oik. h 305 12th 
Caddell Walter J. h 305 12th 
Cadden James, driver, h 50 S. 5th 
Cadden Michael, bartender, b 104 President 
Cadden William J. police, h 364 Degraw 
Caddie William, lab. h 99 N. 7lh 
Oaddoo Charles, hatter, h 385 Hudson av 
Claddoo David, hatter, h 812 Myrtle av 
Caddoo John, plumber, h 812 Myrtle av 
Caddoo, King B. hatter, h 529 Greene av 
Caddoo, William, hatter, h 440 Marcy av 
Caddy William H. elk. h 360 S. 5th 
Cade Edward, packer, h 124 Meserole av 
Cade Isaac, machinist, h 332 12th 
Cade John J. engraver, h 524 Clason av 
Cade Robert A. elk. h 228 Park pi 
Cade Robert Z. engraver, h 524 Clason av 
Cade William, oigarmfr. 25 Greenpoint av 
Cadee Sander, tailor, h 115 Myrtle 
Caden Thomas, mer. 140 Water N.Y. h 39 S. 

Cadenas Manuel, com. mer. 63 Pine N.Y. h 

133 1st pi 
Cadenti Eli, lab. h 35 York 
Cadiz Antonio, cigars, h 31 Vine 
Cadiz Ramon G. elk. 27 8. William N.Y. h 
200^ 22d 

CADLEY EDWARD B. elk. board super- 
visors, 10 Court House, b 42 Hanson pi 
Cadley Henry F. elk. Court House, h 457 

Cadley John, clk. h 237 S. 3d 

Cadley Joseph, police, h 433 Gold 

Cadman Alfred J. clk. 81 Warren N.Y. h 14 

Irving pi 

Cadman William J. florist, h 14 Irving pi 
Cadmus Howard, prof, music, h 348 Putuam 

[Cadmus Saria, wid. George, h. 185 Wyekoff 
I Gadmns William H. N. searcher, h 180 18th 
Cadwell Edward, supt. h 15 4th 
' Cadwell George, h r 262 Front 
Cady John N. salesman, h 224 Cumberland 
Cady Thomas, hostler, h 358 Graham av 
Caemmerer Alexander, barkpr, h 267 Courfc 
Caemmerer Louis, iron, h 26;! Adams 
Caemmerer Wm. H. physician, 247 Baltic 
Csesar Henrv A. salesman, li 374 Pacific 
Cxsar Jacob, machinist, h 208 Stockton 
Caisar Paul W. ins. h 374 Pacific 
Caffeny Michael, lab. h 726 Leonard 
Cafferty Cornelius, carpenter, h 226 N. 5th 
Caifray James, printer, h 301 Water 
Caffrey Bridget, wid. Edw'd, h ISO Franklin 
Caffrey Catharine, wid. John, h 100 Franklin 
Caffrey Edward, boxmkr. h 307 Eckford 
Caffrey Edward, lab. h 150 Franklin 
Caffrey Edward Jr. boxmkr. h 307 Eckford 
Caffrey George, clk. h 100 Franklin 
Caffrey George P. lab. h 857 Atlantic av 
Caffrey James, telephones, h 293 Eckford 
Caffrey John, clk. h 122 Harrison 
Caffrey Nicholas, goldbeater, h 112 Franklin 
Caflrey Nicholas E. clk. h 857 Atlantic av 
Caffrey Owen, boxmkr. h ViO Franklin 
Caflrey Piitrick, lab. h 471 Baltic 
CaflErey Peter, lab. h 68 DianuMjd 
Caffrey Richard, bkkpr. L 100 Franklin 
Caffrey Samuel, engineer, h 200 Y(!rk 
Caffrey Terrance, tiuroofer, h 457 Bergen 
Caffrey Tico, lab. h 382 2d E.D. 
Caffry John, porter, h 220 York 
Cafiero A. sbipceiler, li 31 Manhasset pi 
Cagger Anna E. wid. h 167 Wyekoff 
Cagger William, glass, 100 William N.Y. h 

167 Wyekoff 
Cabal John, lab. h 21 Rush 
Cahalau John, clk. h 489 Court 
Cabaley Cottrell J. lawyer, 247 B'way N.Y. 

h 253 Hooper 
Cahaley Geo. W. com. mer. h 190^ Kosciusko 
Cahall George H. liquors, h 162 Eyorson 
Cahill Alice, h 450 Smith 
Cahill Ann C. wid. Bernard, h 20th c 4th av 
Cahill Bernard, lab. h 266 18th 
Cahill Bridget, wid. h 68 14th 
Cahill Daniel, gardener, h 669 5th av 
Cahill Daniel, liquors, 389 Irith 
Cahill Edward, lab. h 430 Smith 
Cahill Edward, iwlice, h 71 Verona 
Cahill Elizabeth, wid. Robert, h 94 Middagh 
Cahill Eugene J. printer, h 31 N. Portland av 
Cahill Frank, editor, h 349 Graham av 
Cahill George S. liquors, 62 Broad N.Y. h 

102 Rverson 
Cahill Hugh G. farmer, h r 28 Oakland 
Cahill James, blksmith, h 6 Garrison 
Cahill James, clk. h 56 Canton 
Cahill James, driver, h 132 24th 
Cahill James, lab. h 81 Skillman 
Cahill James, lab. h 115 Columbia 
Cahill James jr. lab. h 115 Columbia 
Cahill Jeremiah, lab. h 53 Taylor 
Cahill Jeremiah, lab. h r 93 Clifton pi 
Cahill John, blacksmith, h r 28 Oakland 
Cahill John, blacksmitli, h 41 Tompkins av 

FIBE BfiIGK-o"«"^^xx B. KMSCHER k SONS, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 









Cahill John, elk. li 15 Carroll 
Cahill John, conductor, h 669 5th av 
Cahill John, lab. h 32 N. »th 
Cahill John, lab. h 228 York 
Cahill John, miller, h 66 Columbia pi 
Cahill John, provisions, 73 Irving pi, h 79 

Cahill Joseph, broker, 43 Whitehall N.Y. h 

37 Cheover pi 
Cahill Joseph J.xiroviaions, 73 Irvingpl, h 79 

Cahill Mark, lab. h 89 Franklin 
Cahill Mary, dressmaker, h iUl Fulton 
Cahill Mary, wid. Patrick, sewing, h 384 


Cahill Mathew, carman, h 421 Warren 
Cahill Michael, broker, 146 Pearl N.Y. h 167 


Cahill Michael, driver, h 215 2lst 

Cahill Michael, driver, h 646 3d av 

Cahill Michael, lab. h 219 Van Brunt 

Cahill Michael, lab. h 64 Vandyke 

Cahill Michael, lab. h 449 Dean 

Cahill Michael, tinsmith, h 36-! Hamilton av 

Cahill Michael, truckman, h 86 Luqucr 

Cahill Michael, weigher, h 3-20 Hicks 

Cahill Miles, lab. h 55 Columbia 

Cahill Patrick, lab. h 181 2d av 

Cahill Patrick, lab. h 65 Bolivar 

Cahill Patrick, watchman, h 410 Kosciusko 

Cahill Peter, driver, h 31 N. Portland av 

Cahill Peter, engineer, li 65 Kosciusko 

Cahill Peter, liquors, 2,58 liond 

Cahill Pliilip, pilot, h 102 Rapelye 

Cahill Richard, brushes, Fulton 

Cahill Richard, lab. h 382 Columbia 

Cahill Eichard N. elk. h 120 Dean 

Cahill Kichard P. butcher, 693 5th av, h 15 


Cahill Eobert, shoem1;r. h 94 Middagh 
Cahill Eobert J. <liygda. 618 De Kalb av 
Cahill Thomas, butcher, h 1111 Fulton 
Cahill Thomas, lab. h 375 Baltic 
Cahill Thomas, lab. h 1420 Bergen 
Cahill Thomas, shoemkr. h 122 (Tnion 
Cahill William, driver, h 126 Elizabeth 
Cahill William, lab. h 44 S. 5th 
Cahill William, moulder, h 82 Franklin 
Cahill William, painter, 324i Henry, h 93 

Cahill William, porter, h 393 Wyckoff 
Cahl Thomas, lab. h 5th av n 31st 
Cahn Henry, agt. h 13 St. John's pi 
Cahn Michael, housemover, h 530 Warren 
Cahoon J. H. hardware, 1431 Fulton, h 101 

Cahoon M. A. h 525 Nostrand av 
Cahoone Andrew M. broker, 40 Wall N.Y. h 

347 Atlantic av 
Cahune Stephen, h 218 Duffield 
Cailloutte Charles, painter, h 141 17th 
Cailn Maggie, wid. Alex, h 97 Evergreen av 
Cain Benjamin F. undertaker, 234 6th E.D. 
Cain Bern'd, bricklayer, h 140 Manhattan av 
Cain David, lab. h Skillman av 
Cain Elmer E. Hanover Fire Ins. Co. 181 

B'way N.Y. h 181 .3d E.D. 
Cain Henry, cigars, 178 Oakland 

Cain Henry I. printer, Vesey N.Y. h 198 

Cain James, compositor, b 248 Hamilton av 
Cain John, lab. h 39 Dikemau 
Cain John, liquors, N. 5tli c 6th E.D. 
Cain John, police, h 90 Washington 
Cain John F. scrollsawyer, h 181 3d E.D. 
Cain Patrick, drvgds. 376 Hicks 
Cain Patrick, lab. h 43 16th 
Cain Patrick, plasterer, h 25 10th E.D. 
Cain Peter, police, h 48 Woodhull 
Cain Peter, stationery, 841 Park av 
Cain Samuel, express, h 115 Hart 
Caiue William, engineer, 102 Gold 
Caird C. Vf. bkkpr. 128 S. Elliott pi 
Caird Frank, painter, h 47 Hoyt 
Cairns Michael, lab. h 29 Luquer 
Cairns Thomas, lab. h 445 Columbia 
Caiross Jeremiah, joiner, h 108 Wyckoff 
CaLsser Frederick, tailor, 679 DeKalb av 
Cake Edward C. elk. h 10 Downing 
Cakebi'ade George, agt. h 187 23d 
Calame Louis F. thermometers, h 229Ain8lie 
Calan John, caulker, h 98 Eagle 
Calandrino Bosinni,umbrellas, 73 Manhattan 

Calbacb John, tailor, h 135 Smith 
Calberg Charles, lab. h 233 Van Brunt 
Calby John, lab. h 29 Hudson av 
Calcord Geo. A. steward, h 1687 Atlantic av 
Calcrow Gustav, cigarmkr. li 186 Franklin 
Caldecott Frederick, jewelry, h 345 Court 
Calder Alexander 6. stairbldr. h 312 13th 
Calder Annie, dressmkr. 146 16tli 
Calder James, carpenter, h 185 15th 
Calder James C. iron, h 157 Calyer 
Calder Eobert, treas'r, h 113 Henry 
Caldert Andrea, liquors, 50 Union 
Caldwell A. P. weigher, h 321 Sackett 
Caldwell Bi-idget, wid. Jas. h 411 Kent av 
Caldwell Charles, ins. 54 William N.Y. h 

118 Joralemon 
Caldwell Chas. E. lawyer, h 118 .Joralemon 
Caldwell Charles P. rubbergds. h 92 Monroe 
Caldwell Edward, sawmkr. h 383 Leonard 
Caldwell Eliza, wid. Robert, h 67 Ralph av 
Caldwell Eugene, elk. h 133 9th 
Caldwell Geo. A. machinist, h 29 Clermont av 
Caldwell Henry A. grain, h 92 Monroe 
Caldw^ell Henry A. jr. rubbergds. h 92 Monroe 
Caldwell James, h 616 Carroll 
Caldwell James, ruler, li 477 Henry 
Caldwell James K. hardware, h 84 Monroe 
Caldwell John, h 64 Greene av 
Caldwell John, towing, 31 S^th N.Y. h 8 

Lafayette av 
Caldwell John C. elk. h 75 Carlton av 
Caldwell John D. shipwright, h 843 B'way 
Caldwell Josephine, teacher, h 241 Baltic 
Caldwell Odber, h 299 Hamilt^in av 
Caldwell Oliver, lab. h 360} Bond 
Caldwell Patrick, lab. 18 Vanderbilt av 
Caldwell Pennington G. artist, h 92 Monroe 
Caldwell Robert, h 1146 Fulton 
Caldwell Robert, bldr. h 133 9th 
Caldwell Rose, grocer, 18 Vanderbilt av 
Caldwell Samuel, elk. h 327 5th av 
Caldwell Theodore, agt. h 3u3J Monroe 



H ~ 

0 >. 





a* « 

» 3 O 


■2 a - 

» ^ o 
S ^ « 

QQ to 



s 5 

3 Ci 

^ go 

^ CO 


110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N.Y. 

Importer of Blsssard and Gregoire & Co. Bran- 
dies ; Knickerbocker and Crown Gins, from 
Schiedam, Holland ; Polo, and Three and Tour 
Grape Sherries; Oporto Port Wines. 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co. in tlie World. 

See AdTertisement opitosite name* 

CAL 154 GAL 

Caldwell Thomas, engineer, h 7 Elm 
Caldwell Thos. wlrewkr. h 1276 De Kalb av 

Caldwell William, elk. li 441 Sackett 
Caldwell Wm. lawyer, N.Y. h 196 Warreti 
Caldwell William, moulder, li 316 Oakland 
Caldwell William E. weigher, h 411 Kent av 
Caldwell William K. rubbergds, h 92 Monroe 
Caldwell William M. hardware, li 84 Monroe 
Cale Arthur, flrenaan, h 96 Sackett 
Cale Edward, varnisber, b 327 Leonard 
Cale Joseph, painter, 96 Sackett 
Cale William, truckman, h 171 10th E.D. 
Calef Horatio G. K. elk. li 443 Gates av 
Caley Patrick, lab. h lf>2 Degraw 
Calgey Henry, lab. h 144 Tillary 
Calgey William, packer, h 144 Tillary 
Gallioun Andrew, agt. li 288 Dean 
Calhoun George W. sailmkr. 35 Dowaing 
Calhoun James, elk. li 115 Deane 
Calhoun James A. painter, li 191 N. 5th 
Calhoun James H. oik. h 264 S. 1st 
Calhoun John, elk. h 568 Monroe 
Calhoun John L. carman, 90 Warren N.Y. h 

178 High 
Calhoun Joseph, lab. h 202 N. 5th 
Calhoun Lilly, wid. James, h 116 Dean 
Calhoun Miriam, wid. John C. h 578 Gates av 
Calhoun Samuel 6. elk. h 115 Dean 
Calhoun William, elk. h 464 Smith 
Calhoune Annie, storckpr. 191 N. .5th 
Calison Samuel, elk. h 1016 Myrtle av 
Galkin .Tudson H. coppersmith, h 137 Noble 
Calkins Clara C. wid. J. T. h 411 Clermont av 
Calkins Daniel O. umbrellamer. 42 Maiden 

la N.Y. h 1059 Bergen 
Call Daniel, cooper, h 252 3d E.D. 
Call Ellen, wid. h 252 3d E.D. 
Call Henry, tailor, h 332 Kosciusko 
Call John, lab. h 252 3d E.D. 
Calla Patrick, lab. h 180 Richards 
CalLigan David E. physician, 34th N.Y. h 

217 Livingston 
Cal lagan James W. oper. h 154 Sackett 
Callagan Michael, liquors, Van Brunt c Car- 

yer, 62 Wall N.Y. room 29, h 445 9th 
Callaghan Alexander jr. lawyer, h 445 9th 
Callaghan Antony, lab. h r 182 Hamilton av 
Callaghan Bernard, wireman, h 79 Warren 
Callaghan Charles, h 201 Park pi 
Callaghan Charles, lab. h lOlTremont 
Callaghan Denis, blacksmith, h 89 William 
Callaghan Eugene, lab. h 101 Tremont 
Callaghan E. painter, h 766 Herkimer 
Callaghan FAncis H. elk. h 445 9th 
Callaghan Frank, painter, h 117 Carlton av 
Callaghan George, clk. 256 Vanderbilt av 
Callaghan James, stonecutter, h 366 Carroll 
Callaghan Jane, crockery, 393 Manhattan a v 
Callaghan John, lab. h 61 Nelson 
Callaghan John, lab. h 101 Tremont 
Callaghan JohnD. lab. h 66 Box 
Callaghan Michael, lab. h 927 St. Mark's av 
Callaghan Mich'l, lab. h 134 Metropolitan av 
Callaghan Michael, lab. h 101 Tremont 
Callaghan Mich'l J. printer, h 997 De Kalb av 
Callaghan Michael P. tinsmith, h 239 High 

Callaghan Philip J. printer, h 136 4th pi 
Callaghan Thomas, lab. r 12 Vanderbilt av 

Callaghan Timothy, lab. h 101 Tremont 
Callaghan William, cigarmfr. 11 Willow pi 
Callaghan William, clk. h 148 Baltic 
Callaghan William, lab. h 101 Tremont 
Callahan Ann, wid. Michael, h Partition n 

Callahan Anna, wid. John, h 130 Grand 

Callahan Anne, wid. h 117 14th 

Callahan Bridget, wid. James, h Franklin 

av c Prospect pi 
Callahan Bridget, wid. Patrick, b 109 Navy 
Callahan Catharine, cigars, 423 Ist E.D, 
CalLihan Catherine, wid. Patrick, h80 Union 
Callahan Charles, porter, li 536 Clinton 
Callahan Cornelius, h 101 Degraw 
Callahan Cornelius, b 1794 Bergen 
Callahan Cornelius, driver, li 76 1st 
Callahan Cornelius, teamster, h 476 1st E.D. 
Callahan Daniel, lab. h 94 Hudson av 
Callahan Daniel, mason, h 31 Sullivan 
Callahnn Daniel F. painter, h 114 N. 4th 
Callahan Dennis, carpenter, h 149 Hunting- 

Callahan Dennis, clk. h 536 Clinton 
Callahan Dennis, lab. h 172 Prospect 
Callahan Edward, cooper, 280 4th E.D. 
Callahan Edward, plumber, 349 Court, h 331 

C.alhiliau Edward A. engineer, h 215 Cum- 

Callahan Edwaxd P. lab. h 474 Sackett 
Callahan Ellen, h 224 21st 
Callahan Ellen, wid. William, h 37 Stenben 
Callahan Ellen, wid. WiUiam, h 92 Douglass 
Callahan Francis T. carpenter, h 79 N. El- 
liott pi 

Callahan Frank, liquors, 14 Navy 
Callahan Frank, painter, li 84 Flushing av 
Callahan Frank, shipmaster, h 90 Clay 
Callahan George ,W. porter, h 13 Navy 
Callahan Harry, driver, h 636 4th av 
Callahan Hugh, mason, h 56 Underbill av 
Callahan James, carpetlayer, h 19 Spencer 
Callahan James, driver, Front c Jay, h 183 

Callahan James, lab. h 280 4th E.D. 
Callahan James, pilot, h 321 Washington av 
Callahan James J. oper. h 129 DufiBeld 
Callahan Jane, wid. crockery, 393 Manhat- 
tan av 

Callahan Jeremiah, com. mer. h 313 10th 
Callahan Jeremiah, plasterer, h 536 Clinton 
Callahan Jerome, clk. h 536 Clinton 
Callahan John, h 518 Myrtle av 
Callahan John, bakery, 350 Van Brunt 
Callahan John, clk. h 518 Myrtle av 
Callahan John, driver, h 318 19th ^ 
Callahan John, junkman, h 41 Prince 
Callahan .John, lab. li 37 Taylor 
Callahan John, lab. h 553 Vanderbilt ar 
Callahan John, lab. h 61 Wilson 
Callahan John, lab. h 474 Hicks 
Callahan John, lab. h 277 Bergen 
Callahan John, liquors, h 185 Prospect 
Callahan John, painter, h 683 Bergen 
Callahan John, painter, h 536 Clinton 



348 Broadway, NEW YORK, 


See AdTt. page 13 front. 


Also, Russian, Electric, aid Roman Bat&s. 


A. L. WOOD. M.D., Prop'r. 

155 OAL 

Callahan Jolm, woodbundler, h Balph av c 

Central av 

Callahan John J. hatter, 2 Hanover pi, h 15 
Grove pi 

Callahan John L. physician, 110 Lawrence 
Callahan John T. salesman, h G43 Baltic 
Callahan Joseph, engineer, h 10 Carlton av 
Callahan Julia, wid. John, h 235 N. 6th 
Callahan J. wid. li 120 Smith 
Callahan Margarie, wid. James, li 122 Carl- 
ton av 

Callahan Mary, h 105 N. 2d 
Callahan Mary A. wid. Francis, h 203' Kent 
Callahan Michael, h 1^7 Huntington 
Callahan Michael, boilermltr. h 82 Oak 
Callahan Michael, lab. h Ralph av c Central 

Callahan Michael, lab. h 206 Richards 
Callaliau Owen, collector, li 199 Eyerson. 
Callahan Owen, lab. h 139 Gold 
Callahan Owen, lab. h r 247 Plymouth 
Callahan Patrick, carpenter, h 85 Prospect 
Callahan Patrick, caulker, h 208 Freeman 
Callahan Patrick, elk. h 253 Bedford av 
Callahan Patrick, junk, h 415 Warren 
Callahan Patrick, lab. h 391 Hicks 
Callahan Patrick, lab, h 245 Pacific 
Callahan Patrick, lab. h 70 Meeker av 
Callahan Patrick, lawyer, 204 Montague, h 

413 Kent av 
Callahan Patrick, moulder, h 58 Newell 
Callahan Patrick, moulder, h r 354 Slush- 
ing av 

Callahan Patrick, sliipcarpenter, li 37 Hud- 
son av 

Callahan Patrick D. bridgekpr. Manhattan 

av & Newtown Creek 
Callahan Patrick E. h 253 Bedford av 
Callahan Patrick J. butcher, h 962 De Kalb 


Callahan Peter, tinsmith, h 103 N. 4th 
Callahan Peter, tobacco, h 391 Hicks 
Callahan Richard, maoh inist, h 102 Wythe av 
Callahan Samuel T. cigars, h 4"J5 Cumber- 

Callahan Stephen D. tailor, 66 Montague 
Callahan Thomas, lab. hill Douglass 
Callahan Thomas, mason, h 138 York 
Callahan Thomas, shoemltr. h 347 Van Brunt 
Callahan Thomas, truckman, h 5th av n 33d 
Callahan Thornton, cigars, h 39 Troy av 
Callahan Timothy, baker, h 113 Raymond 
Callahan Timothy, cooper, h 18 Willow pi 
Callahan William, lab. h 83 Kent av 
Callahan William, lab. h 25 Lawrence pi 
Callahan William J. painter, h 92 Douglass 
Callahan Wm. J. cigars, 321 Washington av 
Callan Ann, wid. Win. cigars, 1607^ Fulton 
Callan Ellen J. wid. John B. h 548 Bergen 
Callan John, packer, h 277 Pearl 
Callan John F. elk. h 72 Kosciusko 
Callan Lewis, barometers, h 229 Ainslie 
Callan M.aria, h 239 Pearl 
Callan Michael, elk. h 1607^ Fulton 
Callan Nicholas, elk. h 36 Lee av 
Callan Nora, wid. Fergus, 271 Pacific 
Callan Patrick, lab. h r 218 York 
Callanan .James, lawyer, h 103 Degraw 

Callanan John, grain, 59 Union, h 165 Hun- 

Callanan John, inventor, h 136 N. 3d 
Callanan John, mason, h 299 Division av 
Callanan Philip, steward, li 179 Union 
Callanan Thomas, grainer, h 165 Huntington 
Callard George, elk. h 352 Henry 
Callard John B. cik. h :J25 Livingston 
Callard John B. steward, h 3,">2 Henry 
Callegan Martin, lab. h 194 Degraw 
Callen Ellen, wid. Nicholas, b 811 Dean 
Callen James H. (Rev.), h 14 St. Mark's av 
Calien Philip, lab. h 128 2d 
Callender James, broker, 48 Exchange pi 

N.Y. h 185 Columbia hgts 
Callender Thos. O. elk. h 185 Columbia hgts 
Callender William, com. mer. 58 Worth N.Y. 

h 360 Tompkins av 
Callerhau Hugh, lab. li 187 Floyd 
Callermau Augustus, tinsmith, li 20 N. Ox 


Callery Patrick, coachman, h 29 Fleet 
Callester Thos. B. shipmaster, h 449 Adelphi 
Calley Catherine, wid. h 171 Tillary 
Calligan James, h 167 St. Mark's av 
Calligau Rosa, wid. Thos. h 188 Wythe av Thomas, furrier, h 1016 Herkimer 
Callin Patrick, realcstate, h 3 Prospect pi 
Callister Thomas V. pilot, h 449 Adelphi 
Callmeyer & Co. (0. F. A. Dambmann), 

bolts, 308 Greenpoint av 
Callo Ruben, salesman, 233 Court 
Callon George S. watcliman, h 26 Boei-um 
Callou .Michael, shipcanlker, 614 3d av 
Callon Neil, elk. h 13 York 
Callopy Michael, lab. h 13 Green la 
Callow Frank, locksmith, h 65 Clermont av 
Callow John R. gas, h 576 Atlantic av 
Callow Robert, spring balances, h 298 Hart 
Callow Sarah, wid. Peter, h 65 Clermont av 
Callow Thomas, engineer, h 576 Atlantic av 
Calls Jacob, carpenter, h 381 Richards 
Cally Christopher, hostler, h 932 Atlantic av 
Cally Michael, lab. h 150 Degraw 
Calnau Daniel, elk. h 167 Concord 
Gal nan John, carpenter, h 106 Dwight 
Calrow Richard, carpenter, h 318 19th 
Calson Carrie, wid. Alfred, h 167 Hoyt 
Calton Charles, turner, h 173 Prospect 
Calverley Joseph, grocer, 142 Hudson av, h 

201 Prospect av 
Calvert Annie A. h 204 Schermerhorn 
Calvert Elvira, wid. Jarvis, h 227 S. 5th 
Calvert E. Sinnermon, agt. h 149 Luquer 
Calvert Fanny, wid. William, h 268 N. 7th 
Calvert Harry, editor, h 759 Union 
Calvert James, realestate, h 149 Luquer 
Calvert James, salesman, h 759 Union 
Calvert William A. shoemkr. h 162 Bayard 
Calvert William C. reporter, h 118 High 
Calvert William F. salesman, h 759 Union 
Calvert William J. tel. oper. h 227 S. 5th 
Calvi Herman, com. mer. Front N.Y. h 32 

Berkeley pi 
Calvi Oscar F. com, mer. 169 Water N.Y. h 

32 Berkeley pi 
Calvi Paul, tobacco, 83 Front N.Y. h 115 

Lincoln pi 


it CHiS. f . HELD'S, 114 LiTiiigstOE St., cor. BflGrni PL 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co, in the "World, 

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^ 2 



Calvi Peter, lithographer, li 32 Berkeley pi 
Crtlvin Jas. C. ropemkr. h 1038 De Kalb av 
Calvin John, elk. h 84 Wyckoff 
Galvin John B. machinist, h 1038 De Kalb av 
Calvin Joseph, teas, 598 5th av, h 144 17th 
Calvin Robert, 9 Front 
Calvo Emanuel, cigarmkr. h 79 Poplar 
Calway Thomas, lab. h 52 Sackett 
CJalyel John H. confectionery, 366 Grand 
Calyer Gertrude, h 6.57 Lorimer 
Calyer John M. carpenter, h S30 Bedford av 
Carman Mary J. wid. h 138 Warren 
Camardo Carlo, lab. h 25 Union 
Cambis Frank, shoemkr. 501 Warren 
Camber James F. printer, h 1.57 Prospect 
Gamble George, driver, h 100 Jay 
Cambly Benjamin, machinist, h ICl 9th 
Camel ,Tohn, lab. h Smith c Nelson 
Camerden Henry, furniture, 52 Marion N.Y. 

h 218 Guernsey 
Camerden H'y W. varnisher, h 288 Guernsey 
Camerden John, shoes, 313 Throop av 
Camerik Abraham, gent's fumg. 131 Grand 
Canierik Louis, fancygds. h 139 Ainslie 
Cameron Alexander, h 85 Sands 
Cameron Alexander, lawyer, 67 Wall X.Y. 

h 117 St. James' pi 
Cameron Alexander, pres't, 397 Fulton, h 171 

St. James' pi 
Cameron Alexander, stationer, 42 John N.Y. 

h 11 Troutman 
Cameron Allan, h 120 Clyraer 
Cameron Ann, wid., Robert, h 1048 Pacific 
Cameron Archibald, paperhauging, h 17 

Cameron Charles, butcher, 1584 Fulton, h 

47 Bainbridge 
Cameron Cornelius, mason, 135 Washington 


Cameron Daniel, lawyer, 79 Greenpoint av, 

li 46 India 
Cameron David, truckman, h 183 York 
Cameron Donald L. drugs, 219 Hewes 
Cameron Elizabeth C. wid. Angus, h 604 

Franklin av 
Cameron Eva S. h 943 B'way 
Cameron Evan M. scalemfr. 114 John N.Y. 

h 46 India 
Cameron James, h 312 Clinton 
Cameron James, h 356 Tompkins av 
Cameron James, machinist, h 158 Calyer 
Cameron Jason C. foreman, h 161^ 23d 
Cameron Jennie, millinery, 1848 Pacific 
Cameron John, bkkpr. h 120 Prince 
Cameron John, carpenter, h 1048 Lafayette 

Cameron John, seaman, h 120 Prince 
Cameron John F. fish, 71 Henry, h 238 

Cameron John F. mason, h 135 Washington 


Cameron John L. lawyer, 377 Fulton, h 204 


Cameron John E. paperhanger, h 17 Tillary 

Cameron Joseph, lab. h 183 York 

Cameron Mary, wid. William, fancygds. 298 

Flatbush av 
Cameron Eichard, fireman, h 47 Bainbridge 

Cameron Robert, carman, h 2.13 20th 
Cameron Robert H. agt. h 604 Franklin av 
Cameron William L. stationery, 517 Fulton, 

h 204 Livingston 
Cameron William R. h 204 Livingston 
Camicliol John, examinator, h 363 17th 
Camin Thomas, lab. h 52 Jay 
Caminoni Philip, h 224 Sandford 
Caminoni William, elk. li 224 Sandford 
Canim Frank S. casemkr. h 24 Park pi 
Camm George W. .printer, h 101 .\delplii 
Camm. John, carpenter, h 101 Adelphi 
Camm Joseph W. tel.oi)er. h 101 Adelphi 
Camm Theodore, metal, 445 E. 10th N.Y. h 

120 Oak 

Cammann Henry H. butcher, 841 Fulton 
Cammanu John F. grocer, h 332 4th E.D. 
Cammann Louis, ironraoulder, h 169 N. 8th 

Cammann William H. ferryman, h 152 8.4th 
Canimayer Henry W. butcher, h 146 18th 
Caniniaycr Louis, ticketagt. h 144 High 
Canmiel .lohn, lab. h 195 John 
Cammel Thos. stonecutter, h 245 Front 
Cammemyea Frederick, fruits, 596 Grand, h 

592 Grand 
Camnier Beri W. elk. h 435 Carlton av 
(^annnerer Wm. H. physician, h 247 Baltic 
Cannnermyer William, lab. h 544 Vander- 

bilt av 

Cammetzer Matthew, lab. h 145 Withei's 
Camnieyer Eugene M. notary, 76 Beaver 

N.Y. h 35 Wyckoff 
Cammeyer George, liatter, li 174 High 
Cammeyer Geo. W. police, h 46 Leiierta jd 
Cammejcr Henry, wine, 16 Cortland t N.Y. 

h 127 Gates av 
Cammeyer William H. h 700 Nostrand av 
Cammidge Mary, h 284 Myrtle av 
Cammonn Jacob H. grocer, S. 3d cllthE.D. 

h 71 11th 

Cammuier De AVit C. engraver, 75 Nassau 

N.Y. h 305 Greene av 
Cammus Henry A. drugs, 340 Van Brunt, h 

25 Manhas'set pi 
Camner Kilion, mason, li 33 Humboldt 
Camp Albert M. bankclk. h 362 Nostrand av 
Camp AlonzoW. bkbinder. h 113 Carlton av 
Cam]) A. A. harnessmkr. 71 Flatbnsh av, li 

18 St. Andrew's pi 
Camp Carl, glass, h 483 Atlantic av 
Camp Catharine, wid.Thomas, h 1445thE.D. 
Camp Charles, porter, h 509 Atlantic av 
Camp Donald, cook, h 39 11th 
Camp George, driver, h 131 Gold 
Camp Hannah, wid. William L. h 62 S. 10th 
Camp Harriott A. agt. 154 Atlantic av 
Camp Harvey (Eev.), h 154 Atlantic av 
Camp Harvey C. music, h 357 Flatbush av 
Camp Henry, h 1107 Bergen 
Camp Henry, music, h 11 Poplar 
Camp Henry, ropemkr. h 250 Johnson av 
Camp Joseph, boarding, h 166 Montague 
Camp Ozias, bookbinder, h 493 State 
Camp Eichard, seaman, h 247 21st 
Camp Samuel, h 2.57 Lafayette av 
Camp Stephen H.(Eev.),h476Washington av 
Camp T. Henry, com. mer. N.Y. h 394 Wash- 
ington av 

E BEK-.^L>^^, B. fflSCHER k SONS, 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York. 








Camp William, harnessmkr. 71 FlatbusU av, 

h IS St. Andrew's pi 
Camp William, leather, h 344 Carlton av 
Camp William D. li 2-20 Sandford 
Campbell Abby H. matron, Clason av c 

Park pi 

Campbell Adam, painter, h 704 Atlantic av 
Campbell Albert E. elk. h 893 Dean 
Campbell Alexander, com. mer. B'way n 

John N.Y. h 98 Amity 
Campbell Alexander, coremkr. h 8.5 Fleet pi 
Campbell Alexander, machinist, h 98 Green- 
point av 

Campbell, Alexander, milk, 790 Fulton & 
98 Adeii)hi 

Campbell, Alexander D. carman, li 42 Clin- 
ton av 

Campbell Alex. H. bkbinder, h 1480 Pacific 

Campbell Alex. J. carpets, i'M Fulton, b 5i33 

Clermont av 
Campbell Alex. T. speculator, h 135 Union 
Campbell Alfred, lab. h 15s Ewen 
Campbell Alfred P. lawyer, 93 Nassau, N.Y. 

h 970 Bergen 
Campbell Alice, wid. John, h 677 Henry 
Campbell Alice B. physician, 114 S. 3d 
Campbell Andrew, printiugpressmkr. h 677 

Gates av 

Campbell Andrew 1>. bldr. li 249 Koscin.sko 
Campbell Andrew G. engraver, h 2(39 Ilewes 
Campbell Ann, grocer, 114 N. 6th 
Campbell Ann, wid. Johoiakim, h 216 Scher- 


Cami)l)ell Anthony, machinist, h 9th E.D. c 


Campbell Anthony F. h 137 N. Oxford 
Campbell Archibald, elk. h 337 S. 4 th 
Campbell Archibald, express, h 1U2 Wyckoff 
Campbell Archibald, physician, 8b3 St. 
Mark's av 

Campbell Archibald, plumber, h 94 Hall 
Campbell Archibakl F. hatter, h 80 S. ad 
Campbell Archibald J. driver, h r 126 High 
Campbell Arthur, lab. h 44 Ten Eyck 
Campbell Augustus, carpenter, h 19 Hicks 
Campbell Barnwell (Eev.), U 1537 Pacific 
Campbell Benjamin, reale.state, 1147 Myrtle 

av, b 19 Jefferson, E.D. 
Campbell Bernard, lab. h 236 Prospect 
Campbell Bernard, machinist, h 241 Navy 
Campbell Bernard J. salesman, h 72 Carlton 


Campbell Bridget, wid. Timothy, h 283i 1st 

Campbell Catharine, wid. Hugh, 732 Dean 
Campbell Catharine, wid. James, h 282 20tli 
Campbell Catherine, wid. James, h r 41 Gold 
Campbell Catharine, wid. Peter, h 76 Wash- 

Campbell Charles, brass, h 70 Dnpont 
Campbell Chas. harnessmkr- h 11 Meeker av 
Campbell Charles lab. h 1477 Dean 
Campbell Charles, lab. h 115 N. 5th 
Campbell Charles, painter, h 671 Herkimer 
Campbell Chas. A. moulder, h 197 Wythe av 
Campbell Charles C. h 253 Cumberland 
Campbell Charles C. lab. h 923 Atlantic av 
Campbell Charles C. machinist, h 190 Nelson 

Campbell Chas. H. engineer, h 508 Gates av 
Campbell Charles H. printer, b 188 10th 
Campbell Charles M. h 316 Leonard 
Campbell Charles W. elk. li 320 S. 5tb 
Camx>beil Christiana, milliner, 326 Cumber- 

Campbell Christopher, lab. h 376 Kent av 
Campbell Cicero, h 144 6th av 
Campbell Collin, butcher, h 14 Utica av 
Campbell Collin, lab. h 101 Harrison 
Campbell Colin C. shipmaster-, h 253 Cum- 

Campbell Daniel, grinder, h 164 Dupont 

Campbell Daniel, shipcarpenter, h 169 S. 1st 

Campbell David, b 685 Fulton 

Campbell David G. elk. h 19 Jefferson E.D. 

Campbell David G. realestate, 1147 Myrtle 
av, h 19 JeiFerson E.D. 

Campbell Dennis, lab. h 96 Union 

Campbell Dennis, shoemkr. h r 465 Man- 
hattan av 

Campbell Donald, shoemkr. h 14 Utica av 
Campbell D. G. & Son (David G., Benjamin), 

realestate, 1147 Myrtle av 
Campbell Edward B. designer, h 114 S. 3d 
Campbell Edward J. bkbinder, h 374 Gold 
Campbell Edward P. foreman, h 109 Di- 
vision av 

Campbell Edward E. furniture, 73 Court, h 

80 Schermerhorn 
Campbell Elizabeth, wid. 203 Concord 
Campbell EHzabeth,wid. James, 173 Leonard 
Campbell Elizabeth, wid. William, h 4.32 

Flushing av 
Campbell Emerson, oysters, Fulton mkt. 

N.Y. b 113 Hall 
Campbell Emily F. matron, Clason av 

Park pi 

Campbell Emma F.wid. Abncr, h 30 Hart' s al 
Campbell Felix, engineer, h 1315 Pacific 
Campbell Florence, boarding, h 214 Eckford 
Campbell Francis, fireman, h 64 N. 7th 
Campbell Frank, grocer, 357 Van Brunt 
Camj)bell Frank, roofer, h 650 Atlantic av 
Campbell Frank C. elk. b 285 Putnam av 
Campbell Franklin, mason, h 110 Nelson 
Campbell Frederick, h 42 Lafayette 
Campbell George, carbldr. h 'i6J Myrtle av 
Campbell George, elk. b 150 Willoughby 
Campbell George, engineer, h 293 Ainslie 
Campbell George, lab. h 19 Lorimer 
Campbell George, lab. h r IbO Hamilton av 
Campbell George W. elk. h 4tli av. c 44th 
Campbell George W. elk. h 46 S. 6th 
Campbell George W. hatter, h 11 Stockton 
Campbell George W. linsecdoilmfr. 97 Front. 

h West Brighton 
Campbell Hamilton, norter, h 64 Clay 
Campbell Henry, h 404 2d E.D. 
Campbell Henry, painter, h 260 Navy 
Campbell Henry G. elk. h 137 N. Oxford 
Campbell Hiram A. steward, h 199 Freeman 
Campbell Howard, lawyer, 21 Park rc 

N.Y. h 109 2d pi 
Campbell Hugh, tar, h 95 4th 
Campbell Hugh F. gasfitter, 79 John N.Y. h 

9 Halsey 

Campbell Isaac, bkbinder, h 22 Maspeth av 


Union Square< New York City. 

I Artistic Grates, Fenders, 

' 1. And Fire-Place Novelties. 
E [See Adrt on leaf opposite Jisme.1 


Has the Latest Net Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in tlie World. 

See AdTertisement opxM>site name* 

CAM 158 CAM 



« 1 
9 % 

» 8 

o S 

(0 -i 

(0 P 



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« CO 

CO <: 

tj o 



Campbell Isabella, wid. James, li 104 Ea- 


Campbell James, h 531 Hicks 
Campbell James, blacksmith, h 153 Esgle 
Campbell James, butcher, b 50 Meelcer av 
Campbell James, carman, 06 Carlton av 
Campbell James, carpenter, '^32 Slate, h 257 

Campbell James, oarriagemfr. 72 Kent, h 153 

Campbell James, cigars, 266 Smith 

CampbellJames, eoacbiuan, b 80 Boemmpl 
Campbell James, cutter, li 50 Tbomjikinsav 
Cfimpbell James, engineer, h 104 Kapelye 
Campbell James, engineer, b 239 Navy 
Campbell James, express, h 154 Butler 
Campbell James, grocer, 549 Fulton, li 534 

Campbell James, grocer, 63 Columbia, & 

liquors, 59 Columbia, b 03 Columbia 
Campbell James, la.b. li 42 Skillman 
Campbell James, lab. b 218 Sands 
Campbell James, lab. b 29 Hart's al 
Campbell James, lab. b Mescrole av c Man- 
hattan av 
Campbell James, lab. 206 Hamilton av 
Campbell James, lab. b 30 Navy 
Campbell James, lawyer, h 49 Sidney pi 
Campbell J ames, liquora, 698 Gates av, h 674 
Gates av 

Campbell James, millc, b 306 Myrtle av 
Campbell James, papers, b 41 Atlantic av 
Campbell James, police, h 411 Dean 
Camjibell James, police, b 120 IJtica av 
Campbell James, sboemkr. 129 Frauklin, h 

Jersey City 
Campbell James, sboemkr. h 30 Flint 
Campbell James, slioenikr. b 30 Stewart's al 
Campbell James, stonecutter, b 144 36th 
Campbell James jr. bkkjir. li 21 Sterling pi 
Camj)bell .lames Ji. xirinter, b 282 20tb 
Campbell James H. cauvasser, h 46 Nos- 

traud av 

Campbell Jane, wid. Kob. h 179 Clason av 
Campbell Jeauette, wid. John, h 77 4th pi 
Campbell John, h 72 Carlton av 
Campbell John, bkkpr. h 269 St. James' pi 
Campliell John, bkkpr. h 265 S. 3d 
Campbell John, carpenter, h 348 Franklin av 
Camxibell John, carpenter, li 60ti Atlantic av 
Campbell John, carpenter, h 17 5th 
Cami^bell John, elk. h 255 Lewis av 
Campbell John, coachman, h 472 Clermont 

Campbell John, coachman, b 299 Kevins 
Campbell John, contractor, h 15918th 
Campbell John, engineer, h 395 State 
Campbell John, engineer, h 60 N. 8th 
Campbell John, fireman, h 465 Manhattan av 
Campbell John, glassblower, h 62 Clymer 
Campbell John, grocer, 517 Uergen 
Campbell John, grocer, 44 Bridge 
Campbell John, grocer, Kalph av c Lexing- 
ton, h 864 Qnincy 
Campbell John, insp. 398 Union 
Campbell John, lab. h 337 Columbia 
Campbell John, lab. h 589 Grand 
Campbell John, lab. b 679 Henry 

Campbell John, lab. h 138 Wythe av 
Campbell John, lab. !i 39th n .')tb av 
Campbell John, lab. h 180 Hamilton av 
Campbell John, lab. h 46 Hudson av 
Campbell John,liquors, 67 Court, h 175 Navy 
Campbell John, mason, h 328 Willotighby 

Campbell John, painter, h 326 Hudson av 
Campbell John, painter, li 433 Degra w 
Campbell John, pawnbroker, h 176 Navy 
Camj)bell John, photographer, li 202 Flat- 
bush av 

Campbell John, printer, h 10 4th E.D. 
Campbell John, sawyer, h 62 York 
Camj)boll John, shoes, 425 Hicks 
Campbell John, shoes, 639 5th av ' 
Campbell John, sboemkr. h 14 Ufcica av 
Campbell John, stationery, 1015 Fulton 
Canjpbell John, supt. h 443 Carroll 
Campbell John, tailor, h 374 Gold 
Campbell John, watchmkr. 61 Flatbush av, 

b 364 Navy 
Campbell John A. cook, h 82 Gwinnett 
Campbell John D. blacksmith, h 155 Newell 
Campbell John K. conductor, h 282 20th 
Campbell John H. builder, h 470 Sackett 
Campbell John H. janitor, h 189 Montague 
Campbell John J. elk. 96 Amity 
Campbell John J. driver, h 1473 Dean 
Campbell John J. plasterer, h 140 18th 
Cam])bell John J. printer, h 1.57 Prospect 
Campbell John J. sexton, h 72 (Carlton av 
Campbell John M. printer, h 149 Macon 
Campbell John P. polisher, h962 Gates av 
Campbell John B. bide insp. h 404 5th av 
Campbell John \V. fish, Fulton N.Y. h 320 

S. 5tli 

Campbell John W. gardner, h 300 4th E.T). 
Campbell John W. painter, h 85 I'latbiiali av 
Campbell John W. printer, h 20 President 
Campbell Joseph, h 183 York 
Campbell Joseph, brassmoulder, h 126 N. 
Elliott pi 

Campbell Joseph, cai-penter, h 316 Leonard 
Campbell Jos. drugs, 212 Hoyt, h 300 Degraw 
Campbell Joseph, lal>. h 71 Dean 
Campbell Joseph, lab. h 52 Vandyke 
Campbell Josej)b, moulder, h 85 Fleet pi 
Camxjbell Joseph, police, h 199 State 
Campbell Joseph, printer, h 364 4th E.D. 
Campbell Joseph W. bldr. 315 Carlton av 
Campbell J. (M.D.), pres't. 175 N. 10th & 

William c Pine N.Y. h N.Y. 
Campbell J. Barnwell (Eev.), h 1537 Pacific 
Campbell Kate, dressmkr. h 602 Vanderbilt 


Campbell Kate, wid. Daniel, h 169 S. Ist 
Campbell Lawrence A. h 171 Concord 

Campbell Lizzie, drygds. 513 Grand 
Campbell Louise, dressmkr. 24 Oakland 
Campbell Luke, shoemkr. 717 5th av 
Campbell Margaret, wid. h 82 N. Elliott pi 
Campbell Margaret, wid. h 432 N. 2d 
Campbell Margaret, wid. James, h 23 Boe- 

Campbell Margaret, wid. John, h 37 Ross 
Campbell Martha, wid. Elijah, h 893 Dean 
Campbell Mary, wid. h 128 Concord 


J. NORWOOD. 348 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 

TllDlflQU DATUQ ^^dm, and Roman BatK 

lUlliVldn Dnindi 34 cLiNToir st., bklyn. 

See AdTt. pase 12 front. 


A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

159 CAM. 

Campbell Mary, wid. James, baker, h 75 


Campliell Mary, wid. Thomas, h 140 N. 3d 
Campbell Mary A. wid. 22 Vanderbilt av 
Camx^bell Mary L. -wid. h 449 Henry 
Campbell Matliew, lab. h 59 Kosciusko 
Campbell Matthew, oper. h 812 Myrtle av 
Campbell Matthew A. watchmkr. h 72 Sands 
Campbell Michael, bartender, h r 21 5th 
Campbell Michael, elk. h 89 Boerum pi 
Campbell Michael, detective, h 76 Wash- 

Campbell Michael J. police, h 61 Herbert 
Campbell Miles, fireman, h r 180Hamilton av 
Campbell M. wid. John J. h 3(58 Franklin av 
Campbell Nathan, painter, h 115 Meserole av 
Campbell Neil, h 558 Henry 
Campbell Noil, carbldr. 120 Spencer, h 363 

Myrtle av 
Campbell Neil' junk, 300 4th E.D. 
Campbell Neil E. carpenter, h 4th av c 44th 
Campbell Norman, h 179 S. Oxford 
Campbell Oliver, shoemkr. h 802 Atlantic av 
Campbell Oswald, steward, h 11 Clermont av 
Campbell Owen, tiremau, h 214 Frost 
Campbell Owen F. varieties, 332 B'way 
Campbell Patrick, filemfr. 302 Union av, b 

292 Union av 
Campbell Patrick, lab. h 1473 Dean 
Campbell Patrick, lab. h 180 Conover 
Campbell Pat'k, police, h 599 Vanderbilt av 
Campbell Patrick, porter, h 45 Cheever pi 
CAMPBELL PATRICK, supt. police, 12 

Municipal BIdg. h 90 Herkimer 
Campbell Peter, artist, li 216 Calyer 
Campbell Peter, iireman, h 183 Concord 
Campbell Peter, lab. h 180 Hamilton av 
Campbell Peter, peddler, h 146 Seigel 
Campbell Peter, shoemkr. h 58 Union av 
Campbell Peter C. jeweler, 455 5th av, h 419 


Campbell Phillip, salesman, h 588 Hancock 
Campbell Begina H. wid. Itobert, h 297 

Campbell Robert, carjjenter, li 71 Sackett 
Campbell Robert, gasfitter, h 2;i9 Hoyt 
Campbell Robert, lab. h 26 Hudson av 
Campbell Robert, printer, h 309 Central av 
Campbell Robert, ruler, h 359 Pearl 
Campbell Robert, supt. h 405 Putnam av 
Campbell Rose, wid. Jas. F. h 157 Prospect 
Campbell Samuel, gaslitter, h 239 Hoyt 
Campbell Samuel C. mason, h 222 Clifton pi 
Campbell Sarah, wid. li 201 Navy 
Campbell Sarali, wid. Henry, h 149 Eckford 
Campbell Sarah, wid. Thos. h 65 Cai'lton 

Campbell Theodore, lab. h 246 7th E.D. 

Camjjbell Thomas, carpenter, h 218 Freeman 
Campbell Thomas, elk. h 356 Sackett 
Campbell Thomas, elk. h 232 Hoyt 
Campbell Thomas, crockery, 8 Flatbush av, 

h 6 Nevins 

Campbell Thomas, filecutter, h 292 Union av 
Campbell Thomas, grocer, 377 Myrtle av 
Campbell Thomas, honey, h r 112 High 
Campbell Thomas, lab. h 36 York 
Campbell Thomas, machinist, h 176 Eagle 

Campbell Thomas N. stevedore, h 48 Colnm' 
bia hgts 

Campbell Thos. B. conductor, h 635 Monroe 
Campbell Thos.F.lettercarrier,h 436 Park av 
Campbell Thos. J. glasscutter, h 169 S. 1st 
Campbell Tunis, carriagemfr. 72 Kent, h 148 

Campbell Uzel D. bkkpr.h 334 Evergreen av 
Campbell Willard G. police, h 153 23d 
Campbell William, h 763 Lincoln pi 
Campbell William, h 553 Clinton 
Campbell William jr. h 553 Clinton av 
CamxJbell William, bkkpr. h 306 Myrtle av 
Campbell Wm. carpenter,h 517 Lafayette av 
Campbell Wm. carpenter, h 256 B'way 
Campbell William, elk. h 41 S. 3d 
Campbell Wm. coachman, h 89 Boerum pi 
Campbell Wm. cutter, h 356 Sackett 
Campbell Wm. engineer, 463 3d av 
Campbell Wm. grocer, Ralph o Lexington 

av, h 864 Quincy 
Campbell William, lab. h 144 York 
Campbell William, lab. h 59 Clason av 
Campbell William, notions, h 68 2d pi 
Campbell William, painter, h 276 Carroll 
Campbell William, peddler, h 59 Kosciusko 
Campbell Wm. printer, h 447 Flatbnsh av 
Campbell William, printer, h 181 8th 
Campbell William, seltroUers, 239 Centre 

N.Y. h 32 Clifton pi 
Campbell William, shipcfii-penter, h 187 Kent 
Campliell William, truckman,' h 302 Bond 
Cam))bell William, vamisber, h 12 Myrtle 
Campbell William A. dentist, 456 Gold, h 73 


Campbell William A. jeweler, h 72 Sands 
Campbell William H. harness, 254 Scher- 

merhorn, h 69 4th av 
Campbell William H. surveyor, 16 Court, li 

Flatbush av n Clarkson, Flatl)nsh 
Campbell Wm, H. painter, h 704 Atlantic av 
Campbell William H. salesman, h 35 Powers 
(Jampbell Wm. H. jr. lawyer, h 39 Prospect pi 
Campbell William J. D. banker, 12 Wall 

N.Y. h 763 Lincoln pi 
Campbell Wm. O. switchman, h 81 Irving pi 
Campbell Wm. S. printer, h 748 Bedford av 
Campbell William T. h 263 Sackett 
Campbell William W. elk. h 77 4th pi 
Campbell William & Son (John Campbell), 

Ralph c Lexington av 
Campbell & Creighton (James Campbell, 

Lawson Creighton), teas, 549 Fulton 
CAMPBELL & JOSTEN (Alexander J. 

Campbell, Louis Josten), carpets, 424 


Campbell Bros. (James & Tunis), carriage 

mil's. 72 Kent 
Campen John, butcher, 340 Hicks, li 74 


Camfield Isaac, driver, h 382 De Kalb av 
C'amtiekl Joseph A. h 538J Willoughby av 
Campfield Theodore A. truckman, h 538^ 

Willoughby av 
Camphor John, barkpr. h 9 5th 
Campion A. dressmkr. 604 Warren 
Campion Edward, weigher, h 140 Butler 
Campion E. D. h 604 Warren 


Price $3.00. 10 Boerom Thee, Bro^yn, and 121 FaJIsn Sb, 27. t. f ' 


Has the Largest Het Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name« 



I— I 
















f" """"'1 


Campion John, grocer, 462 Bergen 
Campion John C. vratchmaa, h 47 Johnson 
Campion Lawrence, lab. h 396 Manhattan av 
Campion Patrick, lab. h 295 Columbia 
Campion Patrick, lab. h 71 Douglass 
Campion Richard, designer, h lo'^ Greene 
Campitt Charles, jeweler, h 12a 11th 
Campling Theopliihis, weigher, h 135 High 
Canipo Manuel, cigarmfr. h 62 Division av 
Campo Ysidro, cigarmfr. h 62 Division av 
Camps Harry, Jab. h 64 Oak 
Camps Horatio, com. mer. N.Y. h 225 Keap 
Campton Denis, ironmoulder, 40 Wallabout 
Campton Thomas, lab. h 334 Flushing av 
Cainuce Brien, cigarmkr. h 4 McKenney 
Canary Andrew, packer, h 388 17th 
Canary Thomas, bookbinder, h 420 1st E.D. 
Canary Thomas, plainer, h 388 17th 
Caiiavan Cornelius, earpetrafr. r 39 Hall 
Cauavan Delia, laundress, h 280 Myrtle aT 
Canavan Dennis, lab. h 17 Tiffany pi 
Cauavan James, lab. h 10 Lawrence 
Canavan James, lab. h 311 Plymouth 
Canavan James, lab. h 632 Fulton 
Canavan John, elk. h 53 Dean 
Canavan John, driver, li 594 Flushing av 
Canavan John, janitor, h 205 Greene 
Canavan Patrick J. carpenter, h 128 Grove 
Canavan Patrick J. elk. h 300 15th 
Cauavan Thomas, lab. h 242 St. Mark's av 
Canavellia George, h 22 Sterling pi 
Caoavelio Benj. ti. cigarmkr. h26a Stockton 
c;anavridge John, lab. h 32 Luquer 
Cauliy Caleb H. elk. h 14 Monroe 
Cauby Patrick, drygds. h 225 Concord 
Cauda James, elk. h 329 4th K.D. 
Canda John, bldg. matls. h 327 President 
Candee Charles E. h 145 Henry 
CandeeEdw'd D. manager, N.Y. li 120 Joral- 

Caiulee, Hester A. wid.Edw'dW.h 149Quincy 
Caudee Willard L. sec. h 20 Monroe 
Canders Francis, shoemkr. h 93 Atlantic 

Canfleld Jesse W. lumber, h 122 Calyer 
Candidus Louis, tobacconist, Pearl n Bur- 

liug si N.Y. h 79 Penn 
Candidus Pantaleon, physician, 228 S. 9th 
Candler E. Stewart, broker, N.Y. h 431i 

Waverly av 
Candler Flaman B. lawyer, 48 Wall N.Y. h 

86 Greene av 
Cane Edward, baker, 152 Atlantic av 
Cane Thomas, carpetliiyer, h 322 Myrtle av 
Canfield Andrew J. (Kev.), 34 Ormoud pi 
Caniield Anna, wid. .James, h 43 Graham 
Cantiold Alonzo, driver, h 509 Flushing av 
Canfield Carrie, wid. h 66 Oak 
Canfield Charles H. bkkpr. h 23 Lee av 
Canfield Charles J. carpenter, h 89 S. 1st 
Canfiield Cornelius F. carpenter, 599 Grand, 

h 306 Maujer E.D. 
Canfield Daniel, h 1218 Pacific 
Canfield Dennis, solderer, h 454 Manhattan 

Canfield Edward, h 135 Hamilton av 
Canfield Frank M. elk. h 80 Keap 
Canfield Gilbert J. artist, h 122 Kalph av 

Canfield Henry Y. condensedmilk, 194 Ber 

gen, h N.Y. 
Caniield H. E. wid. Jerome, h 148 Willow 
Canfleld James, lab. h 15 Coles 
Canfield James, printer, h 453 Hudson av 
Canfield James, ropemkr. h 308 Maujer 
Canfield James jr. carpenter, h 308 Maujer 
Canfield John, fireman, h 308 Maujer 
Canfield John H. printer, h 49 Main 
Canfield Joshua, supt. h 122 Calyer 
Canfield Pat'k, solderer, h 454 Manhattan av 
Canfleld Richard S.- molassesreflnei", 131 Fur- 
man, h N.Y. 
Canfield Kiohard S. broker, 131 Fnrman, h 

271 Clinton 
Canfield Thomas, miller, h 71 N. 7th 
Canfield Thomas, paper, h 731 Atlantic av 
Canfield Von Beck, artist, h 54 Division av 
Canfield William J. driver, h 809 Myrtle iiv 
Canford John, lab. h 66 N. 7th 
Cangan John, elk. h222 Berkeley pi 
Cangerle Hubert, mfr. 36 S. 11th 
Cangley Patrick, lab. h 282 Park pi 
Cauift' Patrick, teamster, h N. 8th c 5th E.D. 
Caniran James, eoal, h 180 York 
Canitz William, blacksmith, 86 Hamilton 

av. h 111 President 
Cann Baldwin, silverchaser, h 236 Floyd 
Cann John, mason, h 138 N. 6th 
Cann Thomas H. bkkpr. h 312 Prince 
Cann William, drygds. h 77 Newell 
Cauuan Robert, machinist, h 114 Skillman 
Cannaran John, plasterer, h 184 Oakland 
Cannard William, driver, h 116| Soniera 
Cannavan Patrick, carpenter, h 128 Grove 
Oaunell Hugh, lab. h 95 4th 
Canner Augustus, painter, h 1664 Atlantic av 
Canner Julius E. h 359 Smith 
Canner J. hoiisefurng. 155 Fulton 
Canner William, elk. h 191 Franklin av 
Cannevau Jas. packer, h 96 Greenpoint av 
Canniff William H. turner, h 244 N. 2d 
Oannill James, turner, h 177 5th E.D. 
Cannin Ulysses, elk. h 354 Tompkins av 
Canning Andrew, bootmkr. 10^3 Myrtle av 
Canning Charles, cooper, h 292 Water 
Canning Dan'l, marblepolisher,h 317 Bergen 
Canning Eliza, wid. Terrance, h 221 S. 3d. 
Canning Hugh, engineer, h 114 Prospect 
Canning James, engineer, h 16 Canton 
Canning James, engineer, h 43 S. 10th 
Canning James, sailmkr. h 34 Division 
Canning John, driver, h 37 Fulton 
Canning Mary, confectionery, 55 Clermont 

Canning Patrick, elk. h 40 Columbia hgts 
Canning Philip, baker, h 457 B'way 
Canning Robert T. liquors, 183 Furman,h 40 

Columbia hgts 
Canning Samuel, foreman, h 167 1.3th 
Canning Thomas, elk. h 201 2d E.D. 
Canning William, engineer, h 43 S. 10th 
Canning William, tinsmith, ^166 Franklin 

N.Y. h 44 Sands 
Cannion John, elk. h 304 Jay 
Cannon Aaron B. bldr. h 412 Nostrand av 
Cannon Amelia, wid. William B. boarding, 

27 Elm pi 



B. mm k SONS. 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Biver, New York, 









Cannon Catharine, wid. Cornelius, h 729 


Cannon Christopher, lab. h 67 N. 7th 

Cannon David 0. fish, IIG Lee aY, h 196 

Wythe av 
Cannon Dennis, lab. h 111 Atlantic av 
Cannon Dennis, lab. h 393 Hicks 
Caniiou Edward, bkbiiider, h 71(i Myrtle av 
Cannon George J. printer, h 118 Daifield 
Cannon Henry, editor, 43 DeyN.Y. h 161 


Cannon James, agt. h 168 Congress 
Cannon James, boatman, h303 Eckford 
Cannon James, glassblower, h 102 Navy 
Cannon James, ligbterman, 56 Main 
Cannon Jame.s, machinist, h 45'i Grand 
Cannon James, mason, h 253 3d £.D. 
Cannon James, police, h IfiS York 
Cannon James, tinsmith, h 49 Walworth 
Cannon James J. coachman, h 180 York 
Cannon Joel E. underwearmfr. 99 Tillary, h 
298 .):i,y 

Cannon Jolin, elk. h 198 Wythe av 
Cannon John, farmer, h 49th n Ist av 
Cannon John, hatter, h 243 Wallabout 
Cannon Jolm, lab. h r 194 Dupont 
Cannon Jolin, lab. Ii 106 Pearl 
Cannon John .\. fisli, h 196 Wythe av 
Cannon John J. machinist, h 61 B'way 
Cannon Julia, wid. h :18 Talman 
Cannon Madison M. elk. h 9.> Eeid av 
Cannon Mary, wid. h 18 Bolivar 
Cannon Mary, wid. Bernard, h 646 Clason 

Cannon Mary C. wid. h 18 Bolivar 
Cannon Mary H. wid. Madison, h 184 Wash- 

Cannon Michael, engineer, h 151i 24th 
Cannon Neil, barkpr. h 76 Main 
Cannon Peter, matmkr. h 149 Sandford 
Cannon William, bottles, Smith n Atlantic 

av, h n2 Smith 
Cannonier Andrew, hatter, h 194 Marion 
Canoskey Frank, lab. h 157 21st 
Canouyton Joseph, police, h 92 Prospect 
Cantain Samuel, seaman, h 545 Hicks 
Canteller Emanuel, com. mer. h 298 Hicks 
Canter Eliza, cigarmkr. h 100 Degraw 
Canter Niithan, cigarmkr. h 247 Pacific 
Canter Solomon, undertaker, h 100 Degraw 
Cantero Manuel, cigarmfr. 35 Fulton, h 116 

Park pi 

Canthey Otto, inventor, h 82 10th E.D. 
Cantillion John, stevedore, h 356 6th 
Cantillon Dennis, shipsawyer, h 173 Green- 
point av 

Cantlin Edward, jank, h 147 Imlay 
Cantlin Mary M. wid. Phillip, h 147 Imlay 
Cantlon Edward, fireman, h 551 Court 
Cantlon Oliver, junk, Morris c West N.Y. h 

147 Imlay 
Cantner Martin, h 209 Scholes 
Canton Louisa J. wid. John C. h 114 Oak 
Cantoni Salvatore, banker, 25 Wall N.Y. h 

308 Lafayette av 
Cantoni Stephen, peddler, h 36 S. 5th 
Cantor Jacob, watchmkr. 23 Hamilton av, h 

313 Degraw 

Cantor James, jeweler, 147 Court, h 313 De- 

Cantor Joseph, packer, h 290 Sackett 
Cantor Lewis, h 313 Degraw 
Cantrell Robert B. dentist, 53 MeDonou"-h 
Cantrell Samuel, elk. h 246 N. 2d 
Cantus Henry W. butcher, 1244 Myrtle av 
Cantus Justus, baker, 1263 Myrtle av 
Cantwell Edward, h 15 4th 
Cantwell Edw'd, hairdresser, 892 Atlantic av 
Cantwell Edw'd, moulder, h 135 Hamilton av 
Cantwell James, express, h 442 Van Brunt 
Cantwell John, barkpr, h 662 4th av 
Cantwell John, hostler, h 16th c 11th av 
Cmtwell Mary, wid. h 178 Washington 
Cantwell Patrick, boilermkr. h 102 Green 
point av 

Cantwell Patrick, liquors, 411 Smith 
Cantwell Patrick J. liquors, 6.52 4th av 
Cantwell Eichard, cooper, h 173 N. 8th 
Cantwell Richard, lab. h 232 St. Mark's av 
Cantwell Thomas, police, h 181 N. 4th 
Canty Cornelius, tailor, h 142 Columbia 
Canty Daniel, crackers, 532 Grand 
Canty James, lab. h 84 Meeker av 
Canty James, lab. h 28 Carroll 
Canty James J. clk. h 78 Carroll 
Canty John, clk. h 447 4th av 
Canty John, driver, h 386 l^afayette av 
Canty Mary, wid. John, h 165 Myrtle av 
Canty Michael, lab. li 578 B'way 
Canty William, lab. h 308 Water 
Canty William, lab. h 148 20th 
Canvin John, pilot, h 16 Putnam av 
Canvin .John J. J. pilot, h 50 Madison 
Capas William, clk. h 375 Macon 
Capek John V. editor, h 723 Lexington av 
Capel Charles, h 156 10th E.D. 
Capel John H. h 176 Kyerson 
Capeman Frank, blacksmith, h r 236 Ellery 
Capen Thomas R. broker, 2 New N.Y. h 169 

Capen William B. clk. h 147 Madison 
Capen William E. h 284 Schermerhorn 
Capera John A. mfr. h 150 Washington av 
Capers William W. oils, h 375 Macon 
Capes Annie, wid. John, h 189 Ewen 
Capes Robert, patternmkr, h 69 Eapelye 
Caple Charles H. shoemkr. 53 Herbert 
Caplis Rose, wid. William, h 275 N. 2d 
Capon Joseph, cutter, h 597 Fulton 
Capon Thomas, h 169 Carroll 
Capote Frank, hairdresser, 157 Van Brnut 
Cappe Benjamin H. printer, 26 Ann N.Y. h 

953 Greene av 
Cappel Frederick, liquors, 773 Myrtle av 
Capper Christopher, mason, Avenue A & 

22d N.Y. h .36 India 
Capper Edward, driver, h 214 Kent 
Capper George, sawyer, h 214 Kent 
Capper Mary A. wid. Christopher, h 214 

Cappermann Henry, driver, h 54 Siegel 
Capron Walter M. hairdresser, h 161 Flat- 
bush av 

Capstick George, ointment, h 1061 Spencer 
Capstick George S. collector, h 66 Myrtle av 
Capstick Isabella, dressmkr. h 106| Spencer 

110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., II.Y. 



Direct Receiver of PENNSYLVANIA RYE and 

See BugineBs Directory. Xiquon— Wholesale. 


Has tlie Largest Net Surplus of any Fire Insurance Co, in the World. 

See Advertisement opposite name* 


Capwell Benjamin A. student, h 117 Amity 
Caraccioli Antoine, police, h 58 Prospect 
Caradine George, elk. h 142 Koscinsko 
Caradine Joseph F. elk. h 142 Kosciusko 
Caradine Ricliard, h 142 Kosciusko 
Caradine Richard jr. elk. h 142 Koscinsko 
Caragher Patrick, lab. h 216 Jay 
Carahar Francis, teamster, h 178 Java 
Caralon Peter, liquors, 537 Flushing av 
Cararry Peter, liquors, 411 Hamilton av 
Caraskey Albert, lab. h 193 21st 
Carawella Otto, tinsmith, U 63 Summit 
Caray John, driver, h 37 Poplar 
Carbennec William, janitor, b 64 B'way 
Carberry Cath. wid. Ambrose, h 1685 Fulton 
Carberry David, lab. h 247 Hudson av 
Carberry James, horseshoer, h 550 Warren 
Carberry John, liquors, 564 Marcy av, h489 
Gates av 

Carberry John,liquors,114Nassau,b 151 Navy 
Carberry Michael, liquors, 197 Tillary 
Carberry Patrick, coal. Navy c Tillarj', h 

234 Tillary 
Carberry Patrick, lab. h r 183 Clifton pi 
Carberry Peter, h 110 N. Elliott pi 
Carberry Peter, liquors, 411 Hamilton av 
Carberry Thomas, lab. 193 Court 
Carberry William, watchman, h .5.55 Union 
Carbie Chas., liquors, 2d c N. fcth, h 35 Grove 
Carbine Martin, mason, h 1.5 Delmonico pi 
CMrbonetti Eugene, dk. 267 Division av 
Carbouetti Joseph, elk. h 267 Division av 
Carbonneau Joseph, wool, h 32 Division av 
Carboy John, carman, li 208 9tli 
Carbrey John, clk. h 167 Luquer 
Carbrey John, smith, h 170 Raymond 
Carbyue Daniel, mason, h 236 Marcy av 
Card Uenj. F. act. electrielight, h 365 Macon 
Card Francis, bkkpr. h 365 Macon 
Card Frank, lawyer, li 318 Union 
Cardaire Baptiste, cream of tartar, 91 John, 

h 88 Court 
Cardaire M. mer. h 150 Washington av 
Garden William, lab. h r 479 Adelphi 
Carden Mary, wid. James, h 147 Douglass 
Cardenas Juan, cigarmkr. h r 81 Tillary 
Cardiflf Ellen, wid. William, h 198 Tilhiry 
Cardona Ramon, armorer, h N. Portland av 

c Auburn pi 
Cardonna Jolin, carpenter, h 76 Clinton av 

Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, 


Junction of Reid Avenue, near Broadway. 
Carpets called for and returned to any part of the City 
Free of Charge. Re-Fitting and Re-laying by experi- 
enced workmen. Orders by mail will receive prompt 
attention. GEO. C. CAKI>WEL,L.. Prop. 

Cardwell Henry, h 131 Ainslie 
Card well Henry jr. printer, h 305 Hum- 

Cardwell James, lab. h 207 Varet 
Cardwell John H. paperhanger, h 175 10th 

Careu Francis, lab. h r 664 Douglass 
Cares Lizzie A. wid. Rndolx)h, h 93 Sterling; 

Carew Elizabeth, wid. Thomas B. h 33 2d 
Carew George F. cooi>or, h 82 Prince 
Cirew C-teorgo F. jr. bkkpr. h 82 Prince 
Carew Orrin F. operator, h 82 Prince 
Carew William, clk. h 42 Wyckoif 
Carey Benjamin, morocco, N.Y. h 153 Lafay- 
ette av 

Carey Bridget, fancygds. 117 Clason av 
Carey Bridget, wid. James, h 92 Hudson 

Carey Daniel, clk. h 73 Jay 
Carey Daniel, mason, h 305 Grand 
Carey Daniel, painter, h 281 20th 
Carey Da iel, printer, h 65 Main 
Carey Edward, lab. h 37 Division av 
Carey Edward C. barkpr. h 238 York 
Carey Eivin W. carpenter, h 181 Bayard 
Carey Ervin W. carpenter, h 175 Bayard 
Carey George, agt. h 543 Dean 
Carey Hugh, tinsmith, h 166 Plymouth 
Carey James, h 204 Clermont av 
Carey James, marble, h 113 Wyckoff 
Carey James, rigger, b 80 Huron 
Carey James, ropemkr. li 9.> Spencer 
Carey ,)ames, sawyer, h 1.52 Freeman 
Carey James F. civil engineer, 361 Fulton, 

b 418 Lafayette av 
Carey Jas. P. journalist, N.Y. h 193 Bergen 
Carey Jane, wid. James, h 754 Bergen 
Carey Jeremiah, b 238 York 
Carey Jeremiah, peddler, h 1035 Pacific 
Carey John, bricklayer, li 68 Dupont 
Carey John, cooper,' h 222 Bush 
Carey John, cooper, h r 13^t N. 6th 
Carey John, foreman, h 942 Pacific 
Carey John, lab. h 16 Lnqner 
Carey John, lab. h r 153 Richards 
Carey John, lab. h 32 Wythe av 
Carey John, mechanic, Ii 8 Tiifany pi 
Carey John, milkman, h Grove c W^yckotl 


Carey John, porter, h 184 Baltic 
Carey John, stonecutter, h 315 Prospect ar 
Carey John B. stenographer, h 511 Bergen 
Carey John B. stenographer, h 519 Bergen 
Carey John ,7. liquoi's, 238 York 
Carey John W. carpenter, h 189 Bayard 
Carey Joseph, lab. h 65 Gold 
Carey Lawrence, h 337 Kent av 
Carey Lawrence, storage, 65 Watt N.Y. h 
126 Hart 

Carey Mary, seamstress, h 127 Park av 
Carey Mary, wid. James, h 126 Bergen 
Carey Mary, wid. Michael, h 159 Tillary 
Carey Mary, wid. Tunis, h 222 Bush 
Carey Matthew, lab. h 73 Graham 
Carey Michael, h President n Franklin ar 
Carey Michael, lab. h 651 Washington av 
Carey Michael, upholsterer, h 309 Warren 

Cardoza Joseph, elk. h 41 Dean 
Cardozo Henry, cigars, 168 Smith 
Cardozo John I. masou, li 503 Grand av 
Cardozo Sampson, h 172 Smith 
Cardozo Solomon, peddler, h 168 Smith 
Cardwell Charles W. hldr. h 43 Devoe 
Cardwell Edward, hkhinder, h 16 Devoe 
Cardwell George A. physician, 187 Penn 

I lU f OTrS BROTI^CEliS &; CO., 

■ 348 Broadwar. aVEW YO»K 


See JLSvt, p»e« 13 ttonU 

CAE 3 

34 CLiNtOir ST*, B'ELYir. 

A. L, WOOD, IW.O,, Prop'r. 

53 OAR 

Carey Morris, boots, 99 Framklm, i 118 

Carey Patrick, lab. h 222 Bush 
Carey Patrick, lab, b 34 CarroU 
Carey Patrick, painter, h651 Washington av 
Carey Patrick J. butcber, b 643 Baltic 
Carey Philip, driver, b 301 Kent av 
Carey Robert W. carpenter, b 175 Bayard 
Carey Tbomaa, elk. b 197 N. 6tb 
Carey Thomas, lab. b 20 Vine 
Carey Tbos, peddler, b r 277 St. Mark's av 
Carey Timotby, lab. h 20 Vine 
Carey William, carpenter, h 205 5tb E.D. 
Carey William, glasscutter, b 454| Decatur 
Carey William, lab. b 184 Conover 
Carey William, lab. b 97 York 
Carey William, storage, 163 Waeliington 

N.Y. h 654 Jeiferson 
Carey William H. bkbinder, b 120 Spencer 
Carey William P. liquors, 601 Vanderbiltav 
Cargain Henry, metalroofer, b :i66 12tb 
Carliitrd Fiauk, paiuter, 216 Nassau 
Carbart David W. flour, 3 Front N.Y. h 275 

St. James' pi 
Carbart George, h 605 Waahingtoa av 
Carbart George B. b 126 Columbia bgts 
Carbart Geo. W. sawyer, b 25 Greeupoint av 
Carbart Isaac, p.iinter, b 9;! Van Cott av 
Carbart Leonard, carpenter, b 30 Grove 
Carhart istephen E. pilot, b 75 India 
Carbart William E. grocer, 49 Park pi N.Y. 

h 130 Columbia Sgts 
Carbart William II. b 271 6tb E.D. 
Carliai t William II. salesman, h 30 4th pi 
Carbartt (^liarles, ice, li 490 .5tb av 
Carbartt Fletcbcr, b 490 5tb av 
Carbartt Franklin, agt. 113 West N.Y. h 490 

5th av 

Carigan Cornelias, lab. h 194 Schenclc 

Caringan Wilson W. broker, h 50 Concord 
Carl Albertina, wid, Ferd. b 382 Wallabout 
Carl Kliza, wid. William, confectioner, h 102 

Carl George, flour, 320 Bushwick av 
Carl Horace, coachman, li 98 Washington 
Carl Jacob, flonr, 320 Bushwick av 
Carl Jacob, plumber, b 58 Macomb 
CarlJobn C. elk. b 140 Harrison av 
Carl Jobn S. plumber, 681 Atlantic av 
Carl Martba, wid. James, uuise, 112 Liv- 

Carl Martin, tailor, h 240 Ralph av 

Carl Molt, h 32 Varet 

Carl Peter, tailor, h 205 N. 5th 

Carl Pbilip, grocer, 322 Bushwick av, h 67 


Carl Pbilip, tailor, h 1235 Flushing av 
Carl Tim'y, shoes, 317 S. 4tb, b 14 5tb E.D. 
Carl & Sons (Philip, Jacob, George), flour, 

3i0 Bushwick av 
Carlan Michal, railiugmkr. h 314 Oakland 
Carle James, insp. b 83 Clinton av 
Carlen Henry, leafcbermfr. h 324 Kent av 
Carler Joseph, bkbinder, b 758 Myrtle av 
Carles George F. se.iman, b 433 Hicks 
Carletou Edward H. cottonmer. 109 Duane 

N.Y. b 159 Prospect pi 
Carletou Frederick, carman, h 330 20th 

Carleton George A. drygds. 380 B'way N.Y 

h 178 3d E.D. 
Carleton George W. painter, b 60 Huron 
Carleton Isaac, carpenter, 642 Atlantic av, h 

549 Dean 

Carleton I. Osgood, com, mer. Ill Water 

N.Y. b 611 Carlton av 
Carleton Mary A. wid. Augustus L. h 131 

Division av 
Carleton N. J. wid. George, nurse, b 174 I7tb 
Carleton Thos.P. horsesboer, b694i 6tb av 
Carleton William, blacksmith, h 2:f5 16tli 
Carley Edward, plumber, 51 Greenpoiut av, 

h 102 Greenpoint av 
Carley James, dri ver. b 214 Greene 
Carley John, janitor, b 362 12th 
Carley John, tailor, b 320 N. 2d 
Carley Margaret, b 22 N. Oxford 
Carley Mary, wid. Patrick, h 477 Hicks 
Carlie Thomas N. grocer, h 130 S. Oxford 
earlier H. artist, b 62 Poplar 
earlier Joseph A. watcbcasemkr. b 62 Poplar 
Carlile James, baker, 528 5tb av 
Carlile Susy M. shoes, 472 5tb av 
Carlile & Clement (S. M. Carlile, E. E 

Clement), shoes, 472 5th av 
Carlin Antony, moroccodresser, h 14 N. Ox- 

Carlin Arthur P. lawyer, 346 Fulton, h 368 

Carlin Charles, b 276 Tillary 
Carlin Francis, brkpr. b 147 Clermont av 
Carlin Frank, barkpr. b 381 Myrtlo av 
Carlin Frederick W. bldr. h 404 State 
Carlin George W. paperroller, b 343 Saol:ett 
Carlin James, blacksmith, h lf)7 Dupont 
Carlin James, carpenter, h 393 Grand 
Carlin James, lab. b77 Front 
Carlin John, lab. b 81 Clay 
Carlin John C. bldr. h 355 Hoyt 
Carlin Joseph, finisher, h 192 Park ar 
Carlin Lawrence, liquors, 381 Myrtle av 
Carlin Michael, lab. b 276 Tillary 
Carlin Michael, liquors, 247 Johnson, b Syc- 
amore c Raymond 
Carlin Patrick, bldr^ 549 Clinton 
Carlin Patrick, fumer, h'357 Bedford av 
Carlin Patrick, mason, h 440 Van Bnren 
Carlin Patrick, porter, b 134 Cambridge pi 
Carlin Patrick H. caroenter, b 368 Degraw 
Carlin Thomas, lab. h 9 Wood bull 
Carlin Wm. engineer, b 512 Flusbiua; av 
Cariis Mary, wid. James, h 17 Delmonico pi 
Carlisle Charles A. salesman, b 502 Wil- 

lougbby av 
Carlisle Ed'd H. printer, 502 Willoughby av 
Carlisle George L. lawyer, 59 Libeity N.Y. 

h 367 Macon 
Carlisle James, lab. h 270 19tb 
Carlisle James F. butcher, 95 Broad N.Y. li 

96 Greene av 
Carlisle Jane, b 171 S. Elliott pi 
Carlisle Nelson, elk. b 49 St. Felix 
Carlisle Patrick, lab, h 318 20tb 
Carlisle Thomas J. printer, b 502 Willougb- 
■ by av 

Carlisle William S. grocer, 493 Fulton, b 405 
Clasou av 

PI AMnQ S^™^' ^6^6^' CMckering, Repaired 
rinlN U O, im% m Uimn St, eor. Boerm Pi. 


Has tlie largest Hct Surplus of atny Fire Insuraiice Co. ia the World. 

See AdFertisement opposite name* 

CAE 164 CAE 

Carlisle William S. lawyer, BVay N.T.h-502 

Willotighby av 
Carll Elbert, coacbmau, bl96S,FortlaudaT 
Carll George, driver, h 445 Atlantic av 
Carll Jacob P. h 315 Eaymond 
Carll Michael, driver, li 54 Stockton 
Carlly Horace, hatter, h 206 Stockton 
Carlon Henry, coal, h 21 Hopjciiis 
Carlon James, carpenter, b 151 Douglass 
Carlon Patrick, grocer, 79 Herbert 
Carlog Luke, elk. h 445 Kent av 
Carlos Peter, driver, h 998 De Kalb ar 
Carlos Peter, lab. h 464 Prospect pi 
Carlsen John, driver, h 799 B'way 
Carlson Adolph O. tailor, h 672 Fulton 
Carlson Albert, lab. h 117 Harrison 
Carlson Andrew 6. carpenter, b SJ77 Van 


Carlson Augusta, wid. Charles, b 95 Bergen 

Carlson A. tailor, h 197 Nevins 

Carlson Clas, cigarmfr, 630 5th ar. li 627 

5th av 

Carlson Carl, h 99 Eutledge 
Carlson C J. lab. h 321 Livingston 
Carlson Emile, lab. h 213 York 
Carlson .lohn, lah. h 359 Atlantie av 
Carlson John, sexton, h 8.37 Atlantic av 
Carlson Mary, wid. Charles, h 66 Bergen 
Carlson Neis, tailor, h 386 Atlantic av 
Carlston Luven P. tailor, h 61 Bond 
Carlton Daniel, tobacconist, Jloston, Mass, 

h 518 Hicks 
Carlton Galen, bkraarbler, h 76 Devoc 
Carlton George, elk. h 9 Hicks 
Carlton John F. painter, h 474 Clermont av 
Carlton RichaTd, mcmlder, h 43 Van Cott ar 
Carlton Thomas, lab. b 98 3d 
Carlton Thomas, oil, h 518 Hicks 
Carlton AVilliam H. painter, 474 Clermont av 
Carlton William H. jr. painter, li 474 Cler- 
mont av 

Carly Adam C . shoes, 353 Tompkins av, h 269 

Tompkins av 
Carly Jesse, h 339 Adelpbi 
Carm Henry, stevedore, h 32 Prospect 
Carman Abraham, lab. h 32 Ten Eyck 
Carman Augustus, dentist, 389 Jay 
Cannan Albert, h 25 2d E.D. 
Carman Amasa, driver, h 117 S. 5tb 
Carman Anna 8. wfd. Peter H.b 213 Monroe 
Carman Archibald B. conductor, h 666 Lorl- 

Carman Augustus, furniture, h 665 Bntler 
Carman Benjamin, library, h :i44 Myrtle av 
Carman Benjamin T. oils, 95 Furman & 140 

Maiden la N.Y. 
Carman Bergen 11. bkkpr. 49 Fulton, b 

Hempstead, L.I. 
Carman Bertine P. realestate, 456 Fulton, h 

466 Hudson av 
Carman Britan, elk. h 466 Hudson av 
Carman Charles B. police, h 142 Schermer- 


Carman Charles P. milk, 729 Atlantic av 
Carman Cornelius, painter, h 187 ISfch 
Carman Eliza B. b 227 Vanderbilt ar 
Carman Frank B. driver, h 414 Atlantic av 
Carman George, driver, h 534 B'way 

Carman George, lab. h 467 2d E.D. 
Carman Cfeorge T. watchman, h 555 Herki- 

Carman Geo. P. physician, 532 Lafayette av 
Carman Harry A. dentist, 436 5tli av 
Carman Henry, insp. b 359 B'way 
Carman Henry B, driver, h 47& B'way 
Carman James, h 239 Dnffield 
Carman James H. depfy. h 270 7th 
Carman James W. police, b 723; Pticiflu 
Carman Jarvis, realestate, 8€W Fnltoii, b 25 

Carman Jesse, realestate, N.Y. h 25 Halsey 
Carm.m John, dctectiv*, h 242 Cumtierlan'd 
Carman Joseph, engineer, ii 107 Bupont 
Carman Nelson G. h 150 iSdiermerbom 
Carman Kelson Q. }c. lawyer, l>9 Lisberty 

N.Y. h 54 Pierrepont 
Carmain Samuel, bkbinder,^ 666 Jjorimer 
Carman Samuel S. h 239 Dnffiefd 
Carman Stewart M. printer, h 666 Lorimer 
Carman Thomjis, h 57 Tompkins av 
Carman Thomas, driver, b 512 Grand 
Carman Th(raias, mattresses, h 19 Nassan 
Carman Thomas D. pres't,N.Y. b 3 Poplar- 
Carman Thomas G. butcher, h 43'Park pi 
Carman William, bldr, h 882 Atlantic av 
Cannan Wm. coacljman, h 132 Cumberland 
Cannan Wm. coachman, h r364 Hudson av 
(barman William, lab. h 70 Wythe av 
Carman William H. «!l<ytliier, N.Y. b 51.& 

Gates av 
Carman William J. b t(S6 Lorfmer 
Carman William S. fish, 316 Bridge, h 634 


Canuelia John, glassblower, h 198 Devoe 
Carmen Benjamin, shoemkr. h 382 Clifton pJ 
Carmen John H. hostler, fr 731 Monroe 
Carmen Joseph, paperruler, h 382 Clifton p5 
Carmen Thomas, cmiductor, h lO^lS Gates av 
Carmen Wm. W. shoeciitter, li 171 Freeman 
Carmicbael Catherine, wid. John, h 39 2d 
Carmicbael Edwaril F. driver, h 118 18tb 
Carmicbael James, crooer, 134 18th 
Carmicbael John, clk. h 149 S. 4tti 
Carmicbael John, lab. h 24 Carroll 
Carmicbael Lawrence, lab. h 723 S'ackett 
Carmicbael Patrick, tailor, h 118 18th 
Carmicbael Thomas A. clk. h 111 6th E.D. 
Caxmicbel Dugald, gjassontter, It 612 At- 
lantic av 

Carmincke G. musicteacher, h 42 Tt-oy av 
Carmincfce Heinrich, clk. h 464 Court 
Carmine Mary, laundry, 153 4tb E.D. 
Carmine Samuel, stoveboards, h 1534tliE.E>. 
Carmody Augu.stns, clk. h 425 1st 
Carmody David, brassliuisber, h 19 Consel- 

Carmody David, carpenter, h 357 N. 2d' 
Carmody Edward, grocer, 466 Bergerr 
Carmody James, engineer, h 66 Vandyke 
Carmody John, lab. h 52 Main 
Carmody Mary, fancygds. 357 N. 2d 
Carmody Mary, wid. Patrick, b 132 N 3d' 
Carmody Michael, drivm-, h 341 4th E.Dv 
Carmody Michael, hatter, b 292Clinton 
Carmody Michael, joiner, h 103| Eckford 
Carmody Michael, lab. h Dikeman c Dwight 

EIRE BEK-o"^^°= B. MSGfflR k SONS. 

132 Mangin St., near Houston, East Elver, New York. 



mmum garivients. 




Carmody Michael, supt. Plattsburg N.Y. 

h 292 Clinton 
Oarmody Patrick jr. drygda. h 132 N. 3d 
Carmody Peter, foreman, b 320 Bond 
Carmon David, fisli, h 196 Wythe av 
Carn George, moulder, li 500 'Graham av 
Carnes Willianj, gardener, h 992 Atlantie av 
Carney Andrew JVL fish, 185 B'way, h 83i 

Wythe av 
Carney Ann, wid. John, b 1079 Piicifie 
Carney Barney, lab. h r 83 Hudson av 
Carney Catherine, wid. Patrick, h Clasou av 

c Flushing av 
Carney Christopher, real estate, h 339 Van 


Carney KdwartL, furrier, h 173 SkiUman 
Carney Edward, inkmfr. h 165 Norman av 
Carney Edward, oysters, h Srf^ Wythe av 
Carney Edward Jr. elk. h 165 Norman av. 
Carney Edward P. fireman, h 1079 Pacific 
Carney Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, h 438 Van 

Carney Francis J. plumber, h 79 Park av 
Carney Henry, lab. h 57 Front 
Carney Hugh K lab. h 426 Hicks 

Carney James, h 174 Graham 
Carney James, lab, h 103 York 
Carney James, painter, h 301 4tli E.D. 
Carney James, painter, h 650 6th av 
Carney Jas. gbix)carpenter, b. IfeO Freeman 
Carney James, stonecutter, h 641 Cluson av 
Carney James C. cooper. 30 Old. si N.Y. h 

615 Warren 
Carney James F, painter, h 1079 Pacifio 
Carney John, h 128 Troy av 
Carney John, mason, li 1079 Pacific 
Carney John, conductor, h 217 Stockton 
Carney John, driver, h 163 Dapout 
Carney John, fireman, h 77 N. 7th 
Carney John, lab. h laO Java 
Carney John, lab. h 9 State 
Carney John, police, h 171 Pr«sp<x;fc 
Carney John A. porter, li 74 High 
Carney John F. plumber, h 948 Pacific 
Carney Joseph, h 59i Grand 
Carney Joseph, printer, h 221 Sackefct 
Carney Mary, confectionery, 93 Steuben 
Carney Mary, wid. h 103 York 
Carney Mary, wid. Henry, Ii 194 Centre 
Carney Mary, wid. Patrick, h 284 Hudson av 
Carney Mary, varieties, 91 Spencer 
Carney Mary J. h 171 Prospect 
Carney Mauley, lab. 1622 De Kalb av 
Carney Mauuis, lab. h 1235 De Kalb av 
Carney Michael, bricklayer, h r 452 12th 
Carney Michael, stevedore, h 197 State 
Carney Neil, police, h 1902 Atlantic av 
Camev Peter B. bridgekpr. h 602 Vander- 

bilt av 

Carney Patrick, dockbldr. h 168 Dupont 
Carney Patrick, lab. h 116 Baltic 
Carney Patrick, lab. h 103 York 
Carney Patrick, liquors, 896 Atlantic av 
Carney Patrick, machinist, h 4-j6 President 
Carney Patrick, porter, h 13 State 
Carney Eiohard, elk. h 392 S. 3d 
Carney Eobert, elk. h 301 S. 4th 
Carney Thomas, carman, h 307 Nevins 

Carney Thomas, machinist, h 41 Hudson av 
Carney Thbmas, moalder, h 113 Spencer 
Carney Thomas F. oik. -5 City Hall, h 5 

Washington pi 
Carney William, ooivd actor, 1^4884 7tli av 
Carney William M. carpenter, b 635 8th av 
Caruianx Loui«, boilermfr. h 56 Peart 
Carnick David H. butter, h 132 Eyerson 
Carny Catherine, wid. James, confection- 
ery, h 73 York 
Carny Hugh, lab. h 36 York 
Cars Joseph, cabinetrakr, h 113 Harrison 
Carolaa Eagene J. physician, 362 Bedford av 
Caroian Frank, carpenter, h 22 Monitor 
Carolan James, bldr. li 39.5 Grand 
Caroian James, hardware, 212 B'way, h 206 

Caroian James, lab. h 56 Walworth 
Caroian John, carpenter, h SJ24 Richardson 
Caroian .John, stoves, 62 Underbill av 
Caroian John, tinsmith, h 56 Walworth 
Caroian Owen, hardware, 95 Bridge 
Caroli George, shoemkr. h 472 17th 
Carolin John, painter, h 661 De Kalb av 
Carolina Chase, wid. John, h 224 McDon- 

Carol! James, lab. h r 47 Little 
CarollJames H. drugs, h 506 Quinoy 
CaroIl John, lab. h 136 Butler 
CaroIIin Bridget, wid. Michael, h 473 Hicks 
Caron Joseph, lab. h 78 HarniKon av 
Carothers Jamos M. B. coflee, ft Adams, li 

180 Washington park 
Carothers Jonathan S. stau-bldr. Kosciusko, 

h 771 Lafayette av 
Carothers Mary W. wid. Jesse, h 146 Jorale- 


Carow Cicelia, wid. Roohus, h 9 Sumpter 
Carow Charles, cooper, h 10 Coles 
Carpenter Augustus S. h 15 St. Felix 
Carpenter Albert S. supt. h 171 Floyd 
Carpenter Alexander T. lawyer, 44 Court, b 

1401 Pacific 
Carijenter Andrew F. teas, 84 Front N.Y. h 

72 Hancock 
Carpenter Ann A. wid. Wm. C. h 417 1st 
Carpenter Anne, wid. Oliver, 217 Lafayette 


Carpenter Belinda, wid. Carman E. h. 124 

Carpenter B. 6. ins. 179 Montague 
Carpenter Carman E. paperhaoger, h 34 
Oarlton av 

Carpenter Charles, h 167 Sterling pi 
Carpenter Charles, elk. h 111 S. Oxfooi 
Carpenter Charles H. teacher, Fulton c 

Flatbnsh av, h 177 Fort Greene pi 
Carpenter Charles M. h 467 Macon 
Carpenter Charles M. com. mer. 54 White 

N.Y. h 1 Spencer pi 
Carpenter Charles M. jr. elk. h 1 Spencer pi 
Carpenter Charles P. painter, h 127 Duflield 
Carpenter Charles W. ins. agt. h 310 S. 3d 
Cai-penter Chester, h 214 Halsey 
Carpenter Cornelius A. jeweler, h 283 Di- 
vision av 

Carpenter David, carpenter, h 973 Myrtle 

I— B 










38 — g 

WM. H. JACKSOir&~COJprt*^rate Fenders, 

.i*"'.*?!! Y"** 1 1 And Fire-Piace Novelties. 

' [See Adrt on leaf opposite name.} 

i ? 

^ n 

^ CO 



Has the Largest Het Surplus of any Tire Insnranee Co* in the World. 

See AdTerUsaaent o(»poflite T»y"4^ 

CAR 166 OAR 










< QQ 







• o 

-4 — • 










'S, 114 


















Carpenter David L. impr.woolens, 718 B' way 

N.Y. h 65 Morton 
Carpenter Douglas, carpenter, h r'57 Pearl 
Carpenter Eliza, wid. Dewitt, h 103 Madison 
Carpenter Emma, wid. Johu, h 55 2d 
Carpenter Engeiie, cigaxmkr. h 161 10th E.D. 
Carpenter Fraley, elk. h !J47 DufBeld 
Carpenter Francis S. jnaehiuist, b 247 Duf- 

Carpenter Frank E. butter, 521 Grand 
Carpenter Frank J. stonecutter, li 182 Kent 
Carpenter Frank K. printer, 218 Fulton, h 

399 Flatbush av 
Carpenter Frederic W. com. mer. 7 State 

N.Y. li 72 Hancock 
Carpenter George, painter, 157 16th 
Carpenter George L. flour, 28 Moore N.Y. h 

72 Hancock 
Carpenter George AV. musician, b 31 India 
CARPENTER G. STORMS, lawyer and real 

estate, 1273 Fulton 
Carpenter Henry, baskets, 89 Barclay N.Y. 

h 294 8. 5th 
Carpenter Henry, painter, h 562 B'way 
Carpenter Hugh S. (Rev.), h 1401 Pacific 
Carpenter I. Warren, agt. 89 Coitlandt N.Y. 

li 98 Cumberland 
Carpenter Jacob 6. hkkpr. h 62 Jefferson 
Carpenter James, blacksmith, h 246 Pearl 
Carpenter .Tames, broker, b 346 Franklin av 
Carpenter James, elk. h 252 S. 4th 
Carpenter James B. upholsterer, 245 Canal 

N.Y. h 252 Henry 
Carpenter .Tames H. driver, h 1091 Pacific 
Carpenter James M,. police, h 335 Hudson av 
Carjienter James M. polite, li 1W> Prince 
Carpenter James O. fancygds. 483 B'way 

N.Y. li 120 New York av 
Carpenter Jeremiah, engineer, b 331 Smith 
Carpenter John, salesman, h 470 State 
Carpenter John, sliipjoiner, b 305 Graham av 
Carpenter John, shoes, 510 5th av 
Carpenter John D. butcher, h 45 Fleet pi 
Carpenter John O. iron, 59 John N.Y. h 7 
St. Felix 

Carpenter John T. bntclier, Washington mkt. 

N.Y. h 389 Bedford av 
Carpenter J. h 62 S. 2d 
Carpenter Kate, wid. T. li 120 S. Elliott pi 
Carpenter Lydia W.wid. Daniel, h 177 Macon 
Carpenter Mary, wid. Eugene, h 161 10th 

Carpenter Mary, wid. Lewis, h 18 Woodbine 
Carpenter Mary C. wid. Nehemiab 13. h 187 

Carpenter Mary E. wid. Louis O. h 534 Hicks 
Carpenter Matilda, wid. James, h 241 State 
Carpenter Miles B. papermfr. Can-oil c 


Carpenter Morris H. mason, h 182 Kent 
Carpenter M. E. wid. Orson, h 139 Clifton pi 
Carpenter Nathan, agt. h 348 Decatur 
Carpenter Oramill C. machinist, 14 Lorinier 
Carpenter O. B. mariner, li 311 Van Brant 
Carpenter Patrick, lab. h 468 Hancock 
Carpenter Patrick, milk, h 182 Kent 
Carpenter Peter P. elk. h 18.") .Jay 
Carpenter Ralph J. elk. h 470 State 

Carpenter Reese, iron, 4C® Water N.Y. hi 

221 Park pi 
Carpenter Richard, realestate, 651 Bedford 

av, Ii 172 Madison 
Carpenter Richard F. 8bix>3initb, h 66 3d E.D. 
Caiiieuter Roswell H. lawyer, 46 Conrt, h 

1401 Pacific 
Carpenter Samuel, slioemkr. h 62 S. 6th 
Carpenter Sheldon B. elk. h 70 Jefferson 
Carpenter Sidney J. tassels, b r 357 S. 5tb 
Carpenter Stephen, bkkpr. h 103 Madison 
Carpenter SyU'esterH. blacksmith, b 46 S. 2(11 
Carpenter Sylvester F. blacksmith, h 271* 
2d ED. 

Carpenter Taylor, h 15 St. Felix 
Carpenter Thos. lawyer, h 120 S.Elli«>tt pi 
Carijenter Thomas, shipmaster, h 1^79 Myr- 
tle av 

Carpenter Thomas D. N.Y. Gas Co. N.Y. h 2i 

Han over pi 
Carpenter Thomas D. jr.machiiiery,97 Pearl, 

h 192 Dean 
Carpenter Warren D. agt. h 46 8. 2d 
Carpenter William, elk. h 312 Union 
Carpenter William, painter, h 371 4th E.D. 
Carpenter William, police, h 73 Coneord 
Carpenter William, sawyer, h 125 Noble 
Carpenter William H. grainer, h 372 Eeid ar 
Carpenter William H. jeweler, b 186 Divi- 
sion aY 

Carpenter William P. bkkpr, h lOGSkillman 
Caqjenter William S. grocer, 611 B'way 
Carpenter Willis L. painter, b 789 Gates av 
Carpenter & Roderick (Alexander T. Car- 
penter, George W. Roderick), lawyers, 
66 Court 
Ciirpusce John, fruits, 30 Grand 
Carr Achafa, wid. h 63 Byerson 
(;;arr Andrew, hay, 58 Columbia, h 92 Har- 

Carr Andiew J. miller, h 482 Hicks 

Carr Ann, wid. h 308 N. 2d 

Carr Arthur, hoilermkr. h 253 Van Bmnb 

Carr Bernard, lab. h 340 Manjer 

Carr Charles, ballmkr. h 2fi3 Park av 

Carr Charles, elk. b 41 Jetlerson 

Carr Charles, elk. h 253 S. 5th 

Carr Charles, grocer, 144 York 

Carr Charles, printer, b 263 Park ,^v 

Carr Charles G. shoemkr. h r 184 Frost 

Carr Christopher J. seaman, h 132 Douglass 

Carr Cornelius, lighterman, b 64 Main 

Carr Cornelius, li};hterman, h 28 Talnian 

Carr Daniel, moulder, h 330 Lorimer 

Carr Daniel, pawnbroker, 140 Sands 

Carr David E. foreman, h 213 lltli 

Carr Delwiu B. produce, 248 Chambers 

N.Y. h 6(i Hancock 
Carr Edgar M. furniture, 667 Myrtle av, h 

73^ Skillman 
Carr Edward, elk. h 41 JefTerson 
Carr Edward, cook, h 375 Furtnan 
Carr Fergus, lab. h 351 4th E.D. 
CaiT Geoj-gc, livery, h 418 Baltic 
Carr George H. driver, h 91 Leonard 
Carr George W. mason, 308 Bridge, h 132 N. 


Carr Helen, dressmkr. 99 Prospect pi 


J. NORWOOD. 349 ADAMS ST., near City Hall, Brooklyn. 


See AdTt. page 13 A-out. 


Also, Russian, ElecMc, and Roman Batbs. 

A. L. WOOD, M.D., Prop'r. 

167 CAE 

Carr Henry, mechanic, h 160 S. 1st 
Carr Henry, trackman, 36 Franklin, h 629 

Carr Henry P. lawyer, 16:!9 Palton 

Carr James, boarding, 82 Calyer 

Carr James, glassblower. li 97 Imlay 

Carr James, lab. li 317 Flushing av 

Carr James, lab. h 237 Kingslancl av 

Carr James, lab. li 79 York 

Carr James, liquors, 2S3 Columbia, 353 

Union, 136 Sands & 470 Court, h c 4th 

pi & Court 
Carr James, tailor, h Throop av c Hopkins 
Carr James & Co. (Patrick Neville), liquors, 

470 Court, 286 Columbia, 353 Union & 

136 Sands 
Carr James H. oil, h r 184 Frost 
Carr John, Healtli Board, b 191 Prince 
Carr John, junk, h President n Franklin av 
Carr John, lab. h 11 Jackson ct 
Carr Johu, lab. h 129 Pearl 
Carr John, lab. h r 272 St. Mark's av 
Carr John, lab. h 79 York 
Carr .John, lawyer, h 1700 Fulton 
Carr John, longshoreman, h 133 Pearl 
Carr John, machinist, h 453 2d E.D. 
Carr John, peddler, h Atlantic av c Sche- 
nectady av 
Cart- Johu, printer, h 342 4th E.D. 
Carr John H. elk. h 3.53 Pacific 
Carr John J. blaster, h 232 Higli 
Carr Jolin J. jr. printer, h 232 High 
Carr .lohn S. tailor, 631 De Kalb av, h 633 

Do Kalb av 
Carr John W. h 430 konroe 
Carr J. Jerome, carpets, 59 Myrtle av 
Carr Luke E. butter, 309 Columbia, h 651 


Carr I^aura, wid. Uexter, h 657 Leonard 
Carr Mary, h 74 N. Elliott pi 
Carr Mary, h 22 N. Oxford 
Carr Mary, wid. Bernard, h 10 La-vrrenee 
Carr Mary, wid. William B. h 245 Gold 
Carr Mary E. wid. Frederick F. confection- 
ery, 1888 Fnlton 
Carr Mary E. wid. John, h 54 Ralph av 
Carr Matthew, boatman, h 150 27th 
Carr Matthew, tinsmith, h 123 Prospect 
Carr Matthew J. lab. h 79 York 
Carr Michael, butclier, h 121 Rochester av 
Carr Neil, driver, h 183 Clifton pi 
Carr Nubry, blacksmith, h 3 Ejid av 
Carr Patrick, boilermkr. h 528 Court 
Carr Patrick, lab. h 79 York 
Carr Patrick, lab. h 144 York 
Carr Patrick, lab. h 196 N. 9th 
Carr Patrick, lighter, h 192 Hudson av 
Carr Peter J. cooper, h 3lfi Jackson ct 
Carr Philip, lab. h 405 S. 4th 
Carr Eeuben P. mason & bldr. 300 Bridge, h 

306 Bridge 
Carr Eobert, lab. h 57 Garnet 
Carr Eobert H. stevedore, h 629 Lorimer 
Carr Eobert W., h r 184 Frost 
Carr Euth, h 203 Maujer 
Carr Samuel S. artist, h 461 12tli 
Carr Sarah M. wid. Obed S. h 173 Java 
Carr Thomas, lab. h 59 Front 

Carr Thomas, lab. h 78 Eaymond 

Carr Thomas, lab. 71 Vanderbilt av 

Carr Thomas, machinist, h 133 Bridge 

Carr William, boilermkr. h 451 3d E.D. 

Carr William, lab. h 3^8 Carroll 

Carr William, lab, h 131 Pearl 

Carr William, lab. h 34 4th 

Carr Wm. B. baseballs, h 131 N. Porfcland av 

Carr William H. cardriver, h 467 20th 

Carr William J. weigher, Beaver c Pearl 

N. Y. h 97 Herkimer 
Carr &. Murray (J. Jet-ome Carr & Lindley 

Z. Murray), carpets, 59 Myrtle av 
Carragan James, lab. 3.59 Hamilton av 
Carragher James, watchman, h 43 Dikeman 
Carragher Stejihen, blacksmith, h r 116 John 
Carraher Chas. bkkpr. N.Y. h 20 Clermont av 
Carralier George, boxmkr. h20 Clermont av 
Carraher Julia, wid. Patrick, grocer, 20 

Clermont av 
Carraher Thomas, auctiongds. 243 Myrtle 

av, h 135 Navy 
Carraher Mathew, blacksmith; h 228 York 
Carrau Joseph, carman, h 16 Steuben 
Carreau Edward, carpenter, h 331 Oakland 
Carreau Joseph A. physician, h 203 Bergen 
Carren John, engineer, h63 .Johnson 
Carreuo Aralia, 25 4thE.D. 
Carret Charles T. elk. h 334 Wyckoff 
Carrew Martin, cooper, h 224 Pearl 
Carrey Patrick, truckman, h 20 4th 
Carrianioli Antoni, police, h 58 Prospect 
Carriage George, elk. h 84 Union 
Carriok Hugh, paints, 284 Division av, h 

246 Hewes 

Carrick H. & Son (William C), painters, 
284 Division av 

Carrick John, lab. h 664 Butler 
Carrick Malachi, lab. h 212 Prospect 
Carrick Patrick, grocer, 735 Bergen 
Carrick Eobert, engineer, h 124 7tU E.D. 
Carrick William C. paints, 264 Division av 

h 257 Hooper 
Carrick William H. carpenter, h 14 Broome 
Carrico George A. baker, 160i Tompkins av 

h 149 Kosciusko 
Carrie James, machinist, h 91 Skillmau 
Carrieux John, i>olisher, h 241 Hopkins 
Carrigan Ann, wid. .James, h 171 Wyckoff 
Carrigan Gilbert L. tailor, h 909 Hancock 
Carrigan James, hatter, h 44 Nostrand av 
Carrigan John F. elk. h 208 Dean 
Carrigan Joseph, lab. h 20th c lOfch av 
Carrigan Michael, fruits, h 671 Dean 
Carrigan Michael, liquors, 99 N. 6th 
Carrigan Patrick, hatter, h 193 Stockton 
Carrigan Rose M. wid. James, h 206 Dean 
Carrigan Thomas, ins. agt. h 79 Poplar 
Carrine John 6. lithographer, h 138^ 19th 
Carrington James, carpenter, h 9-i Dikoman 
Carrington John, lab. h 41st n 6th av 
Carrington John W. com. mer. MB'way N.Y. 

li 579 Clason av 
Carrington Julius P. varieties, 246 5th E.D. 
Carrington M. H. 103 Prospect pi 
Carrington Eaymond, com. mer. 53 B'way 

X.Y. h 579'Clason av 
Carrington Samuel S. elk. h 161 Wilson 


Vj LaiE's Directory Offices! iii^^ag-^^^^L 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any iBixe Insnraace Co. in the World. 

See AdTertiBement opposite naine« 

CAE 168 CAE 



P z 















CaiTington Sidney, carpenter, h 41st n 6th av 
Carrington Sidney jr. tinsmith, h 41st n tith 


Canol Benjamiu, lab. h 130 2d 
Carrol Catherine, wid. h 145 Tillary 
Carrol Charles, h 273 Tillary 
Cairol Clara, b 110 2d 
Carrol Frank, teamster, h 66 Talman 
Carrol James, lab. b 64 Vandyke 
Carrol John, hair, 279 Gold 
Carrol John, lab. h 323 Hudson-av 
Carrol Richard, baker, h 287 Baltic 
Carrol Thomas, lab. h 22-2 22d 
Carroll Ann, groceries, 191 2l8t 
Carroll Anna, faucygds. h 56 Canton 
Carroll Annie, fancygds. 325 Grand, h 32 

Carroll Augustus, lab. h 47 Hicks 
Carroll Aug. M. cigars, 10 Sands, h 54 Jay 
Carroll Barney, lab. h 72 Hudson av 
Carroll Bernard, lab. h 509 Baltic 
Carroll Bernard, lab. h 39 N. 8th 
CaiToll Bridget, wid. h 191 Willoughby 
Carroll Bridget, wid. Patrick, h 30 Jackson 
Carroll Catharine, cloaks, 5.37 Fulton 
Carroll Catharine, drygds. 705 3d av 
Carroll Charles, peddler, h 65 Columbia pi 
Carroll Charles H. pilot, 41 Burling si N.Y. 

h 103 Pulaski 
Carroll Daniel, blksmilh, h 308 Lorimer 
Carroll Daniel, cooper, h 346 2dE.D. 
Carroll Daniel, lah. h 500 Hioka 
Carroll Daniel, lab. h r 8.2 N. 4th 
Carroll Daniel, mason, h 87 Van Cott av 
Carroll Daniel, polisher, h 277 Bergen 
(Carroll Daniel, roofer, 90 Union av, h 94 

CarroU Daniel jr. roofing, h 94 Jackson 
Carroll David H. agt. h 328 Dean 
CarroU Edward, elk. h 253 Keap 
CarroU Edward, furrier, h 662 Douglass 
Carroll Edward, gardener, h 29 Dean 
Carroll Edward J. florist, h 1 Quincy 
Carroll Edward J. physician, 32 Jackson 
Carroll Elizaheth, h 131 N. Elliott pi 
Carroll Elizabeth, confectioner, 280 Flush- 
ing av 

Carroll Elizabeth, -wid. James, h 240 High 
Carroll Elizabeth, wid. John, h 450 Lafay- 
ette av • 
CarroU Ellen, wid. James, h 81 Walworth 
Carroll Emma, wid. Martin, h 878 Gold 
CAKROL,!, EUOEISE C. lawyer, 377 

Fulton, h 142 Canton 
Carroll Francis, elk. h 193 Willoughby 
Carroll Gustave, eigarmfr. 10 Sands, h 54 Jay 
Carroll H. Thomas,carpenter, h 55 Gwinnett 
Carroll James, driver, h 719 Gates 
Carrol! James, engineer, h 523 Kent av 
Carroll James, batter, h Magnolia n Wyckofif 

Carroll James, lab. h 24 Clermont av 
Carroll James, lab. h r 77 Walworth 

Carroll James, lab. h 120 38th 

Carroll James, mason, h 904 Pacific 

Carroll James, peddler, h 102 4th av 

Carroll James, roofer, h 148 19th 

Carroll James, stonecutter, h 278 Plusbing av 

Carroll James J. driver, h 280 FlusbiDg av 
Carroll Jane, grocer, 129 Oakland 
Carroll John, h 552 Clinton 
Carroll John, bkbiuder, h 17 Fleet pi 
Carroll John, brasssmelter.h 280 Flushing av 
Carroll John, bricklayer, h 84 Luquer 
CarroU John, carpenter, h 162 Johnson 
CarroU John, elk. h 188 8. 3d 
Carroll John, cooper, h 476 Hicks 
CarroU John, driver, h 1018 De Kalb av 
Carroll John, engineer, h 19 Columbia pi 
Carroll John, engineer, h 705 3d av 
CrrooU John, florist, h 3 Quincy 
CrrooU John, glassblower, h 11 Spencer 
Carroll John, grocer, 19,j B'way , h 65 6th E.D. 
CarroU John, hattei', h 51 Spencer 
Carroll .John, insp. h 332 President 
Carroll John, lab. h 153 Front 
Carroll John, lab. h 23 Hall 
Carroll John, lab. h 94 Herbert 
Carroll Jolm, lab. h 243 Johnson 
Carroll John, lab. h 578 Manhattan av 
Carroll John, lab. h 179 Steuben. 
Carroll John, lab. h 141 Union 
Carroll John, lab. h 3G4 18th 
Carroll John, machinist, 752 Willoughby av 
Carroll John, machinist, h N. 8th o 3d E.D. 
CarroU John, mason, h 10 Canton 
CarroU John, mer. Water N.Y. h 754 Wil- 
loughby av 
Carroll .John, papermkr. 216 Maujer 
CarroU John, plumber, h 36 ISergcn 
Carroll .John, cip,'ars, 93 UamiltDii av 
Carroll John, shoemkr. 605 Greene av 
CAREOLL JOHN, supervisor 14th Ward, & 

boilennkr. N. 3d c 2d E.D. h 74 Jf. 4th 
Carroll John, tobacco, 93 Hamilton av 
Can'oll John, traveler, h 188 Harrison av 
Carroll John B. elk. h 200 S. Oxford 
CARROLL JOHN D. ins. 26 Court & 59 

Liberty N.Y. h 3 Orient av 
CarroU John J. elk. h 113 Clason av 
Carroll John J. liquors, h 517 Henry 
Carroll John M. driver, h 280 Flushing av 
Carroll John V. agt. h 473 17th 
Carroll Lawrence F. liquors, 74 N. 3d c 2d 
Carroll L. h 224 Prince 

Carroll Margaret, wid. li r 22 N. Portland av 
Carroll Margaret, wid. David, h 84 Luquer 
CarroU Margaret, wid. William, h 554 Court 
CarroU Martin, carpenter, h 74 Frost 
Carroll Martin, driver, h200 Kent 
Carroll Martin, lab. h 111 Luqner 
Carroll Martin (Rev.), h 167 N. 6tli 
Carroll Martin, stevedore, h 727 Hicks 
CarroU Martin L. elk. h 184 Wyokoif 
Carroll Mary, wid. Matthew, h 57 Summit 
Carroll Matthew, lab. h 93 Clifton pi 
Carroll Michael, florist, 1 Quincy 
Carroll Michael, furniture, h 18 N. Oxford 
Carroll Michael, horse trainer, h 367 Kent av 
Carroll Michael, lab. h r 178 Franklin av 
Carroll Michael, lab. h 642 Grand av 
Carroll Michael, lab. h 368 Hamilton av 
Carroll Michael, lab. h 201 Jackson 
Carroll Michael, lab. h 1 Pearl 
Carroll Michael, tailor, h 64 Adelphi ■ 
Carroll Morris, blacksmith, h 25 Little 

ME BEICi-o"^^L.i^° B. EmSCHER & SONS, 

132 Mangin. St., near Houston, East Eiver, New York. 









Carroll Morris, lab. li 267 Front 
Carroll Morris, plumber, h 25 Little 
Carroll Nicholas, driver, b 215 20th 
Carroll Nicholas, provisions, li 294 Hicks 
Carroll Owen, lab. h 204 Conover 
Carroll Patrick, hairdresser, li 397 Kent av 
Carroll Patrick, carpenter, h '.ii Jackson 
Carroll Patrick, driver, h 4 Quincy 
Carroll Patrick, driver, h 46d| 16th 
Carroll Patricli:, driver, b 399 17th 
Carroll Patrick, lab. h 257 20th 
Carroll Patrick, liquors, b 25rf Couover 
Carroll Patrick, machinist, h 138 N. 9th 
Carroll Patriclc, plumber, h 153 Front 
Carroll Patrick, tailor, h 142 Canton 
Carroll Patrick H. hats, 502 Manhattan av 
Carroll Peter, carriagetrimmer, h 113 Clason 

Carroll Peter, coachman, 155 Court 
Carroll Peter, liremaii, h 94 Union av 
Carroll Peter, lab. h 183 Greenpoint av 
Carroll Peter, lab. h 56 1st E.D. 
Carroll Eicliard, coachman, h 4f5 Madison 
Carroll Samuel, carpenter, 321 Van Brunt 
Carroll Stephen, gardener, b 319 Franklin av 
Carroll Thomas, barkpr. b 47 Tiftany pi 
Carroll Thomas, elk. b 63 Columbia pi 
Carroll Thomas, elk. h 196 S. 4th 
Carroll Thomas, elk. h 148 19th 
Carroll Thomas, coachman, h 20 Wyckoff 
Carroll Thomas, cooper, h 393 1st E.D. 
(Jarroll Tlioiuaa, dresser, h 191 21st 
Carroll Thomas, driver, h 126 23d 
(JarroU Thomas, lab. h 113 .John 
Carroll Thomas, lab. h 25 Little 
Carroll Thomas, lab. h r 82 N. 4th 
Carroll Thomas, machinist, h 27 Front 
Carroll Thos. machinist, h 621 Manhattan av 
CARROLL THOS. register, 16 Court Honse, 
h 344 .Jay 

Carroll Thomas, slioemkr. h 142 Van Brunt 
Carroll Thomas, watchman, h 290 Van Brunt 
Carroll Thomas A. goldpenmkr. h Park pi 

D Buffalo av 
Carroll Thomas W. hay & straw, 183 Court 
Carroll Veller. tailor, h 210 Meserole 
Carroll Walter, elk. h 193 Willoughby 
Carroll William, carpenter, h 107 Union av 
Carroll William, carpenter, h 212 20th 
Carroll William, elk. h 586 6th av 
Carroll William, coachman, h 628 Clasoti av 
Carroll William, agt. h 84Iiuquer 
Carroll Wm. mer. William c Spruce N.Y. h 

311 Quincy 
Carroll Wm. H. insp. b 124 Flatbush av 
Carroll , lab. h 9 WoodhuU 
Carroll & Son (Michael & John), florists, 3 


Carron James, driver, h 180 Richards 
Carronn Daniel, lab. h r 150 Navy 
Carrougher James A. stoves, 140 York, h 108 

Carrougher Joseph, police, 92 Prospect 
Carroway Dennis, mason, h 454 Smith 
Carroway Wm. J. carpenter, h 341 4th E.D. 

Carrutbers Frederick W. realestate, 1357 

. Fulton, h 287 Macoii 
Carrutbers John , printer, b 66 Clermont av 

Carrutbers Robert H. drugs, 644 Gates av 
Carrutbers Thomas C. foreman, h 227 Her- 

Carsey William, carpenter, h 37th n 3dav 
Caraey William, lab. h 75 37th 
Carsbaw John A. elk. b 309 JJeid av 
Carshaw John G. F. h 84 State 
Carsbaw , h 101 Monroe 
Carsner Charles, tailor, 207 Scholes 
Carson Albert M. elk. b 286 Stuyvesant av 
Carson Alexander, grocer, 763 Myrtle av 
Carson Andrew, shoemkr. 84 Tillary 
Carson Ann, wid. William, 87 3d av 
Carson Catliarine, wid. h 351 Hamilton av 
Carson Charles E. umbrellas, h 320 State 
Carsoa Esther, wid. Jos. h 168 Hudson av 
Carson Felix, butcher, li 69 Scholes 
Carson Frances, h 114 Ellery 
Carson George, carpenter, h 120 Nassau av 
Carson George W. paper, 5 Dey N.Y. h 221 

Carson Henry, driver, 817 3d av 
Carson Henry, grocer, 912 & 1205 Fulton, & 

383 5th av, h 12 Spencer pi 
Carson James, conductor, b 74 Carroll 
Carson John C. elk. h 1133 Fulton 
Carson Joseph, lawyer, h 2S5 Gra]id av 
Carson Joseph E. com. mer. 62 Washington 

mkt. N.Y. h 200 Bergen 
Carson Lawrence, lab. h 429 Baltic 
Carson Margaret, fancygds. 3,57 Flatbush av, 

h 181 Park pi 
Carson Meliuda A. wid. Jos. h 104 Monroe 
Oarsou Philip, lab. b 376 Baltic 
Carson Robert, grocer, 1909 Bergen 
CAiiSON ROiiERT, alderman 22d Ward, 

grocer, 383 5th av, 912 & 1205 Fulton, h 

383 5th av 

Carson Robert, painter, Atlantic av n Frank- 
lin av, h 1907 Bergen 

Carson Robert, wines, 107 Front N.Y. h 80 
4th pi 

Carson Kob'ert & Co. (Henry Carson), gro' 
cers, 912 & 1205 Fulton & 383 5th av 

Carson Theresa, wid. William, li 124 Fulton 
Carson Thomas, millwright, h 638 Henry 
Carson William, moulder, b 327 Van Brunt 
CarsoQ William, watchman, 92 Amity 
Carstens John, painter, h 184 Steuben 
Carstens Ludwig, salesman, h 87 Hooper 
Carstens Mathias, salesman, 87 Hooper 
Carstens Richard H. elk. 87 Hooper 
Carstons H'y, conductor, h 1004 De Kalb av 
Carswell Allen, engineer, h 262 S. 4th 
Carswell Matthew, carpenter, li 295 B'way 
Cart John, confectionery, 15 Greenpoint av 
Cartau Luke, salesman, h 107 N. 6th 
Carter Alanson, hardware, 530 Fulton, h 200 



K St 


e> a. 





Furnaces, Stores, Ic Fire-Flaee Heaters, 

Qrates and Fenders, Garden Vases, Park Chairs 
and Settees, Refrigerators. 




William Tarr & Co's Sour Mash, Kentucky Dis- 
tilling Go's Beargrass Bye and Bourbon, and 
CarliSe Sour Mash, Kegibben, Ouokenheimer, 

110 & 112 Broad, cor. Water St., N. Y. WeatmoreUnd Eye 


Has the Largest Net Surplus of any Pire Insurance Co. in the World. 

See AdTertisement opposite name* 

OAE 170 CAE 












Carter Albert M. elk. li 25 Clifton pi 
Carter Alfred W. newsdealer, 79 Beekman 

N.Y.h 191 York 
Carter Anna, confectioner, 317 Myrtle av 
Carter A. M. cashier, h 25 Clifton pi 
Carter Barnabas K. mason, h 260 Cumber- 

Carter Charles, sbipcarpenter, b 131 Bridge 
Carter Charles jr. elk. h 131 Bridge 
Carter Cbarles H. machinist, h bl'i Monroe 
Carter Charles S. lawyer, Nassau c Spruce 

N.Y. h 142 St. Mai-k's av 
Carter Cullen L. woodenware, 101 N. Moore 

N.Y. h 264 Franklin av 
Carter Edward, lab. h Zd6 2d E.D 
Carter Edward, tailor, h 343 Pacific 
Carter Edwin, smith, li 128 S. 9th 
Carter Eliza B. wid. James H. hiJ71 S. 4th 
Carter Elliott, h 448 7th av 
Carter E. E. drygds. 1232 B'way 
Carter Frank, lab. b 29 Stockton 
Carter Frederick, driver, h 115 3d 
Carter Frederick B. (Rev.), 519 Oates ax 
Carter Frederick L. teas, 140 Pearl N.Y. h 

108 Prospect pi 
Carter George S. h 176 Brooklyn av 
Carter Gershom B. machinist, h 140 2dE.D. 
Carter Gilbert H. painter, h 260 Navy 
Carter Graham, tobacco, h428 Hudson av 
Carter Granville, h 400 State 
Carter Harry, printer, h 123 N. 5tb 
Carter Henry B. seaman, h 392 Bergen 
Carter Henry V. hardware, 290 Pearl N.Y.h 

491 Carlton av 
Carter Horatio A. realestate, 794 Gat«s av, h 

806 Gates av 
Carter Howard C. stevedore, h 168 Prospect 

Carter 11. J. confectionery, h502 Warren 
Carter Isaac, express, 155 Prince 
Carter .Inmes, mariner, h 220 22d 
Carter .John B. machinist, h 117 Harrison 
Carter John T. coachman, b 9 College pi 
Carter John W. mfr. h 3:5(5 Stnyvesant av 
Carter Josiah, h 123 S. 2d 
Carter J. E. liquors, 95 Bowery N.Y. h 174 

Carter J. W. jr. machinist, 377 B'way 
Carter Louise, wid. Robert, h 302 Stockton 
Carter Mary, wid. David, h 11 Dennet pl 
Carter Mary Ann,wid. Jas. h 892 Atlantic av 
Carter Nathan, lawyer, 170 B'way N.Y. h 

173 S. Oxford 
Carter Nathan P. jeweler, 198 B'way N.Y. h 

978 Bergen 

Carter Norris M. physician, h 499 Washing- 
ton av 

Carter Patrick, lab. h 356 2d E.D. 

Carter Robert A. elk. h 228 6th av 
Carter Robert H. jeweler, h 2.')4 17th 
Carter Samnel, acct. h 197 6th av 
Carter Sarah, wid. Clayton, h 145 Newell 
Carter Sarah H. wid. Oliver G. h 448 5th 
Carter Susan, wid. h 432 S. 5th 
Carter Thaddeus, tailor, h 180 Pearl 
Carter Thos. W. japanner, li 892 Atlantic 

Carter Timothy, porter, h 20 4th 

Carter Walter S. lawyer,